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Ten Commandments

The Democrats are in panic mode, and they’d better be! To paraphrase Edward G. Robinson in The Ten Commandments, “Where’s your God now, Liberals!” Oh, that’s right, Liberals want God out…and black Jesus in!

Even black Jesus won’t save the day in the land soon-to-be formerly known as The People’s Republic of Taxachussetts. Obama rode in on his white horse, and rode out on a black sheep!

The reason the salad days have ended is because of black Jesus himself! It is simply not possible to lie more during a campaign than Obama did during his campaign, as if his truths were scary enough!

Obama said he would essentially neuter our military, release terrorists from GITMO, raise taxes on the rich, redistribute wealth, discourage business, and the list goes on. By not accomplishing all that he wanted, he has still managed to wreck the economy, and give America the highest unemployment since his mentor, Jimmy Carter—another embarrassment to America.

Obama left little doubt that he believes in the government running big businesses, when he “bailed out” the unions and the financial industry, since the free market system just couldn’t cut it. He put money in shovel-ready projects, and people are digging holes for themselves all over America.

Obama is full of silly ideas, origins that could only come from theory, as they had no use in the real world. One of those ideas–Healthcare–may just be his undoing.  Here is Obama in 2005 discussing healthcare and social security:

In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1, a Republican may be the front-runner, and I predict will be the next senator from Massachusetts. Talk about the people revolting. And if you want to witness the vitriol of the Left—in your face—just let a Republican win something that the Democrats take for granted. Here is Keith Olbermann demonstrating exactly what I mean.

I can hardly wait for the reaction from Democrats, when black folks revolt against them! They’ve been taking black folks for granted for years, and I say the black folks equivalent of Massachusetts is on its way!

The Democrats are getting exactly what they deserve! A sound old-fashioned country butt-kicking! And this special election could not have come at a better time to provide just that!

The irony is that this election is sandwiched between MLK, Jr’s birthday and Black History Month, representing both Emancipation Part Deux and the next Civil Rights revolution! What an historic time, as this time it is not just blacks being freed, it is America being freed!

It’s Civil War II, and the only bloodshed…unless you count the brain hemorrhaging happening with Democrats all over the country! In Civil War II, the North and the South decided collectively to reject decisively Obama’s agenda. Boston is the new Antietam, the perfect place to fight the second Civil War.

Here’s the wrap:

Win or lose for Republicans, the MA senate race is a rejection of Obama, socialism, and all that he represents. It has nothing to do with Coakley, incompetent she certainly is.

This race is a rejection of the scam of the light-skinned black-with-no-Negro dialect, communist sympathizer, no-talent-no-resume having, social ladder climbing, rock-star wannabe, so-called leader of the New World Order. This rejection is LONG overdue!

This election shows that Guilters recognize that they voted for the wrong black man. I applaud them for admitting it…sort of.

They realize that America is being held hostage, and it’s time we brought her home. She’s tired and hungry! But with a little pampering, she will be the beautiful beacon of light for the world that she once was.

As much as I detest the Obama administration, I have to say that it may have been necessary. It took Obama to show us the radical side of the Left’s ideology, and thankfully he scared his own. As the saying goes, “God gives us not what we want but what we need”–Though at times He leaves us not knowing whether to scratch our watches or wind our butts!

I believe that God is trying to tell us—and THEM—something!  I believe God will make one of His boldest statements today. Because when Brown wins, it will be God giving America REAL hope and change.

That’s my rant!

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Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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  • Gregg

    I believe Brown will win, God willing, and put Obamacare to rest!! It’s pretty fuuny the Messiah didn’t even know her name. What did he call her, Marcia? Good stuff Kevin. Keep up the good work. Might even venture to say it’s God’s work.

  • Doug

    Amen Kevin, Brilliant blog.

    Obama is a typical liberal retard and it shows as his followers could not chew gum and think at the same time. In fact thinking goes beyond their pay grade. They just steal anyway. Hopefully they will not get to steal this election, but even from across the pond in Ireland it sounds like he is getting his skinny arse as we say here whupped. In fact it sounds like many Obama people are turning on him well the guilters anyway.

    What a loser Olbermann is he is what we call a wanker here. HE is all talk and that of what he talks is crap. If I were Brown or a tea party patriot in Mass I would challange the moron to a debate and an 3 rounds in the ring and kick his dumb arse in. He is not watched anyway but still it would be fun to see him getting humiliated. HE made o much stuff us that was slanderous about Brown and we did not need anything or anyone to accuse Coakly of anything she must be related to Joe Biden as she was a walking talking gaffe.

    Curt Shilling a yankees fan what a numb nut. Well it shows the country what the Dems are trying fro mindless robots to do as Obama wishes. Hopefully this race will be a foreshadow of things to come in November and We the People will take back the USA and maybe we will have our second president impeached but first tossed out of office for perverting the constitution.

    My rant from the Emerald Isle! Go Brown

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Gregg – There are many people doing God’s work these days! I am proud to be one of them!

  • DaSicilian

    The scary part is…they still don’t get it…Pelosi said that no matter the outcome in MA, there will be a healthcare bill passed. Talk about delusional…I pray that the one, two or three sane dems out there tell her to back off on the botox…it is screwing her head up….

  • Liberal Fail

    They will try to ram this down our throats no matter what. Keith Olbermann has really lost it, someone needs to do an eval on that guy cause just wow is all you can say about him.

  • Joe

    Keith Olbermann has set himself up as the spoksperson and/or poster child for rank, deep seated anger of the personality disorder kind.

    I pray that you are correct, that Brown wins and that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has awakened to its rightful heritage.

  • Rosita

    As usual….spot on!!

  • jj solari

    da sicilian: dont forget pelosi also said that the catholic church has never had a problem with abortion. so she’s uttered brain-tumored psychedelia before. none of it has kept her from being the third in line to being commander in chief, though. or in her case dogfaced buttugly
    dehydrated gargoyle in chief.

  • Bonnie

    Great words, and I have to agree with you that maybe we needed Mr Obama to wake us up to the creeping (and then, wham!)progressive movement in our political parties. But, on that note, I worry that our President doesn’t seem the type to accept defeat with grace, so can we get on a track to get our Country back towards a Constitutional Republic, and work at getting the greed and corruption out of D.C.? Or, are we in the cross hairs for everything to be thrown at us, (because we are ignorant and not smart enough to know what we need?) I pray for us all…alot…..Thanks for your great web site…

  • SlapShot

    First time poster. The first volley has now been fired, and they are getting a little scared. How do I know this ?? I am a conservative, and my Mary is a blue dog.
    (she votes for conservatives, and I am trying hard to get her to cross over. She won’t because her deceased parents were democrats). Anyway, I work second shift, and when I got home tonight, she said the Democrats called her tonight.
    Apparently poor Arlen is doing poorly here in the polls (PA), and they want to send her a list of voters, and have her call on their behalf. She said she told them to go ahead and send a list, but she would be telling them to vote for Toomey.
    They called her a piss-poor democrat. Right now I am happy because it looks like things are starting to go in our favor. Thanks Kevin for all you do !!!

  • Dana

    HE WON! HE WON! HE WON! Sorry, but I get the news later here in Hawaii. Olbermann is such a tool. Such hatred, such arrogance, he, and many that follow him are vile! I hope he’s gone soon too.

    Good job to Kevin, Glen, Hannity and all the others that would not give up and just kept sharing the message. We owe this turn-around to you!

    There’s still alot of work to do…we’ve got to get back to the Constitution. Let’s get ‘er done.

    Aloha all and God bless America!

  • jj solari

    The boneless spine of that commie bastard Obama is beginning to be crushed by the squeezing fist of America in its awakening wrath of resolve and vengeance.

  • DaSicilian

    @jj solari

    ‘gargoyle in chief’

    I love it…!

  • Bobby steele

    I predict that DemoKKK-Rats will now revert to their Reconstruction era tactics – and bring a similar wrath on today’s Republicans. There will be assasination attempts, and in their mind – it’ll be for our own good.

  • Mick

    After Brown was announced the winner I switched from FOX to MSNBC to see how that crew was spinning the results. It was really comical. They were so depressed and hid none of their wrath. They even had the stupidity to blame part of the loss on Bush. Certainly not Obama or his astronomical spending policies. Olbermann was his typical moronic self. Maddow was blabbing away and saying nothing and Chris Matthews was close to tears. Don’t think Matthews had chills running up his leg last night.

  • Ann V

    My concern is if the progressives are not defeated in their programs (socialism etc) and defeated spectacularly they will just re-group and come at us again in 10 years. Republicans need to not negotiate or wheel and deal with any of the dems, they need to simply vote no on any, every and all programs. When our country falls from too much debt and programs, this needs to be on the progressives heads. It’s the only way to put the progressives away for good. They have been trying to implement their plans since Woodrow Wilson.

  • rumcrook¾

    words that describe kieth obertool

    repulsive demagogue
    village idiot

    his very existence is an insult to anyone who has ever won the special olympics.

    he’s the ring around the bowl of a public toilet in a city park

    if a flea infested rat and oberman were drowning I would save the flea infested rat.

    oberman is just a poor weak shadow wannabe of Leni Riefenstahl and Joseph Goebbels

  • jj solari

    i notice the commie-in-chief has started wearing a tie again since that weirdo republican won the massachusetts whatever it was he won. why, hell, he’s getting so nervous he might start saluting the flag!! i bet he’s getting holy ass-ripping hell from that shrew, high-waisted, beat-with-a-ugly-stick wife o’ his. She sees the end in sight and she wanted another 4 years of this high life. She’s pro’bly rippin’ into Barack like Tiger Woods’ ol’ lady is ripping into him. In fact Woods and Michelle might do well to hook-up with each other, I think they’d make a strong team. And she’d let him carouse too. She’d pro’bly dig it. At least there’d be some women over to the house. And hot ones too. You never see Barack with good lookin’ women. He only likes fat ugly ones around him I notice. Uh course compared to what he’s married to they pro’bly look hot to him.

  • Sue E.

    Olberman definitely needs an exorcism.

    Good post Kevin.

  • jj solari

    Obama’s position as a Useful Idiot to his Marxist/Muslim friends seems to be eroding. Now he’s just an Ordinary Idiot. Michelle might have to step up to the plate and show Barack how things are done. She’s making millions for “Haitian relief,” and I’m sure that ain’t goin’ unnoticed by Obama’s fleeing handlers. She’s the gold mine now.

  • jj solari

    Hey, speakin’ o’ “Haitian relief,” how come the president o’ Haiti ain’t takin’ a boatload of crap for the earthquake and body pile-up like Bush did for Katrina.

  • scott


    Kevin, you said it loud and strong. I have been sending Emails spreading the word about you, Alfonzo Rachel and Loyd Marcus. Look up their YOU TUBE channels folks:

    Kevin, you are a great American!

  • Janelle

    Oh my goodness, jj, you are letting your common sense out again. All the money sent to Haiti rarely gets near the population. And then we have TARP……. the money we borrowed from China to finance what exactly and nobody can say where it went or how much has been spent. Scream out, jj – you do it well!

  • Wantmy Refund

    What’s up Kev? teapartysupport says you won’t give the money back so we get our money back. What’s with that? In America, you don’t keep what you don’t earn!

  • Mick


    The TARP money was approved by the Senate and signed into law by Bush. Its purpose was to prevent our financial institutions and the auto industry from filing bankruptcy. All the monies were not dispersed. Some of the money has been paid back. As a nation we could not allow the likes of AIG, Bank of America and Citi to file bankruptcy within days of the other. The government knows exactly where and how much of it was loaned out and the current balances.

    The democrats led by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, tried to make us believe they didn’t have a handle on it because BHO and his crew wanted to use the remainder along with what was paid back for more of their ridiculous spending programs. The monies paid back have been paid back with interest of over 5%.

    They annot use the money for other than what is was designated for. Thats why there was all the crapola relating to what was dispersed etc. In essence the democrats were once again spinning with false facts. They dropped the spin because they knew they didn’t have the votes in the Senate to redesiginate its purpose.

    One of the last disbursement was to GMAC in the amount of 3 1/2 billion. The liberal press was all excited over this because they originally thought GMAC would need an additional 5 billion.

    If Citi, Bank of America and AIG filed bankruptcy within days of the other that would have been it for this country. What happened in 1929 would have been mild compared to what would have happend in 2008-09!

  • Janelle

    I understand all of that and this mess began in the late 70’s with the Community Reinvestment Act. Yes, it goes father back than that…….I don’t know your age group.
    For certain, though, 60,000 plus pages of tax codes seems to be a haystack without a needle.

  • Mick

    Yes Janelle thousands and thousands of tax code pages have been written. Oftentimes brainless writings because its easy to read between the lines and interpret the code to your liking. It happens everyday and will continue to happen because for the most part people responsible for the writing of the tax code are really not competent to be entrusted with such a task.

    Here’s an example. BHO has suggested a jobs tax credit to create new jobs. This is down right stupid! There was a jobs tax credit in the 70’s and 80’s. The final credit expired during the early 90’s. And Janelle it didn’t do a damn thing for the economy. For the most part those who took the credit were those who were going to hire with or without the credit. The 70’s credit was a book in itself!!

  • the BOC

    I can’t believe I just wasted 1 minute and 19 seconds of my life listening to what Keith Olbermann had to say. It was like listening to a barrage of uncontrollable flatulence coming from a fat Italian guy who just digested a plate of fried cauliflower.


    speaking as a big fat italian guy, fried cauliflower WILL get the job done.

  • yttik

    Keith Olbermann is a mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it. Somebody should take him in a room and only they come out. Oh wait, those were his words, so I guess he really is an expert on sexism.

    The best way to stimulate the economy at this point is to give tax relief to small businesses. They’re being crushed with self employment taxes, soc sec, medi, labor and industries, gov mandated liability insurance, and unemployment compensation. You have to leave people enough of their own money to hire with, to expand and grow. People lost half their retirement savings in the stock market crash, their homes lost value, interest rates dropped to nothing, but credit cards skyrocketed. You squeeze people, you take away their ability to borrow money, you tax the crap out of them, and they fold. It really isn’t rocket science, but our government sure is tone deaf.

  • Wantmy Refund

    Hey Kevin – I’m one that paid some of the money YOU got for the National Conservative Symposium that had to be cancelled, AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK – MONEY THAT YOU STILL HAVE!!!

    GIVE IT BACK, DUDE, SO I GET MY MONEY BACK. Don’t keep what you didn’t earn.

  • Mick


    You have just described what BHO and his administration and dumb-o-crats call redistribution of wealth or in simpler terms they penalize success and reward failure.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @WantMyRefund – You have NO idea what I did for the NCS, so to say I didn’t EARN my fee makes you look ridiculous. My contract is clear. I get 1/2 upfront. I book all events in advance, because guess what…I can’t DOUBLE BOOK! In my case, unlike most speakers, I went to work right away. I did ALL media for the event, wrote 5 speeches, including my own which was for Friday the 22, and then small speeches to introduce the other speakers. As emcee, I had MANY more tasks, and even created the NCS video. Just so you know, I don’t pull speeches out of my BUTT! They take time…LOTS of time to create, and I had to create FIVE. But I guess in your world that’s not work. Also, I declined any other events, but I guess that doesn’t matter to you.

    The point is this…Matt Perdue owes you your money. If you think the small deposit to me prevented this event from happening, I remind you that Matt Perdue had Sarah Palin ($75K), Sean Hannity ($100K), Laura Ingraham ($25K), and Michelle Malkin ($25K) as speakers and supposedly rented out the entire Hyatt Hill Country Resort! Now it is my understanding that he paid NOBODY, including the Hyatt, which is why he is making the claim that I am the only speaker not to return the funds. Ask yourself if you believe that my fee is the reason you are not getting paid?

    So I say again, I will NOT be returning my EARNED money, and further, I will demand the remaining funds that I am owed! Your issue is with Matt Perdue, the person who tried to pull an event together, evidently with OPM…other people’s money! I suggest you get your attorney or credit card company to do what it must to get your funds from Matt Perdue.

  • Greg

    Read this a little later than most, but I agree completely with what you stated!! I truly believe that many of the black voters that voted for obumer only voted for him due to color, nothing else. It’s sad that it’s taken this long for them to finally see his true “color” and it isn’t black either. Keep up the good work you and others on the WWW have really been the providers for the only voice that some of us since many of our senators only have ears that hear what they want to hear.

  • Aussie

    The reverse Midas touch worked again.

    The trouble is that the big O learned nothing from the defeat in MA. Now he has been seen bowing to the mayor of TAMPA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then there is the way he treated the justices of the Supreme Court such that Samuel Alito had a silent Joe Wilson moment.

    Oh how I wish there was a way to impeach this idiot so that Americans can recover from this lunacy.


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