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congressional black caucus 2

The Democrats provide amazing reminders that slavery is alive and thriving in America today.  The plantation these days is Congress.  White Democrats are the plantation owners, and the Congressional Black Caucus members are the slaves…modern day House Negros.

As in the days of Democrat oppression, House Negros of today represent royalty to blacks, leaders, second only to the poverty pimps served up by a complicit Liberal-loving media.  Unlike other races, Democrat blacks need identifiable leaders or how would they survive?

As this blogger put it regarding house Negros during slavery,

At least those [house] Negroes would tell the field slaves, from time to time, what massa was up to, and they would even slip them food and supplies from out of the big house to the slave quarters. These modern day house Negroes (you know who you are) would never share with those they consider field slaves.

I couldn’t agree more.  And today’s selfish House Negros are under fire, as many black Democrat congressmen are under ethics investigations—and not by Republicans!  In an ironic twist of fate these black leaders who have kept white Democrats in power since the 1980’s are now being investigated by those very same white Democrats!  Are the racist Democrat power brokers simply putting these uppity House Negros in place?  Black Power…with white supervision?!

But House Negros are fighting back…sort of.  As the AP reports,

By boycotting a key House committee vote last week and threatening to abandon support for banking regulations, members of the Congressional Black Caucus got $4 billion added to a Wall Street regulation bill and $2 billion to a proposed House jobs bill in spending they sought for African American communities.  House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, D-Mass., this week inserted $3 billion to the legislation to provide low-interest loans to unemployed homeowners in danger of foreclosure. He added $1 billion for neighborhood revitalization programs.

Chairman Barney Frank—Massa to the Congressional Black Caucus—threw those silly House Negros a bone…and placed it through their noses!

This $6B will come from the $700B “rescue fund.” Let me help you with the math people.  That’s not even 1% of the rescue fund!  Yet blacks make up 12.5% of the population!

White Democrats get far more for their constituents, as reported here in Fox News:

Vermont and Massachusetts got $1.2 billion in Medicaid money — a change that was described as a correction to the current system which exempts those two states because they have robust health care systems. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders also boasted Saturday that he requested and won an investment worth between $10 and $14 billion for community health centers. 

Vermont! $10-$14 Billion for a state with the population of a suburb of Detroit!  For what it’s worth, I say let the white folks negotiate for blacks. Because the Congressional Black Caucus—the most egregious group of black hoodlums in America negotiated for crumbs! A pittance!  About two hours of interest on the national debt.  In Obamaland, where trillion has entered the lexicon, a few lousy billion is simply “chump change.” 

The question is “Why would the CBC only go for a pittance?” Surely ONE of them could do the math?!

That’s what happens when you aren’t really thinking about “the people.”  The CBC negotiated for what they could get to keep it quiet that they really DON’T represent black people.  A true representative number for blacks would have been $87.5B.  The $6B was a payoff for the CBC! Yes those sorry ass silly Democrat Negros, sold black people out!

Don’t expect one of the blacks in the inner sanctum to step up to get this money to blacks who really need it, and I don’t mean the porch sitters.  Black people have no such champion in the CBC.  So this money will go into the pockets of the respective Head Negros In Charge (HNIC).  In the end, black communities would receive more if the government just burned that money to heat black people’s home in the winter, or better yet, just give black people crack!

One of the HNICs and perhaps the biggest mouths in the CBC, Democrat Maxine Waters (D) is one of the biggest crooks. Waters extorted the taxpayers for $12M in TARP funds, funds sent to a bank where her husband was a board member, AND a significant investor.  Waters comment on this “banking deal,” as reported in the Huffington Post:

“I had no influence on what Bush administration officials in the Treasury Department or other departments did,” Waters said in a statement Friday.

Even Waters knows when to invoke the ghost of white boogeymen past…George Bush!  And while blacks are blaming the boogeyman, Waters says to blacks “…believe me, not your lying eyes!”

Sadly, Waters is not alone, as most of the black Democrats in Congress are just like her.  Waters, et al were born of a movement headed by a small few like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. The strategy began with the “progressive” and famous racist Margaret Sanger, when she suggested to Clarence Gamble in The Negro Project,

“We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal.  We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Sanger didn’t realize what a bargain she would get, as she only needed two “colored ministers” to implement her plan. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton evangelized and black people listened.  And Obama’s record of social service is legendary at this point.  I know what you’re thinking…but in his own way Baby Jesus IS a minister!

Here’s the wrap:

Over the years, the simple truth is black people have grown to love, actually idolize black crooks. They are matinee idols, their roles learned from movies like The Mack. As one reviewer put it,

“Pretty Tony” promptly beats down one of his hos with his own hat after she presents him with an amount of cash that is apparently not acceptable for a four-hour shift on the street corner…what a slacker.

Today, life mimics art! Black elitists are “beatin’ down their hos,” pimping other blacks to get and keep their power.  And the black folks being pimped could care less. As long as somebody black gets to “the man,” black folks are happy. But are blacks really getting to “the man?” More importantly, what happens when “the man” has nothing left to give?

Black people won’t get their “fair share”, though they may get a few basketball rims in neighborhood parks, a self-service car wash, a check cashing place, or a new BBQ joint.  Let’s not forget the police substation. 

However, the real problems of the black community will not be addressed by these funds or any other Democrat payoff.  Because as it has been and will always be with Democrats, they will give blacks just enough to keep blacks stupid, but not enough for blacks to really get ahead…Democrat LBJ’s Great Society! 

Further, Democrat black leaders will continue to play the role of House Negros.  And when today’s House Negros are responsible for the lives of field Negros, one thing is for sure. Things won’t get any better for ordinary black folks!

One final truism—white Democrats will always have need for House Negros, because black
Democrats need leaders…the more crooked, the better!

That’s my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"The money in diversity is enormous, even bigger than former sportscaster turned political pundit turned sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s ego. Wouldn’t you like to be a “reverend” and father children out of wedlock without repercussions? If you study hard, this book will teach you how to have your non-profit organization pay your mistress and your child support – all at the same time. You must be so black that if you eat sushi, watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek and Friends, or enjoy the ballet, you will hang yourself."

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  • the BOC

    That second picture has the happiest people I have ever seen in my life!!

  • the BOC

    The secretary of the Congressional Black Caucus is GK Butterfield. He is about the whitest black dude I have ever seen. Is he for real?

  • Kevin Jackson

    @the boc – They are all for real. And for the most part, they are crooks, too!

  • Mick

    Barney Frank added 3 billion to the legislation for low-interest loans for those mortgages that are about to be foreclosed on. That is downright stupidity!! Fifty percent of the loans that were rewritten after the sub-prime mortgage debacle are now past-due!! The majority of those mortgages should have never been written because the applicants did not and never would have the financial means to pay it back. Until the regulators return mortgage requirements to what they once were (requiring a non-financed 20% down) this foreclosure problem is not going away. Couple that with the ridiculousness of credit card debit the financial disaster will continue. And wait until commercial real estate kicks in!!

    Instead of the 3 billion for low-interest loans they should use the remainder of the TARP money that was appropriated to help those unemployed people who should be foreclosed on into a rental property that will be affordable when they become an employed stat. Make the principal payment portion of the loan and the costs of carrying that loan to the financial institution holding the mortgage until the property is sold. That would be good use of the remaining TARP money. Doing this or something similar would provide more permanent jobs than those temporary jobs repairing roads.

    But, the American citizen, regardless of race or gender, should not be punished for the greed of Wall Street and the stupidity of Washington, DC allowing it to happen. Remember the majority of rules and regulations are written and enacted by Washington. We know the majority of their qualifications…..none for the most part.
    Its ridiculous when you have a medical doctor, a retired ballplayer and a housemom sitting on a committee and rewriting tax laws!!

    Believe Charlie Rengel is in the second picture….wonder what he was thinking about? Could it have been how he could falsify his personal financial statements that had to be submitted to Congress or how he could avoid paying income taxes on his rental property……and look at the responsibility this crook has!! Sure the ethics committee will find him innocent on all counts!!

  • Mick

    There is another person using the name Mick. I’m the one who wrote the comments relating to foreclosures etc and not the one who wrote….That’s it! I’ve had it. Believe someone is trying to impersonate jj. If you’re going to impersonate at least spell their name correctly.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Mick, et al – Disregard the trolls! I will delete their comments, or my spam filter will catch them, though they use other emails. Disregard them! I know your email addresses, and eventually they will find this a waste of time. They post for hours and it only takes seconds to delete them.

    If you feel otherwise, then hey, enjoy the rest of the net!

  • Greg


    Another great piece.You get better and better all the time.

    Have a Merry Christmas,man. Keep up the good work.You are a true American!!!! Thanks for keeping us educated!!!

  • Mick

    Thanks Kevin. It’s a shame how they attempt to ruin everything. Terrible to go through life with an attitude of a Troll…..

  • Kevin Jackson

    @All – I put in some new safeguards that should limit the trolls, though they are like roaches, so you always have to exterminate!

  • http://? David Maxey

    Hello Kevin,

    I have almost finished reading your book and it is truly an eye opener! Great work. I bought your book at the Memphis Tea Party meeting the day you were taping the Glenn Beck show. I also met your lovely bride and one of your sons as I was paying for it.

    The best to you and your family this Christmas and in the new year. Keep up the good work.


  • Kevin Jackson

    @David – Thanks so much for the compliments on the book! I will do my best in the coming year to help restore America!

  • Principlex

    Here’s the deal. What I see is a blindness to the value of living morally and because that is there, those that don’t see that cannot stand for it. Hence they cannot negotiate for top dollar.

    When it got revealed that Tiger was laying blond white women, a black spokesman wanted to know why he didn’t have any black mistresses. What that spokesman should have said was, “Thank God, a black girl didn’t choose to become a mistress. We raise our girls to have some sense.” But ‘no,’ that viewpoint is not even a possible response.

    Barack has no morals either. He doesn’t see the value of them. He thinks their stupid. Most people knew when he came up with 6 or 7 different cabinet and staff people who had evaded or not paid their taxes, that his team was going to have credibility problems. Of course, they’ve had nothing but credibility problems.

    ACORN and SEIU are completely without morals as was revealed in the videos – especially the ACORN ones. There is no distinction of what works to have one be a good and successful human being in that community.

    I’ve asked black friends of mine why they are not calling people out that are not honest and get caught in some government corruption scandal. If you want to be respected, you have to do that, yet, in general, the black community does not do that.

    And the issue isn’t that they are innately stupid or anything like that. It’s that they do not see how living morally – being productive, honest, rational, just, having integrity, thinking independently and being proud to develop yourself – actually brings success to your door – by the bushel basket full. And because they don’t get that, they can’t fight for it for themselves or in their community. Thus we see this ongoing, tragic stuckness. And, the shame of the whole thing is, “It doesn’t have to be that way.”

  • buy cipro

    I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  • amanda Desiree

    You should couple the Margaret Sanger quote with the fact that she founded Planned Parenthood, whose main buisness is aborting babies, (or fetuses for those of u that c it that way), and the fact that they are almost all located in minority neighborhoods, AND here’s the real kicker_ an African American baby has a 50% chance of being born, the other half are aborted. I think Margaret Sanger knew exactly what she was doing.

  • tpgow

    It is my guess that black and white will unite together against this admin. As things get worse and poor black and white see things get worse for them, they will realize, that the check won’t be in the mail. With the work that you do Kevin and many others of both races, “The People” are getting educated. This healthcare bill is not about the poor people that can’t afford healthcare, but makes the insurance industry richer. Obama has turned his back on his race and polarized the country. The people that are for this bill have healthcare and health insurance mixed up. They are two separate things. Not one person in the US is refused healthcare. The states regulate the insurance industry.and there are plenty of programs offered for low income people of any race. They have been using ” Plantation Politics” for years while the BC lines their pockets. There should be a law cementing 2 terms for all politicians. 1 in office and 1 in jail. all races need to stand together and together we will beat them and get rid of them. White people are tired of it too. Race relations would not be in the mess that they are if Washington would keep their mouth and policies in check. Merry Christmas Kevin. I know I am a day late. So Happy New Year!

  • Congress

    How silly, are some of you so afraid of diverse thought that you would limit yourself to others opinon. True, I understand the need for respectful conversation, but you won’t change anything by only speaking to the choir.

    Why make a public blog, if you do wish the public to read or post on it. Perhaps Kevin you should think about finding another way to expressing your thoughts to those you already think like you, without having to worry about trolls.

    You may delete and insult when ready.

    • Kevin Jackson

      @Congress – I don’t mind dissenting thought. But when all you bring is “nigger this” and “nigger that,” I just find these people typical Libs. I am willing to school stupid Liberals, but when they send their clowns, I must draw the line. Thus I have BANNED a few troublemakers, and will continue to do so.

      I can tell you that I don’t agree with many of the ideas of some of my most ardent fans. However they deserve a voice. We don’t always, nor do we need to always agree.

      The FACT is Liberals are amazingly stupid. I hope they come here to learn. They bring their message, and we show them that you can’t pick a turd up from the clean end!

  • jj solari

    choir members are the only ones welcome here. it’s like a club. non members are not invited. how come you libs dont get it. this is like a church. do protestants go into catholic churches and interrupt services saying you guys are wrong!! ? no. they go to their own church. where everyone thinks alike. it’s like that here. this is church. an anti lib church. black lib. white lib. martian lib. dont matter. we’re against them. in principle. it aint random and sporadic. it’s focused and eternal. that’s why we gather here. we are against libs. that means you, Congress. it aint a debating hall. it’s a pep rally.

  • http://google gh

    That’s right, jj. Hadn’t exactly looked at it that way, but actually, here is where I know there will be clear-as-a-bell Kevin with posting friends, who know what’s going on and hold steady. Grateful!

  • jj solari

    gh, you are right on the money.

  • Dennis O

    Did you know Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city
    in the world?

  • the BOC

    When the choir director preaches to the choir, it makes the choir stronger and also makes them sing louder, on key and in unison, thus drowning out any unwanted sounds coming from those who cannot sing. You congress, cannot sing, you are tone deaf. So go away–you cannot join our choir!

  • Mick


    Comments aren’t limited to people with differing viewpoints on Kevin’s postings. The main problem has to do with those differing viewpoints, for the most part, do not make sense. And Congress the person submitting the comment often sounds likes a DUMBO-crat!! No pun intented.

  • Gadsden

    @ Congress: I knew when I saw the liberal buzzwords, “diverse thought”, I knew this blog was not saying what you wanted to hear. But to be wholly diverse, it would have to include all of the wrong ideas as well.

  • yttik

    It’s a good post, Kevin.

    LOL, I’m not a choir singer, not unless the choir wants to self destruct. I can’t sing a note.

    Crumbs is definitely what congress hands out, just enough crumbs to keep people trapped in poverty. Democrats especially, are quite happy to hand out an extra 8 dollars in food stamps and feel all self righteous about how much good they’ve done. What’s really needed is some economic empowerment, small business opportunities, some entrepreneurship.

    If you look at Native Americans, a group with some of the worst poverty in the nation, dependence on government benevolence is pretty much a joke. However, those who have figured out how to take matters into their own hands with free enterprise, casinos, resorts, etc, are beginning to thrive. That’s what’s needed from government, policies that make it possible for people to make their own way in the world.

    If you look at Dem poverty policies, they’re very punitive. Get a raise, we’ll cut your food stamps. Start a daycare home, we’ll kick you out of your housing. Work a second job, we’ll take your gains in taxes. Every policy they write is about keeping people in their place.

  • tpgow

    Government programs are all about keeping low-income of any race in their place, uneducated and dumbed down. When people have been told for years, you have no self worth, but “but we are here to help you”, things never change. Both partys are the same,no difference, they only pretend to not like each other. They all need to be voted out which will take years. But in 2010 we need to get rid of the biggest offenders of the Constitution. The problem is once an entitlement program gets legs, it runs away.I am on social security and again that is an entitlement program that was strickly against our constitution. It is a Merry go round that is hard to stop at this point. But from this point on “The People” have to make it very clear by votes that we are “Mad as Hell and arn’t going to take it anymore”. The ballot is stronger then the bullet. Although I think sometimes The Bullet is faster lol

  • jj solari

    hey Yttik, you dont think them Indians came up with all that casino industry and self-sovereign nation stuff on their own do you? HAHAHAHAHA An exclusive Italian Mens’ Club is the brains behind that little piece of genius. Not to change the subject.

  • jj solari

    yttik, i believe it was an Exclusive Italian Mens’ Club that came to the “rescue” of some Indian tribes and, being attracted to their sovereign status within US borders – a status which will likely also be given to Muslims – this Italian fraternity convinced the Indians that they – the Indians – were in the gambling business. It wasn’t the Feds’ doing. The Feds just sort of watched it happen with their mouths hanging open. Kind of like they do with everything else happening under their noses.

  • yttik

    Well, if the mobsters inspired Indian casinos then we have to face the fact that organized crime probably does a better job of getting wealth into the hands of the people then the government does.

  • Chris

    Kevin I must applaude you for setting the record straight, and for telling it like it is with a “Non Sugar Coated” approach! It’s about time that the blacks/negros of this country wake up and see things for what they really are. By using intelligence, brutal honesty, and compassion you are spreading the word of the truth. Why people of this country are so blind and cannot see what is really happening is beyond me? Even when someone like yourself points it out and backs it up with facts, people still refuse to see the truth. Racism is alive and well because Democrats and Obama want it to be. I have put aside my racial stereotypes, and instead focus on individuals such as yourself and Star Parker (Uncle Sam’s Plantation) who know the truth and are not too intimidated by beaurocracy to spread it. It doesn’t matter how hard white folks and black folks try to get along, when the Democrats Liberals, and the HNIC refuse to let Racism die! There’s just too much money in it. They scream equality all day long, but then turn around and keep the people enslaved that they claim to be saving. False Prophets go to hell, and Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and the like will be leading the way to damnation!
    Keep up the good fight Kevin!

    • Kevin Jackson

      I shall do my best Chris. It won’t happen overnight, however black people will begin to wake up soon!

  • Jeff

    Kevin, I have read your blog for a long time. can you be a little bit more detail because I haven’t reach (hit) your point. I would love to talk about military operations because that is my life.

  • jj solari

    yttik: you got it pal. but then the ice cream man could do a better job of anything at all compared to the government.

  • Jim Schurmann

    JJ-Thanks now I know who to cuss at when I lose my money at the Casinos.I used to bitch about the Indians now I learned I should be bitching at the Italian Mens Club.Ha,ha,ha.
    Yttik has it right. Why don’t you get them to run the Government? I’m sure they have more respect for the Constitution than our present Congress.

  • Jim Schurmann

    JJ-I’ll have to start bitching at the Italian Mens Club when I lose money at the Casino instead of the Indians.
    Yttik has it right. We should get the Mafia to run the Government. I’m sure they respect the Constitution more than our current Congress and BHO.

  • Jim Schurmann

    JJ-Yttik has it right we should get the Mafia to run the Government.I’m sure they respect the Constitution more than our current Congress and BHO.
    I’ll have to start bitching at the Italian Mens Club when I lose at the Casino instead of the poor Indians.LOL

  • Jim Schurmann

    JJ-I agree with yttik.We should get organized crime to run the Government. I’m sure they respect the Constitution more than our present Congress and BHO.

  • Tamara

    Ah, it’s so nice to see lively chatter here without those moronic trolls who babble endlessly without making any sense.

    Kevin, as usual, you hit the nail on the head with this piece.
    And the number one slave master is Obama.

    He doesn’t give a shit about the people out of work. He’s too busy catching a wave and spending $14,000 a night(of OUR money) in a luxury hotel.
    The Massa can’t be bothered with the masses!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Tamara – Yes, the trolls are having withdrawals! No jobs and nothing to do, particularly now that they can’t get on the site! And if they do come back, it only takes a minute to get their heads spinning again!

    Yes, Obama is the chief pimp of these black hooligans! I can’t wait for their house of cards to begin falling down!

  • Tamara

    Well, the cards are tumbling right now, friend.

    A terrorist attempt on a plane, and Obama continues his vacation, golf, sunning and snorkling. And the administration is still blaming Bush.

    You don’t think the slaves have noticed?
    I’ve noticed a few slaves getting out their pitchforks in my neighborhood.
    In another six months, this poser is TOAST.

  • 98ZJUSMC

    Kevin Jackson says:
    December 28, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    I shall do my best Chris. It won’t happen overnight, however black people will begin to wake up soon!

    Man, that is all anyone can hope for. I pray that real honesty and acknowledgement of fact will eventually prevail.

  • Joe B.

    Kevin, I am from Barney Franks Hometown and I cant believe how many educated people keep voting for this guy. It really go’s to show you how far reaching the whole Politically Correct Landscape has covered us all. It is everywhere on TV (Except FOX), in the classroom, in the workplace and most everywhere else. Political Correctness is used as a tool by Democrats and Republicans but mostly Dems like Barney Frank to pass laws and legislation like this as if it makes sense. Too me Barney is trying to keep the same old policies afloat in a somewhat desperate attempt to hang onto giveaway type Liberal policies that I bet he even knows have a short shelf life.
    What would you suggest I say in rebuttal to those Liberals around me who suggest that Compassion and being my brothers keeper should amount for support of such policies because I cant see much sense in it all except that it keeps the wolves like Jesse and Al at bay.

  • Joe B.

    And it also keeps the Politicians like Barney in power. I left that out.


    Ive always knew that the house negos were the dems! They would ALWAYS blame black republicans for being house negros. Anyway, I believe that house negros were the massas nieces, cousins etc. Also they were not concieved in wedlock because a white person, even if they wanted to couldnt marry a black person.I’m glad today we can marry each other in all 50 states

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  • Thomas

    Negroes in the House of Representatives will vote the way the Jews tell them to. They’ll support immigration even if immigrants take black jobs.


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