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obamacare -  bendover (mod)

obamacare -  bendover (mod)It could go without saying that ObamaCare will provide the same “rock star” treatment to all Americans that he and the rest of the elitist Democrats will receive.  With Obama’s track record of accomplishment, anything is achievable!

Just look at what the rest of America has to look forward to when we are all subject to the new “gubment” healthcare system in this Newsmax report on Kennedy’s recent battle with cancer:

“One day after an MRI found a tumor, Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant glioma, and less than two weeks later the tumor was removed by a leading brain cancer specialist at Duke University Medical Center.”

For those of you who have had the opportunity to partake in our governments efficiently run operations, for example the DMV, I am sure you will agree that this is the future of healthcare for us all.

Given Obama’s track record with his Czars and other appointees, one can only imagined which sadistic proctologist will get the pleasure of shoving the “finger” up America’s butt? [insert evil laugh]   What fiendish merchant of medical menace will be dreaming up all the “out” clauses in this new legislation—a document that will be rivaled only by America’s IRS tax code?  [insert evil laugh]  We find out who in this Reuters article [emphasis added by me for your interpretative pleasure]:

“[Democrat Senator Max] Baucus, who as chairman of the Finance Committee is taking a leading role in healthcare reform, would not be drawn on the details of the bill to be unveiled this week as negotiations entered their delicate final days, but he spoke of an emerging consensus.”

Expected cost of this imminent fiasco is $1T!  And if you’re wonder who will foot the bill, then you need to attend The Black Sphere Remedial Institute – A School for Liberals.

“Extending healthcare to cover them could cost more than $1 trillion over the next decade, but Baucus said more than half of that cost could be clawed back in the form of savings. The rest would have to come from raising revenues.”

Aside from all the waiting that will inevitably occur in ObamaCare, the real problem may be what you are waiting for.  As with all things government, don’t expect the quality of service to go up.  In fact, doctors are not too happy about all this, and I predict that America’s dominance, yes dominance in medicine is about to become a victim of Obama’s War on Achievement. With ObamaCare, expect the best and brightest medical practitioners to move to some other country to fill the void that will be left by Amerika’s system.  And expect America’s liberal elite to start buying homes wherever that happens to be.  I predict Dubai.

Here’s the wrap:

hospital waiting roomIn the Illinois senate, Jr Senator Obama sponsored or co-sponsored over 800 bills, and passed essentially nothing.  He took that record of accomplishment to the US Senate, where Jr Senator Obama sponsored or co-sponsored another 800+ bills and accomplished essentially nothing.  His ideas stink on ice!

Since I consider myself a problem-solver, I will make a few suggestions for ObamaCare.

First eliminate all the waste and fraud in healthcare.  If you are caught cheating the system, then you are off…permanently.  You can get your healthcare in Mexico or Canada.

Next, get all illegals off our system!  That would free up a LOT of cash, and have the added benefit of cutting the wait time in our hospitals by around 80%.

Finally, whatever system you come up with, all Federal officials would be required to be on it, with no exceptions.  Failure to use the system that would be mandated for all other citizens would mean forfeit of your Federal position.  Once the bureaucrats have vetted the system and approved by the citizens, it could then be made available to the rest of America.

But don’t expect this to happen.  Obama wants to finally accomplish something in his long career of accomplishing nothing.  In the Bizarro World of Obama, accomplishing something in this case translates to America getting “fingered by an evil proctologist!”

That’s my rant!

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Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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  • herseyK

    As I watched / listened to Obama at AMA yesterday, I followed Jake Tapper on twitter.

    After BHO multiple examples of savings I had to send this tweet ! ;=}

    .@jaketapper Wow – all these ‘savings’ ! It must be about free now !! LOL

  • The Tominator

    I don’t see the Big Gubmint Proctologist shoving a finger up America’s butt…

    I’m thinkin’ it’s gonna be his fist.

    But hey, the Prop 8 devotees should be lining up for that one..!

    Okay, I just made myself sick with the mental image. Sometimes, I just need to learn when to quit..! lol

    Anyhoo, great piece, Kevin – informative and very funny. Please keep ’em coming!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Tominator – The government is fisting America. TOO funny!

  • Driver Anderson

    Driver Anderson at 10:25am June 16

    With Square fingers!

  • Peter Thomas

    Peter Thomas at 10:43am June 16

    When can we expect “geriatric abortion” to save costs?

  • M.L. Bushman


    Great post! Again!

    Saw your ad at the old blog, but I think it should read ObamaCare–Grab Your Ankles and Hope for Grease.

    Now that would be a Change from business as usual in Washington, wouldn’t it?…LOL

  • Madmath1

    I don’t know what will be worse, the fist up my rear, or the pain from my wallet. $1T dollars! I came up with a way that liberals should be able to understand how much money this is. I was figuring out the weight of gold vs. copper at work and wondered what a cubic meter of gold would be worth. It comes out to slightly over $601 Million dollars (at current rates of $900 an ounce). Now, how many of those cubes would you need just to finance this medical care? 1,664 cubes. That’s enough to fill a Walmart warehouse. THE WHOLE WAREHOUSE. And that’s solid gold. BO is really giving away all the gold in the bank several times over and that’s just healthcare, 17% of the economy. The national debt of BO’s policies so far, 19,667 cubes or about 12 solid gold Walmarts. I doubt there’s enough gold in the world for this.

    Not only the care will be painful in our rear ends, but also the costs. Just ask any Californian that pays car insurance. When car insurance became mandatory, our rates here tripled because everyone was forced by the police powers to have it or risk arrest and losing our cars (Illegals exempted of course). Think what this will do, since BO has nationalized the insurance industry, to your medical insurance rate since he’s making it mandatory that everyone have health insurance, either public or private. Add Government corruption, police power over the insurance indsutry, and unlimited funds on the “Public” option to fight anything that the private will do to try to cut their costs or the costs of healthcare in general, and the nightmare of BO becomes even worse.

    Frankly, a bearucrat can’t figure how his left hand from the hole in their rear end. I don’t want them near mine (either left hand or rear end). I don’t care for the service at DMV at my health facility or the efficiency of Caltrans (which I call the job where failure of an IQ test is mandatory) as the norm. This will make Cuba’s system look 1st class in Comparison and make Canandians head north of the border for their care.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @ML – I do like your title better!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @madmath1 – Once we get the bill for this socialization, a fist in the buttocks will feel like a “mama’s milk” in comparison!

  • James Bondoux

    Enjoy your perspective and have ordered the book.
    Your new site is very hard to read. Advertising people are pretty unanimous that reverse printing (white on black) is hard to read and yields inferior results… and it makes you look like a white guy (better looking than most, though).
    Best wishes for continued success.

  • Michael Karounos

    Michael Karounos at 1:38pm June 16

    You win the timely post of the day award. Here is some proctological news coming out of the health care system the government currently runs:

  • Mike Kennedy

    Mike Kennedy at 1:57pm June 16

    Good post, Kevin. Great suggestions too. The site is looking good too! (although there is an issue with IE 6 display)

  • Julia

    With the promise of a bright new medical world looming in our near future our hospital just closed a entire floor laying off 16 people. With a 2 day notice! It was just the first of what I fear many more to come. So your care is going to be free, but don’t expect any nurses or doctors around to give it to you. Hey, maybe good ole Nancy Pelosi, she’s pretty good at the sticking it to you routine.

  • Cathy Mezo

    Cathy Mezo at 3:20pm June 16

    You CRACK me up!!!!

  • Sir RonB

    Wow. Senator Maximus Buttumus said that…”more than half of that cost could be clawed back in the form of savings. The rest would have to come from raising revenues.”

    Raising revenues? Liberal speak for raising taxes. The government does not generate revenues; just taxes. Who they foolin? Or Should I say, I pitty da fool that believes this crap!

    I want a do over! Can we get a referendum for a do over? But I would probably end up with a bend over.
    Paging patient Ben. Patient Ben Dover you are wanted in the examination room!

    Thanks for sharpening my day Kevin! Diggin the new house of the sphere!

    Sir RonB

  • Paul LaSalle

    Paul LaSalle at 11:16am June 16

    This will make you happy then… ABC news is going to run a pro health care show on June 24th, and of course vituperation being what it is, won’t allow any opposing viewpoints in the presentation… no debating allowed in the debate.

  • Jamie King

    Jamie King at 11:38am June 16

    I have multiple sclerosis, was diagnosed with it in 2000, the Friday before my spring break in college. So I have a vested interest in the healthcare and stem cell debates. If Obama-care goes through, doctors and pharmaceutical companies will start losing money and it will no longer be worthwhile to go to and spend the fortunes required to go to … Read Moremedical school, thus meaning much fewer doctors. New drugs will either never be developed since the companies would likely lose money researching them, and the new drugs that are developed would be too expensive for the government run healthcare to pay for, so they either won’t get approved by the FDA or won’t be covered by the insurance plan. I *WANT* researchers to make money. The profit motive is the strongest force, and without it, researchers will not be able to create new medications and treatments. I want a cure for my disease, and socializing it will severely slow or cut off any progress toward it. Free markets are the answer.

  • Diane Walz

    Diane Walz at 11:51am June 16

    Obama miscalculated his figures and now Congress says it will cost over 3TRILLION to implement his new health care pprogram. Why don’t we just all turn over our paychecks to Obama and let him figure out there’s not enough money to finance all his cocamemy schemes. I have SO had it with him.

  • Jeff Shrewsbury

    Jeff Shrewsbury at 1:58pm June 16

    I’m still looking for the government agency that’s run well and within budget, but I don’t think it exists. Historically, the Dem Party always thinks the solution to problems is to throw money at the problem. At $1Trill for an adjusted # of 16 million truly uninstured (Congressional Budget Office), is an over-blowing of that idiom.

  • Timothy Taylor

    Timothy Taylor at 2:31pm June 16

    I should have known. He wasn’t happy with the T.W.A.T ( Total world apology tour), so now he has to give it to us in the a**? Ouch! I hope he has a gentle touch! LOL…(humor is all we have left, and they seem to be bent on taking or taxing that too!)

  • Timothy Taylor

    Timothy Taylor at 6:15pm June 16

    Word of the day, Vituperation! Excellent use of the word Paul! Even better juxtaposition of the irony card!

  • Digital Publius

    LOL, I couldn’t help but think of Chevy Chase in Fletch

    [During a proctological exam]

    Fletch: You using the whole fist, Doc?

  • Brant

    True dat, yo!

  • Ron Russell

    Funny and serious post. Obama care would be terrible, it would eventually bring us down to the level of the National Hospital of Nairobi in Kenya. But again, maybe thats what he has in mind.

    Got the email that been going around and have added 3 new conservative blogs to my blogroll already. When I’ve finished with this comment I will be adding your site to my blogroll. Visit me at TOTUS and if you like the site drop me off a comment and add me to your blogroll if you wish, if not ok, too.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Hassan – The Fletch reference cracked me up. BTW, it’s long overdue for you to be SirPublius!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Ron – You captured the essence of The Black Sphere, to be funny yet poignant simultaneously. Thanks for the visit…

  • Kevin Jackson

    @SirRonB – Thanks for the always “sick” comments! And thanks for appreciating the site. I know it “tough on old folks,” as I struggle sometimes with the darkness and font. But we are experimenting a bit to satisfy most.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Julie – FREE sounds good, until you see what you get. Sort of like the toy in Cracker Jack’s!

  • deb

    Kevin-are you from the future or just the sharpest guy on the planet?! Your site is fast becoming my must-read, first-read every day. With all the nonsense that the Obama administration is daily foisting on us, it seems I’m at the bottom of a vortex of insanity, I look up and your literary hand is all I see to grab onto! I just inhale your work, grateful for the oxygen of common sense!! OK, a bit maudlin, maybe, but sincere.

  • Dr. Robert Engle

    The government took care of Terry Shiavo
    Now they want to take care of you.

  • http://aliciabanks, alicia banks


    i love your blog!


  • Echo Doc

    Love your blog. You’re funny and insightful. I put your book an my “to-read” list.

    For anyone who thinks Obamacare is going to be heaven on earth, go to Dr. Rant’s website and start reading up on primary care in the U.K. Be forewarned, he and his co-bloggers often cast blame at the “conservatives” who want or provide care in the shards of their private system. That’s probably jealousy. Instead, pay attention to the frustration, beaurocracy and waste that defines government run care. Also pay attention to some of the older posts where the doctors go on a binge referring to their patients by every filthy name in the book. The doctor-patient relationship is utterly destroyed.

    I want a system where the doctor is the servant of the patient. I want to model that for my patients and I want that for my family when they go to seek care.

  • cosplay

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