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In case you are wondering why I wrote The BIG Black Lie, a book about how Democrats stole the distinction of being the party of Civil Rights, all you have to do is turn on the TV.  We now have white Democrats pimping racism.

All it took for a few white folks to step in to speak for all us “po black folks” is for a white Republican Senator Joe Wilson—let’s call him “The Boogeyman”—to call Obama what he is…a liar.  Now, should Wilson have done so at the selected venue, perhaps not?  But the message was spot on.

Who are these white folks so eager to represent the downtrodden and most ignorant among silly Negros?  Well one is a washed up old white guy, the 2nd worst president in history (to date):  Jimmy “Crack Corn” Carter.


I guess the world doesn’t need any more habitats for humanity? The so-called monumental event of electing a black man to the presidency apparently has not dispelled the notion that America is a country full of racists. Blacks are only about 12% of the population, which means about 40% of non-blacks voted for Obama, in order for him to get elected.  But that is not enough evidence for the Left.  Perhaps Carter believes that the 40% voted for the “white” part of Obama—after all Obama is more white-American, than he is African-American. In coming to the aid of po’ black folks Carter said [pp],

“Some people just don’t think black people can be leaders and don’t like the idea of a black president.”

I agree!  And some people don’t like incompetent white presidents, like say…Jimmy Carter!  Are they racists?  I say they are realists! Carter belly-crawled from under his rock, because the 52% who used to like the half-white-half-other president is dropping dramatically.  As for the 48% of America who didn’t vote for Obama, they are all considered racist Tea Baggers, Birthers, and apparently anybody who disagrees with Obama…ahem…including those were for him, before they were against him.  And that number is growing, as polling indicates, tracking coincidentally in indirect proportion to the racism index. In case you didn’t know it, the real racists are people like Jimmy Carter and other Democrats!  Think of it, an old white Democrat from GEORGIA!  You just can’t get any more racist than that…unless you are a Democrat from Alabama or Tennessee or South Carolina…or anywhere! If you had the Democrats’ record on civil rights, you would be looking for a scapegoat too.  Democrats are vicious racists; thieving racists, in fact.  They will readily use the KKK to paint Republicans as racists, KNOWING that the KKK is their organization! Remember folks, Democrats voted to KEEP lynching laws on the books[1], and voted over 209 times against anti-lynching laws, including Senator Byrd’s proud declaration of being against anti-lynching.  Hey, you never know when you will run into an “uppity [Republican] Negro,” who needs lynching like say…Clarence Thomas! Democrats didn’t want black people learn to read back in the day.  And when those pesky Republicans insisted that blacks be educated, Democrats designed a system where blacks today have the lowest graduation rates and the lowest college entrance rates. The education system for blacks couldn’t have been better designed, if it had been designed by the KKK.  Wait…it WAS! But let’s give Democrats credit. They recognized the work of those bothersome Republicans, and acknowledged that blacks were gaining in power, as LBJ says here:

These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don’t move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there’ll be no way of stopping them, we’ll lose the filibuster and there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.”[2]

I expect that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have already submitted their complaints to the “Only Black Preachers Can Scream Racism” review board!  I don’t expect resolution, since the whiney white guilt crowd inherited the “race cards,” when Sharpton and Jackson were forced to give them up a while back. Carter is simply too old and too racist to take up race-pimping, and frankly I doubt he has the fur and the fedora. Further, I suggest that before Jimmy “Don’t know peanut about racism” Carter decides to cry “racism,” that he check his Democrat Party’s record on race—past and present—then go build another habitat for somebody black, to help the Democrats make amends. © Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

[1] Mr. President, the crime of lynching . . . is not of sufficient importance to justify this legislation.” –Sen. Claude Pepper (D., Fla.), 1938 Spoken while engaged in a six-hour speech against the anti-lynching bill [2] Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D., Texas), 1957


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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  • tpgow

    Thanks kevin your rant is on target as always. Carter just needs to shut up. But of course we have a better chance of having snow in July lol

  • Taqiyy.

    Okay, with that article you’re now on my bookmark toolbar, not just in a “blogs” folder.

    A good rant. Someone needs to make that LBJ quote into a PSA commercial. And every time his name appears, it should be “Lyndon B. Johnson (D)”

    How many posts a day do you typically put up? I’m going to see if I can get your feed put up on, if you do multiple posts a day. There are a couple over there that don’t update, and yours would be a welcome addition (it’s not my site, but the owner has an eye for good sites, and an ear for readers’ recommendations.)

    Damn good blog, Mr. J.

  • Dave Aughenbaugh


    Once again you’ve managed to capture general consensus in nothing more than a rant. However, it may not be enough, even the President and Vice President have stated publicly that they “don’t think it’s about race”, but might I remind you, both have a history in this arena. I might get a bit off track as my mind is pun intended…lmao

    Too many to list with the President…but Biden famously said the following: “”you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

    from the same article: speaking of Obama…

    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden told the New York Observer. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

    You are correct when you say, if AL and Jesse have kept there mouth shut, you should take note.

    Great Rant Kevin,


  • sue mclaughlin

    Thanks for the rant on Jimmy Carter and Racism. Why can’t I print out the “Here’s the wrap” section. I want to pass this on to as many as I can. In addition to discovering you I have just received a wonderful article by Anne Wortham. If I wanted to email it to you where would I address it.

    I have your book and am up to the Bizzaro World part. Boy it is a Bizzaro World when the honored right of freedom of speech is demoted to racism. Had to put The Big Black Lie down and go to work–you know the thing us bad guys do everyday. I’ll finish it tonight. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope to meet you October 2nd.

  • Lorna (Rosita)

    Thanks Kev….this whole racism shyt is INFURIATING me. Read this when you can…

  • Dave Aughenbaugh


    Like I said, mind racing, I meant to close with “How long until Biden steps on it?”

    Likely soon…


  • Norma



  • Melissa

    Love it !!

    Another great one Babe… keep up the great work !

  • Jim Schurmann


    Good rant.I turned 65 today 9-18 and just wrote my first reply to one of the liberal whiners on the Hoin and Pimpon site the other day. This is kind of therapeutic to get our frustrations out on your site.

    I was just wondering if something like 92% of African Americans voted for Obama does that mean they’re all racists.

    Ask Jimmy Carter about that.


  • proudhon

    this is such silliness. what are you doing here? why do you continue to use an extremely cherry-picked set of historical data about the democrat party and anachronistic data about the republican party to support the notion that the right doesn’t contain racists, or, more accurately, that some people haven’t been compelled to action, in part, out of racial anxieties? i will absolutely agree with you that the dems have been awful on issues of race historically. but how does that prove that the right *hasn’t* been? i mean, you can’t seriously be trying to claim that the right was *better* on civil rights issues than the dems, can you?

    carter says this: “Some people just don’t think black people can be leaders and don’t like the idea of a black president.” to which you reply, “I agree! And some people don’t like incompetent white presidents, like say…Jimmy Carter! Are they racists? I say they are realists!”

    but carter didn’t deny that some people oppose obama b/c they think he’s incompetent — he’s not taking issue with that. he said that *some people* have been motivated to oppose the president out of racial anxieties. are you claiming that no one out there marching in t-bag events is motivated by anti-black anxieties? isn’t that a bit different than saying *anyone* who opposes obama is a racist? this is such an absurd straw man. i mean what’s with the persecution complex you seem to have here?

    you seem to have some readers here, and a bit of an audience, why not take the question of race seriously? why continue to obfuscate with posts like this, considering the seriousness of the issue and the potential volatility?

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Taq – By all means refer my site to your friend. I post about every other day, sometimes 4-5 times a week, when I am not too busy. These days I have been swamped after being in Glenn Beck twice!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Tgpow – Thanks for the support and comments.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @David – Don’t be fooled by Obama, he wants to look like he is taking the high ground, as he instructs his minions. He ain’t fooling this black man!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Jim – Yes, most of the blacks who voted for Obama ARE racists! That’s the thing the media doesn’t want discussed!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @proudhon – I say to you that you are one of the liberal racist, whom I love to debate. I make you look like the idiots that you are. I don’t need to cherrypick Democrats’ racist past. It their WHOLE past! And you sheep just either try to act like it never happened, as it continues to happen around you. I wish I could SLAP you right now, and perhaps slap some sense into your racist, knuckledragging, cross-burning, ignorant butt! I hate racists who don’t even know they are. I have more respect for neo-Nazis! Am I being clear enough for you?!

  • James L. Guest

    This guy needs to be put in DIAPERS and left in a rubber room, although Bill Cosby seems to be agreeing with him

  • Bill McKinney

    You’re right on. Everything Carter has done, and will do, is the wrong thing to do. By the way, love your book.

  • Laurie Schneider

    Carter is the racist, we used to call people prejudiced. Isn’t he prejudging motives and hearts of millions of people he’s never met and knows nothing about just because they disagree with him? He couldn’t be more wrong about so many things and some still respect him when he makes a cheap shot..

  • Jeannie D’Ambra DeAngelis

    Carter knows the plight of black people Kevin…he had many of them working as slaves on his peanut plantation

  • Mary Goehler

    well said, Can I share this?

  • Dave Williams

    I wish he knew the plight of mute people from personal experience. Geez, what a dipstick.

  • Craig W Hiatt

    Dude, you are a credit to your race — that being the HUMAN RACE!!!! Carter is actually becoming a worse ex-president that he was as president and I did not think that was possible.

  • Pat Dawkins

    I never felt so relieved the day he left office.

  • Wendy Greene Gallamore

    That LBJ quote is unreal!

  • Alan Cote’

    Mr. Carter is the candidate with whom i refused to shake hands . . . 😮

  • Rosita James

    Another great rant :)

  • Aleks Meeker

    Thanks Kevin! Well said. People that keep bring up the race and the one that there are racist. Since they have noting else on us – they bring up the race card. I am so tired of that BS.

  • Julie Ann Montgomery

    I remember the Carter regime vividly. the lines, the prices on everything going up. this is like reliving the nightmare all over again. Carter is a great humanitarian and she needs to just stick with that. please shut his mouth for his own sake!

  • Chantel Claus

    Fantastic. LIKE ALWAYS.

  • Kathy Pledger Gregory

    Jimmy Carter is a SENILE & DISRECTFUL, DEMENTED old man. Someone needs to stuff a bag of peanuts in his mouth and secure it with duct tape!!!!!!!

  • Cedra Crenshaw

    Jimmy Carter and his ilk get rich stoking hatred among blacks; Democrats can’t survive any other way.

  • Taqiyy.

    That was a lotta strawmen, Proudhon. You say that Kevin is claiming a lot of things he is simply not claiming.

    But I’ll let the blogger answer in detail.

    What you don’t seem to get, or have yet to learn, is the fact that Democrats have done, via their programs and policies, more to harm and enslave the black community than anything even the Klan ever did. Much more. You should learn about Saul Alinsky, a Chitown white guy who came up, via Karl Marx, with ways to completely control the black community in order to use them to tear down America’s systems. You should read about Francis Fox Piven, who took these ideas with another marxist prof named Cloward, and developed the very strategies used to take down Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. All in the guise of “helping the poor people”. Their goal is never to “help the poor people”. The goal is, and always has been: “keep them poor and use them.” You should find out about the ghettos created and then run down intentionally by friends of both Barack and Michelle.

    The Democrat party and the “enlightened” great thinkers which have influenced it and driven it over the last sixty years has never, ever, wanted to help the poor. They want to use you, and use you, and use you.

    Rush Limbaugh (as an aside) is the most non-racist personality I’ve ever listened to, yet the Leaders and pop-stars and talking heads and comedians, at the direct command of their masters, have used their positions and megaphones to convince you via repetition that Rush Limbaugh is a racist a**hole. I can’t count how many hip hop songs I’ve heard which verbally rape Condi Rice. Why? Because the REAL “Uncle Toms” are these entertainers, popstars, talking heads, and “Black Leaders”. They are the ones living in luxury…

    …as long as they continue to spread the lies via their megaphones. Let a rapper or other popular “urban” entertainer admire Condi or Powell or (*gasp*) Bush or Limbaugh. See what happens to their name, their fame, their riches. They rap about how proud they are to be from the ‘hood, and that you should be too (subtext is: stay there, to leave would be acting “white”). Then, at the same time, rap about how much the ‘hood sucks, how it was created and maintained (despite the facts, the Democrats run the ghetto, and its schools, and it’s abortion clinics, and it’s phony Black-Folks-Enslaving community organizations, NATIONWIDE), and how you should RISE UP AGAINST THE SYSTEM…and then they use you for your anger and your numbers.

    You should also learn something about Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood, a fixture for generations in the ‘hood. You should read what she said about blacks (and the lame, sick, slow of mind, and other ‘undesirables’), and why exactly she wanted these clinics to be permenent fixtures in the ‘hood.

    KEVIN HAS TO CHERRYPICK? No, he has to limit the scope and number of examples because this is a blog. TO FULLY CATALOGUE THE EVILS DONE TO BLACKS BY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY IN THE GUISE OF HELPING THEM WOULD TAKE A MULTIVOLUME SET OF ENCYCLOPEDIC WORKS, and it would look like the full set of Britannicas at the library.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Kathy – I LOVE it! “…stuff a bag of peanuts…duct tape!” A woman after my heart!

  • Holly Sprenger Garcia

    Excellent article. My thought process hadn’t even gone to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson being silent. I do believe like you that the democratic party has been anything but a champion to minorities. It has also seemed to me that they manipulate and keep them in their difficult situations. Thank you for the Lyndon Johnson quote. From way back then I remember some of those politicians as a little girl. The fear mongering and the division. Same tactics. God bless the work of your hands.

  • Taqiyy.

    Whoa. Sorry about the text-wall. :)
    This is a subject quite dear to my heart.

  • Eddie Gallegos

    @Kevin & Kathy – Maybe he drank a stale case of Billy Beer. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. NOT!

  • Carlos Blanco

    The only logical explanation for being as obsessed and hyper about race and racism as the Democrats are, is that they know that deep down their ideology is racist to the extreme in terms of keeping minorities subservient to government handouts.

  • Marsha Itro

    The seeds that are being planted right now are hatred with the hopes of inciting violence. If there were to be a race war in this country, the possibility of Marshall law could come into play, The constitution would be in suspension in that case. Evil people run this country and most of the sheeple will never wake up. I’ve been trying for many years. People can’t digest the truth.

  • Still Sugar

    The guy needs to move to Cuba..

  • Sandra Hunt

    Carter is senile & should room with Pelosi at the OLD FOLK”S HOME! It’s people like Carter who stoke the fires of racism with the hopes of starting a race war so they can ride in to save the day. They’ll stoop to any level to gain any type of relevancy. Kevin, your rant is right on target! I’m proud to call you friend!

  • Kirby Kral

    Carter, a great humaniatarian?, sure he’s a great humanitarian to those who wish our destruction. Jimmy “I neva met a dictator I didn’t adore” Carter doesn’t seem to mind shaking hands with PLO founder, Yasser Arafat, but enjoys clocking overtime in his “Two Minutes Hate” against Jews. Kevin, thank-you for everything you do. Keep preaching it!

  • Holly Sprenger Garcia

    @Carlos – I’m really with you. I don’t even think that way. It wouldn’t occur to me. I only believe it occurred to him because he must think that way himself. I would never dream to think I know people’s motives for their behavior. I don’t know Obama’s exact motives although it’s obvious they are not good. I was disappointed in Bill Cosby. Both of them bearing false witness, at least about me, and the vast majority of the people I know.

  • Taqiyy.

    Marsha – “People can’t digest the truth.”

    Yes, they can. They just haven’t been given much Truth lately. But, thanks to people like this author, that trend is reversing.

  • Jan Anderson Freeman

    He needs to take the President’s advice – take a PILL.

  • Rocker Bob

    AWESOME Kevin! Tell it! :)

  • Pat Dawkins

    Racism is hating someone for their color, and feelling superior over someone because of that. Even wanting to destroy a group of people because of it. If we disagree as Americans now, it cannot be Race related. And if the Race card is used, to me it’s only to shut me up and take away my Right to respectfully disagree with an issue. I try not to … Read Morehate anyone, but I hate the person who wishes to destroy America, and hurt our people and take our liberty and freedoms, no matter the race, creed color or sex or religion. Socialism is the Enemy here.

  • Gwen Truax

    Kevin, as part of one of those book club deals, I got what I thought was an innocent little book called, “Christmas in Plains” by Jimmy Carter. I couldn’t get through the first chapter because every other sentence he would say something like, people were so mean to the blacks, except me. When ya’ say it that much, something’s going on that isn’t right.

  • Wayne Hamberg

    You need to get the episode of Saturday Night Live on 3 Mile Island. Carter and a black cleaning lady get poisoned by the radiation and grow to be 50′ tall and fall in love.

    I didn’t vote for Obama because he the worse of the two candidates. Race, gender, religion played no part other than who I thought could do the better job. Unfortunately I … Read Morewasn’t on the ballot because I could have done a better job than Obama is doing or the other lame Republican candidate.

    Where is Ronald Regan when we need him?

  • Janis Lea Busath

    garbage in, garbage out, i strongly feel. and Carter is, and always has been, BIG-TIME GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Susan Kalayci

    I wonder if they will invite you to the NBC morning show to promote it. Give them a call and see what they say.

  • Laura Butler

    NBC?! They wouldn’t touch Kevin with a 10 foot pole! He’s not on their side!

  • Gary C. Washington

    And let’s not forget that almost every urban community that has ruin, has Democratic leadership. They pimp those blacks for their votes, then reward them with less than a better quality of life!

  • Tone Spann

    Only problem I have is that you are doing the very same thing. You are lumping in ALL democrats as racists. I think you know that that is ridiculous, right? But aside from that, great piece you wrote there Kevin. See? We can agree….. LOL

  • Wayne Hamberg

    Anybody that voted for Obama because he was black is a fool just as if anybody who voted for McCain because he is white is a fool.

    Although Obama is 50% white. If he denies that he’s a racist.

  • SJC

    If we ever needed death panels, now’s the time./

  • Renee

    AMEN KEVIN! NoBody has said it better!
    You ROCK!

  • Jim Schurmann

    Taqiyy great post!

    Just remember Never argue with Idiots there’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

    Keep up the good work Kevin!

  • proudhon

    @kevin, your response to my post is, to put it politely, disappointing. you say: “you are one of the liberal racist, whom I love to debate. I make you look like the idiots that you are.” well, please do. i’ve challenged you on a number of things on this board over the last couple of days, and you have not responded substantively to any of them. if you take such pleasure in making me look dumb, or whatever, please make with the intellectual pummeling. i’m waiting. for what its worth, i am by no means “liberal.”

    you say; “I don’t need to cherrypick Democrats’ racist past. It their WHOLE past! And you sheep just either try to act like it never happened.” this is not what i am doing. i am acknowledging racism. you on the other hand seem to have concocted this fantasy where because democrats have historically taken anti-black positions, that that means there’s no racism on the right. this is not a sound argument. you know it, and therefore avoid it by choosing instead to say this: “I wish I could SLAP you right now, and perhaps slap some sense into your racist, knuckledragging, cross-burning, ignorant butt!”

    why not be an adult and address the issue i raised? was carter wrong in saying that there are some people on the right, at these t-baggings, on these message boards, in this “movement” you all seem so excited about, who are compelled to action b/c of racial anxieties brought on by an obama presidency? rather than do the exact thing you supposedly abhor, reflexively yelling racism at me, why not take the question i asked seriously and provide an answer?

  • Scott

    There was alot of good stuff in that rant. Thanks.

    If you haven’t read it, Bruce Bartlett wrote a book a few years back called “Wrong on Race: The Democratic Party’s Buried Past”. He documents how Democrats have never been strong supporters of Democratic causes. Good read.

  • proudhon

    @Taqiyy, thanks for the reply and for taking my post more seriously than the person it was intended for. i appreciate the critique of the democratic party’s racist history. i am not a democrat, nor am i a liberal. you don’t need to convince me that historically the dems and many liberals maintained racist assumptions, and fought for racist policy. but when the time came for the civil rights movement to translate their gains at the grassroots-level into policy, they pushed that agenda through democratic party apparatus, therefore, shifting the agenda of the party. that is, as the formerly disenfranchised became more politically enfranchised following the civil rights movement, they, through demands and poltiical action, took some control of and some stake in one party and not the other.

    further, isn’t it offensive to the masses of black democratic voters to suggest they’re nothing but dupes? isn’t it more likely the case that when assessing their interests, they recognize that while the dems have been bad on issues of race, (and continue to be, as clinton showed), they are the lesser evil here?

    but my main point is that simply demonstrating that plenty of liberals have been racist historically (and this isn’t news, btw), doesn’t prove that the right isn’t — which is what kevin is desperately hoping we’ll ignore, it seems.

    also, your description of alinsky is inaccurate. practices like segregation, blockbusting, bank redlining, etc., didn’t end on their own.

  • Natalia Stroud

    Kevin, as my sis-in-law had ( Liberal from Louisiana) told me 8 years ago when I first came to America :” We have to look after our blacks, cause they ain’t capable to do it for themselves.” My response was ( as a brand new immigrant i had no idea about American political system at that time) :” Why did you just put them all down?” Needless to say now since I have turned to be ” heartless, spoiled by pro-capitalistic husband ( her brother, who is NAVY officer)” I am not in her favorites anymore. The fact that I was born in Soviet Union and survived through ” developed socialism” and can see where it is all going a few steps ahead is not relevant to her.

    to rpudhon: you are asking :” was carter wrong in saying that there are some people on the right, at these t-baggings, on these message boards, in this “movement” you all seem so excited about, who are compelled to action b/c of racial anxieties brought on by an obama presidency?”

    Because what you see now it’s not about the race. It’s about corruption, it’s about ACORN, it’s about our taxes and our children’s future, it’s about freedom ( yeah, i know, naive word, that some people still believe in), it’s about calling people names, it’s about cutting off our partners in NATO and gapordising our safety ( or you think tcar’-Putin is going to appreciate it?). It’s about a lot of things that you just refuse to see, beyond your fear to say “NO” to someone who is different color than you are. So, who is the racist now?

  • proudhon

    @Jim Schurmann: i like a guy who will call someone else an idiot and then use the contraction “there’ll”

  • Dawn Johnson Pence

    You know one thing I don’t get? Why do minorities and/or people who are in poverty keep voting for the democraps who promise them a better life? After 4 decades of welfare, most lives have not changed for the better. They still live in what this country calls poverty (altho compared to the rest of the world, they are rich). Is it because they prefer to have the handouts? Just what is the reason for their continued voting for them when their promises for a better life are broken?
    about an hour ago

  • Tone Spann

    The same reason that repub voters keep doing it. Its just patriotism instead of a bunch of free sh**. War War War, or Free Free Free. Pick your poison.

  • Frances Elwart

    Carter should go back to building house for the less fortunate. That’s all he’s really good for.

  • Rosemary De Leeuw Bolton

    Jimmuh Carter – he is indeed a hemorrhoid, A big one! personally, I feel hurt and offended boohoo because I think BHO is discriminating against his own gramma which is simmmply tragic…. and of course us pale skinned whiteys, by calling us ‘racists’. Ouch, that hurts.
    I continue to ponder why many white folks go to tanning salons and lay on the … Read Morebeach for hours to get nice and dark — how does that work again?
    Honestly, I wish I had nice dark brown skin. White skin is pretty ugly close up, shows EVERYTHING, veins, pimples, scars, boils, tacky tattoos, bruises, ringworm, fungii, and a host of other unsightly eye sores. darker skinned folks have whiter teeth, ever notice that?
    I have not heard a peeeeeep from Rev Jesse or Rev Al in this very pressing isssssue. They must be busily writing their thesis’s on this deplorable epidemic.
    well written Kevin. We need to focus on the important stuff. I do believe that we will be discussing this for many years because we are all so dumb.

  • Gary C. Washington

    @Dawn Johnson Pence….they don’t trust Republicans. The Republicans don’t speak their language when they encourage strong work ethics. They can’t see why I’am a Republican, not withstanding the fact that I have worked hard since the age of 16 and even was a paper boy at the age of 12. It’s called “Blind Obedience” to the silver voices which say-“we’re looking out for you”!

  • Tone Spann

    Jesse and Al are quiet because their corporate slave masters said to be quiet. I know you all have heard a lot about the Illuminati lately as theories have been floated around in this info age. But have any of you heard of The Boule? Black secret society that has been doing their part to ensure that Black people remain as ignorant as possible. Google it Kevin. But I think u are aware already. Al and jesse aint saying NOTHING

  • Carlos Blanco

    One must always ask “cui bono” when dissecting political statements. Which party benefits the most from racial strife and minorities voting as a block on the basis of race? Which politicians would fail to get reelected if society was 100% colorblind? That’s why they must agitate “racism” at every opportunity, no matter how ludicrous. They must … Read Morekeep us polarized across racial boundaries, suspicious, angry, emotional, fearful of each other in order to justify their own existence. God forbid that blacks and whites might actually start freely associating, exchanging goods and services, becoming more prosperous, and ending the cycle of dependency on government handouts.

  • Rosemary De Leeuw Bolton

    @Tone, I never knew of The Boule. interesting. I will investigate this further

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Tone – I will update everyone on The Boule in a post soon. It’s an interesting subject, in that it plays to the eugenicists movement to a great degree.

  • Scott


    I do believe my friend that the part you dont get is this….You are talking about racism on the right and left by PEOPLE! Kevin is talking racism on the right and left by POLICY. Examples of racism by People on the left DENOUNCES the far left claim that the CONSERVATIVES are the racists which is a HUGE mantra of the far left..

    The FAR LEFT JESSSE JACKSON style of liberal POLICY is this:

    Poor you…you are discriminated against…get the white man….let the government take care of you….those big bad Republicans and Conservatives are racist and thats why they will keep you downtrodden….which has been pushed today to…..anyone who dissagrees with Obama is racist.

    The Conservative POLICY has always been……..Stronger local Government weaker federal government……take responsibility for your self…dont blame people 100 years ago for your problems…….let the people keep more control of theirmoney they handle it better than the government…..

    The far lefts POLICY of wanting to take from the rich and give to the poor doesnt help the poor. It keeps the poor poor. The best example of this is a child who is raised to have everything. They very rarely are able to stand up on their own two feet.

    Jesse Jackson, and the far left have done more damage to the Black community with their POLICY than all the conservative PEOPLE racists combined. That is why they are the true racists. Acorn is headed by 6 white people who USZE the Black community to further the socialist agenda!

    proudhon——You need to wake up and get a clue as to what Policies are good for the black community and what POLICIES only further to keep them down. The black community had the highest HOME OWNERSHIP percentage after the conclusion of what president? Guess? Ill give you the answer proudhon a bit later. But i’ll give you a hint. It was because he cut handouts and encouraged self reliance and the Black community flourished. Look it up proudhon it is easy to find.

    Kervin….Please please please go after Hank Jackson (D) GA and confront him with a camera and a microphone asking hard questions about his statement about Wilson:

    get it on video….post it online and ill spread the url to the ends of the earth.

    proudhon– watch this vidio and Tell me honestly who is doing more damage to race relations. If you cant see the forest througfh the trees then you need to do some self reflection!

  • Abe Emerson

    Are you Uncle Ruckus?!? LOL!

    Why do you hate yourself so damn much? Showing us in the fact that you ream your own people who have made it possible for you to rant like this.

    This is so damn ridiculous, I can only laugh. Glad it’s YOU and not ME that is devastatingly confused…HAHA!

    Yessir, Massa!

    Omg…dude, U made my DAY!

  • Mark A Boswell

    Cater is an idiot and should go back to peanut farming considering that his brain is the size of one!

  • Barbara Rich Dalby

    …and to think I voted for this man in 1976! I was an idiot!

  • Dennis Burns

    I was in the MArine Corps when Reagan took office after Carter. It was night-and-day. You could be PROUD to be American again and the world gained a healthy respect for us that had waned throughout the Carter years.

    Now, I fear we have the impossible on our hands…a President WORSE than Carter.

  • Marie Mg

    LOL barbara. Many made the same decision. The good news? He gave us Ronald Reagan..I wasn’t a resident of this country when Reagan took office..but boy that speech was the greatest speech I ever heard then (I was only 5!)

  • Mark A Boswell

    I shook Reagans hand in 1980 while at MMA. One of my proud moments.
    It’s pretty cool that Iran released the hostages as soon as he took office.

  • Marie Mg

    Wow @Mark A Bowell! THAT is so awesome! Reagan made Americans realized why they’re the greatest people. The most kind and giving people.

  • RecoveringDemoholic

    Always a good read. Always without the unpleasant connotations of ‘rant’.

    Hat tip.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Abe – I love to get ignorant blacks to my blog, in hopes I can undo 18 years of “gubment” education. I ask that people read Abe’s note, and tell me that you don’t know at least ONE chimpanzee with that level of intelligence! Amazing! Abe I can only be that you are a “porch sitter,” because I can think of an occupation that could use you! I am glad to see that my taxes do help somebody deserving!

    I bagged up your “turd,” as a present for when you leave!

  • Cammie

    Awesome!! I had to share this one on my facebook page!!!


  • Jim Schurmann

    Proudhon. Where’s the love? I told you I was new at this.

  • RecoveringDemoholic

    @Kevin Johnson, re., @Abe:

    It is unfortunate that you must waste words in replying to such. But, better you than others. A person with my demeanor might resort to an emoticon, such as: ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›. But, then we would all be poorer for it.

  • jj solari

    I know white people. And Black people. I gut everyones’ number. And this bastard endentulate creep who wouldn’t get near a negro out-cold on the sidewalk to pull him away from a lost, starved, and approaching crocodile without putting on ten pairs of rubber gloves first, really demonstrates his idiot nerve saying Americans fear a black President when the dumbasses actually elected one. Carter needs to be wheeled back into the oily-walled dungeon of hissing steam that he lives in and the iron door has to be closed and he needs to be left quietly there forever, to nibble on rats and pretend
    he’s not as vile if not more so than Yassir Arafat, his wet-lipped brother in spirit. If there is anything eerier and more evil than this sinister eel, it ain’t in this dimension.

  • Maggie

    Have you seen the video where Carter refers to the L-I-C (liar in chief) as “boy”? It is classic… it really did show Carter’s racism….

  • Maggie

    Jimmah is the racist and he is projecting his own thoughts and feelings onto others…. there is a video of Jimmah having to acknowledge the L-I-C (liar-in-chief) and he used the term “boy”. According to Maureen Dowd, who imagined that Joe Wilson said “you lie boy”, then that makes Jimmah the racist…. case closed.

    As for proudhon….. I think that someone needs to do a whole lot of reading about the Democrats and their real past. It was a Democrat who started the KKK, it was Democrats who brought in the Jim Crowe laws and refused to overturn them.

    There are some good Democrats. Mary Jo Kopechne was one of them. Look what happened to her at the hands of Edward Kennedy…..

  • Bev

    I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee in the 60s and 70s. In fact..when I went to first grade it was the first year that schools were integrated in my little blue collar neighborhood. I did not grow up racist or to be racist. In fact..I know this because it was a just a few years ago my Mom told me this about my school. I do not remember any strife whatsoever at my school. Was there racism? Yes…definitely. But there was a very strong sense of right and wrong. Almost all my teachers were black. They weren’t my black teachers…they were an extension of authority…like my parents. And if I got out of line at school they could have whooped my butt just like my Mom would when I got home. I do not remember ANYTHING about the obvious race situation going on around me other than the night Martin Luther King got shot and my dad did not want me playing out in the yard. People were scared. We lived integrated in our neighborhood and people were afraid of the riots. My family was sad and angry. I remember giving the garbage men koolaid because it was hot and they looked thirsty….and years later I read about the whole garbage man thing!!! So I know that while we weren’t perfect…my family did not raise us to be racist. I am insulted that the Democrats are USING black people for political purposes. I disagree with everything Obama does…it has nothing to do with his skin color. It has to do with his ideology. It is ridiculous for white Democrats to preach about racism.

  • Sableofnight

    President Carter knows know about racism then most blacks today. But no one person know another intent of the heart, only God. But I agree there is more black on black racism then white on black.

    Seems as though some blacks can’t repsect the fact that some black people want to live their lives as they see fit, according their needs.

    And if the party cared so much about people, why are ignoring the gay in their at the vaules voter summit.

    Don’t gays have vaules too, or just str8 white men.

  • Abe Emerson

    It’s hilarious how you automatically come at me as if I’m some less-that-intelligent porch monkey or something. LOL! Dizzy-ass, I graduated from Texas’ most prestigious Military Prep School and from the University of Texas at Austin and I’m a successful business owner in Houston Texas now. POW.

    Anyway, YOU my friend are the one that has been drinking the Kool-Aid. If you recount, it is YOUR party that opposed Social Security at a time when the citizens of this country needed help getting through the toughest economic crisis in our country’s history…It was YOUR party that opposed Medicare and Medicaid which is benefiting DROVES of your older supporters and, quite frankly, if broken down by demographics, benefits more White people than any other ethnic group….It was YOUR party and the ideology of Reaganomics that built the cracked foundation that has resulted in a financial collapse that has not only affected ALL of us, but the REST OF THE WORLD TOO.

    But, of course, you’re gonna come back with some spin or rhetoric. You’re gonna scream that I’m a “Liberal” as if it’s a curse word. You’re gonna call me a Socialist. You’re gonna claim that I want a handout. You’re gonna state how the only racist people out there are Blacks. You’re gonna claim even that Mexicans are ruining our country. You’re gonna say that you want your America back.

    Hey, Boy…are you the REAL Clayton Bigsby???

    Not only are you ignorant to facts and resort to what is basically screaming “YAAAYAYAAYAYYAA” at your opposition, you are sadly confused. You have no culture other than being bland which probably accounts for your warped view of this country and world. If you notice…there are very few worldly people that speak from your point of view…wonder why that may be???

    Ultimately, 70% of this country agrees with moving on from this kind of crap and your voice and many of your supporters account for the minority. How does it feel to ACTUALLY be in the minority??? Time is the only thing that is going to rid this great country of zealots like you and those that follow you. The train of intelligence and inevitable change is moving right along the timeline and you nd your kind are simply going to be nudged off the car due to no more room. I relish in the fact that ultimately your type of commentary becomes more and more irrelevant every second that the clock ticks.

    C’mon, Glenn Clayton Limbaugh…fire back with your idealogical rhetoric. Tick, Tock…Tick, Tock.

  • lelloyd

    Jimmy Carter has been eating too many of his own peanuts! He is no more “in touch” with what the source of the objections to the Obama policies and the out-of-control Congress are about than he was with effective foreign policy when he was President! Excellent blog, Kevin! One need only listen to the exchange between Barbara Boxer and Harry Alford, the President and CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce, to understand what a true racist looks and sounds like! Dissent of destructive political policies is NOT racism! Besides, I have some MAJOR resentments against most of those white guys in Congress too! The majority of them are pure power-hungry, corrupt, promoted-to-their-level-of-incompetence IDIOTS!

  • Joe

    As always, Kevin, great rant.

    Jimmy Carter’s remarks, in context, do indeed implicate anyone who disagrees with President BO as racist. That was his clear intent, and jibes with other things he has said of late.

    I am sad for Jimmy Carter, because I really think he is trying to compensate for the racism that lives in his heart, but he does not know how, so he projects it onto others.

    Carter’s work with H for H has been commendable, but it has also elevated him in the eyes of many to a moral level he does not deserve.

    And I believe even that work is compensatory in nature…an attempt to make up for the racism in his heart.

  • Greg

    The Obama Presidency.

    Well,let’s see….multi-billion dollar stimulus,cash for clunkers,America isn’t a Christian nation,health care for everyone that won’t cost anyone anything,more than 30 unconfirmed communist/socialist czars,hate crimes legislation,cap in trade,no missile defense for Poland,friendship with Weather Underground terrorists,ties to ACORN,animosity toward prosperity,disdain for the Founding Fathers,destruction of the Constitution,criminal investigation of the CIA,uncontrolled federal spending,the Cambridge cops acted stupidly,using the NEA and America’s schools for propaganda,non-attendence of the National Prayer Breakfast.

    What a guy!!!Too bad he’s so damned BLACK!!!!

  • John

    Kevin…..right on message !!

    This is a crazy time…..we have got to “stay on message” as President Reagan stated. The Liberals are just being down right stupid at the moment.

    Carter being brought out…..what the hell? He needs to get his damn hammer and go to work….and stop talking….crazy old loon…

    I love the part about Jackson and Sharpton “givin’ up their race cards” Laughs like hell…

    Your blog is a great site…I enjoy your open thoughts and straight forwardness….
    I wish you the best and continue writing… are a great read!!

    Take care………..

  • Dana

    I live in Hawaii. Hawaii is a melting pot on steroids. Hawaiians, Japanese, Tungans, Samoans, Chinese, Tai, Koreans, Vietnamese, Portugese, Latinos, Filipinos, Micronesians, Caucasians, etc., etc. We live in relative harmony. There’s an occasional murder; usually involving domestic violence, usually involving drucs.

    Every race openly expresses steretypes about another. The Portugese are said to be very talkative; the Chinese are “frugal”; and we all complain about the outsiders – the tourists. Tourists of any color are outsiders. You get the picture. But our stereotyping is just that, stereotyping. We do not automatically make the leap that it’s racism. People accept the stereotypes that their group as a whole has exhibited over many, many years. It’s no big deal. This country could learn a lot by studying Hawaii.

    Now if someone came in and wanted to divide and conquer for their own evil purpose, the easiest way would be to point out the most obvious difference between the groups…the way we look. Same smell here. What’s going on in our country is a lot of the same old, same old. Trying to divide and conquer by pointing out diffences, even when they don’t really matter. It’s all just a lot of noise and we need to treat it as such.

  • Dana

    Oops! Sorry for the typo’s in my previous. Damn cursor hiding some of my text when I read it!

  • parrotpatriot

    Thanks for your rant, Kevin. You are so right on. I’m a white woman from Georgia (!) who has a beautiful dark-skinned, blue-eyed, mixed race grandbaby who will be a conservative if I have anything to do about it!! The Dems have done so much to keep blacks in slavery it makes me absolutely sick! Thank God for you. I’m going to promote you on my blog.

  • Bryan Y.

    Kevin i would just like to say as i fellow black man i agree with you totally. I was appalled when blacks voted for him just cause he was black and am evven more appaled at the fact that the democrats had the nerves to have a white far left Carter try to come out and speak on behalf of the black community. If more people will just understand that he is opposed because of his over reaching and some times idiotic plans they would see the whole picture instead of the Democratic Spin off they want you to see. For fellow blacks to say that we were helped is not only false but horrific. Fact the top ten poorest, highest crime rate, and lowest graduation rate miniority cities are usuallly cities with Democratic Leadership.

  • chris littlejohn

    A white man raised in the Jim Crow south calling other people racist. You just have to love the irony.

  • Julia

    I said at the beginning this was going to put racism front and center again, and not because people were more racist then ever before, but because our president would be playing this card over and over again to get his agenda passed. Putting the peanut king front and center was a surprise as I think even the left has his number. Great rant and wrap as usual Kevin.

  • http://google Bluefin

    Between you and Posters, I’m learning a bundle about the Democrat mindset. Sort of insulting to Americans, is it not? No more. This line of reasoning is hurting all of us. We are being, quite clearly, used in today’s party politic to achieve not freedom to follow our dreams for a better life for our families, but, sadly, yet another bondage. No more?

  • MoogieP

    Spot on, as usual. I didn’t read all the comments, but I wanted to make sure that you saw “The Reublic of Dave.” You’re continuing to rack up good press!

  • momto5

    Just LOVE this blog!! You are brilliant! Unfortunately I do not think *real history* about democrats or slavery, will ever make it into the schoolbooks or the media. But the truth can be found if you look hard enough. When the democrats started given out the freebies(welfare, food stamps, etc.) they bought the souls of many of the poor, mainly blacks. It was the democrats fish bait. They knew the freebies would keep the poor coming back for more. The so called black leaders out there, saw they could make big bucks off of their people’s misfortunes, so instead of encouraging the people to find their own path and become successes, they told them * look what the democrats have done for us* they care about us black folks. They keep giving us free programs! The Republicans are evil, they want to keep us down. Republican keep saying they want to give us a beeter way to live, they are lying.
    These lies the democrats have spewed to the black community are so emmbedded, it would take a major overhaul to change their thinking. But Kevin, you are that hope, keep on perservering. Black people CAN make it on the own, like everyone else, the world is their oyster and they do not even know it, because of the democratic lies.
    Being a successful black person should not be the exception, it could be the norm.
    Again Kevin, your blog is awesome and spot on.
    And for Proudhon,
    I am so sick of democrat bloggers like you who try to act so smart in your post, then when you get the answer you don’t want, you act all uppity, insulted and throw rhetoric around, when you know darn well you wanted to start sh*t when you blogged here. Such hypocrisy. You probably ran back to your democrat friends and whined about Kevin, because he figured you idiot democrats out long ago. Nothing you say here is going to change anyone’s mind, good fake try though.

  • Rose

    Kevin Just sent an email to fox news. Hope more people see you there. I’ve also told my friends about you and they are all impressed as well. They love your blog and are passing the word. Good Luck

  • Rose

    To MoogieP,
    Just checked out that link. Good article thanks

  • proudhon

    @momto5: i’m not a democrat, nor a blogger, and i’m not sure what was “uppity” or “rhetorical” about my contributions to this conversation. why don’t you re-read kevin’s response to me and help me find where he gave me an ‘answer i didn’t like,’ cause all i see are some empty threats. i don’t hang with “democrat friends,” i hang out with people who take these questions very seriously, which is why i showed up here. i made (what is becoming abundantly clear is an incorrect assumption) that kevin did too. turns out he doesn’t. further, he’s a coward, so lacking the courage of his convictions that he won’t defend his position in any substantive way. instead, he just yells racism when someone challenges him — ironically, this is the thing you all think he’s decrying. ultimately, i think kevin is just bad at this conservative agit-blogging, because he hasn’t thought through his arguments very well. (okay, maybe that was a little uppity).

    @Maggie: what you, and most people who have responded to me don’t seem to get is that i don’t reject the premise that the dems have been racist. i reject the absolute leap in logic that comes with the conclusion.

  • flinnie

    Love this blog! I tweet’d it to all my friends. Keep it up!

  • Greg

    This whole racism bit from Peanut Brain Carter and Dr.Huxtable is pure politics.They know that racism isn’t the issue.It’s just an act of desperation because they know that Obama’s policies suck and are insane,Joe Wilson is telling it like it is,and it’s driving conservatives crazy trying to defend against a charge of racism.It shows the complete lack of character on the Far Left.

  • Dana

    I don’t want to speak for Kevin, but I believe his intense response may have been a bit tongue-in-cheek and he may have been trying to mimic the reaction that he and those who agree with him have to deal with whenever they speak out.

    I never got the impression he was saying some republicans and their party have not contributed to racism…hell, it seems we all have without even knowing it because the definition of racism is constantly changing! I can’t keep up. All races participate in racism. It’s just so easy when it’s black and whites. Can’t tell you how many times I was “targeted” as a white person. I got over it. I don’t let others define me. It seems Kevin doesn’t either.

    This really shouldn’t turn into a bash Kevin blog. We’re here because we relate to so much of what he says. I personally, am learning a lot from him and I welcome his perspective.

  • Greg

    I agree with Dana.I am learning a whole lot from Kevin(thanks,Kevin)It’s important to have blogs like this one.We will never learn this much truth in the media or in school.I have learned more about politics and history in the last few years than at any time in my life,and i’m 46.

  • momto5

    Kevin a coward, excuse me, that is nervy. And for those of us that get Kevin, he is a brilliant blogger, he is very eloquent and plenty understandable. There is no confusion in how Kevin blogs. You choose to make it confusing for yourself. Simply put, Kevin has called out the Democrats for who they really are and how they are exploiting black people and the poor. You really need to quit your disrespect towards Kevin on his own blog, because if you do not like what you read or the answers you get, maybe you need to move on. It never ceases to amaze me when people frequent blogs they do not like or agree with, what is the purposes of that??

  • Concerned Citizen

    Great rant, Kevin.

    Carter needs to not judge others by HIS values….kwim

  • Janet

    Jimmy Carter is a racist. It takes one to know one.

  • Joanie

    If you think about it, we really have two Americas right now. We have the urban, inner-city Socialism that has been made government-dependent by the Democrats, and then we have rural America and big-city suburbs which depend on Capitalism for their means.

    I live in suburban Atlanta but work in the city and see this stark difference every day. Atlanta has had a black, democratic mayor for 35 years straight now, and just recently two local Academia from a prominent “Black” college has made it clear that Atlantans must reject the only white candidate in the upcoming Mayoral election.

    How’s that inner-city life working out for you there, Atlanta?

  • jaceinaz

    Would you please repeat this rant on GB, please?


  • Kevin Jackson

    @proudhon – I don’t care where you went to military school or that you went to UT. “Ignance is ignance.” I will debate you on any subject, and I have let your comments come through, because I want the world to see how brainwashed people like you have become. Democrats are the REAL racists…PERIOD! And the fact that they act like they are not makes them the WORST racists of all. They are either ignorant or deplorable…take your pick. As for you, you can claim whatever ideology you wish, but if you smell like a Democrat turd, I call you a turd, even if you have a silk suit and a crocodile smile!

    If you believe that you will change people who read this blog or this blogger, you have as much chance of educating you walls. I am educating people on your ilk, and you are pissed that you lose ground DAILY. You won’t hear me touting education or other worthless information, because facts is facts SON! I speak the “truf” and the “truf” shall set you free! I thank the Republicans for my ability to say this to you.

    If you want to add to the conversation here by discussing the liberals’ lunacy, then welcome. If not, go to of HuffPo, as they will likely welcome you there.

  • proudhon

    @kevin: what are you talking about? military school? ut?

    again your response is a lot of bluster and posturing without ever addressing the question i asked. why are you so afraid to answer a simple question? i’ll ask it again: are critics of the right (like carter) wrong in saying that there are *some* people at these anti-obama demonstrations and on these message boards and in this “movement,” who are compelled to action b/c of racial anxieties brought on by an obama presidency? it’s a simple question. why does it scare you so?

    and the notion that b/c i don’t agree with you ideologically means that i shouldn’t be part of this discussion is ludicrous. clearly from the comments people have posted, they are turning to you to learn. kevin, as you note, this is “the #1 issue in America and politics.” but you’re doing this community of people a disservice by presenting this warped analysis. i’ve said this already, but it bears repeating, the fact that democrats have a history of racism does not prove that the right is not racist. yet, you are basically giving permission to the right to ignore its own history of racism and avoid critical conversations of how that racism may manifest itself in the present.

    look, if your main objective is to sell your self-published book to folks looking to be let off the hook and not have to think about their own relationship to racism, that’s fine. good on you. you’ll probably make a few bucks (though, i don’t suspect you’re smart enough to really parlay this into a fox news talking head gig, but who knows). but if you’re serious about this stuff, you should drop this nonsense that the only “REAL racists” are those you ideologically oppose.

    one last thing. about this: “If you believe that you will change people who read this blog or this blogger, you have as much chance of educating you walls.” I wont presume to speak for your readers, but i don’t imagine anyone wants to be compared, intellectually, to a wall. i said this about your cool hand luke piece too, you really need to work on your analogies, son.

  • lipperlayne

    Kevin, great rant! Keep up the good work. I saw your videos in March of this year on the history of the democrat party in keeping racism alive in this country, no matter how many died to bring us to the liberty for all intended by our founders.
    @proudhon – you keep beating a dead horse, why? I have seen several comments explain things to you and your response is to beat the poor dead horse some more. Please provide your documented evidence of the racism by the GOP. Being married to a black man for 10 years, I have seen racism of all kinds, in all kinds of people. You seem stuck on convicting a whole political party of racism by pointing to very few people, yet you want to be taken seriously. You seem to be very confused to say the least.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @proudhon – Who cares that “some” people hate Obama because he is PART black! Some people hate everything. You lib knuckledraggers use absolutes when it suits your needs. The FACT is that the MAJORITY of people could not care less about Obama’s color. They care about his idiotic policies and the people he surrounds himself with.

    Now I consider ALL Democrats racists! Why? Because they have demonized Republicans wrongfully, when they in fact are the demons. So until the issue of racism is put in its proper place, I will be demonizing ALL ignorant or elitist racist Democrats. Is that clear enough for you?

  • Solo

    Can we please stop responding to proudhon’s rants? He is trying to make this blog about HIM and it isn’t. Can anyone even remember what the main topic is?

    He is obviously trying to feed his weak ego here. Let’s remember why we all love this site.

    Kevin, you’re awesome!

  • Leslie C

    Kevin: Back in the 80’s I got a magazine from a now not-so-popular preacher. He spoke of the very same things you do in your blog. He even spoke of the who and why regarding Planned Parenthood. So, knowing those things, only two years ago, we got the American Heritage Series by David Barton (just so you know you’re not alone) and learned even more about much of what you speak of now. He shows pictures of and speaks about the first black congressmen – they were REPUBLICANS and of the post civil war era. I firmly believe that the lib/progressive agenda in our schools that began in the mid-1800’s is clearly at fault for this lack of knowledge as well as for the many dems (and sad to say reps) that believe the lies about their pasts. But then, I’m probably preaching to the choir here. :)

    Blessings, best wishes on your book (only halfway through) it’s great!

  • Just An Old Soldier

    Jimmy Carter, now that’s FUNNY! Why is he saying ANTHING about ANYONE for ANY reason?!?!?!? In the immortal words of B. Bunny, “What a maroon!” Let’s see…he got a Nobel Prize for WHAT!!!????!!!??? Hahahahaha! ROFLMAO! That’s right up there with Prince Algore!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the humorous relief, and buck 0fama!

  • Patriot

    I just found your website, Kevin, and I’ve bookmarked it! Great rant on Carter. This guy is an anti-Semite and has the nerve to call Obama’s critics racists?! What a hypocrite. Unfortunately, it’s typical of the left – they believe in free speech only if you agree with them. If you don’t agree, they try to take the moral high ground away and end debate by personally attacking their opponents. What an act of desperation on their part! People are finally starting to see this and the personal attacks are waking up the silent majority.

    Honestly, I’m glad McCain didn’t win the election. Obama is just what we needed to mobilize the apathetic voting public. Not because of “racial anxieties” but because of policies that are so extreme that we risk losing our God-given freedom to a greedy and corrupt federal government.

  • Paul Zimmerman

    Hi Kevin,

    I saw you in Quincy ILL. I decided you are the most dangerous man in America to the Democratic party. Keep up the good work. I don’t know if you remember me? I was the last guy to buy a book. Yea, that white guy who was complaining about his mean democratic relatives. Anyway I just wanted to say I read your book and really loved it. You have a lot of guts. You stand up for what you know is right. God bless you for that.

    Keep up the good work,

    Paul Zimmerman

  • http://google Janelle

    Doesn’t anyone feel like Mr. Carter may be entering another phase of his life, the last one? It’s obvious that his mind is going: it does serve as an example that true beliefs come out when you aren’t capable of stopping them. I believe the man is unhinged now and his family needs to step in and take control.
    Buy the book – it’s a great read.

  • JIm Badger

    I heard Tom Mar on Mark Levin’s show talk about how Carter used kkk tactics to make hay of some other democrat leadership back in the ’70’s. He was taunting the journalists to go interview the disgraced parties…there’s a concept.

  • Luvsuv

    It’s funny to say that, ” in the day ” when blacks were being burned on crosses and hung from trees, you could tell the difference between Dems and Republicans. It seems to me they were all white. they all ” the white folks ” sat at each orther’s dinner tables and eat the same food. So to call one a racist and not the other seems a little strange to me. And I agree not all white folks are racist and yes we have come a long way, but we still have an even longer way to go when it comes to equality in not only this coutry but the WORLD! Further more what is this word RACIST I would think… for a person to be a RACIST he or she should have issues with themselves since there’s only one RACE…. ” THE HUMAN RACE “. Please people stop the madness and LOVE THY NEIGHBOR!!! UNITY IS STRENGTH!!! ONE LOVE!!!

  • agilepig

    @prohon, I just don’t get it. Kevin’s rant was about Jimmy Carter and the Dems yelling “racism.” His point was not to go back and show ways that the Republicans were racist in some ways. It’s the Dems that are screaming racism.

    Kevin said “i agree” to the comment that “Some people just don’t think black people can be leaders and don’t like the idea of a black president.” Why isn’t “I agree” enough? Did you expect Kevin to then go back and accuse the right of being in the wrong, too? That wasn’t the issue he was writing about.

    After reading all of your comments, I don’t see the point in any of your arguments. All the “stuff” you wanted Kevin to acknowledge had NOTHING to do with the rant he wrote.

    Rants don’t have to cover both sides of an argument. Once and for all, it is the Dems that are yelling racist. The end.

    Change the subject or go to another blog. Enough is enough.

    BTW..making fun of someone’s gramar or spelling (there’ll) just makes you look pety(or is that petty? LOL) and no one really is impressed when you talk about what schools you attended. That info doesn’t help your argument and just makes you look like an elitist (is that a word? LOL) anyway…Put it to rest, OK?

  • agilepig

    OMG…I spelled GRAMMAR wrong! @prohon…so sorry

  • Scott


    You say 70% agree with you? U are definately drinking kool aid! here is the fact buuuuudy!

    The Battleground Poll, the most respected and thorough of all public opinion polls:

    In August 2008, Americans answered that question this way:

    (1) 20% of Americans considered themselves to be very conservative;

    (2) 40% of Americans considered themselves to be somewhat conservative;
    (3) 2% of Americans considered themselves to be moderate;

    (4) 27% of Americans considered themselves to be somewhat liberal;

    (5) 9% of Americans considered themselves to be very liberal; and

    (6) 3% of Americans did not know or refused to answer.

  • proudhon

    @kevin, you say, “who cares that “some” people hate Obama because he is PART black”? well, first, thanks for admitting this. it seems like anytime anyone suggests this here, you all go nuts and treat it as though the person who said it assumes anyone who voted against obama is burning crosses in his/her spare time.

    second, to answer your question, i know of at least one person “who cares” about this: jimmy carter. so why rail against him as a liar, as insincere, or as the “REAL racist,” when you and he share this same premise — “that “some” people hate Obama because he is PART black”? i’m going to guess you and he would disagree on matters of scale, but it doesn’t seem like you would disagree on the basic substance of the claim. (maybe you’re more of a clinton guy and think the #’s of “racially prejudiced” teabaggers are relatively few, either way, you admit, like carter and clinton that they’re there.) seeing as you actually agree with carter (to a degree) then, it seems a bit disingenuous to rail against him the way you do here. why not recognize that racism is a bipartisan enterprise and use ALL of those occasions when individuals, social movements, political parties, or private or public policies express this racism as opportunities (“teachable moments”?) to critically respond to racism? otherwise this blog is nothing more than ideological cover for a group of predominantly white conservatives who would rather not think about how racism persists and manifests itself in — among MANY MANY other places — these protests against obama? (and to be clear, thinking critically about racism is more than simply throwing some historical example of a dem saying something racist as proof that the right has no racist baggage — that’s just not an argument. that lbj quote certainly proves lbj said some racist stuff, but it does nothing to counter what carter said).

    @agilepig, i never said anything about what schools i’ve attended. you’re confusing me with abe. i’ve never been to texas [and i’m nowhere near funny enough to think to call kevin “uncle ruckus”]. also, i’m no grammar cop. the person i called out (there’ll), used that in a post wherein he was calling me an “idiot.” i pointed out the irony.

  • Snake Oil Baron

    Can you imagine what Obama will be like when he is in Carter’s position? No fear of political fallout, no minders to keep him on topic, speaking at engagements without well screened media… The Republicans should invite Carter and Obama (after his administration ends) to a talk show and just let the two of them talk for an hour in front of a camera. They could use their statements in campaign ads and force terrorists to watch the whole hour if they don’t cooperate.

  • agilepig

    @prohon..Sorry I did get you mixed up with Abe. I still think u are beating a dead horse on this issue about Kevin’s rant….but to each his own. The people in town hall meetings and those that marched in Washington on 9/12 resent terribly being called racist. I didn’t meet any. I saw one sign that I thought could be called somewhat racist. Of course, that is THE sign that CNN chose to show for about 5 minutes while they discussed racism. I really feel that all the name calling…racist, rednecks. astro turf, uneducated, the millon moron march does more to divide the country and makes those that oppose Obama and the Congress all the more determined. I just don’t know anyone that fits in that category. I talked to some people on my bus and I feel that the name calling and belittling by the left is almost an attempt to push people to violence…amd N Pelosi’s little crying jag about San Franciso in the 70’s was absolutely ridiculous & has absolutely NOTHING to do with this movement.

  • BigDave


    I’ll say it– there is some small likelihood that some handful of people at any 10,000 strong Tea Party gathering are in fact racists.

    SO WHAT?

    There are a handful of racists among any crowd of 10,000 ppl in any venue in any place on EARTH. If you’re asking “is the Klan here at the tea party?”, the answer is no, Senator BYRD is still under the weather, God bless him.

    The “Obama is Hitler” signs are printed material from the Lyndon LaRouche people, who are most assuredly not conservatives or republicans. That appears to be the largest critique of these signs, the Hitler ones, and they are NOT OURS.

    Other than that, I’ve been to multiple tea parties including the grand one in DC, and I’ve seen plenty of black folks and other minorities there, so the ‘theme of the media’ is wrong.

    You push hard with what you say are questions demanding intelligent replies, but what they really are is liberal talking points for which refutation on facts will NEVER BE ENOUGH.

    You should be asking yourself, “who are these people? REALLY?” and then GO AND FIND OUT. But you’re just so full of prejudicial assumptions that you’re sitting on the couch digesting them all, pretending they came from US.

    You’re the one who needs to grow up.

  • BigDave

    And the bottom line is this–

    Obama is a lifelong, committed, convinced, determined leftist/communist/marxist who hates capitalism (a marxist term for simple economic freedom) and wants to follow a path that will enslave millions of productive people and destroy the level of lifestyle for which generations have worked and sacrificed for their children and grandchildren.

    economic freedom is not evil; Obama thinks it is. Government is NEVER benevolent when it gets too much power, as Chariman Mao and Kim il Sung and Stalin and Lenin and Hitler and Mussolini and Hirohito and Pol Pot and any number of other totalitarian nominally-marxist ‘dear leaders’ proved to us in the 20th century, during which government control of every aspect of people’s lives ‘for the good of the state’ led to the deaths of a HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE AS GOVT. POLICY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you believe in an all powerful and benevolent government, you are intellectually limited and unable to see the simple lessons of history. WAKE UP, GROW UP.

    It is NOT about race. I hate Marxists of any color. They are pursuing a proven debacle and pretending it’s utopia. They will NEVER be honest about what they want, unless in the company of fellow travelers. Now and then we get a glimpse, thanks to YouTube and cell phone videos, but it’s mostly lies.

  • Jim Schurmann

    I tkink Big Dave summed it up very well.
    Proudhon like I said where is the love.I did get a good chuckle out of the irony of my quote after you were so kind to point it out.This is like you said “a teachable moment” everyone should proof read their post before they click on the submit comment button.What can I say I had a Senior moment:).
    The Liberals have ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,MSNBC,AP and many of the Major newspapers telling us how racist the Republicans are so why do you need Kevin to tell you?
    Why don’t you and Abe drive to a Native American reservation and find out what dependence on big government will look like for the rest of the country if Obamas Marxist goals are achieved?
    Have a nice day:).

  • proudhon

    @agilepig, from everything i’ve seen, no one has said ALL teabaggers are racist. the only person even speaking in those kind of vulgar generalizations here is kevin, when he says stuff like, “ALL Democrats racists!” i too would resent terribly being called a racist, that’s why i would do what i could to fight their presence when they showed up in my meeting. i mean, if we all agree that some of the folks out there are motivated to act b/c of suspect motives — and are expressing themselves in that way (i.e. racist signs, images, pamphlets, etc.) — why not get them the hell out so you can move your agenda?

    re: pelosi, she’s talking about reactionary political violence and the community that supported it. you say that that was “ridiculous & has absolutely NOTHING to do with this movement”? i’d have an easier time believing that if people weren’t showing up armed at these rallies (in some cases w/ assault rifles). and i’d have an easier time believing that if there weren’t multiple signs at these rallies that say things like “we’re unarmed (this time)” or “the tree of liberty…blah blah blah.” those are explicit threats of force leveled against your political adversaries. further, you can’t deny the connection between this “movement,” and recent acts of political violence, like the guy who killed Tiller or the guy who shot up the Holocaust Museum. if you support it then be honest about what you are. if you don’t, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you to kick these elements out of your “movement.”

    @BigDave i’m not bringing up race to avoid talking substance (as if the two are independent of one another), i’m bringing up race in response to kevin’s blog post on the racism of liberals / democrats. i don’t think its accurate to say that critics of the teabaggers are afraid to talk facts. i think most are like me, somewhat confounded by the movement. id love to disagree on substance, but i can’t begin to locate what exactly the substance of these teabag demonstrations is. it can’t be taxes, b/c obama hasn’t raised your taxes. it can’t be that he’s anti-capitalist, b/c his first gesture as president was to follow through with the massive bailout of banks and the insurance industry. and his health insurance reform only bolsters the insurance industry’s position, at our expense. on top of that, i’m sure most critics can’t help but ask the question, where were these folks when the us was committing billions of our tax dollars to occupy iraq? where were the “you lie”-ers when bush was making the wmd case? where were these constitutionalists when habeas corpus was suspended? what are these folks position on torture? the criminal justice system? and other cases of police/state over-exertion of force? i mean, what’s up? all of that is okay, but nick-naming some adviser “czar” and you are all screaming “i want my country back”? seriously, what are the specific policies that you identify as so threatening?

    also re: larouche people, why not confront them? why not disavow them from the stage/podium at these rallies? from your post i can’t really discern why you would oppose someone carrying an obama = hitler sign (you seem to think that its true), but if your movement finds those signs so distasteful, why not take action?

  • Jackpine Savage

    What can I say that hasn’t been said a dozen times before me?

    I doscovered your blog through your stuff on, and found my way to your blogger site.

    I thought you did a great job on Beck’s 9/12 special.

    Oh, by the way, Mrs Paddy wanted me to ask ya when the video of her parody is coming out? :o)

    I was marcing at her side on 9/12 in DC :o)

    Keep up the great work, yours is my new favorite blog,
    After mine of course :o)

  • Jackpine Savage


    “”also re: larouche people, why not confront them? why not disavow them from the stage/podium at these rallies?””

    We wouldn’t kick them out of the rally anymore than we would have kicked out the few brave Obamacare supporters who showed up. (yes there were a few, the singing group was cute)

    They may be crazy but they have the right to speak their piece.

    This is why you liberals will never be able to hold power for long.
    You just don’t understand how America works.

  • Bubba Eugene Levinson III

    Alright, here we go. This was a life shaping moment for me, so I remember it vividly. July 1977, I had just graduated fromVA Tech and was beginning the grown-up portion of my life. One news item on the 4th of July broadcasts was about a guy who had dive bombed a Jaguar XKE into the grandstand at a Klan rally held in Americus, Georgia on the 3rd. Police had to rescue the guy from angry onlookers who probably intended to kill him.

    In attendance at this Klan rally was none other than the Mother of the sitting President of the United States, one Mrs Lillian Carter. When asked why she would be at such an event, the First Mutha replied that she had come “To see the costumes.”

    Time and Newsweek reported this, and then went dutifully back to sleep without ever questioning this inane response to an extremely important question. If I had been turning away from MSM prior to this, it was this 4th of July that opened my eyes for good.

  • Patriot


    You have a fundamental misunderstanding of capitalism if you think it involves bailing out the banks and the insurance companies with taxpayer dollars. Those companies should have all been allowed to fail. Either they would have disappeared or someone would have bought them up. The free market will regulate itself. As soon as the government gets involved is when the problems start. Before you start with the same old tired argument that Bush started the bailouts, I will stipulate that he was wrong too. And please tell me how the health insurance companies will stay in business against a government that doesn’t need to show a profit? If this so-called healthcare reform comes to fruition the government will run the private insurers out of business until all that’s available is a public option. No thanks.

    And please, stop showing your absolute disrespect for people with opposing viewpoints by calling people “teabaggers”. That is incredibly offensive and if you don’t understand why, look it up.

  • Roosevelt Moore

    @proudhon HEY ASSHOLE STOP CALLING PEOPLE TEABAGGERS. IT IS A SEXUALLY DEROGATORY TERM AND I BELIEVE YOU KNOW THAT. For your information, I have attended quite a few of the tea party events. How many arrests have you heard about at these events? Other than the obama supporters starting trouble, you have heard about none. The majority of the people attending the events are just working people who are tired of paying for people who refuse to work. I am just as black as anyone else born and raised in East St Louis, Illinois. One of the biggest plantations, oops I mean ghettos, in the country. The next time you hear Carter say anything about racism, ask him why HE called Obama a black boy on national tv. Why did nobody scream racism then? The next time you hear Robert Byrd say anything about racism, ask him why he accused Martin Luther King of “stirring up trouble for the “negroes” and then running like a scared rabbit” IN A SPEECH ON THE SENATE FLOOR. Did you hear anybody scream racism then? Why is it that these jerks only scream racism when it involves anyone who disagrees with their point of view? Isn’t it strange that you haven’t heard from Mr Jackson or Sharpton on this issue? The whole point of this is, the only ones who can scream racism is the dumbocrats. When was the last time you heard any conservative person use the word racism? Think before you speak please.

  • Lewis T

    Kevin, Great site and I got your book in the mail yesterday. I saw you on Beck and finally got here. Although I am white, am in Mississippi, have been accused of being racist from whites up north and on the left coast, I have never been accused of being a racist by any of my black friends or neighbors down here. Your rant about Carter seems to me, at least, to be spot on. And another thing, these white libs(racists) from around the country from what I gather seem to have been around mostly whites in their own lives. Go figure.

  • proudhon

    @Patriot , i think you may be the one with the “fundamental misunderstanding of capitalism,” if you think capital can survive without the intervention of the “nanny state.” it certainly has not in the last century. i hate to break it to you, but smith is fiction. capitalism in practice is about the public assumption of risk and the private accumulation of surplus value. you want to de-link the state from the market, go for it. you’ll probably have the support of plenty of anti-capitalists. just be prepared to radically change your lifestyle (i mean, who do you think insures our home loans? do you know what homeownership looked like in the early 1900s? who’s responsible for all of that inexpensive food we consume? who built the infrastructure that would become this internet we’re arguing on?).

    re: health insurance reform. the dem’s proposals deserve criticisms, but not b/c they represent some government “takeover” of the industry. that’s ludicrous. this plan is to significantly to the right of nixon’s. and about private institutions not being able to compete, last i checked, harvard’s doing just fine, as are all of the other private universities forced to compete with a public option.

    @Roosevelt Moore, you take the cake. do you think you maybe lose the right to inveigh against name-calling when you begin your screed with “HEY ASSHOLE”?

    but the best thing you said, and probably the most absurd thing i’ve read on this blog so far (and that is saying a lot!) is this:

    “When was the last time you heard any conservative person use the word racism?”

    really? have you read anything on this blog? kevin’s entire gimmick is screaming racism. if recall, he’s called me a racist, he’s called all democrats racist, he’s called all liberals racist. multiple people in these comments have called any black person who they perceive to have voted for obama b/c he’s black, racist. it was only a few weeks back that the great glenn beck called obama racist. i mean, i’ve never seen a “movement” with a bigger persecution complex than this group. anyway, good one, buddy.

  • Eric


    It looks like some of the “stimulus” has been used to retain blog crawling trolls.

    Looks like somebody answered Bertha’s desperate ads.

    Or maybe the NEA crowd is filling in until the Brown Shirt shock trolls have been properly trained…

    Great rant and the facts can not be argued against from the left when examined under even the weakest of illumination.

    The Dems have been using racism, classism and race baiting as political strategy and public policy for decades and will continue to because they would be out of business in a color blind society.

    You need a tv show for max effect.

    I’d settle for you debating Bertha the Queen of Non Sequiter Babble on Olberfuhrer’s little puddle of pablum. Now that would be funny.

  • http://google Janelle

    Kevin, hope to see more of you on Fox…… as a first step towards your own show.

  • Patriot


    Perhaps you should actually check your facts before you spout off – Harvard receives $500 million a year in federal research funds. As a matter of fact there are very few colleges/universities that don’t receive federal funds. One that doesn’t is the famously conservative Hillsdale College in Michigan. A simple google check would have given you this information. Here’s the link in case you’re curious:

    But your factual error is actually beside the point. The point is that a public option will be an enormous tax burden and will limit if not eliminate private insurance. Hawaii is a great example. They tried a universal health care program for children and had to end the program within 7 months because people were leaving their private insurers to get “free” healthcare from the government. When Hawaii realized they were going to run out of other people’s money, they ended the program.

    But I’d like to thank you though – in the words of the Roman Philospher Cato:

    “Wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise.”

  • proudhon

    Steven Colbert, apropos of much of what we’ve been talking about,

  • proudhon
  • Liz Grossman

    Mr Jackson I am reading your book and it is great…I have always known that the dems used african american’s and I being a fifty year old hispanic female has tried to tell my hispanic people this but they refused to believe this and call a racist am racist… I want to tell you everyone is racist about one thing or another . I will tell you that I will be pushing people to read your book… the bad thing is I plan to keep my copy and they will have to buy thier own… the only bad thing I see with your book is we the hispanic have anyone like you to show then the way.

    Again GREAT BOOK,
    Elizabeth Grossman ( and don’t care what anyone thinks about, because I think for myself)

  • Roosevelt Moore

    Kevin I think you should ban this idiot proudhon. I dont think he has all of his mental faculties working properly.

  • myna

    Democrats had a long history of racism. Keep up the good work, Kevin. Congratulation on your new book.

  • proudhon

    what’s the matter Roosevelt Moore, you not like the link, or was it my response to your screed? either way, whining to authority figures when you don’t like someone’s world view is very unbecoming of a conservative, if you ask me. kinda smacks of grievance politics.

  • jj solari

    Carter’s a trip. A bad one. Ten trillion people voted the Kenyan-in-Chief into office and Carter says America fears a black President. Ya kinda want to treat him like the babysitter treats the baby, don’t ya?….kinda shake him around a little. See if he can snap out of it. The only way that oily, slippery, tar-pit denizen could look more sinister would be if his eyes were yellow and he had a cowl around his head and electricity crackled from the ends of his fingers. If he shambled into Satan’s throne room – which he probably actually will be doing soon – Satan would get up and offer him his seat and bow to the better viper. There are two kinds o’ white people: the kind that think black folks are crazed animals that need to be either caged or put to sleep; and the kind that think the occasional Negro can be turned into a useful housepet if kept within strict parameters of behavior. Carter’s the first pretending to be the second. He might be fooling Whitey. But he ain’t foolin’ black folks, and he ain’t foolin’ me.

  • Fic

    Wow!!!! what an articulated and clean person you are!(wink, wink) I am sorry I missed your point. What were you trying to say? It was kind of low class talking. Well, if he is the Kenyan-in-chief, that would make you the Kenyan-in- follower? I don’t get your point, really, do you have a problem with the Barack the person or his policies. My problem is with his policies and what he is trying to do to our country. Can we have a civil discourse and disagree with out the non-senses? You see, you wasted your time and had no message at all. People who voted for him or liked his ideas will still love him. So my dear JJ, next time please try to have something that is worth reading and don’t waste your time please. Easy to label people like you do, oh, by the way which kind of negro are you? Since you seem to accept the desrciption .Peace brother!!!!!

  • jj solari

    dont call me dear, snowflake.

  • Fic

    Snowflake (n) 1. a single ,feathery crystal of snow 2. SNOW BUNTING 3. any of a genus (Leucojum) of European bulbous plants of the lily family with drooping white flowers.

    These are the defintions I found from Webster’s New World, College Dictionary. Check it for yourself-that is if you have one- My whole point again is to leave this aside and have a civil discourse. No name calling my friend. My apologies for calling you my dear.

  • jj solari

    I’m real good at name calling. I’m terrible at discourse. So why would I engage in discourse.

  • Fic

    KEVIN, are you saying that ALL white democrats are racists and ALL white conservatives are not? It is like saying: all black fathers abandon their children, or, all blacks are lazy and all they do is complain and complain or all blacks will kill for… let’s see… for nothing? It is an outrageous comment. Including the one that says all blacks like to feel victimized. Or all of them don’t know how to speak english even though they were born and raised here. You know, like they need to put a subtitle while they are on TV. Where does this leave you? I say to you, that there are BLACK racists and WHITE rascits in all corners of the world and political affliations. You seem to be an intellegent person to be making this kind of argument. I highly doubt you have other agenda in your mind.

  • jj solari

    He ain’t sayin’ that. What’s yer next question.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @FIC – I don’t mean anything in absolutes, though I will generalize. Democrats are idealists, and are either stupid or racists! How’s that?

  • Fic

    I thought when this country was founded the founding fathers were considered idealist. THINK ABOUT IT!!! some 200 hundred years ago a few white men-all of them rich- got together and they said “you know, from now on we should give a chance to peasants, women, poor and old an equal power to govern and be states man like us…let us share the power….even if we have to die for some negro…” If this were not true in our time time, it could make a good movie script. But, it is real it happened. Why the problem with idealist? I hate to brake it to you that people will be people any corner they are in. If you are generalizing, do you then accept my generalization about black people above?

  • Julie B C

    HI KEVIN!! (and JEFF, too!)

    @ ABE (a few days ago – the REAL guy who went to UT) said: YOUR party that opposed Social Security at a time when the citizens of this country needed help getting through the toughest economic crisis in our country’s history…It was YOUR party that opposed Medicare and Medicaid which is benefiting DROVES of your older supporters and, quite frankly, if broken down by demographics, benefits more White people than any other ethnic group….It was YOUR party and the ideology of Reaganomics that built the cracked foundation that has resulted in a financial collapse that has not only affected ALL of us, but the REST OF THE WORLD TOO.

    Sorry, sir… but SS, Medicare and Medicaid are BROKE and financially unsustainable now. It was WRONG to have supported such folly. SS is the biggest ponzi scheme EVER (Madoff blushes). And it certainly was NOT Reaganomics that caused the financial collapse, it was Dems Bill Clinton, Bawney Frank, Chris Dodd, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, et al who thought it would be JUST GREAT to offer govt backed loans to people who couldn’t afford them and didn’t take the WARNINGS of Republicans that there was a financial crisis looming in the sub-prime mortgage industry.
    Not to mention that ALL of the DEMS “Great Society” programs have done nothing but enslave the poor (blacks and whites and others) and caused them to be dependent on govt. Is that what you teach your kids that they should be looking for a hand out and NOT a hand up. How demeaning for any one of ANY race.

  • jj solari

    I have been poring over Proudhom’s or Proud Hon or Pud Ugly thesis. That appears here in about ten places. I think what he is saying is that the Right is also racist. Whatever racist is. Here is the position of the Conservatives, even though they haven’t articulated it because they haven’t read what I am about to say about it yet. Because I haven’t said it. But I’ll say it now. Republicans are racist in private but not in political philosophy. Democrats are racist in both places. That’s the difference. Everyone’s racist. But the Republicans at least make an effort not to be when it comes to the creation of Law. Democrats put racism into policy. Republicans leave their racism at home. Where it belongs.

  • Bill

    Jimmy calls Joe Wilson a racist for calling the Obamessiah what he is. But then Jimmy says that what Kanye West did at the VMAs was “uncalled for”. The dude is blind. I think Kanye was the racist if we’re comparing. Jimmy Carter, go back to the peanut farm.

  • FA

    My gawd man, my eyes hurt!

    Kevin, great blog as usual.

    I will enjoy both name calling AND discourse!
    jj – you are nuts. Proudhon and Abe, you are just morons without a cause. Quit trying to ride the “everybody is wrong” fence, it just doesn’t accomplish anything.

    Now that I am done with name calling, allow me to pursue debate.
    I choose jj because I actually disagree with you more than I do the other two debaters and name callers.

    JJ, come on… Let’s review two quotes from your comments:
    “There are two kinds o’ white people: the kind that think black folks are crazed animals that need to be either caged or put to sleep; and the kind that think the occasional Negro can be turned into a useful housepet if kept within strict parameters of behavior”
    “Republicans are racist in private but not in political philosophy. Democrats are racist in both places. That’s the difference. Everyone’s racist.”

    These quotes show me that you have completely bought the load of crap that folks like Jackson, Sharpton and many of the Democratic party has been feeding the gen’l public.

    Let’s consult the dictionary first:
    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    Now that we understand the word that has been thrown around in these comments of Kevin’s blog, lets review your quotes:
    (paraphrasing and combining here)
    “Everyone is a racist and of all these racists, the ones of lighter skin color that would be lumped into a group called caucasion or ‘white’ ALL think that those of darker skin color that would be lumped into a group called black or inaccurately “african american” should either be exterminated or should be enslaved.”

    Does that accurately sum up your two statements?

    Ludicrous. Absolutely rediculous.

    Let me clear something up for those dear readers who might still be confused…
    Most and I mean 99.999999% of the people (white/black/asian/hispanic/whatever) in this country (USA) do not look at someone and based on the color of their skin have a thought that meets any of the 3 variations of the definition of racism.

    Now, I will admit to being something…a socioeconomicist (new word, I call it!)
    If I’m driving down the street and see a well dressed (middle class, not necessarily prada) black man walking on the sidewalk, I don’t think anything other than “pedestrian on the right, be courteous”. Same if they were hispanic, white or of any other ethnic/racial origin.
    Now, if I see someone who appears to be poor, of poor character or dangerous, again no matter what their ethnic/racial origin, I will probably make sure my doors are locked and that they don’t approach my vehicle with ill intent.

    So there, I said it. I have prejudices against those who are of below average economic status. Why? because I believe in mitigating risk. Chances are that a woman wearing a nice Tahari business suit isn’t going to pull a gun and steal my car. Not that it isn’t possible, but it isn’t probable.
    However, if it were what my wife calls a “big scary bald guy” which is your typical tatoo’d, shaved head, goateed, leather wearing dude who looks like he’s had a few too many beers and hasn’t slept indoors in days…. chances are much ggreater that he might size up my acura and think “This dudes probly got enough money on him to cover food and some more alcohol”. “Besides, he looks like he won’t miss it.”

    So, lets review: Skin color, not an influencing factor. Racial origin, not an influencing factor. Someone who looks like they either need money or like trouble, definitely an influencing factor…and let me tell you, I grew up in Chicago but currently live in North Carolina, and in NC there is a much much greater chance that the moron who thinks its funny to carjack you is an ignorant redneck of a racial origin that would be lumped into the caucasian group than anything else.

    So….alas…it is time for me to drive home in the nice above-average car that I worked my arse off for and feel I’ve earned and yes, if I see someone who looks like they value human life less than they value earning what you get, no matter what race, I’m locking my doors.


  • jj solari

    FA – nice name. your anonymous opinion means a lot to me. Regarding “racism,”you must live either in a dungeon or in a quualude factory.

  • jj solari

    I read FA’s comment again, not speed-reading it this time. Absorbing it. Splashing it all over myself. Soaking in it. Feeling it slosh against my body like a bath in rare exotic wine. OK: you’ve convinced me. Nobody’s racist. And especially not you.

  • FA

    Wow, I just browsed through your blog and all I can say is, wow. I now understand why you think all whites are racist…yer nuts.
    Thing is, if you were a black comedian, on stage, saying what is in your blog, most people would laugh.
    But, alas, you are white and sincere so you must be nuts.
    (No I do not experience any ‘white guilt’ I just ignore all that hogwash when I hear it)
    The funny thing (to me) is, you could take out the word nigger and substitue poor f’ers (be they from trailer parks or inner-city slums) and most of it would still hold true. Looks to me that the things you (and I) don’t like about the idiot in the white house is his political and social ideologies and the fact that he doesn’t seem to be able to open his mouth without spewing a stream of lies and misdirection.
    Anyway, you are still nuts.
    FRED A.
    (That’s as non-anonymous as I get on public boards)

  • jj solari

    i might be nuts but i put my name on my opinions, douche.

  • FA

    LOL, I’m not a douche…I just have a job that would quickly come to an end (its sad to say, but its true) if my comments were attached to my real name.
    I’m guessing you have nothing to lose…
    I wont be reading this thread anymore, so if you respond, it is for yourself to read.

  • jj solari

    like i said, you’re a douche.

  • FA

    racist :-)

  • jj solari

    i thought you were done here.

  • FA

    Proudhon, you keep using the word ‘movement’ when referring to this blog’s readers….. the only ‘movement’ here is the bowel movement coming from your mouth (via keyboard).

    (trying to make jj proud!)

    JJ – yeah, I’m a glutton for punishment.

  • Ann

    You know Proudhon is a racist, she is disagreeing with a black man. But I guess if you were a liberal black man that makes it an act of racism. Since you are a right-wing crazy black man, then she isn’t a racist. Just what I think.

  • Roosevelt Moore

    Hey Kevin. I don’t know if I shared this letter with you or not. It was a response to some gibberish that Daniel Ruth (Fat slob for the St Pete Times) wrote claiming racism is the impetus for not wanting healthcare reform. Here it is with his response across the top:

    Thanks so much for the generous note of support.

    On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 5:48 PM, Roosevelt Moore wrote:

    Mr Ruth

    Once again you have proven that you are the hindquarters of a horse and pompous one at that. The only misinformation is coming from you, people like you and the white house. I dare you to tell me which congressmen wrote any of the four or five versions of a healthcare bill floating around. I dare you to tell me which ones have read it. I dare you to tell me how it is not going to cover illegals. (Oops, the cat’s out of the bag on that one. Obama will just grant them amnesty and voila, no coverage for illegals) Why can’t a jerk like you tell the american people who wrote these bills? Was it an elected official or not? Why should we allow UNELECTED people to dictate what laws are presented for vote in our congress? You tell me why congress is exempt from the bill. You tell me what ACORN and SEIU have to do with health care. You tell me why there is money in all of these bills going to ACORN and SEIU. Why is that, clown? What are these groups going to do to improve health care? When you start answering questions instead of ridiculing people who ask questions, maybe your columns will be carried in more than one newspaper.
    Lest you try to claim that I am a rich, white extremist visit and look at my picture. I am proud to question this garbage coming out of washington and out of your mouth. I don’t care if you call me racist, hatemonger or whatever. YOU WILL NOT SILENCE ME OR THE MILLION OR SO IN DC LAST WEEK BY CALLING NAMES. Why are you not calling the millions of blacks who voted for obama racists for not voting for the white man? For that matter, where the hell do you fat white people get off acting like you know what racism is. Even though I despise Rev. Wright, what he said about Hillary never experiencing racism is true for you and all like you. What ghetto did you live in? How much welfare money are you getting? How many jobs have you been denied because you are white??? Until you walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes, keep your blasted mouth closed about how much suffering there is. Instead of trying to educate the black population, idiots like you hang on to your jobs because of their ignorance.
    Finally, let’s talk about the so called health care bill. Why don’t you get off your fat butt and explain why you keep including the illegals in the uninsured numbers? Why do you keep including people who make enough to buy insurance but choose not to? Why do you keep including the really poor who qualify for free health care now but refuse to enroll for whatever reason? Why do we have to spend a trillion dollars to save 500 million from waste and fraud in Medicare? Why is there nothing about tort reform in the bill? Why is it that you idiots always choose to spend more money to fix a problem? You seem to thrive on pouring water into a boot with a gigantic hole in the toe. Damned fool. Plug the hole in the toe before you keep pouring water in. Once your precious government proves that it can run ANYTHING efficiently maybe we will be willing to believe that they can make some progress on something so complicated as cash for clunkers!!


    A long time ago, when Jimmy Carter ran for office, my aunt and her friends saw his mother and believed SHE PASSED FOR WHITE and Carter was high-yella since hes from Jaw-jah. So, I believe he thinks hes “entitled” to use the term BOY like we’re entitled to use the term nigga for those of us whose actin’ foolish

  • shannon clark

    Kevin, love you. keep up the liberty minded american way. God blesses you shannon

  • calpurnia

    Maybe Jimmy Carter has a point. My aunts and their friends thought, years ago, that he had black ancestry, kinda like Dinah Shore; and since he's from the south (Georgia) many a white person knows about light skinned 'coloreds' who passed for white. Off the subject— where is Obamas white cousins at? I would think the National Enquirer would find them by now.

    • John W. Kerr

      They are in hiding unwilling to be shamed publicly by the kinship…..

  • calpurnia

    Light skinned coloreds were allowed to have slaves back in slavery days; jim crow just clouded the waters between slavery and jim crow 'reconstruction' for about 100 years

  • calpurnia

    Hate to bring race into it, BUT HE TEMPTED ME!

  • Kelly Babbit

    There aren't enough words in the English language to describe the disdain I have for this man… I watched him over throw Iran- abandon the Shah and proceed to let our people rot for 444 days. Now The Big O over throw Mubarak and they are holding our people hostate in Eygpt??? It makes me sick.

  • John W. Kerr

    Hi Kevin! I’m back and I’m WHITE! How you doing? Well, it is intresting that you mention Peanutman. Guess you know he is the headliner at a HAMAS terrorist organization fundraiser. Guess he enjoys making sure there is enough money for armsl, ammunition, rockets, and concrete for tunnels to kill more of those pesky Israeli jews! I’m sure the demon’crat KKK ers are right proud because you know those jews, catholics and blacks are the scourge of the earth according to them! Wonder were are the liberal national media is on reporting about such an upstanding ex-demoncrat President like Carter and his latest mission??? It sure is a good thing the Demon’crat plantation needs the votes of good honest black folk or Peanutman might be fundraising here at home!!!

    • John W. Kerr

      Of course you know he LEFT the Southern Baptist Convention and started his own church since we were just not radical enough for him and his beliefs! Kinda scary to consider just what his beliefs just might be???

  • Bob Robertson

    Kevin, I love your site and love Roosevelt Moore’s letter. You should keep up your good work and also consider Roosevelt Moore as an associate contributor.

  • Bob Robertson

    One further request. Please don’t sully the site with the superciliousness of that senile little anti-American peanut farmer!

  • Robert Brownlee

    Most black people don’t realize that most all of the KKK were democrats. So you’re telling me that they are champions for the blacks. Yeh right, keep on believing that lie. Lincoln himself was a republican, doesn’t that mean anything? What party was George Wallace affiliated with? Democrats from Alabama. What democrat president has ever done anything for blacks (solely for blacks) other than make them dependant on welfare?


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