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Black Magic

Obama needs you to believe in black magic. Because that is the only way you can accept his administration’s fictitious job growth and subsequent unemployment rate. No white Republican president would dare try to sell such nonsense.

Obama is perpetrating a blatant “in your face” lie to the American public. He’s is strutting around butt naked, and daring you to laugh at his…{clears throat} “nakedness.”

In a time when job creation can’t maintain equilibrium, the economy suddenly got a bump of 800K+ jobs? Either we purchased some productive part of Asia, or Obama instructed his Labor Department secretary to pull those jobs from between her roomy Latina butt cheeks.

One month before the most important election in American history, the unemployment rate miraculously dips below 8 percent. All praises to Allah for that. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so Obama’s new policy: Just make stuff up.

I’m thinking out loud here, but 7.8 percent unemployment is not something over which to spike the football. If I recall correctly, didn’t Obama inherit an unemployment “mess” of 7.8 percent from Bush? We spent $1.4T to watch unemployment remain flat? At least we know what failure costs.

The timing of this announcement is even more incredulous however, when you consider that we get the news of the magical jobs creating the magical rate on the heels of the Lockheed issue that Obama will try to magically make disappear.

Recently we learned that the Obama administration asked evil capitalist and defense contractor Lockheed to delay announcement of layoffs, thus subjecting itself to sequestration. Just so I’m being clear, understand that the person in charge of the nation’s economy, Obama asked a business not to follow the rules and to withhold evidence of his failure.

What failure? Obama’s failure to be a white. Everybody knows that Lockheed would not have even considered announcing layoffs had Obama admitted not been black.

Republicans will spin this differently. They will claim that these layoffs at Lockheed (and elsewhere) were due to Obama’s policies. The Republican argument will be that under WARN, companies are required to alert employees within 60 days (some case up to 90 days) of a potential layoff. This is so employees might have a chance to seek employment elsewhere, or make a host of other potential preventative life-changing moves. If a company fails to follow the guidelines of WARN, they are subject to paying the severance costs.

I know it is difficult to believe that in the robust economy that Obama has created that companies could even consider laying off, particularly defense contractors. I suspect that after Obama dispatched Osama bin Laden, these organizations knew the writing was on the wall.

There is the demand of sequestration and the potential mandatory 15 percent cut in the military budget. This budget cut came just in time for Arab Spring, and the imminent peace in the Middle East. Thankfully America has a black president of Muslim descent or how would we have access to the black magic to make everything right? God is good!

Because if a white president tried these strategies, well he would be considered foolish. America will no longer tolerate white presidents lying behind our backs, when we have a black president willing to lie to our faces. That’s boldness. America’s black leader said he would be transparent, and these lies are obvious.

Obama told us that we are in a recovery, so dog gone it, “He’s good enough, He’s smart enough, and like it or not, for Obama, this is a recovery!”

In case you’re wondering what’s next, Lockheed won’t actually have to pay the fine. It’s nickel night at the brothel, and we’ve earned a pocket full of them, Princess. Our bold black president Obama struck a deal with them, so WE get the bill.

And why shouldn’t we pay for it. Obama inherited this mess. You are the mess. So what you didn’t build that, you’re certainly going to pay for it.

Because nobody is promised success, except America’s first black president.

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Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • MichiganMom

    Somehow it seems that taxpayers should be able to sue the Obama administration for paying off a company to break the law with our tax dollars.

    • timby

      This isn't the 1st time. He did it a month or so ago by giving over 1 million illegals amnesty. Who do you suppose is going to pay for that? You got it, the tax payer. We need to wake up. Obama will do anything to get reelected.

    • ayize

      The taxpayers should sue the us govt for what it has done with our money.

      • Linda

        Trouble is we are the gov't. so we get doubly screwed! How about some men and women in Congress who are not subject to blackmail and do not fear death impeach him! Then we'd be able to null and void him back to where ever he crawled in from.

  • auntiemadder

    "We spent $1.4T to watch unemployment remain flat? At least we know what failure costs."

    Failure may cost $1.4T but that line is priceless.

    I'm glad somebody is finally talking about this Lockheed deal with Kenya Boy. I wish others would get on board. You failed to mention, however, that Lockheed has plans for "across the board" layoffs Jan 2, 2013, which puts a 60 day notice just days before the Nov 6 election. Kenya Boy struck a deal with them that if they'll break the law and not announce bad news that will cost him votes, the taxpayers will pick up the reulting tab for the resulting legal fees and fines. Basically, the taxpayers are unwittingly and unwillingly donating to his re-election campaign

  • sallytudor

    Another great post, Kevin.

  • Melissa Votano

    Not everyone is unemployed but most have to buy gas and with the prices skyrocketing he can't hide from it.

    • *enchante*

      When people say–ill get you 'jobs' what KIND OF JOBS?! working at Mickey D's when you have a PhD in engineering?! You were supposed to get a job that pays at least 35,000 to start, and you still have to pay back that college loan?! This is one of those ?'s that Obama AND Romney has to answer

  • ant

    Laws and the truth? They mean nothing to Obama….I would need a comment space literally 5 feet long to list some of the treachery and malfeasance of this President. Just look at the lastest one…foreign donations being taken for the Obama campaign…donations website being run out of China.

    PS. I see the 'tolerant' left is showing their love and compassion for all people again, in crucifying Stacey Dash for daring to be an independent 'black woman'. Seems from Twitter, that being a Republican, dating a white man, and thinking for yourself makes someone, even only half-black, a House Nigga that wants the cotton plantations back. Even if that had any basis in reality…don't they realize all those cotton-picking jobs would be in China, thanks to Dimorats?

    • *enchante*

      That is one thing i CANT UNDERSTAND about black folks–it just seems that we are the most racist of the bunch at this time–could change later–but many places I go where there are republicans,I get treated with respect and It seems like a chocolate chip in vanilla ice cream. Everyone asks me HOW COME BLACKS aren't coming to our side–because unemployment is higher in the black community than anywhere else–our families are in a shambles, and too many of our young men wear too much bling in their ears to be taken seriously–. although i see other groups of young men wear this, ALL BLACK GUYS wear ear bling–'earrings' and them GOD AWFUL TATS—- ewwww

  • ant

    An article related to Kevin's posts on Jobs and the Debates.

  • michael street

    Mr. Jackson, I’m a African American man, business owner n family man. I’m democrat n liberal by nature. But first n foremost I know what generations of blacks went thru to get any minority to this point in America. This Black man is doing the best he can in a nation that has been built on racism,discrimination,segregation n disrespect. He’s dealing with the ole boy network n the sad thing is what’s worse is hrs dealing with his own people n their hatefulness,jealousy,greed n treachery. Don’t point out his faults but point out his accomplishments n achievements. If he’s successful then we all are successful! If u think he didn’t gave to make deals with the devil for the greater good, then u never knew politics!

    • Sir RonB

      Michael are you kidding me! Let's clear up a few things here. He asked for this job! He campaigned for this job! Not one person who becomes President of these United States gets chosen! He gets elected! Secondly, "This Black main is doing the best he can…" Horse poo! The nation that you claim was built on racism, discrimination, segregation and disrespect please explain how did he ever become President if this country did not begin to heal itself. Third, Black man, Obama is half-black. His outer skin tone could have easily been white had it not been for a dominant gene in his father. He grew up white, lived with his white mother and grand parents and never really knew his father. Finally, you ask Kevin to point out his accomplishments…….I am still waiting on those! Oh and by the way I am a Black American business man and family man. I'm conservative by nature.
      No one is holding President Obama back except for the arrogance of President Obama!

      • *enchante*

        hey–you KNOW THAT accent he has iS FAKE—-he sounds like hes been below the Mason Dixon line–but in reality he lived in HI and indonesia–Their ain't no way he coulda ta'k like he do unless he learnt it in chicago—as far as O being half=black? i know many blacks who are lighter than O with two black parents—-i as well as you are sick of this foolishness that black america keeps perpetrating–we have BIGGER FISH to fry–like getting the black family stronger and promoting marriages–getting rid of c/rap music–its FAR from Motown and the 1960s

    • blknred

      Michael, I hope you are aware that the very racism, discrimination, segregation and disrespect that blacks have faced in this country were esablished by the democratic party. The same party that Obama represents and you claim to be a part of by nature. During his presidency, Obama has become very wealthy, and yet black unemployment is at 13.4%. I don't think we are beneficiaries of his success. Also, smart politicians won't make a deal with the devil if it's going to cause the whole country to burn.

    • *enchante*

      NO SUH—its dat ole souf–wid dem democrats—this nation was built on Christian principals–there were even black men in the Revolutionary War–it just seems like if they were ABOVE the Mason Dixon line, they were treated 'ok' but most of us were below it–hey it took 70 years, and the republicans abolished slavery—they were even black senators in the ole souf, til the KKK terrorized them

    • Kevin Jackson

      Horseshit. I don’t need Obama to be successful for me to be successful. Pull your head out of your ass, and stop acting like a silly Negro. What you do, depends on YOU!

  • ant

    Biggest POS the Country has ever known…Obama for Obama..throws his own supporters under the bus after receiving flak from his 'faithful' media concerning his obsession with 'Big Bird'. To paraphrase, "uh…it's not our idea to incessantly talk about Elmo and Big Bird, we're simply responding (distracting from real issues) to and for the sentiments of our female base." Ahh, never HIS fault….always somebody else to take the blame. Here it is, one month to the elections and he's STILL blaming Bush. On the bright side, if Sesame Street and PBS ever bite the dust, Obama won't have to 'sacrifice' too much time…he can send them the same impersonal, un-felt, form letters he sends to every soldier he gets killed in Afghanistan by the, in his own subservient, fearful, pronunciation, Tol-E-Bon.

  • DaSicilian

    Jack Welch has another piece in the WSJ, today – excoriating this admin. Additionally, w/Libyagate and the cover up of the murders at the consulate – is this the death knell? Even the MSM is beginning to pick up on it – thanks to Catherine Herridge of Fox and Lara Logan of CBS. My concern however, is this – Barack Hussein Obama does not want to lose – what will he unleash?

    • jack

      Jack Welch is a lying sack of shit

  • jj solari

    you are the only political prose-essayist better than me. now that may not mean anything to you or to anyone else. but it's quite an eye-blinker to me. but what can i say. i just call em as i see em.

  • Kim

    We are all Americans, we should not be divided by race, religion, age, gender or orintation.
    We are all living in the best country in the world, we are all fortunate that we have a shot
    at the American dream and our poor people are doing better than rich people in many countries.
    Thanks Kev, you rock!

  • BeninB

    Keep on telling it like it is, Kevin! This is a rousing piece if I ever saw one.

    And thanks for pointing this out because you're right Mr. O has gotten really good at running up political favors debts that WE get the privilege of paying back.

    What's worse is how he has this habit of taking credit for things he didn't do. Like saving General Motors, when it was actually George Bush who wrote that check.

    Heck, I was listening to one of your online podcasts the other day and heard Mark R. saying that even O's recent DNC speech wasn't his but that it, in fact, was almost the exact same speech that Jimmy Carter gave at the DNC when he was trying to get re-elected.

    So what it all boils down to is that the American people, myself included, have been duped by Mr. O. But like the saying goes it's not the falling down that gets you it's the not getting up part that does the damage. It's time to get back up people! Let's go!
    My recent post Is It Time to Rethink the ‘Because I’m Black’ Defense?

  • Meshuggahboy

    He'd already gotten one from Michelle. She's a fair-weather first lady, and she wanted to get on the winning side. She was practicing for her next skiing vacation, so she gave one to both Romney and Ryan at the same time.

    Face it, Obama lost again.

  • ant

    Better get your jaw muscles loosened up, Obama's gonna need some consoling on November 7th…at least, you'll be on your knees, safe from the flying china and debris thrown about by an enraged Wookie who realizes her vacations and $1 billion a year embezzling life of luxury are over.

  • Guest Woman

    What is Obama gonna unleash? Martial Law? I just hope that I am on the right Marshall's side :) I am……locked and loaded.

  • ant

    That's way too much fish, dude. Chief Food-Nazi and thunder-thighed hypocrite, Mooch, has cut the kiddies down to 2 grams of protein a day..that's about a spoonful of tuna fish…or about the same as slave-camp rations. You know what a slave is right? Of course you do, you're willing to be one for the 'progressive' State. Vote Democrat, join the other fish in a barrel. Freedom is over-rated and scary anyway.

  • Pwoodicus

    My wife told me about Kevin's site. First time on, it's awesome

  • Carlene Frazier Wendel

    Obama is the new “make up artist”.. He makes up these outlandish lies to tell everyone of all the wonderful things he will do for us.. Tired of the LIES…

  • george

    I often wonder if he actually has any black in him. we know his mother was a white slut. apparently no one knows who his father is/was, so a little smeared on “tone”. VALA instant hero, King, assasin, and more. WOW HAIL to the chief!


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