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Obama – Fisher of Men

Obama is a fisher of men. His new middle-class tax cut program is very simply a fishing expedition for the price it will take to BUY the middle-class–at least his definition of “middle-class.”

Obama and his team are clever in their presentation, because the middle-class quickly forgets this little factoid: It’s YOUR money he is using as an incentive!

What are the overtures—the bait—Obama uses to fishhook middle-class Americans? According to this report from ABC news, one of the incentives Obama is offering is a tax incentive on child care. Big whoop.

These days the average “working American” now works through August for the government. At this rate, why not just turn the kids over to the government, and let the government raise them!  I’m sure the media won’t mind!

This tax incentive essentially rebates part of YOUR money, but is limited to people who make less than $115,000—about two seconds of interest on the national debt. To ignorant people, $115K sounds like a lot of money. I assure you this is not much money for a family of four, particularly when those kids get to college age.

The bigger picture is that here again, Obama is setting the hook on what is rich and what is not. And more than $115K is apparently rich. That’s not even Paris Hilton’s purse budget for a month!

Anyway, if the government is going to give people THEIR money back, then why put a limit on who can get it? Unlike Obama’s cabinet and czars, the average American actually pays his taxes. Is working through August not enough or does Obama wants Americans working through November for the government? Actually, at the rate of the national debt, we are all working in arrears in order to satisfy our debt to the Fed.

Another “incentive” in Obama’s middle-class fishing trip is he wants to match your 401(K) savings with a $500 tax credit. And what money is Obama planning to use to match your savings…YOURS!  There is a recurring theme afloat, hmmm…

This isn’t even the slightest bit clever! Government doesn’t create any money, though they can inflate it by printing more, something Obama has already done. So again, Obama is manipulating our money to give us incentive to save.  Back to this in a minute…

Think about this in terms of your bank. Imagine the president of Bank of America sending you a note that says,

“Dear Patron, I would like to offer you this new fantastic incentive. If you will save $1000, I will give you a credit of $500…using your own money! And if that is not incentive enough, remember that when you reach the age you can get your money, I’m still going to tax your butt, but good. Have a nice day!”

A bank CEO would be embarrassed to offer this “incentive” to you, but the Boy Wonder has no shame. He’s such a doofus, that he is actually proud of his new program. The messiah is “giving back.”

The irony of this program is not lost on me that Obama is giving us incentive to save—using our own money—while simultaneously encouraging us to “spend our way out of debt!”

Note in the video Obama’s blaming of the Bush administration, and its handling of TARP funds, meanwhile praising his time-tested technique of “spending our way out of debt!”

If saving is good for the ordinary people, shouldn’t it work for the government? In full disclosure, I did not attend Harvard, and my alma mater Southern Methodist University didn’t offer a class in “Stupid Theoretical Ivy-League Economics”.

Here’s the wrap:

The question the America middle-class should ask is, “Am I am bass, a croppie, a perch, or a catfish?” Or perhaps you consider yourself a big fish, a saltwater variety, perhaps a Marlin?

Regardless, Obama has chartered the boat, has all the gear…and all the bait. The bait is your OWN money!

All he needs to do now is find out the threshold for most people to buy into his vision of communism. Unfortunately for him, due the election of Scott Brown, the price of communism just went up.

Thankfully for Obama the poor have been purchased, though he continues to sweeten the deal. As with all things Obama, if you’re poor, as in you don’t pay taxes; fear not! There is still incentive built in for you to “save.” Remember: Obama is with the government—he’s here to help. Lucky for you, Obama-love don’t cost a thang!

But the middle-class knows not to take the first offer, so I expect Obama to do a bait change, and sweeten the deal. He will go from the spinner lure to a blood bait. Because one thing I know about human nature is we all have our price.

I predict, nevertheless, that Obama doesn’t have enough bait to make this work. With the national debt cresting $12 trillion, the bait keeps getting smaller and smaller, and the lines between rich and poor continue to blur. I hope Obama is not depending on fish for dinner.

That’s my rant!

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  • Ken Seachrist

    Sometimes I wonder what it will take to wake up the majority of Americans to make them realize that this is THEIR country…it does NOT belong to the left or the right, but TO THE PEOPLE. We elect them to serve OUR interests, and if they don’t, we certainly owe it to ourselves and our country to replace them with people who WILL serve our interests above their own. I hear people complain about politicians, and the first question I ask is, Did you vote? If they say no, then I tell them to go cry to somebody else…I don’t want hear it, that THEY are part of the problem. Keep it up…be that voice crying in the wilderness…we hear you…we are with you.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Ken – I think they are waking up!


    obama lately looks like the spirit deceiving him into thinking he was in command of the hearts and minds of everyone outside of himself, that spirit seems to have taken-off and left a kind of shaken and rattled husk behind. he looks like, lately, if a fly flew around him during an interview now he’d scream in terror thinking it was a hijacked plane about to crash into him. he looks 60 all of a sudden. all the “good ol’ boys” in his army are breaking camp and going off on their own. he seems to be starting to see that he was a construction not of his own making and it’s putting him on the verge of tears of terror. It’s really funny!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Mick

    Is he holding a minnow in the first picture or is that his thumb? Maybe his land fisheries czar should tell him its against the law to catch minnow.

    Anyway his taxing incentives sound like something Dumb and Dumber would think up. Downright stupidity. If social security taxes are the only Federal taxes withheld from an individual how and where will they get the money to make a 401K contribution? Another child care credit. WOW!! Those have been brought back so many times since their original inception sometime during the 80’s.

    Believe most people are concerned with the economy and jobs. So how does child care credits and 401K contribution credits create new jobs? My mistake his stimulus package increased unemployment 20% but according to his white house pundants they SAVED the following number of jobs (according to Sunday morning talk shows) some woman said THOUSANDS of jobs were saved. His doofus press secretary said 1 1/2 MILLION jobs were saved. Axelrod (sp) said more than 2 MILLION jobs were saved. So which is it? Big difference between thousands and more than 2 million. By the way jobs saved is not measurable. Only jobs lost and jobs created can be counted.

    Oh well…….before long they will consider a family of four with household income of $40,000 as rich.

  • Sir RonB

    Wow Kevin! I can see Charlie Tuna all into this while trying to find Nemo!

    Fisher of men or is he the leader of the new school of fool fish, playing hooky from school and getting caught….and liking it.

  • mt

    Lenin, who said, “The best way to destroy capitalism is to debauch the currency.” would be proud of this POTUS. Kevin, I’m not really sure what fish I would be but I most certainly can identify what fish would be represented by the liberal-cum-progressive idea of big government……Orca!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @mt – I guess gov’t is an Orca!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Sir RonB – No not Charlie eating bait fish! I was taught Charlie was a good guy…dang Liberal education!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Mick – $40K is super rich for the proliteriat according to Obama!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @jj – If you think Obama’s looking old now, just wait til this time next year!

  • Joe

    I tried that principle with my 7 year old granddaughter. I gave her ten one dollar bills. Then I said, “Let’s save some money,” taking four dollars from her and putting it in my wallet. Next, I said “O, look sweetie. Granddad’s so wonderful that I’m going to give you some more money.” I reached into my left pocket and said, “Here’s two dollars.”

    “But Granpa,” she objected. “I started out with ten dollars and now I only have eight! And I haven’t even bought anything.”

    Even a kid knows.

    Why can’t the stupid libs get it?

  • Mick

    Next week BHO will present his budget to Congress. According to the CBO his budget will generate a deficit of 1.35 trillion. Now to present that in figures…. 1,350,000,000,000… hope thats correct. BUT, the good news is he is freezing certain spending that will reduce this projection by 25 billion….. What a joke! Does he honestly think he’s going to get approval with this ???? spending. Safe to say the contents of this budget will be presented to his dwindling adoring public when he gives his State of the Union. Lets hope his teleprompter becomes disabled after he gives his opening statement. If this happens we’ll really get to see his mental condition because even though he may have all his marbles I doubt they roll in the same direction.

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Mick – SO TRUE! Peole won’t pay attention to that, at least the Libs won’t! But we will be stalking his light-skinned arse!

  • Kevin Jackson

    @Joe – There you go teaching kids at an early age! For shame!

  • Gregg

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.

    The Great Thomas Jefferson

    When is enough, enough everyone?


    I Think that tax break was weak. Give it to me at the end of the year in my tax return. An average of $20 a week extra was bait, or a pacifier. BUT $115,000 a year is a lot of money to those of us who know the true value of money. Especially when you’re lucky to make $30,000- $50,000 a year before taxes. People like you, who are “blessed” to look at $115,000 like chump change, are the one’s totally out of touch with the real world around you. It’s your type of priveleged arrogance that makes the rest of the world hate us for the way we live in America. It’s sad that most of America is in the $30,000-$50,000 range, but have to be represented on the world stage & in our government by arrogant, pampered, out of touch, privelaged goofballs like you. I wish crackpot conservatives like you would stop crying & pointing out what you believe to be wrong with everything Obama & his people try to do, and offer up better ideas if you guys are so smart. Obama promised bipartinship. Make him stand on it. If you aren’t trying to help solve the problem you’re part of the problem. I doubt you’ll post this, but I hope you at least read it and think about it.

  • Jim Schurmann

    Mr.Olden-Tell me something. If I’m making a product that no one is buying how is Obamas $5000 incentive to hire another person to help me make products that no one is buying going to help my business.Wake up and try using a little common sense instead of being a sheep following his shepherd.

  • http://google gh

    Seeing Obama in an apparent joyous photo-op fishing, turned me immediately to I believe is same and associates at the Duke-Georgetown game. And that reminded me of the bumper sticker I saw yesterday as I finally got out in the vehicle (tank of gas)

  • http://google gh

    …..haven’t tamed this mini-mouse thingy…sorry. Anyway, while enjoying being finally able to pay for a tank of gas to then do errands, taking into consideration the previous first observations in the last post, the bumper sticker, had a picture of a smiling GBush and he was saying, “So long, Suckers!” I’m not sure if the right man was represented, because I don’t think George Bush would be smiling. Now, maybe someone else……


    Hey Oldentired: to you and the okenyan “bipartisanship” means “do things my way.” The okenyan cant get it through his coconut-sized-and-shaped little skull that no one wants to “cooperate” with him anymore. and he keeps using the word “divisiveness.” it aint divisiveness. its war. have a clue Prudhome-with-a-new-name.

  • http://google gh

    Don’t want to take up the blog space, but I just have a problem with those who put down honest, hard working, Americans who can make money, btw, an American Freedom! Now, having cunning politicians who USE their craft to get their bottoms in a representative seat (elected by people), and make fishing trips, basketball games, galas supreme, shopping trips, plan a party-fly a Government plane over NYC, fly to plant a tree, spend obscene amounts to get people there, housed, fed, schmoozed, all for a Global Summit on saving!, it goes on…on the peoples dime and into the future continuance, get rich from American blood, sweat, and tears…THIS is wrong. Yes to the American who does well for himself on his own…not for the free riding politician and particularly a blatantly in-our-face one.

  • Corey

    Someone said something silly like if you have good ideas, blah, blah, blah and called Kevin an arrogant privelidged something or other. The point, sir, is that America isn’t about government having “ideas” and programs for everything to fix every problem real or imagined. America is about letting people be who they want to be without government coersion. To act as though the conservative platform is some secret, or that their ideas are unknown is silly. It’s very basic and I’ll explain briefly. Outfits like the government, who are divorced from the consequences of their actions are wasteful. Private enterprises who make market relevant decisions are efficient. When power hungry politicians are in charge of governments, there is not only waste, but tyranny. Rather than trying to institutionalize the populous by putting everyone on the government tit, keep taxes low so the private sector, which outperforms government in every empirically verifiable field can thrive and employ the population and allow the populous themselves to be employers. Accountability is the name of the game. Oh, and we don’t dwell on color because we see Americans. Americans who are capable, good people, not some problem demograph in need of saving. That’s a little conservativism 101 for you. I apologize ahead of time if that doesn’t correlate with a conservative’s worldview, but I’m pretty sure we agree on that. As far as $115000 goes, that’s a good salary, but not rich by any stretch. Don’t presume that a person who reckognizes this is arrogant or privelidged. That’s just more of that liberal mentality that yearns for the class warfare.


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