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ted kennedy

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I don’t want to be completely heartless, as I do have sympathy for those who will miss Teddy Kennedy. I’m just not one of those people. For me Teddy Kennedy was just another spoiled, alcoholic, liberal fat cat, who got away with murder.

Today however, the news will report that a great man died. They will say how he was a wonderful legislator, and that he “reached across the aisle” in a bi-partisan effort to help all Americans. You will hear things like dedicated father, family member, friend, patriot, American, and a host of other platitudes that Kennedy frankly doesn’t deserve.

Kennedy was good at one thing: Being a Kennedy! Actually, he was just ok at that.

Teddy Kennedy was a relic of a bygone era—an icon who never should have been an icon. When you really analyze what Kennedy accomplished in his life and career, the answer is nothing except being a Kennedy. In truth, Kennedy’s career was really about one quintessential thing: Keeping Democrats in power—by whatever means necessary.

Kennedy literally had NO idea what it is like to be black or any concept of being poor. Teddy was born into a life of luxury, and I’m not talking “nouveau riche, don’t blink when you buy a Ferrari.” Kennedy money is “don’t blink when you buy an island!” Teddy was handed everything, having lost the only thing his family could not steal—a second time—the presidency. Even with his Kennedy lineage, Teddy couldn’t earn that.

When people speak of the Kennedys, you hear things like “The Kennedy Compound,” “Camelot,” “legacy.” Let’s examine that legacy briefly.

Kennedy’s father, Joseph was recalled as Ambassador to Britain, because he was deemed to be too sympathetic to the Nazis. I’d say the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree on that one. And in case you missed the earlier reference, it was Papa Joe who stole the election from Nixon, so the Kennedy political dynasty could begin.

Next and most notable Kennedy son, JFK voted against the Republican sponsored 1957 Civil Rights Act, because supporting the rights of Negroes would have hurt his chances to defeat Nixon in 1960. Then came Democrat icon Bobby Kennedy who said that he wouldn’t lose any sleep worrying about the plight of the Negro. Finally there is Teddy…”the other white meat” Kennedy.

Teddy Kennedy’s purported legacy was devoted health care, as he told the Boston Globe recently:

“He remained determined to fulfill what he called “the cause of my life,” providing health insurance to all Americans. He helped draft legislation to overhaul the $2.5 trillion U.S. healthcare system.

Kennedy’s interest in healthcare dated from his son’s bout with cancer in the 1970s. More recently, he cited his own illness as he made a case for reform.

“I’ve benefited from the best of medicine, but I’ve also witnessed the frustration and outrage of patients and doctors alike as they face the challenges of a system that shortchanges millions of Americans,” he wrote in a May 28, 2009, issue of the Boston Globe.”

To show you the hypocritical nature of Teddy, recently he wanted the law changed to the advantage of the Democrats, urging Massachusetts lawmakers to change state law so the governor, if necessary, could quickly fill a Senate vacancy as the chamber debates the contentious healthcare issue.

Interestingly enough Kennedy had fought against this same change in the law when Republican Mitt Romney was governor. Whatever it takes to keep the Democrats large and in charge, and oppressing!

Here’s the wrap:

woman drownigIt is ironic that Kennedy died of brain cancer, since I contend that he really didn’t have a brain. If he did however, I would suggest his brain be studied for the defect of liberalism. Maybe because liberalism infected a Kennedy, science will try to cure it.

As for Kennedy’s legacy, he will have to accept the great Democrat legacy of the destruction of the black family, thus the black community. Thankfully for America, Kennedy was unable to accomplish his dream for healthcare in America, or it would affectionately been known as “DeathCare” by now. In using his own illness to showcase American healthcare, Kennedy said what we already know. He “benefitted from the best of medicine, but…”

With Democrats, there is always that “but,” at least when they know they can profit politically or financially from “but“.

America should know that by Kennedy’s standards healthcare in America is broken. With all that money he had, doctors were not able to give him eternal life! He was a Kennedy for goodness sake! Maybe he just forgot to ask ObaMessiah for eternal life?

Yesterday a great man died indeed, somewhere. And the media won’t report it.

That’s my rant!

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  • Corey White

    Goodbye Ted; hope Senator Byrd is running to join you.

  • Nancy Moss

    EXCELLENT take, the best I've read thus far.

  • RoSiTa08

    Thanks for calling a spade a spade. Of course if you say anything in public you are being "disrespectful" to the dead. Nooooooooooo I just want people to be honest about just what Ted did. I brace myself for the 24/7 coverage ahead.

  • Sue E.

    Great rant! Sickening the way the media is going on ad nauseum but if we got two weeks for Michael Jackson I guess we are going to suffer thru at least a week of Kennedy.

    A friend recently told me about your website and I've really enjoyed reading your blogs, keep up the good work. I will be purchasing your book soon.

  • Mei Lan

    If people only knew their history. It's like talking to a brick wall when you talk to people with no clue about history! Excellent piece as always! Thank you for your rant. It was true and to the point and I went ahead and shared it on my FB. I am sure that I will seem like a heartless woman when people read my commentary. Oh well, it's the truth! Loved your piece!

  • Keiko Shimizu

    He was a bastard, like most of the members of his family–living and deceased. Let's all be frank about it. He was a bastard. He supported the killings of millions of innocent unborn children against the teaching of his Catholic religion–as does THE WHOLE KENNEDY CLAN. Not one pro-lifer in the bunch, yet they all march their arrogant asses right … Read Moreup to Holy Communion at Sunday morning Mass–those who bother to attend at all. The Kennedy family is digusting. Morally bankrupt, in collusion with mafia, corrupt to the core, a bunch of adulterers and ego-maniacs and alcoholics. I'm glad Tedward is gone. Maybe God have mercy on his soul.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Corey – Another Democrat racist bites the dust. And we are supposed to celebrate!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Nancy – You flatter me!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Rosita – I always try to keep it real. I am not buying to the "great man" media revisionist crap. Kennedy was a wealthy drunk, pure and simple. He contributed nothing to humanity.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Sue E – I agree, it will be KennedyFest 2009 with the Democrat parading their "Regressive" racist around like he was MLK, Jr…a Republican!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Mei Lan – The truth hurts! Let them deal with it!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Keiko – I agree wholeheartedly. It like seeing an old man and automatically feeling sorry for him, only to find out that he served 40 years in prison for rape, armed robbery, and pedophilia! Truth hurts!

  • Miriam Weaver

    Best quote of the day: "There is a lot one could say of Senator Kennedy — positive from supporters, negative from critics. They say one should not speak ill of the dead. True. But I am of the view that one should not lie about the dead either." –political analyst Bill Bennett

  • Jeff Badura

    RIP Mary Jo Kopechne, the good news is that the dems have now lost their filibuster proof senate

  • Gail Gipson

    well put miriam

  • Raysaun L. Jackson

    …what a scumbag. Zzzzz….uhhh…just another dead liberal.
    Hip-hip hooray! …a piece of the cancer in Washington has been removed from the body of this nation.

  • Mark A Boswell

    Now I wonder what the Kopechne family will have to say now that this scum bag is dead?

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Raysaun – You are cold Dude! And rightfully so!!

  • tpgow

    I couldn't have said it better myself Kevin: Congress will now try to capitalize on his death to push Obamacare though. Lets keep fighting folks. Remember the government is best that governs the least. He was such a hypocrite. Killed that girl and never looked back. Got away with it because he was a kennedy. How quick people forget.

  • Ed

    Kevin, you have some of the smartest commentary on the web and I get around a lot. It's one thing to have an honest view but you have a great wit without being disrespectful, how refreshing. I too will be buying your book.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Mark – Well said! A murderer who got away with it, and he is hailed as a liberal hero!

  • Mark Jonasi

    I pray for Teds soul that God will forgive his pride. Besides polotics I don't know what his relation ship with Christ was :]

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Mark Jonasi – Kennedy…God! Too funny. That bastard is on the highway to hell!

  • Jennifer New Sanders

    Very NICE Kevin!! You hit the nail on the head, or drove the chick into the river…however you wanna put it :)

  • Gary Greene

    Just don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Social activists tend to be liberal, but some of what they have accomplished is positive, as per this quote from Isahrai Azaria: "(Kennedy) was a driving force behind the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act…"

  • Keiko Shimizu

    BALONEY!!! The American people were the driving force. Kennedy didn't have to do any of the heaving lifting.

  • Matt Threlfall

    We cannot be hateful like so many on the left and in the leftist mainstream media are. When Tony Snow died liberal blogs said they were happy. Tony Snow was, in many ways, a great man. I cannot say Kennedy was. I do not agree with what Kennedy represented. Most of his politics were just to keep Democrats in power. However, we must not be … Read Morehappy for his demise or call him hateful names. Yes, he murdered Mary Jo Kopechne and because he was a Kennedy, he got away with it. He cannot fool God! As for his soul…. God doesn't want anyone to perish (spiritually – the second death – hell – Revelation 21:8) … he wants all to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9) However, Kennedy made his bed and now he must lie in it for eternity and that will not represent rest (Luke 16:19-31). I posted this not for anyone to spew any hate… but because all we will hear is how great of a man he was. I dissagree. And ask Mary Jo's family if they believe he was a great man!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Matt – We are being nice to Kennedy. He could easily be called a lot worse than what's on this thread!

  • Robin Reed Rose

    RIP Ted Kennedy… I pray you will answer to your maker like many others that support abortions, for the millions of babies you murdered. I will not speak ill of the dead. It is not for me to judge, but by now you have 'met your maker'. Myself, I would be an 'ashamed' rich person, knowing their family's riches came from whiskey and the mafia. No wonder their family was doomed with bad luck.

  • Matt Threlfall

    You do reap what you sow (Galatians 6:7)

  • Lorna Saltibus

    @ Miriam ….stealing that quote for my status. Best one I have seen too!!!

  • Matt Threlfall

    See, it's hard for me to believe Kennedy was really sincere about civil rights when he had no regard for the rights of the unborn. Being a preacher Gary, what is your take on that? I mean let's say I said I love people but wish that liberals would be zapped by God? Am I sincere in loving people? I post things about what is going on in this … Read Moreadministration and that their agenda is evil. So we must call evil evil. Jesus called hypocrites, hypocrites. He said those who followed the blind were blind and they would both fall into a ditch. He said every plant His Father did not plant would be uprooted. He spoke the truth because He is the truth (John 17:17). Can one be sincere about the rights of minorities but have no regards for babies? Call me bias, I just do not see how

  • Roosevelt Lamar Freeman

    @Mark: Mary Jo's father, Joseph died in 2003 and her mother Gwen died in 2008 so I'm sure they and he are having that talk.

  • Heidi Hansing Thiess

    Wow. Just wow. You cannot know how appreciative I am of this article.

  • Riv Olivera

    And the truth shall set you free. Good article Kevin.

  • Jim Duke

    It continues be a mystery to me why the Kennedy's are so revered in this country. When you look at how they achieved their wealth, and the scattering of bodies and ruined lives this family left by the wayside, they are not much better than C. Manson. Sorry, but that's the way I see it . . . .

  • Brooke Dammkoehler

    Remember Mary Jo! Thank you for posting.

    Ted Kennedy only wanted to hang on to political power at any cost. He did not do the right thing and get help for Mary Jo. Instead, Ted got "help" (to "save" his political power) for himself and left Mary Jo to die.

  • Helene Paz

    No one could blog so eloquently and precise like Kevin!!! Kevin is my daily newspaper so to speak bef I start work. Kennedy did okay for a man who never worked.

  • Dubious Brother

    1. MaryJo and Ted's child would have turned 40 this year.
    2. As far as changing the appointment law in Massachusetts, let's reach across the aisle and compromise and have the previous governor make the appointment.
    3. I can't wait to hear Hillary's eulogy.

    Unlike with the Kennedy clan, three strikes and I'm out.

  • Chip

    Nice article and no respect deserved for Teddy, except for the fact he is now dead. God have mercy on his soul.

  • LindaB

    I couldn't have said it better Kevin!
    He is nothing more to me than a committed ideologue who put his party before his country and forever left one of the original 13 colonies in shambles with his family… Read More’s constant interference, shenanigans, and scandals.I will never give this man accolades for he never truly understood what the phrase “service before self” meant. It was always about him. He was a man who lacked not only moral fortitude but ethical, legal, and political integrity.This man lived off of the family spoils and the path that his brothers cleared for him. He could never measure up to their accomplishments or the greatness and promise of those who sacrificed everything for this country.I’m left wondering, like many, what did this man really do for this country except sow an eternal political dynasty that has sunk an entire state in a morasse it has never recovered from?

  • http://google Janelle

    I'm thinking of the 300 or so pieces of legislation which became law as a result of a man who committed vehicular homicide, at the very least.
    Kevin, the closing line sums in this 'rant' sums the whole scenario up in 13 words.

  • http://google Janelle

    Sorry, the cat is helping with the keyboard……. That ending sentence is stellar.
    13 perfect words.
    Thanks, Kevin

  • Mia

    Wait, Ted! You forgot Nancy! She really wants to go with you so she can see her father again!

  • Smith

    Nice Christian values on display here.

  • lulu

    There's an Irish saying, "May you be in heaven a full half hour before the Devil knows you're dead." I'm sure Teddy was praying that would be the case. Kevin, you were much too judicious in your speaking of Kennedy's legacy…

    Our Hypocrite-In-Chief said today that TK was the greatest senator that ever lived. Funny, in 2003, he said the TK was old and tired (in response to a pharmaceutical bill). Chris "I've Got A Tingle Up My Leg" Matthews said that the passing of Kennedy was just like Dallas 1963 all over again. Not in my world!! I can't believe these people are serious. In the end, Teddy has now met his Maker and all I can say is good luck with that!

    We just need to remember to keep our eyes on the prize and not let Nancy Nuts Pelosi and crazy Harry Reid try to push healthcare down our throats in the name of the great Ted Kennedy. And, I add as I have heard many say today there will be buildings erected to TK, if that's the case a memorial garden for Mary Jo should always be included.

    For an interesting read on the Kennedy legacy check out Rick Moran's piece on American Thinker.

  • DaSicilian

    To Keiko…Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Ted's sister was a staunch pro-lifer. She is best known publicly for her work w/Special Olympics…probably because she was at odds w/Teddy on the abortion issue. I found one article from US News and World Report that explains her love of the unborn…go here"

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Linda B – Like I said, Kennedy accomplished nothing! That's all it takes to be a hero for the Left!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Janelle – Melissa said the same thing! Thanks for noticing!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Linda – I agree, MA is a mess. They deserve it for wanting a drunk as their senator!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Smith – Did we upset your Christian sensibilities? Oh that's right, the Left doesn't believe in God, but if they do, He's relative! Kennedy was a drunk, womanizing murderer, who deserves Grace by God. Lucky for him, I am not God.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @lulu – Way to chime in on this one. I'm glad blogging exists to set the record straight on the drivel we will be getting from the lamestream media for the next few days!

  • Alyssa

    Kevin, you always say it in just the right way! Those of us who chase the truth know how right you are!!

  • Maggie

    Some interesting comments Kevin, but here is my take: as an outsider to the USA we only get to hear what is written and spoken in the MSM. However, I have been learning a lot from the Internet. I back the person who responded about Eunice Kennedy Shriver – that she is the only Kennedy who remained staunchly Catholic and defended the unborn, as well as dedicating herself to those who have disabilities. It must be pointed out that one of the Kennedy clan had those "special disabilities" and it was Eunice who cared most for that sibling. Maybe the late Edward Kennedy was uncomfortable with that sibling and he just wanted to make sure none of them saw the light of day…… hmmmm… do ya think it might have entered his head?

    Of the few eulogies that I have read because the MSM were actually slow to announce Kennedy's death – I saw it first on Facebook and it was confirmed by Michelle Malkin, not CNN or any of the other news outlets with a presence on the net, I did note the comment about Ted Kennedy being the one least likely to end up as President. He was not as sharp as his brothers.

    On the other hand we need to respect the time of mourning, and then let history do the telling…. but make sure it is not revisionist history…..

    As for Kennedy's comments about those frustrations regarding people needing treatment, well it is not going to go away that quickly because someone close to me (in my circle of friends and acquaintances) has leukemia. He was receiving treatment. He looks well but has been told that he will not get any more treatment, go see palliative care!!! That is nationalized health for ya all.

  • James H

    Like you I have sympathy for those, the good people in the world, who will sincerely miss Kennedy. I will not miss the cold hearted drunken racist bastard. He was a liar, a cheat and a murderer. He didn't care any more for the poor and black people than Stalin did. And now the MSM is going into their fake mourning mode. Such a great man. Such an icon. Such a fighter for freedom. Such fat drunken fool. However, as someone else said, Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment

  • lilamae

    Kudos to Maggie for remembering Eunice Shriver Kennedy. It's a pity that her positive actions re the Special Olympics and pro-life movement have been overshadowed by her idiot brother's Senatorial ambitions. I find it oddly fitting that their deaths were so close together so we could see a comparison of the two lives.

    I wish to thank Maggie also for her comment regarding nationalized healthcare and the dangers of making that a reality.

    My compliments to Kevin for keeping this blog honest and un-politically correct.

  • http://google Janelle

    folks, stay frosty, please…. the country is facing so much bad legislation which is unread by either party that it's a train wreck. Please speak up.Tell your rep and Senator you will vote them out of office unless they stop spending immediately. Your kids and grandchildren are in hock – they don't care – those rules are for us, not them.
    I would like to remind you……. there are 435 members in the House and !00 in the Senate. There are way more of us. Got that?
    sorry about the cranky……

  • Forgotten Liberty

    Thanks for having the courage to write this. I fear that people will try to immortalize Ted Kennedy now that he has passed. In my opinion he was an enemy of the Constitution that he swore to uphold. While I can feel sympathetic to his family for losing a loved one I think our country is better off.

  • http://propeller phillip mayfield

    Right on–the truth will prevail sooner or later. Old Joe Kennedy made a pot full of money selling short on the stock market in 1929 and running rum during prohibition. Great role models.

  • Doug

    Living in Ireland and listening to people fawn over this Slob is killing me. Ireland is getting killed by leaders like Kennedy and they want the USA to follow suit. What a joke. Now they seek to link Health care to this idiot. Hope the people revolt there and I will send my blessing and maybe there in Oct so I will join in. This guy is tyoical of Irish and Liberals they have no shame. They expect the others to but not themselves. ie when a Republican or conservative falls.

    Even on this side they are running away from some of the things that the dumb one is trying to do over there. It is mind boggling.

    ODumba using religion what a farce he cannot even get Scripture right as the only claim to be our brothers keeper was when Cain used that one on God to try and get around murder of Brother in Genesis. We need to stand up and let these idiots know we will not roll over and take it no more. If he cares about religion let him take an interest in the plight of the Muslim girl in Fl who converted to Christianity and they are trying to send her back Middle East. Thats real special. Wonder what he will say if he ignors that one.

    Maybe we should bring back public floggings for Congressmen and woman who lie and cheat and steal and make public spectacles of them. They are voted in by the people to represent us not special interests like themselves and their thugs and Union bosses.

    Yeah maybe Sheets Byrne will follow Teddy, that would be special and throw a spanner in Dumbocrats ideas. Czar for Diversity at the FCC what next. Hey you should get on Kevin, what a Black conservative on the air not many that I know of. Hey the Libtards own PSMNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and a host of others.

    Anyway that is my rant from the Republic of Ireland. Hey we have Michael Graham here this week talking sense. Keep up the good work Kevin.

  • Carin

    Much is made of Kennedy's "pubic service" – and that is just BS. You know what rich people sometimes lack? Power. All the money in the world (which he just about had) doesn't give them the power they desire. Let's take the wayback machine to when he attempted to run for president, and couldn't answer the question "why" he sought the job. DUh. POWER.

    That his endorsement pretty much sealed the deal for Obama? Well, I don't want to be crude, but that had to be one of the highlights of his life. Probably saw himself as kingmaker.

  • MemoriaDei

    I'm 58. Remembering well Ted Kennedy young, cheating on his wife, and the news about his driving into the lake. Young as I was, I didn't buy the story at all. Talk about fishy! He never had the charisma John or Bobby had. I don't know the racial history of John and Bobby….no one ever mentioned it in the past and I was too young to know where John/Bobby stood on their votes at the time regarding racism. Kevin, do you have links that give the documented history of their votes because I am interested in knowing what went on then. As for Ted Kennedy's death. I pray for his eternal soul. I have completely not liked the man at all since he drove and abandoned that woman in the lake and for his prodeath stance. But pray for him I must. Thank you, Kevin, for pointing out the Democrat racism. Oh it's certainly there all right! I sure hope African Americans are reading your book and blog! And for pete's sake, when are peoplel going to wake up to the fact that Planned Parenthood locating in black neighborhoods is NO sympathetic help to black women.

  • Joe

    I call him the Anti-hero of Chappaquiddick. To me, that incident describes everything there is to know about him: a self-centered, mindless creep whose family strings can get him out of the most monsterous circumstance. He was a man with no principle save that of power.

    Today he has been judged by the Truth.

  • MEG

    Love how you speak the truth-as usual! It really ticks me off that a man like Kennedy, who has no clue what it means to be poor, is lauded for his work, which actually has kept people poorer, just as his handouts have kept black people oppressed. I just pray every day that some idiot does not go after the current phoney in chief. Heaven help us if we have another martyr that will give us another royal family of fools. The fact is JFK would have gone down in history as a failure, had he lived out his term, just as Obama will. I want to see Obama exposed in disgrace for what he has tried to do to this country. If JFK had lived, we would have never been subjected to his drunken brother.
    God bless the secret service.
    Off topic, but I am wondering why you are not in this video Kevin. You are the leader of the pack as far as I am concerned. Keep fighting for equal RIGHTS!

  • David

    Let's not forget Kennedy's lynching of Clarence Thomas when he escaped from the Democratic Plantation. Justice Thomas is a great black American indeed.

    I'm appalled that they are going to bury this man who never served in the armed forces in the Arlington Cemetery. What a slap in the face to all deserving veterans.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Forgotten Liberty – My pleasure, and thanks for the support!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Phillip – Joe Kennedy was a Nazi-loving crook! People need to know about the Kennedys. Amazingly corrupt!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Doug – Great comment from across the pond. I still want to get over there, so find me a distributor for my book! :-)

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Carin – Great recall on Kennedy's statement of not knowing why he wanted to be president. Incredulous! "I want to be president…uh…because!"

  • Kevin Jackson

    @memoria dei – Nice chronology of Kennedy's dreadful, pathetic life!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Joe – Agreed! Let's see how God judges him.

  • Lewis Cifer

    I agree with you kevin you have done more for my business than Kennedy in 40 years I am glad he is gone!

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    Kevin, you said it all so well.

    The liberals find it convenient to exclude the fact that the Kennedy/Fitzgerald families made their ill gotten gains through bootlegging, political strong-arming and other other morally questionable practices.

    The Kennedy's are a perfect example of all that is morally wrong in America today.

    I heard several times this morning, what devote Catholics the Kennedy's are. Well if being womanizers, drunken sots who change wives more often then they change their undershorts, drunks who can drive their cars off a bridge killing an innocent young woman and getting away with it, then soothing their guilty consciences by giving huge sums of money to the Church, make s one a devote Catholic, you can have it.

    And as far as Ted Kennedy supporting Obama during the campaign, leads me to believe that he knew something the rest of us didn't, and that was exactly what Obama was planning to do to America.

    Kevin, as much as I hate the idea, I believe it is time to get out the guns and start the revolution.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Most Rev – I agree. It's sickening how the media tries to portray these liberal "icons" as revered gentlemen, when they are nothing but white collar crooks and idiots. Another example…Joe Biden!

  • OK, We’re Right!

    You wrote: "I’m just not one of those people. For me Teddy Kennedy was just another spoiled, alcoholic, liberal fat cat, who got away with murder."


    I really enjoy your sense of humor and blogs. Thanks for the grins.


  • ErikZ30

    One of the things that keeps being mentioned is that he was a Senator for 50 years.

    50 years! That means he first got elected to office when he was 27!

  • LindaB

    Ted Kennedy also, tried to undermine Reagan!
    In 1983, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy offered to help the Soviets mount a public-relations offensive in the United States. This propaganda attack would target President Reagan and his policies. These are the same policies that eventually ended the Cold War and reduced the possibility of nuclear annihilation. This charge was made by Paul Kengor in his book "The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism."

    This new book adds to research done by Herb Romerstein, Yevgenia Albats, Vladimir Bukovsky, Pavel Stroilov and others. They all indicate that Mr. Kennedy felt that any bad relations between the United States and the Soviet Union were the sole fault of Mr. Reagan and that talk of a Soviet military threat was nonsense. These articles seem to validate reports that were first published by Vasili Mitrokhin — the former KGB historian who secretly copied sensitive KGB files and released them after the fall of the Soviet Union.

    According to this research and released KGB papers, Mr. Kennedy felt that the booming economy during Mr. Reagan's presidency made him popular — and thus a difficult target for Democratic criticism. Because of this, Mr. Kennedy reportedly felt that Mr. Reagan's only weakness was in foreign policy. Here, the articles say Mr. Kennedy felt the Soviets might be of assistance, if Mr. Kennedy and the Democrats could get the ear of the general-secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

    Numerous articles also saidthatthisanti-Reagan/anti-U.S. conspiracy was not a one-man operation by Mr. Kennedy. They indicate that former Sen. John V. Tunney, a California Democrat, went to Moscow and met with officials of the KGB on Mr. Kennedy's behalf. Additionally, in their book "The Sword And The Shield," Christopher Andrew and Vasili Metrokhin said that as early as 1975 the KGB began operations to penetrate the inner circles of a number of leading Democrats, including the likes of Mr. Kennedy and Ramsey Clark. They also mentioned that a Democratic Party activist had been recruited by the KGB and had supplied the Soviets with information from a variety of Democratic leaders, including President Carter.

    Speaking of Jimmy Carter, according to John Burtis of the Canada Free Press, Mr. Kennedy also worked against Mr. Carter in 1979. Mr. Burtis reported that Mr. Kennedy offered to help Moscow when Mr. Carter harshly criticized the Soviets for their invasion of Afghanistan. According to Charles Dunn, the dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, these types of subversive activities were in "clear violation of the U.S. Constitution and at the expense of presidential authority."

    Here the question arises, are these accusations true? Would a U.S. senator, the brother of a beloved U.S. president, conspire with the Soviets against his own country? The works by Messrs. Metrokhin, Kengor and Romerstein, and others seem to lend credence to the charges if they don't actually confirm them.

    In considering all this information, it is necessary to understand how the USSR and the KGB operated during the Cold War. The Soviet KGB (i.e. the Secret Police) was nothing if not thorough. Visitors to Moscow, especially important visitors, could count on total and constant surveillance, both audio and video. Total surveillance would include meetings, private conversations, bedrooms and even bathrooms. The Soviets were also masters in using any information that was acquired to manipulate or even blackmail the victim. So, like perversion of the Miranda rights statement, anything anyone said or did in Moscow could be and often was used against them — but not in a court of law.

    Reportedly, after Mr. Reagan left office, Mr. Tunney said that he had indeed contacted the Soviets on behalf of several U.S. senators — not just Mr. Kennedy. So, the question is, did some of the Democratic Party leadership offer to work with the Soviet KGB against Mr. Reagan? If so, were they later blackmailed into working for the KGB and against the United States on other fronts? How many Democratic politicians were compromised and later blackmailed? Lastly, if they were controlled by the Soviets, are they now "influenced" by the Russians? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Any foreign influence over U.S. politicians could have drastic consequences in the politically charged atmosphere seen in today's Washington.

    The bottom line is that if there is any shred of truth in these documented stories, the senator from Massachusetts, as well as any other compromised politicians, should resign or be kicked out of the Senate or Congress.

  • Lynn

    Ted Kennedy is just one of the many reasons that Congress should have term limits. I won't celebrate his death, but I won't celebrate his life either. And if the Dems are so hot for changing the health care reform bill's name to honor him, how about "ChappaquiddiCare"?

  • http://google Janelle

    Lynn – perfect and thank you all for not celebrating the life or death of Ted Kennedy.
    His family will miss him _ I won't.

  • GunnyG


    Liked the end, a great man died…somewhere.

  • Barb

    Can you write a peice on Maxine Waters?

  • Barb

    Can you write a piece on Maxine Waters?

  • Kevin Jackson

    @GunnyG – Thanks for the props!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Linda – Great comment and a good read!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Lynn – Very funny take!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Barb – I will do something on that socialist Maxine Waters. We need to send all these people to Cuba!

  • Steve

    The thing Teddy did better than his brothers was to live past middle age. His accomplishments include co-sponsoring legislation that is invasive, at best, and draconian, at worst. The press is busy lavishing undeserved praise on a Senator who spent 47 years on the public payroll as a reward for "leaving the scene of an accident." One can only wonder what the Kopecky family is feeling today. In truth, Teddy missed his true calling as a swimming instructor.

  • Erik Brewer

    Great article and I love your website. I grew up in the "deep" South and was surrounded by southern democrats who ironically were some of the most racist people I have ever known. I am not a Republican but I am a conservative born-again Christian. I appreciate your views.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Steve – I agree with you on Kennedy, as you might suspect. He did outlive all his brothers, and that's an achievement for a wealthy drunk!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Erik – Thanks for visiting and supporting my site. I believe most people who are called racists are not, and for those with prejudice views, they just need positive role models, and a bit of education.

  • Matthew J. Fleming

    I'm glad I found out about your work on Facebook. I would like to find out more about JFK NOT voting for civil rights legislation in 1957 and RFK saying he didn't care about the plight of the Negro. How vile and hypocritical. I have never understand the love affair which some people have with that family. Take care.

  • Mike

    Trying to figure out twitter to comment on that but no luck so went here. Still need to save this .net site and then add it to my blog.

  • LindaB

    Breaking News! Ted Kennedy has been sober for 5 days straight!

  • (legal) resident alien

    if ted kennedy would not have been a "kennedy", he would have been an unsocial confirmed drunkard without job, homeless (ok, sometimes he would have had a home, the jail) and on welfare. but being a kennedy, he was a "great politician"…. (not for me…)

  • Shirley

    Just saw you on Glen Beck and either will save for your book, or go to book store, sit and read it. See I'm like so many that have never been "privileged" , and a government hand-out, and this economy is killing me.

    Keep on keeping on with your words.

  • ann norton

    Wonderful article. Just one thing, Kennedy wrote the bill for MA that kept Romney from appointing a republican Senator. Then he asked that MA change the law he wrote!! This is pure hyprocracy!! Now if we can just get rid of Rockerfeller and a few dozen democrats!

  • Ada Golden

    Interesting ravings. I agree, he had no brain, and no concept of what it means to be poor. I won't miss him, and he did, literally, get away with murder. Shame on those who think he was a good man. He wasn't!

  • Who knew black right wing nutbags existed?

    Yes, of course, he's a murderer! Let's define his entire life by an accident 40 years ago. And he got everywhere by being a kennedy alone, including 47 years of elected office. Which is the same thing we see now with Caroline…wait……that's weird, it's almost as though it's not true. As though…papa kennedy died in the sixties….and kennedy had to work for himself the rest of his life.

  • Law Foppi

    Excellent article, we all know that liberalism is a mental disorder.
    This guy was a disaster.

  • Henny

    Ditto. Anything “good” Kennedy did, or professed to do by his fans, was totally invalidated by that one act of murder. Nothing he did meant anything at all.

  • Jens and Amy

    Kevin I agree with you about the Kennedys. I was raised Catholic and the Kennedys are supposed to be but I would have been excommunicated if I had even thought about some of the things they did. But because they were the Kennedys the church leaders looked the other way. Needless to say I am not Catholic anymore. We saw you at Quincy yesterday and enjoyed listening to you speak. Love your blog. Jens and Amy

  • dcgirl

    Thanks for the great article. I was banned from posting on a conservative website because I disagreed with a section that only allowed either condolences or positive messages about Ted to be left. I didn’t violate any rules, mind you, I simply disagreed that a “conservative” website would have even had a section like that (as if the Kennedy family would be reading the local Houston site). Saw you on Glenn Beck’s coverage of the 912 DC event. Keep up the great work!

  • Greg

    I was watching the Joint Session speech on september 9th,the one where Joe Wilson called Obama a liar and caused Pelosi to get that evil school marm on PCP look on her face.As soon as I saw Michelle Obama and Jill Biden sandwiching Vicki Kennedy,I knew what was coming.Ted Kennedy’s death after 5000 or so years in the U.S.Senate will be milked for political gain for as long as they can pull it off.Next will be Byrd. There will be no mention of Byrd saying the czars are unconstitutional,just as there was no respect or regret for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.Every dead Democrat veteran will be hailed as a hero and an icon.I’m glad there is truth out here to counteract all the bull crap doled out and spoon-fed to the public by the MSM.Keep up the good work,Kevin!!!!


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