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Obama the Creator

Obama GoshThe man who has not had a real job in his life and couldn’t run a “donated cakes” bake sale for profit is going to provide ideas on promoting new jobs.  It is said that he will scour the country asking anybody and everybody how to create jobs. No idea is too silly. Just think, your idea could be the one that Obama himself deems worthy of further consideration, and possibly even…implementation.  How did America survive without such leadership and “sexy brilliance?”

Our reward for our patience with Obama’s ineptness is his commandeering yet another Tuesday evening of prime time.  In Obama’s his radio address on Saturday, he said that unemployment had “inched down.” I suggest that “millimetered down” describes it better.  And as I wrote in Obama’s Labor Numbers, all jobs figures from this administration are suspect at best, and should be “racially profiled.”

It seems that every time this administration makes its “bad news” jobs report, it is later debunked and then we get the “oops now here’s the really bad news” update.  I must give Obama credit, however as he is helping the economy, particularly small businesses.  He is taking big businesses and turning them into small businesses, and I’m not talking divestiture.  For those businesses who survive as big, well they are being confiscated, and put under government control. 

Obama’s business-destroying technique is giving lots of people the chance to play CEO, as there seems to be a revolving door of CEOs stepping down from these government-run firms.  The most recent exit was the CEO of Government Motors , Ed Whitacre.

Apparently  the stress of losing $1.2B while simultaneously reporting that GM will pay back $8.1B was as unbelievable as Whitacre’s commercials where he states that GM is making better cars than Toyota!  I’m no Ivy Leaguer, but I find it difficult, dare I say impossible to pay money back, when you are in debt up to your flabby fat asscheeks?  The new stooge who takes this job will undoubtedly be hitting up us extremists for some more paper?

The good news about the departure of the CEO of GM is Obama saved 112,000 jobs at GM and one job created!  A by-product of Barack and Joe’ Most Excellent Adventure, because the plan hadn’t even been implemented yet.  So let’s investigate the actual plan, as he previewed on Saturday:

Obama’s plan begins by giving tax incentives for people to fix up their homes.  I know; such amazing thinking right out of the box! How is it that America is so blessed to have a man with such keen insight on creating and saving new jobs?  I was so touched with emotion over this strategy, well I built a factory in my backyard, and began hiring right away. Next, I requested a government loan to begin my “green energy,” environmentally-friendly, methane-producing business from my home. There are five occupants, including two gassy pit-bull pound pups, who can give even Al Gore a run for his flatulence-flipping money.   Yes, you can use carbon credits to pay for my clean energy.

I like the idea of putting up some weather-stripping, insulation, and such, as my house is old, and some areas feel like wind-tunnels.  However, I just don’t see the massive “jobs creation” that will occur from this move.  Frankly, if this is Obama’s first choice out of the box to help with creating jobs, I am left again scratching my well-scarred head.  Has anybody tipped him off about ClimateGate?

Next Obama is considering the expensive solution of bailing out strapped states.  Now you might think that he would incentivize states who have performed well, mostly RED states like Texas.  But his War on Achievement prevents this, as he can only reward poor performers.  That’s in the memo. The real problem with Obama’s Keynesian approach to this is Obama will have to pull money out of the economy to put it back in elsewhere.    

Liberal states have shown that they have not one ounce of fiscal responsibility, nor the cojones to address their real issues, like the drain of illegal immigration on their economies, excessive taxes, excessive entitlements to those who don’t deserve them, and so on. 

These states have lotteries, casino gambling, and the highest tax rates in the country, and they still can’t pay their bills. Obama’s solution is to give them more money, this way they can procrastinate on finding real solutions. 

Obama PhoneHere’s the wrap:

Weatherproofing our homes is not the answer.  It’s simply juvenile to think so. Yet the Left says that Obama has brought “sexy brilliance” to the White House. They will claim he is smart, though green jobs produce little more than red ink.

Obama is proving yet again that he believes government is the answer to our problems and not actually solving the problems. It does solve one of Obama problems…preventing Liberals states from laying off many more workers.  I suggest that giving money to crackheads would be just as effective as giving it to Liberal Democrat states. 

But Obama’s real problem is his reality problem. In reality, Obama is a dolt!  Who asks everybody their ideas for how to create jobs? I’m not surprised by this approach from Obama, however.  I paraphrase Margaret Thatcher when I say that “Concensus is the forfeiture of leadership.” But at least we got “sexy brilliance!”

That’s my rant!

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"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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  • DaSicilian

    ‘Obama’s plan begins by giving tax incentives for people to fix up their homes…’
    This falls under the same category as ‘saved’ jobs.’ Obuilder is counting on the fact that people: 1) Don’t have a job and can’t afford having work done, 2) Those folks that still have a house, for now, are in foreclosure and can’t have any work done. Finally: 3) Those folks that have a job and a house, but refuse to spend any money until this idiot is out of office….
    Thus….he saves billions of dollars that are not being spent in this new entitlement…the billions going directly to pay for his next ‘project.’ (Hey but wait a second…how did this work?)

  • yttik

    Cash for caulkers?

    Best way to increase jobs is to get your foot off small businesses. In my state we just increased the cost of unemployment insurance and labor and industries. You have to leave people some money to pay wages with or they won’t hire anybody. For goodness sakes, doesn’t this administration know where jobs come from? Apparently not.

  • Jim Schurmann

    Great rant Kevin.
    “Concensus is the forfeiture of leadership.” That pretty much decribes why BHO is so inept at making decisions. He always has to ask his union bosses and Socialist Lib. friends what he should do about every problem that comes up.None of them have ever had to worry about money to make payroll or find Ins. for their employees.All his camp followers sit around in their mutual masterbation society thinking up ways to Socialize the country.

  • Kevin Jackson

    These were very clever comments! Cash for Caulkers! And DaSicilian, great points all!

  • Dennis

    I thought he had a group of white people helping him do this. Kevin, what is the point of criticizing everything? I guess nowa days anyone who claims to be smart can own a blog and run their empty mind or copy from Beck. Where is your originality? Is all you do complain and complain? Relax friend, America is not as bad as you think she is. You act like a whining wh…

  • Dennis

    Too bad you are not the FIRST BLACK of anything. Do I detect jelousy?

  • Dennis


    Which conservative leader stayed away from Keynesian completely? None!!! Just because you can run your mouth IT DOES NOT MEAN you are the expert in Economics, Foreign Politics, Race Relation, Religion. How come you have not contribuited anything to our society yet? Find something original. Putting others down is not a true way to get recognition.

  • jj solari

    putting others down sure works for me Dennis. Want to see?

  • The real Dennis

    Just what you need 2 of me.

  • jj solari

    There are two dennises here. one of them is funny. this other one though, this moaning groaning Negro who is incensed that one of his DNA clansmen has decided to walk the path of individuality rather than the Tribal Imperative that leads to campfires inside 50 gallon drums under bridges… is not. Anyone who uses the word Keynesian is never a fellow traveler with comedy. Only with Marx.

  • Tammy

    If you disagree with ANYTHING that Obama does, you are a racist.
    I can’t believe that you don’t think Hope and Change are the answer.
    You must be like the people in this video.

  • Mick


    Well said. Should mention BHO held a jobs summit last week. The majority of those invited guests were major contributors to his campaign. Was concluded we need more funds for infrastructure. Agree where its significant to repair roads and bridges but these expenditures do not create long-term jobs. Once the road or bridge has been repaired the worker is back on unemployment.

    Energy credits? We already have one that went into effect this year and doesn’t expire until 12/31/10. It was part of the stimulus package. Homeowners could receive a maximun tax credit of 30% up to $1,500 for qualified windows, skylights and doors.

    So the white house is blabbing away about creating jobs with energy credits for various home improvements. What about the one that has already received BHO’s signature?

    Another worthy note has to do with the weekly reduction of approximately $15 in Federal income tax withholding from your paychecks. This more than likely will have to be paid back when you file your 2009 Federal income tax return because the income tax tables were not adjusted to reflect this weekly $15 reduction. Remember our Secretary of the Treasury is also the head honcho at the IRS who himself is a tax evader!!

  • Kevin Jackson

    Yes, an Obama held a summit on government openness in a closed session! This guy is unbelievable!

  • jj solari

    HAHA not to change the subject but i aint seen word one about any dec.7 memorials on all the yahoo crap AO sends my way when i open yahoo. i guess the idea is to not remind people that there was a time when the USA actually used to take VENGEANCE on assholes that attacked us.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @jj – yes, the libs are looking for any distraction to remind us that we FOUGHT for our freedom!

  • Dana

    You gotta love how the President invited union thugs to pow-wow about how to creat jobs! They must get behind closed doors and howl with laughter about how freaking gullible and passive this nation is! There is not a union out there that has a clue how to create jobs. What a joke this administration is. And how damn long are we all just going to sit around and take it?!

  • Julia

    The fact that everyone hasn’t seen through this man’s agenda continues to amaze me as witnessed by one of your visitor Kevin. They blindly, even with the egg running down their face, must be obscuring their vision, support this man. Simply amazing.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Julia – Love the imagery of your comment, and I couldn’t agree more. There is a blind contingent who will follow Obama into the abyss, and I say to them…GO!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Dana – Yes, he invited thugs, repeatedly, and in the spirit of transparency, you have to subpoena records to find out about it! LOL

  • http://google Janelle

    Speaking of thugs, how do all of you feel about the ‘safe schools’ czar, Kevin Jennings?

  • Jim Schurmann

    “Concensus is the forfeiture of leadership”.Pretty much sums up BHO so-called leadership.I think his numbers are dropping in the polls because more and more people are realizing that he’s not a leader. His handlers Acorn,Union bosses and Barney Frank and the rest of the Socialist Libs. are dictating what they want him to say and do.

  • rihsonny

    i’m right with you on kevin jennings. how disgusting he is. i wish someone would get that out into the mainstream more. you up for it kevin. i know it’s on the blogs but you get tv time. maybe hit up beck for a segment on it, with you of course!

  • sem

    First time reader…you had me at Margaret Thatcher. One of my all time favorite quotes!

    That Dennis is a howler! Putting you down to tell you not to put people down. What a jokester! Shocked that you aren’t buying the whole Hoax and Change thing because of your race. Dennis, you kidder!

  • http://google Janelle

    rihsonny, we are known by the associations we keep and foster. I thought Cass Sunstein was insane, until I saw the credentials of this pedophile. This is the man our current President chose.
    This in itself, renders him unfit to be President.

  • Doug

    Another great rant Kevin,

    What do you expect from a crackhead. We are throwing money at him as he is fleecing us.

    Unfortunately he was told by the Harvard crowd how smart he was and he could do anything. Now he believes his own press. unfortunately he has the brain capacity of a fly. We have the same problem over here in Ireland and are now bankrupt. The politicians all blame everyone but themselves. He will bankrupt the USA make his commie friends rich and then move on with that stupid jack ass like smile.

    He should study economics oh thats right that is above his pay grade. what a jack ass.

    From the Emerald Isle where our parliament ( Dail) is full of them not a brain amongst them

  • Doug

    Hey Dennis you dolt wake up and smell the coffee as you will be worse off if this morn who you voted for keeps it up.

    He is trying to take over just about everything from health care to banks to automotive industry and crap and trade carbon taxes to the newspapers and media. Oh I forgot they are already in his pants ( Chris matthews) oh I mean pocket. Hey did we not throw the Brits out over that some years ago. Oh maybe I missed something in my history class. Dennis you moron wake up.

  • http://google gh

    As my father was intimidated by such thugs into unionization when not even his men had any interest, was the hard lesson never forgotten. Later, the same kind of manipulative intimidation crossed my path. Never taught again. Could not stand the Teachers Union thug like manner. Thus, it was a no brainer when Obama and friends came up as a candidate. Keep liberty and free enterprise for citizens alive, please! The Federal and State governments are not to be in this business of accruing wealth or continnuuing the Social Progressive March…not American in the least…check the true spirit and meaning of the COTUS.

  • Dennis

    I went to 2 xmas parties this weekend. yes christmas ,not holiday parties. old school. like 2 years back when people said christmas.

  • Cassandra

    Heard you on M.Berry yesterday and had to check out your blog. Good stuff on here. You have a new fan. Enjoyed this blog and will continue to read on and recommend to others!

  • FA

    What happened to yesterday’s blog???

  • Quobreneree

    Excellent article, amazing looking weblog, added it to my favorites!!

  • Spencer

    The historic speech given that President Obama made after receiving the Noble Peace Prize yesterday makes this site look very ineffectual.

  • jj solari

    Then this probly aint the place for you spencer. we like to run unhelpful critics off. because they annoy the rest of us. they invalidates us. and nobody likes that. you are too smart for us troglodytes. leave us to our ignorance. thanks. bye.

  • jj solari

    spencer, I have familiarized myself with the remarks given by Obowingunderpressureama. What it told me is that he will bend with whatever wind is blowing. His convictions are all over the place depending on what he perceives as the direction of the wind. He, like any dog, can smell trouble, and the trouble his commie muslim philosophy has garnered is scaring the obama out of him. he’s at the end of his tether and is making a 180 turn to stop the conservative tsunami heading his direction. he has no convictions other than the ones he is told to have. his liberal tribal vision is being quenched in a monsoon of backlash. and he’s decided to yield to the common will. which is actually his stupid job. hopefully his congressional mongrel pack will follow suit and start behaving like representatives instead of waddling little potentates.

  • Jim Schurmann

    They say Hitler gave good speechs also. The morons that followed him had the same mentality as the Obamas followers.Spencer do you get a tingle down your leg like Russert?

  • Spencer

    You people really hate it when Obama comes out on top don’t you? All you have to look forward to is Sarah Palin’s run for President in 2012. I feel sorry for you because Palin is stupid, Romney is greasy, Michael Steele is a clown, and McCain is just too old and stiff. You have idiots like Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney speaking for you, Obama has more class in his nose hairs than they have in their whole body. You just don’t have anyone with an ounce of intelligence, and jj this is exactly the right place for me because I love bashing you conservatives with every everything I got. Mr. Schurmann that’s where tingle down my leg comes from, the chance to piss you people off.

  • jj solari

    you couldn’t piss off the raputin. you gut nuthin. you’re a lightweight. stay here and get crushed. you have a last name genius? no. you’re just another anonymous piece of shit.

  • Steve Fischer

    Spencer, my good man your debate techniques are quite refined. You so articulated your position on why health care will work, why spending trillions on government bailouts is good policy, and why Obama deserved a Nobel Peace prize.

    ps. Did you know that the United States is $12 trillion in debt and that 2/3 of it was added since Obama took office, did you know that the senate health care reform will increase your taxes, your premiums and it still will leave about 15 million people without any insurance. If that’s alright with you then I’m more than happy to be an idiot. Good luck and I’ll see you on the welfare line.

  • Mick


    Well we got ourselves another one of those far-left loonies or girlie-boys for short!! Bet you’re a die-hard msnbc viewer and your favorite host is girlie-boy Chris Mathews. The Anointed one sends chills up his leg. Hate to think what he does for you……

    If Sarah Palin is stupid then what do you call the Anointed one? Obama the dimwit…..or is he Obama the liar….and how about what he surrounds himself with? Is there an honest one amongst them? How about his loose cannon VP Biden? How about his treasury secretary? The guy who intentionally avoided paying self employment taxes is the head of the IRS!! Yes I know. The law does not apply to your dumbocrat leaders. How about Charlie Rengel? His intelligence and responsibility has to be questioned especially when he failed to report half of his equity on his financial statements. But, he is a DUMBOCRAT so that should be expected.

    But, then most dumbocrats don’t know their rump from their elbow and after reading your comments you certainly don’t.

  • Mick


    Hope you don’t mind but I have a dumb question for you. Hopefully you’ll be able to answer it. Your Anointed one was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. Do you think his attending one college football game this season puts him in the running for the Heisman Trophy to be presented tommorow (Saturday) night?

  • Dana

    President Obama has excellent speechwriters; most of the time.
    President Obama reads his speeches very well.
    Ergo, President Obama is a great speaker?
    I prefer our country be led by a great leader instead.
    This may well have been his most important speech to date. He had to divert the world’s attention away from the fact that he had done nothing, zip, nadda to deserve a nomination, let alone the award.

  • jj solari

    when you win an award from the scurviest organization on earth and you accept it then it doesnt matter what blathering speech you read off the teleprompter – you’re still a sleaze.

  • Dubious Brother

    Tiger is to Elin as
    Obama is to the USA

    Can a Leopard change its spots or a Tiger its stripes?

    As Elin and the USA are finding out, sometimes it is best to just say “enough with the embarrassment”, “thanks for the Hope and Change” and find a new mate.

    2010 is a stepping stone to 2012.

  • Jordan

    Sir Jackson, I greatly appreciate your sarcasm on all of your videos. You and michael Berrys talk on 12-8 was hilarious

  • Spencer

    Let’s see, jj, Steve, and Mick. You all are a bunch of idiots and jj with your “…stay here and get crush…” what are you doing playing on your game boy of something? The last intelligent Republican political type I can think of was William F. Buckley, Jr. and maybe George Will. The only thing left is a bunch of “ditto-heads” like you who blindly follow that fat slob and closet queen Rush Limbaugh. Come on jj, what you got?

  • jj solari

    I play Halo, Spensy. Don’t fuck with me.

  • Mick


    You asked jj …. what you got …. what language are you attempting to communicate with? You have the audacity to be critical of people who visit this blog on a regular basis but lack the intelligence to answer their questions. Well dumbo I’m still waiting for your answers to my previous questions. But, I’m sure they will remain unanswered because you more than likely can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Of course you can’t Spencer your a DUMBOcrat!!

  • the boc

    Spencer said “The historic speech given that President Obama made after receiving the Noble Peace Prize yesterday makes this site look very ineffectual.”

    The only thing that was historic about that speech was that the prize was given to an unqualified individual and that the Nobel Prize has become nothing more than a prize at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box.

  • Mick

    the boc…and look at recent recipients….Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and now Obama….a bunch of cracker jacks!!

  • Kevin Jackson

    That Nobel Prize speech was hysterical on so many levels, the main one being that Obama himself recognizes that he has done NOTHING to achieve it! The idea of accepting an undeserved award is just too funny! CLASS would have been to turn it down. But NO…Obama is so unsure of himself, he will take a baseless award, and turn it into a turd. He was successful!

  • Chrystopher Smith [R-CA]

    I like your blogs tagline… it is so apt.

  • jj solari

    Dear Spencer; I do not think william buckley was a thinker. not to shock you. I think he was a catholic trying to wedge America into a catholic straight jacket. Inasmuch as the catholic church is founded on the principles of artistotle and thomas aquinas its wisdom is leagues in advance of the tribalism of Liberalism. George will wore a bowtie. only collectivists wear bow ties. so i never trusted george will. rush limbaugh is, as he will readily admit, a commodity for sale. he has made no secret that if he so desired he could argue the liberal cause with as much influence as he can argue the conservative cause. however he has chosen the conservative side and it has paid off in listeners and advertising revenue and a big fat salary. he sees where the money is. something al franken learned the hard way. however he is terrified of the libertarian philosophy, if you can call it that, so he is basically in a bottle too in his ability to learn new knowledge. However he is the greatest spontaneous orator in the English language on earth. But he is a bit creepy. he talks about women and my skin crawls. still, compared to the liberal ideology, which is tribalism, conservatism which is “limited tribalism” is a logical side to advance if one has to advance one side or the other. is this intellectual and debatey and arguey and discussy and chatty enough for you spencer? Will you fucking go away now??

  • Mick

    jj do you realize what you’ve done to poor Spencer? After reading what you wrote him he definitely won’t know which end is up!! You’ve got him all confused….

    Spencer….you learn anything from jj? Bet, you didn’t understand a word he said…did you Spencie? Oops, according to you Spencie I’m an idiot for asking you a question….won’t do it again because it appears you can’t handle questions or don’t know what a question is or what your suppose to do with it. I know, I know you either sit or walk on your brain. No further explanation is necessary Spencie because we have a perfect understanding of your limitations. Now Spencie like a good dumbocrat go cry on Ariana’s shoulder.

  • Spencer

    William F. Buckley, Jr. was the preeminent voice of the American conservative movement, he laid the groundwork for the conservatives views of Sen. Barry Goldwater and your god, President Ronald Reagan. I will reinterate, in my humble opinion William F. Buckley, Jr. appears to be last of the intellictual conservatives. What I like about George Will is, he was the first conservative to realize that the McCain-Palin ticket was a political train wreck about to happen.

    My point is that you people follow the likes of the comedian Rush Limbaugh, who has along with other buffoons such Glen Beck and Sean Hannity caused a great dumbing down of your beloved party. These clowns have managed to debunk conservative ideas about the failures of goverment solutions, the wisdom of markets, the necessity of sound money and balanced budgets, or the need for prudence in foreigh policy. In short, there seems to be a lack of serious thinkers in the forefront of conservative politics these days.

    All you have left is Sarah Palin, here’s an intelligent quote from her, “I think on a national level your Department of Law would look at some things that we’ve been charged with…” the Department of Law? Is this your next serious candidate for 2012? I hope so, it will ensure President Obama another four years. JJ, your little rant was neither “debatey or arguey” but rather stupid to say the least. And Mick, if I refer to you as an idiot please don’t take it personal because that’s what you are. And now here you are lowering your self-esteem by being a self-serving sycophant to JJ. Mick, the reason I didn’t answer your “dumb question” is because it was dumb question.

  • Dennis

    Has anyone seen Mr. Jackson?

  • Mick

    Okay SPENCIE you didn’t answer my question having to do with the Heisman Trophy and yes I did refer to it as a dumb question because it was for a dumb person. Now my comment before that question asked you a couple questions about your Anointed One Obama and certain members of his cabinet and other members of Congress. There were quite a few of them and I knew before you read them you didn’t posess the inteligence to answer them.

    According to you I’m lowering my self esteem because I agree with what jj comments on you and let my opinion be known. The only reason I did that Spencie is because your are dingaling.

    Oh Spencie you consider me an idiot well you’re nothing but an imbecilic moron. And you are thick as a brick and not nearly as useful.

  • Spencer

    I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting you really believe what you just said. You have a great fear of Barack Obama, I wonder why?

  • Rhapsody

    Conservatives are afraid of everyone, if they weren’t the wouldn’t be conservatives.

  • Mick

    Simply stated SPENCER you are downright stupid! The fear of your Anointed one has to do with what my wife and I are paying in taxes and what we will be in the future due to his rewarding failure and penalizing success.


  • Rhapsody

    Why are you guys so angry with each other, calling each other names. Whew!!!

  • James W. Sheely

    Mick is trying to straighten that boy out, leave him be. We don’t need any bleeding heart liberals on this site.

  • jj solari

    spencer i know you’re proudhome with just another philosopher’s name. you’re as transparent as a bob mackie dress. and not as pretty.

  • Spencer

    I really piss you off do I jj? Good!

  • Mick

    Oh Spencie you are nothing but one of those msnbc’s Chris Mathews girlie boy’s…..Obama sends chills up you girlie boys legs. You should be at Ariana’s blog girlie-boy spencie….bye bye. Chrisie is going to spank you Spencie.

  • jj solari

    Spencer denser, unless you’re barak obama i guarantee you you’re not pissing me off. the only reason i’m on the internet at all is because obama’s president. when he’s out of office I’ll be off this blog and the web. you are less annoying to me than that guy over there’s hemorrhoid.

  • Samuel Stevens

    The little boy was right when he asked Obama, “Why do they hate you so much?” The Republican party possess a very scary hate for him.

  • James W. Sheely

    I am not a Republican, but I do consider myself a Conservative. Let me answer your question before Kevin comes around to rip you apart, and he will. We really don’t hate him (at least some of us don’t) he just stands for things we don’t. For example, I personally do not agree with his health plan. We are known for the best health care in the world, why throw that away?

    It needs to be changed, but not so drastically, I would like to be able to choose my own doctor. I have a family of four and I earn at least 90 thousnd a year. According to ObamaCare, I will have to purchase my own health care plan which will cost me over 15 thousand dollars annually.

    Another thing is his view on abortion, most Conservatives are pro-life, whereas Obama is pro-choice. Not to mention he has spent more money in his first year than any other president has in the first four, how can that be helping the country? Democrats spent eight years complaining about President Bush, surely you would allow us the same courtesy when it comes to President Obama.


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