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PimpDemocrats have declared themselves the de facto party of civil rights, in spite of their dismal record on race in the past.  They are given a pass because Democrats are credited with establishing entitlements to deal with America’s poor and disenfranchised.

Over the years, Democrats have relied on these entitlements to maintain a continual underclass with programs like welfare, while federal agencies did the dirty work of keeping the poor trapped in the system.  Fed entitlement programs became a Hotel California of sorts, where as the lyrics of the song say, “You can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave.”  The poor find themselves trapped in a system that seduces, then strangles.

Like all good systems, the entitlement system set up by Democrats has evolved, with non-profit organizations being the new covert operatives.  These operatives allow a shell game to be played on the American taxpayer.  A shell game that keeps America’s poor and disenfranchised in virtual prisons of their own construction.  ACORN is one such non-profit operative.

We learned a while back that ACORN is involved in voter fraud and accepting money specifically targeted for the extermination of black babies. However, in an undercover operation by two ordinary but concerned citizens, the people of ACORN in Baltimore are caught on tape helping a young woman and her gentleman consort commit even more heinous crimes.

The young man explains to an ACORN counselor that he and his girl are there as a last resort. No other agency will accept them and their criminal lifestyle, so they have come to ACORN looking for compassion.  The young lady in the exposé plays the role of a nineteen year old prostitute who wants a new home, and she implies that the home will be used to run a prostitution ring. Two ACORN workers conspire with the young prostitute work the system to get her housing and not pay her taxes. It gets worse.

When told by the two operatives that there will be thirteen undocumented young girls all under the age of fifteen coming to America from El Salvador to work as prostitutes, the ACORN helper disregards the obvious crimes being committed and continues counseling the young couple, without even a hint of a pause on how to thwart the law.  Her comment was “If they are under sixteen, then you don’t have to worry about taxes…and just don’t tell people about them.”—“them” being the thirteen young girls coming from El Salvador.  How were these young women getting to America?  Kidnapped?  The question never comes up.

When did government-funded non-profit companies begin teaching people how to defraud our system and condoning illegal activities?  One is left to conclude that ACORN sees the trafficking of thirteen undocumented El Salvadoran prostitutes-to-be as more potential votes for the Democrats in the next election.  Or perhaps they view the establishment of a new prostitution ring with illegal young women as America’s new form of Capitalism?

In the audio, it never occurs to the Baltimore ACORN team to actually counsel this young prostitute about the dead-end nature of her lifestyle—dangers, seen and unseen from her illegal activities. The idea that she would always be running from the law; living on the edge.  There was no discussion of the consequences of her action now or in the future.  Oh, and let’s not forget that ACORN nor any other government-funded non-profit is in the business of sanctioning illegal activities.  But there was no mention of that, and in fact quite the contrary.

The concern of ACORN was laser-focused, singular in its simplicity:  How to help this young criminal continue her illegal enterprise—her “pursuit of happiness”—living in a house at the initial expense of the American taxpayer.  Why shouldn’t this miscreant be part of the cycle of “getting over on America” that ACORN and organizations of that ilk wish to perpetuate?  That, after all is ACORN’s distortion of The American Dream.

And how would you like to live in or near an ACORN neighborhood, a neighborhood where they would place a known criminal enterprise, and help them thrive? Perhaps next ACORN will give seminars on how to build better meth labs?

But Democrats are for ridding neighborhoods of crime and for promoting education, right?

pimp signACORN promotes education alright.  They are educating America’s disenfranchised criminals to break laws and evolve their skillsets. ACORN appears to have no conscience in dealing with the real problems presented to them, preferring to sweep things under the rug in a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  As the young man in this exposé suggested, ACORN was “their last resort.” Indeed it was.

Here’s the wrap:

ACORN is part of the system of “compassion” that has America’s poor voting overwhelmingly for Democrats, yet not getting any solutions to the real problems. ACORN offers America’s disenfranchised nothing but more future problems. As with our young prostitute ACORN puts a band-aid on a bullet hole, merely pushing her problems into the future, making them bigger and badder.

Though our young prostitute was an undercover girl exposing ACORN for what the organization truly represents, the truth is that people like her exist in America.  ACORN is all too willing to set these people up for the harsh reality of living life on the lam.  ACORN considers this justice for America. Payback to those ACORN deems worthy.  “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” has been replaced with “Give us your lazy, your incorrigibles, your angry miscreants,” and we will find them housing near you.

(c) 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • Virtus

    I find it funny that these two undercover journalists came up with an almost preposterous scenario and the ACORN worker didn't even bat an eye. Tells you two things: there really must be more of this outrageous living going on than we know, and we really have lost all secse of right and wrong in our society.

    This would make great comedy. It's like something from Candid Camera. Or Jackass, maybe.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Virtus – Interesting observations! You know my mind!

  • Provoking Thought

    Real life consists of things that would be rejected in books and film as beyond the pale of reality.

  • Doug

    Hey they did this in DC also showing a pattern. Will be interesting if Holder will look into this now as it is a federal crime crossing state lines. Nah he is too busy prosecuting patriots in the CIA who defended our country from scumbags and did such nasty things like blowing smoke in their faces. Whoa!!!! how bad.

    Acorn is up on so many charges of fraud it is sickening that they are even allowed to collect money from anyone tax free let alone get Government support. it makes you wonder what other sick proposals they have helped people to defraud the Government and commit heinous crimes. Maybe the Latins should stone them. Pimping innocent gals from El Salvador makes me mad and I am not from El Salvador. Maybe Odumba will start a big race instead of his reconciliation. This seems more likely than him bringing anyone together unless for Illegal purposes like prostitution was what bringing people together was what he meant.

    Odumba is a farce and hopefully as more of this gets exposed his agenda will go down in flames. But for some reason I think this clown will try and circumvent conventional means and the Dumb MSM will sycophantically cheer him on.

    My rant from the Emerald Isle.

  • http://google Janelle

    Good heavens…. today is a twofer, with your rant on ACORN and Obama as Cool Hand Luke. ACORN, with all it's shadow companies and subsidiaries, is a large operation. Kevin, you know those big companies are evil, demon spawn. Unless, of course they promote redistribution of wealth.
    I really want to thank you for saying "Speak up". Being conservative isn't a vice and I'm discovering that speaking up and out gives me more credibility than keeping quiet.
    many thanks for that!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @provoking thought – Very thought provoking!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Doug – Love the voice of reason from across the pond! I couldn't agree more!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Janelle – That's my role…to empower!

  • Rebecca Bennett

    Good article and good job on Beck, I just cant believe that people have this sort of evidence of this self destructive group and remain loyal…..

  • Karrel

    Kevin, I just heard about you yesterday & baby, I am your newest fan! You keep up the good work. Going to be reading your book too!

  • Julia

    Even I, who it is hard to surprise anymore when it comes to dirty tricks the other side pull was shocked by these video. Not a moment of hesitation on either of the ladies part, even when the children were brought up. Just another day at the office. And if that is what their usual day is like…….

  • James H

    This is just incredible. ACORN, like Planned Parenthood, shows their concern for children. What really blows me away is seeing those two black women in ACORN in the video. Why? Why are they working for an organization that is w/o a doubt racist? Are they deluded? That's like Jews willing working for the nazis. Not just to survive as some of them probably did but work for them willingly. I just don't get it

  • Scotty Starnes

    Great article Kevin. I wrote about this yesterday on one of my blogs. We all have to keep up the good fight against groups like ACORN, SEIU and many others who are known thugs and criminal organizations. Maybe we can request AG Eric Holder to investigate? Oops, I forgot. The AG is too busy dismissing charges against criminal Black Panther members and trying to criminalize our CIA officers.

  • DaSicilian

    Gotta give credit to this 25 yr. old film maker and this college aged girl…they may have longer lasting affects on the aporn crowd…breaking news right now…the census bureau has broken all ties with them…so obummer will have to come up with another way to stack the deck

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Rebecca – Thanks much!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Karrel – Glad to have you as a supporter! Tell everybody, especially about the book!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Julia – Nothing surprises me about the Left!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @James H – ACORN owners use blacks as their chattle. We are finally to a point to shut them down!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Scotty – The AG will be next on the hit list. He is an amazing huckster, and it's time we put him out to pasture…with Obama!

  • Ann

    LIke Karrel, I only first heard you on Glenn Beck's show yesterday. I read some of your commentary since then and consider myself a new fan as well. Thanks for sharing your life experiences.

  • Mary Ann Hartzler

    Kevin, what a blessing to come across your work. Like some of the others, I first "met" you yesterday on Glenn Beck's show. I came looking for you today, and what a wealth of straight talk. We need about 534 more just like you to round out our new congress. 😀

  • Shelly Sands

    Kevin, I'm so glad to have met you for the first time on Beck's show. I love your clear and concise blogs. Keep them coming. I will be ordering your book today. Don't stop doing what you do.
    May God bless you and keep you

  • Ed

    Kevin, your blog keeps me entertained and enlightened. Like another would say, however I am afraid for you, I'll explain.
    As a certain NY congressman would say "the powers that be" will soon either shut you up or buy you out. I hope not, speak the the truth without fear, no amount of money is worth that.
    By the way did you see the census people are rid of ACORN as of today, and there are more than 2 videos to be surfaced I GUARANTEE, just wait until after the big BO weekend push for healthcare.
    Will the MSM pick this story up after that?

  • Joe

    When I watched the videos of those two ACORN workers and the entire staff at the ACORN office in Washington DC, I was flabbergasted. When I showed it to my a-political wife, she was astonished and appalled. What it proves is that these are not isolated cases, and that the workers are actively trained to teach corruption and illegal behavior.

    "We" (not you and me, of course) have elected the most vile, corrupt people in the universe who, in turn, support the most vile and corrupt people in the universe.

  • adl

    Okay, the news HAS reached CNN, but they are still not so sure about what happened in the video. Note the words "allegedly", "alleged", "appears", and repeated mention of editing in the video. Did they watch the video? Do they have hearing problems? I don't know how you could possibly have doubts about what those employees were advising!

    On one liberal blog where I saw this being covered yesterday, they discredited the whole video because it did not show the 3 offices that didn't take the bait. By the same reasoning, if 1 in 4 Catholic priests were discovered to be molesting children, it would be meaningless and not worth reporting. Except- wasn't that a kind of big scandal? I have a feeling that much fewer than 25% of the priests were implicated, yet the entire church's reputation was under scrutiny. How can ACORN still deserve taxpayer's money after SO many "alleged" crimes?! And why is aiding the sex trafficking of children so much less newsworthy than what those priests did?

  • Matt

    Kevin, just saw you on the 9-12 special on FoxNews. Love what you're doing.

  • Sandra Lynch

    I tried to signup for The Black Sphere but could not complete the sign up. Please sign me up.

  • http://google Janelle

    Kevin, I was delighted to see you on Beck again. I don't know how he discovered you, but I am thrilled. That is excellent national exposure and should help sell your 1st book, expand the blog, sell some shirts and allow some time to write the next book.

  • Smile

    Kevin! I watched you just a little while ago on Glenn Beck! You rock!

    I sent Glenn Beck a thank you email as well.

    On your post 'Hannity Step It Up' I said I was going to email Fox News about having you on. I don't know if this has helped but it sure is a good thing to see you covered.

    I'm going to continue these emails and recommend you, along with other blk Conservatives. It's the grassroots blk conservatives who are a growing group whose voice we all need to hear!

    I hope others will join me in these emails to the Fox News shows. Maybe this works!!!! Please help me in this simple way. I'll post the emails I've been using if you like.

  • Smile

    People, please, please send Glenn a thank you email. Just a quick, thanks for having Kevin Jackson from The Black Sphere on.

    Also, send these shows requesting that they have Kevin on as well. Perhaps mention a few other black grassroots Conservatives on and provide their blog, website, youtube ,or some way for the Fox Show to make easy contact. You know our input makes a difference, imo.

  • Scott

    I just saw you on Fox at the Quincy Tea Party event. I agree 100% it is not about skin color, but political ideology. I began subscribing to Forbes magazine when I was still in high school about 30 years ago. Every time a new issue was delivered, the column I always read first was written by Thomas Sowell, a black conservative who I consider a national treasure. The man has NEVER strayed from his strong conservative principles, even as the GOP betrayed those ideals over the past few years. I can ALWAYS count on Thomas Sowell and Charles Krauthammer to come out on the right side (pun unintended) of an issue and clearly articulate why.

    It's infuriating to be labeled a racist, when one of the 2 living individuals whose philosophy and ideology I admire the most is a black conservative. Oh well, god knows the truth, that's what matters.

    I will try to follow your blog as much as I can, and if I agree with your thoughts or find them thought provoking, I will definately buy the book. So far, I like what I've read.

    Thanks for speaking out and taking an active part in the rebirth of conservatism.

  • sydney

    Kevin, keep up the good work. You are not alone. I'm a lifelong Democrat, but it's taken the events of the last year and Obama's election for me to get in touch with my conservative side. But, if the Republican party was good enough for my grandparents, then it's good enough for me. I wish I could come out of the closet, but I know my very liberal co-workers would dump me in a minute!

  • Mel

    Kevin, I saw you for the first time today talking with Beck during the 9/12 tea party in Quincy. I was very impressed with your insight and your clear understanding of what our country is going through. I can't tell you how sad it makes me to see our great country being ravaged by these morally challenged people in Washington. America is a great country because it is individual in it's ideas and principals, we're not sheep. Keep up the great work, you've got my attention!

  • mugiwara

    Love these blogs you do Kevin! You really got to admire these brave young journalists who exposed this criminal organization, it's truly appalling at how easily these ACORN crooks fell for the set-up.

    By the way, found this site after seeing you on Beck today. Loved your Clarence Thomas line, gave me a good laugh. Since your site's called The Black Sphere I was wondering if you were a GantZ fan, but I guess it's just because you're one of the rare black conservatives. Still love your writings though, I'll definitely be checking your blog out again. Keep up the good work!

  • Alyssa

    Another great post, Kevin! Keep 'em comin'! The truth must be told!

  • Rose

    Kevin I'm so glad I saw you on Glen Beck. You speek my laguage. I've been saying much the same thing as you for most of my life. So glad i found you. I will also find your book. Stay safe and sane.

  • Curt B.

    I saw you on Glen Beck today. Great job, you seem very at ease in front of a camera, a skill that is underrated. Love the pimp pic! I just hope that's not real fur or you'll have to deal with PETA and NSPCA, not to mention some pissed off Hollywood actresses!! The analogy is perfect, though. I am hoping by now that alot of black americans are finding out about Margaret Sanger and a few of her admirers, Hillary Clinton and Ruth Ginsberg. ACORN should let everyone see what is in store for anyone, black, white, hispanic,or asian , that is a liability to their cause. They got rid of those 2 ladies for doing what they basically, were trained to do. They carried out orders well, but were "Thrown under the bus(where have we heard that saying before?". I mean, this is the organization that Obama got his feet wet in. Need we say more?

  • Bennie

    Great article I have been following this one since it broke. At least someone got smart and the censuses people drop, Now congress and the senate needs to defund them.

  • Kenneth Gunderson

    I just saw you on the 9/12 project and you were great. I had to check out your site and I love it. Especally Racist Garofalo to the Rescue

    Hang in there

  • Scott

    You are soooo needed.Your voice needs to be heard…Everyone Email Fox News over and over asking them to give Kevin a spot on Fox News.. Generations of Black Americans need to hear this message to make up form the far left babble that

  • Principlex

    Great article.

    Good to see you at a Protest today and on Beck. Thanks for your words.

    I wrote a blog which may interest you. I'm calling the Obama politics the SCREW YOUR NEIGHBOR politics. Check here:

  • Principlex

    Another thought. Hearing Beck introducing his Corruption Project and watching the two young attractive undercover investigators of ACORN, I'm predicting that uncovering corruption is going to become the new fashion. It's going to be HOT! – in more ways than one!

  • John

    Who said that only white people are stupid

  • kevin

    Hi mr Jackson,saw you on Beck’s show.
    Please keep going,maybe fox can give you a spot.Thanks a lot.

  • USS Ben USN (Ret)

    Hi Kevin!

    Man, am I glad I caught your interview and blog address while watching Glenn Beck yesterday!
    I love your blog and plan on getting your book soon. Your blog is full of truthy goodness and refreshingly entertaining to boot! You gained a new reader today.

  • USS Ben USN (Ret)

    BTW, I greatly appreciate your non pc humor and informative posts! Keep up the great work! I hope to see you more often at Fox News and hopefully at Breitbarts Big hollywood and Big Government blogs. :^)

  • redstatemama

    God bless you, Kevin Jackson. I am glad I saw you on Beck yesterday. I am putting your blog in my Favorites. Someone mentioned Thomas Sowell. I love reading his writings. Another wonderful gentleman that I have become aware of is the Rev Stephen Broden that was also on Beck. Compare him with Jeremiah Wright and the contrast is astounding. I am reading and hearing about so many wonderful people in this country that I wasn’t aware of before. If we are ever going to hold true to our beliefs and principles, it better be now. Thank you for doing just that. Would you be interested in working in Congress? Not only would you class up the joint, you could demonstrate what an actual sense of humor is.

  • Don Ag

    Kevin, I just found out about you today. My local paper buried the Tea Party story in page 3A on the fold for 1/8 of a page. I was looking for more on Drudge, Breitbart and Fox and somehow got to your site. You are a superb voice for conservatism. I have sent your URL to all my friends. I am a minority member also; a Hispanic conservative, university professor. I am going to start playing your “Great Moments in Democrat Racism” videos about 5 minutes before all my classes. Maybe it will de-mushify some of those young brains.

    –our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.–

  • http://google Bluefin

    Saw you yesterday in Quincy, IL! Thank you for articulating so wel, Using people isn’t a good thing. :sad:

  • Vooduguru

    I find it utterly appalling that this group isn’t being investigated more than they are. I think there are what? 21 states investigating the actions of ACORN, but when is the fit going to REALLY hit the shan?

  • Steve

    Where is the MSM on this scandal? They are just as complicit as the ACORN operatives. Had this been the GOPAC, they would have been all over this like flies on poop.

  • Greg

    This is my first time on this sight .I saw Kevin on Fox at the tea party on 9-12 and just logged on.Thanks for another great contact.

    Yes,the MSM is in Obama’s hip pocket.I left a comment on another site encouraging everyone to flood Congress with e-mail,snail mail and phone calls demanding our Senators and Reps demand that D.O.J. AND OBAMA investigate ACORN,but that hits too close to home for Obama.What else can we do?E-mail CNN,MSNBC and all the others?The only sympathetic T.V. network is FOX.

    I am open to suggestions……….Kevin,God bless you man!!!

  • The BoBo

    Hey Kevin, saw you on Glenn Beck and at the 9-12 rally there in Ill. I like what you’re doing here and have added you to my blogroll. I’ll be by regularly now. Keep up the great work.

    Your post on this subject is right on. I originally saw the Baltimore and DC videos at Big Government and the follow up with Glenn Beck. I too would like to know where the MSM is on this. This is just more proof that the MSM and journalism in this country are dead. It’s going to take regular citizens to bring down this organization of criminals. We need to demand our government representatives stop any further funding of this criminal enterprise and hold their feet to the fire on this. We already have enough to vote those numskulls out of office – this is just one more to add to that list if they don’t follow through.

  • Linda

    Kevin, I saw you on Fox speaking at the 9-12 Tea Party. Thanks for all you are
    doing. I will check in on your blog often!

  • Jan

    Kevin, I bought the book…and wow I even recieved a “signed copy” how kewl is that? “The Big Black Lie,” was a GREAT read. I loved the family history, loved the lessons taught and learned, loved the satire and the blaring truths. I’ve already had two other people borrow it and read it. Everyone’s impressed with what you said and how you said it. Thanks! I’m promoting the book on my blog and my facebook page…it’s now required reading as far as I’m concerned!

  • Sableofnight

    if you are going to point out the wrongs of one side then you might as well point out the wrongs of all sides. Are we really trying to measure which side is more evil? When God looks at us, he sees no label, just our actions, and one by one we will go before him and he will judge us base on who we are, not what group or party we represent.

    We have moved from racial segregation to polictical segregation. Keeping racism on the left where it belongs, it should not exist but it does and it does not matter that in the past republicans were for blacks and democracts were not, and that MLK was a republican, boy is that getting old, what matter is a person mind set.

    Human beings are flawed by nature, God gave man free will, so that he can choose his path in life. But many are choosing the path of spolied children and pointing fingers. And saying well, he hit me first.

    Wrong is wrong and sin is sin, there is no left or right, but it takes all kinds the make the world

    Ignorance is the vice fear uses to oppress change.

  • IM2


    While I respect your fredom of speech, you are way off base.

    First of, the republican party of today is NOT the republican party that freed our people. They got hijcked by people who opposed segregation during the fight for desegregation pal.

    Now as we both know neither party has really done a lot to solve the issues in our communities. And its sad when one must settle for one over zero, but right now thats where we are. The democratic party gets the one, and the republican party gets zero.

    And please do not try the usual black conservative respones about someone wanting to be a democrat because they are blind. I have friends who are top politicians in my home state of both parties. I vote for the best candidate regardless of party, unlike you who will not consider the opinons of a democrat even if that opinon would save your life.

    So just sell your book because I am certain there are plenty of whites in denial who wish to read yor story because you are not going to cite racism as any problem that caused the things to happen to your father.

    I am going to say this then I’m gone. You need to have the ability to have walked in your fathers shoes before you write books denouncing him. My dad was just as black as yours, and for 42 years out of a life o that spanned 75, he was not able to vote, basically had no constitutional rights, could not get he job he was qualified to get, had to work two jobs in order to make ends meet while he watched white men with less ability make good money and give their kids the things they wanted.

    He felt real sad that he was not able to give us the same things those white kids were getting, and while he did not turn to drugs or crime, I could have understood how a nation that pushed him to the back of the bus after he took a bullet in war for it, would make someone turn on the system.

    So while you rant and rave, understand that men and women died to give you the ability to stand up in tea bag rallies denouncing the very govenrmnt that gave you the freedom that you would not ever had gotten if you had depended upon the support of the very people you stand in front of denoouncing President Obama.

  • FA

    @Sableofnight – Hahaha, this is the most perfect example of what I was on Youtube a few weeks back and wish I had bookmarked.
    He said that since the left can’t realistically say that what they believe is good, they have to make what is good, bad. That way it is no longer good vs bad, it is bad vs bad and once there is a level playing field all sitting on the side of bad, then we can all releive ourselves of our guilt and do whats best for us, screw everyone else.
    Beautiful example! I shall save that and it shall forever be my, “See! This is a perfect example!”
    You grossly misinterpret what Kevin is saying when he says, “Keep racism on the left.” He is absolutely not saying that racism should stay alive, on the left. He is saying that the racism that does exist, politically, exists on the left while the liberal left keeps fooling the American people into thinking that the racism that exists, exists on the right.
    But I guess expecting a blinded, liberal fool like you to actually comprehend is silly in the first place.
    Sorry for my own little personal rant, Kevin. I just dont want dear readers to see this and get clouded.

  • Robert

    I’m an African-American conservative and I really am pleased that there are others out there. Keep up the good work. You, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell are doing great things and I only hope we can wake up more African-Americans.

  • Virtus

    Now there’s a new video of these cuties in their pimpin’ and hoin’ costumes in NYC fooling ACORN again and I can’t stop laughing.

    Love you Kevin. Love what you are doing.

    I just put myself on Ron Miller’s mailing list here in Maryland. He’s running against Barbara Mikulsky in 2010. Oh, the joy that comes over me when I think of one day getting rid of her. We’ll try in 2010.

  • Rick Smiley

    Following the Civil War the Democratic Party did everything in its power to disenfranchise African-Americans and to “put them in their place”. Following the death of President Lincoln, his predecessor, Vice President Andrew Johnson a Democrat, vetoed Republican Controlled Congress’s Civil Rights Bills. Beginning in 1874, there was a rise in Democratic white paramilitary organizations, such as the White League and Red Shirts (Prelude to the Ku Klux Klan), whose political aim was to drive out sympathetic Republicans and terrorized blacks to bar them from the polls.

    If the Democrats are so PROUD of their heritage and history why does their official website ( have a gap between 1848 and 1912? Are they not proud of their party’s heritage during this period? Are they not proud of the Jim Crow laws they put into place? Or, the lynching of blacks? The actions of the KKK? The terrorism towards blacks and whites supporting black rights? I have sent numerous emails to the Democratic Party asking why their website abandons this period of Democrat History? Democrats choose not to reply to my inquiry.

    The only Civil Rights issue the Democratic Left has championed during its racist history was the hijacking of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the National Voting Rights Act of 1965. Much like today’s congress’ the Democratic Party had total control of Congress, and could pass any legislation it wished. It was Republican leadership that championed the historic civil rights acts of the 1960’s while many prominent Democrats, i.e. Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), fought to stop this historic event.

    Civil Rights Act of 1964. Of the 311 Democratic Congressmen, merely 64 percent supported passage of the Bill; while 80 percent of the 204 Republican Congressmen supported passage. Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) was the ONLY Northern Democrat to oppose this historic Act!

    National Voting Rights Act of 1965. Of the 346 Democratic Congressmen, just 77 percent supported passage of the Bill; while 86 percent of the 168 Republican Congressmen supported the Bill.

    The Far-Left Radicals failed to stop passage of the 1964 Civil Rights and 1965 National Voting Rights Acts so they changed their rhetoric. They reasoned since a Democrat, President Johnson, signed the Civil Rights Bills into Laws Democrats could lay claim as “the party of Civil Rights”.

    I have news for the African-American community! The Democratic Party throughout its history has had one goal in mind; and that is the control of the black vote no matter the cost! Following the civil war until the 1960’s they used force, intimidation, and voting laws to control the black population and to try to discourage voting.

    After President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bills into Law the Democratic Party regrouped and changed their approach. They started passing laws that would on the surface seem to assist the African-American population while at its core was meant to keep the Black Community poor and in their place! Like crack-cocaine; the Democrat’s goal is to get all Blacks addicted to government handouts thus ensuring Blacks would vote Democrat at every election!

    You hear it during every election! The Democrat Candidate will get up on his soap-box and warn the Black Community, “The evil Republicans want to take away your welfare checks, your free or subsidized housing, and make you all get jobs” and “The evil Republicans will cut funding to all the vital services you have grown to depend upon”. The Democratic Party takes no prisoners; they will promise everything and deliver nothing! When they fail to deliver they always blame the evil Republicans!

    Greed! Do you really believe Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton want African-Americans to have equal opportunity? Sorry, but I believe these two men are motivated by greed and power. Both are in the pocket of the Democrat Political Machine. Jackson and Sharpton preach equality for all Americans regardless of color! I ask, when was the last time either showed up to support a white person whose civil rights were violated by a black?

    Both Sharpton and Jackson pick their battles carefully and always pick events that will champion the Democrat’s “blacks as victims” campaign. They carefully orchestrate demonstrations, rallies, and give wonderful speeches about equality all the while supporting a political party that has as its primary goal of keeping the black-man in their place! Jackson and Sharpton are getting filthy-rich and live wonderful lives promoting blacks as victims! Why would they ever want true equality?

    United States History being taught in schools today has been rewritten and/or carefully edited to present a LIBERAL view of history. Strange, history books don’t mention that President Lincoln was the first Republican President; while the fact that President Lynden B Johnson was a Democrat is pointed out in every paragraph. History books fail to point out that many more Democrats than Republicans in congress opposed passage of the 1960’s Civil Rights Laws. When children read about the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws it is not mentioned that Democrats were at the helm of these groups and laws; the history books just say “White Southerners”.

    Next time you see or hear a debate between a Republican and a Democrat notice which candidate brings up race. It is almost always the Democrat; when they start to stumble on an issue they seem to always find a way to throw in a racial remark. For example; when a Republican brings up school choice as an alternative option to public schools the democrat will accuse the Republican of being a racist and wanting to cut funding to the poor black intercity schools.

    All I ask is this; don’t take my point of view as absolute proof. Do your own research. Seek the truth and support those that truly want a better America for all regardless of race, color, religion, sex, or heck pick your issue.

  • Frantz Kebreau

    Blacks Have Thrown in the Towel

    It seems that the black population has decided that it is time to give up on the “Dream”. Is it because the replacement for universal freedom is touted by a very charismatic, young politician whose “skin looks like mine”? Or is it that they have just given up the fight? Universal Healthcare is a throwback to a time when Government wanted to control life rather than protect it. I remember learning about an era when the banner march of “Let Freedom Ring” continued into the streets and the mindsets of strong black Americans well after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. What happened to those freedom cries? Well, the Left happened.

    The left has perverted the idea of what it is to be black in America. They have destroyed the strong and powerful lineage of fighters for freedom. Where have all the leaders gone such as Crispus Attucks, Frederick Douglass, and Martin Luther King Jr., all who fought against the tyranny of Government in order to secure inexorable freedoms for their people? Where are those leaders today? They are on the Right.

    Believe it or not, the only ones currently fighting for the same freedoms that our hero’s of the past fought for are on the right. The same ones that are called racist are the ones determined to keep our freedoms sacred.

    In 1639, Virginia instituted a law that allowed the population to carry firearms. The only exception to the law was Negroes.

    Act X. All persons except Negroes are to be provided with arms and ammunitions or be fined at the pleasure of the governor and council.

    This one act began a paradigm shift sending the Negro race into the realm of inferiority. There were Royalty and Nobles, Gentlemen and Servants but not Blacks and Whites until the demarcation line was established. Negroes and only Negroes were no longer allowed to protect themselves with arms. The freedoms that Negroes enjoyed were being stripped away.

    Since that time, the Negro population moved from indentured servant where they could work for 3-7 years and then gain there freedom and land to the station of a lifetime of slavery. Freedoms were then completely eroded and did not fully return for another 314 years. It was not until 1964 did the enforcement of the myriad of proclamations, Constitutional Amendments and Civil Rights Laws became a reality. Yet today, the black population seems content in giving some of those freedoms back.

    The foundation of black America is intertwined in the history of the slave state, Black Codes and Jim Crow Laws. Why is that foundation crumbling today? Just as the Master controlled the Health Care of the slave, so too now we blacks ask for the same prescription once again. Where is the progress? Where is the fortitude to go it alone and fight for ones freedom from the Government?

    The left has always had contempt for the black population, maybe unknowingly but present nonetheless. They are perceived as the saviors when in actuality they are the destroyers. Universal Health Care is just one more example of the left determining that minorities are an inferior race. They justify their actions by claiming benevolence towards the poor. In truth, their actions justify a long held leftist paradigm that minorities can not take care of themselves. Minorities, as a race, are “inept”, “unable to advance” and “inferior” unless they are given a leg up, a subsidy or some kind of entitlement. Personally, I find it demeaning and offensive.

    Frederick Douglass once spoke to a group of abolitionists in 1865 about “What the Black Man Wants”. He was very clear in his speech and said the following about slaves:

    …I know that we are inferior to you in some things–virtually inferior. We walk about you like dwarfs among giants. Our heads are scarcely seen above the great sea of humanity. The Germans are superior to us; the Irish are superior to us; the Yankees are superior to us; they can do what we cannot, that is, what we have not hitherto been allowed to do. But while I make this admission, I utterly deny, that we are originally, or naturally, or practically, or in any way, or in any important sense, inferior to anybody on this globe…

    This charge of inferiority is an old dodge. It has been made available for oppression on many occasions…

    …I understand the anti-slavery societies of this country to be based on two principles,–first, the freedom of the blacks of this country; and, second, the elevation of them. Let me not be misunderstood here. I am not asking for sympathy at the hands of abolitionists, sympathy at the hands of any. I think the American people are disposed often to be generous rather than just. I look over this country at the present time, and I see Educational Societies, Sanitary Commissions, Freedmen’s Associations, and the like,–all very good: but in regard to the colored people there is always more that is benevolent, I perceive, than just, manifested towards us. What I ask for the Negro is not benevolence, not pity, not sympathy, but simply justice. The American people have always been anxious to know what they shall do with us. Gen. Banks was distressed with solicitude as to what he should do with the Negro. Everybody has asked the question, and they learned to ask it early of the abolitionists, “What shall we do with the Negro?” I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are worm eaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! I am not for tying or fastening them on the tree in any way, except by nature’s plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone! If you see him on his way to school, let him alone, don’t disturb him! If you see him going to the dinner table at a hotel, let him go! If you see him going to the ballot- box, let him alone, don’t disturb him! If you see him going into a work-shop, just let him alone,–your interference is doing him a positive injury. Gen. Banks’ “preparation” is of a piece with this attempt to prop up the Negro. Let him fall if he cannot stand alone! If the Negro cannot live by the line of eternal justice…the fault will not be yours, it will be his who made the Negro, and established that line for his government. Let him live or die by that.

    In the slave state, the care of ones own health was especially sacred. It was the most protected asset of Negroes because it represented the only wealth that one had. It was the only thing of value that a slave still retained within himself. Even if he had no freedoms, at least he had his own body to do with as he pleases. If he became injured, it was a cat and mouse game to avoid the care provided by the “Master”. The “Master” could invade that which was most sacred to a slave, his body. Today, the black population readily gives up that Freedom and that Right.

    There have also been numerous cases of the benevolent government structure sanctioning experiments against those of an inferior race. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study in Alabama allowed black men to wallow in disease for years only to view the effects of the disease on their health. The men thought they were actually being treated when they were being given aspirin. The study ran from 1932 to 1972. Nurse Eunice Rivers, a black women was the linchpin of the study since she gained the trust of the poor black men. She was the only member of the study to remain for the duration. Nearly 399 men died in the experiment after succumbing to horrific maladies. The government compensated the families and survivors with $9 million dollars and free health care for life. There are countless examples in the annuls of history referring to the brutality perpetrated on unsuspecting minorities in the name of medical progress. Why don’t we remember these events before we decide to hand over our health care to a Health Care Choices Commissioner appointed by the President? Do I really think that President Obama has malevolent intentions with Single Payer Universal Health Care? Not in the least. But that’s not the point. I don’t trust government and neither should you. President Obama may be in office for another seven years at the most, who then will be in control of your health care? Whether you are on the right or left, you should be concerned. Especially if you are black, with our history, we should be concerned.

    Today, the black population has a 25% poverty rate. That is 3 times more that the white population. Even in the best of Universal Health Care systems such as the one in Sweden, the care becomes rationed and the costs increase over time. Everyone is forced to visit their local Doctor and you can not move your care from town to town. You are stuck in your local. This saves money but it also leads to rationed care. When the premise for the overall redesign of Health Care is about saving money above better care, those on the lower rung of the ladder get hurt the most. Do you really think that subsidized care will be equal to the care that is not? When you don’t pay for it yourself, you have little to no rights. Beggars can’t be choosers! It may not be in the bill or law that may pass but it will be the understood truth. You can’t expect equal care if you don’t pay for it equally. In this Health Care Utopia, who gets to try out the new drugs that come out on the market, who gets to use the lesser effective yet cheaper drugs, who will get the most needed transplant, those that pay into the system or those that get paid by the system?

    At least today you have a choice. At least today you can build a relationship with your doctor to pay less for your care. At least today, you may be able to barter for your care rather than paying cash. At least today you have choices and options. With Universal Health Care, the Health Care Choices Commissioner, appointed by the President will determine your choices for you. It may save money, but it is not Freedom.

  • Sableofnight

    @FA: Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that is may benefit those who listen: EPHESIANS 4:29 NIV

    Don’t put labels on people you know nothing about, labels cheap’n us all.

    @ Democracts, Republicans and everyone in between, up or down: Building others up by breaking others down is sign of low self-esteem.

    @ Open to all: Reading Suggestions: Another Fine Mess, Lord!: Karon Phillips Goodman
    Living Successfully with Screwed Up People: Elizabeth B. Brown

    He who has not made mistakes, cast the first vote.

    @ Open to all: holding the past over anyones head is wrong, learn to forgive, people who choose to use the past as a vice to hold people hostage do so because of their own guilt about something.

    Reducing yourself to a one word, words label, may limit the mind if you do not know how communicate objectively.

    @Republicans: I tired of hearing about what the past of polictical parties, I would like to know in detail what has the republicans done for people of color in the last 100 years? I know about the Democracts cause of the media, is slowly decaying into itself. The party as a whole not just sections of it. Name some republicans leaders that reach out to people of color on a regular bases, not just black republicans.

    What is party doing to help the poor and homeless, what bills have they introduced?
    Why did I not see a sea of black republicans, gay and straight at the RNC?
    Why does Fox News not have one black republican with hisher own prime time show?
    Name a black republican radio host who is looked to as a voice for the party like Rush and Glenn.
    Name all the high ranking black republicans in the party and capital hill.

    Talk about what you have done and doing for the people of color in this country. That way I can decide for myself what the party is all about.

    -Ignorance is a vice fear uses to oppress change-

  • Sableofnight

    I made a grammar mistake, it should say:

    I am tired of hearing about the past of policitical parties.
    Which is slowly decaying into itself.

  • Sue E.

    I like the old website better! It was different. Oh well, content is still great and that’s what matters. As usual great rant…they are still rants, right? The main stream media should be so ashamed, they are truly irrelavant, two college kids expose ACORN while the MSM doesn’t even report it! The media should be doing this type of investigative story! Also the fact that so many went to the March on Washington this weekend without any MSM attention.

  • ann norton

    Kevin, I sent you an email earlier. I received your book today and am thrilled to have a first edition, autographed book from you!! Am going to start reading it in about 15 minutes.

    I first saw you last week on Fox, probably Beck’s show. Maybe you are one of the 56. You certainly have your head on right!!

    Love your blog.

  • Frantz Kebreau

    What has the Republican Party done for the Black Population in the last 100 years?

    Here is a list of Republican Accomplishments for the Black Population. It can’t be denied any longer!

    1. 1863 Emancipation Proclamation
    2. 1865 The 13th Amendment- Abolishing Slavery
    3. 1866 Civil Rights Act of 1866-Ending Slavery
    4. 1868 14th Amendment- Giving Citizenship to former slaves
    5. 1870 15th Amendment- Right to vote
    6. 1871 Civil Rights Act of 1871-Anti KKK Act
    7. 1875 Civil Rights Act of 1875- Prohibiting Discrimination in Public Accommodations
    8. 1909 NAACP founded by 3 “White” Republicans
    9. 1909 Over 200 Anti-Lynching Bills were introduced since that time. They were all defeated by Democrats
    10. Democrats reigned supreme in Congress for the entire first half century.
    11. 1957 Civil Rights Act of 1957-Established a Civil Rights Commission
    12. 1960 Civil Rights Act of 1960-Federal Inspections of Voter Registration Polls
    13. 1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964-Anti-Discrimination-Written by Everett McKinkley Dirksen
    14. 1965 Voting Rights Act of 1965-Written by Everett McKinkley Dirksen
    15. 1968 Fair Housing Act -Written by Everett McKinkley Dirksen
    16. The following is a list of some of the black schools and colleges that were founded by prominent Republicans in the face of opposition from Democrats.

    Morehouse College 1867 Atlanta, GA
    Howard University 1867 Washington, DC
    Spelman College 1881 Atlanta, GA
    Shaw University 1865 Raleigh, NC
    Fisk University 1866 Nashville, TN
    Atlanta University 1867 Atlanta, GA
    Virginia Union University 1899 Richmond, VA
    Straight University 1869 New Orleans, LA
    Talladega College 1867 Talladega, AL
    Clark University 1870 Atlanta, GA
    Meharry Medical College 1867 Nashville, TN
    Morgan College 1867 Baltimore, MD
    New Orleans University 1873 New Orleans LA
    Philander Smith College 1883 Little Rock AR
    Rust College 1883 Holy Spring MS
    Samuel Houston College 1900 Austin, TX

    Prominent Black Republicans
    Michael Steele-RNC Chairman
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Frederick Douglass
    Justice Clarence Thomas
    Thomas Sowell
    Dr. Condelezza Rice
    Alphonso Jackson
    Kenneth Blackwell
    Col. Alan West
    J.C. Watts
    Denzel Washington
    Herman Cain
    Walter Williams

    To name a few. Any Questions?

  • johnny u

    Does anyone know how much money, just since President Johnson, that has poured into every major metropolitan city in the U.S. I just would like to isolate on my own hometown, Detroit, Mi. Billions upon billions. Walk down the streets and its truely amazing that it still looks the same as it did in 1964. Oh, well, it went to the schools. Yea. Last in education in America. One thing that is constant in Detroit since 1960. All mayors and city councils have been Democrates. I rest my case.

  • cherry larkin

    This race thing has got to stop. Heck, I wouldnt care if Obama was purple if he was doing the RIGHT things. But surrounding himself with Acorn and SEIU is NOT right. Why doesnt he publicly denounce them unless he IS getting some benefit from them. I’m white, but Kevin, I have all the respect in the world for you and those like you. I recently saw a video on the conservative minister Voddie Baucham!!!!!!!!!!! Why dont you two run for pres. and vice pres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for what you are doing. I hope others will wake up and listen to what you have to say and teach. Cherry

  • Scott

    7 Senators voted to not cut funding for ACORN:

    Leahy (D-VT)
    Durbin (D-IL)
    Burris (D-IL)
    Casey (D-PA)
    Gillibrand (D-NY)
    Sanders (I-VT)
    Whitehouse (D-RI)

    We need to ride these guys. Can you believe that they had the nerve to actually want to continue sending our tax dollars to ACORN under the current circumstances. Please everyone cut and paste this info into all the blogs that u blog on! These are the first Senators who neeed to go!!! Here is the link to the vote on the Senate page:”


  • Slinky

    I grew up in E.St.Louis, and I’ve seen an endless parade of ‘community organizers’ and their so-called help. Hotel California, indeed. Obama and ACORN used these people- their hopes and dreams of a better future, their anger and despair- for their own gain. Obama didn’t care about them then, and he could care less now. He got his, he won’t need them again until 2012.

    ACORN isn’t just corrupt, it’s despicable.

  • Rick Smiley

    Sableofnight; Frantz did a very good job pointing out what the republican party has done for the black community.

    The difference between a Democrat and Republican lies in the method they attempt to assist the underprivileged. The Republican attempts to remove governmental barriers and put into place tools that will help the person help themselves; while the Democrat believes in a handout and spreading the wealth.

    “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day (democrat). Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime (republican).”

    I guess the question that one must answer for themselves is; which method is more compassionate in the long run and which method will result in a better nation?

    Example of this in action. The democrats have for years supported teacher unions and in return the unions have funneled millions of dollars into the coffers of the democratic party. The democrats basically have taken control of the public education system because of the union/democrat party relationship. Republicans have attempted to break-up this monopoly by allowing free-choice of schools to the parents of our children; allow children to attend private schools and pay the bill with taxpayer money. This would result in competition for the public schools which would benefit all. The democrats will not support school choice as a payback to the unions.

    Also… take some time and read some junior high and high school history books. The left controls our public schools so they also get to re-write history, or carefully edit history to fit their agenda of control.

  • Sableofnight


    The people that made up the republican party then, were also people who made up the Whig party, who also had people who made up the National Union Party, who also had people who made up the Democractic-Republican Party.

    I know there’s a lot about party history most people don’t know, and care not to know. On the Surface the Republican party seemed like the party for blacks, but deeper then that it was a party made up of democractic minded people and republican minded people.

    Even though the parties split, each one had an essence of each other, which goes bak to something I said, it does not matter the party you belong to but you mentality.

    What’s in a name? Emannicaption Proclamation happen because of a combination of republicans, northern democracts, anti-confederate southerns. Now the word republican may have top billing, it meaningless compared to deeper meaning that change cannot happen without an effort of a diverse people.

    There is nothing in the history of this country that has ever happen due to one party alone. The party system is meaningless cause I do not believe you can sum up all that you are in one word(s).

    I do not see blacks republicans represented throughout the party, or at the RNC.

    Glenn and Rush have more pull in the party than all those you listed.


    If there are as many black republican as I would like to believe, why are they not supported for office by the entire party as a whole.

    When I watch President Obama give his healthcare speech, a person who votes across the board, on the republican side, it was mostly male, of course, and white.
    Where are all the black republicans gone?

  • Frantz Kebreau

    Regardless, you need people to rally behind a banner. Without it, you’ll get no support. I once was an Independent but quickly realized that it is an ineffective position. You have to choose sides!

    I understand that we have to work under the current paradigm in order to explain the current relations between the races. You miss the point though. The Republican Party separated itself from the corrupt and eventual Democratic Party over the idea that all men are created equal. They understood that nothing happens overnight but without them getting the ball rolling, we may still be slaves today!

    Remember that during Redemption, Black Codes, and Jim Crow, Democrats remained Democrats even while the South was stepping on the necks of an entire race of people. They were all complicit in the act.

    The end goal is not to be diverse. The end goal is to be one homogenous people united under one flag-The American Flag. Democrats and the Left have opposed this vision for centuries. Republicans have no desire to see blacks either succeed or fail. Republicans want blacks to succeed or fail by their own efforts within a fair, just and equal system.

    By the way, think about your history. Maybe the textbooks today don’t reflect this truth. At one point, 90% of blacks were located in the South. If your choices were to either support a Southern Democrat or be lynched, what do you think most blacks did? They are generational Democrats with a built in fear of the Republican Party. I know because I lived it for 37 years. For nearly 100 years, free political thought was punishable by death in the South. And you wonder why we don’t have more Black Republicans? Most black people don’t even know that the 13, 14 and 15 amendments to the Constitution were enacted by Republicans.

    When you live a lie for 100 years, it tends to change your view of reality.

  • Jim Schurmann

    Sableofnight you’re missing the point.Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.
    I was a Social Worker on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota for 4 years. I saw first hand what it means to strip people of their pride,self- esteem and independence by GIVING them welfare,free housing and free medical care.I’m sure it’s the same way in the poor sections of larger cities.
    I just retired after 31 years in a factory job.I was a member of the IAM Union for all 31 years. Born and raised as a Democrat and was a Dem. all my life up until several years ago.I like all the other Dems. used the same tired sayings to put down the Republicans.I’m sure you know them all-another tax cut for the rich-blah,blah,blah.My fellow union members were constantly bitching about the rich Republicans.But now that they are getting layed off they’re looking to those rich people for jobs.Let me see should I go to the poor section of town and knock on doors and ask if they have any jobs or should I go to those EVIL rich people and ask them for a job?Dah!
    Have you ever heard the saying “you can’t see the forest from the trees.”Maybe you should go to a Reservation and look around or the poor section of your town.
    I could go on for an hour but it looks like your just another closed minded Dem. without any real world experience.
    “Power corrupts,absolute power absolutely corrupts.”

  • Chip

    I gaurantee you the federal gov’t will do nothing about ACORN! They have done nothing to date…..

    I am thoroughly convinced that liberalism is a mental condition for some, particularly those who believe as many in my family, that the rich man should be envied and owes them a living. We are dealing with a ruthless bunch from the Chicago machine who will stop at nothing to continue preying upon the ingorance of minorities, etc.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Just saw the 4th video about ACORN made by the young journalists and am left with one question: Do any of the ACORN employees have a brain or is being stupid a requirement for employment with their organization? It just seems that the ACORN employees have one common goal and that is to screw the Gov at every opportunity. What they don’t seem to understand is that in screwing the Gov, they are screwing themselves.

    A lot of money intended to help the less fortunate has been given to organizations like ACORN and now because of their stupidity and greed, those that are truly in need will not receive that hand-up.

    A little OT but BO wants to eliminate or reduce the allowable tax deductions for charitable contribution. This will obviously decrease charitable contributions thus causing more unfortunate people to look to the Gov for help. (another Alinsky tactic – the more people on welfare, the sooner the society will crash). After the Katrina disaster, I refuse to donate to any organized charity – I donate only to my Church because I know that every dollar actually goes to a person/family that is truly in need.

  • Elizabeth

    Be encouraged and continue in courage!
    Was so impressed seeing you on Fox and in observing the strength of your convictions expressed with humor.

  • Sableofnight

    @ Dem

    Do not label those you don’t know, it cheap’in us all.

    Jesus lived the life of a poor man, some might call him a bum or a democract. Whether you are rich, poor, democract, republican: your life is determine by your mentality.

    How can you assume of a person you know nothing about. Go to a poor side of town, why do some of you speak as if poor people of color are victims of the parties at be. Human beings are flawed and it has nothing to do with money, race, where you live, or politics.

    Poverty is very profitable, I think you know that. The poor pay more for shelter, food, clothing, health and life insurance, if they can afford it,

    Every black man that sits in jail now is creating money for wallstreet. There is much more to this than just, if you stop giving them free things, its mind-set at the end of the day.

    In the state of Georgia, a red state , has one of the lowest minimum wage and if you have less then 6 employees, you don’t have to pay. We have 65% of the state homless population in my city alone.

    Majority of the jobs are fast food and minimum wage jobs. There is something in this country call the working poor, the working poor. People work hard some more than one job, who, because their pay is so low qualify for foodstamps, medicaid, or childcare.

    Millions of people work and receive government handouts as some call it. Oh and by the way the military, now you want to talk about welfare. Because the government both democracts and republicans do pay the military a living wage, they also to qualify for welfare and is on welfare.

    In order for a person in Georgia to make a living wage, a living wage, they would have to work 100 hours a week. Poverty is relative, am sure you know. and this whole the rich provides jobs no, Consumers provide jobs, and overall the poor working and non pay out more cause there are more poor than rich and its not because they vote democract.

    The republicans fought against raising minimum wage to what it is now. Oh and majority of people on welfare are white poor people, mostly republican. Don’t get me started on the laws created to help keep people of all races of poor people and in certain locations of a city.

    There is a sicence to poverty and its all about money. Compaines are going overseas for cheaper labor, compaines that give tons of money to the republican party and democract.

    I look at people based on human nature and that has not change since God put us here.

    God said no man has power over you, unless you allow it. What those people you work were going through was mostly lost of self and it had very little to do with handouts because rich people are the same way and have the same feeling.

    The American dream, how much, big, many, and look where it got us. I do believe the rich, both parities screwed up the economy. There is nothing no one can say about either party that can make me think one is better than the other cause their both filled with humans.

    So I may not know much about the science of politics but I do know human nature.

    And the whole bashing communuity organizers, Dr. King was a republican and a community organizer. You can find more wrong doing done by the U.S. government, made up of humans, than you can with ACORN, the Democractic party put to gether.

    And if the government had not stolen land, tricked, killed the native Americans, they would not have to live on reservations and get government handouts. To all the republicans saying they want their country back, am sure the Native Americans feel the same way.

    And whatever the government hand free to the Native Americans, its out of guilt and so they don’t have to give the land back.

  • James H

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick and tired of hearing that Jesus was a liberal or democrat. Jesus said, maybe not verbatim, Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever.
    That is conservative thinking. Not liberal or democrat. Democrat thinking is to give the people a bone and keep them dependent on us

  • Concerned Citizen


    “Every black man that sits in jail now is creating money for wallstreet”

    So what’s your point? Is it the fault of Wallstreet that there are so many black men sitting in prison?

    I’m calling BS on this one:
    “they would not have to live on reservations and get government handouts”

    Native Americans do not HAVE to live on the reservations. They are free citizens and can live anywhere they chose, go to any college they want and work at any profession. One of the reservations in my state provides funds for college education to NAs from all across the country.

    Yes, there have been centuries of discrimination but in today’s world it is only a lame excuse to not strive to better one’s self.

  • Matt

    Good post. As this story has developed, it becomes all the more clear how the MSM is intentionally inept. Of course, that makes them increasingly irrelevant.

  • Sableofnight


    The point I was making about reservations was, that they shouldn’t been there in the first place and whatever the government offers them is because of guilt and the fact they stole their land and kill their people.

    There is a reason certain groups get handouts and other groups don’t. And when it comes to excuses of the past no one talks more of what they use to help blacks help themselves then republicans.

    And when it comes to discrimination, well the gay republicans both black and white can tell you a few things about that in the republican party.

    I should been more clearer about the prisons:

    Am sure you know what the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Consititution says, if not here you go:
    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Dec. 6 1865

    Now the employment of prisoners by private companies, illegal for many years, was again made legal in the mid 1970s, These companies, and I will list them later, pay about the same or less for labor as they would in Mexico.

    Prisons and Corporations are very reluctant. To release details but in 1993, about 1000 prisoners were working for private companies, by 98, 2500 prisoners were working for 135 private corporate companies.

    Now these companies have stock that you can buy, which is wny I said every black man in jail makes money for wallstreet. How they got there is another comment.

    Privates Companies that benefit from free labor:

    Now am sure you have seen this in your state. Cheaper and faster, I notice you said nothing about the private sector sending jobs over seas, how American of them, and am sure you know about the money they stash over seas to avoid paying taxes.

    Oh yes, poor people should really look up to these compaines, learn how to cheat the system the legal way.

    Of the country’s 2 million prisoners, more than 111,000 are in prisons of the 18 private prison corporations. The two largest are Corrections Corporation of America and Wackenhut.

    Wackenhut has 52 prisons, more than 26,000 prisoners,
    CCA, 81 prisons, more than 71,000 prisoners,

    Let’s see, in American we have more prisons than school, more people in jail, mostly male and of color, but am sure it cause they all voted democract, than any country in the world. Prison is big business, big private sectoe business and I wonder which party or parties are benefiting.

    And most of the prisoners came from poverty, communites where they are no jobs, what is republican party doing to bring jobs to the black community?

    And just like rich people, poor people have to live too, but all people from all classes committs crime, the rich are just better at not getting caught at it, and if its illegal, pay a politican to make it legal.

    So the moral is, do the crime, do the time, some ceo gets richer of your free labor.

  • Kevin Jackson

    I apologize for not answering all the posts, however I have been swamped. I have a mind-cramp! :-) I will get around to answering some of these posts, and thank you all for your comments!

  • urnewfan

    Kevin, we definitely need to see you more on FOX really! you speak the truth! another great article from you, Kevin. Keep up the good work! God Bless You!

  • Sableofnight

    @ Jame H,

    Jeuse also said, you saw that I was hungry and you feed me, you saw I that was thirsty and you gave me drink.

    There is nothing coversative about teaching a man to fish, that’s common sense, and that existed long before any polictical party.

    Oh, he also said, I am my brother’s keeper.

    Luke 6:41

    And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye? Or how can you say to your brother, Brother, let me remove the speck that is in your eye when you yourself do not see the plank that is in your own eye?

    40 years ago the republican party gave power by adpoting the racist ways of the south. So the party is now what them democractic party use to be.

    Luke 6:41 continued:

    Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck that is in your brother’s eye.

  • Sableofnight contender

    The problem with the verse you quoted is that it cannot be used except by a perfect person.

    Lastly, why is it that everyone who cannot understand the want for personal freedom attacks versus argues? Your entire post was an attack based falsely in “scripture.”

    There is a difference between charity, and forced giving.

  • Sableofnight

    @ Contender

    That’s the whole point, no party is perfect, so why is each party pointing the finger at each other. The Bible teaches that polictical parties donr work, that they in the end begin to take on the personalities of the people running them.

    And you are right about forced giving, it is to be done with a cheerful heart as God says.

  • Sableofnight

    I wonder how many black and gay republicans will be attending the Voter Values Summit. I wonder how many black republicans will be choose in there mock election.

  • Virtus

    Sorry, need to make a correction, although it may be a minor point to most readers here. I said earlier that Ron Miller will be running against Mikulski, but actually, he is running for state senate here in MD. Jim Rutledge will be running against Milulski. Good news, I’ll be able to support them both.

    Can’t say enough about your courageous stand here, Kevin.


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