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Let’s talk real shared sacrifice, by Kevin Jackson

Budget talks and that of raising the debt ceiling have created yet another Liberal talking point:  Shared sacrifice. It seems that the budget crisis which has doubled during Obama’s administration is somehow now the fault of the rich not providing “shared sacrifice.”  The truth is, it is the poor who are not offering shared sacrifice.

When you consider all this country provides to a person willing to work, why are we not blaming people for getting off their lazy asses and getting the American Dream? Liberals are always discussing shared sacrifice, as long as it comes from those already shouldering the sacrifice.

America doesn’t define dreams, she just makes dreams come true, at least for those who dare to dream.  But Liberals are dream thieves. They have stolen dreams and imaginations from entire generations of Americans, so much so that even our immigrants have become shiftless and lazy.

In replace of these dreams, Liberals have created nightmares for those still silly enough to believe that hard work pays off. Under Liberalism “life sucks, then you die!”

You want to be rich?  Then you are a racist capitalist pig, only thinking about yourself.

I’m sick of the constant demonizing of the rich, when the poor (able of body and mind) are the real demons. There are hoards of poor people in America doing nothing more than conniving on how to get something for nothing.  And I’m not talking about the blatant criminals, like car-jackers or armed robbers, because at least they have initiative to actually get off their asses, even if it is for nefarious deeds.  Their crimes pale in comparison to the loads of people who are robbing the system daily; the industry built around “getting over.”

I will say this for the umpteenth time:  America’s poor are not poor in comparison to the rest of the world. That said, I wouldn’t want to live the life of the poor who are at the behest of the government. Then again, that is the incentive not to be a ward of the state. I don’t like waiting on some “system” to kick out my check or tell me how to live my life.

Our poor have their government handouts, and their side gigs—illegal hustles or work off the books. For the most part, America’s poor live pretty well in their taxpayer-funded homes and food, with amenities like cable TV, video games, and so on.  Do you think America’s poor live like Africa’s poor?

The Left is quick to compare America to the rest of the world in things like healthcare or amount of money spent on military, and so on. But when it comes to comparing our poor to the poor in other countries, the Left sews their blathering lips completely shut. This is the Left know that our “poor” constitute royalty in most countries.

Unlike the poor of the past, today’s poor in America create very little, so much so that “the rich” have become their benefactors, caretakers, and babysitters. The poor in America have been taught that they can do nothing for themselves, and they’d better not even try.

There was a time in America when the poor strived to become rich. And if they didn’t become rich, at the very least they were contributors.  Back in the day, innovation in America came from the poor, people looking to build a better mousetrap. Necessity is no longer the mother of invention, but just some corpulent Liberal nag sitting around having babies, eating Funyuns with one hand, while getting the other hand filled by some unsuspecting Conservative taxpayer.

Liberals have destroyed ambition in the poor.  In their constant search for “just enough for them to get by, but not enough for them to get ahead,” Liberals have created a perennial underclass that keeps the Liberal elites in power.

Ironically, for the poor who do manage to make it out, they are still products of their own demise. The Oprah Winfreys of the world remain staunchly Liberal, and credit the government for their success. Government can contribute to your success, but government can’t make you successful.

Conservatives are not heartless. We know there are people in America who need our help, and Conservatives are more than willing to do so. But there are far too many scam artists—creations of the Left—who drain the life out of this nation, all for the sake of getting over, like the majority of the currently 50% of the people in America don’t pay taxes, and the majority of the 47% of the people in this country are receiving some sort of “entitlement” at the expense of the taxpayers.

Liberals want all people except them to have the same standard of living, but they want one group to not have to lift a finger to get there. It’s been proven time and time again that if you give somebody something, they don’t appreciate it.  Hard work and sacrifice create good ethic.

America practically gives away education, and the outcome is the most stupid citizenry in the history of our nation.  The government gives away housing, but would you want to live in government housing?

It’s time for the poor to give back. The 5-7% of Americans who are in real need can be excluded. However the 40% who are professional thieves need to practice shared sacrifice. This group of malcontents can forego spinning tires, 21” rims, gold grills, better cellular plans, vacations to Hawaii, and casino gambling, so that they can do their part for shared sacrifice.

That’s my rant!

©2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"The money in diversity is enormous, even bigger than former sportscaster turned political pundit turned sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s ego. Wouldn’t you like to be a “reverend” and father children out of wedlock without repercussions? If you study hard, this book will teach you how to have your non-profit organization pay your mistress and your child support – all at the same time. You must be so black that if you eat sushi, watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek and Friends, or enjoy the ballet, you will hang yourself."

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  • Phil Falcone

    Great blog as usual.

    • Kevin Jackson

      Thanks Phil! I appreciate the feedback!

  • Annie

    Thank You Kevin!
    I wondered when the Flat Screen Plasma, Unlimited Texting, and a 2005 Honda became the "Chicken in Every Pot"!

    • Kevin Jackson

      Exactly Annie! What we give away in this country that I define as "luxuries" is ridiculous. I certainly got NONE of it growing up, and we didn't receive welfare.

  • Downsouth

    Good job Kevin! You sound exactly like your conservative brother David Duke.

    • Meshuggahboy

      Careful, Downsouth, you're starting to turn into a troll.

      • Downsouth

        Well Mesh, I live in Louisiana where David Duke was elected to the State House. Everything Kevin is saying, I heard it all before.

        • Meshuggahboy

          Well then, apparently Kevin's points are completely flawless this time and you don't have any argument to counter what he's saying, other than to try to associate him with an idiot former member of the KKK. How about it – are you going to stick up for the parasites who are able to work for a living but drain us dry instead? Or do you understand that those people are indefensible and the only thing they're good for is to provide a Democrat voter base?

    • Kevin Jackson

      LOL. Leave it to a LibTURD to try to play the race card on a black man. What next…wait, I know. I'm a sellout Uncle Tom shuckin' and jivin' for da man! No, hold on….I'm not BLACK ENOUGH, right?!! LMBO!

      • Downsouth

        Kevin, you are not speaking facts, you're only buying into a steriotype. Jsut like David Duke. Do you know anyone with a "gold grill"? I know several people with gold grills and even more with 21" rims and none of the peole I know get any form of government assistance. All you do is feed the long standing beleif of the ignorant "black peole are lazy, "black peole just sit around and wait on thier wellfare check". You forgot about " black people have more babies so they can get more from welfare".
        All you do is make peole like Meshuggahboy say "see I was right, even the black man says it"..
        You're right Kevin, you are an Uncle Tom shukin' and jivin' for da man.

        • Meshuggahboy

          I don't recall anywhere in this article where Kevin said only black people abuse the system. It sounds like your problem is that you have some kind of guilt complex and can't leave race out of any conversation. I happen to have a job where I work closely with the tax laws, and I see how Washington keeps making laws that take away the incentive to work. These laws and the overall atmosphere in the country are NOT race-specific. In my town, I see plenty of white people who are part of the problem also, and they make me just as sick to my stomach as anyone else. This isn't about race, it's about the fact that Obama is dragging us working folks down, not lifting the so-called needy up.

          • Downsouth

            If I say a man only like being with other men, I don't have to say he is gay. When Kevin say gold grill and 21'rims, I know what he means.

        • DDCdana

          He never mentioned "black people". Feeling a little guilty, are you?

  • DefendUSA

    Kevin…go to and get their new shirt which is emblazoned with the flag…and says, "All men are created equal, it's what they do from there that matters."

  • ChrisMcM

    Not sure if this article is where you drew you inspiration, but it's still galling none the less…

  • docjohndenver

    Kevin, you have the gift of saying the obvious and then making us wonder why it wasn't obvious to us until we read your rant. A colleague of mine told me a story a few months ago when a single mother of four came into his office with all her kids. Every kid had a different last name and he was to do a well child check on each of them. By the time the nightmare visit was over they had practically destroyed his exam room and the mother never said a word to them. Each kid had their own smart phone even though they were from 6 to 11 in ages. They were each on Medicaid and the mother proudly told my colleague that she has never held a job and gets no help from her family financially. She bragged about her condo and her recent purchase of a car. And then she complained that she did not have the money to pay the kids' TWO DOLLAR COPAYMENTS! So here we are America. An entire class of people proud of their amorality and "getting over".

    • Kevin Jackson

      Doc, this has become America's new plaque, yet we seem to quietly sit by and allow those of us dumb enough to keep "dreamin'" that we are the problem! I've had it with not calling a fool a fool, and a thief a thief. These people disgust me. And instead of their kids growing to detest that way of life, they are being TRAINED to think it's ok!

  • Rosalys

    Good article, except for the term "poor". As you stated the "poor" in this country are not really that poor. I would prefer to call them the "unemployed by choice" – or better yet "professional sponges" – to distinguish them from the true poor.

    • Kevin Jackson

      Good point, Rosalys, but I think I made an ok distinction.

  • Drew

    Preach on!!

  • Christine

    I'm a young black conservative and I've been tellng people this for years. Instead of complaining that "white people didin't give us our 40 acres and a mule," get off your lazy butt and make something of yourself. I'm glad to see there are more black conservatives out there…and no matter what the left or libs or whatever you want to call them, say, stick with your beliefs. It makes black conservatives all that more legit.

    • docjohndenver

      Good for you, Christine! I hear more and more young people like you all the time. It is inspiring to know that our country may be in good hands in the future after all.

    • Kevin Jackson

      Christine, more black women believe this way than men, despite bad statistics for black single moms. I applaud you as well for holding firm on the real black tradition of doing for self!

    • DDCdana

      Exactly! And this isn't a black or white thing, although many would like us to think it is. kGot to keep us divided so we don't come together and rise up against them. Kevin's black, so does that mean whenever he talks about the poor he means poor blacks. I'm white. When I talk about the lazy poor I'm typically thinking about my own family!

  • Noxious

    Great blog. How can we all do more to support the black conservative movement? There are millions of kids who have grown up watching Ma and Pa cash their government check and that's their perception of how they are to make it in the world. We need to break that paradigm and get more black conservative role models into the inner cities to preach the opportunities they have. Not the sanctioned mediocrity and dependence we see today. Liberals are killing minority ambition! How can we help?
    My recent post Racist History of the Democratic Party

    • docjohndenver

      Noxious, the frustating thing is there are plenty of black conservative role models out there already. Who wouldn't want their kids to grow up to be Kevin Jackson, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, or Colonel West? Somehow none of these great people get the coverage from the dinosaur media that they should. I have held all of these and many more black conservative role models up to my kids as they have grown up and are now young adults, but I don't hear it on the news like we should.

      • Kevin Jackson

        I agree with the doc, that the media on all sides have picked their favorites. Fox is just as complicit. That's why I'm carving my own path. I refuse to suck up to Fox or any other network. If I'm relevant, the public will make it so. If not, I will just go get a job!

    • Kevin Jackson

      I have plenty of needs for help. Our charity work, help with "getting the word out," and always a few 'bones' when we pass the plate!

      • docjohndenver

        Man, Kevin, do I hear that! I tried to get donations of money and time to set up a weekly tutoring class for my patients that go to these pathetic schools in North Denver and Five Points a few years ago. Guess where the donations came from? Not those liberals that "love" the needy. They came from people in my church, most of whom are those horrible right wing nut job types. I am sick of my money going to worthless entitlements when the private sector can do ten times as much with a third the money! The older I get the more ridiculous it seems. Are we about giving a person a fish or are we about teaching him how to fish himself?

    • DDCdana

      Don't let your children listen to rap music or watch reality TV. Black or white, the message they are sending to our kids is appaling!

  • Kathy Deles

    Preachin' to the choir. But at least you're preaching. Now how do we get this message to our friends who for some unknown reason blindly (like your aforementioned Oprah) follow the liberal agenda? How can we lovingly show them they've been duped?

    • theblacksphere

      Refer them to my website, radio program, BOOKS!

  • Jeremy Stillwagner

    Kevin, you are a common-sense genius. Why in God's name do more people not see this? Keep soldiering on my friend!
    My recent post When Social Problems Go Wrong: The Law of Unintended Consequences

    • theblacksphere

      I do my best, Jeremy. Thanks for the kudos!

  • Peggy Harris

    This is an awesome message!

    As one still on the "underground railroad" out of the system, I would only add that for MANY of us, raising children on welfare is like being date raped….nobody believes you when you try to explain that you did not intend for things to end up the way they did.

    I'm new to politics, but I can see how those who designed the system might believe they can rely on conservatives to help to keep us "beneficiaries" in our places mentally. I'm wondering if Liberals count on this very conversation for the words they can feed to those who have not "converted" to the conservative message….especially during an election year.

    • docjohndenver

      Wow, Peggy, well said. Way to make us think!

  • Guest


    Your question, "Does shared sacrifice include the poor", begs a question (or three).

    Do these poor have a DVD, Cable TV, cell phone, car, game machine, computer?

    If no, then we're all good. Otherwise folks that got that stuff ain't poor from lack of stuff.


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