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While the US has a huge contingent of Americans donating time, energy, and money to save the citizens of Haiti, Osama bin Laden comes out of the cave to release threatening audio against America, and to take claim for the Nigerian Crotch Bomber, reminding us that Islam is the religion of peace, I guess!

I have yet to hear of any Muslim countries providing anything more than lip service to the Haitians. The only Muslim support for the Haitians of which I’m aware—as reported by THE FED—is from Muslim organizations in the United States.  And it’s not like they are having a major impact, particularly in comparison to the amount of money they gave to Obama’s campaign!

If I’m being totally honest, I have a skeptical eye on Muslim’s fund-raising efforts on behalf of Haiti, wondering if some of these agencies may be taking advantage of this situation to raise funds for their own nefarious deeds.  For now, I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

But that may not last long, as you can bet that none of these organizations will speak out against Osama bin Laden.  If there was a time to do so, that time would be now.  He is doing nothing to promote the peace of Islam, and is again posturing against the US.

As America helps hundreds of thousands of people in need, Obama doesn’t have the decency to feel sympathy or empathy for the tens of thousands of Haitians killed.  Nor does he show sympathy for the survivors who are struggling for basic necessities. Perhaps bin Laden has lived under a rock for so long that he feels Haitians are living the lush life in comparison?

Why is bin Laden threatening us now anyway?  What exactly is America doing now to piss him off? 

I haven’t Googled “infidel” in a while, but are Haitians on the list?  I know they practice voodoo, but not all of them. There are many Muslim nations in Africa, surely there was one or two Muslims among the thousands of Haitians killed? 

I guess if the majority of Haitians are not Muslims, then the earthquake was performing its own fatwa on Haiti, and on behalf of Allah?  The few Muslims who might have been killed or injured are just casualties of the bigger war? In the war against the Infidels, there will be Muslim casualties.

If there is any reason to side with Israel against idiots like bin Laden, here is your evidence.  Of all times for bin Laden to make a statement against “the Infidel,” he chooses a time when Americans are knee deep in Haitian rubble…helping them!

I thought he had learned something from the Left in this country.  Use crises to your advantage, not your disadvantage!  Here’s a few ways he could have done this.

First, establish the Osama bin Laden fund to help the Haitians.  This way, like Democrats bin Laden could then demagogue, at least pretending that he cared about Haitians, though he obviously does not.

Next, bin Laden should send al Qaeda operatives over to Haiti to help.  Even the most hardened terrorists need a break from jihad.  Compared to the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, even an earthquake-torn Haiti would look like a Sandals vacation resort.

As for reasons bin Laden has chosen to threaten on Obama’s watch, maybe he’s mad at Obama for not being a better Muslim?  Now you might be able to convince me that Obama is no longer a Muslim, but he was at one time.  He obtained a pass against his fatwa for some reason, perhaps the Muslimhood was paid off to not demand Obama’s death for converting to Christianity. Or maybe he was forgiven, because Obama is as worthless as a Christian as he was a Muslim?

Regardless, I will tell you this, Obama is the closest a Muslim—ex or otherwise—will get to the position of POTUS in my lifetime, and I predict the lifetime of my children.  And no thanks to bin Laden!

Bin Laden has the chance to prop up his once-Muslim brother, yet he thumbs Obama in the eye, thumps his ear, taunts him…publicly, no less!

Here’s the wrap:

Osama bin Laden’s timing is atrocious.  He’s obviously slipping.  You just don’t threaten a country, when they are in the process of helping another country.  It just makes bin Laden look like one of those Hollywood starlets who informs the media where she will be, then acts like she’s mad that  the paparazzi showed up!

Bin Laden shows his real insensitivity to Muslims, as he dispatches a young Nigerian bomber off to blow up a plane…using the bomber’s naughty bits as the fuse.  This zealot was prepared to meet his 70 virgins—with nothing to work with!  A shed with no tools!  What was this guy going to do, TALK to his virgins for eternity?!

Then there is the question that I have never heard asked is, “What do women suicide bombers get in the afterlife?”  Do they get 70 virgin men?

What is it with the Muslim faith that they are so all consuming with sex in the afterlife?  I don’t mind the idea of having sex for an eternity, but I hope I can golf and fish too.  Too much sex is like too much sugar! 

Anybody interested in 30 of my virgins? Come on…make me an offer. No, they are good virgins, but I think 40 is plenty for me!

Maybe bin Laden just needs to get some after being holed up in a mountain for so long. Regardless he appears hell bent on delaying the meeting with his virgins.

That’s my rant!

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  • Joe

    Osama and Obama seem to have the same ultimate goal: the dismantling of the United States of America. Osama see us as the great satan, while Obama sees us as the vast social wasteland in need of transformation, if not reformation.

    Osama could never send aid to Haiti, because he would just as soon they not be there, with their Voodoo and Christianity and non-Muslimism.

    Religion of Peace my hind leg. I double-dog-dare any Muslim to provide one intellectually honest shred of evidence that they are for peace, except with other Muslims…and then only those of their same ilk.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Joe – I want the same proof, my friend!

  • Sir RonB

    Since George W. Bush caused the earthquake in Haiti, Osama had to come out right now to remind all Jihadist that they should be ready to take down the evil empire, America while we fight two wars and repair a destroyed country. But one thing is for sure on Wednesday, Obama will lay claim to the thousands of jobs that will be created in Haiti to rebuild this devastated country.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @SirRonB – I didn’t even see the jobs angle, Sir Ron! Excellent point!

  • Janelle

    The wrap is hilarious! Given the success of Viagra as the most popular bribe for tribal leaders indicates huge concern about sex in the here and now, as well. I can’t remember where I saw that article so can’t do the footnote. Apparently money, guns and livestock couldn’t do the trick, but the little blue pill is gold.

  • Lisa

    So right about the jobs! And while we send even more troops to Haiti, even as our airport security sucks, and obama makes a mockery of our judicial system …… osama knows our muslim pres and his administration can’t walk & chew gum at the same time….. watch out!

  • Harold

    I am a veteran on the US Navy and consider myself a patriot, however the physical evidence concerning the events around the Sept. 11 attacks suggest that it all was orchestrated and executed by entities within our own government. Bin Laden and the just like the weapons of mass destruction are still no where to be found.


  • Nancy

    I love my Blacksphere Mob t-shirt

  • Julie

    And after you have had the 70 virgins what do you have for eternity? 70 nagging wife life non-virgins. Hey, put the lid down when your done. I should have listened to my mother, etc….. Makes you wonder about the IQ of these pantie bombers.

  • just a conservative girl

    Really? I would love to hear how you think they did it and where the people on the planes are. Did the government line them up and shot them, or are they living on some desert island somewhere?

    Most of what I read of people who are “truthers” believe that no planes went into the buildings, so did they put them in a big room somewhere and have the phone calls from the “planes” placed at the approriate times?

    That has never been explained to me. I used to work with a truther, but he couldn’t answer that question….so please enlighten me.

  • DefendUSA

    Harold…in my best John McEnroe voice…”You cannot be serious!!” A veteran accusing the leader of our Country of mass murder? Sorry. You better go back the learning lab.

    The man destroying Americans has a name. It is Barack Obama. Aka The Pied Piper, The pretender-in-chief, the COWboy President, The A2 President.**

    It takes alot of balls to accuse someone of something when evidence merely *suggests* and does not conclusively offer proof. Why don’t you waste your time a bit more and connect all the dots for us since you are so convinced. Even then, I’ll still be laughing. You are no patriot.

    And just for acccuracy’s sake… what do you call a weapon of mass destruction? Put your thinking cap on, boy-o. Cause you’re about to be schooled.

    Ask yourself what a WMD is? It is chemical, biological or radioactive material that can destroy places, things and kill people. Check that, Chemical, Biological, and radioactive materials!! In the Army, learning about that we called it NBC training, N signifying nuclear, as we did have nukes just a short distance from Landstuhl and we were still engaged in the Cold War.
    Nuclear attacks come by way of what? Well, let’s see what I remember…um, Thermal and Nuclear Radiation blasts… and there is one more- which I think is secondary to the initial attack to do with power. You get the picture.
    As for Chemical weapons, well this is easy. There are nerve, blister and choking agents.
    Nerve agents are: GA – Tabun ,GB – Sarin, GD – Soman, GF – Cyclosarin, VX – Methylphosphonothioic Acid
    The blister agents are: HD – Sulfur Mustard (Yperite), HN – Nitrogen Mustard, L – Lewisite, CX – Phosgene Oximine
    Choking agents: CG – Phosgene, DP – Diphosgene, Cl – Chlorine, PS – Chloropicrin

    Biological agents are, of course microorganisms that can cause cause death and disease in humans, livestock and can contaminate the food supply. The most common organisms used in bioterror are Anthrax, and botulinum toxins. Ricin is another.

    One cannot just pick and choose, to fit the story you wish it were. These are all WMD and any combination of them can be used to maim, kill and destroy.

    We found tons of WMD, but unfortunately, the media has downplayed it. Sarin, and chorine were used in the current war and found stockpiled. I heard people say, well, if Bush had found them there would have been a parade to tout it. Wrong. You cannot tell people what they do not want to hear, and the media was never on this side of right. Now, if the Pied Piper President had found these caches, well, you know what would happen… When did we find them? All over, and intermittently, but the biggest cache was June 2006.
    Do you get it, asshole? There is every possibility that the larger caches were moved prior to movement of our troops. But you truthers don’t want that reality and will not consider it.

    I have zero respect for a fellow veteran who spews such idiocy.

  • DefendUSA

    PS Harry….
    COWboy President is Citizen of the World President.
    A2 President …Apologizer/Appeaser President


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