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As a black man, I love it when ignorant white women like Janeane Garofalo speak for all blacks. It’s thrilling to me that Janeane would take time out of her busy Hollyweird life to protect me and my peeps — the downtrodden, the oppressed…the lowly Negro.

For her efforts, I thank Garofalo, and anoint her Janeane Garofalo: White Chick Protector of the Lowly Negro. Who better than she to offer such protection? Garofalo, after all is an American hero! And I bet you were wondering who could possibly replace the likes of Barbara Streisand or Susan Sarandon…Madonna?
Garofalo is so in touch with the black condition, that she is uniquely qualified to assess and understand my people’s “condition.” Her intimate knowledge of blacks allows her to interpret how blacks think, and then translate “black-think” for the rest of America. “Cuz Lawd knows, we kaints do dis for ourselfs.”
One source of Garofalo’s insights into the black community, ergo the “black condition” is no doubt from Hollywood, as she is a product of that culture. Garofalo probably has in her movie collection films like Cleopatra Jones, the black heroine who is oppressed by the man.
What “White Chick Protector of the Lowly Negro” collection would be complete without Superfly. Talk about learning how to stick it to the man, Superfly is the boilerplate, dare I say the “White Chick Protector of the Lowly Negro” roadmap on how to stick it to the man. Further, Ron O’Neal, the actor who played Superfly, the black protagonist of the movie could easily be the predecessor for our first half-black president. Who can argue that Obama is indeed “sticking it to the white man?”
The irony of Garofalo’s comments is that they point directly at her own racist party:  The Democrats!
I am always amazed at how well Democrats argue the tenets of racism…against themselves. The party that founded the Ku Klux Klan has the nerve to proselytize to Republicans about racism. Democrats have done nothing, repeat nothing for blacks, except to exploit blacks for Democrats’ own racist agendas. If you don’t believe me, look at, well…Janeane Garofalo!
Garofalo is a failed comedian, a hack of an actress, a failed radio talk-show host, and essentially has been out of the mainstream since making B-movies that had the viewership of an Olbermann segment on MSNBC! I get more views on my YouTube videos of racist Democrats picking lent from their navels and eating Cheetos. Admittedly those are funny, and the hit count is rising.
In typical racist Democrat elitist fashion, Garofalo feels the need to meddle in the black community. I can’t imagine a life where I wake up in the morning and say something like, “I think today I will read an article on [insert oppressed here], and then go on [insert oppressed here] TV to protect those pitiful, stupid, weak [insert oppressed here]. Kevin…you are a wonderful man for caring about these people who obviously have no spokesperson, and can’t protect themselves! I love me some ME!” Such is the life of a racist Democrat elitist. Protectors of the World…oh, and their own agendas!
Here’s the wrap:

Black people should be up in arms over the idea that Garofalo thinks we are so weak, that we cannot defend ourselves. A group of people who survived slavery and the institutionalized racism of the Democratic Party, but we need the “White Chick Protector of the Lowly Negro.”

Further we should be offended that she is meddling not for us, but for her own benefit. She thinks we are stupid enough to support her lame attempt to exploit us. Are there not real black issues on which Garofalo could have been working in the black community that could have positive impact? I doubt it, since five decades of blacks voting Democrat have fixed all of the black community’s problems.
Finally, and perhaps most absurd of all is Garofalo actually proves herself to be not only a racist, but the worst kind of racist…an ignorant racist. She obviously knows nothing about the overwhelmingly racist history of her own party, and its decimation of black people.
Black people, wake up. What you have here is a no talent racist hack arguing for you, when there is no real issue. And it doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots on this one.

Garofalo is the prototypical elitist, who believes blacks to be weak and stupid. With those perceptions of blacks, she is the perfect representative of the racist, elitist Democrat Party. How did we survive without them?

That’s my rant!

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"The money in diversity is enormous, even bigger than former sportscaster turned political pundit turned sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s ego. Wouldn’t you like to be a “reverend” and father children out of wedlock without repercussions? If you study hard, this book will teach you how to have your non-profit organization pay your mistress and your child support – all at the same time. You must be so black that if you eat sushi, watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek and Friends, or enjoy the ballet, you will hang yourself."

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  • Anonymous

    Rachel Miselman at 12:05pm April 19

    Go, Kevin! You nailed it. Keep up the great work. :)

  • Anonymous

    Rachel Miselman at 12:05pm April 19

    Go, Kevin! You nailed it. Keep up the great work. :)

  • The Black Sphere

    @Rachel & Jimm – Thanks for the kudos!

  • Anonymous

    Nathanael Jeremiah Reynolds at 12:09pm April 19

    pretty good kevin. i saw her interview with keith olberman on youtube. i guess you and i have stockholm syndrome eh?

  • The Black Sphere

    @Nate – Yes, I have Stockholm syndrome…from racist Democrats!

  • drjim

    I’d like to tell you how much I like this piece, Kevin, but I’m laughing so hard right now I can barely type.
    Brilliant, sir!

  • Anonymous

    Peter E Waldron at 12:09pm April 19

    Attack, attack, attack…I visualize you and she on HBO’s Bill Mahr calling each other a “racist”…that is the absurdity that Salvador Dali’s work represents…

  • The Black Sphere

    @Peter – Perhaps, but one of us, ME, would be right!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Jane – Understanding a liberals mind is like being an FBI profiler. It’s really the mind of a psychopath!

  • Anonymous

    Jeri Doming at 12:10pm April 19

    that buffalo!!!!! look at her – what a witch!! that mouth opens and nothing good ever comes out… I hope to meet her face to face one day soon…
    Shame on her for EVERYTHING!

  • The Black Sphere

    drjim – Enjoy that laugh, and expect to keep laughing at them, as my team exposes these liberal self-aggrandizing racist hacks!

  • Anonymous

    Jibreel K Riley-University at 12:12pm April 19

    she use to look better when she was chubby, she needs a cheeseburger asap

  • Anonymous

    Clyde Moore at 12:18pm April 19

    the liberals are the ‘racists’! maybe not the classical definition, but at least as it has come to be used. they see NOTHING BUT THE COLOR OF ONE’S SKIN, that which will assign them to some group to be manipulated, pitied, or vilified.

  • Deekaman

    Another great post that hits the nail with good humor. Garafolo is typical of the racists who claim to want to raise up the Black community, but push policies that keep them down.

    “White Chick Protector of the Lowly Negro”, should be a Blaxploitation flick.

  • Bluegrass Pundit

    Great “rant” and nice blog. Janeane Garofalo is a retarded nobody. I hope black Americans take your point about 50 years of voting Democrat to heart. I think Republicans should reach out to African-Americans on core issues and values.

  • The Black Sphere

    Thanks Deekaman, and you’re right about the movie! :-)

  • The Black Sphere

    @Bluegrass – Garofalo is indeed the drunk aunt at the family reunion. Blacks will get it eventually.

  • Anonymous

    Ben Gifford at 12:18pm April 19

    Kevin, by far one of my favorite articles of yours… I’m gonna share it on my page. I was enraged when I saw her on Olbermans show (so were the 6 other people who were watching). When the words “Conservative-Republican-White-Power Movement” came out of her mouth I wanted to throw up. The worst part is, there are zombies out there who actually listen to this lady…. Keep up the good work Kevin and thank you for all you do!

  • Anonymous

    John Lobban at 12:24pm April 19

    Since she used the term “Teabagger” there has been a rush to update the Urban Dictionary with new definitions of the word to downplay what she said on April 15th. If you look at the definitions of that term PRIOR TO APRIL 15 (URL:, you’ll see it’s a pretty vulgar term.

    Mainstream media (… Read Moreexcept FOX News) believes they can redefine what has been happening with grassroots TEA Party efforts while they watch their Neilson ratings go down the tubes. And with loss of credibility and sinking ratings their influence is shrinking.( FOX News often has more viewers than all the other news networks combined.) I don’t watch CNN or MSNBC unless I’m looking for the latest Obama Administration spin. If I want the new, I watch FOX.

  • Laura

    Right on the money as always, Kevin. Thank you for your candor and telling it like it is. I continue to retweet and repost links to your blogs on Twitter and Facebook as soon as you publish them. Great reading the truth!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Ben – I agree with that white racist conservative barb Garofalo made. I would have said, “…as opposed to the not so conservative overt racist elitist aka BOWEL movement on the Black Community” known as the liberal Democrat movement? Hehe…they don’t want me getting a VOICE!

  • Anonymous

    Nate Faust at 12:25pm April 19

    Kevin, you’re right, I’m a hstory major and it’s the dems who are not only responsible for the KKK, but also Jim Crow laws, had the only president as his 1st official act as president segrgated the entire (ENTIRE!!!!) federal government. That would be Woodrow Wilson. They don’t know very much about history, the only history they do know is the … Read Morerevisionist history that dems keep trying to get everyone to believe. Dems say that back when the Dixiecrats were nominating Strom Thurman for President that the political parties switched sides on the racial issue. That’s what dems say happened then. That is total crap, that didn’t happen.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Nate Faust – Well versed in racist Dem history in The Black Sphere, but preach to the unanointed!

  • Anonymous

    Nathanael Jeremiah Reynolds at 12:37pm April 19

    May I throw in Keith Olberman’s show is a joke and he’s equally as racist shown in his agreement with her.

  • Lynn McMiller

    Janeanne Garefolo and Justin Timerlake and Robert DeNiro and everyone else in Hollyweird is just towing the company line: if you want to work, you are a Democrat and you act Democrat and you pretend to love the little people. Look what happened to Ron Silver, Angie Harmon,etc. They can’t find work in “tolerant” Hollyweird.

    I haven’t seen the new season of 24 yet, but I haven’t talked to one person who likes her character. I think she knows the axe is coming, and she’s trying to make herself available.

    That said, its sad, because the girl really can be funny. I thought her character in Romy and Michele was hilarious, and she had a bit part in a Bill Murray movie (the one with the elephant – can’t remember the name), when she wasn’t obnoxious. But her political garbage is something I can’t stomach.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Sam

    I am white, and I am prejudice. Not against race, color, or creed, but against IGNORANCE. I would divert some tax money to see you go head to head with Garofalo. “…no talent racist hack…” is an understatement.

    “…the drunk aunt at the family reunion.” That, my friend, is classic!

  • Anonymous

    Jimm Bacon at 12:46pm April 19
    Ok, ok, everyone relax, it’s all good, this young woman has a LOT to base her case on, she really does, yes she can understand the plight of the black man far better than ANY black man, well unless he’s a bigger liberal then her, than he gets it more, but usually it’s this sweet young Jaeneane G and why you ask? oh, well she’s been around hollywood…

    side note – where has this woman been, hadn’t heard a lick from or about her in years and all of the sudden she has a voice and it’s gettin out, oh, she must have a book, movie or show comin out soon…

  • The Black Sphere

    @Sam – I join you in the fight against ignorant, racist Democrats. AND I join you in your fight against racist Democrats. As I ponder our fight, I note the redundancy in our foe!

    Thus…I join you in our fight against Democrats!!

  • Anonymous

    Wish you gave at least an inkling of what Garafalo actually said that caused you to spew this vitriol.

    And confused about what you consider racism. To me, harping on the fact that President Obama is “half-black” signals to me a sense of latent racism in your own comments.

    I have no illusions about whether you need to be protected by Garafalo. Clearly you don’t.

    But do we need to be protected from you? The level of incivility you demonstrate in your post is more of a threat to all of us as a national community than anything you mention Garafalo saying.

    Substance over petty vitriol is always the way to go.

  • Anonymous

    Wish you gave at least an inkling of what Garafalo actually said that caused you to spew this vitriol.

    And confused about what you consider racism. To me, harping on the fact that President Obama is “half-black” signals to me a sense of latent racism in your own comments.

    I have no illusions about whether you need to be protected by Garafalo. Clearly you don’t.

    But do we need to be protected from you? The level of incivility you demonstrate in your post is more of a threat to all of us as a national community than anything you mention Garafalo saying.

    Substance over petty vitriol is always the way to go.

  • Anonymous

    Ann Mason at 1:08pm April 19

    The ruined 24 when they put her in it this season… I love 24, but can’t stand it when she has to be on!!! grrr!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Ann – I don’t watch the show, but will keep a barf bag handy when channel surfing! :-)

  • Anonymous

    Warren Jackson at 1:09pm April 19

    Kevin you are right we are related, that is how us Jackson handle our business

  • madmath1

    Nice summation about hollywood in general. To anon, Kevin is doing a blog about the ignorance of Hollywood in general. If you don’t get that, then you demonstrate his point. Garofalo is just a symptom of the bigger problem that has infected Hollywood and the democrats in general: their racist policies.

    Kevin brings up a point, an epiphany actually, about what has the democrat party done for blacks, or minorities in general for that matter, the last 50 years. Other than affirmative action with is just hiring by racism in the end since it only caters to the ignorant nimcompoop which demostrates their racism because they think all minorities are nimcompoops.

    Hollywood has completely gone of the deep end, especially during Bush’s terms and it’s gone up geometrically (fancy way of saying exponentially for you stateist out there) since BO’s election. Look at the crap they made in the last 10 years. I don’t bother going to the movies any more because I’m sick of the assult on America and myself. Can anyone name a movie that didn’t make TERRORISTS the hero or protagonist? Or didn’t have sympathy for evil while disdaining good. The last one, and it’s a bit of stretch since the protagonist had his share of issues, was Taken. Before that I would had have to gone with the Incrediables and that was a cartoon and I had to go back to 2003. I guess it’s too difficult to find people that will do roles that require courage, integrity, and stand for right or wrong. It’s especially hard to find one that will protray a white man, or even an American unless he’s an “opressed” black as a protagonist. The sad thing is after last years box office grosses, there are enough ingorant people watching the gargabe to keep these fools rich and keep producing the junk.

    Hollywood is a lost cause now (as well as the rest of California). In fact, after decades of complaining the rich (like themselves) weren’t paying enough in taxes and now are being hit with the highest taxes in the country with all the tax increases here, seems that Hollywood is now looking to relocate because the cost of doing business has become too expensive and regulated. Well, duh! Problem is if they relocate, then like the cancer they are, they will infect and spread in their new home. Taking another state (unless it’s New York) and polluting their citizens and making more Garofalos.

  • The Black Sphere

    @madmath1 – Well if the can rewrite the good guys, and make them terrorists, surely Garofalo can rewrite Republicans and make us racists! Not on my watch! LOL

  • Anonymous


    I still haven’t seen a single sign at the protests that supports her assertion that 100% of the people there were racists.

  • Ryan

    Not too long ago, I read a study performed with the help of many clergymen.
    Asking a long serious of questions, the clergymen polled Black parishioners about their beliefs and preferences on a number of issues. Their answers pointed to largely conservative views, until they were asked if they consider themselves to be Republican or Democrat.
    Very telling, I think.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Ryan – Par for the course, Ryan. It will change when blacks are made to understand that Dems are racists, and despise black culture and people!

  • Concerned Citizen

    I just hate that Cable News shows give this cretin credence! This rich racist Tea Party attender teaches in a Title I school and loves her school kids dearly. Good post Kevin! I will be following you!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Concerned – The MSM feeds on trash like Garofalo, as she does them. They believe they keep each other relevant. I plan to send them scurrying under rocks and behind cabinets like all roaches when the light is shined on them!

  • Julie

    Oh man you nailed it spot on Kevin. I just cringe when I hear those holly weird nut jobs open their mouths. Yes, I think I will call you Master, Master at the best replies to stupid liberals. Good job as usual.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Julie – I always love your comments, Julie. I hope you are feeling well, too!

  • Readwriteblue

    Isn’t it funny how as the MSM get lower and lower ratings it reveals even more of it’s bias? Your post nails the racism of the limousine liberals. Humorous as always, keep up the fight.

  • The Black Sphere

    @readwriteblue – limousine liberals! LOVE it!

  • Anonymous

    Vicki Hampton at 2:44pm April 19

    It is a shame that she must attack in order to have her five minutes in the spotlight.

  • Anonymous


    Her career has been spotty at best. She was a total failure on Air America and hasn’t done a decent movie in probably 10 years or so. I get a kick out of how much attention is given to those of her ilk. I guess the opinion of the average joe doesn’t carry the weight of a loud mouthed “celebrity” these days.

    No doubt there may have been racists at the Tea Parties. The Tea Parties weren’t directed so much at Obama as they were directed at CONgress. Only CONgress has the authority to spend our money.

  • Anonymous


    I was at the Tea Party in Raleigh, and honestly I saw or heard nothing that was even remotely close to being racist in nature! She’s a complete loon. I could go on an on, but this article covers a large part of what I’d say. 😀

  • ManBearPig

    I have found a new hero in the blogging world….

    Wonderful write-up….

  • The Black Sphere

    @ManBP – Tell all your friends, and bring Liberals for waterboarding and other torture techniques. We constantly experiment on them!

  • Anonymous

    Karen McIntyre at 3:52pm April 19

    What would we do without her?! St Garofalo–patron saint of negroes, everywhere.

  • The Black Sphere

    I like that Karen…Patron Saint of Negroes! I may have to use that!

  • Anonymous


    For Garofalo, the whole point is self promotion…simply put, She’s a Troll.

  • Anonymous


    I think it’s a California thing. When I was there if you said anything against something a black said or did they called you racist. Seems that some state’s people just got so progressive that they never learned that if a black says or does something that stinks – it would stink if they were white, too, and freedom means being allowed to point that out without repercussions of being called racist.

  • Jeff Morton

    Someone tripped over a rock and like a genie in a bottle, out pops the super duper liberal buffoonery Garafalogo……

    You know your a redneck, negro, hating, liberal when you appear on TV and single handedly reaffirm stupidity

    I dreamed that Dave Chappell misunderstand the comedic roast of Garafalogo by torching her on live TV as a blind Hollywood hating redneck in a KKK hood….not really but that would be funny!

  • monksmedia

    one word:


  • Anonymous

    Aaron James at 5:44pm April 19

    She’s the token liberal on 24, affirmative action in Hollywood.

  • The Black Sphere

    Thanks Monk!

  • Anonymous

    Karen McIntyre at 5:46pm April 19

    For a more serious and intelligent evaluation I would like to note Clyde Moore’s above comment “the liberals are the ‘racists’! maybe not the classical definition, but at least as it has come to be used. they see NOTHING BUT THE COLOR OF ONE’S SKIN, that which will assign them to some group to be manipulated, pitied, or vilified” Well said!

  • Anonymous

    Evan Black at 5:49pm April 19

    (sarcasitically)- who could resist such charm, beauty, and peacefullness as Janeane Garofalo ?

  • Anonymous

    Karen McIntyre at 5:24pm April 19

    Before we consider cutting taxes, think of all the wonderful social programs we will miss out on…

    Kids would not be able to learn the valuable politics of their teachers and the ongoing battle for celery & carrot stick machines, in school cafeterias, would be lost, forever!!

    The icky people, like fatties, smokers, those without a degree, or who don't ride bicycles, would no longer be subjected to the ridicule and taxation they need to improve themselves and be productive citizens…. Read More

    Think of the children. They would endure the nighmare of having to grow up with the threat of having to work for a living and pay for highspeed Internet. It's just wrong!!

    Don't you anti-government people care about anybody??!

  • Dominique

    Thank you, Kevin, for giving this lowly white chick your black perspective! I loved it (as I always do! LOL)

    I thought you might want to see a white woman perspective on the “white chick protector of the lowly negro.” Here is the url:

    Warning: I was a little snarky!

    Your blog always rocks, my friend. I thank God that you exist and are willing to be vocal.

    Is your book available yet?

  • commoncents

    Great site!!

    Would you like a Link Exchange with my site COMMON CENTS where we blog about the issues of the day??

  • The Black Sphere

    @Dominique – I checked you out and commented. Good stuff! Keep it up and keep visiting!

  • The Black Sphere

    @commoncents – Contact me by email, and we can discuss it. My website is changing in a week or so. Lots of GREAT stuff happening!

  • Anonymous

    Tom Washington at 5:25pm April 19

    Kevin, I think the “new racism” being promoted by the liberals has nothing to do with skin color or heritage. Rather, it has to do with ideas and ideals.

    Right-wing extremists are the new targets of discrimination by liberals. It is considered progressive and acceptable to discriminate on this basis in President Obama’s new world.

    Since skin color doesn’t matter, African -Americans could be discriminated against on this basis if their ideas were not in line with what is acceptable to Obama and his friends.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Tom – Not the case. Black racists LOVE seeing whites squirm, and white racists, aka Democrats love the power that calling a racist can trigger. They are like abusive spouses, and love to keep the battered spouse on pins and needles.

  • Anonymous

    Beautifully done, Kevin.

    Of course, you clearly missed the fact that Janeane is a highly educated neurosurgeon, specializing in the particularly debilitating disease conservativitis. Based on her own extensive research and observations, those suffering from this have neurological issues causing inappropiate/incomplete firing of synapses in the frontal lobe.
    So, not only are we all suffering from Stockholm syndrome, we’re also neurologically impaired.
    Thank goodness my Mom didn’t know this – she would never have been able to handle an impaired child…..

    Janeane, and her ‘host’, Keith (Olbermann) – both need to get some education in the real world – because clearly Hollywood has caused their synapses to do some random firing…

    Keep up the good work.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Anon – I loved when she tried to explain the limbic brain! She hasn’t evolved beyond the reptilian brain, but tried to appear intelligent. It was too funny. I blogged about The Liberal Brain, in case anybody wants to get the real scoop on what she was attempting to say…again, getting it twisted!

  • Cheryl Prater


    You are obviously suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. No? Well, than, you must just be RIGHT.

  • Anonymous

    I just linked to your site from Gateway Pundit.
    It’s is encouraging to see more of ‘us’ blacks, speaking out against this crap!
    And, ohhhhh the irony, of being called racial surs by libs pissed off because I’m conservative.

  • Anonymous

    Lisa Schinagel at 9:24pm April 19

    My dog unfortunately was close to our computer when Janeane Garf-a-lots picture popped up on the screen and he ran into the back room and hasn’t quit howling for hours! My gosh I need to get some sleep!LOL !Great job Kevin! We are hooked ! Keep on telling it like it is!!!

  • nerbygirl

    Oh, my GOD, I just found your link on Gateway Pundit and I laughed my ASS off.
    This narcissistic Hollywood has-been bitch is spouting off just to get her damn face on You Tube. Her little mini part on the show “24”(I wonder who she had to blow to get that part)is just not enough attention for the fat loser.
    Oh, and I worked in Hollywood for five years myself, so I understand how those freaks think. That’s why I left.
    Can I be your friend, Kevin? LOL

  • nerbygirl

    Oh, my GOD, I just found your link on Gateway Pundit and I laughed my ASS off.
    This narcissistic Hollywood has-been bitch is spouting off just to get her damn face on You Tube. Her little mini part on the show “24”(I wonder who she had to blow to get that part)is just not enough attention for the fat loser.
    Oh, and I worked in Hollywood for five years myself, so I understand how those freaks think. That’s why I left.
    Can I be your friend, Kevin? LOL

  • The Black Sphere

    @Cheryl – Yes, I am suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, caused by those rascally racist liberal Democrats.

    And since I’m in Stockholm…to quote Cleavon Little from Blazing Saddles, “Where da white women at?”

  • The Black Sphere

    @Anon – Yes, gateway pundit Anon, there are MANY black conservatives. And I will be drawing us out, and then calling out the racist Dems as long as the good Lord allows me!

  • The Black Sphere

    @nerbygirl – You CRACKED me up! The Hollyweird crowd are freaks. And yes, I accept you as my friend!

  • kmne68

    I generally shun ad hominem attacks but my God that woman is as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.

  • nerbygirl

    Ahhh. I’m so glad you are my friend.
    Now I have two.
    You and my Momma :)
    I was at the tea party in St. Paul Minnesota and there were 10 thousand people. I am a speaker and performer and account for that number as I have performed at the Target Center.
    I think the media reported 2 thousand.
    HAAAAAA! Obviously they never SEE their audience, so they don’t know shit!
    Come and speak in MY town. I was in great St. Louie a year ago and love that city. Good people. If only they would wake up and see the Right….er…light!

  • nerbygirl

    Oh, and I forget: I lived in LA when that beoach cockroach Garafalo lived there. Met her several times, and she actually looked like a street person.
    She hasn’t changed a bit.
    Damn, girl, you live in the land of the fake! Get a stylist to show it OFF!

  • The Black Sphere

    @kmne68 – Even makeup can’t help that dark soul!

  • The Black Sphere

    @nerby – They are trying to downplay these events, asking people not to believe their “lyin’ eyes.” I find it funny. Keep underestimating this thing!

    As for Garofalo being a troll on the beach, I am not surprised. She probably doesn’t wear deodorant, thus her love for BO!

  • Anonymous

    That’s what liberals (Marxists) do, incite hatred and use minorities of all kinds to divide. Great article.

  • nerbygirl

    Damn, it pisses me off when you’re funnier than me :)
    Just keep up the fight, and you can email me any time. You have my email, I’m assuming, since I signed up for your blog.
    There’s a Right wing radio DJ in Minneapolis who would DIE to have you on his show.
    Chris Baker, who was the main speaker at the rally in St. Paul.
    Check it out. Spread the word.
    Oh, and by the way,
    you are HOT.

  • The Black Sphere

    @nerbygirl – I don’t have your email. You can reach me at

  • Clifton B

    Excellent Kevin! I cannot stand Garofalo on her best day! I know I certainly don’t need an ex bicycle messenger turned hasbeen radio talker to stand up for me!

    BTW, where did you get her pic? I never seen her look so bad, LOL!

  • Tomboys

    Great article! But you know Janeane also speaks for women. Apparently according to her neither blacks or women would protest on their own. No we are suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome.” As a woman I am being controlled by my “older urban white boyfriend” Both Janeane and God know that I am incapable of thinking for myself. Janeane is both a racist and a sexist.

  • Margaret

    Kevin I just discovered your blog. I am afraid I am a whitey Australian.

    On a serious note, one thing screams at me: Carpetbaggers. That is what I think when I read about the antics of politicians and your Congress.

    You are right about the Democrats doing nothing.

    Your humour is just too much for this whitey :)

  • Margaret

    btw I found your blog through gateway pundit. i am going to have to link to it so I can read your posts more often.

    To me it seems that I get more clear thinking from those who are blogging from the conservative view than those with the opposite perspective.

    It is great to be able to feel connected in some way with people who have seen through Obummer. I know that is not nice but I fear that his grasp of economics and foreign policy has caused immeasurable harm to what has been a great nation.

  • mujahid mustafa

    This is the absurdity of both parties. The KKK may have been started by a dem but it’s a fact that an equal number of repubs are members. It’s absurd to point and say this party’s racist over another, when they exist on both sides. Is it only racist to say negative things towards blacks? When i read conservative blogs, i see racist remarks towards arabs but i guess when conservatives make them it’s ok. Janine’s not that bright, she’s an actor and a jew and maybe the article has merit but the comments seem a little bit like pots calling kettle black.

  • The Black Sphere

    @CliftonB – Thanks for the props. The pic is public domain, and just goes to show what “fraud” can do in the way of makeup!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Margaret – I have a pretty nice Aussie fan base, and one of my team is Suzanne Moles who is a web developer extraordinaire, who hails from Sydney I believe. I can’t wait to do my book signing there, and meet my fan club!

  • The Black Sphere

    @mujahid – First you are factually wrong when you say that there equal Republicans in the DEMOCRAT organization, the klan. That’s what the racist Dems would like to be the revisionist history. The Klan has NOTHING to do with the Republicans.

    And as for the pot calling the kettle black (bad pun btw), I don’t claim to speak for Hollyweird women in any way.

    Tread lightly here, as I’m a Texan, and we don’t cotton to interlopers!

  • Sunny

    Great post! Very entertaining and very true. Garofalo is annoying on so many levels that I usually tune out when she speaks. My husband did read some of her little rant to me over the weekend and I just had to shake my head. Counseling and medication could do wonders for her anger issues and delusional behavior.

  • Anonymous

    Benjamin Mankowski Sr at 8:05am April 20

    Absolutely brilliant! Love it!

  • Anonymous

    Benjamin Mankowski Sr at 8:05am April 20

    Absolutely brilliant! Love it!

  • TWright

    What a great read! Little known fact about Dem’s and racism…well, that they’d like to admit, anyway.

  • Bill Burnes

    I’m sorry but this the most uncle tom website I’ve ever seen. I am a black republican by the way and the tea parties were very heavy on veiled racism. I can tell that you and your readers are not a very serious people since you are commenting on the commentary of Garofalo. When I read posts like this with all of the comments it makes me ill at how low my party has fallen. The intellectual republican is a dying breed and hence the party is all about dumpster diving. I hope things make turn for the better in the future.

  • Ambra Nykol

    Great Observation! I just found your blog via Balilocks. Jeanine Garafalo is among friends in her role as self-appointed savior of the lowly negro. Reminds me of the day prior to the 2004 elections when Michael Moore released the following statement on his website:

    “To African Americans:

    First of all, let’s just acknowledge what you already know: America is a country which still has a race problem, to put it nicely. Al Gore would be president today had thousands of African Americans not had their right to vote stolen from them in Florida in 2000.

    Here is my commitment: I will do everything I can to make sure that this will not happen again. And I’m not the only one making this pledge. Thousands of volunteer lawyers are flying to Florida to act as poll watchers and intervene should there be any attempts to deny anyone their right to vote. They will NOT be messing around.

    For my part, I have organized an army of 1,200 professional and amateur filmmakers who will be armed with video cameras throughout the states of Florida and Ohio. At the first sign of criminality, we will dispatch a camera crew to where the vote fraud is taking place and record what is going on. We will put a big public spotlight on any wrongdoing by Republican officials in those two states. They will not get away with this as they did in 2000.

    In Ohio, the Republicans are sending almost 2,000 paid ‘poll challengers’ into the black precincts of Cleveland in an attempt to stop African Americans from voting. This action is beyond despicable. Do not let this stop you from voting. I, and thousand of others, will be there to fight for you and protect you.”Kinda makes you want to slap him in his big, fat face, eh? Please continue to call these Hollywood types out on their patronizing and racist crap. It needs to be done!

  • Anne Marie

    Mr. Jackson-
    You did a wonderful job at the Tea Party- and I for one, am happy that people like Gerofalo to bring to “light” what a true Democrat is…

    I was hoping that if I could, link your site from mine in a future post, because, all I saw for coverage of the tea parties were white people- but I know better than that –

    Thanks for standing up- you have been through alot I am sure, but know that your efforts are noticed, recognized and appreciated.

  • cary

    Great post, as usual, Kevin.

    I was a big fan of Janeane’s when she swore she would leave the country if GWB were to be reelected. I cheered and cheered that pronouncement. Of course, like most liberals, she lied, since she is still living in the US of A. Naturally, my appreciation for her has waned. Now I know she is just another typical libber, content with saying one thing and doing another.

  • The Black Sphere

    @TWright – Thank you for the comment. And yes there is historical truth here!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Bill Burnes – I suspect you are not black as you say, but frankly it doesn’t matter. What you are is “ignant”, as black or white, you either (a) don’t know the racist history of the Dems, or (b) you choose to ignore it. And don’t try to convince me you are a Republican of any type. I can spot you racist ignorant Democrats a mile away, and though this is the internet, I can smell your turds.

    Stay here and I promise to knock your ignorant ass out! Don’t bring rocks to a nuke fight.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Ambra – Great comment!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Anne Marie – Thanks for the compliment on my role at the tea party. Contact me by email for cross linking of blogs, etc.

  • cary

    Perhaps that is the problem, Kevin – no other country would allow her in?

  • Anonymous

    Kevin, Great to find you. I am in and from Texas. Good to meet ya, cowboy!! I will be reading up in the future. Keep putting the truth out there!!

    — Army Mom

  • Constructive Feedback

    [quote]Black people should be up in arms over the idea that Garofalo thinks we are so weak, that we cannot defend ourselves.[/quote]


    I hear you on this one BUT I think that your focus upon this woman is misdirected.

    You see it is the Black people who not only have allowed attacks upon Blacks who disagree with them ideologically to occur – they have been the source of many of these attacks.

    Look no further than a significant portion of the AfroSpear blogs (not all of them) to see Clarence Thomas being called names that Black folks used to hear just before being strung up to a tree.

    The “Snarling Fox” White Liberal has learned over time that there are some “free range Blacks” who can be attacked with no consequence from the usual suspects.

    The racist White liberals make racist references that they know that they could not get away with otherwise.

    White Supremacist Liberal Educational Activst Jonathan Kozol called a classroom full of Black students “ignorant’ and unable to hold a coherent conversation with their teacher”. He got away with it because he blamed NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND as the reason for their ignorance.

    At the end of the day we must hold the Black people who allow them to get away with this BECAUSE they are practicing “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

    They saw in the fray that followed the Pro Prop-8 vote in California that Black folks are subject to attack by White liberals WHEN they don’t vote as THEY think we should.

  • Constructive Feedback

    [quote]Black people should be up in arms over the idea that Garofalo thinks we are so weak, that we cannot defend ourselves.[/quote]


    I hear you on this one BUT I think that your focus upon this woman is misdirected.

    You see it is the Black people who not only have allowed attacks upon Blacks who disagree with them ideologically to occur – they have been the source of many of these attacks.

    Look no further than a significant portion of the AfroSpear blogs (not all of them) to see Clarence Thomas being called names that Black folks used to hear just before being strung up to a tree.

    The “Snarling Fox” White Liberal has learned over time that there are some “free range Blacks” who can be attacked with no consequence from the usual suspects.

    The racist White liberals make racist references that they know that they could not get away with otherwise.

    White Supremacist Liberal Educational Activst Jonathan Kozol called a classroom full of Black students “ignorant’ and unable to hold a coherent conversation with their teacher”. He got away with it because he blamed NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND as the reason for their ignorance.

    At the end of the day we must hold the Black people who allow them to get away with this BECAUSE they are practicing “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

    They saw in the fray that followed the Pro Prop-8 vote in California that Black folks are subject to attack by White liberals WHEN they don’t vote as THEY think we should.

  • Margaret

    Just catching up on my reading :)
    I agree that Bill Burns does not sound like a Republican. His words do not wring true – and i am not even an American!!! and i can pick that up!!!

    I had just spent over 11 years living in Sydney but have moved to the place full of hot air – Canberra.

    I will be back to read your posts. I love what you have written and most of the commenters really do get it :)

  • 23eagle

    Buddy you ROCKED MY WORLD. That was the most awesome smack-down ever.

    Just discovered your work here and I will definately be coming back.

    Thank you.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Constructive – I dig what you wrote. We agree on much!

  • The Black Sphere

    @23Eagle – Happy to rock your world! LOVE the comment! Glad to have another person excited by what I do.

  • Will Murray

    To claim the democratic party has ‘decimated’ black people makes no sense because 1) the word decimation means ‘to reduce by 1/10th’ which means you’re a poor writer, and 2) the geographic, political, and racial shift that took place when the Democratic party pushed through the Civil Rights Act completely changed the complexion of the party. For you to say otherwise either demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of the political history of the 20th century or just a selective interpretation of it’s events (which is perhaps even more egregious.)

    If you are a black guy who finds Garafalo patronizing that’s fine, even understandable, but don’t use it to make some sweeping statement about the contributions of the Democratic party to the promotion of civil rights and equal opportunity for blacks.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Will – What part of my writing makes you believe that I don’t know the meaning of the words?! Yet another racist Democrat attempting to parse.

    For the record Will, I include the destruction of BLACK babies. You do the math, my ignorant racist Democrat interloper.

    Unlike the black Democrats who serve you racists, I am not amongst them. I can speak for myself. I will call all you racist pigs what you are…racist, elitist, meddling Democrats!

    Come back when you want another spanking!

  • Rob’s Rant

    I don’t anyone could have commented on this better. Awesome.

    I had never heard of your blog until the Tea Party, but it’s on my recommended list. Good stuff!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Rob – Thanks Rob. I truly appreciate your comment and support!

  • Jack

    A rant for sure…but dead on…you know what bothers me the most about all of this…is that the both political parties seem to have lost their way…none of them make any sense to those of us who are, simply…moderate….which, of course, doesn’t mean that a moderate can’t have both a liberal or conservative bent…..people like Garfolo seem mentally unstable to me…and I find very little satisfaction in the situation we are in…when is the last time you actually heard anyone…anyone have a real discussion about race…

  • The Black Sphere

    @Jack – That discussion can’t occur, until the Dems have felt the sting of being considered racists…which they are! After they have had a few decades of what they wrongfully transferred to Republicans, then race discussions won’t NEED to occur.

    So here in The Black Sphere we “race pimp” for the GOOD guys…the Republicans.

    Trust me, when the Dems have to actually stick to issues, the Repubs will never have to pander again for votes.

  • Hello Birdy

    That hose bag Barfollo has ruined 24 for me. I used to love watching Jack do the impossible, but now it’s just another cheesy Hollow Wood thriller with her in it.

    I think she also had some of her ass fat injected into her upper lip like so many other west coast sluts. They all look like Donald Duck.

  • Chip Ahoy

    The weird thing is, Stockholm syndrome means the kidnapped person sympathizes and eventually identifies with their kidnappers like Patty Hearst, for example.

    But when I listen to the likes of Garofalo aver positively that Republicans are racist pure and simple, dismissing what Republicans are actually saying, I conclude that she and her like are actual racists because that appears to be the only way they process things, and that’s the first thing and the only thing out of their mouths. Projection — it’s not just a river in Egypt.

    It takes an intellectualy dishonest effort to manage overlooking the number of politically unaffiliated, Democrats, Ron Paulians, and the large mix of races at the protests, then lump all tax and spending protesters under the rubric “Republicans.” Doing so unskillfully but conveniently avoids discussing the issues raised by the protesters, which are valid. I’ve attended two of the protests, so I know whereof I speak. I marvel how polite and considerate all the protesters are. ALL of them.

    Garofalo used to be sort of funny as a standup comedian talking about her frustrations with getting dates and failures of her relationships, but now I can see why that would be, and it honestly wasn’t all that funny. But the thing that made watching her difficult was her habit of constantly scratching her head, so much it made my own head feel itchy. So i stopped.

  • Chip Ahoy

    Will Murry thinks the Democrats pushed through the Civil Rights Act. He’s unaware of the strong resistance to Civil Rights legislation by Democrats. He’s unfamiliar with the history of the legislation and I haven’t the patience to explain it. But the comment he left goes far in showing how the Democratic party eventually came to be associated with it, but it’s hardly entirely true.

    For the record, I look forward to a day when both these warring parties that separate us grievously and unnecessarily are both no longer useful to the electorate.

  • Anonymous

    Kevin, dis here white boy sur like what you saz.


  • The Black Sphere

    @Birdy – I don’t watch the show, but I certainly won’t now. Let’s call her participation in 24…The Lost Year(s)!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Birdy – I don’t watch the show, but I certainly won’t now. Let’s call her participation in 24…The Lost Year(s)!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Chip – Agreed, and great comment. What’s funny about Garofalo is she had her info right…if you are a racist Democrat!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Randy – Too funny! Thanks for the visit, my man!

  • Anonymous


    VitriolAndAngst the perfect name for a far left liberal….And a racist. Calling the author a toke(n) black because he refutes the hate of the irrelevant former actress former radio host, typical left wing behavior, no facts to back any position so attack the critic. And continue the class warefare tactic. God knows if the poor see the light and stop looking to the government for their every need, the democrats will never win an election

  • small town girl

    What a perfect assessment. JG and the people that think like her offend me greatly. BTW just found your blog. It’s a keeper, you rock dude!

  • Anonymous


    What we need to save us is a Nice White Lady! (MadTV – Nice White Lady)

  • The Black Sphere

    @SmallTownGirl – NO YOU’RE a keeper! That’s for visiting and for the support!

  • Tim

    All I know is that she can say anything she wants, because she is simply the hottest woman in the world. Oh, and she’s going to get even hotter. No? Don’t believe me? Just imaging how those arm tattoos will look when her triceps sag lower than the GDP of Eritrea.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Tim – Very clever comment! “triceps sag lower than the GCP of Eritrea.” Classic!

  • Lilly

    You have to see this from the TX Tea Party! I want to move to TX!

  • Joe

    For the highly ignorant Garafalo to say that the Tea Parties were not about taxes is like saying World War II was not about Hitler.

    There were three in our neck of the woods, not one racist comment did I hear. I heard nothing BUT comments about taxes and returning to our roots as a nation.

    And CLEAN! Check out the two contrasting pictures on my blog at Jo-Joe Politico,

  • John P.

    Great One Kevin! I’m not sure if it’s just me paying attention in class more or what, but I’m feeling an awakening for REAL CHANGE out there, and not the phony Brown Underwear(R) inducing kind the Prez and his buddy the chaVez are foisting upon us.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Joe – Thanks for chiming in my friend, and I will visit your blog soon.

  • The Black Sphere

    @JohnP – Yes, this change is real. Getting the taxes beaten out of us, may have awakened Conservatives. 2010 is the wake up call. Better keep our eye on the ACORNs, etc., but we can win this thing back!

  • cary

    By the way, Kevin – could you post something new, soon? Every time I click over here I throw up in my mouth a little bit… or, just move her picture…

  • darrell

    > I get more views on my YouTube videos of racist Democrats picking lent from their navels and eating Cheetos.


  • darrell

    > I get more views on my YouTube videos of racist Democrats picking lent from their navels and eating Cheetos.


  • Pilgrim


    I quoted your article and linked your site over at

    I simply couldn’t have said it better.


  • The Black Sphere

    @Darrell – Thanks for noticing that quip! And for the visit!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Pilgrim – Thanks for the repost. I hope you provided linkback, so peeps can find me?!

    Take care, and thanks for the visit and support!

  • Anonymous

    Kelly Burnette at 11:52am April 21

    Great line… “I love me some me!” That’s Hollywood’s motto

  • Anonymous

    Another thing, It wasn’t FDR who integrated the services and schools, it wasn’t Harry Truman either. It was the bad old GOP and D.D. Eisenhower who did it. At some cost in Southern votes also. Did your readers know that three of our first five presidents died on July 4th.Adams and Jefferson in 1826 andMonroe in 1831. WTF are the odds of that?

  • Anonymous

    Another thing, It wasn’t FDR who integrated the services and schools, it wasn’t Harry Truman either. It was the bad old GOP and D.D. Eisenhower who did it. At some cost in Southern votes also. Did your readers know that three of our first five presidents died on July 4th.Adams and Jefferson in 1826 andMonroe in 1831. WTF are the odds of that?

  • The Mrs.

    what a great post!

    My husband is one of those crazy veterans that the DoH wants to keep an eye on, you think sweet Janeane wants to take up his cause anytime soon?

  • Anonymous

    Like TheMrs. I’m so glad that DoHS is keeping an eye on crazy people like us and not on people like Garofalo. Clearly we’re the bigger threat.

    When I saw this clip this weekend, I couldn’t wait to read your blog. I knew you would have something amazing to say and you didn’t disappoint! Awesome rant! – Carrie

  • The Black Sphere

    @TheMrs & Carrie – Thanks so much for the read! I am happy with the popularity of this blog, and hope others will read me often, and even check out "Day Old Bread." Good stuff there!

  • darrell

    > @Darrell – Thanks for noticing that quip! And for the visit!

    Thank you. Consider yourself bookmarked.

  • Uncle Tom

    Great article bro! Loved it!


    Jim Crow

  • Jealous Bitch

    Kevin, I love your blog. And I hate fake bitches like JG. Much love from a fellow blogger. I’ll definitely be following you, for sure, because what little white girl doesn’t want to follow an angry black man? You rock, dude.

  • The Man

    Curses! And I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those pesky liberals … and their dog Janeane! But don’t think this means you can get away with not properly capitalizing my name in your blog posts! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some “business” with Perez Hilton…

  • The Black Sphere

    @Jealous – The blog loves you back! Thanks for the visit!

  • The Black Sphere

    @The Man – You are indeed DaMan! Clever comment here, Dude!

  • shamballa

    That was outstanding. We are all Americans and those in the know realize who is trying to divide us.

    You have probably seen this patriot before, but just in case you haven't I'll share.

  • Pelalusa

    Greetings from Western Canada, Kevin! My beautiful friend in Philly, Tania (SkyBlue), has just posted this video on her Facebook page.

    Janeane Garofalo = Queen of the Hypocrites!!!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Pelalusa – Thanks for the link!

  • Anonymous

    Shanna Nicole Cramer at 7:24pm April 21

    Kevin I just have to say that was hilarious! I have no idea where this women gets her information from but if she ever needs one of us down trodden black folks to help out tell her i could use some of her wealth haha and my 40 acres and a mule as well (Screaming and laughing)

  • Anonymous

    Lana Streutker Cox at 4:11pm April 21

    Great article, Kevin! I’m glad you put her in her place. It amazes me how Hollyweird types think just because they’ve acted (no matter how poorly) or attempted comedy, suddenly they’re an expert on politics – and in Garofalo’s case, NEUROSCIENCE! And not a shred of proof or documentation for a single mean-spirited assertion. What a pinhead.

    I loved your sarcasm: “five decades of blacks voting Democrat have fixed all of the black community’s problems” – I’ve always felt that the Dems use black people to get elected, but don’t really help them.

    As far as an “ignorant racist” goes… seriously, is there any other kind…? :-)

  • Anonymous

    Childish rant, childish website.

    Author spins history wildly and is little different than Garafalo.

    Notice how the author perceives blacks as being in need of waking up, as being weak and as having been easily manipulated by those evil Democrats.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Garofalo’s in-depth analysis suggests that, based on your posts here, you could well have white genes in your family tree, and that these genes are dominant in your limbic brain – slavemaster genes, as it were. Sorry, man – uh, bro.

    Whats puzzling to me is Our Dr’s using “tea-bagger” as an insult, as no deviant or abnormal sexual practices exist in a newly,truly progressive society’s lexica.

    Lastly, great strides have been made to understand and treat mental illness, even under the Bush sdmin. Against all tenets of basic democracy, Garofalo uniformly dismisses the limbiclaly challenged as hopeless cases worthy of scorn and derision.

    Hate to invoke Godwins Law, here, but it almost sounds like she’s inclined lock away and silence any stupid so much as voicing opposing political views.

    How long before the Rethugs attempt to awaken the slavemaster genes in Obama’s half-and-half head? The CIA gots secret mind rays can do that – see Jonestown.. grassy knoll…


  • Anonymous

    PS: Sorry ’bout my spelling, too. The voices in my head… urgent… compelling… retarding thought… drowning out the news on global warming…


  • Anonymous

    PS: Sorry ’bout my spelling, too. The voices in my head… urgent… compelling… retarding thought… drowning out the news on global warming…


  • The Black Sphere

    @Anon (with no name) – If I said something that stupid in public, I wouldn’t admit to it either. If you come back, please pick up your poop!

  • Lois Grebowski

    OY! I can’t stand her…
    *rolls eyes*

  • Anonymous


    These protesters aren’t just polite and considerate, ALL of them as you noted, but they’re also GOOD CITIZENS. At the Dallas tea party they circulated a lot of trash bags, and we policed our own trash. That little downtown park plaza was cleaner when we left than when we started.. Compare and contrast with photos of the area around the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the rest after the Immaculation of President Messiah. It was hip deep in garbage for hundreds of yards in every direction. Front end loaders were needed. It was sickening.

    I predict the 1 million plus crowd we had nationwide on the 15th, a workday, will grow to five or ten million on the 4th of July.

    Party on, Americans!

    Big Dave, DFW

  • The Black Sphere

    @Big Dave – Always great points Big D.


    Yeah. I’m just so pleased that after attending last week’s TEA Party rally in downtown Houston I can finally add “ACTIVIST” to my long resume that includes RACIST/ANARCHIST/RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST.

    Thanks Department of Homeland Security!

    By the way, I was surrounded by a lot of people who bore different skin colors than me at the TEA Party. Perhaps they were just rabble rousers with leftover Halloween makeup?

  • Steve

    OH MY GOD! That is FANTASTIC dude! And funny as hell! You sooooo hit the nail on the head! If you EVER have ANY book published just know that it will sell big-time! This is better than almost any main-stream media reporting I’ve read! You have a new dedicated reader.

    P.S. The Urkel/Obama pic had me rolling on the floor. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  • The Black Sphere

    @Steve – Thanks for the props, Steve! Book is coming soon, so stay tuned!

  • Beyond The Political Spectrum

    You know, I get such a laugh whenever I read a piece coming from someone’s political bent, especially as it relates to whether Democrats or Republicans are the most racist. The fact is, both groups are so blindly adherent to their dogmatic beliefs that I find both lack credibility. It’s a great country that we live in that I can laugh at the party of the Dixiecrats and the John Birchers equally (yeah…I’m sure the defenders of each will predicatably come out swinging at me..LOL).

  • Mazeman

    Garafolo epitomizes the anger and intolerance of the Left.

    What a sad, unhappy creature.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Beyond – Why would we attack you. We treat all drunk uncles with respect. “Thanks” for your comment…

  • Magnolia

    Wow! I enjoyed that so much! Will you puleeze debate Ms. Garafolo? PULEEEEZE???

    I will pay lots of American dollars to see it.

    Oh. My. God. Yes, I would. Big American dollars.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Magnolia – I would love to debate Garofalo, though if on PPV you would be mad you spent the money to watch such a lopsided victory. I would expose her “monkey-brain” with one quick verbal jab. No heavy bombs needed! But if she is willing or if somebody could make it happen, I promise to show you her reptilian brain!

  • Magnolia

    I love you. If I weren’t already happily married I would ask you to marry me.

    I don’t know how I found my way to your blog, but you’re a breath of fresh air.

    Like I said, big American dollars.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Magnolia – Just buy my book when it comes out, and get MANY others to do the same! :-) And “I do!”

  • Escape4Refuge

    Kevin, thank you for clarifying my indignation. As a Caucasian woman I have not often felt the direct verbal assault of a bigot so proud of bigotry. I think I felt the sting of that in every cell of my body. The far-left really hates us to the depths of their souls. By us I mean Conservatives, Republicans, Independents, Moderate Democrats and pretty much anyone who is gainfully employed. Whether in 2010 or soon after, we will remove the glutonous Triumverate, return to national sanity and repair the damage that they have done to our economy and our Constitution. Between now and then I hope we can figure out how deprogram these ultra-lefties.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Escape – Glad to have you visit! I hope you do so often!

  • Anonymous

    what a load of crap! Not Garafalo’s comments, which you don’t seem to be able to present in any coherent form to evaluate, but your hateful rant against her.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Anon – Thank you for such an insightful comment. I can only presume that you are yet another “Protector the Lowly Negro,” and if so, on behalf of all lowly Negroes, I thank you…for NOTHING! Be sure to thank all your other racist do-nothing, drive-by friends!

    BTW, you won’t see me going to bat for Ms. Garofalo’s causes any time soon. I hope she and you do the same for my peeps!

  • enderandpeter

    Kevin, as I’m sure you’re aware, racism comes in many forms. Garofalo’s comments about race do indeed at times fall victim to the same lumping together of people she accuses some of her opponents of. To try to display her as representative of liberal sentiments is understandable to an extent, but I similarly do not equate Rush Limbaugh’s clearest moments of racial tension to the conservative camp as a whole.

    Also, it is pretty unfortunate that your blog entry rants more than describe what it was Ms. Garofalo said that you take offense with. You then say that Democrats are the true racists but don’t offer concrete examples. Instead, you refer to the rhetoric of some and lump many together with them. By the way, how can you conclude that Democrats cater more to racism when racist groups clearly flock to the right? Do you recall the racism at McCain’s rallies? What occured at Obama’s that was comparable to an overzealous McCain supporter shouting out “Sit down boy!”

    Finally, I’m sure it is good for laughs with friends to accuse liberals of painting Obama as a messiah, but clearly, as I browse the media on your site, I see that the source of such talk comes more from the right than the left… It is pretty sad to so so much effort from the right to caricature Obama in such a way. Perhaps people are trying to show up the nutty liberals who released similar baseless caricatures of Bush? Regardless, I keep my ears open for substantial arguments devoid of clear hypocrisy.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Enderandpeter – If you happen to read my blog thoroughly or any of my other offerings, i.e. magazine, video, radio show, you will know that I give PLENTY of examples of Dems racism.

    I lump all Dems together under stupid, because like your comment, you have no historical backdrop, or you wouldn’t have proffered such a stupid comment.

    I do shoot for laughs, though I find it extremely easy when it comes to laughing at liberals.

    I found Bush caricatures funny, though mainly offbase, to answer your question. That’s what caricatures are. However with Obama, they are not caricatures, but glimpses into his true character.

    Final point: Republicans and conservatives only brought to light what was obvious to all except stupid Democrats and the media, that liberals and Democrats indeed treated and continue to treat Obama like a messiah. How else could one possibly overlook the idiocy of his policies.

    You liberals will find no solace in The Black Sphere. If you find me rude or insensitive, understand that this comment is as nice as it gets for stupid, meddling racist Democrats.

  • Anonymous

    Nice column, Kevin. White liberals just aren’t as informed about the issues as they like to think they are.

    BTW, it’s not “black,” it’s “African-American.”

  • The Black Sphere

    @Anon – No, it’s black. And yes libs are misinformed about a LOT of stuff! Here is where they get indoctrinated, and repent their evil ways!

  • Askari Ali

    Wow, all rant and NO quotes from the subject herself for me to agree with you or not.

    No wonder they pulled your seed of this blog from Newsvine. It’s not because they’re liberal, it’s because you didn’t do your job of providing a basis for your rant than some accusations about what you believe she is doing.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Askari Ali – I will admit that I presume you are either a racist Democrat or an Islamic jihadist. But what I do know about you is that you are nuttier than squirrel doo-doo.

    The Garofalo comments got more press than an American flag burning in your home country. Why would I waste the time and energy on that.

    Next, like the lamestream media that you follow. I have no obligation to provide anything more than my highly regarded opinion…oh, that part is where the lamestream media and I part. People actually know I speak the truth, as opposed to your hero…Olbermann? Rather?

    You have a responsibility to enter The Black Sphere with at least a moderate level of intelligence, as my conservative readers do.

    Get educated, then I will welcome you back. Until then, clean up your throw-up, and get out of here, before I get mean!

  • DawnofAquarius

    “. But what I do know about you is that you are nuttier than squirrel doo-doo.”

    Kevin, can’t stop laughing. I think this describes most Liberal Lefties and it certainly describes JG.

    Keep up the great work!

  • James

    Kevin, I’m happy that you can entertain your audience with this vitriol but your highly-regarded opinion is seemingly baseless. You attack JG for talking about the republican party as they are, a group holding onto antiquated ideals and directives.

    I’m sure you’ll get kicks from calling me an anarch-islamo-fascist-minded liberal. This is perfectly acceptable as I am content in the knowledge that the impact of your words will remain insignificant when presented to lucid individuals.

  • The Black Sphere

    @James – My only comment to you is that you are an ignorant racist, deluded by your self-indulgent pseudo intellectual bearing. Peel it all away, and you are an ignorant racist. Thanks for dropping in…you left your noose!

  • James

    Please enlighten me to my racist ways. I never indicated my ethnicity nor did I express any bitterness toward anyone aside from yourself. Please humor me so I may understand the error of my ways as I’m obviously too dim to discover this reality that is readily apparent to you.

  • The Black Sphere

    @James – Glad you asked. Ethnicity has nothing to do with your racism. It is your LACK of knowledge about the ideology you serve that makes you a racist. You are either liberal or Democrat, based on your comment to me about Garofalo, a fellow racist companion of yours. She exposed EVERY racist ideal of Democrats, and like you is too ignorant to even know that! LOL.

    Reason Two: You enter my internet world, unsolicited, and tell me that I have vitriol about a documented bona fide racist, like you.

    Here’s your quick lesson: Democrats have sponsored ALL legislation to dehumanize blacks, and to prevent blacks from voting! Democrat policies continue to subjugate blacks to poverty, and offer no solution except more victimology!

    You liberal will rationalize every aberrant behavior, then look in the rear view mirror as Rome burns.

    I hope you are sufficiently humored. Now do this. Go study up on the racist policies of your party, and begin in 1865 with the formation of the KKK. You’re a member and don’t even know it.

    Then study civil rights of the period up til TODAY! At that point we can have a reasonable discussion. Til then, it’s like me trying to teach Shakespeare to a monkey…wait, a racist monkey!

  • James

    Since racism is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race; your point still falls flat. I don’t believe any race superior to another and I was originally opposed to the idea of affirmative action. I’m curious, how you expect a shift in racial job distribution to occur without some sort of mandate when preferential treatment is still afforded to Caucasians?

    I fiercely oppose the idea that because veterans of the Confederate army, who also aligned themselves as Democrats, founded the KKK that I’m in any way an enabler of that mentality. I believe that everyone must be measured on their own merit but when the playing field isn’t equal don’t the odds need to be balanced?

  • The Black Sphere

    @James – Took you a while to use to get that definition of racism. Note my response time to you is much quicker!

    The fact is that despite Monsieur Roget’s depiction of racism in words, it is deeds that I measure. Your backing of the racist institution of racism, i.e. the Democrats makes you complicit. What do you think you have been voting for? Soul food?!

    Your comment about leveling the playing field exposes your lack of knowledge, and quite frankly “meddling”, that I so despise.

    First your party unleveled the playing field. Now you want to level it, how?–by supporting the racist institution that UNLEVELED it!

    And James, how well have you and your ilk done? Blacks lead the nation in almost every category…NEGATIVELY! Blacks in prison, HS dropout, business starts, home ownership (remmeber, it ain’t yours until it’s paid off!), and a host of other categories.

    How much destruction do you need to cause in the black community, before you stop “helping?”

    Like Garofalo, I know you believe you are helping. So I say to you, re-read my blog, changing (1) name and (2) gender pronouns, and stop meddling!

  • James

    I took a while because I have a job and found your site while on my lunch break.

    You truly believe that the reason for inner city disenfranchisement is due to legislation propped up by liberals/Democrats? And you say I’m delusional.

  • The Black Sphere

    @James – Glad to see a liberal actually working, so kudos! You’d better hope that conservative who employs you doesn’t find out you’re a racist Democrat! Oh and surfing the net on the job. Your only saving grace is that God sent you to the best site possible to change your evil ways!

    And yes delusional me blames inner city blight on the racist Democrats like you. BTW, I noted you have no response to my FACT that all racist policies against blacks came from your party.

  • James

    I like how you give a backhanded compliment and then attack my work ethic when you have no understanding of how my office functions. If I’m finished with my assigned tasks, I’m free to do what I want.

    I don’t have a response for your CLAIM that Democrats are responsible for racist policies because your definition of racism is highly subjective. I challenge you to enumerate even a few of these “racist” policies. Anyway, I hope that this practice you engage in provides some sort of catharsis for you because otherwise it’s meaningless drivel. As for why I would read such material, it’s good to know what those who wish you ill are thinking.

  • The Black Sphere

    @James – Don’t get mad at me Slacker.

    I know you don’t have a response to being a racist. Most don’t. You can’t defend the indefensible. A history of racism that I bet your cross-burning KKK grandpappy was happy to pass on.

    And yes I may spout meaningless (incomprehensible by Simeons) drivel, but you come here for your real education. I didn’t seek you out, James!

    Finally, I don’t wish you ill-will. I just want you to get help for your liberalism. It is a disease you know…

  • James

    Yes sir, when there is no work to do I’m the slacker for not seeking more. Also, my family didn’t move to this country until the 1900s.

    You speak of the indefensible, that is ironic considering the straw man that you setup in saying that Democrats caused these problems.

    I’ve enjoyed this exchange, you’ve exemplified cyclical logic and shown that it can only be supported by your insular mentality. I know you’ll keep writing and that is a positive thing. You give Independents such as myself fuel to keep making fun of political parties.

  • James

    One other thing, I like how you misspelled simian but you’ll offer baseless commentary on my response time. Just like any ideologue, when your point is defeated, attack.

  • The Black Sphere

    @James – I apologize if I complimented you. It was unintentional.

    As for your time on the job, be sure to thank that capitalist for whom you work! I’m sure he would be pleased to know that you are goofing off on the job, as I said earlier, despite “thou doth protest.”

    The racism I claim is in the slavery of, rape of, beating of, and lynching of my people by your racist party.

  • susano

    Alright, I have new blog bookmarked!

    Thank you for handing this vile, racist, limousine liberal her ass. MSNBC is the Fox Snooze – all propaganda, all the time – with some really nasty anchor-tainers. I about fell out of my chair when I saw the inteview.

    Between the neocons and neolibs, we are all racists, terrorists, anti American and worthy of a file at The Southern Poverty Law Center/FBI/DHS/ADL, ad nauseum.

    Identity politics with it's divide and conquer as a mechanism for control needs to get dumped right along with the elitist policies Garafolo shills for.

    I have passed on your entry & link and shall return for another dose of truth and common sense!

    Very refreshing!

  • The Black Sphere

    Good catch, racist James. I certainly wouldn’t consider you a descendant of a tribe of Israel. I was thinking phonetically…let me say that slower…p h o n e t i c a l l y. There.

    I think you have been properly spanked, but feel free to drop in, steal some food, try to do a beatdown, and leave like a good racist liberal!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, thanks so much for putting that moron (unmissed, unwanted) 90’s throwback in her place. She should have went away with grunge.

    I was so angry when I saw her stupid comments, I wanted to scream.

    I’m white, BTW, and I thought, ‘Yeah, so black people are okay with their hard earned tax dollars paying off the bills of billionaire bankers..YEAH RIGHT!’

    This is about the squandering of our Treasury and the “leaders” (traitors) being complete scofflaws themselves, with apparently a set of laws that apply ONLY to them. That is what this about. Taxation without representation, debtor’s prisons, biased, unfair press. The MSM is now so clueless, they have no idea what anyone is even talking about anymore. Whatever happened to news channels reporting, you know….NEWS? All they have is panel after panel of a bunch of ignorant catty people of questionable qualifications, buzzing just to hear themselves utter their (they think) “witty” comments. Narcissism has absolutely gone wild in this country. Why do people think because they will do anything in front of a camera for five bucks that they are important?

    Our RIGHTS and our frustrations with Capitol Hill are being trivialized and mocked. It’s so fascist.

  • The Black Sphere

    @Anon – My pleasure! She’s a dweeb!

  • MikeCann

    Thanks, posted a link to this. my blog has readers on left and right.

  • The Black Sphere

    @MikeCann – As long as you post a portion, with link back to my blog, then fine. A couple people grabbed my ENTIRE blog, to drive traffic to their site only. Not cool, and it isn’t allow by copyright. I’m cool with helping, but “theft” is not cool.

    I am not accusing you of that, btw!

  • Anonymous

    What’s race got to do, got to do with it?
    What’s race but a second-hand excuse?
    What’s race got to do, got to do with it?
    Who needs a country, when a country can be broken?

  • Anonymous

    As an ex-liberal Democrat (I read History and was confronted with Truth) and now I am a certified Right-Wing Extremist by Homeland Security (white, veteran, Christian, & Pro-Life, anti-big-government) I applaud you, Sir! Kudos!

    The thing that pushed me into Sanity was hearing my beloved Liberal Democrat Aunt tell me that "We need to take care of them, they just can't manage by themselves!" – and she's Big Time in the Party Elite…that just blew my mind.

    I'll be looking for your book, and God bless you.

    Michael Augustine

  • NH

    Bravo! Spoken like a person who is in love with the truth and who has some pride and self respect. People like Garafolo would embarrass me if I were black — she makes it like your people don’t have a brain or are incapable of doing anything for themselves… that is REAL racism!

    The left always loves to ride on misconceptions that are promoted over and over — that right wingers are racist, violent etc.. when all those things can be much more attributable to them!

    Don’t they realize by supporting Obama’s policies they have been pimped for the cause of world government? They are basically supporting the overthrow of the Constitution!

  • former bond trader

    I am fairly new to the site,did not see this post. Not much to add, really, Right on the money. She is like alot of celebrities in that they get this wide forum to comment on things they don’t know s**t about. Entertainment values passion and craziness like Intel or CIsco values math and logical abiliy. Outside of their chosen area, actors/actresses are just clueless and stupid about everything. I read her father was an Exxon exec. I’ll bet he sits at home thinking, “What did I do wrong?” She is 44 yrs. old, but has the mind and temperment of a 21 yr. old liberal know-it-all college art major. When I see her ,I just think she is in a time warp. Walked into a college town grunge coffee house in 1993 and never came back.

  • Marsha

    Right on the money Kevin. LOL

  • James H

    Kevin, you are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for helping to expose the democrats for what they are.
    And to think I at one time liked Garofalo. That was the SNL days. No more

  • Marsha
  • James H

    I see James the slacker never posted another comment. Probably busy watching re-runs of Saturday Night Live with what's her name and al franken

  • Kevin Jackson

    @James H – Yes, he was properly put in his place, in The Black Sphere detainment center for liberals!

  • thomas paine

    woodrow wilson was a major asshat

  • Ben

    Kevin, this is one of my favorite blog posts – EVER – anywhere! Keep it up!!

  • James H

    Thomas Paine; I must profess my ignorance here. What did Woodrow Wilson do?
    And to Kevin Jackson: I LOVE this site! Finally a conservative who can put libs in their place and not afraid to do so. Keep it up, as I know you will!

  • Tyronne Jackson

    As a Black American I could not agree with you more. I think the White Chick needs to crawl back under her rock.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Excellent piece,Kevin…I've held my tongue about her so far…but now that you've taken her to school,I can call her "the poster skank for greaseball McCarthyism" with a clear conscience.

  • Lorianne

    Hey, she's gotten quite a bit of mileage out of that one TV appearance.
    God knows how she'll parlay that into a paying gig, but no doubt her agent has told her to keep herself in the public eye any way she can.

    Keep up the good work Janeane. Self promotion is its own reward!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Ben – Yes, this was a popular post when I wrote it. If you like it, consider investing in my book, The BIG Black Lie!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Robbins – Too funny! I think "skank" fits Garofalo!

  • Dan Carruthers

    Wow, much truth in your rant. I am a white person, and I have no idea what it is like to be black, or asian for that matter. The most rasist thing I have ever heard was Lynn Swan the great Steeler, telling of a conversation he had when running for office as a republican. A white woman challenged his choice to be a republican, "in so far a you are black" as he said "so black people can't have or are not capable of diversity of thought? " He went on to say it was the most offensive thing he had ever heard. ANd i think it is.

  • Sherry Hurry Hancock

    Thank goodness I've found you. As the "black sheep" among my family AND my liberal, dem, hateful actor friends….I have to follow you pundits in order to keep my sanity. Thanks for speaking for the rest of us people of color.

  • Carolyn

    Love your article on Garofalo! Also saw you and thought you were great on Glenn Beck too! Keep up the great work!

  • Douglas Vaughn

    You nailed it Kevin…..keep up the great work.
    Garaffolo needs to muzzled like the rabid, wild dog she is!!!!

  • Jim

    Kevin – It was so refreshing to read an educated man relay the message that I, as a white man, am not allowed to relay without being accused of being a racist. Your message is crystal clear and should wake up anybody who reads it to the realities of the Democrats' pattern of lies to blacks and all others. Keep fighting the good fight to take our country back from the lying, elitist radicals who have hijacked it for the present. Thank you, you are a great American – JW

  • Scott

    Keven you sir owe me a new lap top. I don't know if it was the photo of white chick protector or me laughing that caused me to drop and crack my screen. Seriously great rant loved it keep up the good fight.

  • Scott


    You are soooo needed.Your voice needs to be heard…Everyone Email Fox News over and over asking them to give Kevin a spot on Fox News.. Generations of Black Americans need to hear this message to make up form the far left babble that has taught them to blame someone instead of teaching them that they can do anything they set their minds to. Kevin,my firend Beverly and I are your new greatest fans! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Maria

    Kevin I saw you today for the first time on the 9/12 project– YOU were great! love your site and will tune into the program. We need to see and hear more from you! THANK YOU!

  • Bev Medcalf

    im white and i couldnt agree more with u kevin! thank u for this site. oh and i just read the article about calderon. where the hell does he get off telling us how to run our country when his main export is his citizens(many of which are criminals before they ever hit our border) and main import is american dollars? he doesnt want to help solve the problem we have here in arizona (thats where i live…in illegal alley, near where robert krentz was murdered allegedly by an illegal) he sees the problem we have as a solution to his crime problems. just send then here ughhhhhhhhhhhh!

    and now it is time for hollyweird to just go back under their rock and stay outta politics!

  • CURT

    I REPENT!!

  • echobay

    Thank you Kevin. I have many friends that act just like Janeanne . When I tell them they have a lot of nerve acting like they have the solutions for black people. Makes them feel all warm and fuzzy. I say how dare you. And they never let facts cloud their judgment. One friend has a black brother in law that owns at least 20 burger kings. I ask her if this is not an example of the American Dream? Nope he still needs to be protected from himself and the big bad United States of America. She has a black friend whose wealth is beyond belief and yet she still wants to keep said friend down. This family has had wealth for over 100 years. Life is just awful for said black friend. Why? Because she is black. And yet I am the racist. Because I dare to lift these people up to their rightful place. they are not victims. They are enterprising Americans. Who have succeeded in this great country. To my friend they are black people who need her pity.

  • Michael L. Provow

    As the prophet Paul Harvey use to say….lead on!

  • Alan Lisenba

    Once I found out what a left-wing, elitist, pencil-necked scarecrow she truly is, I had no use for her.

    Glad someone is taking her on. Most people (mainstream networks) just eat up her garbage with a spoon.

  • Ezella

    As an Italian American and a woman, I think it's not necessarily racist, but insensitive of you… against Italian Americans and women to go off on her like this. Did Garofalo come out and say that blacks can't speak for themselves? No. Not at all. Not ever. If she is indeed from Los Angeles, one of thee most ethnically diverse cities on the planet where one in every four couples is bi-racial or multi racial, then I would say she's sincere as she's been influenced by here environment and simply utilizes her celebrity to speak out re ethnic issues. I however, think that it is best that a black American or Native American, Chicano/Mexicano, Puerto Rican or Asian speak out for themselves based on what their community's needs are, just as white tea partiers are worried about their culture and becoming a minority and are speaking out.

  • little bear

    Love your rants—or should I call them brilliant pieces of thought from a black man who's much better equipped to speak about the black culture than some 'has been', unfunny comic. Likewise, I love your blog! Please keep it up; it's about time a conservative black man had a platform though I'm sure you endure horrific threats from the left as that is their M.O.

  • pleasepassthetea

    Right on the money Kevin. If liberals care so much about "the black condition", why, after approximately 60 years of Democrat rule, is that "condition" still so bad that the liberals continue to demagogue it to death and wring their hands and gnash their teeth about said "condition'"? Hmm?????? Could it be that the only thing those "noble" social programs have succeeded in doing is to bankrupt the country while entrenching generations of minorities to a life of poverty and mediocrity? The ONLY rational inference to be made is that liberals/progressives have done exactly zilch to improve the lot of black Americans. In fact it is CRIMINAL what liberals like Janeane Garofalo have done to the black community – convincing them that all they can hope for is a pitiful welfare check because they don't have what it takes to be a successful, contributing member of society (notwithstanding the obvious evidence to the contrary, to wit Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Clarence Thomas, the list goes on and on). If I were black I would be utterly insulted by her comments and by everyone else who implies that the only way blacks can survive is through the largesse of such lofty souls as themselves. How condescending can you get. Not to mention incorrect. Who the heck does Janeane Garofalo think she is anyway? A big nobody as Kevin points out. And not a very intelligent one at that –

  • Dean

    Janeane Garafalo is a pig. I know that's not the most insightful, thought provoking commentary. But it's the best I can do given the subject matter.


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