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The most recent statement by Michelle Obama baffles me, as she compared black children’s health to the age old Democrat policies of slavery and Jim Crow laws:

“We are living today in a time where we’re decades beyond slavery, we are decades beyond Jim Crow, when one of the greatest risks to our children’s future is their own health…”

Exactly what racist Democrat policies have to do with chubby black kids was initially lost on me. Thankfully Obama illuminated an often overlooked aspect of racism by me and the rest of America in this statement:

“African American children are significantly more likely to be obese than are white children. Nearly half of African American children will develop diabetes at some point in their lives. People, that’s half of our children.”

Imagine my surprise to learn that one can recognize racist policies in fat black kids. Here I thought racism was when black men intimidating white voters are not prosecuted for obvious voter intimidation, by a black Attorney General, simply because the perpetrators were black.

I erroneously believed that racism had occurred when a black president spoke out (without any facts) on behalf of a black professor behaving badly, and who was given preference over a white cop doing his job.

Michelle Obama goes on to praise the work of the NAACP in stemming the tide of America’s racist health policies in this statement:

“And if we don’t do something to reverse this trend right now, our kids won’t be in any shape to continue the work begun by the founders of this great organization…”

Obama neglected to honor by name the true trendsetter for the new NAACP—none other than Jesse Jackson. Jackson has been the torch bearer for the Liberal black community for decades. More recently Jackson reminded non-conforming blacks, “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.”

Another trailblazer, this one white, is Senator Harry Reid (D) Nevada. Reid spearheaded the pursuit of government-run healthcare, as he invoked the race card here:

“When this body was on the verge of guaranteeing equal civil rights to everyone regardless of the color of their skin, some senators resorted to the same filibuster threats that we hear today.”

Ironically, one of the senators to which Harry referred was the late great racist and tangential KKK member Senator Byrd (D) W. VA.

As it turns out, there is a plausible explanation to this generational crisis of “racism by healthcare” that is being perpetrated on the black community, as Michelle Obama points out here:

“In fact, studies have found that African American children spend an average of nearly six hours a day watching TV — and that every extra hour of TV they watch is associated with the consumption of an additional 167 calories.”

Who knew that watching TV was linked to racism? 

Nevertheless, if we follow the bread crumbs we will find that not only is watching TV racist, but also the television itself is complicit in this conspiracy. A conspiracy of global proportions.

The conspiracy began with the American television manufacturers of the  racially charged time of the 1950’s. The torch was passed from racist American companies to racist Asian companies like Sony, LG, Samsung, Vizio—now known as Big TV.

Before we tackle Big TV, let’s consider yet another racist industry and part of the conspiratorial scheme to fatten up America’s poor black children. Michelle Obama explains the racism in the grocery industry:

“For many folks, those nutritious family meals are a thing of the past, because a lot of people today are living in communities without a single grocery store, so they have to take two, three buses, a taxi, walk for miles just to buy a head of lettuce for a salad or to get some fresh fruit for their kids.”

Here’s the wrap:

The confluence of Big TV and Big Food has led to desperation by America’s black children, as FLOTUS points out here:

“…So instead, they wind up grabbing fast food or something from the corner store or the mini-mart — places that have few, if any, healthy options…And we’ve seen how kids in our communities regularly stop by these stores on their way to school — buying themselves sodas and pop and chips for breakfast. And we’ve seen how they come right back to those same stores after school to buy their afternoon snack of candy and sugary drinks.”

I’m just glad that Michelle Obama put the obesity of black children clearly in the hands of those who deserve the blame!  In the America where Michelle Obama can finally for the first time in her adult life be proud, you cannot blame black parents or the Progressive policies for fat black kids. Doing that would make you a racist!

That’s my rant!

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Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"The money in diversity is enormous, even bigger than former sportscaster turned political pundit turned sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s ego. Wouldn’t you like to be a “reverend” and father children out of wedlock without repercussions? If you study hard, this book will teach you how to have your non-profit organization pay your mistress and your child support – all at the same time. You must be so black that if you eat sushi, watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek and Friends, or enjoy the ballet, you will hang yourself."

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  • Nancy

    Wow, Kevin. Once again you have enlightened me to just how racism lurks everywhere. I guess it is time for us to sit down with our TVs, the mini-marts, the corner stores, and the fast food places to courageously have the conversations on race that they have been too cowardly to have. Maybe we should pre-emptively include couches and chairs in that mix as well because the children have to sit somewhere when they are watching TV and let us not forget remote controls which eliminate the necessity of getting up and walking across the room to change the channel.

    • @Theblacksphere

      Racism for the Left lurks everywhere, because they are RACISTS! I only hope that people really see what I am doing here, and begin to support it, like they support Sarah Palin! Enough is enough on the racist Left!

      • Toby Stoor

        I hope people start seeing what is going on HERE! Because I am white, I am to blame for fat black kids!? You are awesome! I needed this laugh today! Everywhere I turn I am called a racist only because I am white… this is good stuff! haha! I would love to hire you for a stand-up comedy routine! When you are ready for the raod, let me know! This is the funniest website I have been on in a while! Thanks so much for the comedy!

    • Tubman2010

      I have the answer! 2 handed remote controls! If you are not continously holding your remote control with both hands the TV turns off and cannot be turned on again for at least 3 hours. Then children couldn't eat while watching TV. It's brilliant. We'll get a couple of government committees to do research, that should only cost about 20 million dollars, then they'll need to invest about 150 million more to get the regulation passed (bribes and such), then they need about 500 million more to enforce the regulation. I say a dollar (well, ~ a billion dollars when done) well spent!

  • Sir RonB

    Let me take that "Fat Chip" out of my LG TV right now. I wouldn't want to add any more pounds to my frame. More government oversight is not what this nation needs right now. It needs solutions to economic problems. We have always had fat kids in this country even in the early agriculture days of the nation. How else would some of us feel good about ourselves if we didn't have the fat kid to pick on! I pontificated about some of this a month ago;

    • @Theblacksphere

      LOL SirRon! The FAT CHIP! ROFL. Everybody, be sure to check out Ron's blog, as he has an amazing take on things. Ron, why aren't you writing on my blog?!!

  • CIndy N.

    Right on Kevin. What annoys me most is those people always left out the only & most important factor: PARENTING. They lure you to hand over to the government your children. Eating habits form in early childhood. My kids would pass a soda for water, a cookie for fruit not because they're half white!

    • @Theblacksphere

      Oh no you did-ent! Blaming black parents! RACIST! LOL

  • Mark

    “African American children are significantly more likely to be obese than are white children. Nearly half of African American children will develop diabetes at some point in their lives. People, that’s half of our children.”

    Dear First Lady: That's 1/2 of the 2/3 of African-American children not killed by the very abortion policies that you and your husband support.

    • @Theblacksphere

      Can't kill them once they make it near voting age!

    • Tubman2010

      But remember…Obama believes no one should have to be "punished" by having to have children.

    • Lois A. Cowan

      Great response to Obama's foolishness, Mark! Who says radicals constantly contradict themselves?! Why,..I oughta………..Notice how she refers to the aforementioned as "half of OUR children"?. Both the Obamas are clearly anti-white racists and have been for along time, yet have apparently taken full advantage of the laws of Affirmative Action. And now, her totally inept, Godless husband is funding abortions in his home country of Kenya, using our tax dollars. Are not most of the residents of Kenya black?
      Also, one more thing. Just as is the case with sickle cell anemia, for some reason, blacks are naturally more prone to diabetes than other races. Similarly, Asian women generally are less prone to developing uterine fibroid tumors than women of other races. As a related issue, men are more liable to get prostate cancer than women…..scientists are trying to figure out why………
      The last sentence was an obvious joke, just as is our First Lady.

    • Lois A. Cowan

      Wow–couldn't have said it better myself. Congrats, Mark! Blacks are 12.8% of the population and have remained at that rate for a long time and now it's easy to see why. Michelle O is one angry black woman. The "partial birth" abortions are the worst and nothing short of murder. And her "compassionate" husband voted 4 times to keep that law allowing it in place in Illinois. I guess better dead than fat.

  • @poliwhore

    OhMyGoodness, the sadest part is i knew where she was going with this from the headline. It's a recap of what i was taught in women's studies.

    • @Theblacksphere

      Women's studies! A euphemism for "anti-man, anti-American"!

  • Tanya

    Her reasoning is so off base (in other words…I call BS)! I live in a rural community and am 10 miles from the nearest grocery store. I don't stop at the corner Exxon or McDonald's and get my kids breakfast on the way to school…I plan ahead Michelle. That's what responsible people do…and what good parents do. If my kids watch T.V. (I pulled the plug on cable last year…they survived) they will be snacking on the healthy foods that I purchased during our weekly trip to the grocery store. Junk food and soda are only consumed on a rare occasion in my house…usually because someone else brought it. You can play the blame game and play the race card all you want, but the responsibility ultimately lies with the parents! BTW…no one in my household is overweight, my kids play sports, and mow the yard in the Texas heat (which would be considered abusive in some liberal circles). Thanks Kevin for shining the light on all this ridiculousness!

  • Dude12

    Once again this just shows how stupid the Obomas really are

    • Gmama

      And racist!!!!

    • Audrey D Finch

      People, I just cannot believe that you would disrespect the President of these United States Of America. He is the President for the people, by the people and that is the end. I take it that you do not have respect for yourself. Remember God The Almighty one is in control of this. He don't need any help. We are praying that you get anointed by the Holy One. Then you will be able to receive the revelation. Sleep well tonight.

      • imme

        Did you say the same about the last president we had? Or is it only about this one?

  • jon

    Once people start equating everything to Racism, its hard to change that perspective. Obviously, Michelle Obama has this issue. Its funny just thinking about it…What does Slavery and Jim Crow have to do with black kids being fat ? lol. And there are plenty of fat white kids. And hispanic kids…If I had to guess Hispanic kids suffer from being overweight more than other groups, most Hispanic children I see are round as a basketball.

    • @Theblacksphere

      I agree jon, but it's because we have slowly been hypnotized to believe we need to be politically correct!

  • Tubman2010

    You all have it all wrong. Janaene Garofalo just did a segment on MSNBC where they uncovered footage of Tea Party members cornering black children on the way home from school and stuffing them full of hamburgers and oversalted french fries. Then they dragged them into motel rooms and made them watch hours of TV. Oh yes, racism is alive and well in this country! jk

    • @Theblacksphere


  • FA

    To add to Mark’s quoting her quote:
    “African American children are significantly more likely to be obese than are white children. Nearly half of African American children will develop diabetes at some point in their lives. People, that’s half of our children.”

    Dear First Lady: That’s 1/2 of the 2/3 of African-American children not killed by the very abortion policies that you and your husband support.

    Actually Mark, since she is the FLOTUS and not the first lady of the black people of the united states…whether she likes it or not…..
    Currently I thin kthe black population is what? 12%? so lets round up and say 12.5% or 1/8th.
    That means this is 1/2 of the 2/3rds of the 1/8th of our people.
    I know the US pop (not including illegals) is around 307mil?
    Children under 18 make up 25% of that…so 77mil?
    Then 1/8th of those are black. This is roughly 9.6 million kids.
    This is living kids, so we can leave out the 2/3rds abortion sarcasm… So we have somewhere around 3% of the current population…..sounds like a good reason to me!

    • @Theblacksphere

      Nice point FA! The Obamas need reminders that they represent ALL people…in America! WHEW! That was close!

  • Lawrence Louis

    Kevin, like many others who write about politics, you love to distort the facts and take things out of context. Michelle Obama was NOT trying to link the alarming obesity among black children to racist policies. What she was saying is that the biggest impediments to social and economic progress, in the PAST, were racist policies. However, she states that this is NO LONGER the biggest obstacle facing blacks. Mrs. Obama made it clear that the new obstacle to black progress has to do with the health of black children – a crisis that can be resolved by the black community taking responsibility for the health of their own children. Just look at a quote from her speech (and I will emphasize key words with all caps):

    “We are living today in a time where we're decades BEYOND slavery, we are decades BEYOND Jim Crow, when one of the greatest risks to our children's future is their own health”


    • CavesWoman

      I am sorry, but I thought it was a child problem, not a black or white problem? She was clearly pandering to the racists at the NAACP. I live near a mini market that children have to walk past to get to a Jr and Sr High School….it is packed every morning and afternoon by ALL races of children. This assertion is patently ridiculous.
      And could someone please explain to me WHY corporations who are all about the bottom line do NOT have grocery stores in these areas?

    • Sarah B.


      Michelle Obama is a very smart woman, she knows how to tie generational poverty put in place by Jim Crow to the unsafe and unhealthy living conditions of black children in urban cities. This was a basic subject taught in my ethics class not long ago that those in poverty have a greater chance at becoming obese because they have a lack of resources available to them. And they tied all of it into generational poverty caused by racism and discrimination.

      Kevin isn't being dishonest, he was just connecting the dots.

    • @Theblacksphere

      I disagree. She quoted statistics among black kids, and discussed all the reasons they can't eat healthy…all BS btw. She is a black racist, pure and simple. And likely PROUD of the new Amerika, she and Barack have created!

    • Dan Caldwell

      Yep she is right, there are other factors not touched on at all.1 being that the poor in general are dietary threatened by economics and the depressive, and languid lifestyle that accompanies it. This leads to generations of poor families who feel helpless, and if it isnt drugs or alcohol its food as an escape mechanism/ Some call it irresponsible parenting I call it surviving day to day in a lot of cases.
      Society creates the classes it harbors, and of course illiterate parents, apathetic local govt programs jail and poverty all play a part in this complicated issue. If one must place blame let it be on the system and the way wealth is distribuyed, lack of real education and lack of a hopeful future. So slavery is in the past? I think not, economic slavery is as pervasive, damaging, and draining to a society as occupational slavery was, maybe more so since it is crossed by all racial lines,a s someone points out, mexican kids are as fat per capita as black kids, all kids in this country are subjected to the same corp. food campaign as any other. Peace

  • Lawrence Louis

    (continued from previous comment)

    She is urging the black community to change the future of their kids by changing their dietary habits THEMSELVES, not by blaming their surroundings. This can be illustrated with another quote from her speech.

    "As I tell my kids, dessert is not a right…No one wants to give up Sunday meals. No one wants to say goodbye to mac and cheese, fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Not even the Obamas, trust me”

    She concludes her speech by saying: “So I’m asking you, NAACP, will you move with me? Let’s move! I’m going to need you, NAACP. This is not an endeavor that I can do by myself. We cannot change the health of our community alone”

    • @Theblacksphere

      "No, we need reparations, and to stomp on those who have oppressed black people for years. Force grocers to build in black neighborhoods, throw more money at the black community, because that will do it."

  • Lawrence Louis

    (continued from previous comment)

    In conclusion, Michelle Obama is not whining about black children being victims of racist policies. She is not attributing the burgeoning obesity rates to racist policies. She understands, much like science writers such as Michael Pollan (author of Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food), Barry Popkin (author of Fatland), and social activists like Eric Schlossberg (author of Fast Food Nation) , that epidemic obesity rates in communities do have an economic correlation, but that communities can take action THEMSELVES to curtail such a health crisis.

    Your gross micharacterization of what Michelle Obama was trying to say is so indicative of what is wrong with political discourse in this country. When people blatantly write so as to misinform the reader, just because it fits in nicely with their political orientation, we can never move forward as a country.

    • @Theblacksphere

      Lawrence, I stand by what I said.

    • Chris

      If this is not Racist then Why does She just address obese Black Children????? Why is she pleading to the NAACP??? Wake up!! Get some more Koolaid!

  • FA

    so….if you do the math, the current approximate population of black kids under the age of 18 is….. 9.6 million (and I’m thinking this is really high)
    This means that 3% of the population is what Mechelle considers “Her people”.
    Its sad that she really wants to be first lady of the black people of the united states instead of everyone. Doesn’t that makes her a racist? I guess she doesn’t give a crap about the poor, obese white kids.
    Maybe this is her contribution to ‘killin their babies’. Fix the black obesity problem, but let the cracker kids get fat and die.

    I challenge anyone to show that there is any reason other than ‘bad parental choices’ to blame for obesity in our kids today. Bad parents, bad examples.

    Mechelle, (or anyone) please explain to me why it is some poor white guy’s fault that these kids are sitting in front of the tv eating crap food and not their parents….

    • Micheal

      "Mechelle, (or anyone) please explain to me why it is some poor white guy's fault that these kids are sitting in front of the tv eating crap food and not their parents…. " So, FA are you saying these kids should be eating their parents instead of the crap food? LOL couldn't pass on that!

    • NationsPatriot

      Couldn't agree with you more. The most offensive part is the "OUR people" line.

      But; you hit the nail on the head: I guess it's okay if our "Melting Pot" of a Nation has Other Obese Races & Ethnicities… as Long as their not Blacks. It's the CULTURE that needs to be addressed, Michelle; NOT the FDA.
      BROADEN this issue to ALL Americans, and you've got yourself a Nation-wide concern. As a White Man… what can I do to curb a Black youth's eating habits?

      My Take:
      Her agenda is miscalculated.
      Planned Parenthood (by and large) and abortions (in general) cost more lives annually, and Black on Black homicides hover at 90% (90% of all Black homicides are at the hands of another Black)… yet she wants to worry about their Weight? Why, so they can (or can't) Run Down/From their attackers?

    • Jason LeVeck

      That would be the main reason for sure FA. The other one is the poison the FDA consistenly tells everyone is ok for them to eat. Take immitation sugar for example. That shit is terrible for you. My dad was a surgical diabetic and he like a pop during the day. His doctor told him to never drink diet pop that even though he was the worst diabetic you can be, he still wanted him to drink a real pop.

  • Jennifer

    This is amazing.
    Putting the blame on everybody else but the parents. Where are the parents when these kids are picking up breakfast at the mini market? If the parents cooked their kids breakfast before school, maybe they would not stop by the mini market because they would not be hungry. Why aren't the parents to blame?
    Let's get back to common sense!

    • @Theblacksphere

      Exactly! Lawrence wrote all that drivel, which essentially was EXCUSES for fat black kids! But don't expect the Obama to blame black parents! Can't lose ONE vote!

    • @Theblacksphere

      Exactly, and commenters like Lawrence don't even catch that. Michelle O is not racist, she is about empowerment…OF GOVERNMENT!

  • FA

    Ok, I just read and re-read the pieces in quotes spoken by Mechelle herself, both in Kevin’s piece and in Lawrence’s insanely long posts. 😉
    In and of themselves, I am having a hard time fixating on the racist tie. Now, I don’t think she is rallying the parents either.
    This is pushing the socialist agenda. Now before any liberal trolls get their panties in a wad, this isn’t some blanket ‘Obeyma is a socialist’ thing.
    She is asking the NAACP, who think that they are THE representative group for the black communities of this country, to ‘take charge’ and ‘take ownership’ and ‘do something about it’. In other words, the parents aren’t gonna do anything, so we need to create a nanny state to do it for them.


  • NationsPatriot

    Well Said, Kevin.

    If a child's got to walk "several miles" to get the junk food – where's the data indicating the Factors of those calories burned to Get there?

    Further; if more parents were involved with their children's education, there'd be less obesity overall. When I was young, my parents Kicked us out of the house. Today, kids are being given too many choices (via video games, etc) – are THEY racist, too?

    Michelle's platform MAY be an altruistic one; but I (for one) believe it's part of a Larger Plot to manipulate & Control Legislation… to RAISE TAXES on "sugary foods & drinks": Soda, Chips (& other 'Junk Food'), which TaxPayers will burden "in the name of saving children & cutting down on diabetes".
    WHO, in their "Right mind", would argue with That notion?

    • @Theblacksphere

      Where are these kids walking to school anyway? Is the bus stopping at the convenience stores?

      • NationsPatriot

        Good point. Personally, I'd forego the bus as a kid and walk the 3.4 miles to school… all so I could meet up with a friend and stop at the convenience store & play video games first. We'd get our fill of junk food, spending most on candy to Re-sell to people at school for a 200% profit.

        I'm 6'2" and have NEVER busted 186 lbs.
        If I'd ONLY taken the bus, I could've cried Racism. =]
        (Then again, I'm only 175 or so now.)

        KJ- Gonna send you a Direct email tomorrow. Working on a few things, & wanted to get back in touch with you. God Bless & Take Care!


  • Larry L Peterson

    The ultra left wing of the democratic party are at the "blame game" yet again. This gets real old real fast!

    • @Theblacksphere

      I'm accelerating this stuff "getting old." It's time we went back to just valuing people by their deeds!

    • @Theblacksphere

      Yes it is getting old, and people are tiring of hearing it.

  • Micheal

    With everyone screaming political correctness, when are they going to quit calling blacks African Americans? Africa is a continent…not a race. If that's the case, then I am a white North American? Wonder who first coined this term?

    • Kevin M

      Michael I believe you would be called a European American, after all African Americans are called African Americans because they can trace there roots to Africa. Labels in reality just cause more division and more racism. Can we not all be Americans without labels of creed or race.

    • @Theblacksphere

      I don't use African-American! You are on the color wheel for this black man!

    • jon

      Actually, a white person in a political correct term is a European-American. Just like a Chinese is a Asian-American, since they come from that continent.

    • CavesWoman

      I am a beige American.

    • @Theblacksphere

      I don't respond to AA, and tell people I'm black. I think this is what everybody black should do. 99.9% of blacks have NEVER been to Africa and have no more kinship to The Motherland than Ted Kennedy! At least I've BEEN there!

  • Patriotmom

    FLOTUS forgot to point out that it's progressives who advocate for higher density housing, prefering the government to own all the land and urban growth boundaries driving up the cost of suburbia and grocery stores. /sarc

    The reason they eat crappy is b/c their irresponsible parents eat crappy or aren't bothering to be responsible w/their children…. Anyone watch the movie about Dr. Ben Carson?!

    • @Theblacksphere

      So true Patriotmom. The REgressives have caused the problems she has described!

  • patrick

    the real truth to this huge national problem of fat brown kids is da mothers. isn't it true one learns from example? well from the baby stage these kids watch their mothers sitting on their fat asses all day watching the price is right filling their fat bellies and mouths with chicklins, fries, soda's, big mac's, cheese puffs and twinkies. then they light up their crack pipes as da brothers bring the beer and wine and they all get wasted while they wait for their gov't checks in the mail. oh by the way many of these claims and checks are obtained illegally from stolen ID's or from dead people and that is called fraud. so there is the facts. not racism!!!

    • Kevin

      Patrick most would agree that parents are the problem for obese children. You facts are clearly the ramblings of an uneducated moron. Crackheads, bad parents, drunks, and welfare scamers are not just people of color.

    • @Theblacksphere

      The Oprah Effect! ROFL

    • Janis

      Well, I suppose it can't be the fathers fault … if they aren't even INVOLVED IN THEIR KIDS' LIVES, huh?

  • patrick

    and to add insult to injury, white folks owe it to use they say, cause somebody we knew or heard about was slaves way been when. we ain't Americans, we African americans… see they not proud enough to call themselves simple Americans, whats wrong with this picture? not racism once again, it is what they always use when they don't get their's always someone eles fault, pass the buck, blame someone else, never teach, trian, educate, or show good examples for them to follow, shove em into daycare centers for constant brainwashing in liberal scoialistic beliefs. beside fat little brown kids are fun to play with

  • Mac

    If racism (I am supposing that means only whites are racists) is causing black kids to be fat, then just who is responisble for fat white kids? I thought whites were responsible for starvation in the world… how can we have it both ways? (And the kid in the photo doesn't look black to me, he looks more like he's of South Pacific descent possibly.)

    • @Theblacksphere

      Yes, I almost approached this from the bourgeoisie, where wealth was showcased in portly frames! Decided to write what I did!

    • @Theblacksphere

      Touche Mac! Who will take ownership of fat white kids!

  • Gerald Stephens


    FOOL: one who is victimized or made to appear foolish; a retainer formerly kept in great households for entertainment.

    The victimization did not stop with the 14th Amendment. It is alive and cancerous in the black community. Politicians, black and white, within these communities feed on it. The black political pimps make money selling their folks into it. It is imposed through the early 20th century recognition that maintaining political power was achieved through voluntary enslavement. Now who would be foolish enough to volunteer as a slave?

    Poor people, hungry people, desperate people, all struggling to survive – the lucky ones were bought for a menial job, others for hand outs, and all knew there was a ‘buck’ for pulling the correct lever at the polls. The slaves came in all colors and races.

    The methods of enslavement became ever more sophisticated in time. It was called welfare. After WW II it became the method of choice for dealing with primarily one specific community – blacks. Jobs were scarce especially for black males. The rest is history.

    Build housing for them. Give em money for food and liquor. Destroy their sense of self reliance and convince them that only Democrats love them. They’ll know the right thing to do at election time.

    And so it went until the struggle for real emancipation commenced lead by Dr. King and others. Racism was elevated to a new level. It was unmistakable. And it was in part overcome. The part that remained was put to good use by politicians. The surest way to capture a black vote was to invoke the image of an opponent as a ‘racist’, a searing psychological branding.

    QUESTION: Exactly who utters it most frequently these days? ‘Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice…’

    • @Theblacksphere

      Yes, it should be said that Liberal blacks are indeed fools! Folly for the elitist who laugh at them at cocktail parties, and in government!

    • Tubman2010

      Well said. The black middle class was actually growing in the 1950's but two things happened. In the 60's President Johson's Great Society with all its welfare programs began. Welfare destroyed self-reliance and broke up black families because if the man was in the home contributing they wouldn't get their check.

      Then you had the stupid, lazy, spoiled hippies that created a giant drug culture that oozed into the black neighborhoods in urban centers where the hippies had migrated. Originally blacks defended their neighborhoods but in the 60's that could be dangerous. Soon the drug dealers followed. The war on drugs soon made it very profitable to deal drugs and young kids living in welfare homes saw it as a road to a better existance. Of course it isn't but they probably felt like there wasn't much to lose. More in a second.

      • Tubman2010

        Now Obama has those x-hippies as his czars. With the exception of George Soros and union leaders who are just greedy opportunists, most of the people who are dictating policy now are radical, university coddled x-hippies who don't know anything about normal life or how things really work. We need to give more credit to the plain values of the "hayseeds" that Obama, Pelosi and their friends love to look down upon. Less government, more common sense and voluntary community cooperation is the answer.

  • ant

    You would think Michelle would be all for people having to walk miles to get to a grocery store. Wouldn't they then lose weight?

  • dittoheadAZ

    Posted on my news feed. Thanks again Kevin for shining the light of truth on the dark crevasses of the Democrat party!

    • @Theblacksphere

      My pleasure!

  • OZ

    This is evident that Michelle Obama is as ignorant, stupid, and arrogant as she is ugly.

    • auntiemadder

      That's a whole lotta' ignorance, stupidity and arrogance you're talking about there.

  • raysmithson1

    I don't like some people white or black that is my right , if you call me a racist , so be it,, I don't need the wife of the Kenyon boy to accuse me of making brown babys fat

    • @Theblacksphere


  • Carlos

    I don’t know how this happened, but somehow, the black community has gotten the idea, that they (and only they) get to define racism. Not only do they get to define the word, but they can change the definition on the fly, to leverage the debate de jour. Given that, I as cracker ass white boy, must try to hit multiple moving targets, I’m now convinced it’s impossible for me not to be a racist.

    • @Theblacksphere

      Good point, Carlos! Racism is racism…period!

  • auntiemadder

    The fat assed First Wookie leading the fight against obesity in children…What's next? Biden leading a reborn temperance movement?

    • @Theblacksphere

      auntie getting all up in FLOTUS' grill!

      • auntiemadder

        Somebody needs to do it and it sure won't be her nancy-boy husband. He's the reason she can't get any mirror time to discover that wide load herself.

  • Melody Iden

    Michelle needs to spend one week (preferably the week food stamp money is released) working as a cashier at Wal Mart. The waste of taxpayers money on junk food and pop is disgusting! This lady does not have a clue about ANYTHING!

  • FA

    @ Michael: Hahahahahahaha just saw your comment! Nice catch!

  • FA

    Jason, yes you are correct. Although I’d say that NO SODA is the real way to go. My household is Dr. Furhman friendly. We aren’t vegans, God help me I am a carnivore, hear me roar! I love a good steak, but its all about the # of ingredients. Michele O should not be leading the country’s path to nutritional enlightenment, Dr. Furhman should!
    The problem here is that Obeyma and the big M don’t care about helping kids get healthy, they just want justification to take control of the food poriton of our lives.

    Lets see…..
    Auto Industry – CHECK!
    Health care – CHECK!
    Banking – CHECK!
    Grocery/Produce – Coming soon to a country near you!

    So, what’s left in their socialist agenda??? Oh yeah! Real Estate! As long as we’re land owners, its hard to enforce true socialist rule. Plus home/land ownership gives one a sense of self-worth. But wait! With the predicted # of foreclosures approaching the 1MM (a month?) mark, they are getting there.
    Bank owns forclosed house, Gov’t (fannie/freddie) buys all these dead homes from the banks, now Gov’t owns the homes….”rent” out to the poor, unemployed and needy and vioala! You have the makings of pre-1980s USSR! Beautiful!
    Utilities? Awethat’s easy…cap and tax will put them under the gov’t’s thumb right away!

    People wake up! Please I beg of you!

  • Bobby Steele

    Damn… I grew up watching lots of TV, and I stopped for snacks after school – usually Hostess cupcakes. Would Michelle consider me to be Black for doing this ? What would Jesse and Al say ?

    • auntiemadder

      I ate like a horse when I was a kid but I wasn't fat. We watched plenty of tv back then (I'm 46 now) but we also played hard: running, bike riding, playing cowboys and Indians and cops and robbers with our toy guns (oh, the horror!). And we had chores around the house that we had to do, too.

      I don't know where Mooshell got her stats, but kids of all colors and family incomes are fatter now than kids were back then. They're being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure in record numbers now as a result of being overweight. Although child molesters have always lived among us (one of my younger sibs was a victim of molestation by a group of strange men who, apparently, cruised our neighborhood streets in a panel van, looking for kids to victimize), our streets are now crawling with sexual predators due to lenient punishments when convicted (thanks, libturds!). For families without the means to get their kids into organized sports and other physical activities, the choice is let 'em play couch potato indoors or force them to be prey for child predators outdoors.

      • auntiemadder

        In short, increased numbers of childhood obesity is the result of more than just what and how much kids are eating nowadays. We've let our culture become one that's not friendly to families or to children.

        (Oldest of five siblings here, and female, meant washing dishes daily, helping with laundry even back when we hung them on lines to dry, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and even more than my share of diaper changing. My younger brothers had to take out the garbage and…well, that was about it for them. Thinking back, it's no wonder I used to beat 'em up all the time.)

  • MrSnakes

    It's come to this: blaming racism for something that is one hundred percent under my control such as eating a cheeseburger or drinking a beer. If I were to ever drive under the influence of alcohol or any other drug*, racism would the the very last thing on my mind!

    *Just for the record, I do NOT condone drunk driving!

  • Barbara

    I don't let my kids eat that crap. It's too expensive. I work hard for my paycheck. Yeah, you read that correctly , I work. So , I guess if these poor , overly junk food fed children can afford this diet , they are better off than I am. So , what's the problem? Their parents don't care what they eat. Racist / I think not. I worked in a Compton,Ca hospital for 8 years. If we had to ask someone for something we said for instance, "Go ask Sue ,the RN on Peds , she can get it for you". We did not say. "Go ask Sue the dark skinned black girl." My adopted daughter is such a diverse racial mix , she would have to learn at least 5 cultures just to start. She has a unique way of expressing race. We are all shades of the same color. Out of the mouths of babes is wisdom. She is what she has been taught. She is handicapped,mentally challenged & autistic and she is smarter than Michelle Obama. My girl understands that racism is taught. So do I. I am an American. The lady needs to back off. My ancestors met all the boats. Don't blame poor parenting on racism. What next? Is she going to say white folks forced black parents to teach their children about poor diet?

  • calcrusader

    What scares me is that these ignorant people want to run healthcare. And I'm not just referring to Obama, or the progressives.
    PLEASE, read some articles posted by Doctor Mercola or the Health Ranger. FIND OUT that there are many factors contributing to obesity, cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes, among other diseases. Yes, one is bad parenting. But using fake sugar like high fructose corn syrup or splenda (sucralose) is worse than just using plain old sugar. The fake sugars make you fatter and give youa fatty liver disease just as if you were an alcoholic. Fried food and sodas are very bad especially for our children no matter what race they are. There is a vitamin D deficiency epidemic in this country, from working & spending time indoors and using sunscreen outdoors. About 90+ percent of blacks and other darker skinned people are vitamin D deficient. Studies connect this lack of vitamin D to all of the above mentioned diseases including high blood pressure, heart problems to autism. Lack of exercise and lack of sunshine (vitamin D)are making this country sick. The Pharma -trained physicians are handing out statins for high cholesterol which actually CAUSE heart attacks. Is it all WHITE physicians only causing heart attacks in black people? No. Let's all wise up concerning our health. We must take responsibility for our own (or our children's) health. This means, eating whole non-processed, non fast foods, exercising and getting sunshine on our skin to up our Vitamin D levels and quit blaming each other for our own bad health. I stopped listening to the Pharma trained medical community over 15 years ago and by following natural health procedures have helped cure my sister of cancer, my dad of COPD, myself of high blood pressure.
    The politics of racism is getting real old real fast. It's hard to believe that anyone would still fall for that line in this day and age.

    • calcrusader
      ''It was discovered some years ago that tumor cells had receptors for vitamin D on them,'' explained Dr. Johnson, who is also Chair of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Robert Lew and Anne Wallace Chair for Translational Research. ''And when vitamin D hits these receptors and binds to them, the cancer cells die or stop growing. …"
      Diseases Caused By, or Associated With Vitamin D Deficiency:
      "Again here is the list: Osteoporosis, Hypertension, Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, Depression, Epilepsy, Type One Diabetes, Insulin resistance, Autoimmune Diseases, Migraine Headache, PolyCystic Ovary Disease (PCOS), Musculoskeletal and bone pain, Psoriasis, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)(15).
      The current recommendation for Vitamin D deficiency in those people who must avoid the sun is 5,000 IU of Vitamin D per day which costs 5 cents a day.. "

      • calcrusader

        An Epidemic of Vitamin D Deficiency
        "Vitamin D deficiency has been reported in 57% of 290 medical inpatients in Massachusetts, 93% of 150 patients with overt musculoskeletal pain in Minnesota, 48% of patients with Multiple Sclerosis, 50% of patients with lupus and fibromyalgia, 42% of healthy adolescents, 40% of African American Women, and 62 % of the morbidly obese, 83% of 360 patients with low back pain in Saudi Arabia, 73% of Austrian patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis, 58% of Japanese girls with Graves's Disease, 40% of Chinese adolescent girls, 40-70% of all Finnish medical patients."
        Vitamin D Deficiency in Florida, Surely You must Be Joking:
        "We all know it’s a fact: Everyone in Florida gets plenty of Vitamin D from the Florida Sun. This would have been true except for the fact that as Floridians, we are all told to avoid the sun to prevent solar skin damage (brown wrinkling) and to avoid skin cancer.
        So the question remains, do we get enough Vitamin D from sun exposure? To answer this question, we actually measured blood Vitamin D levels, and we were surprised to discover that the majority showed Vitamin D deficiency (less than 20 ng/ml), or insufficiency (less than 40 ng/ml). "

  • h ann

    Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem…
    Psalm 122:6
    This scripture says it all.
    And may God bless the USA!

    When Americans unite in prayer, especially praying Psalm 122:3, we will all find ourselves
    in a much better place in our hearts, soul and mind. Thank you.

  • H. Ann

    Correction: When Americans unite in prayer, especially praying Psalm 122:6, we will all
    find ourselves in a much better place in our heart, soul and mind. Thank you.

  • usfrog

    "take two, three busses, a taxi, walk for miles …"

    Yep, that would take at least that extra hour of TV off that poor fat, black child's couch time.
    And even if the grocery store was just around the corner, I doubt that those lazy moms would take the trouble to WASH AND COOK those vegetables.

  • Rick Flynn

    After what this country went through in the 60s it still baffles me that this is still going on did we learn nothing. And it amazes me that people still listen to the fear-mongers. I was brought up in a house hold were bigotry was not taught nor was it tolerated but in stead we were taught we are all the same that we are here to help one another. And because of this up bringing i can say that i am color blind. And to have people in a position like tha Obamas to say the things they are saying does no good for anyone they are the worst kind of fear-mmongers. When i was in the Marines we were taught that there is only one color and it is green .

  • Dora Knell

    Enter text right here! What is wrong with the First Lady's idea to plug proper foods for chidlren is that she says she wants to end "childhood obesity". In other words too many kids are fat. Singling out kids for being fat is a dumb idea, and just gives another way to tease them. She should have gone for a fitness program for all children, as Pres. Kennedy did. Remember the pictures of kids on the school playgrounds lined up and doing great stuff with hula hoops. The weight problem is as much lack of exercise as one of diet. Zeroes for Michele Obama's short-lsighted idea, as well as lack of tact! Dora Knell, San Rafael, California

  • @Theblacksphere

    Very true! If you eat healthy you MUST be racist!

  • jed soifer

    When Michelle Obama stated in a recent speech that, "Dessert is not a right", she showed her lack of knowledge of the Declaration of Independence. The right to dessert is stated very explicitly in the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. And I quote….
    We hold these truths to be self-evident. That all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. That among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Decadent Sweet Treats; cakes, pies, cookies, pastries, candy, ice cream and soda.

    I rest my case.

  • Dana

    Every one is missing this! If you eat healthy foods then you are "acting white". If you talk using correct English, that too, is "acting white". Our American Black people are so screwed up. The whole head is sick! Lord, make us free.

  • pookey

    after calming down from the comments that Kevin and Uncle Tom Herman cain belittle black male on the Uncle tom talk show I can't belive this man is in office. I don't care about his politics just his professionalism.

  • Juana

    Actually I don't blame TV…however it is true that the options in poorer communities esp. in urban areas is not equal to the options in other neighborhoods of the same urban area. The nearest grocery store in my neighborhood is a Murry's….if you have shopped at a Murry's you know that is poor quality food. I have to drive 2 miles to the cleanest Safeway with good produce or 3 miles to whole foods etc. Some people don't have that option. I agree that healthy food options are just not marketed to poor communities thus people living their often don't have access….they may not have resources to travel to better options …some work several jobs and leave the kids at home just to make ends meet. I know because I used to be that kid….I am was not obese as a child but I was not eating healthy…..

  • calpurnia

    Now I know where the racism comes from: Michell,e I believe taught Barack to dump his white side> since he has a strong black phenotype Barack Obama was NEVER around black american types until her. He was raised around whites, africans, and indonesians .Besides, the reason there are so many fat kids, is the immorality of their parents. If the parents formed real families through marriage, etc. they would have some decent men around them. White kids have this problem also! Adults are on bikes and the kids arent

  • Goose

    One of your best, Kevin! But, I have to wonder…was it reverse racism that made me a fat white cracker?

  • sidkare

    I have an idea…since these poor innocent black kids are either one, eating too much food, or two, eating fattening food that we all know is more expensive than healthy food (Check the price of a supersized McDonalds combo meal versus the prices of a grocery store bought salad), than we need to take action in only one way. Since the gov't uses taxes to control peoples choices (raise the gas tax to make people drive less), than it should lower the amount of food stamp money and welfare payments to these people. That way, these poor fat black kids' parents can't afford fast food and will HAVE to go out and buy carrots and lettuce.

    So, cut their ability to purchase fatty foods and problem solved. I am sure the food stamp and welfare recipients will praise this action and all we be happy.

  • toni from w hart

    poor kids have little choices on what to eat, & it has nothing to do with markets in neighborhoods, or whatever michelle obama thinks. i know, because i lived it. if you are poor & have only $5 to eat, you can either go to mc d;s for the value menu, or you can go to whole foods where a head of lettuce is about $5. which would YOU pick? for $5 i can get a burger, sm fries, drink & dessert if i wanted to. healthy food is VERY expensive, regardless what color ya are, if the obama's weren't so devoted to ideology, they could see the forest thru the trees.

  • sidkare

    How about a third option with that $5. Go to a discount food store (NOT WHOLEFOODS) and buy some rice and vegetable and fruit and other nutricious stuff. The parent may have to spend some time preparing this healthy food instead of paying McD's to do it for them…but that is the price to be paid for saving money. It's a novel approach for some people…lifting a finger to help yourself and your children instead of waiting for someone to do it for you.

    And if all you have if $5 to feed your family, get a job, or a second job, and if things still look bleak, go to school (day or night) and get a better job down the line so that you have more money for food.

  • sidkare

    I would also like to point out that before you engage in a reckless lifestyle, get your priorities straight. If you don't have your life and career together, don't have UNPROTECTED sex where you end up pregnant, and don't have sex with men who don't have their priorities straight either, such as a job or a commitment to his children. If these poor innocent single mothers would quit having unprotected sex with loser men there would not be any problem. The big question here is why do those of us that made the right choices have to pay for those who did not? We all would love to have no responsiblities and have fun all the time, but many of us chose to avoid pregnancy and chose to go to school so that we could have a good life. We worked hard and did without and now the govt wants to take our money to pay for those that partied and did what they wanted while we held our noses to the grind stone and did without in order to get ahead.

    Read the story of the ant and the grasshopper. (BOTH VERSIONS). They are too true.

  • Mogamboo Khush Hoa

    he lucky ones were bought for a menial job, others for hand outs, and all knew there was a ‘buck’ for pulling the correct lever at the polls. The slaves came in all colors and races.
    How To Burn Calories

  • Mogamboo Khush Hoa

    he lucky ones were bought for a menial job, others for hand outs, and all knew there was a buck for pulling the correct lever at the polls. The slaves came in all colors and races.How To Burn Calories


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