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I keep thinking that white Liberals have finally hit a new low, but they keep on digging.  This time it’s Chris Matthews. Either a ratings ploy for MSNBC, or as Matthews might be thinking today, “I forgot I was stupid!

By now everybody has heard his comment, “I forgot he was black.”  Matthews then attempted a mea culpa by saying that he credited Obama with closing the racial divide—Matthews’ second stupid comment that night.

There is no recovery from the first statement, “I forgot he was black.”  So just I decided to give my Top Ten reasons Chris Matthews “forgot he [Obama] was black:”

  1. He’s so bad at basketball, I forgot he was black.
  2. He’s so inept at being the black first president, I forgot he was black.
  3. He’s so pro-abortion, I forgot he was black.
  4. He’s so hates the church, I forgot he was black.
  5. He’s so keeps black people down, I forgot he was black.
  6. He’s so light-skinned with no Negro dialect, I forgot he was black.
  7. He’s so articulate and clean, I forgot he was black.
  8. He’s so educated, I forgot he was black.
  9. He’s so intelligent AND married to a domineering black militant woman, I forgot he was black.

10.  He got me so wee weed up, I forgot he was black.

Matthews then attempted to correct the record to say that what he meant to say is that Obama is the person who closed the racial divide in America.  Really

I think Obama was the benefactor of the racial divide being closed…by Republicans!  And there are many black Republican soldiers still battling against the racial divide that continues to this day, because of racists like Matthews, Reid, Biden, Dean. Does Clarence Thomas ring a bell Pavlov?

I find it amazing, incredulous in fact that Matthews tried to crawl out of his hole by sucking up to Obama and the rest of the Left, crediting Obama with something Obama absolutely hasn’t not done.  Why not just give Obama a Nobel Peace prize for Goodness sakes?!

Interestingly enough, Obama has done more to polarize America along racial lines than great Democrat racist icon Woodrow Wilson—the Progressive who reinstituted segregation back into the White House and America.  And if that irony challenges your sensibilities, try this. 

In Obama’s “State of the Union formerly Known as Bush”, he actually mentioned being fair in areas of race, meanwhile earlier in the year at Black Nationalist Headquarters—the former White House—recall that Obama exonerated two Black Panthers who were in obvious violation of others’ civil rights laws as they attempted to intimidate the very voters who freed their black butts in the first place…REPUBLICANS!

Here’s the wrap:

Democrats and their racist kissing cousins, the Progressives and Liberals are all complicit in their revisionist thinking.  Thankfully we can still use the tools against them, like cameras and lots of hard drive memory.

When you consider the obvious racist views that we capture and record, like Reid’s recent comments, Biden’s racist quips, and Matthews, just imagine what we MISS! 

The cocktail party conversations at the Pelosi’s, the Kerry’s, the Kennedy’s, and so on. You couldn’t find a better representative group of racist aristocrats unless you added their new Poster Boy for racial unity, one bourgeois Barack Hussein Obama.  The type of black man who would be excoriated in the black community, should he have an “R” after his name instead of a “D!”  That’s how racist Demcrats roll!

Conservatives don’t see color, except as an adjective—a descriptor.  That is because Conservatives truly judge people by their deeds and not their looks.  Is it even worth mentioning the media onslaught that would have occurred had a Fox pundit said what Matthews had said?  What about a Republican?  I didn’t think so.

What America witnessed is real Liberalism, Progressivism, and the real thoughts of Democrats on race in the statements of people like Matthews, Reid, Boxer, and so on.  They represent the intelligentsia and their “devolved” thinking. They know what is best for “us po’ Negros.”

Democrats, Progressives, and Liberals got what they wanted with the great racist LBJ, one of their icons—The man who started The Great Society, that lead to the UnGreat Society, that has led to the Ingrate Society.  It’s time for America to wake up and recognize who the real racists are!

That’s my rant!

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Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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    i aint even read this and i saw that picture and i’m laughin’ my ass off. You know, Kevin, that minstrel show stuff really pisses off guilty white people. HAHAHAHAHA blackface. I love it. HAHAHAHAHA

  • Kevin Jackson

    Yes, I thought that was an appropriate pic for libs. Clinton and Liberman, PROGRESSIVES!

  • http://google gh

    Have felt from the beginning, “Obama has done more to polarize Americans along racial lines…” (Kevin Jackson). Sorry C.M. doesn’t quite make that connection. And though Obama’s coloring has everyone thinking he must be a Black out of the long ago African slave trade, I believe his father’s heritage is Arab-African. These were African slave owners. There are links to verify the research on this. I guess that still makes him Black, but, the content of character, imo, makes all the difference.


    HAHAHAHA Mathews said “I forgot he was black for an hour.” Well, now that the hour’s up I guess Obama is securely affixed back in Mathew’s head as a negro. HAHAHAHAHA what an effing idiot. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Lee

    I really don’t understand that comment, or what he was really trying to say. He forgot Obama could speak intellectually? he forgot Obama could think on the run? What does that say about what he thinks of black people? A little statement like that goes a long way to set black people back in the minds of white people. Regardless of his intentions. Does he forget his family somewhere down the line, own slaves, or believed in the ideology of the old America, when he sees black people stuck in the perpetual poverty ridden lifestyles that was created by the old America? I think not! You ask us to forget, or better still remember that White people of today have nothing to do with what their forefathers did; then I say to you, black people have evolved just as white people have, in that we are socially functional, intellegent about world matters, so do not ever be surprised of the way we speak or the topics we choose, because we are talking, maybe you’re just not really listening.

  • helene

    But you left out Clinton’s sax – you know he has to be the No. 1 at the party – sax – Hmmm, let’s see Jose who worked at McD for five years is probably serving the drinks at Peloser’s parties and then you have Peggy Joseph she is getting her gas and mortgage paid by BO and Pelosi’s generosity so she must be one of the servers and every illegal alien that gets free healthcare on my dime are the rest of the help but let’s not let them work too long as most of the women are pregnant AGAIN. When you add the sax can you put it “behind” the picture. 😉 right up his … me no questions

  • patty

    i really don’t feel that the comment was made as a racial slur. everyone is aways making comments about him being our first black president,to most americans he is just our president,i didn’t vote for the color of his skin. i voted for the promise of change in the way our government operates,health care,and the off chance that the american people would be represented,with jobs so they can find security and peace of mind again.we are all just people,and we are americans.

  • Jeff

    I was very shocked when I heard this comment from Matthews. Not shocked that he said it but shocked that someone didn’t ask him “What do you mean Chris?” I have tried to make this point with a few of my liberal friends and point out the problems with these liberal leaders that they are the racists. They make these judgements on people based on skin color. They define racism by their actions and these little remarks are proof. The guy is so caught up in believing its all about giving black people this or that and that makes him not a racist. If you judge peoples abilities based on their skin color, your are a racist.

  • josno

    OMG, are you kidding me??? People need to get over it and stop profiling everything as racial. Yes, there are people out there who still do it, but as long as they keep doing it, racism will exist. I really don’t think ethnic races want to get out of racism because then they can’t complain about it or use it as an excuse.

  • Tantrum Amin Dada

    Black Consciousness is an oxymoron. Or, a bunch of regular morons. Get it right. – Tantrum Amin Dada

  • Wes

    Chris just meant that Obama is desending the racial barrier. The comment I am answering, is a lady who said if she has to overcome her blackness, do white people have to over come there whitness? My answer is neither,so called white people have history as well as black people. but what would we become if we are to transend race? HUMAN! as all of us are no matter what race we are. by the way what is white? white people are not white either, Italian, french, english, ect. but I have never heard of a white race of people. I am american as my brothers and sisters are in this country. African american, Italian American, or what ever else your history includes. be proud of who you are, but be Human most of all. God created us that way.

  • Mick

    Chris Matthews….FOX News and a Boston sports talk radio show constantly remind their viewers/listeners of the statement he made after listening to a teleprompter talk made by his Idol BHO……”OH, HE SENDS CHILLS UP MY LEG”. Whatever comes out of his mouth should not be surprising. Regardless of where BHO stands on an issue its guaranteed that Matthews supports him 100%.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Lee – Yu got it right!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Patty – It IS a racial slur…a slip of the tongue, just like Matthews gay tendencies in getting a wee weed up over Obama. I refuse to give those RACIST Libs a pass. Next thing you will be telling me that Reid is not a racist!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Jeff – The Left doesn’t question their own racism. That would expose the game. They wait on A Republican to say or do something. All you have to do is ask yourself how the state-run media would have handled this if a Republican pundit had said it. But NO, Matthews can NOT be a racist. BullPelosi!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @josno – You’d love for Conservatives to just get over it! Well I won’t. I plan to KEEP the racism of the Left FRONT AND CENTER! Don’t expect any mercy here. I haze the crap out of Liberals and hazing is just a warm up for torture!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Amin – Black Liberal Democrat Consciousness are oxymorons! You get it right!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Wes – The statement was racist, pure and simple. It is symptomatic of what Libs think of black folks. Translated: Libs think black people are backwards and stupid!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Mick – Matthews is the BIDEN of political pundits! An amazing buffoon!

  • Mike

    I hope this is an inspirational moment for blacks across the country. The Democratic party is simply patronizing you. So long as Democrats continue to push affirmative action, the stigma of the program will continue to taint the success of blacks. It is PURE DISDAIN shown by Democrats. Conservatives know that the black community is competing successfully, and does not need this BULLSH*T patronizing from Reid, Pelosi, and even Obama himself. I’m a white male in Baltimore, and when you move beyond the political facade that exists in most places, you realize its the drugs of dependency and patronization that are most hurting black Americans. Go into the worst schools in the projects, and you’ll witness an array of liberal unionized teachers who will say, “If i can only get one…” as if the rest would normally be lost–BULLSH*T. We went from slavery, to segregation and Jim Crow, and now we’re in the patronization era. Let’s end it. Blacks are not victims.

  • Chris

    I find it incredibly amusing how black scholars/activists look to berate white Americans at every turn if we do not tip toe over every phrase or word when making a comment regarding race. Yes it’s a touchy subject do to the racial profiling and bigotry that exists within this country, but don’t confuse what Mathews was saying as anything close to racism. We as a society are far from being past the racial divide that has existed within our nation since the days of slavery, but Obama is a beacon of hope that one day we may actually be able to coexist on a mutual level while completely disregarding one anothers ethnic background. With that being said though we will NEVER reach that point so long as black Americans cling to their African heritage by needing to to be called “African Americans” rather than simply Americans, so long as they require an entire month to celebrate THEIR history, so long as they continue to need stations such as BET to specifically cater to their needs to see more BLACK television rather than simply watching television, so long as they require rules through businesses such as the Rooney rule to “level” the playing field, and most importantly racism will always exist so long as they continue to pick petty comments made by white Americans as a reason to scream how racism still exists while ignoring the multitude of of cross racial actions they commit just as frequently that we white Americans choose to ignore. Now by all means you can dissect what I’ve said just as they’ve done to Mathews and call me an ignorant white racist…or you can accept the facts that we as people are hard wired to side with our race no matter weather you are white, black, hispanic, indian, asian, ect. because it’s who we most easily associate ourselves with. The point Mathews attempted to make was that Obama has managed to breach that barrier with all Americans showing signs that immense progress has been made since the days of slavery, or martin luther king, or malcom x

  • Valerie

    Has ANYONE stopped and actually thought about all this?

    “Sophia Nelson, a black attorney, former lobbyist and founder of, which focuses on politics, race and gender, said she has been offended by people calling her articulate and intelligent: “That’s saying that people who look like me normally aren’t those things.” ”

    Seriously??????? She’s offended because someone gave her a compliment? WTF???
    Now if someone called her an “ignorant b*tch” I could understand being offended. But “articulate and intelligent”?? That has absolutely nothing to do with her race it’s JUST A COMPLIMENT. In fact by stating she takes compliments offensively due to her race she’s actually showing just how racist SHE IS. By her own definition, any compliment is now “offensive”. WTF?

  • Valerie

    Now if someone called her an “ignorant b*tch” I could understand being offended. But “articulate and intelligent”?? That has absolutely nothing to do with her race it’s JUST A COMPLIMENT. In fact by stating she takes compliments offensively due to her race she’s actually showing just how racist SHE IS. How can someone take a compliment and turn it into a negative? That’s dysfunctional no matter what race you are. If a white person said the same thing I’d have the same response…YOU NEED SERIOUS MENTAL HELP.

    I don’t feel compelled to “walk on eggshells” when speaking to anyone regardless of their race. Facts are facts, Opinions are opinions, the list goes on and on. This whole “they only said or did that because I’m black and they’re racist” crap is getting old. Not only is it getting old but it contradicts the very things so many African American’s have fought to accomplish, defend, and believe in. I firmly believe in equal rights however, I do not believe I should “feel guilty” about the fact my ancestor’s had slaves. That has nothing to do with me, is not my fault, wasn’t my decision, and sure as hell wasn’t my actions. Why assume because I’m white that I’m also racist like my ancestor’s where or like some people still are today? Assuming I’m racist because I’m white is in fact racist.

    We (as human beings) are all equal. Every single one of us has just as much right to be on this earth as anyone else. Is there people I hate? Yes. Rapist, murders, drug dealers, satan worshipers, ect. Does that mean they aren’t equal? Nope. It’s just my opinion. Am I entitled to it? Yep. Just like everyone else. Do I hate people who hate me because I’m white? Nope. I hate Hitler so does that mean I hate all Germans? Nope. Not their fault he was a psycho.

    Do I sincerely hope more people wake up to the fact that maybe just maybe too many of us are letting race be a much bigger negative impact in our lives then it needs to be? You bet your ass I do.

  • Ken

    We can finally be over racism and other forms of bias when we don’t feel it is necessary to make note of the fact that it is the first black or female or Mexican or Puerto Rican or whatever that has achieved this feat. They are just another person period. If nobody has ever achieved this feat for mankind then let them be recognized. Otherwise just don’t mention it because it has already been done.

    By the way, I didn’t know the man had done anything until people started calling it to the rest of the worlds attention. I don’t really care what Matthews has to say. As far as I know the man isn’t anyone of any special consequence.

  • Ken

    @Kevin – being against liberals because they are liberals is just as stupid as being against someone that is black just because they are black.

    Yes sir. That means I think you are stupid.

  • venus barrett

    Isn’t that what Martin Luther KIng wanted? For a man to be judged by his character not the color of his skin? Saying he forgot he was black may be infering he saw the man not his race.

  • Ronnie Baxter

    President Barack Obama is as much of a white man as I am. I am as much American Indian as Barack is black; maybe this is partially why I see him as an equal. The other reason I believe we are equal is the fact Barack and I are both brother’s in Christ and brothers in a universal law which cries out to us both to Love one another as we both want to be loved. People need to search the heart of another and merely step outside the box of skin color, tradition and preconditioned teachings. The President has my full support and remember America “Yes We Can”.

  • LouDogg

    I think people should think before they speak. The comment is embarrasing. I think the president can read a speech just like any other president that was written for him. Backing the words are a different story, if he had the results to back that great speech I might change my mind. He will go down as the president who spoke alot with nothing accomplished.

  • LouDogg

    Tasteless picture!

  • Harold

    Surprised by the comments of Mr. Mathews? Not in the least! I am a dark skinned black man and I was born and raised in Harlem. I have had individuals (white) suggest to me that they did not regard me as a black man. I have always taken that to mean that in their experience they have come to have a certain expectation of black people. I did not fit the mold. I am articulate, observant, considerate..modest :)…. and some tell me that I have a reasonably high intellect.
    As far as Mr. Mathews and anyone who may have harbored similiar sentiments about President Obama, you really ought to get out more. People of color can be as articulate and capable as anyone else.

  • Anthony Goulart

    “Sophia Nelson, a black attorney, former lobbyist and founder of, which focuses on politics, race and gender, said she has been offended by people calling her articulate and intelligent: “That’s saying that people who look like me normally aren’t those things.” ” This is from

    Im 22 years old, this is my first time writing on one of these things but this comment triggered something in me. I dont understand how you could take someone giving you a compliment like this and flip it as an insult to your race. Compliments are intended to make you feel good and are a boost to continue being YOURself. People are smart and want to show it but OVERanalyzing is not the key. Every baby brought into this world is born without ideas of racism. Its people with an unchangeable mindset who pass on these ideas to children.

    The united states is a melting pot of every race and these races have also mixed with eachother. Eventually there will be more mixed race people then pure race in this country. The idea of hating on a particular race will then be too complicated anyway and whoever does it will be an idiot. I can guarantee you that if a child grew up def, never read a history book and lived life in america through their vision only.. that child would have no seed of racism planted in there head.

    The president is half BLACK and half WHITE, that should symbolize a merger of two opposite colors of the spectrum..because we are advanced enough nowadays to realize humans are all the same, so we identify eachother by colors and landmasses..Him being this symbol, should eleminate ideas of hatred in this present day United States of America. Your generation of people of all colors are battling to chop down the tree grown from that seed, the leaves being the ideas that generate thoughts and actions. Cutting this down would eleminate negative knowledge and give you peace.

    My generation if untainted by yours is passed all of this racism talk. We grew up with a def understanding to get along with one another. This back and forth quarrel is between you and your peers. Success in the matter of equality has been achieved with your children so please do not poison there minds. We are an example to all countries, stop being so sensitive to grammar.

  • http://yahoo rodney

    How many whites are on the Harlemglobe trotters?OOPS,,does that make me racist?

  • http://yahoo rodney

    Id like to hear their (Harlem globetrotters)excuse to why there is no white on the teammm/

  • Rob

    Here’s the bottoms line. For black people to break free from negative stereotypes there must be a change in the conduct and character of the group as a whole. I think what Chris Mathews said was that in many ways African Americans have done this and are doing this and have made great progress. Unfortunately, many well intentioned and open minded, Americans struggle in their perception of African Americans. We still see so much that reinforces negative stereotypes and frankly, creates fear and resentment. For example, black men abandoning their responsibilites as fathers, their own flesh and blood. Rampant drug use, membership in gangs and crime that disproportionately involves young black men, activities that belong to the very lowest element of our society. Unwed mothers who continue to have children and then claim tax money to support their irresponsible behavior, further breed resentment. These kind of activities reinforce negative stereotypes and hold African Americans back. Ultimately blacks must take personal responsibility for their actions, their morality, values and the example they set for their children, the way they raise their children. Many have,and do, take this responsibility. Enough, using the old crutch of” I was done wrong” to explain why I haven ‘t taken personal responsiblity for my life. Americans come from may back grounds. Many have had hardship in their lives and prosecution. What was, was. And it was terrible, but today is a new day. Today is the day to make a better life, to seize ther power of one’s resources and the enormous resources that are available to go in new directions and to do everything possible to make tomorrow better for ourselves and our children. Many African Americans know this and are living positive, productive, rich lives,reaping the rewards and showing the way.
    African American people have an enormous amount to contribute to our County and a rich heritage and by all means have a precious identity. What Obama’s presidency shows is that major barriers have been broken down, prejudice perists no doubt, but not enought to keep a black man from having the most powerful office in our nation….and the world. Now thats progress. Others less fortunate can do the same and empower their people by chosing to live a postive life and by abandoning old excuses that hold them back from their individual potential. It is that choice that will bring about the revolution in people’s opinion that African American’s deserve.

  • Jeffrey

    I honestly do not think that Matthews meant to insult anyone. This is nothing more than people that want to “fan that flame” and keep it going. It is the 21st century people! I have friends that are of many different races and beliefs and in my opinion we need to GET OVER IT, and not just on the Chris Matthews issue, but on the race issue as a whole and the best way to make a start in that direction is to start thinking of ourselves as ” I’m an American”. Not a “white American” or an “African American”, but a good old fashioned, praise the religious icon of your choice, AMERICAN!
    Come on people, If we don’t want to be labeled as different, then we need to stop labeling ourselves. I am an American who’s ancestors are Irish, British, and German. I don’t call myself an Irish American or British or German America, I call myself an American. DROP THE LABELS!!!!!! Stop calling yourselves African Americans and call yourselves Americans. And for you hardliners out there that want to throw out comments about me being racist, YOU ARE IDIOTS!!! I am NOT a racist. I believe that this is the 21st century people, and its time that we started acting like a truly intelligent nation as a whole, which means get rid of the labels, ALL OF THEM! I think that everyone should be proud of their heritage, but if we as intelligent people want to really want to be the best society that we can be as a whole then the “I am ‘insert ethnicity of your choice’ American” needs to disappear from our vocabulary.

  • allisonrose

    Obama ordained himself as The Great Uniter, but morphed instead into The Great Divider. Excellent article and unbelievable pic! wtg memory bank

  • John P.

    Chris Matthews is so confused by his Political Correctness filter he doesn’t know what to say or think. All those stupid little comments he makes from time to time are glimpses into the man. He’s an ignorant condescending elitist wannabe.

  • Charles

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • Kit Ashworth

    Another liberal gets a pass for making a derogatory comment concerning the intelligence of black Americans. Obama had no choice but to give a cheesy speech of “let us work together” to display to America because the Democrats got their tails kicked in Mass. If the Dems had of won the senate seat, his union address would have been totally different. You would have seen the usual arrogant Obama boasting in an evangetical tone about the reckless healthcare reform bill that would more than likely be passing next week had it not been for Scott Brown’s victory. This in one black independent conservative is fed up with Obama’s self serving presidency.

  • J

    So here is a question. Why is Obama considered black? He has a white mother, so why is he not considered white or something else? Just because his father was black makes him automatically black and not white? I always find it funny that if you have two white parents you are white, if you have two black parents you are black but if you have a white parent and a black parent you are black. Since when was white not a race or culture? It’s rather defining of our generation that a man with a black father, a white mother raised by white grandparents is considered black when he is successfull and not white. His black father provided genetics and nothing more, everything else in his life came from his white family and yet he is considered black. The fact that being proud of being white, or being white and making a comment about a black person is always taken the wrong way (people have gotten enraged because someone said Obama was “well spoken” something if said about a white person is just a compliment but since Obama is “black” clearly it was racist), or that if a white person marries someone of color or has a child with someone of color (which seems to me to be very non-racist) their child is immediately no longer white but is whatever culture the other person is is the biggest showing of racism in my opinion. Why is it so horrible and wrong to be a white person? Because hundreds of years ago they brought black slaves to this country? You think white people invented slavery? You think some white guy traveled to Egypt and enslaved a bunch of people to build the pyramids? Slavery was around and considered a perfectly acceptable form of labor long before a single white person stepped foot on North America. Yet if a white person says something negative about a person of color they are racist, if they marry a person of color or have a kid with a person of color their child is no longer white, if they had a website called that did nothing but bash people of color for saying insensitive racial remarks they would be hounded from the face of the earth, and if they make a comment about a black person on national television they are immediately considered a buffoon. THAT is racism, THAT is ignorance but of course…nobody wants to talk about that do they?

  • Libfail

    As Jon Stewart said last night, Chris Matthews is one scotch away from being Ron Burgundy.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Ken – Wow, you really hurt my feelings…I’m stupid. I bet it took you all day to formulate that thought!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Libfail – Love the comment!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @J – You have figured out Liberalism. Obama is just another white guy, if he is called articulate, but he’s SPECIAL if he is articulate and is considered black! That is how their racism works. It’s buried in back-handed compliments!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Kit – Yes Obama’s speech was “cheesy”, and not GOOD cheese, but that crappy “gubment” cheese!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @John P – Well said.
    @Charles – No, we can’t all just get along, because Liberals are freaks of Nature!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Jeffrey – I don’t care what Matthews meant, personally. He exposed what MOST Liberals think. As for you, with the just drop it attitude, I believe that if you went through 6 decades of demonization for being right on race, you might be as hostile as I. I will spend the next TWO decades castigating Liberals, and their sympathizers!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Rob – I agree with much of what you said. Blacks must stop pointing the fingers of others, and start holding each other accountable.

  • http://N/A Harold Schnabel,

    Matthews is typical of what we see & hear from today’s media. Their mouth goes into gear before their brain. Why even make a remark like he did. Matthews ‘reputation as a reporter is filled with bias, speculation & ridiculous nonsense, He talks before he thinks & the spittle coming out of his mouth confirms his irrationality.

  • Mick

    It should be mentioned that a true African American is one that was born in Africa, migrated to the USA and became a citizen of America. Thus he is an African American. But, if that person was born in America he is an American of African descent.

    The correct terminology is being used when defining BHO. He’s an African American.

  • Micah M

    Chris Mathews is an idiot. When I heard this, I wasn’t surprised. I still disagree with your opinion that conservatives are not as racist as liberals. It doesn’t matter what political viewpoint you hold, you can still be a racist. And some of those same people that are congratulating you and asking you to join them on stage are very racist. Let’s not get caught up in the hype…

  • http://Yahoo M

    I really don’t think people are seeing the big picture here. It’s not about black vs. white. It’s about ignorance vs. eduaction in every race. Money, education, and connections are what get you into the White House – not skin color. In my opinion, it’s money (or lack there of) that divides our country more than race.


    Yes, I do believe that there are plenty of “closet racists” in both parties. Including some of the very people Obama has surrounded himself by, allied himself with, and is advised by. But please don’t distort history like your “politally correct” brethran on fox news. The republican party did not free “US” (yes I’m black) because it was morally wrong to kidnap, rape them of their culture, and enslave a people. They did it for the MONEY. The south was getting too rich, and the only way to even the playing field and keep the north on top was to end slavery. Or reinstate it in the north. Luckily they didn’t go that way. You would have been ok in massa’s house. And as for Lincoln he didn’t want this to happen on his watch. He also had the brilliant idea of sending us all back to Africa. Hence Liberia the only U.S. colony. So use us , abuse us, and then throw us away like useless garbage. WOW! Your precious Republican party is ruled by money, and obviously has been since during the days of slavery. Most likely longer. Both parties are. Its just now coming out that the Democrats are the pawns of big corparations. Hence the dragging of the feet on health care reform. They are going to blame on the republicans now that you guys can block it. You and your dumbass party need heed my warning. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!


    Hey Mr Olden: if you get freed because of Christian charity and love of mankind or if you get free because money was involved – what’s the effing difference. I’m a white guy and I would have been ok in massa’s house too. the slaves in massa’s house probly had life a lot more comfy than a coalminer in pennsylvania. I dont see you kicking your boss in the nuts and you’re a slave to him. Assuming you have a job. I am sure you would be the first to agree you are not being paid what you are worth. you’re a slave to the feds and 3 other governments for half of the money you make taken by one tax or another. i believe there are now 537 of them. and the civil war was fought because the south SECEDED. that means they confiscated millions of square miles of federal property. not because of slavery.

  • Heather

    Wow….you hit the nail on the head in your column. When I watched the clip of Matthews…..I was shocked that a member of the media would think that…let alone say it on national television. I said to my husband…..will he be called on the carpet for it? We both agreed probably not……Thank You for doing it! I wanted to email CM and tell him that the vast majority of Americans don’t care what color our President is. What we do care about is whether or not he is fulfilling his oath of office. Is he protecting and defending the Constitution of this great land? Is he enabling capitalism to flourish without government interference, but with moral restraint? Is he enabling our intelligence agencies to seek out those who wish to harm us…..and holding them (cia, fbi, attrny gen) accountable when they drop the ball? The whole comment from CM just demonstrates how far removed the mainstream media is from what everyday Americans think about daily.

  • Nathan

    What I find outrages about the lefts/liberals/progressives mentality is their deeply rooted opinion that minorities can not even make a DECENT existence without their help, let alone be successful. Its akin to the misguided but well intentioned southern plantation owner saying “These people would be just lost without me! Look what I have done for them, I give them food, water, and a civilized life!” His thinking is that these beings are so far inferior to the white man that he is being CHARITABLE by making them slaves. The white liberal mindset is the same thing. The driving force behind success is FEAR. If you remove all the repercussions from failure, and punish success what is the point of ANYONE trying to be successful. If you know your master is going to supply you with the MINIMUM needed to survive, they figure you can settle for that. Unfortunately that’s what I see so many minorities doing, settling for the scraps because it is presented as steak. Stop falling for the plantation owner’s lie!






    HAHA Apparently it ain’t just the America Democratic Congress who think people of what you would call your African decent are not able to fend for themselves. In Haiti the Haitians are getting tired of government help and are just starting to rebuild ON THEIR OWN!! Well: the government’s PISSED. They’re tellin’ ’em wait no wait dont do it yourself the aid will stop!!! Otherwise the looters – probably on the government payroll, since the government is always the biggest gang in the country – will have nothing to steal if the aid stops. Someone call Telethon Central we have a crisis brewing; negroes are doing something on their own!!!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Nebraska – Like the horse feeding example.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Heather – Lucky for Matthews, he is on the Left or he would be FIRED, then he would have to go on the apology tour!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Nathan – Leftist love the idea that they are helping, even when they are not. They like accomplishing something, though they have done nothing, and in many cases are the REAL problem. This is Obama’s world, and he loves these people.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Olden – If you are in a fight getting your butt kicked, and there are two RACISTS watching. One decides to help you and stop the fight, while the other is content to watch you get your butt kicked. Which one would you be most happy with? Case closed! I don’t care if the Republicans freed the slaves for money or whatever. They DID it! Don’t come here with stupid logic, or I will treat you like a Lib, BRO!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Micah – There are racists everywhere, but I GUARANTEE you there are many more racist on the Left.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @M – You are spot on. That’s what my Amazon best-selling book, The BIG Black Lie is all about…just funnier than you said it! :-)

  • Kevin Jackson

    @J – Yes, Obama is actually MORE white than he is black. How’s that for irony in considering the Matthews comment!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @JJ = Exactly. The attitude that poor blacks can do for themselves is condescending and racist…period!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Mick – Love the cattiness of your comment. Cleverly disguised!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Harold – Matthews is about as much “media” as my neighbor’s dog!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Anthony – That atty should be offended at the Left for her inability to accept a compliment like “articulate,” when she obviously is. More blacks need to recognize this about the Left, so we are free to just achieve without stigma.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Harold – You know that blacks have had our own color test for years. And don’t be smart, as you were treated like you had leprosy. Black people better wake up.

  • http://google gh

    Love the rebuttals, Kevin Jackson! Good posts too!

  • Dana

    Of course Matthews didn’t intend to be offensive…remember he’s the President’s number one groupie. But to quote the supreme intellect of Janine Garafa-whatever; “It’s racism straight up!”

    Matthews was saying the President was so like Matthews that he “forgot he was black”. The fact that skin color has to creep into the conversation in order to give a compliment is the problem.


    Everybody wants to rule the world, espically progressives, thus let us, not encourage the poor to use the right side of the brain. When we as a people do not think,analyze,and search out the truths in history and everyday life then, we are all poor now matter what degree education or class of income. Evedience the status quo.

  • Valarie

    Kevin, it was nice to meet you today in Bethalto. Now my comments on Chris Matthews. I forgot he was black!! What is that about? That statement implies that for all this time in the forefront of his mind was the presidents blackness. If that comment is what comes out of his mouth after the presidents speech, I submit that Chris has put a lot of thought into the presidents blackness and that in itself shows his racist views, he is evaluating the president based on his color. But I must also say that I often become irritated when people say they dont see color. It is somehow supposed to be a testiment to their non racist beliefs. How can you ignore the fact that I am a dark skinned black woman. It is okay to see color. Wrapped up in my skin color is the heritage and struggle of my people. Wrapped up in my color is the history of what my anscestors had to endure so I could be their dream realized: educated, successful, black woman. It is ok to see color or race and the heritage and culture behind it. What is not ok is discriminating against and evaluating someone based upon their race, heritage, or culture.

  • http://google gh

    Americans must learn to be leery of candidates they don’t know, vying for office. We are not sober when it comes to memory. We forget too easily the price for independence. We are losing our representative republic by progressives gone amok. It is hard to keep Washingtonians in line…Beltway Disease plagues all who have no Constitutional Understanding…no armor on. Let us hope Kevin Jackson is correct. I think he is right…people are waking up…vote well next cycle folks. And do not fall for the tricks, schooze, body language, speechifying, and hardest maybe(though they all are sounding bells, and tinkling cymbals,imo), intimidation or bribery.

  • http://google gh

    spell correct: meant to type “schmooze”. Pretty sure we all know what that means essentially. :smile:

  • Mark Eugene

    Heard Jackson on St Paul MN Radio AM 1280, Patriot. want to pass along this link…
    BLACK POLITICAL HISTORY: THE UNTOLD STORY I have used this at work amongst 30 blacks at work and shared it on line when I put comments at the end of abhorrent news posted on line especially the Washington Post.

  • Janelle

    Valarie, which beautiful shade are you; ochre, umber, mahogany, cherry, walnut, rosewood?
    They are al gorgeous.

  • Janelle

    need another l in all, hanging head in shame.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Valerie – Great meeting you as well! Good to see a beautiful Conservative sista at such an event! And they try to say that we don’t exist.

    Regarding “not seeing color,” we disagree. People who say that mean that when they describe you, color is the last thing. If you are great at your job, for example, they will tell somebody, “Get Valerie, she is excellent at doing ‘whatever.'” Libs will say, “I know this black lady, and she is really good!” As if it is a rarity for blacks to be really good at anything.

    Keep in touch!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Dana – Libs offer the worst kind of racism, i.e. the kind that is “hidden” in their so-called compliments! I offer them no quarter!

  • Jim Schurmann

    Valari-Excellent point.I think you nailed it.

  • Micah M


    I wouldn’t know where the racists are most located. I’m in the middle. But I am curious. How can you guarantee such a claim?

  • MVH

    Looks like ButterBall doesn’t have much expectations, does he? Talk about the need to confess!

  • Matthew Mitchell

    Chris Matthew’s is a jackass, sorry, that’s all I got.

  • Corey

    This is wild to me. Mathews is a supporter of Obama’s, but has to rationalize his blackness on what sounds like an hourly basis? I am not a supporter of this clown Obama, but it never even occurred to me that his being black had anything to do with anything. I look at him the same way I do Kerry, Pelosi, frank, or any of the others. He’s just a crackpot liberal. And it didn’t seem like any big deal that a black guy got elected. Why should it? It may be historic, but it seems like liberals are the only ones in awe of this, even as they hate on black conservatives. So the question is: on what grounds do they support him if his race is such an issue? And that ish Jimmy Carter said sounds like something that was just rattling around in his own empty head. When people say “he’s an inspiration to black children” as if only now can a black person be president, that doesn’t even make sense. Why would anyone in this country think they are limited by their race? It seems very insulting to wear the kids gloves for a whole segment of society like that. I think it was Fred Douglas who said, when asked what should be done for the Negro (that’s how they talked then) something to the effect of “nothing. Let us/them stand or fall on our own merits, but give us the chance to do so”, essentially “we’ve had enough of your help, thank you. Kindly get out of my way so I can handle this. Sorry for the long comment, but these lefties irritate me, especially on this subject. Oh, and someone left a comment that BHO was a beacon of hope. Huh? A beacon of hope for who? Prospective union workers? He inspires about as much hope as a stinging sensation when you pee after a night with questionable company, or a bounced check, or a dear John letter, or anything else that is devoid of hopeful inspiration.

  • Bobby Steele


    “Just because his father was black makes him automatically black and not white?”

    Study Jim Crowe – the DemoKKK-Rats decided that if you had ‘one drop’ you were Black – which may explain why Bill Clinton claimed to be the first Black President.

  • Sure

    Great Article!!

  • Sue in St. Louis says

    I’ve been under the weather and just now went back to catch up on the Black Sphere!! My comment relates to the “I Forgot I Was Stupid” Blog. Loved it! You hit the nail on the head!

    Chris Matthews confirmed he was stupid when he “felt a tingle up his leg”, but “I Forgot He Was Black” knocked me off my chair. I am a realtor. Imagine me coming back to the office and saying this about a young couple I have just spent the day showing houses to–“they were so nice I forgot they were black!” These intellectuals have no idea how stupid they are! This is obviously the only black man that ever sent a tingle up Matthew’s leg. He should meet you Kevin–you’d send a burning rush of blood into his head! There’s no hope for these people. Where have they been for 50 years–living in a tunnel or something? No wonder it was eady for Obama to messmerize them!

    PLEASE Don’t stop Ranting!!!!

  • ma_che62

    This is a very good and clever blog. Keep up the good work man!

  • shangchi

    How small and parsimonious can you be, not to have the smallest bit of pride for our (yes OUR-the whole nation’s) first black president. Being black myself and also bearing the same namesake as your self I am deeply saddened, your Stockholm syndrome must be so deep that I am gonna have to see prove of citizenship sir. For you and all like you there is only one word and that is niggard. White or black you refuse to see anything of yourself in your political opponents to the point that it DOES LOOK LIKE RACISM if not SELF-HATRED. All the BS pics on your site may seem cute to your overlords but I am certain somewhere in your ancestry that somebody is weeping for you dude. You simply make me sad. I implore you keep all the Randian philosophy and Conservative values, many of which are good and valuable, you like but stop this cartoonish attempt at ridicule beacuse it is childish and low.

  • After Seven

    Off topic, but I have to say I just saw the Schuster interview….EPIC. Well done. Keep up the great work.

  • Ivor

    Ditto to After Seven comment. Outstanding work. Keep it up. Schuster was a little bit flustered by your last comment.

  • Curt B.

    Great job on the Shuster interview! You kept your cool and had the upper hand. I really do think alleged slurs never happened. In this day and age, there are too many cell phones and cheap camcorders. Someone would have caught that, somewhere.

    Comparisions made to the Civil Rights era is an absolute joke. There was absolute violence then and John Lewis, of all people, knows that. If someone had really said that, you would have known by his reaction.

    Liberals, in the words of Eric Hoffer, are “True Believers” . Once at that level, anything you do to acheive your goals is acceptable. Once the MSM totally throws away in this argument is a) Socialism’s track record over the last 100 yrs. and 2) A true examination of the healthcare systems in the countries that we are supposed to admire.

    For instance, if Germany, France, and Great Britian had to really develop militaries, rather than the U.S. being their guardian, the funds, which are scarce without significent military expenditures, would be non-existent. The slow financial and child birth decline in Europe is a story that manages to escape all but a few publications. Immigration is the only thing that keeps their population steady. That’s what socialism does. It sucks all of the ambition and life out of talented people to “spread the wealth”. Then one day, which is coming soon for alot of European countries, the parasite has sucked the host dry. This is the REAL reason that the EURO was created. A few countries actually control the banking and currency which allows those countries to keep the scam going by sucking the life out of member countries. Madoff on a national scale.

    Socialism never ends well and we’re not even talking about the havoc that Stalin and Mao created. I think about that everytime I am up in Madison,WI and see someone wearing those stupid “Chairman Mao” hats or tats.

    “Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it”

  • Eric

    I’m wondering the outrage by the left if somebody, such as Hannity or O’Reilly on Fox, would have mentioned this, the storm by the media would have been immediate and relentless. Where was the storm on Matthews?

    Double standards reign supreme by the left.


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