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Joseph Biden, Barack Obama

Biden believes that Liberal black Democrats are stupid. And who could blame him, given the evidence. It doesn’t matter what Democrats say or do, they get the black vote. So when Biden commented that Romney “wants to put y’all back in CHAINS,” he figured that was the applause line for his largely black audience.

“Thank you Massa Biden for stoppin’ Romney from puttin’ us black folks back to da CHAINS!”

It wasn’t even so much what Biden said, but how he said it. Biden sounded like he was a black Baptist minister at a revival, preaching about the devil. How racist and elitist of Biden to say something so ignorant and demeaning! Biden proved yet again that Democrats are constantly looking to invoke the race card. They will use any means necessary, even if it means taking black folks down memory lane to reminisce about the atrocities of DEMOCRATS! What next; a post-911photo op in Air Force One over the Statue of Liberty and the citizens of New York, F-16 in tow?

Memo to Joe Biden:  Much of the demographic that supports him and Barack don’t use banks. They use payday loan businesses and pawn shops. So if anybody should be scared of Romney taking over the banks, it’s not black folks or Mexicans for that matter. So if Romney gets control of the banks, about the worst thing that will happen is blacks and Mexicans will get the fees to their debit cards increased.  Oh wait…that’s already happened under Obama-Biden.

But there is good news for black people fearful of going back into chain.  Russell Simmons will come to the rescue with the RushCard, “The easy, convenient, secure alternative to a bank.”

The RushCard comes in two versions: BabyPhat and Diamond, and it’s even tied to healthcare.

For $0.99 a week, you can get additional healthcare coverage, and the fees will be deducted from your RushCard. Yes, using your OWN money, you can get a PRE-PAID card from the bank of Russell Simmons. Pay the RushCard’s exorbitant fees ($3.95 up to $13.95), and you to have all the conveniences “white banks”…for FREE! Or as Russell Simmons puts it, “No hidden charges.

One would think that with a name like “RushCard,” Simmons would have gotten the great Rush Limbaugh as his spokesperson. Hard to believe that Limbaugh would turn down such an opportunity, if offered? In light of Biden’s latest comment, I can only guess that negotiations are underway to secure him as spokesperson.

Instead of Biden spending so much time attaching Big Banks, I suggest he take a look at what the “little banks” like RushCard are doing to black people. Russell Simmons and his unofficial spokesperson can defend Simmon’s bank, because the RushCard doesn’t charge “insufficient funds” fees. Kind of difficult to charge an insufficient funds fee to yourself. Truth in advertising.

But it’s safe to say that Russell Simmons won’t be accused of trying to put black people back in chains. Black Liberals are too smart to fall for that?! Nor will a half-black Senator-turned-President who gave large sums of money to banks (and about everybody else) be accused of putting black people back in chains. That’s because only rich white Republicans can put black people back in chains.

Who knows; if Romney is elected, he may even require valid ID for black people to have bank accounts. How racist would that be?

Thank God that Biden has reminded black America what could happen to us. How did we survive without racist, elitist white Democrats to fight for our rights!

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Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • RedGal

    So right, Kevin. And you are so close to being the equal of your Republican brothers-in-arms! You have waited patiently for the sweet gigs that they get. A few more years is nothing. Keep up the good work!

    • theblacksphere

      My time will come when it comes. I'm not worried about it.

      • doubleRedGal

        I'm sure you'll get exactly what you deserve. Adio, little dark Mussolini. Your two responses to RedGal will keep me in stitches for awhile.

      • JET

        Right on!!

        • JETq

          Biden thinks he IS the smartest person in the world and obnoxious.

  • DaSicilian

    Great one, Kevin…!

    • theblacksphere

      Thanks, and good to hear from you!

  • Bartman

    Great job.
    There is such a gulf between those who are truly looking out for the Black community and those who PROFESS to do so while capitalizing on and expoiting them instead.
    It's not an easy task, but I truly believe that the Black community is paying more attention to who REALLY represents their interests.
    This includes Rap artists who glamorize violence and anti-social behavior that Black youth pattern, and end up suffering the consequences of following such destructive patterns, while the artists and promoters get rich selling these messages.
    They are just as derelict in their actions as those of drug dealers selling drugs in the Black community.

    The hard part is breaking down the vicious stereotypes and misinformation that has been carefully crafted and fostered to keep the Black community from realizing who is more concerned with their best interests.

    Keep up the great work.

    • theblacksphere

      Thanks Bartman. I agree that the black community is slowly waking up on the issue of who's gaming them.

    • Yngblkcons

      I worked with troubled elementary school kids back when I was in college who could quote Snoop Dogg (who was actually relevant back then) backwards and forwards but I didn't and don't think the problem is the media, I believe the problem is parents who let the media raise their kids.

  • Nofia

    Happy to see that people are starting to understand Democrat racism. Keep keeping your eyes open. Al Sharpton and Clinton are no better. Biden is a shmuck.

  • Nofia

    I also want to state, I worked in a bank. I'm white.

    I used to get accused of being a racist when my computer asked for two ID's to cash a paycheck.

    I want to state here: be happy that the banks insist on ID's and protect your money from being stolen by an impostor, because I also had a few of those show up at my window. and they come in all colors shapes and sizes/

    • theblacksphere

      Great points, Nofia!

    • ant

      But I thought people went their whole lives without ID's…how could you expect them to have a bank account?/sarc.

      Speaking of which..and this shows, too, how truly racist those on the left are. Have you heard what Bill Mahrer just said? He said that voter ID laws are racist because most blacks are poor and ride the bus. There are so many things just wrong and evil about that mind-set, I don't know where to begin. The obvious point, and the one that bugs me the most, especially as I'm considered 'racist' by virtue of being conservative, is that the left have a pre-conceived notion of what a 'black' is…and it's always the negative…poor, gangsta, dependent on help, bad in school, can't make 'wise' food choices…and on and on..

  • Yngblkcons

    I honestly don't know why the administration lets Biden go out and speak to people. There are legit issues people can have with banks. A desire to reinstitute slavery is not one of them.

    • Bibliofly

      Narcissists are notorious for using fools as their right-hand man or woman as they'll never have to worry about being upstaged.

      • Yngblkcons

        Good point.

    • Uncle Rick

      Picking Biden was originally one of the smartest things Obama ever did, for two reasons:

      1) Assassination insurance. Neither our friends nor our enemies want Biden behind the Resolute desk. He is the notional equivalent of a chain smoker strolling though an oil refinery – no on knows where he'll toss the next butt. Better a fool that you know than an unpredictable clown.
      2) There is not the slightest chance that Biden will up-stage Obama. He doesn't even know which direction that is. He would make Alfred E. Newman look like a genius.

      That said, looks like Ol' Joe has turned out to be a definite liability this time around. Shoulda thoughta that four years ago.

      Just sayin'.
      My recent post Abiogenesis II

  • Gene in L.A.

    Arguing against what you say someone meant instead of against what they said is one of the oldest debating tricks in the book. If you can't argue what they said, you can't argue at all.

  • JoGarcia

    I just came across your website today and love it! I’m so tired of these stereotypes that democrats put on republicans. It’s extremely upsetting and find myself constantly having to stick up for myself. What Biden said is unacceptable!

  • Julia

    first page I've bookmarked in ages. Can't wait to read what comes next.

    • Brook

      Could you imagine the outrage if Romney or Ryan made a comment like that? For Obama to stand by Binden's comment is an indictment on him as well. The more they attack using race as their weapon of choice, the more we know this election is turning in our favour. Keep telling the truth Kevin

  • Guest Woman

    Stupid is as Stupid does……..right? Or…… The Blind leading the Blind . I sincerely hope and pray that the Blind take off their Blinders.

    Newflash ! Just heard that BO wants Michelle to receive a "pay check" for being First Lady………..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I don't know, will check it out.

  • Guest Woman

    Ok … here is the headline ! Pay My Wife !

    • Meshuggahboy

      Does this mean if we don't pay her, she'll quit? Just wishful thinking of course, considering the way she's been raping the taxpayers for the last few years.

    • ant

      That's a tough one…What's the going-rate for un-elected busybody activist these days? She's been on TV so much already, I'm surprised she doesn't get a Screen Actors Guild rate.

  • KevinB

    I'm sick and tired of these Democrats coming into our black communities and churches
    trying to sound like us and preach like us and they just end up insulting us.

    Democrats should just adopt my new slogan for their next pandering campaign and call it:

  • defendusa

    The only thing I noticed about this and you said "elitist"–is that Joey left himself outta that mix. WE aren't going to be in chains, Y"all ARE.
    Forgive me, but my military background comes into play–WTF is up with the media giving him a pass and now we have that punk Toure crying about "nigger-something? That kid is just a damn tool.

  • Nate Wilson

    So many blacks don't realize that the Democratic party is holding them back. All Democrats have to do is make a racist statement and they got the black vote. Most black people don't realize they are being mocked and used by Democrats. That's the only political party, I know of, that has a fomer KKK Grand Wizard and they always claim Republicans are racist. Wake up black people!

  • Dawna

    "Memo to Joe Biden: Much of the demographic that supports him and Barack don’t use banks. They use payday loan businesses and pawn shops."

    Really? Wow. Talk about stereotypes.

  • Dean

    For the life of me I can't understand why anybody would use a payday loan.
    The interest rates are insane, people must be pretty desperate.

    I've known desperation in my life but damn, these people are getting creamed.

    We need government out of our lives, regulation after regulation. New law after new
    law, all stops business or hinders it dramatically. When are people going to wake up?
    This has to stop.


  • Spencer

    Kevin, you say, "It doesn’t matter what Democrats say or do, they get the black vote…" while I wholeheartedly disagree with you about Biden allow me to try and explain why blacks as a whole do not and will not embrace the Republican party.

  • Spencer

    When it comes blacks today's Republican party is extremely condescending and most blacks will not ever give a second thought about joining what they view to be an organized hate group. You're right Kevin, Most blacks I know vote Democratic mainly because of socio-economic issues. Republicans ever since the 1960s and especially under Reagan have consistantly targeted programs that tend to help blacks like anti-discrimination legislation, community services and urban investment.

  • Spencer

    Republicans policies disproportionately effect the black community such as urban crime, and rural land loss, or address those problems in such a way that puts most of the burden on most blacks. Why on earth should the average right thinking black American ever embrace a party so intolerant of them? You are an anomaly Kevin, a MLK Jr. of the bizzaro world so to speak.

  • chocolategirl

    It seems to me that "BIG GOVERNMENT" wants to puts ALL Americans in chains! They're doing a bang up job too! The people need to wake up and demand something be done to stop this insane, ridiculous spending, that BOTH parties are guilty of, and put a STOP to it. The people need realize that the debt that this country has IS robbing us of our FREEDOM! That's what the Tea Party is about, WAKE UP AMERICA, ALL THE PEOPLE, BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, YELLOW, RED, GREEN, PURPLE, ORANGE, BLUE. WAKE UP! BIG GOVERNMENT IS PUTTING US, ALL OF US, IN CHAINS!……….was their anything "racist" about that statement? hehe

  • Spencer

    I have a confession to make, I have always called Kevin an Uncle Tom but I was wrong he is NOT an Uncle Tom. I have come across some insightful informantion. I actually took the time to read the story of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" I discovered that the term "Uncle Tom" is not the appropriate label for my dear friend Kevin Jackson because the character Uncle Tom was a brave man with dignity who actually cared about his race. The real culprit was another slave by the name of "Sambo" who like Kevin Jackson was totally committed to his white master and used every opportunity to bring down other blacks and/or slaves. Sambo, in many respects, was like today's black conservatives to include the host of this wonderful blog, my dear friend Kevin Jackson. Sorry Kev for mislabeling you

    • John

      Spencer, your comments reminded me of some childhood instances that I find interesting and apply across all races. It seems there is a segment of each race that wants everyone in the race to march in step. You call Kevin “Sambo”, because his perspective isn’t what you think a black person’s perspective should be. I was called an n-lover in middle school because I had black friends. (I forgot all about that til today when I read your comment.) It was the mid-70’s and southern schools were still adjusting to segregation, I was in 6th grade band and some of my classmates were black. We shared the same interest in music, had strong church backgrounds and were just friends…. we were kids. The tie of “race” to “culture” is interesting in the respect that if you broaden your cultural views and experiences, or break with cultural perspectives it somehow makes you less “white” or less “black” or less “latino”. Ah… perhaps one day, when maybe 100 or 200 more years have passed and our culture has shifted and changed enough, this will change. But it will be difficult to get passed racial issues at the moment…not solely because of race being highlighted, stereotyped and propagated from other races… but because our own race reminds us to be white or black or latino … by yesterdays’ definitions and cultural standards.
      I want to live be tomorrow’s standards …and hope we can move to defining those beyond race and culture.

  • Spencer

    If anyone matters to the Republicans in Tampa, it's the billionaire donors powering their campaigns. It seems like nothing matters more to the Republicans than winning this election. They need to win so they can put their radical plans into action, the consequences be damned and the middle-class will pay for the 1% to become even richer. But they will be defeated and that's for sure.


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