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U.S. President Barack Obama listens to keynote speaker Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington February 7, 2013. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Pro-choice/gay marriage Barack Obama angered some constituents when he dragged his sleepy gum-chewing self to the 61st Annual National Prayer Breakfast.  While there, Obama quoted Scripture, referenced Jesus’ “nail-scarred hands,” talked about America’s past racism, and predictably made a few jabs at perceived critics.  Barack Obama even pled for unity while fostering disunity and suggested the nation exercise humility, while exhibiting none himself.

The President was on the roster with politically incorrect Dr. Ben Carson who gave Obama a respectable prayer breakfast spanking.  Carson, a world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, was unafraid in Obama’s presence.  That’s probably because Dr. Carson has worked on brains just a tiny bit smaller than Barack’s.

For those on the left there’s nothing worse than a black man refusing to play the victim, insisting that his success was achieved through individual freedom and personal responsibility. That’s why the President probably came real close to losing a waffle while listening to Ben share how, against all odds and without government assistance, he overcame poverty, racism, and a violent temper to become a world-renowned neurosurgeon.

Benjamin Carson is a 61-year-old black man raised in Detroit by a single mother who refused to let her sons fail.  As a peeved Obama stoically glared at him, Dr. Carson talked of his mother Sonya’s demand that, although unable to read herself, he and his brother Curtis, rather than watch television, read and write book reports.

Once nicknamed the “dumbest kid in the world,” Ben described how books taught him about the individual self-determination “people of great accomplishment” exercise.  Those lessons led to an epiphany for Carson: “At that point I didn’t hate poverty anymore, because I knew it was only temporary: I could change that.”

Clearly, Dr. Carson’s idea of ‘change’ is radically different from that of the president.  Change for Ben Carson came with the revelation that the best one can be requires hard work and personal responsibility.

Carson dared to touch on America’s “moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility” with Barack Obama, the main contributor to both problems, sitting just a few feet away.

For mathematically-challenged Obama voters who find it hard to grasp the enormity of the nation’s 16.5-trillion-dollar liability, Carson broke it down by explaining that if one were to count “one number per second…it would take “507,000 years … to count to one trillion.”  The doctor even brought up tax-free health savings accounts – now that takes a hearty dose of intestinal fortitude!

Ben Carson was not shy about laying out a flat-tax proposal, either.  He suggested that if “You make 10 billion dollars, you put in a billion. You make 10 dollars, you put in one.”   Then, he cleverly used the flat-tax argument as a springboard to expose the president’s class warfare tactics when he pointed out that “some people” (ahem) say, “That’s not fair! It doesn’t hurt the guy who made 10 billion dollars.”

Dr. Carson then asked, “Where does it say you have to hurt that guy? He just put a billion dollars into the pot!”  The 2008 Presidential Medal of Freedom winner should have just turned and spoken directly to the presidential ‘winner’ sitting nearby, who was trying desperately to keep his composure.

Unfortunately, Carson chose not to do that, but the unasked question dangling here is: Why are these two men so different? Both are black males abandoned by their bigamist fathers and raised by single mothers.  Each one married an accomplished woman, and both reached the pinnacle of achievement. Yet, despite the fact that Dr. Carson would probably happily release his college transcripts if asked, the differences between the two far outweigh the similarities.

Having performed surgery on a twin in its mother’s womb, Ben saved an unborn child. Barack, both philosophically and monetarily, supports the destruction of the children Dr. Carson saves.

In the first book about himself, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, Barack shared his quest for identity, and peppered the journey with references to communist mentors, anti-Semitic pastors, and poetic, possibly made-up tales of racial animosity.

On the other hand, quelling division rather than stoking it, Ben Carson writes uniquely American books with a Christian flavor that inspire people to be all they can be, such as Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence. Carson’s recent book America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great, was co-authored by his wife, Lacena ‘Candy’ Carson.

Thus far, prolific author Barack Obama has never written a patriotic book with his wife Michelle, who confessed just a few years ago that “for the first time in my adult lifetime I’m really proud of my country.”

Barack Obama likes hanging with Hollywood heavy-hitters like lip-syncing Bey and her hubby Big Pimpin’ Jay. On the other hand, in the 1990s Dr. Carson advised young people that talking about Madonna, Michael Jordan, and Michael Jackson was “not creating the kind of society we want to create.”

At a Randolph-Macon College commencement, Carson shared his views on America’s legacy, admitting that although we’ve made mistakes, “This nation was able to turn around the horrors of civil rights in record time and has created an environment in which anybody…willing to work hard can succeed.”

For the president, hearing sentiments like that coming from a black man had to be super cringe-worthy. That type of straight talk has the power to destabilize Barack Obama politically, because think of it – when a person of Dr. Ben Carson’s caliber receives accolades for his wisdom and successes, it proves that what defines a person in America is character, not color.

All it took was one courageous man to step forward at a Washington DC breakfast event and unabashedly do what the pusillanimous Republican Congress seems unable to do – confront tyranny with truth. Unlike Barack Hussein Obama, Benjamin Solomon Carson exemplifies faith in Jesus and a grateful, patriotic view of America.  The doctor accomplished miraculous things by exercising the type of humility the president talks about at prayer breakfasts, but clearly lacks.

In the end, separating Siamese twins joined at the head and successfully performing hemispherectomies by removing half the brain of sick children must have infused Dr. Carson with the type of confidence needed to literally speak truth to power – directly to the President of the United States’ face.


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"The money in diversity is enormous, even bigger than former sportscaster turned political pundit turned sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s ego. Wouldn’t you like to be a “reverend” and father children out of wedlock without repercussions? If you study hard, this book will teach you how to have your non-profit organization pay your mistress and your child support – all at the same time. You must be so black that if you eat sushi, watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek and Friends, or enjoy the ballet, you will hang yourself."

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  • JeanneD

    When I heard Dr. Carson’s speech, my spirit soared with hope. Finally! Finally! Someone had the courage to challenge the politispeak and the policies of Barack Obama face to face. I’m giddy imagining that Dr. Carson might be drafted to run for the Office of President of the United States. Could America be that fortunate?

    Jeannie, I love your narrative. You’re quite a wordsmith.

    • Jeannieology

      Thank you so much! That made my day.

      Blessings to you my friend.

    • John Horton

      It ain’t gonna happen, Obama/Clinton/Biden will not allow it!

  • Frank Robinson

    He probably just got added to the “Kill List”

    • Kathryn E Buis-Nogle

      Unfortunately, I’m sad to say, you just might be right.

      • Jean Gray

        I certainly hope not! He’s a winner.

      • Irish1025

        God protects his own,and the good doctor is one of God’s son’s!

    • Jeff

      At the very least he’s going to get a visit by the IRS auditors.

      • dr44

        Absolutely correct. That was one of Bill Clintoon’s favorite slimy tactics.

  • James Marable

    THANKS Jeannie–from this old soldier—-we surly need a big,big,big ,,gathering of the minds of Dr Carson, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Star Parker,,,I could go on and on but you get my drift. We then put them on a stage a big stage to show America that we are at the edge and its just a matter of time that we will ride the mude slide into the Ocean of DOOM.

    • Jeannieology

      I love this! You know my biggest hero next to Jesus is Booker T. Washington. Dr. Carson is a modern day Booker T. Washington. Not a bitter bone in his body, a man of God, character and selflessness.

      God bless you and thank you for serving this great nation of ours.

      • Mary Grace Freeman

        Dr. Carson with the direction and guidance of God above, told it like it is. I pray it will continue to go over and over in Obama’s mind, and those present. Thank you Jesus for sending Bro. Carson to speak the truth. The truth will set you free.

        • Jean Gray

          I’m a white conservative, and I would vote for Dr. Carson for President in a heartbeat! We need more people like this man!

          • Irish1025

            so very true! This is the kind of America I love and treasure.

          • Joy Knight Pressley

            Me too!

        • chuck regnier

          MARY GRACE,, O’bummer wasn’t listening to half of the DR’S. Speech, BUT Michele was I would not have wanted to be in his shoes after the Breakfast was over.

      • Winona Wacker

        Don’t forget George Washington Carver! He’s one of my personal heroes, and I’m white! Love that man for his brilliance, his work, and, of course, peanut butter!

  • c4pfan

    Wonderful post & and I couldn’t agree more.

  • DefendUSA

    My B-I-L is a neurosurgeon who trained under Carson. Says the man is brilliant…The thing is that common sense and logic are what has been missing from the way a politician serves the people.

    • Winona Wacker

      The good doctor is truly an inspiration to all of us! Too bad most of his speech went over Obama’s head!

    • DisgustedWithAdmin

      It’s like the doctor said in his speech. Politics have been taken over by LAWYERS to the detriment of this nation. It’s time for some truly educated people to take back the reins of our country and save us from the abyss we are currently staring into….

      • Joy Knight Pressley

        Never vote for an attorney.

        • Ryan Beardshear

          Disgusted with Admin and Joy, while I share your disgust with our country’s current crop of political hacks, it is not the fact that they are attorneys. It is the fact that they are attorneys who are self-serving and amoral. Most of our Founding Fathers were attorneys, but they were men who understood natural law and feared God. It is not one’s trained vocation which makes him evil, it is one’s inner heart that is evil which only God can make pure. America needs good attorneys and other fine citizens who will once again stand up for what is right and not write statutes that are purposely vague to make them open to misinterpretation.


    Awesome post, Jeanne, thank you! I did a piece about Dr. Carson a couple of months ago – he is a remarkable human being and a true role model for all people of all ages. I’m so glad to find your blog and looking forward to keeping up with you!!!

    • Jeannieology

      Susan — I posted your piece on my Facebook page! How funny.


        Great minds and all that, Jeannie!

  • Michelle Allen

    I believe these were words from God to Ben Carson’s lips to our ears & hearts. I hope O”got it”. Thank God Dr.Carson stood up, spoke the truth &i pray some of it reached Obama’s ears & heart. We need him & many more like him.

  • Don Hicks

    Pres. Bush awarded Dr. Carson with the Presidential Medal of FREEDOM, not the Medal of Honor. Big difference. Other than that, good article.

    • Jeannieology

      Thanks Don — I knew it was Freedom, but I called him Ben Carter a few times too when I was writing it…I’m getting old!

      • Diane

        If you were really old, you would have called him Ben Cartwright. (For you young-uns, he was the lead character on a TV Western, Bonanza.)

  • dickster1961

    How fitting that Dr. Carson’s middle name is Solomon, because he is truly a wise man. Great analysis of their differences. I know which one I would want my son to emulate

    • Jean Gray

      Yes, he is very wise!

  • Denise Schnackenberg Odier

    Good for Dr. Carson. He is a real man while NOBAMA is no better than a piece of horse dung.

    • Winona Wacker

      Yes, but the horse dung can be used for fertilizer, whereas Obama is useless!

  • linda johnson

    One of the greatest speeches I have ever heard, but if looks could kill, he would be dead, He just beat up on obumma big time. We need this man for president.

    • Winona Wacker

      You’re right! Obama was not only looking daggers at him, he glared at the audience for even enjoying the doctor’s speech, and especially because the audience agreed with him. Horrors! The “ONE” was not amused, nor would his words be remembered!

      • Scott Schafer

        And at about 0:38 Obama raised his middle finger at Carson, knowing what was about to hit him.
        I’ve never seen such an immature brat for a president as this Obama character is.

  • Nanette Gray

    Sadly, on my Facebook page as I posted this wonderful truth laden speech from Dr. Carson, I saw what I already knew! Half of those which are friends and relatives are what this Nation is made up of., those that “see” and those who have brainwashed themselves with nonsensical entertainment as, the Emmy awards and the hoopla with sports to complacency why America slips into destruction. The “normalcy syndrome” the addiction of mental triviality, which allows one to stick ones head in the sand and repeat over and over again, “all is okay”!

  • Jack Toerilla


    • Scott Harris

      I found Dr.Carson’s speach to be, both refreshing and hopeful, and most of all the thoughts of a true American.

  • WindsorLambiotte

    …i’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dr Carson on many occasions…i will always respect his sacrifice…his example…he is one of the most highly skilled surgeons the world has ever known…Period!….the example of what young black children..especially boys…can become despite the obstacles that are still placed in their paths cannot be ignored or overstated….But great skill, wealth and expertise does not always inform folk with the gift of wisdom….history teaches us that whenever we are lauded and praised by groups of people that have historically been fomenters of denigration…who to ths day still believe civil rights law is an infringement on ‘their’ god-given supremacy and who only see government as an evil…if you are comfortable and satisfied when these folk prop you up and are furiously glad handing you inorder to juxtapose you against ‘Us’….You need to examine your need for acceptance and adoration….god bless!

    • micki Willard

      Sorry you had to see this in a racial perspective….a “you” against “us” scenario. Couldn’t you just be happy that a poor youngster had a mother with foresight to encourage her child to live above what he was raised in and press towards a better life. Poverty knows no racial bounds. To see anyone excel against all odds putting their own skills and ingenuity to work is a blessing no matter who it is. Dr Carson is what’s right about the American opportunity and I can’t be more proud of his accomplishments if he would have been my own son.

      • Winona Wacker

        No, Micki. I see what Winsor is getting at: If black kids were to emulate Dr. Carson, who started out pretty much like a lot of them, and succeeded by his own bootstraps; they would not try to emulate the hateful gangsters or strive for the fabulous riches offered by the sports world! If more boys, no matter what the color of skin, would look up to men like Dr. Carson, there would be very little trouble with youngsters!

        • Jason B Wenzel

          I don’t think you are following Windsor quite correctly. He’s not happy that the White people “fomenters of denigration” are cheering on a successful black man (one of his “brothers” no doubt as he used the term “we are lauded and praised”). Windsor is an Obama supporter who believes the man can do no wrong. We “white” people only see government as an evil (really he means Obama). But we are happy to “prop” up a puppet like Dr. Carson when it makes us feel good. Dr. Carson needs to be careful about who he is adored by! Does that about sum it up Windsor?

    • Michael Allen Kreiman

      OH SHUT UP

  • Jon Kruse

    Wonderful! As JeanneD, my spirit soared with hope after watching the Dr. Carson at the prayer breakfast. Not since Ronald Reagan, have I felt that way. We need to trust in God and pray for Dr. Carson.

  • Galya Campano

    I thank God for Dr. Carson and his remarks. Given the “Government-is-the-savior-and the individual-is-irrelevant” universe that Mr. O grew up in, he has had few opportunities to hear beautiful, simple, common sense truth. I have been praying for Mr. O to be exposed to godly counselors, and this humble, amiable man is one answer to my prayers.

    What a MIRACLE that Dr. C made it to the program at all!

  • Nancy Myers

    Just a thought..Wonder what the Doctor’s name is who delivered this son (Benjamin) of Mrs. Sonya Carson? That Dr. ? and Mrs. Sonya Blessed us All by his life. Obama? IF he trully repents of his sins..he could turn this Nation around a little.

    • Winona Wacker

      Nancy, Obama doesn’t know the meaning of “repent!” To him, he is the ALL, the WONDERFUL, the Second Coming of Christ! Just ask him! He really believes he is next to the Creators, and nothing less!

      • Jason B Wenzel

        Saul killed Christians before the road to Damascus. As much as I despise Obama’s acts and behavior- I don’t think he’s killed anybody (directly). Like U2 stole back ‘Helter Skelter’ from Charles Manson, we need to steal back ‘Hope’, so we can have some for Obama,

        • Joshua Walls

          There is no hope for Osama sorry Obama. All there is now is hope that the American people see the tieranny going on here and will rise up and set this country right.

  • Ellen Russell Leemans

    Great article. I am actually starting to feel a sense of hope!! :)

    • Michael Allen Kreiman

      oh the whole speech is on video.. it is great.. the look on obamas face…. PRICELESS!!!

  • Delores Chiarini

    God Bless Dr. Caarson he told the president just what freedom is all about. Thank you Sir.

  • Carol Jean Goodwin

    If only more would stand up to him, he just might rethink this nation he is trying so hard to destroy.

    • kay2the2nd

      The Big 0 isn’t going the ‘rethink’ ANYTHING.
      He doesn’t THINK.
      He simply does what his ‘Gepetto’ tells him to do.
      One can only hope that this spreads far and wide, that more people (especially our elected representatives) take him to task with the same honest bravery that Dr. Carson did, and that they develop the backbone to stand up to him with their words, actions and VOTES.

  • Melody Feaster

    Dr. Ben Carson is a hero!!! He did a great speech!!!! Nuf said!

  • Ray Blank

    Dr Carson may have worked on brains smaller then Obummer’s, but certainly had never worked on one that had been used less.

    • Irish1025

      or corrupted

  • mcrich

    I watched the entire Dr. Carson speech and was impressed with his common sense and critical thinking. The interesting aspect was that Michelle clapped often during the speech. Either she didn’t understand the disconnect between Obama’s policies and Dr Carson’s or she believed Dr. Carson had some good stuff. Brilliant metaphor with the family of 5 and telling 3 of them they were getting less and 2 of them were getting more. Nicely done.

    • Winona Wacker

      I noticed that, too! She clapped while her husband glared at the doctor! She also seemed to laugh at his jokes–Barack only laughed once at the beginning, and then never again

  • Hollie

    I was deeply saddened by Obama lack of interest and disrespect…it emphasized how much trouble we are in…the fact he could respectively listen to anothers opinion and perhaps learn something solidifies that he feels he is ominopresence.

    • Hollie

      Not listen respectively

  • Marie Chantel

    God bless Dr. Carson!

  • Richard Dow

    Amen, I say. Amen. Amen.

  • Rickey Stafford II

    The left is trying to replace Self preservation with public dependence. Good for Dr. Carson for now bowing to the want to be king and to speak his mind. If you haven’t seen his story (Gifted Hands) yet, it’s well worth the watch and is currently on netflix.

  • Angela Langdon

    Wish Doctor Ben Carson was our President! I Love it when you have Someone as Respected as Dr. Ben Carson tells it Exactly Like it is.. He has never Used his being a Black Man as a Hinderance to Further Educate Himself or Believe that He Could Do Anything, as Long as He Worked Hard for it. Bless Him And His Mother!!!

  • Jody Hurt

    This was so inspirational!!! Too bad he did not speak at the Republican
    Convention.!! I would vote for him if he ran for President!!! Condaleeza for

    • Winona Wacker

      What a powerful pair they would be! With Allan West as Secretary of State!

    • Jean Gray

      Yes, and yes! That would be a really great team, and I would vote for them too!

  • consertive

    This is an excellent article speaking the absolute truth and I wish we had more people will ing to speak the truth.

  • Allan Morris

    Dr. Carson is at the extreme upper limit of achievement and not all of us are capable of that level of success but I am sure there is a lot of room left those willing to try…

    • Winona Wacker

      Sure there’s room! All we have to do is to get up out of the chair and try! Age is no hinderance if a person wants success badly enough!

  • Winona Wacker

    I have watched Dr. Carson tear Obama apart several times, and each time I thoroughly enjoy watching Obama’s body language! He tries very hard to diminish the doctor’s words with his very own one-finger salute twice, but fails dismally because the audience erupted almost immediately with applause for the doctor’s words. Even Obama’s laughter is forced, and he glares at the audience, his hands and at the subject of his discomfiture, Dr. Ben Carson!
    Obama was upstaged, and he didn’t like it at all!

  • Scott Schafer

    The Logic party has been founded and the party is ready for its first President.

  • Hilda Curtis

    God Bless Dr. Carson. he is a great man. He just operated on a Little girl-that lives in Leesburg Virginia, with BRAIN CANCER.

  • Byron Shutt

    I have Black heros and White heros, none of them are victims. Most of us have tough times that we overcome with help from family and friends, not big brother. I watched Dr. Cason’s speech and it rekindled my sagging hopes.
    Thank you Jeannie for bringing it to others attention.

  • Jim B

    Awesome Man and Speech! But did anyone keep an eye on Obummer? I believe he was texting or playing a game on his phone. That just proves how uncouth he is to people that have the brains and courage to oppose him and The Status Quo! Dr. Carson is a man of honor and vision. God Bless you Dr. Carson! May a lot if not all you have said in this speech sink into the brains of the masses.

  • chuck regnier

    I Wont K.O’Bummer’s .ASS That is why I like BENJAMIN CARSON.

  • Billy Whitfield

    I was totally amazed by Dr Carson! He truly should think about running for the office of President in 2016. He would have my support. A man who has worked hard for what he has, compared to Obama, who was handed everything his entire pathetic life, no comparison at all!

  • Kat Blakely

    I have listened to Dr. Carson’s speech twice and enjoyed hearing his views so beautifully articulated. I agree with many who feel he would be a wonderful credit to our White House with his common sense approach to solving issues and his firm stand with our Lord. He most assuredly walks his talk and has no fear of Obama or anyone else as he has proved his dedication to serving man with his professionally and private life. Yes, I am a conservative white lady and I believe his courage, his speech which clearly made Obama very uncomfortable if not, downright angry, was a speech inspired and applauded by God. Thank you sir.

  • Joan Gnagy Campbell

    Sensational article. Dr. Carson is my role model for teaching my grandchildren about overcoming obstacles and working hard. How foolish Obama and his followers looked when Dr. Carson spoke his words of common sense.

  • Warren Reynolds

    I watched the entire thing and loved it. Ben Carson IS a great man, barack, not so much. LOL

  • DisgustedWithAdmin

    The audience applauded the doctor numerous times during his speech (even Michelle) but Barry couldn’t/didn’t have the decency to even pay attention to what he was saying. Showing the arrogance that has been his typical MO since I first saw him in public years ago. That is one of the biggest differences between these two “men”, Dr. Carson is always willing to learn and Barry ALREADY KNOWS IT ALL…
    I hope you noticed that when the good doctor finished speaking he shook hands with a half a dozen people THEN turned and walked away from the resident…

  • Lothele Davis

    I love this doctor!!

  • Joy Knight Pressley

    The word pusillanimous means cowardly. A perfect description of the repubs that are allowing this cowardly socialist/communist prez to run amock and the socialist/ communist democrat party senate to do the same. May God Bless Dr. Carson and his wife Candy for standing up for America, God and what is right. Thanks for this article.

  • hillplus

    LOVE this man!! Now, we need a few million more just like him who are willing to tell it like it is. We have many people of great character in our country, we just need to be willing to speak out and look for like minded people. Together, we can make a difference!

  • scott

    Like others have said, we should not vote for an attorney for President, however in this case I’m pretty sure that I heard that both he and his wife were both disbarred from practicing law. Why doesn’t anyone bring that up in the campaign ads or debates? He and his cronies accuse others of killing people, having affairs, and I’ve forgotten all the other stuff, because there’s so many lies. But everyone else must be politically correct or suddenly we’re racists.

  • Jeff Brooke

    It is refreshing to hear someone at any political gathering speak wise words, that is indeed rare. Though Dr. Carson is not the only one to see things in his view, he is one of the few to have been in a position to speak his wisdom to the person/people who needed to hear it. Unfortunately, those with Dr Carson’s view do not often get that close to politics. Those kind of people are generally content living their lives peacefully. It is those malcontent busy-bodies who feel compelled to get a position of power where they can meddle in everyone else’ lives. Most of those malcontents at least have enough conscience to know when enough is enough, Obama seems to be utterly arrogant and oblivious. He is not good at math either.


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