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tiger-woods-affairThere has been much discussion about Tiger’s choice of mistresses, and the fact that none of them were black. I found this laughable at first, thought that people were joking.  They were not.  So as I pondered the Left’s ability to demagogue race in all circumstances, I concluded that the Left is showcasing their racism yet again. Tiger has been left by the Left; dangling on that flimsy limb, yes, all because none of his mistresses were black.

Liberals are amazingly silent in speaking for Tiger Woods. Maybe they don’t quite know how to handle the major screw up of one of their own who appears wholesome, dare I say, “conservative!” Up to now, Tiger has played it by the book for the Left. Woods provided that glimmer of hope that the Left could be redeemed.

Early on Tiger declared himself a multi-racial person, to a degree denying his blackness, thus encompassing all people.  Earl Woods was half African-American, a quarter Chinese and a quarter American Indian, and Tiger’s mother Kultida is half Thai, a quarter Chinese and a quarter Dutch. Let’s see, this makes Tiger a quarter Chinese, a quarter black, a quarter Thai, an eighth American Indian, and an eight Dutch. Talk about your rainbow coalition!

The “power Left” , aka white elitist loved Tiger’s multi-cultural stance, however Tiger’s declaration angered black folks.  The racist elitists won, and Tiger was vindicated in the lamestream media.  He was allowed to be “multi-racial with no emphasis on being black.”  This distinction actually trumps the race card!

Tiger got back in the good graces of blacks by attending the Abomination of Obama, known to the Left as the Inauguration.  A number one showing up to support THE one.  Yet today, the poster child for ‘multi-racial with no emphasis on being black’ achievement has been left by the Left in his time of need.

When you consider that Liberal knucklehead Whoopi Goldberg was willing to give Roman Polanski the benefit of the doubt for raping a 13-year old girl, coming to the defense of Woods would have been a no brainer.  Perhaps Whoopi’s silence on this subject is based on the shellacking she received by the Left for dating Hollywood hunk, Ted Danson.  Steve Buscemi, perhaps; but Danson?! H-E-double crooked socks NO!  Jewish name notwithstanding, a “fugly” black chick like Goldberg simply cannot cross the color barrier with a bona fide Hollywood hunk!  Socialist please!

And where is Reverend “Baby Daddy”?  This is a perfect scenario for Jesse Jackson to offer Woods his counsel, and some obviously much needed spiritual advice.  Jackson was “Johnny on the spot” when Bill Clinton was caught in The Lewinski Incident, parlaying Clinton’s mea culpa into an ambassadorship to The Dark Continent.  Who knows, by supporting Tiger in this time of crisis, Jackson might have replaced Stevie Williams as Tiger’s caddy—a very lucrative position.  But Jackson has remained uncharacteristically silent.  I guess as long as the indiscretion is not inter-racial, Reverend Baby Daddy will allow himself to chime in, as he did with Clinton.  Perhaps Jackson has no experience with inter-racial infidelities, as Jackson’s own dalliance was with a sista; the rumor is that sista wasn’t the only one, however.

As Cleavon Little said in Blazing Saddles, “Where da white women at?”  For Jackson, there are none.  He wouldn’t dare have “gone outside of his race” to mess around. Because Jackson has no interest in white “womens.”  Or does he?

Ex-president Bill Clinton could have stepped up, come to Tiger’s aid, provided guidance to the young brotha. Yet Clinton has abandoned one of his own, if you consider that many black folks considered Clinton the first black president.  Clinton too has left Tiger high and dry, subject to the whims of public scrutiny.  Clinton hasn’t even invoked the Liberal spin machine to help form opinion about Tiger, turn Tiger’s bad into a good.  Like all things Democrat, the real first black president, who happens to be fish-belly white has abandoned Tiger faster than Rosie O’Donnell can eat a chicken wing.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed on this black man that Clinton only messed around with white women. For his loyalty to the Democrat policy of staying true to his race, the Left stood firmly with Clinton, protecting him as a mother bear would her cubs. They said things like, “His private life is his own affair!” And “It’s a vast right-wing conspiracy to bring a brother down.”

And who’s helping Elin?  Hillary hasn’t run to Tiger’s wife Elin to provide solace, and more importantly to teach her how to parlay this incident into a faux political career.  To make a silk purse from a pig’s ear.  Shouldn’t this be Elin’s time to ride the coattail of Tiger, maybe enter the LPGA?  So what Elin doesn’t play golf! Hillary was a housewife turned Senator for goodness sake!  Now she is 4th in line for the presidency!

0000369337-002Here’s the wrap:

Tiger broke the first rule of Democrat racism:  Don’t step out of your race…boy! Tiger had MANY races to choose from.  People may think I’m being facetious, but ask yourself these questions:  Would Clinton have been elected if he were married to a black woman?  Would Obama have been elected if Michelle were white? Of course not! In the case of Obama, the Guilters wouldn’t have felt quite so guilty.  For blacks, this would have been Obama’s Tiger scenario.

Black racists are willing to overlook your infidelities, rally behind you and be your most vehement supporters, just as they did Clinton… as long as you honor the Democrat racist code and remain within your race.  Guilters feel the same.  With all Tiger’s nationalities he had many chances to avoid the wrath of the Left.

The irony is that no blacks got hurt by any of this.  The real victim here is Stevie Williams, Tiger’s caddie…the kiwi white guy.  Stevie could lose about $1M, if Tiger decides to take the most expensive punishment for infidelity in the history of man by skipping golf this year…$180M.  Then again, the stimulus could kick in and save Tiger’s and Stevie’s jobs, so there is “hope.” 

To think that for the Left all of this bad press could have been avoided—if Tiger had just chosen ONE black mistress.

That’s my rant!

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Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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  • BlogLogic

    My thoughts exactly Kevin! You Rock-more people should know about you. :)

  • Kevin Jackson

    @BlogLogic – Thanks! Be sure the everybody about me and my BOOK! Most like what they get when they follow my work!

  • W

    Kevin – what is the date of the pic of Clinton and Jackson? That man to the right, behind Clinto looks like William Crowe, who has passed away. Just wondering . . . Thanks!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @W – No idea on the pic

  • Hater4real

    Once again Kevin is lost. Ok we get it you make a living pointing out so called black racist to white people. One day you have to get over the fact that your parents did love you. Kevin is a tap dancer for white dollars.

    • Severin Aimé

      AMEN! This post is filled with more self-hatred than a Clarence Thomas autobiography. Juan Williams doesn't need a therapist, Mr. Jackson does, or at least an editor. Is ANY of this based on a factual statement?? Or could he be a foil meant to turn Blacks further off any conservative ideas??? SMH!!!

  • Gadsden

    Great article, Kevin. You so eloquently outlined how the left cherry-picks whom or what they choose to support for their own convenience, while ignoring justice.

    Keep shining the light on these ever-so-obvious idealogues!! They can’t hide behind lies forever.

    Thanks again, Kevin.

  • Mick


    Well said. I live in New England and most mornings I turn the radio on to WEEI Sports. The show is called Dennis and Callahan, both are republicans and both trash Obama almost daily. They have the highest listening audience in New England. After they exhausted sports and sporting events they switch to trashing Obama and the rest of the dumbocrats. They are quite funny. But, lately they’ve spent a lot of time on Tiger. Their show was where I first heard Tiger never had a black mistress. They presented it with humor. Quite funny. BUT, this is just another example how ridiculous racist/racism has become since Obama became president.

    During the primary season many black people switched their support from Hillary to Obama. This in turn pissed Bill Clinton off. Plus he was pissed becasue of everything he did for the black people when he was president. And when he wanted and needed their help for Hillary they turned their back on hom.

    The liberal press is responsible for the ridiculousness of what they have caused racism and racist to become.


      Thank YOU SO MUCH .. Well Said !!! Just curious if Obama was the president of England would the press still ride on the "racism" coat tail ? My husband spent 20 years in and out of the U.S in the military. He's now retired and we want to go BACK to England or Iceland because this "FREE" country loves racism. The best way to fight racism is LET IT GO !!!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Hater – At least I had parents…

    • Severin Aimé

      Your pettiness is beyond pathetic man. Calling folks "silly Negroes" accomplishes what exactly??? Just scummy…..

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Gadsden – Glad you got it. The troll Hater is one of those “silly Negros” who are the ones making money off these types of issues. Too stupid to have paid attention in school, and too stupid to wake up as adults!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Mick – It’s easy to ridicule Obama and the fools in his administration. It is simply too funny to watch!

  • jj solari

    As an accomplished white tap dance I take exception to hater’s tap dancing slur. just for the record.

  • Tuesday

    Wow…great read! Your points are spot on. 😉

  • jj solari

    in an effort to clarify my previous remark, as an accomplished white tap dan CER….I take exception to Hater’s tap dancing slur. You would be lucky if you could tap dance yourself, Hater. It ain’t easy. It’s not something you come by by wishing, unlike government treats if you are a democrat. In fact, hater: most black people 99% of em cant actually tap dance at all. I know what i’m talking about. And the ones that can: cant tap dance as good as me. So tap dancing is, as far as I’m concerned, a white thing. you cant even get your racism right.

  • Bev4FairTax

    Call me suspicious but all the attention to Tigers’ sex life sure takes the non-thinking public’s pea-brain off the REAL problems facing this nation…lets say….TOTAL BANKRUPTCY FORCED ON US WITH CAP AND TRADE, GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE. We face an enslavement of entire future generations because of out-of-control spending and our ridiculous silence on maintaining a tax code that drives businesses off shore and keeps Americans chained to ever-rising taxes. When will America stop giving so much attention to who and what someone sleeps with and start waking up to who is really being screwed…..the working man and woman! The real racism we face is found every time some politician proposes a program that makes it easy for people to stay unemployed and living off handouts dribbled down to them by government in the form of welfare. The Big Black Lie tells it like it is.

  • Rhapsody

    Tiger had a tryst with twelve white women, he doesn’t need a marriage counselor he needs diversity training.

  • Gadsden

    Right on, Bev. Tiger cannot do ANYTHING that directly affects us. Tiger can’t pass legislation, create laws that impede our daily freedoms or put constraints on our private lives, jobs or mortality.

    The Tiger Woods story is the right hand we are to watch while the left hand steals our proverbial wallet.

  • Gadsden

    Oh…..And our literal wallet as well.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Rhapsody – Your comment made me chuckle!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Dennis – I agree that Tiger was prolific in his quest for “strange,” and Earl should have told him not to marry until he was 40.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Bev – Keep in mind that despite ObamaNation, life goes on and people take interest in these types of things. Nobody’s taking their eye off the communists running the country! Hang in there!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @jj – Tap dancer! I don’t have the WORDS! Just razzing you…

  • rjschwarz

    What are the chances any black mistresses had the good graces to keep silent? Or that they are less available to the touring golf playing playboy.

  • Dmitry

    I should say that I find this blood count (25% this, 25% those etc.) extremely disgusting, very similar to the nazi counting rules (more than 25% jewish). And noticing skin color is akin to KKK clothes: it can happen that a decent person wears them, but highly unlikely.

  • Just Some Guy

    This paragraph is fascinating:

    “Tiger broke the first rule of Democrat racism: Don’t step out of your race…boy! Tiger had MANY races to choose from. People may think I’m being facetious, but ask yourself these questions: Would Clinton have been elected if he were married to a black woman? Would Obama have been elected if Michelle were white? Of course not! In the case of Obama, the Guilters wouldn’t have felt quite so guilty. For blacks, this would have been Obama’s Tiger scenario.”

    I fit roughly into the “Guilter” category, and I have to admit you’re right. The other comment (blacks wouldn’t do a 90/10 for a race-cheating Obama) seems equally correct. Very interesting.

  • Dana

    I really haven’t heard of anyone coming to Tiger’s defense. And who in their right mind would? I would be disappointed by anyone who tried to defend his behavior. As for the white chick thing. Tiger’s got all the races but white running through his blood; boinking white girls was simply his form of affirmative action for whites.

  • Bret

    “declared himself a multi-racial person”

    I think he was just explaining his heritage to people.

  • Just Some Guy

    Actually, though, I think Clinton would have had an even easier election and re-election if he had been married to a black woman. Hillary was an obnoxious bitch who gained no votes at all for Bill, and Perot and Bush (and then Perot and Dole) certainly split whatever white-racist vote there was out there. If Bill had been married to Michelle, say, plenty of Guilters would have liked him for it.

  • wuzzagrunt

    It’s nice to see the African-American community upholding tradition. The “One Drop Rule” might very well have become an historical footnote if not for the efforts of the professional victims who keep it alive.

    The funny part about all this is that I–a decidedly white American–do not think of Tiger or Barack as black. Tiger Woods is definitely multi-racial, and Barack Obama looks black but acts white. He is utterly unconvincing when he “talks black”. Al Gore does a better job of that.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Wazza – Wassup! I agree that Gore is more black than Obama. Thanks for bringing up the “one drop rule.”

  • Kevin Jackson

    @JustSomeGuy – If you want to see the Lib white community abandon Clinton, let him have been married to a black chick! There is NO way he would have been elected with a
    “sista” as his wife! Those racist Libs would have treated him like Clarence Thomas!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Dana – I’d say Tiger was giving reparations to white women, you think?

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Dmitry – Hey it is what it is. Nobody knows the % of our bloodlines, but I don’t find it that big of a deal.

  • Scott M

    As a very astute black woman I work with observed, the cliche of black men (of which Tiger really isn’t) choosing women outside their race once the option becomes available, re a successful career at whatever, is NOT a problem with America. It is a problem with black America. There’s an insecurity problem there that needs to be addressed…by black men and women.

    The fact that this was coming from a lower-middle-class black woman in her 40’s said a lot to me. Personally, I feel black America can’t have it both ways. You can’t pine for integration across the American spectrum and then circle the wagons over who’s sex partners are which color.

    It smacks of the most vile sort of hypocrisy which I believe Kevin has detailed sufficiently.

  • Just Some Guy

    Kevin wrote: “@JustSomeGuy – If you want to see the Lib white community abandon Clinton, let him have been married to a black chick! There is NO way he would have been elected with a “sista” as his wife! Those racist Libs would have treated him like Clarence Thomas!”

    No, you’re wrong. Let me state a hypothesis based on years of observation: those on one side of a political debate are lousy at analyzing/explaining the other side. For example, conservatives today have little clue why health care is such a big deal to Democrats (I think it’s because health care is a Holy Grail issue for them, but see below for disclaimer), and liberals tend to think that when conservatives don’t like black candidates it’s because they’re racist.

    I’m a generally conservative (fiscally, not socially…so really libertarian) white male, so I don’t know much about liberal attitudes, though I try constantly to understand them.

    But liberal whites would have had no problem with Clinton and a black wife. They’d mostly have liked it, and he’d have gained some conservatives like me as well, because he wouldn’t have seemed such a hypocrite. After all, Clinton was a great conservative POTUS!

    Kevin, you’re doing good stuff here. I’ll be coming back. And I love that you engage commenters! Probably you’ll outgrow that as you gain a big following, but thanks for discussing stuff with us down here.

  • Jim Schurmann

    Thats what I like about this blog. You hear from real people who are working hard instead of Lib. reporters and Politicians.

  • Scott M

    @Just Some Guy

    Think about the razor-thin margin Clinton won that first election by (mostly owing to Ross Perot). 1991, had he had something like an interracial marriage as part of the mix, I don’t think he would had that margin and Bush Sr, would have remained in office. Granted, Clinton was smart enough to roll with the GOP 1994 elections, which probably wouldn’t have occurred at all under a Bush Sr second term.

    For my own part, one of only two silver linings with Obama’s election are that the USA did not have to suffer through Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton and possibly loose forever any clinging vestige of a government free of royalty. The second silver lining is that Obama is governing just like he said he would and the middle-right in this country (the biggest chunk o’ people) are waking up with a vengeance.

  • madmath1

    I have a Filipino wife and I get so much sneers and hate comments from liberals who use the words “race traitor”. My wife, who thought I was exaggerating about the leftist hatred and insanity, now realize I wasn’t kidding when I warned her about the “progressive’s” resistance agaist our martial interests. She gets it worse from the “brothas and sistas” of our society and no longer can stand to be near them (and she thought the crab mentality from her home was bad). When she passes the citizen test, she’s going to be one of the few rarieties of going to vote conservative. The left needs to trend softly as interracial marriages are on the rise (gee, I wonder why?) and it’s African American men (again, gee I wonder why, just look at how their women treat them like Michelle who’s the norm, not the exception), as a percentage by group, that marry interracially the most. I can’t but wonder seeing this isn’t putting a chink in the amour of racism.

  • Pervy Grin

    So Tiger didn’t have any black mistresses–he didn’t have any Asian mistresses either and he’s more Asian than black! Why are we so hung up on skin color and why is it all just black and white. Asians really get no respect in this country.

  • somaking

    OMG Funny! I’m a fan.

  • http://Instapundit Paul Hummell

    First time here Kevin. Right on the money and funny too. Keep calling people out !

  • astral swamper

    Very witty Kevin. Refreshing!

  • jj solari

    It’s a fact, Kev. I ain’t lyin’. If this was a backyard conversation i would have you rollin on the ground from this white boy’s tap dance adventures in Watts. But enough of that. Back to Barak bashin’.

  • curmudgeoninchief

    The PGA will miss El Tigre more than he will miss them. I predict that The Striped One will appear in a European, Middle Eastern, or Asian tournament more than once in 2010, but not in a PGA event.

    When the PGA gets the word out that its time to stop hammering their guy, and puts pressure on the advertisers, Tiger will show up again, with his family in tow.

    And some of these PGA players need to keep their heads on a swivel; there are a lot of ambitious ex-girlfriends and ladies of easy virtue out there who have stories to tell about them, too.

  • DaSicilian

    I thought we lived in a society where we have the freedom to putter around with any one we wish. I guess this makes moot the point that he has not made a hole in just one. I wonder what color ball he uses when golfing in the snow?

  • Scott M

    “I wonder what color ball he uses when golfing in the snow?”

    As that’s a perfect euphemism for a blackesque Tiger nailing a bunch of white girls, I’d say his balls are colored in a nice shade of irony now.

  • Terrence d’Acondia

    Folowed to it’s logical conclusion, leftist racist will probably advocate overturning Loging vs. Virgina:

    Could lynching be far behind for men of color who flee the liberal plantation?

  • jj solari

    marriage is great aint it? it turns men into total whimpering douchebags. i bet democrats created marriage. if i got caught in that mess i’d just say “God made me a primate and gave me a penis. Thank you. Lookout, the golf clubs are fallin’ cause the strip club’s callin’, gotta go.” that would be the end of it. i’d let the lawyers and the old lady suck me dry, get a divorce and go win another 50 billion dollars on the links, never get married again and hit the whore trail once again. Cant wait to see his new teeth.

  • Terrence d’Acondia

    Whups! Lot should be “Loving” v Virginia:

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Scott M – His balls are a perfect shade of “irony”…ROFLMAO

  • Kevin Jackson

    DaSicilian – Clever stuff, with all the golf double entendres!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @somaking & Paul – Welcome. Tell others. Enjoy the fire!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Jim – Thanks for the props. Please come back and bring other conservatives. We do torture libs if you capture one!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @madmath1 – Yes Libs are equal opportunity racist. The Dem platform of the 1864 and going forward was mean to Asians! I plan to let the Asians know this!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Scott – You are right, no cake and eating it too! Not here. I want to wake black folks up so more can produce than consume. Then I can take the lock off my refrigerator!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @rjschwarz – Try keeping a black chick quiet! Please! Tiger’s dalliances would be all over Ebony and Jet, and BET!

  • Will

    Very funny and so true.

  • Dubious Brother

    I have a feeling that Tiger’s lack of interest in black women may have come from his father’s opinion of black women which was reportedly not favorable. Tiger does not consider himself black and he is playing a white man’s game in a white country club world. His list makes sense from that standpoint.

    As far as no Asian women on his list, he did play many tounaments in Asia and the report has not come in about his parties over there – it may never come in.

    As stated here, I find it hard to believe that the Clintons, B & H, never had a sista, especially Bill.

  • James W. Sheely

    That boy’s gonna learn his lesson, stay away from white women!!!

  • Dennis

    Do you think Tiger had some white transvestite love when he played golf in San Francisco?

  • Rhapsody

    Haven’t you heard? Houston is the new San Francisco as of this past Saturday.

  • James W. Sheely

    I just think that people ought to stick with their own kind that’s all…and I happen to like sheep!

  • Spencer

    I guess that means you’ll stick with the hatin’ kind?

  • James W. Sheely

    Spencer, you don’t know who I am do you boy?

  • Joe

    Let’s see…if TW is not black because he is only 25% black, then he would have to also be not chinese because he is only 25% Chinese, not Thai because he is only 25% Thai, not American Indian because he is only 12 1/2% American Indian and not Dutch because he is only 12 1/2% Dutch (what color is Dutch?).

    This would have left him in a state of ambivilance (Just south of Orlando, Florida) about “dating” in those ethnic groups because no matter which one he chose he would have been being racist toward all the others.

    Everybody knows you can’t be racist toward white people, so that was all that was left for poor old Tiger.

    Wait a minute…I have to re-read that to see whether I got it right.

    My brain is hurting.

  • Dennis

    @James W. Sheely.
    I guess you think Tiger should just have sex with other golfers?

  • jj solari

    if woods was just doin’ white women then his stature has gone way up in the black community. that aspect of racism aint heard about civil rights yet. and if he had slit all their throats he would have been a god. don’t EVEN come here if you want to hear pablum.

  • jj solari

    woods’ crime with the media and the libs is that he got the crap kicked out of him by a white woman. not the other way around. if he had beat her to a pulp he would have been hailed as the avenger of white oppression.

  • James W. Shelly

    jj solari, I like the way you think my friend.

  • James W. Shelly

    Dennis, don’t you fool with me boy!

  • vaki

    First time to your site. I really liked the article. Tiger is the best golfer ever and we will be much the worse if he hangs it up over this. This should be between Tiger and his wife. Unfortunately, the press is making a fortune out of this story so we’ll have to put up with the story and Tiger’s mistresses for quite a while.

  • Dana

    Why do so many blacks always have to make it a black and white thing? Why is this a black and white thing? Tiger’s just as much Asian as black, more so in fact. As said earlier; there are other races out there, but nobody care when those races mix.

    A lot of black women really hate white women. They can be vicious! I was on a black blog discussing Tiger and people were more upset that he was with a “dowdy white woman” than the fact that he is a disgusting pig. What’s up with that?

    If Bill Clinton’s wife were black he would definitely had gotten all the black female votes. No doubt. But I agree, if M.O. were white, Obama would have never been elected. Black women just don’t like white women. Black men, well they just don’t seem to care.

  • Dana

    Excuse the bad grammar; it’s been a long day.

  • Hater4real

    @madmath1 made a good point about Tiger being more Asians than black. The problem is Kevin only makes money off of putting black people down to white people. Call him Master race baiter. Blacks could careless who Tiger is banging. He was never called an African Americans until now, and yes FOX called him an African American also. Kevin’s punk ass told @madmath1 that Libs are equal opportunity racist. And the Dem platform of the 1864 and going forward was mean to Asians! But what (like always) Kevin didn’t mention was the democratic party of 1864 was CONSERVATIVES. Why would chalk mouth Kevin leave something so important like that out? Because it don’t fix into his tap dance routine that only Liberals are racist. Why am I so obsessed with Kevin? I’m sorry to have this inner dialogue publicly, but he irks me. He is what I want to be, so I must hate him. That is what my massas have taught me, yet why do I aspire to be like him. I hate myself. I am worthless. I know the history of my party, and how much they hated me then and now, yet I love those racist Democrats! HELP ME, HIGHER ORDER BY NOT ANYTHING RELIGIOUS OR HOLY!

  • Hater4real

    Charlie, I wouldn’t belittle Uncle Tom’s true legacy of being a great black man who helped run away slaves on the Underground Railroad. But Kevin and the white people who he panders to thinks Uncle Tom was a sellout like Kevin. I know it took Kevin to tell me to research Uncle Tom, since I’m an ignorant ass, so I had to mention that I now know the history of Uncle Tom. The fact that I have been calling him one is really a tribute to him, but I am too stupid to do that, so I act like a stupid black crab. I love to pull our best and brightest back in the bucket. I am seeking help.

  • the boc

    Seems like a couple of trolls have entered the temple uninvited. It amazes me read there words of hatred while blaming the other side of being a “bitch ” and an “Uncle Tom”.

    Ignorant people use ignorant terms–

  • Chris

    Yo Charlie

    Nobody wants to say it…I will !

    There aren’t any black women’s comments here are there?

    I’m sure the fake nails, really help the typing skills.
    The fake shellacked hair takes up most of their free time.
    Holding a cellphone to the side of the head 24/7 leaves little time to read anything but the simplest traffic signs, while driving a leased Volvo thru downtown to the welfare office.

    Face it ! Can we say unnecessary DRAMA ?

    PS : I’m black, my job does not require that I wear a nametag, and I’m married to a White woman.

    The black women that make it out of the weeds think they hung the moon. Those that don’t make it are looking for the free ride.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Hater – I may be a bitch, but I am your daddy! LOL

  • Kevin Jackson

    @James W Shelly – You crack me up with you posturing! It’s really too funny! You must be the TOUGHEST guy in cyberspace! “I’s so scurred o you!”

  • MarkD

    If all you have going for you is the color of the skin you were born with, you don’t have much. Do something. Be something.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Spencer – I’m not exactly keeping score, but I’d say jj is giving you a good working over. He may be fighting backing up, but you are taking the licks!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Hater – I love your comments. It appears that your meds are kicking in! Funny thing is I can block you, delete you, or alter you! That’s the fun of being the Massa of you Liberals in my world! LOL

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Charlie – You are hater share the same cage at the zoo? Actually you are a lower form of monkey, since you are a piggybacker. If you think calling me a nigger upsets me, you don’t know my work. I eat niggers with crackers all day long! I’m an equal opportunity racist basher, who knows who he is, and by the way…is well fed. I love when you PABs visit my site thinking you will rile me up. Consider that it is you who is riled, taking time out to visit ME. I frickin’ love you people! I sharpen my sword just for you. I stab you then shrink you tiny little heads in order to match your brains. So welcome, ignorant friend! Gotta go…it’s time to eat more niggers with crackers!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @the boc – Just enjoy the ride, my friend!

  • jj solari

    Damn, Hater; that’s pretty intense language for an anonymous little fuck like yourself. still it was kinda funny. but still, kinda anonymous. and tell you mom to quit coming over, she’s killin my back and she eats like a rhino.

  • Scott M

    I came over and made a couple of comments due to the link from Insta. However, I won’t be staying. I’ve almost gotten to the point with all things political where the level of the discourse is as important as the content.

    Earnest discussions about race always tend to be heated, but this is ridiculous. Adios.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Hater – It appears your comments are gone. Oops!
    @Scott W – Sorry to upset your sensibilities, however I suggest you not allow Liberal trolls to keep you from a site you obviously enjoy. If that’s all the fight you have in you, good riddance. You see it is they who are the idiots, not us. Know you are welcome, but also know that here we bring the pain!

  • Barb

    Hater be saying you an uncle Tom. Is dat da trutf?
    Spank the Hater.. Daddy

    I’m just kidding. I have been reading the post on this thread and I am amazed at the ignorance. With reactions like these you are making an impact.
    Keep it up Kevin…

  • Jim Schurmann

    Good answer to Scott W. I guess he doesn’t understand that sign “WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE” The Libs. can blast us day after day and if we say anything we’re rude,hatefull and racist.
    All the trolls that visit here sound like they were all some Liberal High School teachers bitch.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Barb – We don’t give out pain killers, we prescribe pain PILLS! No quarter for Libs here!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Jim – I like Scott W, as he was a clever commenter. But if a few trolls scare him off then I say get the flunk out of here! This blog is for ROCK Marines, Navy SEALs, Rangers, Airborne, and Green Beret! No pansies allowed!

  • jj solari

    spence-rhymes-with-dense: i’m not white i’m italian. according to the Klan – who i think would know because that is their field of study and expertise, physical anthropology, most of them having degrees from Stanford, italians are not white people. We are some sort of semitic mongrel offshoot from jews and arabs or something. i understand your fury at Kevin’s snubbing of you, and his – at least according to you – acceptance of me. I have had love crash down at my feet too, so I understand. In my case it was by women. I also understand your frustration at hearing me say that in fact most black people cant tap dance a lick or a shit. white people are not supposed to know this and now your inability to buck and wing and time step and Basically Bill Robinson In General has been made public. But I will toss you a bone and tell all the white people here why negroes call us – I mean white people – honkies. Because they think we sound like geese when we talk. HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh, sorry Spencer-rhymes-with-denser, I forgot to stay all rattled by your comment. Oh and you need to calm down. Another man will come along.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Spencer – I have to tell you that jj is handing you your ass, my monkey friend. This is truly like watching Tyson beating up a 5th-grader! “Love crashing down at your feet!” Priceless jj!

    Whatever mongrel race you are jj, you speak “slapaho.” Spencer, I’d grow a brain or get out the line of fire!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Hater – Surprisingly, your comments aren’t making it. What is a racist to do?

  • Dennis

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • jj solari

    Dennis: no.

  • Sean Page

    Mr. Jackson, a good friend of mine told me about your blog. He thought that I would be interested because I am also a writer as well as a conservative who happens to be black. We are indeed few and far apart, however, I am a bit dismayed because to my surprise I find myself reading racial epithets and name calling all thoughout your blog. I was told that you were a very up and coming young man with a bright future with the Republican party and that I have no doubt, but unfortunately your blog seems to speak otherwise.

  • jj solari

    we have a lot of rough edges sean. sorry we dont come up to your standards. maybe al gore
    will accomodate you. goodbye.

  • A Fitz

    I totally disagree with Kevin and his yes men! America is a country based on racism. From the halls of Congress to the board rooms of Corporate America, the tone of these decision makers are all “pale face”. I love listening to black conservatives defend America. Ever since this country has been taken away from the indians, you all seem to sound off like the playing field has been level. You all live in today like their has not been a yesterday. You blind following of those in power will continue keep the vast majority of ethnic communities under the radar: let alone continuing to be held back. {& the funny aspect about it all, is that you will denounce slavery, jim crow, historical racism, etc., like you are so tired of hearing the same old complaints from the black community. Well it remains the same, until change happens. Stupid is expecting different results doing the same thing.}Democrats and republicans alike have fleeced these communities and continue to do so. Your blind following of these so called leaders in the conservative party (black & white alike) simply means your lack of real historical knowledge and your want for real equality. This is a continued “divide & conquer” mindset that keeps ethnic groups from pooling our resources to become a voice in America. Keep up the good conservative fight, for I will continue to fight for my right to grab my piece of the often elusive pie of American success.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Sean – If a troll enters my house, I spank their asses. If you can’t handle it, then don’t come back. I hate to be so blunt particularly to a black conservative, but we obviously have different styles. MY BLOG has none of what you described, though my comments may. You should note that I start no fights, I just END them! Happy trails! The internet is far and wide.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @A Fitz – You don’t know whether to scratch you watch or wind your ass! What drivel! The Dems history of racism is a wide as your mother’s butt, and Republican’s record on race is STELLAR. Keep your silly comments to yourself, and stop trying to propogate that revisionist and pitiful gubment education in a place where intellectuals are present!

  • jj solari

    Fitz, what did you think of my anti-spencer rappin, rhymin nickel’n’dimen gig on the other post?

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Spencer – I wish I could leave your comment up and my retort! Suffice it to say that you would have been schooled, if you had a brain. This negro is Massa up in here, so your comment was trashed…sort of like you parents when you were conceived.

  • Sean Page

    Agreed. However, I will inform Mr. Williams that I did pay a visit to your blog, have a good evening.

  • Dennis

    The black Conservative Brotherhood is really upset with you Kevin.Sean Page was put in his place.

  • Mick

    Hey SPENCIE, you refer to Kevin’s brain as a pea brain? Thought we got your brain situation solved in the last posting by your confirmation that you either sit or walk on your brain. Your the pea brain Spencie. Bet you only wish your brain contained the data that the normal brain forgets on a daily basis. You really are a dumb one.

    Still waiting for your answers to questions about Obama from the previous post Spencie. You probably can’t remember that far back can you? Come on pea brain show us your stuff!!

    Spencie believe your problem with Kevin is one of jealousy. If there were more Black Americans like Kevin racism would eventually be a thing of the past.

  • A Fitz

    FYI~@ Kevin, my mother passed away 3 years ago from Pancreatic cancer, and her butt was attached to a size 6/8. So obviously her butt was not that wide. As far as my watch and butt are concerned, your play @ words is as minute as your defense of your conservative way of life. What you fail to realize, Kevin, is all these plays with words have no real meaning because their is no substance to back your faint beliefs. If this is a true place of intellectual minds, why do you feel like conservatives have your best interest at heart? If your republicans friends defended you and your family’s honor all this time, why did it take MLK & the 60’s to truly acknowledge you as a human being: gracing you with the opportunity to have your voice heard in politics (simply put, the civil rights act allowing more of your people the right to vote). You amuse me in a way that cats play with mice. (obviously your role here is as the mouse). Your conservative voice is as dimwhitted as your belief that republicans have your best interest at heart. Super Kevin: answer me this, in this place of intellectuals, why do you think Michael Steele was selected as the leader of your republican party? Because he was the best candidate or Obama was & is our leader of the free world. You have accepted the idea which allows you to maintain your lifestyle and grow a base of followers who really cannot think for themselves: with this rhetoric. When you get your opportunity to facilitate your “THROWDOWN” with your favorite conservative pundits, be sure to keep your rags and polish clean: I already see that your mammy! antics and shoe-shining beliefs has other non-thinkers following your Sambo-ish ways. Keep up the good conservative fight because people like you I eat as a midnight snack. BTW~ if part of your antics/punditry is comedy OK: but if you throw mud at others who disagree with you because of your lack of vocabulary and educational acumen than you really need to rethink the notion of your sight being one of intellectuals! I truly enjoy understanding other ways of thinking: but they have to really say something of substance. Don’t be a follower of Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Reagan, Ingram, Levin. You seem like you have a little sense. Use it in a way that shows you are at least an intellectual conservative. Not just another black puppet in a white conservative puppet show. Well, @ least in this puppet show, you are “shoe-shining” as the star. The star of this site anyway! FYI~ can you tell I am new to debating black conservatives?

  • A Fitz

    @jj~this is my 1st day on this so-called black conservative intellectual post. I enjoy debating these guys because mine eyes have seen the coming of the work of black ignorance. Give me a few days to matriculate my way around. These black conservatives are funny to me. Brainwashed, unbowed and proud of their real ignorance. At night, do you think Palin, Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, etc. sit around their “southern plantations” and laugh at guys like this?

  • Sir RonB

    Some of these comments from so called black conservatives really bother me. Saying that your blog is full of name calling and racial epithets is kind of what this blog is about. Sarcasm!!! Sometimes you have to call the baby ugly when the baby is ugly.

    Attacking liberals by calling them out is how my dad taught me to deal with the neighborhood bully 35 years ago. “You knock the snot out of him in the middle of his taunts and you gain the respect of his cronies and you prove that you have no fear even if you get your butt whipped. Throw the punch but land it!”

    Tiger brought this upon himself and he is being left out to languish on his own by the same people who ultimately voted for Big O because of their “inclusive white guilt” mentality. Tiger will always be a great golfer but he never claimed to be a faithful husband and great father. A bit of advice though, in the future do not use technology that can be traced directly back to you. Voice mails, text messages, my God man what were you thinking. You are a celebrity and what you do will not be erased by so called secret liasons! Tiger Woods great golfer. Tiger Woods, poor playa!

  • jj solari

    Who’s giving you composition lessons, fitz, congress? damn, you goin’ on into tomorrow with your exhausting disconnected meaningless vocabulary. they dont pay by the word here ya know. tighten it up, dude. your mom didnt die o’ pancreatic cancer she died o’ boredom cause you was pro’bly livin’ with her at the time.

  • Dubious Brother

    AFitz – You lost me when you spoke of this country being taken away from the Indians. The Indian tribes were for the most part fighting against each other and more than likely “took” the land away from some other people before the freedom seeking Europeans arrived. When you travel to Africa, you can see how the tribal conflicts have severely retarded progress but then America has its own tribal conflicts going on now, don’t we.
    You lost me again when you spoke of the ’60’s and the civil rights act – you may want to research that act and see which party was trying to fillibuster to prevent its passage. While you are researching that you may want to check and see the affect the LBJ “Great Society” programs have had on the black family and communities – the statistics are frightening.

    Sir RonB – Tiger did tell his sponsors and us through his carefully crafted public image that he was a faithful husband and great father. If you go back and look at the video of Tiger and Elin after his tournament wins and in public and you can see by his actions and his body language that there was something missing or wrong. He showed a lot more emotion when he hugged his father than when he embraced his wife. As far as he being a great golfer, he has been to this point but we will see how he handles the jabs that the crowds will throw his way – that has not been his strength prior to this.

  • A Fitz

    @jj~ Your lack of tactfulness is only outweighed by your inability to speak your mind. If two sentence responses is what you like, respond to your own childish comments. WOW this sarcism post is really enlightening. And en”lightening” does not mean your skin tone. If my mother died from my boredom, while I lived with her(which I did the last 6 weeks of life) your parents must be so proud of you: leaving their comfortable nest @ the St. Louis Zoo.

    @DB~with a name fitting your mindset. So you are saying that one party over another had your best interest @ heart. How small of your brain to even respond with such brainwashed rhetoric. You guys are too funny to even think one party over another cares about your best interest. You guys feel like you need to belong, so attach yourselves to the lesser of to evils. As long as you are seen as being apart of a party that my give you a crumb of their pie. Where is your radio show, TV show, voice for the masses to listen to your lost opinions? And I use the word opinion, LOOSELY!

    I place you both in the Lost generation. Lost in your ethnicity, lost in your rhetoric, lost in your sarcism, lost in your plight: JUST PLAIN LOST! At the end of the day, Edgar Allan Poe said it best (I bet you all like me quoting your great WHITE society gods) …miles to go before YOU ALL sleep….Guerilla Zoe has a song written about you. LOST. Probably don’t even know who he is! Would either of you prefer to be called by your government names? Sambos or better yet Tom. Keep it coming, your idle bull crap excuses for those in power does not erase the facts. White America does not care about you or your opinions. Sooner you realize this, the sooner you may (Spike Lee) Wake Up! I bet you know who he is. Spike the race-baitor! Hilarious! Oh my, I need to shorten my comments: NOT!

  • jj solari

    My parents havent talked to me since i ran away from the carnival. they wouldnta cared but i took the trailer with me.

  • Dana

    I don’t think Kevin or any of the regular visitors here can rightfully be accused of blind following conservative leaders. We’re all pretty much free thinkers that happen to agree with some of Kevin’s commentary, but we’re not blind followers of either party. It’s not about a party, it’s about our beliefs.

    For the life of me I can’t figure out why people with opposing views will read Kevin’s blogs, get all steamed up and feel compelled to waste their time giving unsolicited ridicule to Kevin and his readers. You will not “convert” us; we don’t want to be enlightened by you. We’re not teenagers “finding ourselves”, so we’re all pretty comfortable in our beliefs.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @A Fitz – You will find that you are the ignorant one. If you want to dispel something, then do so. We hold our own in here. I am confident that you will find that YOU are the ignoramus. My prediction is that the revelation won’t change you at all, which is why I call you people “silly Negros.”

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Sir RonB – Good to hear from you my friend. I thought we were going to post some of you work. Hit me back, Bro!

  • Mick

    A Fitz

    What loony bin did you escape from? And because of this you no longer have access to your meds which in turn produces these rants that are very wordy and worst of all do not make sense. Haven’t read one from start to finish yet because they are all so boring.

    You babble….babble….babble….babble….babble….babble and don’t say anything that really makes sense.

    Maybe Ariana would appreciate your rants or have you been banned from her blog. Which, by the way, would be understandable..

    On second thought A Fitz do us a favor and keep your rants to yourself. Thanking you in advance. Now go and do not come back..

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Dana – Great comment! It’s because Liberals don’t have lives unless they are attempting to destroy those of others. It’s the Liberal bloodsucking way! They can’t STAND that I am an uppity black man, completely unwilling to capitulate. Just so you know, most of them will take 45 minutes translating my last sentence!

    If Liberals had their wish, they would lynch a black man like me, and I am not joking! If I couldn’t be converted…indoctrinated, then I am simply too sane to allow to live!

    These people have no lives, and live to get the next up and coming blog or Conservative to apply Alinsky tactics to. The problem is I DON’T RUN! I’m no politician, as I am a fire-breathing, street fighter, who won’t fight going backwards. And the main problem is, all that being said, I will speak the truth, and they are concerned that people will listen. Even whites who hated blacks listen to me, and wake up to the idea that blacks are not monolithic, and there is somebody out there willing to wake them up!

    And woe to the Liberals when there is no mulatto messiah to prop up their lies, and the truth comes out!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Dubious – Welcome Bro, it’s been a minute!

  • A Fitz

    To all of you Limbaugh kool aid drinkers. I understand that you all like working within your own world because its a tight nitched group of monolythic mindsets. But food for thought, why not interact with people of different opinions? Are you all afraid of backing up your opinions with fact: or do you all need to talk to each other because others think you are as small as your rhetoric. All of this liberal this and liberal that talk is so old and played out. I seek to find out what the other side of the pillow thinks: this is the only reason why I stopped by and commented. I may talk and blab but my blab has substance. I will continue to engage those on the other side of the fence because I keep my friends, who don’t think like me close. Instead of all this name calling, why not discuss the issues that we differ on. BTW: I am no liberal. I am an independent african american businessperson who holds his beliefs true to himself. Your kind is one reason why we cannot get anything done in American politics. One way of thinking and only cultivating your beliefs within your on Kind. So sad. But I will be here to defend my voice. In your words Kevin, this “silly negro” is strong, black and confident. To bad, we can only communicate through tossing insults. Small, just like your minds!

  • Mick

    Kevin your comment to Dana having to do with what liberals would do to you if they couldn’t convert you to their way of thinking is what they are doing to Senator Lieberman’s wife. Heard on FOX News this evening that liberal organizations are doing everything imaginable to make her life miserable because her husband will not go along with what Obama and Harry Reid want from him in the Senate as it relates to health care.

    The liberals are really showing their real selves in the most disgusting way possible by attacking politicians loved ones. Guess the term dumbocrats is no longer suitable but should be replaced with scumbags!!

  • jj solari

    franky fitz we’d rather be tossing fists. not insults. fists at fitz. i like that. tell all your friends on the other side we dont like you. i’m sure a large percentage of them will understand. believe it or not. you see you’re not especially likeable. you want dialogue. we want you out. go away. go dialogue with a lib. dry hump him if you want. just go away. you’re, like, oh – what would be the word. Icky. That’s the word.

  • A Fitz


  • Kevin Jackson

    @Spence – Does it irk you that your comments are no longer seen on this blog. It’s called CONTROL Ba-By! Now you go have yourself a nice day bashing America, black Conservatives, and whatever you racist do at the expense of taxpaying, hardworking Patriots.

  • Jim Schurmann

    Those trolls really hate anyone that’s successful. Sounds like it is a simple case of jealosy.
    Hey trolls. Where’s the love?

  • Dana

    Until reading this blog, I never realized the intense pressure some blacks put on other blacks who choose to think outside their race box, or speak publically about the sham of the liberal programs that have done so much damage in the black, and minority communities.

    You are really caught between a rock and a hard place. Damned if you go along with the herd, and damned by the herd if you don’t. Kevin, mahalo for bringing this to light as well.

  • Jim Schurmann

    I’m with you. I always heard of people being called Uncle Toms and on the Reservation Indians being called Uncle Tomohawks but never realized the extent of the hatred until actually reading it on this blog. If anyone steps off the reservation and is successful they are mocked and criticized.

  • Hater

    Jim and Dana : this is what I ask black conservatives who write books. do you write your books to improve the lives of black people or do you write them to get approval of white people? black conservatives 9 times out of 10 are point on. But one’s like Kevin just pander to white people for money. He could careless about the black youth of today! He is no better than the Liberals that he loves to bash. What is Kevin doing for the black conservative movement? Nothing, he bashes blacks while calling them the “real racist” . Knowing the whole time Prejudice + Power = racism.

  • saundra

    Freaking hysterical and right on point.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @ALL except Trolls – I am always amazed at the trolls, like Hater who know nothing about what people do and say people like me contribute nothing to the black community. Do I need to tell this audience that he is speaking of self?

    My record is PUBLIC. I am on the board of The Adoption Exchange, a group that gets inner city kids, mainly black kids adopted to their forever families as WHOLE familial units. Now I don’t report this to be “all that,” it’s just a fact. I have raised more money for this cause than about anybody over my three years on the board and five year association with the group, and am responsible for dozens of kids getting a fresh start in life, versus the life the Liberal trolls have in mind for them.

    I work in conjunction with a group who deals with teen runaways who have lives most of you can barely imagine.

    Point being, these trolls do NOTHING with their lives, like Obama, except sit around and criticize those who are making a difference. They see with their own eyes the devastation caused by Liberals and other Democrats in our communities, yet they don’t believe their lying eyes.

    Now I will speak directly to Hater. My book was written to HELP BLACK PEOPLE, you Neanderthal. It was meant to first wake up white America, so they would be less interested in the BS about racism, since…get this…the majority of whites are NOT racists! I know you find that hard to believe given the daily beatings you take by whites. You know, like when they look at you and stuff. You know what they are thinking…

    To call you any more names, well it’s a waste. You are unreachable. I could care less if you hang here, and honestly I hope you do to learn. But know that your stupid comments won’t see the light of day. Now you go have yourself a GREAT day living off patriots, and searching for more black people who are actually doing something positive to drag into your bucket of crabs!

  • A Fitz

    I find it amusing that when people with different perspectives on American politics to black conversativism are labeled liberals, racist and the like. If all these black conservatives are so successful, why don’t they work within the black community to uplift their own people. Its shameful for these conservatives to depict other blacks who don’t think like them as shiftless negroes. And when you try to communicate with them all they do is name call and demean those with different views. I have found that a few of you conservatives do have tact and will interact with those looking at America from a different perspective. This blog is all about sarcism and comedy, so I understand its makeup. Until we understand that we do not need white people to verify our existence, we are bound to be separate & unequal. @Kevin, smile you are on kandid camera, the 2010 version.

  • Hater

    Kevin that’s good you work with youth! I have a little respect for you again.

  • Hater

    Kevin I know the majority of white and black people are not racist. Nevertheless you are still a race baiter! the only white person to ever beat me was my mother!

  • A Fitz

    Controversy sells & that is just what Palin, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck & Kevin do: well. Well enough to get those greenbacks!

  • Jennifer Jasiczek

    This is great! You have officially moved into my google reader.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Hater – I don’t need your approval. I was merely pointing out that you haven’t done jack for the black community, and you run down blacks who actually have. Your boy, Obama worked on 860+ pieces of legislation in the IL senate, and over 800 in the US senate and he had NOTHING to show for his efforts except pretty words. I have found dozens of kids FAMILIES, as in gotten them off the streets, into foster care, and ultimately a shot at life.

    You asked what I do to help black kids and frankly ALL kids, and you got your answer. So when you come here race baiting, I ask what the flunk do you do, besides run down blacks who are waking people up to what the Left has created, things I see every day, first hand?

    I don’t give two shakes of a hotdog weiner what you think of me. I do what I do FOR black people, whether your ignorant ass understands it or not. YOU perpetuate all that people have learned to hate about blacks (yes, I know you are the bi-racial troll from Twitter) and you, which is you want something for nothing, always somebody to blame, and it can’t be YOU! Well it IS you!

    What you can count on Hater, is that I will never visit your internet crack house, and run you down, though you deserve it. I find better things to do with my time, like helping black people wake up!

  • FA

    Awe come on Fitz……your brain can’t really work that way, can it???

    A) “separate & unequal” is so wrong it’s right. Everyone is unequal. The only people that cause ‘black folks’ to live separately are….get this… folks. Not once in my humble, white life have I ever done anything that would intentionally exclude anyone of any other race, religion or background from anything. If I meet someone, I speak with them, get to know them and made decisions based on character. If someone chooses to emulate the gansta-rapper image, I will probably not end up friend with them. The same would go for NASCAR enthusiasts as I don’t much care for that either.
    Here is what separates people in todays’ United States:
    Economics. Hobbies. Geography. Religion. Moral/Ethic Issues. (unfortunately) Language Barriers. (think illegal immigrants).

    Did you notice something?? Race/Ethnic background wasn’t in that list….know why? the only place that separation exists is in the media and in some people’s minds, typically because they use this ‘victim mentality’ as an excuse for their laziness and failure. wah. I came from shit. I lived like shit. I made a conscious decision to live like shit no longer. Now I live well. You can too. So can the poorest, lowest crack-head on the streets of any city….if they CHOOSE to.

    Wow, now on to B) which I hope to be much shorter….

    B) I love it when devout liberals whip out these media circus bozos. Saying that they do what they do for the money is like saying MY dog does tricks for a biscuit. Freakin DUH!
    Here is a news flash if that was shocking to you:
    If you see someone on television or hear someone on radio, they are in it for the money. What is a politicians’ #1 goal? to get re-elected. What is a media talking head’s #1 goal? To get viewers in order to get advertisers in order to get a bigger contract/syndication! Sheesh, state the obvious why doncha.

    The problem with you libs making statements like yours is the same problem with us conservatives making statements like “The liberal media only picks on RNC and props up DNC”. It goes both ways….again DUH!!!

    What is your point in pointing out the right-wing-ish folks without mentioning the left-wing-ish folks? I’m really curious? Did you hear someone state that “We conservatives aren’t like that”? I’ve never heard it.

  • jj solari

    Fitz, you said ” Until we understand that we do not need white people to verify our existence, we are bound to be separate & unequal.” Dude, I speak for all of White America: we look forward with righteous enthusiasm and exuberant good will to the day black people no longer need white people. We will get down on our knees and shout Thank you Jesus whilst looking upwards to the heavens. The more negroes I see driving Escalades the happier I am. Not envious. Rejoiceful, I am, as I believe Yoda put it. So I back you up in that
    thought-for-the day, boy howdy.

  • FA

    Hahhaa, amen jj!

    Yes, I long for the day when all people of all backgrounds, races, religions, golf handicaps rise up and take care of themselves!!!

    Wow, what a great country this would be if everyone was responsible for their own success and prosperity! We’d have the first sustainable bubble in US history!

    NOTE (for those bleeeeding heart liberals):
    I’ll be first in line (which I am now anyway) to help those who need a boost or are handicapped to the point where they can’t work. Just let it be MY choice to do so.

  • DefendUSA

    Wow. Kevin what you say is so true. The left is known for abandoning those whom they claim compassion and sympathy for…Kinda like the hispanic guy who turned out to be gay, but conservative. There is much lost on the part of the left-minded thinkers.

    They don’t seem to focus on the single fact that adultery is wrong, no matter who commits it. They focus on the fact that someone else did it first or they simply excuse the behavior with the word tolerant!!

    They don’t focus on the fact that not paying your taxes is breaking the law and that the tax policy maker who does not lead by example should be fired pure and simple. No mulligans. They didn’t give one to Dole or Gingrich, but boy-o Sandy Burgler, Rangel, et al
    have all been mulliganed so it can be done again! Just you wait, heh.

    They don’t focus on the fact that Kevin Jennings is touting books that are sexually explicit in teaching school children how to be homosexuals and what fisting is.
    Nope, they focus on the fact that the religious right ‘hates” gay people. They totally miss that if a heterosexual school czar were teaching oral sex to elementary-aged kids that it is also wrong.

    The left leaving Tiger is no surprise. Wait, maybe a sista will reveal herself and voila, they’ll come to save him. Silly Left.

    The thing about Tiger is that I like how he plays golf. I like that he will still do things for underprivileged kids. Does this behavior change that? Probably not. Unfortunately, until the next big scandal erupts Woods will remain the focus. There is no redeeming unless it’s Joy Behar, Rosie O, Janine…doing the redeeming, Heh.
    And Hater is a sad mother….
    It would suck to be on the look out all the time to blame others for what cannot be accomplished simply by whining. Bill Cosby was right. And the sooner people start waking up, the better. Kevin, you rock!

  • jj solari

    Hater we are all very proud of you for having made something of yourself. You are a credit to your race. You are articulate and well behaved. It is also a sign of good breeding that you have informed us that you are wealthy. Good job. Emily Post has not been wasting her time on YOU. You have demonstrated a FINE hedonistic paganistic unChristian upbringing. That is something to be proud of. you can’t buy ignorance, no matter how much money you have. You have to cultivate it and make it grow into flowering splendor. You have taught us much.

  • Kevin Jackson

    What a shame, racist Dennis’ and Hateramus’ comments aren’t making the cut! Eventually they will find somebody to stalk, and we will be rid of them. Or they will be back in jail on kiddie porn raps, and that will be that.

    @jj – Hater is the wealthiest guy in his project! And his “roommate” is Dennis…

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Defend – Thanks for recognizing!

  • Mick

    Remember those who boast wealth are usually those with the least.

  • Bee

    Hi Kevin, Wow going through all of these post was hard. I agree with you Kevin your darn if you do and darned if you don’t. I’m a proud black conservative woman and guess what I’m married to a White man. Yes I said, “a WHITE MAN”, we have been married for 20 years and I don’t care who TW is married too. It’s just a shame he is scum! Keep up the good work and maybe some of the other black people will one day believe that we are not a collective but individuals!

  • alicia banks

    the confused tiger is clearly not a prize to any woman of any color

    got google?
    i see leftists taming tiger all over the net!

    see more at:

    alicia banks
    eloquent fury

  • Kevin Jackson

    @alicia – Thanks for the heads up!

  • Aussie

    Hi Kevin,

    I would suggest to the newest of your trolls that they go back to Arianna and just take the pay and never come back… they are as usual a real boring pain in the butt….full of nonsense.

    Personally I feel a little sorry for Tiger Woods; he has a good career, and he is superb with the golf. He had a beautiful wife and children, and now it seems that he has lost them.

    I saw elsewhere something that I think sums it up really well…. the carefully constructed persona of Tiger Woods was protected by the LSM. If it had not been for the National Enquirer taking that photo of the woman in Melbourne, Australian (btw the golf course where he was playing is very close to where I grew up), then his wife would not have been attempting to beat him like that…. boy she has a temper.

    The infidelity is not our business, and it is not up to us to be hypocrites in getting all upset about his infidelities. I wonder how many of these women threw themselves at him in the first place…. which is why I feel sorry for him in some ways. What does he have right now? His wife has been talking to a divorce lawyer and is about to do the walk. He will probably go back to playing golf but without the endorsements.

    All your other points are good ones. I do think that there is racism by the black community involved. I also think that there is a lot of hypocrisy and his infidelity is proving a distraction.

    Over here we call it the TWI because the LSM preferred to write about Tiger Woods instead of Climategate.

  • ama

    Woods was born in Cypress, California, to Earl (1932-2006) and Kultida (Tida) Woods (born 1944). He is the only child of their marriage but has two half-brothers, Earl Jr. (born 1955) and Kevin (born 1957), and one half-sister, Royce (born 1958) from the 18-year marriage of Earl Woods and his first wife, Barbara Woods Gray. Earl, a retired United States Army lieutenant colonel and Vietnam War veteran, was of mixed African American, Chinese and Native American ancestry. Kultida (née Punsawad), originally from Thailand, is of mixed Thai, Chinese, and Dutch ancestry. This makes Woods himself half Asian (one-quarter Chinese and one-quarter Thai), one-quarter African American, one-eighth Native American, and one-eighth Dutch.[16] He refers to his ethnic make-up as “Cablinasian” (a syllabic abbreviation he coined from Caucasian, Black, (American) Indian, and Asian).

    he aint black/african american ….but thats not the issue..
    .he is simply another overpaid celeb adulter

  • Kevin Jackson

    @ama – You are right on your percentages! And your final sentence!

  • antiger67

    shame to this Tiger Woods, i’m never watching golf anyway. What a looser, cheating his wife, also a big time racist doing high order racial discrimination against black women. He should be beaten by a dozen strong black women, plus his wife.


    a man is apologizing for doing a string of strippers. my head’s spinning.


    didnt jimmy swaggart already try this “I have sinned” thing? it didnt work for him and he was a preacher. maybe golfers get cut more slack. he actually MIGHT be more self centered than obama. those two ought to hook up at a motel and be the Most Important Things In The Universe together while locked in love’s embrace. Then they can apologize later as a team. Then Dr. Phil can rehabilitate them. I’m already writing a check to pay per view!!!


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