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Obama has tracked down the ass he is going to kick over the oil incident, so the culprit better hope that Obama is not wearing his new cotton-tipped suede loafers!  I suggest if Obama is serious about kicking ass, that he begins by kicking his own ass.

According to Fox News, Obama said he has talked to a variety of “experts” on the oil spill in addition to the fishermen.

“I talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers — so I know whose ass to kick,” the president said.

It’s laughable that anybody would actually be afraid of Obama’s tough words, or any threat to have one’s ass kicked by him. I liken it to a 7-year old girl in Daddy’s army boots making that threat! Now if Michelle threatens to kick your ass, then you should take that more seriously.

Though Obama won’t confirm this, BP is the obvious target of his ass-kicking.  Obama hasn’t suggested who will get the ass-kicking at BP, given that BP was a major contributor to his campaign. My bet is that BP is looking for the appropriate big ass scapegoat to offer up to Lord Obama.

If I may suggest somebody I offer up Paul McCarthy’s ass for a good sound thrashing for two reasons:  (1) McCarthy is British as is BP, and (2) McCarthy had the gall to have a concert at the White House, when Obama should have been concentrating his presidential powers on the people in America’s Gulf Coast region.

Obama said that he would work “tirelessly,” until this issue was resolved.  Thankfully we now have the definition of “tirelessly.”

The big criticism of Obama is that he seems to lack passion in dealing with this crisis.  I suggest that when everything is a crisis from day one, he has run out of juice, animo, energy in dealing with new issues with any passion. His passion is zapped! Anybody else working on destroying a country with the alacrity of Obama would be dead from exhaustion by now! 

North Korea sinks one of our ally’s ships, and Obama has almost no reaction.  Israel under attack, Obama takes it under advisement.  Somali pirates capture American ships, Obama contemplates the situation. EXHAUSTING work, as you can imagine!

So when Obama should be using his toughest words, he uses them against “Capitalists!” Big Oil, they’re the culprit. He conveniently forgot that it was the environmentalist who drove the oil companies to look for product in almost impossible situations, since onshore and near-shore drilling has been banned by the Greenies.

Think Obama will hold environmentalist partially responsible for this mess, and all the potential messes oil companies have postured all over the world’s oceans?  Doubtful, but just in case, I suggest Obama wear Green shoes, perhaps with a twinge of brown. You never know how the Greenies will react to a firm kick in the ass! What a mess!

But Obama won’t be kicking any Green asses, and even with the hint that this could have been a terrorist attack, Obama won’t be kicking any terrorists’ asses either. 

We can Mirandize them, and offer a Caramel Macchiato. It is unlikely that the terrorists need an ass-kicking on this one, given their penchant to destroy a building or two, but not the entire Southwest coastline!

BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward attempted to marginalize the damage being done by the spill, which elicited this comment from Obama:

“He wouldn’t be working for me after any of those statements…

No it would take more than damaging part of America’s coastline to get a job on Obama’s cabinet. For example, if BP needed a bailout to add to their demonstrated incompetence, well then Hayward might be able to make a play for a cabinet spot. For now, he will just have to settle for some really tough words!

Here’s the wrap:

They don’t make sissy enough shoes for Obama to kick anybody’s ass.  If there is any ass-kicking to happen, expect Obama to point!

You’d be more likely get an ass-kicking from ballerina boy, Rahm Emanuel, than from Obama…clarification: Barack!  Again, Michelle will get in that ass!

For the record, it’s the market that is the real ass-kicker!

The market is doing what Obama can only “talk” of doing, as the market is kicking BP’s ass, but good! Their stock is down considerably, as is their market cap (-$82B).

The market is saying, “Oh no you did-n’t!” She has taken off her shoes, and giving BP an old-fashioned ass-kicking, with a Rodney King beatdown chaser.

I suggest that Obama let the market handle BP, while Obama sticks to killing flies!

That’s my rant!

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  • helene

    Love the picture – sissy boy – we have sissy boy for a president –

    • Kevin Jackson

      So true! That pic is a CLASSIC!

    • ozzieaussie

      I second that comment on the picture. My friends at Hillbuzz will get a good laugh… and they are gay!!

      Maybe you need to know more about the antics at the bath house Man's Country in Chicago where Rahm and Oboomboom are said to have been members.

  • Shayne Zucker

    We had better be careful here. It's very likely that, in addition to ass-kicking, Obama may well compose a sternly written letter to the UN. And then, we'll be in BIG trouble!

  • D.D.

    Wow, I was hoping I'd never see another day when America had a limp wrist-ed president or NO president. But I guess NOBAMA is trying to top Carter!!!!

    • Kevin Jackson

      I hear you, D.D. Embarrassing!

  • Janelle

    Barack Hussein Obama doesn't have a clue about leadership, this country or his job or any job, for that matter.

    • Kevin Jackson

      Sad but true!

  • @nohammernosickl

    Unfortunately, Odumbo learned his ass-kicking technique from Neville Chamberlain, the Vichy French and General Custer.

    • Kevin Jackson

      LOL! A history buff are you nohammer!

  • mtv22

    Spot on Kevin! The POTUS talking tough about BP but reportedly hasn't spoken one on one with BP's CEO. Now that's what I call rolling up your sleeves and getting to the bottom of things (or maybe kickin some ass). Agreed Sir Paul needs to stick to singing silly love songs instead of alienating his fans in a center-right country. The leftist icon John Lennon said it pretty well in song about McCartney, and could have easily applied it to Obama also……."How Do You Sleep?"

    • Kevin Jackson

      Man, I love this comment! It's got all the elements…irony, hypocrisy, with a dose of education!

  • rightmindedmom

    Kevin — I am so tired of this phony! We want someone who can: 1) Gather all engineers together from BP and other oil and gas companies — call for the BEST in the business to come forth; 2) Meet with the families of the 11 men killed, and offer his condolences; 3) Make a call out to any interested parties in the private sector, who have ideas on how to clean up the mess in the Gulf — ie: Kevin Costner, who invented a water/oil seperator, those two farmers from Louisianna, who thought up using hay, the Maine company that has oil booms ready to go, ect…4) Use the Army Corps of Engineers to use all the equipment possible, to put booms in place and also test Costner's and those farmers' ideas.
    These are just four things off the top of my head, that Obama could have done in the first WEEK after the blowout. Have we heard that he's taking charge like this in ANY WAY?? No. He's too busy finding out "who's ass to kick". PATHETIC!!

    • ozzieaussie

      and the one person who can deliver gets a constant belting from the LSM —- If Sqarah was in charge the Gulf coastline would be clean.

  • glfh

    I'm thinking Kevin has it right (just listened to the show too). The Greenies forced the hand for the deep sea oil drilling. You hear nothing from them. Well that's good because I don't WANT to hear from them unless it is remorse and repentance. Why EPA even allowed Corexit to be dispersed is criminal. But like the bogus Global Warming scheme, it's Carol Browner again…another disastrous decision. Environmental Protection my eye! Obama, there is your ASS to KICK!

    • Kevin Jackson

      Agreed! Go get the EPA, and then every politician who took money from BP…like I said, Obama should kick his own butt!

  • Kevin Jackson

    NO! Not a strongly worded LETTER! :-)

  • Sir RonB

    It is ironic that all of this fits so neatly into Janet Neopolitan Icecream's terminology of a terrorist act…..Man Made Disaster! I am still waiting for Malia to ask him why he is being such a meanie to the BP Oil Man!

  • Old Richard

    Old Richard thinks that could be the evil spirits of George Bush has taken over the white half of__himself and is making him act like this. I can hear obama now——– help me help me ,,,,, George__has control of my white half and is making me F–k up the crisis.__Just guessing

  • Razmo Badbone

    Can't get enough of this stuff — excellent! "Fashion" Obama is just funny, no matter who you are. (Check that spelling on the Beatles idiot bass-player, by the way — it's McCartney — but he's still an idiot shill for the entertainment morons, no matter how you spell it)


    oh , obama is kicking ass alright , and plenty of it .
    not because of what he is doing , but by what he hasn't been doing
    he is kicking everyone's ass on the Gulf Coast at the same time
    form Louisiana to Mississippi and Alabama all the way to Florida
    delivering a ass kicking that is beyond belief for every citizen , business owner and worker here .
    giving a ass kicking to our environment , the marine life , the birds and to our sensitive coastal land

    kicking the ass of a way of life , our way of life
    kicking the ass of the Gulf of Mexico we depend on
    kicking the ass of the marsh the Gulf depends on to survive

    the problem is , his ass kicking is misguided
    obama is delivering the ass kicking to the wrong ass
    and because of that , it is costing us dearly

    right now what we need is a STRONG POTUS
    a John Wayne , Rooster Cogburn type that isn't scared to take on the BIG Oil Company
    one that WILL actually put his boot on the throat of the corporation that is taking our way of life from us .step in and MAKE them do what needs to be done to fix this mess .
    we figure here that it is probably to late , he has waited too long
    the damage is done and it will take years to repair , if it ever happens in our lifetime
    we are dying a slow painful death , there are so many horror stories here , almost too many to mention
    like my friend that was beaten and hospitalized when he was told to close his fishing pier
    because the only thing he did wrong was that he didn't hear them because his hearing aid was turned off .
    my other friend that was threaten with arrest because he had a reporter on the boat taking pictures of dead marine life .
    I won't even mention the people getting sick from the fumes off this crap .

    all I can say is please say a Prayer for us down here , and Pray your area isn't next , we will .

    obama was on tv tonight
    saying we will do everything it takes to fight this
    8 weeks to the day since this happened

    now he wants to help us ?
    we will believe it when we see it ….
    his speech from the OO would have been a lot better , about 45 days ago …

  • Dana

    I don't for one minute believe the BP explosion or spill was an "accident". Not for one minute. It all just fits together too nicely to be a coincidence. This was definitely a "manufactured accident". It wouldn't take a whole lotta cash to pay someone to cause this spill. Maybe even someone working with BP. The progressives have been working towards this Cap and Trade for decades; they've had a long time to plot it out. They're very patient. From a business perspective; it doesn't make sense that a company the size of BP is going to skimp on safety measures than ensures the safety of their precious oil. This is all just far too coincidental.

  • Dana

    What did I tell you? Look what's on Drudge; BP founding members of Cap and Trade

  • johnston

    What an uncle tom you are, kevin. Grinnin' it up and agreeing with such racist crap being spewed so that "these" people will like you? You are a disgrace to your people. If all those slaves/civil rights pioneers who lost their lives to get you where you are today could see you, they would beat their chest in anguish.

    • ozzieaussie

      Johnston you are nothing but the real racist twerp.

      The current POTUS is nothing more than a giant stuff. It has nothing to do with colour. It has everything to do with the fact that his whole persona has been manufactured. Even the fictional "dreams of my father" was not written by him but was ghost written by none other than William Ayers. Everything about the poseur is a lie.

    • ozzieaussie

      oh and Johnston, I suggest that you actually read Uncle Tom's Cabin to see how stupid are your comments.

    • auntiemadder

      I'll bet you a dollar that johnston is white. White libturds are the biggest racists. They always call black conservatives "Uncle Toms." In fact, they're the only ones I've ever heard call anyone that.

  • Rylee

    Old Richard thinks that could be the evil spirits of George Bush has taken over the white half of__himself and is making him act like this. I can hear obama now——– help me help me ,,,,, George__has control of my white half and is making me F–k up the crisis.__Just guessing

  • auntiemadder

    "Trying" my @$$. He out-wussed Carter months ago.

  • auntiemadder

    We can Mirandize them, and offer a Caramel Macchiato.
    Now, that's funny. LOL!


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