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Harry Reid

Biden getting news of Reid comment

Breaking news:  Joe Biden admitted to Johns Hopkins University Hospital after having a laughing fit at news of Reid’s comment regarding “light-skinned Obama with no Negro dialect!”

Finally somebody who said something more stupid than Biden, something science thought was an impossibility!  Biden stupidity was previously thought to be -273 degrees C…absolute zero! Not!

Reid quickly issued an apology, and Obama quickly accepted. Can’t have people analyzing the racism of Democrats now can we!  People might actually consider the Democrats history on the subject.  Better yet, perhaps Reid can be talked into switching parties, so Democrats can say Republican are the racists? 

What’s Harry Reid apologizing for anyway?!  He was right!  Like Bidenisms, Reid’s real crime was exposing the dirty little secret that everybody knows about white folks who voted for Obama…the Guilters!

In addtion to his incendiary comment, Reid is reported to have said in this article from Politico,

…throughout my career, from efforts to integrate the Las Vegas strip and the gaming industry to opposing radical judges and promoting diversity in the Senate, I have worked hard to advance issues important to African American community.

There Reid goes, telling America how many black friends he has!  I love say it!  “Black people…I TOLD you so,“ and I did in my book The BIG Black Lie

What have Reid and his Democrat Party done for blacks, except reintroduce slavery—new and improved!  Reid and the rest of the Democrats have indeed advanced issues important to blacks alright, if by advance you mean advanced blacks into a nuclear winter.

Reid and his racist cronies have blacks leading negatively in almost all cultural categories, e.g. high school graduation rates, college entrance rates, college graduation rates, men in prison, teenage pregnancy, abortion, and so on.  Reid et al support getting black folks just enough money and programs to stay home and stay stupid.  The UnGreat Society meets The Ingrate Society.

Democrats did opposed radical judges!  Democrats opposed radical Republican judges who wanted to end slavery and racism; promote individualism!  The last thing Democrats want are blacks who think for themselves, and that includes Obama.

Guilters voted for Obama for two reasons.  First, as Reid opined, Obama is a light-skinned black man with no Negro dialect!  Translated to Guilter: 

“Obama is that  n*gger who doesn’t act like one.  He’s acceptable as long as he doesn’t try to date my daughter!”

Next and more importantly, the reason Guiliters wanted Obama as president is he could best sell the agenda of the Left to keep oppressing the disenfranchised—for the most part black folks—without the racist elite of the Democrats getting their fingers soiled.  Guilters were overjoyed to accept a light-skinned black with no Negro dialect…as long as his ideology fit the racist Democrat agenda.  Anybody think Obama would have gotten elected if he looked like his father or thought like Clarence Thomas?  Socialist please!  Oh H-i-l-l-a-r-y!

Obama’s message was no different than Jesse Jackson’s, another light-skinned Negro presidential wannabe.  Let’s examine the comparisons.

Both hail from Chicago.  Neither had the real credentials to be president.  Both are racists with skewed agendas, though admittedly Obama is farther left than Jackson.  Both have never run any company or organization that didn’t rely on the charity of others or the government. They’re practically twins!

Guilters flirted with Jackson and blacks, making both think Jackson could be president, though Jackson had a snowball’s chance in hell getting a significant part of the Guilter vote.Black Democrats flirted with Jackson, though many felt he was too “ethnic” to be president.  It is for this reason Jackson cried during Obama ‘Abomination.’  Jackson knew that the only difference between him and Obama, two poverty pimps is…the Negro dialect.

For Jackson, the Negro dialect is part of his DNA. He could not turn it on and off to suit the audience. Jesse talked in rhythm and rhyme, and with that staccato timbre that was the precedent to rap and hip hop. 

Put hope in yo brains, not dope in yo veins!…Amerca is a racis countra, uh run by white peepa, who… meck it impausible…fuh a BLACK MAN…to git ova.  Aurppatunity just does not eggzist…for peepa of kula in Amerca.

But Obama has talent! Though he speaks ‘white’ most of the time, and is fluent in Austrian, he finds the Negro dialect or “jive” when he speaks to silly Negros—Black people who voted for Obama, simply because he is black[i].  Obama was masterful at this during his campaign, because silly Negros would not accept the white part of Obama, unless they felt he was “down,” i.e. one of them.

This is because silly Negros are also the most racist black folks in America, no different from Reid and his ilk.  These blacks voted for Obama for the same reasons as Reid…because Obama has light skin and no Negro dialect…around whites! Silly Negros liked that Obama could fool whites, though it was they who were fooled.

Ironically, back in the day Obama would have been accused of “acting white” or “trying to pass,” by not having a Negro dialect.  And his attempts to act black—that’s all it is, an attempt—would have gotten him more than a few butt-kickings in the black community.  However, because silly Negros wanted a Messiah, regardless of whether he is a no-talent-no-Negro-dialect-having-metrosexual-Communst-sympathizing-narcissistic egomaniac!

Here’s the wrap:

Women Guilters were happy to see a light-skinned black man with no Negro dialect that they could take home to Mother, and men Guilters needed a light-skinned black man with no Negro dialect they could present to their clubs. 

Silly Negros needed no Negro dialect black man who could redeem them too. They needed a light-skinned black man with no Negro dialect to show that not all silly Negros are ghetto.  “See, you can be intelligent and have our point of view!” 

Indeed you can, when you are raised by Marxist, sex-crazed radicals like Frank Davis, and your influences are race-baiting pastors and Black Nationalists!  To put this simply, silly Negros are saying that black Conservatives are not the only smart blacks.  They may feel vindicated, but they were wrong!

Obama may be intelligent, but as my grandmother would say, “He ain’t got a lick of sense!”  Obama is a deep thinker, but his intellect is misguided and useful only in discussions of socialism.

In the end however, Harry Reid, the Guilters and silly Negros have done America a favor. They have set the color line for “acceptable blacks” among racists, something of which I was certainly unaware. We now know what it takes to rise above race issues for some people.  Thankfully Americans have indeed risen above race…Conservative Americans that is.   

As for the Guilters and silly Negros however remain the most racist group of Americans ever. But there is no reason for them to apologize for their way of thinking.  In their insane way what Guilters and black Democrats hearts are in the right place.  What they are saying is simple:  They wish black Democrats would act more like…black Conservatives!

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

[i] Silly Negro – 2nd definition: A black person who voted for Obama for ANY reason.


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • Karen

    Love the "no-talent-no-Negro-dialect-having-metrosexual-Communst-sympathizing-narcissistic egomaniac!"

    As always I was waiting to hear your take on this issue and, as always, you delivered a brilliant, insightful and entertaining rant. Well done!

  • Sir RonB

    I knew that as soon as I read of Dirty Harry’s assessment of B-Rock’s presidential candidacy I would have to go read your blog. Great points.

    Our First Black President, Bill Clinton, was just as coy with his comment, “A few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

    So where is the Black outrage from Black Democrats on their elected leadership who have dared to defile the Great B-Rock Obama with these comments. Are they so consumed with having “That One” in the White House that all is well and they (Reid and Clinton) meant no harm. Go figure who the racist really are and thanks my friend for continuing to point them out and calling them out!
    Sir RonB

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Karen – Thanks for the read, as I am flattered!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @SirRon B – I enjoyed your commentary, and I think this would be a GREAT discussion for the radio show! Glad to hear from you. Thanks for doing your part to protect the kingdom!

  • Dana

    Great rant Kevin! Looking forward to your thoughts on universal voter registration. There’s a can of worms.

  • jj solari

    harry reid can speak with a negro dialect too, when he wants to, but he only does it at the masonic meetings in the dungeon with the buttless apron on and after all the white boys have a few beers and flagons of blood. then they take the aprons off and slap asses with them. It’s the white version of “snaps.” Sometimes the masons sneak over to skull and bones and steal all their speedos off ’em while they’re having “passed-out group hug-slumber,” all the while talking in minstrel-show banter. “Uhhh Mistah Intuhlokkitah: Yo’ Masonic white buttocks look like it wuz hit witta UGLY stick!! HEE HEEEEE!” So don’t let this cracker offay fool fool ya: he can speak negro too, that rascal. In fact he’s pro’bly talked in a negro dialect more than Obama has, truth be known. After a few fo’ties, ya understan’.

  • velvethammer

    Bravo Kevin! You have nailed it from every angle. Well done!

  • Roy

    10 for 10 Kevin, perfect score.
    As I have said for years, “the Progressive Socialists (aka Democrats) will NEVER let the ghettos become ghost towns”.
    Keep ’em “down on the farm” and “stoopid”.
    Any time a black man shows signs of “escaping”, they pass some “law” to convince their “constituent” to stay on the farm…, ie, give him more money NOT to work.

    More black people went to work under Ronald Reagan than in any other period in our nation’s history (except WW2).
    More black people have lost their jobs, and their freedoms, under Barack Obama than in any other period in our nation’s history!

    Isn’t Jimmy Carter a “white, southern Democrat, plantation owner”??


  • Buffoon

    @ jj solari
    You sir, have no idea what you are talking about. Reid displays none of the attributes of a Freemason.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @jj – I disagree with much of what you said, but you are one funny dude!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Dana – If we allow anything to make it thru the legislative process, shame on us!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @velvet – Thanks for the read. I love it when you visit!

  • jj solari

    buffoon: you’re right. the freemasons aint much for hijinx. they prefer creepy. so ya gut me on this one.

  • http://google gh

    Of course, as you pointed out Kevin, the Dems want this to be an non event…he didn’t mean it…didn’t happen. Feinstein says it’s a closed case. Ohhhh…..K! Right. Wouldn’t want to have people check out the Dem’s too closely, now. You said it, KJ! Thanks for the this Rant, immensely!

  • Greg


    I just KNEW you would cover the Reid story IMMEDIATELY and you didn’t disappoint.Great rant,as always!!! Also,Bill Clinton is reported to have said to Ted Kennedy,concerning HOOsein,that a few years previously,Obama would have been fetching them coffee.You are right:the Democraps are a bunch of racists and bigots!!!! I am so very glad for your blog.I learn from you everytime I visit your site.

    I look forward to seeing you on Beck!!!

  • chris littlejohn

    I wonder what would have happened if a republican had said those things about Obama. This not only shows the racism of democrats, it also shows their hypocrisy.

  • Helen A.

    Thank you, Kevin!

    What you said so eloquently, a Libtard will never understand.


  • Lisa

    Great read, Kevin. Let’s access…obama accepts reid’s apology…reid says “i won’t step down”….dems side with harry….health care bill rammed through….obama throws harry under the bus due to his low poll #’s in nevada…. that’s my rant!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Lisa – Great rant!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Helene – I try to make things so simple Lib Cavepeople can understand!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Chris – You know the answer to that!

  • djmelfi

    True Christian conservatives love all of Gods children. I physically weep when I see the cultural depravity many blacks live in. Jackson and Sharpton have nothing useful to tell the black community. The black ministers have sold their souls and their congregations for 30 pieces of silver.

    The black community needs to come back to Jesus Christ their savior and learn to love themselves in the image of God.

    I am not usually this religious but true salvation requires a uplifting of spirit that only faith and the Holy Spirit can bring.

  • Mick


    Charles Payne was a guest on the Glenn Beck show that you were on. He is also a regular on Fox News Saturday morning “Business Block” with Neil Cavuto. Had much respect for his financial abilities because he is not the typical bullshit artist like many of his peers. He also possesses financial common sense. He along with many of Neil’s guests trash and I mean trash Obama weekly. And Charles never has a positive thing to say about Obama. What floored me is when he told Glenn he voted for Obama. This took Glenn by surprise and Charles assumed this and immediately added that his other votes were all Republican.

    Charles vote was not based on policy but instead skin color. Voting based on race, gender or nationality is not a problem for me. But, if you then trash the person you voted for on a continuous basis how can you not be considered a phony hypocrite? Since hearing that I’ve lost all respect for Charles Payne and look forward to the day when he no longer appears on Fox News.

  • Dennis


    I am back!! Why you try to block me for telling the truth? Not fair Mr. Know it all. Anyways, what Reid said is true. If it were not for the white people you claim to have raised you, you would have been speaking a negro dialect yourself too.

    Obama is light skinned and does not speak a negro dialect. He speaks proper english like the rest of us-unlike your negro friends whom I have difficulity understnading.

    If you don’t trust me watch your NFL and basketball players who need a translator while giving their “…ya knaw wat I m daying…” interviews.

    Kevin- I feel your pain for hating your skin color. You have nothing identifying you as a negro -except your skin color.

    • Kevin Jackson

      Dennis you have been banned again. I will leave your comments, because I want people to know what it’s like when monkeys learn to write.

  • Dennis

    Which part do you guys disagree? The fact that he is light skinned or speaks good english? Stop your political correcteness!!!!!!!!! Both are true statements and has nothing to do with Reid being a rascist.

  • Snake Oil Baron

    Kevin Jackson said: “I will leave your comments, because I want people to know what it’s like when monkeys learn to write”.

    Does that mean that if you let him comment for an infinitely long time he will eventually type out one of Shakespear’s works? I think he has a long way to go.

    I like how Biden’s reaction was not that of offense at Reid’s comment or worry about how it might affect his party but one of having a good chuckle at Reid’s expense. What a charming little man that Biden is.

  • Bev

    For a party that is constantly talking about race and racism…I find it amusing that they are the ones saying these things and talking about it all the while pointing their fingers at the Republicans. If a Republican had said what Reid said it would be on the front page of every single newspaper and website in this country. Conservatives are too paranoid about being acused of being racist …and for a reason!!!!

    In all seriousness…I have not heard a white person I know use the word negro since the early 70s. Who on this planet would use the word Negro? Is this senile dementia maybe? If somebody in honest conversation said that wouldn’t you say? “WHAT?” There would have to be somebody intelligent standing there that would say…”You know…I don’t think people say Negro any more.” Honestly…wouldn’t you just burst out laughing and tell them that? I certainly would. Yet, Reid actually said this. He said almost the exact same thing Geraldine Ferraro said but she said it in a nicer way and look how everybody turned on her and called her racist for months!!!

    It’s just mind numbing.

  • Jeff Boswell


    First time I came across one of your articles. Thank you for your humor and candid thoughts. I look forward to following you @Theblacksphere on Twitter too. Keep it up!

  • Dennis O

    Is everyone nuts? What Harry Reid said is true.Chris Rock a black comedian said basically the same thing.

  • jj solari

    Ya know, things like this demonstrate how pathetic the Republicans are, even though I am philosophically more in sympathy with their brand of moderate socialism mixed with fascism slash Christianity than i am with the Democrats’ blatant Marxism slash atheism slash vehement antichristianity. When some Republican bigot makes a gaff that hits the news and the Democrats get on the bandwagon, the Republicans freak. Because they THINK they are not pompous elitist gasbags. They actually manage to convince themselves they are “righteous upholders of liberty and heaven.” When the Democrats make a gaff and the Republicans try to make points from it, the Democrats just brush it off. The Dems all know they’re rascals and dont freak out at being accused of being rascals. So the Republicans are never going to get rid of Reid just because he said something that, frankly, everyone on earth knows is true. The Republicans are idiots. So are the Democrats. The difference is the Democrats know they’re idiots. It amuses them. The Republicans think Republicans are smart. They ain’t. They’re just as stupid as Democrats. But, like Muslims, are convinced they are doing “God’s work here on earth.” Yeah: like God would assign His “work” to alcoholic, bloviating, stuffed shirt, pompous-ass gasbag bureaucrats. Talk about narcissism, holy crap. Everyone in office is a narcissist, not just Obama.

  • Lenore

    The problem is any republican would have been forced to resign and would have because republicans are to weak and to afraid to just tell the truth. Like Kevin does, I admit Kevin has more rights in this arena than white folk.
    The truth is democrats have damaged blacks in American far more than anyone else. They have made sure fathers don’t stay with their children. Welfare pretty much locked dad’s out. For the mom it is stay with the dad and we can’t help you. I know a husband and wife who divorced just so she could get government benefits when they fell on bad times. Government and family doesn’t mix well for the poor, especially this government.

  • Lenore

    Ok am I surprised, they are using the word Negro on the census. Hey Kevin what do Black Americans want to be called. I’ve always used the word American.

  • jj solari

    harry reid trounces the republican party on a daily basis and this is the worst thing the republicans can do to him in return: try and rattle him about the only TRUE utterance he has ever made while in office. Genius.

  • scott

    The Democratic spin….ugggh…”the President forgives Reid”…the President doesn’t have anything to forgive Reid for. He was actually almost complimenting the President. It was all the “dark skinned, negro dialect speaking” Americans he was putting down. And those were the people he refused to apologize to in his news conference this AM.

    What Reid said was true and (with the exception of using the word “negro”) was not viral. If Obama had been dark and spoke with a strong “negro” dialect, the southern racist democrats would have never let him past the primaries. The real story is the double standard. If this had been any conservative, the left would have went crazy. That is the part of the story that will not go away.

  • jj solari

    Damn, Scott, you’re right, and I don’t say that to people very often: Reid actually WAS insulting 1: dark skinned…well, darkies, and 2, people who speak with, what would you call it, innner city dialects, or whatever the black urban drawl would be. He was saying “Obama ain’t one of these unsavory, unelectable ghetto types. He comes across as a safe, well behaved, yassuh yassuh type neegrow who conveys respect for and obedience to the elder statesmen guardians of our nation, people like myself, in other words.” Yup, you’re right. He was saying “you can vote for this oppressed minority member, white people, he is one of the good ones!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Reid’s a pisser.

  • PAM

    Oh wow – what a rant! I look forward to more rants from you.
    You are a great American.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Pam – Thanks!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Scott – I think I said that, as in “Do you think Obama would have been elected if he looked like his daddy…”

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Lenore – Blacks don’t know what they want to be called, just call most when the check is in the mailbox. Thank a democrat!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Dennis O – Asked and answered.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Jeff – Thanks for finding my blog. Tell 100 others!

  • Beverly

    Kevin, as an american whom so happen to be black I’m furious with the slap on the hand they are giving Reid and Clinton. This whole issue sickens me to my stomach. The mainstream media will never show the conservative blacks that loathe those people. I’m not part of their collective and will never give in to the racist dummo’s. Good rant! keep up the good work.

  • Lilly

    Hey Kevin!
    Great rant and I knew you would weigh in on this one. What I don’t understand is why the last part of his statement doesn’t seem like that big of deal to anyone? “unless he wanted to have one.” I would take that as meaning, he only uses the “negro dialect” when he’s talking to negros. Which in turn means that he is talking down to them and trying to full them into thinking he’s one of them. But then it puts it back onto BO and not just Reid.
    Just wondering on how you took that part of it? (Sorry to be so quiet lately, but do enjoy your rants!)

  • Dennis


    You keep banning me and I keep appearing-sorry Mr. Black conservative. I would have left out the black part however.

    You remind of this late black African dictator President by the name of Idi Amin who killed all his opponents. He used bullets and you are using your delete button to silence people who disagree with you.

    Like I said before keep pimping your pigment and try to make money.

    I understand that a brother has to make a living so I decided to come on here one more time and never be associated with a negro like you.

    P.S. Remember I chose not to comment here anymore and you have no intelect nor the means to ban me . I am way to smart for your nonsense and race baiting.

    • Kevin Jackson

      And just like that Dennis, another URL banned! LOL. Pretty soon you will figure out that I’m Massa in here and you are Toby!

  • Dennis


    Reid is right. Most negros don’t learn to speak proper English maybe they don’t have the intellect unless associated with whites like Kevin Jackson did.

    They are good with associating with our enemies though. Next to people of Middle East descents who are the people who are trying to destroy America-NEGRO Muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilly

    full = fool sorry not enough coffee this am.

  • yttik

    Ha! Good post, Kevin.

    Reid’s comment was so revealing because it really did show a complete disrespect for anybody as human beings. He really was asking, can we use this guy to inspire white guilt and manipulate black voters at the same time? He doesn’t care about the people he’s serving or the country, he cares about controlling and manipulating voters to force them to buy a product. A product that is all shiny packaging and no substance. We aren’t even going to get the cheap toy inside our fancy cereal box.

  • Jim Schurmann

    Kevin-Great rant.
    Keep posting the Libs. rants. It proves how the liberal educational system has dumbed down our system. You should remind them that hatred only hurts the one who hates not the hated. Thanks for all you do.

  • August West

    Great read Kevin!
    It never ceases to amaze me at how the left can spin anything to make themselves look like the victim- in this case, it’s poor Harry Reid- “he’s on the right side of history”, liberals can’t be racist.

    Of course, if the history of the Democratic Party wasn’t sanitized, Americans would probably take a different look at the DNC. Democrats have been in the race game a long, long time- and on the “wrong side” of history to use a reference by our President.

    Keep up the great work Kevin!

  • http://google gh

    Harry Reid betrays a shallow, showmanship format for considering these true standards for an American POTUS. These, do not a Leader of the Free World, make. The Rant title was about Negro Dialect. Most everyone has a dialect, and to be understood by the greater population, every public speaker has to be practiced. No biggie…just the fact. It’s the character of a man, his value systems, his real honesty, his ability to lead a Free Nation and keep it that way, make it better, safer, and solvent, respect for the independence of states, follow the Constitution in the spirit is was intended (not so mutilated, we can’t recognize it any more)…here is where, imo, Harry Reid makes his mistake.

  • jj solari

    um, dennis?…..comparing a guy with a blog and a delete button to a syphillitic madman executer of millions of people, and who actually ate a lot of them, does not demonstrate to me an “intelligence.” Which you keep insisting you have. it demonstrates to me someone who can not distinguish, discern, or discriminate in conceptual terms. Or in other words you seem to exhibit the mind of a schizophrenic. no offense, rufus.

  • rumcrook¾

    I had to smirk when I saw this, which is laterally related to this topic.

    “African-Americans For Harry Reid” Facebook Page Lists 5 Fans… 4 Are White

  • LisaGinNZ

    great rant, Kevin

    Of course BHObummers “forgives” Reid: wants to pass health takeoever plans asap and set up as dictator for life… then Reid goes under the bus…

    Nothing to see here, move along mentality: ploy works for Dems, often.

    I don’t care what color BHObumbles is, his communist/marxist/socialist policies which really s**k the big wazoo for America

    my $.02 rant

  • Dana

    @Death of…

    Right on!

  • Donald Borsch Jr.

    Mr. Kevin,

    Nope, sorry, I just don’t see it.

    Reid said something that may have caused folks to knee-jerk their anger, but he didn’t say something that hasn’t been proven true. Now, before you crucify me, please know that I am no fan of Reid or Congress or liberalism. I cannot, however, blame Reid for saying something that was true, regardless of the unspoken connotation, as detestable as it is. Reid is a jackass on many fronts, but on this issue, to me, he was not wrong.

    Now, here’s the 64K dollar question: Does my “defending” Reid make ME a racist? Inquiring minds want to know. I should loathe to consider that I will be labeled as such simply because I am defending Reid, but I also know how the human mind works, especially when it comes to politics.

    Anyways, I have followed your site here for some time now. I dig what you’re cooking, Mr. Kevin. Have an awesome week, and be sure not to get on any planes with Muslims, ya hear.

  • Gregg

    The only person who has about the same intelligent and sharp witted take on things is Ann Coulter. That’s a compliment by the way. Keep on keepin’ on brutha!!!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Donald – I agree…Reid is right! But Conservatives will vote for the BEST person for the job, while racist Libs and Dems vote for “appearance” with no substance. Like I pointed out in the blog, Reid speaketh the truf!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Gregg – Coulter is one of my idols. I can’t wait to meet her, and more importantly to actually rip some Libs with her over drinks!

  • Mick

    Ann Coulter is great. She got the best of Al Sharpton on Hannity last night. He let them go one on one. Old Al was quite flustered when she was done with him.

  • jj solari

    haha coulter is funny. that’s another thing i hate about these damn liberal assbreathed idiots. they have no sense of humor. they’re all ponderous, slogging, trudging-through-the-snow bolshevik-mentalitied “it’s all so very serious” muttonheads. Most of them are goddamn atheists, which by itself sucks all the life from your spirit. I mean, whether or not the god of the bible exists, just believing he does makes you feel better, if you have your head on straight and arent all paranoid and fearful of perdition. but these liberals, they are just WAY too important to let something as trifling as a Creator into their lives. They are all self created creations. that’s why they have no sense of humor. that would involve being able to laugh at themselves. and like lucifer, they are all too important and vital to existence to ever laugh at themselves. that’s why it’s so damn easy to infuriate them here, when they show up. because they are all conceited little self contained gods.
    gods who cant spell, for the most part.

  • http://google gh

    God bless America! Where a guy can speak his mind! I have relatives who are supporters of that which I don’t support, oh heck, Lefties…and your words strike a chord…laugh at themselves. I never see that. In time, come the spring, when it breaks through(Dr. Zhivago), I hope they will loosen up, realize it’s America they really live in (the good ol’ US of A!), with its Constitution and everything, and work to get rid of the Marxist loving tribe out of Washington.

  • Mick

    When Hannity went on a commercial break tonight I switched to Rachel Maddow to see what the bitch was blabbing about. She was playing politics with the Haiti earthquake. Her comments were disgusting. She praised Obama for the speedy action being taken and compared it to the slowness of Bush and Cheney reacting to national disasters.

    How sick can one be to play politics with a tragic incident like Haiti. But it doesn’t surprise me what the bitch Maddow does. No wonder MSNBC is at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to ratings. Now with Sarah Palin being a contributor for FOX News I hope they go further down the pole!

  • Troy

    Great stuff!

  • Katy

    hahahaha LOVE Dennis’ english. that he is ‘way to smart’…. et to? At least I don’t have to translate him anymore…

    P.S. Remember I chose not to comment here anymore and you have no intelect nor the means to ban me . I am way to smart for your nonsense and race baiting.

  • Dennis


    I am used to writing in Dutch and French and English is my 5th language sorry if sometimes I misspell words. Your writing is really bad for a person who only speaks English. I say this with confidence because if you spoke other languages you wouldn’t have said this.

  • Jim Schurmann

    Dennis- Maybe you should stick to one language so your not bad in all five languages. Hahahaha.

  • Mick


    Agree with your comment about professional sports. Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics is a perfect example.

    I know my word usage is not always correct, nor my spelling. Do know there is no way you speak or write five languages. If you did possess that intelligence you would not make all those common mistakes.

    Actually Dennis I hope you continue posting commentshere because you do provide us with a few good laughs. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • jj solari

    Dennis; me like way of you speak too. you plenty good socialist type. you make happy talk to me. me have fun with you. you tell good obama talk. thank you for be here. you not a whopping waste of time like dey say to you at dis place. you good, have fine head on you head. we can make bead necklace together you and me from duck bones. make happy magic. you wise man!!!! me like!!!!

  • jj solari

    me like dennis he funny good talkee.

  • Tom R

    It’s amazing how the left spins it. They love to pull out their record on “social justice” like that makes it ok to say whatever they want.

    During the campaign I said that Obama was hand picked by the democrats because they knew they could use him to make their big push. Mire every debate in race and energize the black vote.

    Of course I was called a racist for saying it but I was pointing out the racism in the left. Harry Reid’s comment proves the way they think…”let’s use this guy because he’s an acceptable black.”

  • Tom R

    Also, Dennis sounds like a teenage troll.

  • ProudinNC

    Awesome job on Glenn Beck this afternoon, Kevin. You are a true American hero!

  • Janelle

    Thanks for the reminder of the “Austrian language” – had forgotten and your sly mention made me laugh all over again. Off to watch the recording of Beck’s show.

  • Drike

    To all:

    Dennis’ writing is not as bad as many of yours. I guess you attack him based on his beliefs. How different are you from the left lunatics on this aspect?

  • Drike

    To all

    I guess Dennis offended you by saying most Americans speak only one language-English. And most of you do speak only English……it must be ok.

  • http://google gh

    Just watched the Glenn Beck video from yesterday’s airing. Kevin’s point is well taken. Reid misses content of character for facade, hollywood presentation! And the black community (low, all of us!), shouldn’t forget that fact. As Reid’s policies are way off base, so is his estimation of leadership for our great home, America.

  • Dennis

    New orleans (Katrina) Africa, Haiti, and many other cities where negros live get all kinds of disasters. To this, I can’t say anything, because man has no control over them. But when it comes to helping those in need I don’t see Tyrone nor Laquisha running to give a hand. All these non English speaking sports people-NFL, basket ball players- are not the kind, who help their people either.You only see JANE and JOE leaving their lives behind to go and help. The reason being that most negros are GREEDY and SELFISH by nature.

    Is there any country in the world where negros and other non-whites are the majority and is prosperous? NONE!!!!!!!!! If you think of the Arabs think twice.

    I can not imagine America where whites are not the majority. A reason for white women to have multiple babies.

    With the rate of multiplication of the Tyrones and Laquishas- you may add the Joses- the demographics might change.

    Only then this country will be Mexico or Kenya-God forbid- and our enemies will rejoice.

    P.S If all you whites love your country keep having babies.

  • Gregg

    Boy Dennis you are one ignorant S.O.B. You’re a typical liberal. You keep beating the same drum until you can’t get a rise out of people and then in the last comment your true colors come out. Why don’t you go hangout with Sen. “KKK” Byrd or any of the other so-called, non-racist government officials (all democrats I might add). You’re a feeble minded little man and I actually feel sorry for you.

  • jj solari

    but dennis, russia is solid white and for the past hundred years they’ve been as backward and pathetic as the haitians. in a hundred years everyone will be eating with chopsticks and drinking tea anyway so who gives a crap.

  • Mick

    Again Dennis I agree with your comment relating to the black athlete being greedy and selfish. You left out an important trait and that is they are financially foolish. After retiring a lot of them end up filing bankruptcy.

  • Janelle

    jj, you never disappoint…….it’s like wandering into Lewis Carroll land. Unusual and very entertaining.

  • jj solari

    if they’d let me use both hands instead of me being in this straightjacket and having to hold a pen in my teeth and thrust my head forward like a woodpecker against this keyboard i could really dazzle ya, Janelle. But, hey, thanks. Also this damn Thorazine is crampin’ my style – not to mention my gait – a LOT.

  • Karen

    When you have time to listen about 2 minutes into Rev. Debra Degar’s message you will know why I posted this. It truly is a great message.

    She gave me CHILLS……. Palin again…she Is speaking God work she was chosen.for us.

    Please america Fight and fight hard to save our county and the people..Stand up with Sarah Palin….

    Bless you Rev. Debra Degar, god bless you ! so powerful

  • jj solari

    Ya know, saying God has selected Palin to levy taxes or do whatever she is going to do is just as looney as saying Allah talked to Mohammed and said for him to start slicing heads.
    It don’t say nowhere in my Bible God selected Palin for anything. And if she’s don’t learn how to talk to that idiot Katy Couric with a little bit of conviction, she ain’t gonna be selected for NUTHIN’, ma’am. Obama’s beat-with-a-uglystick WIFE is gonna be able to shout her down.

  • Dana

    Hmmm, Sarah Palin; I just can’t get a read on her yet. I want to like and support her, but I’m just not there yet. Maybe it’s because she bailed out of her commitment as Governor that’s giving me pause. Just like our super lib congressman Neil Abercrombie. Now Hawaii, a total democratic/union run welfare state has to foot the bill for a special election. And all so Abercrombie can run for governor! Ugh.

  • jj solari

    anyone with sense enough to just LEAVE OFFICE ironically is the only kind of person fit to be in office.

  • Toni

    You said it. The book is closed on this issue; that is unless Reid switched parties to become a Republican. For months we scratched our wooden heads and wondered what it was that prompted the nomination of this Senator of little experience. It wasn’t the qualifications that make a great leader that mattered but the fact that we could be bequiled. Hopefully, this issue will not go away and more questions should be asked as to whether he was properly vetted in the process of analyzing his ability to speak “Negro”.

  • Dana

    You got a point there!

  • Janelle

    jj, well stated! You are also good at being rational.

  • Jim Schurmann

    Janelle stop complimenting jj. He’ll stop taking his medicine and loose his sharp wit:).

  • Janelle

    Not a chance, Jim! jj has too much fun when the stream of subconscious takes over and so do we. ;-D

  • Jim Schurmann

    Janelle-OK but don’t tell jj I said anything you know how he gets.

    I wonder if BHO is going to use his Negro dialect when he speaks in Mass. today.

  • scott

    SEIU members are openly supporting Scott Brown:

    And Alfonso Rachel with his “negro dialect” LOL reports it well. He shows up at a Coakley Rally and finds mainly Brown supporters!

    Kevin and Zo are two of the greatest spokesmen We have right now! Thanks Kevin! Lets continue to support these guys as much as we can! Have you emailed your friends to tell them about the BlackSphere?

  • Janelle

    No, he’ll go all ‘Havad’ for positive, Jim. I’m just surprised that he is showing up. That is taking a big political/personal risk and just showing up hasn’t worked in a couple of instances that come to mind easily.
    Scott, love “ZoNation”…….. he is a hoot. Did you catch the one riff with James O’Keefe in it?

  • herseyk

    In case you don’t have enuf to do, I’m waiting for Great Moments in Democrat Racist History: LBJ (which probably started with JFK)

    My rant – the most racist group I have ever known are the Irish. It’s in their DNA.

    Oh well, the verbal in my head rant was pretty insightful but this time not funny, so that’s all folks.


    herseyk; i’m gonna back you up on the irish remark. i hope you get some flack i’m pullin’ at the reins to get started. HAHAHAHAHAHA


    I cant believe Harry Reid said Obama is a light skinned black with no negro dialect; Obama is BIRACIAL and was raised by his white grandparents, his white mother and his African fathers and stepfather; im tiredof Obama being labeled black only. Where is the Dunhams of NC?

  • Joe

    Mr.Jackson, what has the Republician party done for Black people. Your rant is unresonable at best- While most people were aware of the historic nature of this election, Obama was CLEARLY the better candidate- that is why I voted for him! There isnt anything wrong with Black conservatives but for God’s sake do you want to sound like a Black Rush? You throw around terms like right and left when everyone knows that things are more complicated than that. Your rants lack focus and does nothing but show that you will say anything to increase your audience. How does that help a Black Man like me support conservative politics?

  • Dawn

    Do you have a radio show? I would love to listen to you live. I just watched you tonight on Fox and now reading your blogs. Thank you for your insight and I’m getting your book.


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