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The lamestream, state-run media is always good for a laugh, and this laugh has to do with the recent jobless claims.  They are exuberant because as the AP headline reads, “New jobless claims fall unexpectedly to 457K”.  So only 457 THOUSAND people lost their jobs this go-round!  Come to think of it, that IS good news in Obama’s vida loca.

First-time claims for unemployment insurance dropped by 5,000 to a seasonally adjusted 457,000, the lowest total since the week of Sept. 6, 2008, the Labor Department said Thursday. Wall Street economists expected an increase, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters.

Would you let a Wall Street economist babysit your “chirrens?”  Me neither! So the idea that they expected an increase is supposed to actually mean something? Plus, aren’t we supposed to be mad at Wall Street for something?

Well I didn’t get my degree from Wall Street, but I do speak “economy”—it’s similar to Austrian.  And what the economy is saying is that it has cut the fat, and is now cutting into muscle!  Actually, the economy has been cutting muscle like a Jihadist since Jan of 2009, and putting band aids on throat cuts. Yet AP can see the positive signs in all of this as they continually point out in their article, saying quite contradictory that they expect the economy to continue to add jobs, as it…cuts more jobs. 

And the 10.2% unemployment—you know, the number that “Stimulus the Lying Greek” would not let happen—well it did, and it will continue to rise, providing even more “Obama Hope” for the coming year!  This good news just in time for the Christmas season!

And things just keep getting better, as you can see here:

A Labor Department analyst said the closing of state unemployment offices for last week’s Thanksgiving holiday was responsible for some of the decline.

I’m not even sure what this means, but it reeks of “liberal math” and Obama’s definition of transparency! I’m just guessing here, but either they under-reported unemployment, since the offices were closed on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.  Could it be?  Find out next week, ObamaNation fans, when the lamestream media asks The Messiah, “Is that a brat or just a straight up hotdog you’re eating, Sir?!!”

Despite all this “Holiday” cheer, the report does become somewhat negative, as noted here:

But the Federal Reserve said in a report Wednesday that employers in most regions are reluctant to hire new workers, even as the economy stages a modest recovery.  Meanwhile, the number of people claiming unemployment benefits for more than a week rose by 28,000 to 5.5 million, the department said. Analysts had expected a decline.

Holy Ginsu…but WAIT! “…the number of people claiming unemployment…rose by 28,000…”  Eight minus five add the twenty…well that’s just complicated math.  It does appear however to this bumpkin that 28,000 jobs lost is more than the aforementioned 5,000 who got off unemployment insurance?

This morsel may provide the REAL answer to the recovery:

That total doesn’t include millions of unemployed Americans that are receiving benefits under extended programs paid for by the federal government.  About 4.5 million people were receiving extended benefits in the week ended Nov. 14, the latest data available. That’s an increase of about 300,000 from the previous week. The jump is a result of Congress adding another 14 to 20 weeks of extra benefits last month, the fourth extension since the recession began and the longest total extension on record.

 Here’s the wrap:

It is evident that this recovery is working…in China.  Unemployment is holding steady at 10.2% though it could rise more, and is projected to be as high as 17% since many have quit looking for jobs.

And there is the hopeful sign that employers are reluctant to hire, since that prevents Obama from having to create or save any new jobs.

But perhaps the best holiday cheer for America is we are confident that we finally have a leader we can TRUST in this vida loca!

That’s my rant!

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  • Dana

    Kevin, you big tease! Well, you know we get antsy when we don’t get a regular blog, but understand you’re a busy man now and you’re out there spreading the truth. Happy holidays and dare I say it? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • CavesWoman (Terri)

    Just curious, where do those, like the ones in my HOUSE, who have graduated high school and cannot find jobs yet do not qualify for unemployment as they never worked before, fall? They do not even count them do they?

  • Jim Schurmann

    It always amazes me that the so-called EXPERTS were surprised at the numbers.Why do people even listen to these idiots when their forcasts are always wrong.
    Of course the numbers are going to go down. If you have 10 employees and you cut as many as you can and still make a profit you can’t cut any more without hurting the bottom line. That doesn’t mean the economy is picking up.The lamestream media is overlooking the obvious to make BHO look good.

  • Mick

    Kevin you hit the nail on the head when you said “And what the economy is saying is that it has cut the fat and is now cutting the muscle”. Wall Street money managers and those never right economists will not mention that statement and if they do they will somehow attempt spinning it positively.

    The Labor Dept analyst was correct when he said the Thanksgiving holiday was responsible for the weekly decline in new claims filed for unemployment. A week of filing new claims runs from Mon thru Fri. These weekly claims are made public the following Thur. What was reported yesterday was the Thanksgiving shortened week of Mon thru Wed. The reason why the continuing claims rose by only 28,000 when compared to the prior week is because of those claimants who are no longer eligible to receive unemployment benefits are removed from the calculation.

    Other notable facts that Wall Streed pundants and economists will not tell you are: 1. At the end of Oct under and unemployment was 17.5%. Underemployment are those people who are now part-time vs full-time employees and those who had to take a job with less responsibility and pay. 2. Total unemployed does not include those people who are no long eligible to receive unemployment benefits or those who are no longer looking for a job because there are no available jobs in their area.

    Of course employers are reluctant to hire. There is no way they can forecast their cash flow with all the uncertainty that they will have to deal with in 2010. They cannot project what effect the proposed tax increases, cap and trade and health care reform will have on their bottom line. If you cannot estimate your cash flow there is no way business will hire new employees or make capital improvements. And, of course, the president does not have one advisor that ever ran a business or who had to hire people and obtain a line of credit and maintain that line. But, what he does have leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Mick


    No they aren’t counted and aren’t part of any statistic.

  • FA

    You are correct Terri. The 10+% that the schmooze-media keeps throwing around is the number of people actively receiving unemployment.
    Does not include anyone that is not receiving unemployment benefits for whatever reason.
    I have also seen the logic that the ‘actual’ measure of people who can/want/need to work but are not currently employed is a bit over the 17% mark.
    The unemployment rate should be renamed so that it is less misleading (although that is what the lamestream media and this administration is all about, right?? Misdirection.)
    The 10.7% number should really be labeled the “Drawing unemployment from the government under the non-extended coverage plan”. Of course calling it this will not stick in folks’ minds like one word will…so its an easy target for misdirection.

    17+% of Americans who want and/or need to work cannot find jobs. Last time I checked the numbers that falls somewhere around 25 million. (I’m leaving out disabled, ill and retired from this category)

  • FA

    wow, the whole gang’s here! Last 3 posts happened while I was typing mine!

    Mick, had the same conversation yesterday (I work for a very large financial institution) with regards to why companies aren’t hiring….

    Here is what it comes down to:
    Where we are today reflects the ‘equilibrium state’ of America’s markets.
    Companies cut to the bone, develop greater efficiencies, streamline operating costs, etc to stay in business.

    The # of jobs in the country today is the # that our current ‘market’ can technically support. To create more jobs means that either a) A new source of demand has to be created from somewhere; b) companies need to become LESS efficient; c) based on speculation (what got us in trouble in the first place) companies would have to produce excess inventory (requiring more people) in the hopes that consumers would come.

    It is easy to think “If you build it they will come”. But it isn’t true. The cycle that appears logical takes too long to catch up. if we make more stuff, creating more jobs thus placing more money into the consumer $$ pool thus creating more consumers and more need for products….you get the picture, we’ve all thought it.
    Problem is, people are scared, more scared than companies. If they get that job, this time they really WILL save for that rainy day. saving 3-6 months take-home pay takes a couple of years. Companies that over-produce for a couple of years waiting for the consumer market to catch up will show losses and won’t last those 2 years, their stocks will be in the toilet and they will either go belly up, get acquired or get taken over by the gov’t (Oshmama’s plan).

    So basically we’re screwed. Until someone invents a new ‘thing’ like the home PC, the cell phone or something of that scale, this will not get better. It may stabilize, but it will not get better.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Caves – No they do not count them! Never worked but looking is not counted! CXertainly not in ObamaNation!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Dana – Hey I really enjoyed just parsing an article, and giving it my “comedic and satirical stylings!”

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Jim – I agree! Who are these “experts?” I’d love to debate them on next week’s numbers!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Mick – Astute thought my friend.

  • Dennis

    I can’t even get a job with Diddy.

  • Karen Richmond

    Oh, but stop you all. Don’t you know that Obama is going to save us all with his new green jobs? I swear that the man cannot grasp the concept that people are losing jobs in industries that have not one single freaking thing to do with construction or energy efficiency.

    I think his most recent message is that if your skills can’t be converted into a green job then pick our your cardboard box now because you’ll be living in it until at least 2012.

  • Julia

    There is a reason this summit was held during the season, so they could buff the numbers. Don’t forget all the people doing temp work right now at the stores only to be laid off when Christmas is over. People doing anything and everything to hold off the inevitable unemployment line. Great post Kevin and missed reading your daily or frequent blogs, do realize however that you are a busy man these days.

  • http://google Janelle

    Thanks to all, you lift my mood immensely! Just take heart, 2010 is going to be here soon and mid-term elections usually swing in the opposite direction. Given the current mood…. this could be a bloodbath for Congress. I certainly wouldn’t suggest that the Republican Party hasn’t brought this on themselves, but I’m heartened that so many people are paying very close attention to legislation from both sides. One bill at a time, legislators, and sign an affidavit that you have read it.

  • Joe

    The “experts” are experts at everything except getting it right. When I find work, I hope it is in a field where I can be wrong all the time and still get paid…you know, like the weatherman and other experts.

  • Karen

    I can hear the headlines now. 100% unemployment rate but GOOD NEWS! No jobs were lost this month! Things are definitely looking up.

  • jj solari

    Obama wants everyone to be farmers on State distributed land. Industry is evil. this is the hundred year old Marxist victory cry that refuses to die.

  • DefendUSA

    Yeah, you know, the useful idiots are really touting how the PIed Piper has quelled the recession because the unemployment numbers were down two tenths!! The actual real numbers of 17+ percent are of no consequence.

    I myself have stopped looking for now. Can I afford it? Nope. I have applied for 41 jobs physically, in the last year and countless times online, as this is the way some places do things exclusively…and had a total of 13 interviews. I am usually “over-qualified.” Maybe if I learn to habla espanol, and lie on my resume, I’ll get hired. Because I do want to work! Funny thing about the producers in this Country, hey? They are ready, willing and able, but not at the top of the food chain to be hired.

    TARP is actually causing job loss. Were these unintended consequences? My spouse is self-employed. If his ship goes down, we cannot collect unemployment. We pay the taxes for the small businesses like every one else, yet we are not protected. Just another piece of the destroy America plan, I suppose. I keep saying the truth will set you free…Too bad those running the Country are so out of touch and the followers are wearing horse blinders. It would suck to be them when the shit hits the fan!!

  • the boc

    I work for a local county school board. These guys are starting furloughs and beginning to take advantage of people because they know we are afraid that when the hammer falls for lay offs, no one wants to lose their job. I am in a position with enough experience to be making more money but I’m not making enough to sustain my family. I am told “At least you have a job.” What do I do? Bitch about it and risk losing it or shut up and continue on taking the eating the bullshit? Their are guys making four times as much as me who do absolutely nothing. Bureaucracy at it’s best!!!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Karen – I know one job loss I could live with…Obamas! I know. You were way ahead of me on that one!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Julia – Back when I was checking my stats every 2 minutes, I was blogging more. But I got busy, and frankly got tired of being a “stat whore” and decided those who love me will stay and those who are fickle will come back…WHEN I’M LARGE AND IN CHARGE! So it’s a win win!

  • Kevin Jackson

    GREAT point, DEFEND. Self-employed pay double the unemployment tax, yet collect nothing!!

  • Nancy

    Kevin, I am watching the Glen Beck show about “the people the media does not want you to know exist”. I was very happy to see you on there. There are a lot of educated people there. That is nice to see. Sure wish you could have talked more. Take care and keep up the good work.
    Hope to see you more often.

  • jj solari

    Democrats show compassion for Bob – who they don’t know – by committing an atrocity on Bill – who they don’t know either. They call this “fair.”

  • http://google Janelle

    I have never put a bumper sticker on my car, but the one I would use would read ” Recycle Congress”. As often as possible.

  • http://google gh

    Kevin lifted hope with the realization that this group of avid Progressive Socialists, will meet their Waterloos very soon. Janelle, I think, reminded me that 2010 for certain will give pink slips to just about every Congress person possible. I only bet everyone, to not fall for their last minute and ever cleverly manipulative ways of convincing us they are the good guys…rather, sit back, watch their show, and KNOW that is just and only that! We’ve truly had enough of them. They don’t even respect the Constitution. Pathetic. 👿

  • Jamie

    Ah yes…unemployment dropped last week…along with Odummasses polling points. I’m currently working two jobs, not making as much with both as I used to at one, and am thrilled to be able to take care of my family for the time being. My two jobs now are in a field that I used to laugh at, but now it sustains my family. Oh well, Oblamo says it’s getting better, so it must be, right? God help us all.

  • http://google gh

    Kevin brought a little glint of new beginnings with the assuredness, things will become more honorably Constitutional come 2010, or a great light that blinds Congress and the Administration to see the light! Just, please all, imo, be weary of the show these individuals play to stay…not again. They have a record, as John McCain kept trying to tell everyone in his gentle way…and if you look to see, their records say….. no way!

  • Dennis

    I went to 2 xmas parties this weekend. yes christmas ,not holiday parties. old school. like 2 years back when people said christmas.

  • Gadsden

    Wait until the 2010 census gets fully underway. They will no longer count the massive numbers of unemployed folks who will become temporarily employed by the Census Bureau. Those jobs may only last a few weeks, but I know the lamestream will ride that positive spin.

    Thank you, Kevin.


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