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This brings out the patriot in me to a degree in me I can’t explain. It’s no wonder how baseball was our national pastime, when you consider what this man did for his country. It makes you wonder what might happen today if this occurred. Was there a time when what was about to happen would have never occurred?


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"The money in diversity is enormous, even bigger than former sportscaster turned political pundit turned sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s ego. Wouldn’t you like to be a “reverend” and father children out of wedlock without repercussions? If you study hard, this book will teach you how to have your non-profit organization pay your mistress and your child support – all at the same time. You must be so black that if you eat sushi, watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek and Friends, or enjoy the ballet, you will hang yourself."

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  • Keith Higginbotham

    I don’t remeber seeing that game. It must have not been on a Saturday.

  • Keith Higginbotham

    I don’t remeber seeing that game. It must have not been on a Saturday.

  • R.G. Yoho

    I was a teenager when this happened and I remember being proud of Rick Monday then. In addition, this incident made such an impression on me, I even mentioned it in my latest book, “America’s History is His Story.”

  • bart dufrene

    well done Rick Monday

  • Rick Duran

    This is my first time seen this, Thank you Mr. Monday Not only were you a great player but also a true American. Thank You!

    • ripsi

      this was my first time seeing this as well and i feel the same way.

    • Dan Robbins

      I have to venture you are not very old since this happened so long ago. I remember this moment so well. Funny how quickly I forgot all the times Monday beat the Cardinals with his bat and glove after this happened. I also am struck with the thought of how many of the current crop of MLB players would have done what Monday did or have it even enter their minds..

  • lisa

    i was 10 yrs old and that was something i remember seeing on the news that night and thinking to my self there is a reason that flag didn’t catch and god was doing everything he could to protect it till it could be rescued and treated with the respect that it deserved, and at the same time i was also thinking that the 2 guys trying to burn the flag have have got to be crazy and /or out of their minds.

  • Albert Brent Hammond

    It evolved from liberals burning the flag to the mess we have today. It is just as important for us to stand up to such nonsense today as it was for Rick Monday to stand up to it back then.

    • Wayne Miller


  • Miry Rabinovitch

    Thank you Mr. Jackson. It really made me proud. The sad thing is that I am not sure there are any more heroes like Mr. Mr. Monday.

    • Chris Whitehead Jr

      Miry, there are plenty of hero’s like Mr. Monday all around us. The problem is in today’s current political and liberal media environment, such acts are not brought to the public eye. If you don’t think there are any more hero’s like him, then YOU become the hero and others will follow then you will know there is at least one.

      • Dan Robbins

        How said your statement is, but how true.

      • David Bartilson

        U are SO correct Chris! While it’s not necessary to have been in the military to have a profound appreciation of our flag, our country and what they BOTH stand for, it certainly helps. I was on U of Maryland campus in the late 60’s when they allowed miscreants like Hanoi Jane Fondal speak. One protester started to take down the flag nearby. I dropped my books and was ready to do battle, and would today at 70 to stop him. Fortunately, someone talked him out of it.

      • Richard Schmidt

        Today, anybody who did what Monday did would be the one escorted from the stadium…not the two creeps who tried to burn the flag!

  • Martha Lee Vincent

    Blacks, don’t they have any national pride and love.

    • Anne Mills McDaniel

      Too much of a generalization. I know good black conservatives, God loving and country loving. Unfortunately, I also know some real jack… white democrats.

      • Richard Schmidt

        Hmmmm………I agree….don’t anybody find it strange that Obama’s #2 man is white, the Sec of De-fense is white, the Sec of State is white, and……..

    • Perry Martin

      That’s a bit of an unfair generalization. I know plenty that do. Dr. Carson is a stellar example, for starters.

    • Dan Robbins

      Sadly, Martha, as their economic misfortunes have continued, they have looked to their leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. These men have purposely mislead these people first of all in the name of the Lord and second of all for their own greed and power. And sadly, since they have become more desperate, they have grasped those who would use them for their own end.

      • Holley Mitchell

        Thank you mr. Monday you are a true American there are many more , we just hear about the ones who don’t love America , but there are alot of we the people still here

      • David Bartilson

        Yes Dan, they call Jackson and Sharpton ‘poverty pimps’!

      • Richard Schmidt

        First time I saw it too…but then, I’m not a baseball fan by any stretch of the imaginational fantasy……..

    • DJ

      This was during a time in history when people were oposing war. It’s ignorant to point the finger at “blacks”. There are good people and bad people in every nationality. It’s before my time, but I learned about how soldiers came home to be spit upon and called names as well which I find awful. I’m glad to see what Mr. Monday did and that other players were on their way to do the same. I’m not black, Martha, but I think you are very wrong to have prejudice. Hatred never does any good; it only causes harm. I’m a Christian so I’m going to give a quote from Jesus “love one another”. DIslike what they did, but don’t look down on black people. They are fellow human beings too. Also, look at history and you will see that this is not the only insident that occured at that time.

  • Anne Mills McDaniel

    So impressed with the character of this man!

  • Danny O’Brien

    Nice job Rick! Love America and our flag.

  • Mileaway

    Hey Rick, I saw it in 1976 and as I watch it again today, I am just as proud of you now as then. God Bless you Sir!

  • Nadine Faber

    Me too. Wish more and more people would show the true American spirit and love of Country and those who died to keep us free. Obama is clueless and so are many of those in DC. I watched Michelle make her nasty face and a quiet remark, she didn’t like waiting for them to lower our flag and Obama has a photo where he is the only one who did not place his hand on his heart when even Joe and Hillary were as the flag stood high in the wind, for the world to see. I love to see someone stand up proud and tall as he did. Awesome video.

    • okihadit

      i said that so many times on blogs, how obuma would not even pledge to our flag and looked to the ground. that should of given many, many people, what obuma is all about before even thinking him as out president.

  • Carole Blair

    Well done, sir …

  • Jack Roth

    How many of us would do this today? How many of us are standing by while liberals are effectively destroying our constitution and our very form of Government?

    • Dan Robbins

      Sadly, the Libs are quite aware, since they are one of the driving forces behind it. The seemingly quick decline of this country can be traced to the economic fortunes, not of the wealthy, but of the middle class.

  • Tina Martin

    This is what being a true American is all about!

  • JH

    Thank you Rick Monday

  • 2905

    He should have beaten the snot out of those scumbags.

  • Mark W Boucher

    this is the 1st time i have seen this what a great video . never understood this freedom of speech for burning a flag. isn`t speech an utterance ?

  • Dan Robbins

    It’s funny how when he was a Cub, I disliked him. But when he went to the Dodgers and did this heroic act, all of us not only baseball fans, but Cardinal fans loved him.

    • Rose Moore

      Rick Monday was still a Cub player when he did this heroic act. Just had to correct your error of stating that he was a Dodger at the time.

  • VicV

    Thanks, Kevin Jackson, for posting this.

  • Doug Rowland

    Fitting that this happened in the Bi-centennial year. I watch this and can’t believe how degraded our society has become in America.

  • Linda B.

    Thank you Mr. Monday for what you did that day at the baseball field, we need more Americans to have the brass to stand up for their country as you did that day. God Bless you and yours. My Our Flag Always Wave Proud and Tall……

  • Mike Eaton

    we could use about 500 Rick Mondays in congress right about now

  • okihadit

    love it, why aren’t we like that today. go to the WHiTE HOUSE AND THROW obuma and his family out.

  • Felipe Calzadilla

    Thank you Rick Monday! All Americans that love our country must be grateful for your patriotic action. God Bless you!

  • Frank Martinez

    Saw it on television, Rick snatching the flag, It can be ranked with the Marines hoisting the flag on Iwo Jima..I am attesting to the photo on the baseball field, not on the field of battle.. there the similarity ends..(side note)..Had the pleasure of speaking with Rick Monday, on a day that took relatives to Dodger Stadium..Rick and Steve Garvey were standing along the rim of the stadium. On an impulse I approached the two,we began to chat..I brought up the flag burning, Rich seemed shy to comment,Garvey said..”Oh come on Rick, you know you like to talk about your greatest play”, kidding him…

  • Jerry Kaser

    Those boys got their leader in the white house now. Somebody needs to run by the white house and snatch him outta there!

  • Leticia Holmes

    when ever i see any one wearing the US Flag as underwear(you can see it,their pants are under their ass),or as towels it makes me want to tell them off, no respect for the Flag. in mexico there were also starting to do the same and there where some problems for those idiots who thought they could get away with it. i remember this, i was in high school, our history teacher said there should be more people like him, we where almost .


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