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The irony of racial profiling in America is that the Federal government is the biggest racial profiler of all.  In fact, the Fed is also the biggest and baddest race-baiter and poverty pimp—even more when Democrats are in power. 

To prove my point, the U.S. Census Bureau has thoughtfully provided a Question and Answer center on their website that showcases racial profiling.  And as for why they do it, they cleverly disguise their heinous intent, as the Fed site explains thusly:

Race is key to implementing any number of federal programs and it is critical for the basic research behind numerous policy decisions. States require race data to meet legislative redistricting requirements.

Let’s see, now that the Fed has built all those projects and knows where the Negros are, they need to make sure they can get a Congressional Black Caucus chili pimp elected no matter what!

As for the answer to the “Ethnicity?” question?  Unfortunately, the site doesn’t allow for the answer:  “Nunyadamnbusiness!”

Despite the fact that it was the Nazis who thought “race” was important in implementing their evil plan against the Jews (and other mongrel races), and despite the fact that they got their ideas from none other than Hillary Clinton’s idol, Margaret Sanger, who wanted to KILL BLACK PEOPLE, our government sees no harm in Americans drawing lines of distinction based on race. 

If you are waiting for the Left to showcase their outrage over Americans having to check a box that immediately allows people to draw a conclusion, well don’t hold your breath Blue Boy!

Check “African American” and Bill Maher racially profiles you, since he thinks to be black you need to live the thug life, moving your untucked shirt back just enough to give a glimpse of the gun that all black people carry on our waistline, as a sign of our “blackness.”  Worse yet, Biden believes you rape your significant other, and never wear a condom, of course eliminating the “articulate and clean” blacks.

Bill Clinton believes you should be getting him coffee, and Harry Reid has a penchant for light-skinned Negros with no Negro dialect.

Your everyday-run-of-the-mill Liberal of course thinks differently for Americans who check the African-America box. Given all the social engineering that their ilk has provided to the black community, these Guilters feel nothing but pride for what they have accomplished in the black, excuse me “African-American” community.

So for the Guilters, African-Americans represent the core of America’s welfare recipients, and have sub-par educations. For Guilters, African-Americans need help.  Most have dropped out of high school, and the few who managed to get out of college are products of Affirmative Action, and grateful for the “hand out” plans that allow them to compete with superior whites. 

Guilters have their “token African-American friend” they bring occasionally to the cocktail party to feel like they are “giving back to the community.”

It’s fun to ask a Guilter, “Why do I need a special program just for me? Why do I need more protections than anyone else?”

They stand there befuddled, because there is no good answer to that question.  All they can say is “Because you can’t do it yourself. The white man is keeping you down.”

I chuckle as these Guilters try to speak in the vernacular, and remind me that they have “street cred,” because they did listen to De La Soul in high school.

When they discover that this African-America is gainfully employed, graduated from college on scholarship (without Affirmative Action), and that there are black men who can handle our own business, they give me that conciliatory Pat Pat, saying “Wow, you have overcome so much. You are amazing. I applaud you!” He’s like my cat at home, who sorted out how to open the bathroom door all by itself. What a guy!

The Pat Pat is how white Liberals show affection to things they feel obligated to care for, like their stupid pets!

Instead of feeding the cat $10.00/lb organic Vegan cat food, providing a scratching post a pretty collar and a special bed and organic litter, they should just let the cat outside.  In a couple of days the cat would scratch off the collar, become self-sufficient, and it wouldn’t have a stupid name like Fluffernutter.

Here’s the wrap:

Racial profiling allows the Fed to put us conveniently in our cages or categories, dogs here, cats over there. Distemper and rabies shots, tags and microchips, and the minorities are ready to be managed, controlled.  Blacks are assigned their masters—members of the Congressional Black Caucus—and the masters are warned to stay in control of their black pets, lest the masters lose their funding.

Keep them on the plantations—black neighborhoods—also known as echo chambers, and keep them watching BET and listening  to Tom Joiner.

The Left pretends they are counting blacks to provide services, ensure fairness, represent us as a group, providing equality for all. The flip side of this equality is segregation, subjugation, and alienation.

It annoys me to be treated like a breed; a husky or a Pomeranian, a Siamese or a tabby, the Fed determining your temperament and breed needs. Not the life for me.

So with respect to the racial profiling of the census, I offer this:

Race: Human. Nationality: American!

That’s my rant! 

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC All Rights Reserved


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • Cheryl

    We kept the Census forum info down to the bare essentials, number of people in household. But i kind of wish I had inserted "Human" in the race blank! well done!

    • @Theblacksphere

      Thanks for the comment, Cheryl! I agree, "Human" is the only answer!

  • bholbert

    Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution allows the census to do one thing; enumerate. Count people. That's it. As such, there is only one question on the census form that is within that allowance; Question 1. All others are outside the scope of the Constitution.

    That's all I answered. Question 1. And the census taker was quite unprepared for my mini-lecture on the Constitution and why I wouldn't be answering anymore questions.

    I tell you this so you will understand if you didn't know what I just told you, then you are relying on the government to tell you the truth.

    Caucasian or African-American, you have no complaint if you chose to answer any questions other than Question 1.

    • @Theblacksphere

      Good for you for knowing the Constitution. BTW my history teacher's last name was Holbert!

  • bholbert

    BTW, and Kevin, I'm sure you won't like this, seems to me you have figured out if you say things Caucasians want to say but can't based on the fact they're Caucasian, they will heap you with accolades, as you become their mouthpiece.

    African-Americans get a pass on trashing African-Americans. Always have. Always will. There is some veiled anti-white racism hidden in your "message" also.

    Cheap applause if you ask me.

  • Jackie Acheson

    I think you are fantastic!I’ve been tell all my friends to look you up since I watched your video about Jeanene Garafalo. (sp?) Keep up the great work.

    • @Theblacksphere

      Thanks, Jackie! I hope your friends listen to you! :-)

  • knitter

    Everything you said is so true. Conservative whites know that everything that is being done to blacks is being done to whites, also. The sadder part is that it is causing liberal blacks and conservative whites to be angry with each other. But, then that’s what the democrats want, isn’t it.

  • Bob Jones

    My wife, a light-skinned black woman with no noticeable negro dialect, will be glad when she opens her e-mail and sees a link to your site.

    • theblacksphere

      You flatter me, Bob! I hope your wife enjoys her surprise!

  • bladesinger6640

    yeah i have refused to answer these questions for years now but always just put mixed or other but now – I mark other and fill in American – I say we do not give them an inch in this stuff –

    • @Theblacksphere

      That's exactly what how I filled out the census!

    • theblacksphere

      Good for you, blade…

  • Ronda L

    I may be a "white" grandmother , but I personally wish I'd put Heinz 57 in the race blank. LOL – who knows, who cares!

    • theblacksphere

      Nice Ronda! Heinz 57

  • Melissa Glidden

    I wondered if anyone else found the race question as offensive as I. I purposely answered only the question (s) about quantity of persons. I cited the Article, section and clause as to my choice for not answering anything else. I am sick and tired of being placed in or out of a box. I am an American. I am not a hyphenated American. I am Conservative, and could care less what color, race, creed, etc. anyone else happens to be. I am weary of the Progressives dividing and conquering through Liberal correctness, race baiting, politicizing the sexes , and more. Because I'm a woman, I should feel "oppressed" or disdain women who stay at home to raise their children. I should vote Democratic because only they know how to make it right for me. As if I couldn't be self-sufficient or possibly accomplish something on my own merit! I should be a feminist and only vote for Liberals or Progressives. I can only imagine being of color, black, African-American or whatever one is being called today and told I should only vote for one party. Or how 'bout this…that all blacks voted for Obama.
    It is so insulting to assume a race, sex, or creed , is lumped together to vote only one way! I don't just vote for women, or for that matter only white people! God, I vote based on policies, record, the view of our Constitution, and most of all , restraint of our government. Kevin, you are spot on!

    • @Theblacksphere

      Way to go, Melissa!

  • Laura B.

    Kevin, you are awesome! I questioned whether the census was legit or not. I heard it was constitutional, but now I'm hearing some of it is beyond what they are allowed to ask. I personally put my "number" in household and my birthdate, which I'm second guessing now. I thought knowing age for programs for the elderly might be ok. But honestly, I wonder why they need to know these things about us anyway. Are they REALLY going to use the money appropriately? I think it is a ruse. I DID put American for race!

    • theblacksphere

      I think you will be fine, Laura! It is a ruse, and all they need is a number, and that is for LEGAL Americans!

  • NSangoma

    For you Founding Fathers breaph Negroes

    1790 Population Census Questions:
    Head of household
    Number of free white males ages 16 and older
    Number of free white males under the age of 16
    Number of free white females
    Number of all other free persons
    Number of slaves

    Asked since 1790. Race is key to implementing many federal laws and is needed to monitor compliance with the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act. State governments use the data to determine congressional, state and local voting districts. Race data are also used to assess fairness of employment practices, to monitor racial disparities in characteristics such as health and education and to plan and obtain funds for public services.….

    • theblacksphere

      It's for gerrymandering districts. It has nothing to do with enforcing civil rights legislation. What does knowing where black people reside have to do with rights?

  • Janelle

    Postscript to filling out the census with human under race… better half and I received a visit from a very nice man who needed more information about our race. I decided to have a little fun with him and explained that many of our ancestors were so global that it was impossible to list them by grouping or color. Too many to list in the space provided, so human would have to suffice.

    • theblacksphere

      LOL…Love it!

  • ycmgh

    NSangoma– thanks so much for sharing that info. Although there is much about the author's critique of liberals that I agree with, I would generally attribute those attributes to so-called conservatives as well. I would largely agree with your critique of BET and the like. I did, however, have difficulty following your critique of the Black Caucus.

    Someone on FB recommended your post, so I'm curious to see more of what you put out. You're a v. smart guy, this I know, because you're a good story teller and definitely know which side your bread is buttered.

    • theblacksphere

      When you find my "bread butterer", let him/her know that they are WAY behind on payments!

  • doihavtasay

    We should have ALL checked boxes that were not racially correct :-)
    That would have been LOTS of fun. I totally agree. If we are the melting pot.. let's melt and be done with the stupid labels.

    I guess we could start giving the wrong or different info every time here on out. I rarely check any of the boxes, or simply write in : American-mixed breed

    • theblacksphere

      Well they may put "American" on the form, so they know where all the Conservatives are. It will make rounding us up easier!

  • Gina

    I like you. We would be good friends.

    • theblacksphere


  • Rodni cruz

    Omg…Awesomeness! It has always amazed me….the whole race question…why does it matter? And why don’t people see the implications??? I have a question….I saw a poll the other night…I can’t recall the exact numbers…I think it was regarding % support of Obama…broken down by race (uggghhh) but I found it interesting that white and Hispanic support had gone down since election time but black support was 91% before and 91% now. 91%! So high that it seemed to me, at least, obviously racially based…why is that not racist? I don’t get it.

  • Kathy

    @NSangoma — it's true that these distinctions have been made since 1790, although until slavery was abolished, it was necessary to know how many slaves and how many free people there were, because representation was based not on the population, but on the number of free people plus 3/5 the number of slaves. The North didn't want to count slaves at all, and the South wanted to count each slave as one person, hence the 3/5 Compromise.

    I agree that "race is key to implementing several federal laws," but one might argue that those federal laws are unconstitutional or otherwise wrong, unnecessary, or damaging to the people they are supposed to help. Could you explain to me why and how the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act need census race data to monitor compliance? I'm asking seriously, because I've not read those acts.

    I think that gerrymandering districts is not only wrong but damaging to the people it is supposed to help. For one thing, by keeping all the people of one group in one place, it means that they have only one representative, rather than making all representatives have to consider that one group's viewpoint and needs along with all the other groups' needs and viewpoints.

  • Lavonna

    I also filled out the Census with ONLY the number of people in the household. This is the only Constitutionally upheld question on the Census.
    I then enclosed a copy of the Constitution with the Article highlighted stating the enumeration of the census… only!
    I then wrote a note on my copy of the census, suggesting that it be read, studied, and LEARNED! (The Constitution)
    I expect I will receive a visit one day soon.

    Another thing that bothers me about this race-baiting thing. Through the “dumbing down” of America, most people do not realize that what is listed on the census as “Race” is not any race at all, these are all nationalities…

    People may not realize there are only 3 races… Mongoloid, Negroid & Caucasoid. Anyone who does not fall directly into one of these catagories, is a mix of any/or all of these three.
    Although HUMAN is a very good response!

  • Lavonna

    Oh yeah, one more thing. White & Black as listed on the census, are NOT races, they are colors that can be found in any box of crayons! I do not reside in a box of crayons.

  • Brandi

    WOW Kevin, This may be my favorite blog of yours EVER!! and that's saying a lot bc I have loved so many! I am moved! Thanks and God Bless!

  • Kahleeka

    I only marked how many peeps were in my home. I wondered if any one of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousand census workers was comin' to my home to check out my race and income!

  • MikeM_in_MD

    For two consecutive censuses, I have listed myself and my family as "Human". During a political phone survey a few days ago, I did the same (really threw the young lady for a loop). I will continue to do so for as long as the question is put to me. Judge me by the content of my character, not the color of my skin.

  • sensible01

    The census was created and is supposed to be used to count people for representative purposes ONLY! If they (the government) want any other information such as race, age, names, disabilities, etc., then it should be OPTIONAL. The census form as a whole should not come with the disclaimer of 'Under punishment of law…' except for only the number of people in the household. If they want to ask what ethnicity the occupants are, they can ask, but answering should be optional. In Gone With the Wind, one of the servants had a great line…."Askin' aint gettin'!"

  • D.D.

    Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, you out did yourself on this rant. I only wish I could articulate like you, but I'm "just a stupid Mexican" waiting for the entitlements to pour into my mailbox!!!!! LOL. Thank you for saying it like it is regardless of what "some" on this post write. Keep up the good work!

  • Karen

    One Race, One Place. Human on Earth. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    (Although if I had to choose a race, I'd choose the 400 meters. Never broke a minute but it's my favorite race to watch.)

  • Freeda Peeple

    I have wondered why, if the conservatives are such racists, how come they aren't leading the charge to put abortion clinics in black neighborhoods? The Democrats fight hard to make abortion available and free to blacks and hispanics. Why are they really doing that?


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