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Liberals sell their vision of America in cartoon

If you don’t believe Liberals want to rewrite history with their own spin, take a gander at this. America has its problems, but it remains the best country in the world, at least for now. But we have had communists in control of our Marketing (State) Department, and they sell America the way THEY see it. Meanwhile, millions of people try to get into this country every years, legal or otherwise. Pretty attractive cartoon for telling KIDS to hate their country and guns, don’t you think!


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • Steve Buckley

    Stinking lying liberal assholes, They would do anything to hide the truth and rewrite history to indoctrinate our children to hate America as much as they do! They need to be purged from contact with children!

  • texasgirl46

    Made by Michael Moore? That says it all…

  • Garry Barrett


  • Timewarped

    So the Whites didn’t enslave the indians, but instead enslaved the blacks … guess it must have been the color of their skin and that shipping them from Africa made more sense. Never mind the Arabs and other blacks enslave them and that slaves where part of the economic culture around the world at the time. I guess since Whites killed all the Indians, killed the British and even witches that killing off the blacks then made no sense to them since they’re the worlds mass murders. I guess the inner city gang-bangers will stay out of the suburbs since all the whites there are packing guns. Oh and lets not forget the Republicans freed the slaves and the Democrats led the KKK … so how is it that the masses of blacks demonstrate they’re all that smart and appreciative of who’s done what to and for who? And, I guess the masses of blacks will believe this stupid cartoon too … go figure

    • JenB

      Yeah, it is funny how the left out the part of the Arabs and Blacks selling black slaves and the fact that the KKK was started by Democrats. This is truly a disgusting piece of proganda.

  • James Farley

    wow, whose the ___ who did this cartoon? I’d like to speak with them

  • Frank James

    Do the libs really believe this crap? Or do they just hate America enough to want to believe this crap?

    • JenB

      This is what they have been told by their liberal professors and because they are too lazy to research the information themselves, yes, they believe this crap.

  • Rhonda Cirillo

    This cartoon is insulting and a complete lie. Shame on ya.

  • Richard Rizza

    I still can’t figure out how the Democrats, the party of the Confederacy, the party of the KKK, and the party of Jim Crow, somehow convinced the majority of blacks that it was the Republicans who hate black people.

    • grep

      Don’t you know that the Republicans and Democrats switched sides in the 60’s? All the Democrats flooded to the Republican party and the Republicans went to the Democratic party. There’s a lovely video all about it. Of course it was all because of the Bush family. The Bushes just can’t seem to catch a break.

      • Thelonious Mac

        Well, yuck yuck, not quite. Yuck yuck. You see, saying the party’s switched places in the juvenile version of politics usually spread by clueless members of the Democratic party. In fact a few notable vocal southern racist Democrats did go to the Republican party during the 60s, in order to protest the Democrats coming over to the REPUBLICAN preferred view on civil rights. People like Strom Thermond.

        Saying the party’s changed places is like saying Russian Communists switched places with American Capitalists because a couple of Russians moved to America. Basically the parties are the same.

        What did happen is the overt, violent, and vitriolic racism of the Democratic party evolved into a sort of “benevolent racism.” In other words, the Democratic party is still saying that non-whites are inferior simply for not being white. I.e. they must be given special privileges, quotas, and set asides because they are incapable of competing on the same level as whites. Fundamentally this is the same racism as the racism that supported slavery. It is pure racism. The presumption of inferiority of others.

        This is why I say the Democratic party is the most racist institution in this country. It always has been and it continues to be. It is the most hateful and intolerant institution as well, preferring to hate, blame, and ban anything they don’t like, giving no respect to anyone who disagrees with them. And if you disagree they will vilify, malign, slander, and stigmatize you to suppress your beliefs rather than discussing them rationally with you.

        No, they didn’t swap places, the Democrats just swapped their sheets and hoods for big yellow smiley faces, and as indicated in the video above, have been on a campaign of revisionist history ever since.

        The underlying racism is still rampant though. Try to explain this to any media brainwashed liberal, and they will call you names, say you are crazy, etc. ( Remember vilify, malign, slander, stigmatize and suppress). You will be called racist. Once that starts, no true discussion of any issue will ever take place.

        • ILPatriot

          I’m reading Grep’s comment as sarcasm. I always mock the Democrats’ claim that the parties switched sides too. How unbelievable is that? Well, not unbelievable to a leftist/liberal/progressive, I guess.

          • grep

            Yes. It was sarcasm. However It is a common response when anyone says that Democrats were the ones against civil rights amendments. And there is a video. I couldn’t find it though.

          • krk

            For they believe that onto them Saviour O will deliver them into Utopia. And there will be healthcare for all. The evil rich people who actually put their b*tts in gear and worked hard, (that horrible American Dream concept, so wrong and scary to the liberal, marxist, communist, dictator). These evil people shall be taken down, down. and sorry the middle class gotta go to cuz, there is no middle class in a dictatorship! So sayeth I. So my little minions, divide from your fellow Americans. Spit on them if they try to show you facts and figures, truth and reality. For we shall stomp them out, take away their means of defending themselves. Follow me blindly and unto you I will give a cell phone, and some money, I stole off some rich dude. and there will be koolaid for all.

      • krk

        That just so cracks me up. well, its sort of sad and pathetic, but god love em’ they got nothing, so they’ll just take what the other party got, and say it was always theirs. Of course the Dems of today are not even like the Dems of 10 yrs ago. Back then they were still Americans, and the word “Democracy”, well it had a meaning. Now its more dictatormarxicommunism.

    • Danny Lees

      If you repeat something enough times people will eventually believe it. The uninformed are living proof of that. Just try to tell them the truth they refuse to listen.

    • krk

      its all about the koolaid. thats the only thing I can think of. Cuz otherwise, d*mn we have a whole lot of really stupid Americans. No race comment here, just in general. How can anyone be so completely clueless, and so fierce in their stupidty.

    • Harvey Douthit

      Hitler said if you repeat a lie enough times it becomes the truth. In case you didn’t know he was the first to realize the power of propaganda

  • Rhonda Cirillo

    How come all the comments on this keep disappearing? This cartoon is a complete lie. The NRA was founded in New York and the KKK was founded in Tennessee. The KKK terrorized blacks and Republicans. Sounds like the early Democrats founded the KKK. Look up the origins of each group and that will tell you the truth about each organization. Here are the links.

    KKK –
    NRA –

    • Betty Hankins

      From my understanding of how the KKK came about, it was a good group. They would first go and talk to the MAN that was treating his family wrong. IE: beating his wife or children. Wouldn’t work. Wouldn’t provide for his family, but always had a bottle of drink for himself or the makings for his pipe or cigarettes while his family never had enough food to eat, clothes to wear and shoes.
      But then some racists people took the KKK over and it is what most people believe it is now. Did not start that way tho.

      • Thelonious Mac

        Where the heck did you hear that crap. The KKK was a white supremacy terrorist organization founded primarily to instill fear in newly freed blacks. Founded by Democrats.

  • Curt Pangracs

    Umm, can you give us the origin of this cartoon?

    • mmlmtlca

      Hi Curt, this was taken from Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine

      • VonZorch Imperial Researcher

        And here I thought it had to be deliberate satire.

  • Lena Just-Lena

    How stupid.. I don’t see anywhere that it tells the truth about who promoted slavery and who set them free.. That would be Democrats promoting and Republicans set them free.. LEARN SOME REAL HISTORY AIR HEADS.

  • wrongheifer

    Here comes the race war….the one that has been predicted for years and years…one more generation…or less…of course it is a lie…that is how you get people to kill each other…YOU LIE TO THEM!

  • Southern Lady

    wow , incredibly insulting to all whites , southerners , and republicans.
    I am getting so tired of being blamed for the oppression of an entire race of people when as far as I know I nor any one any kin to me owns a slave. If you look close at what the government is doing to the american people it’s obvious they are trying to promote racial tension and hatred so we will never truly unite as one nation under God. By doing so they hold all the power over us and we can’t get them out of office. They set in the oval office and call us all, especially the black folks the ignorant masses. And we do nothing but keep giving the power back to them every time we call some one of another race names or judge them by how they look. Or vote for some one like Obama because he is black and you think you can’t go against your own kind by voteing for some one else. Wake up America and realize they use our own ignorance and prejudice against us!

    • Thelonious Mac

      It is not only insulting to whites, it is insulting to blacks as well. Revisionist history is a tool of the left and does blacks just as much harm as it does whites. First of all it maintains racial barriers. This is desired by the Democratic party, the most racist institution in the country. They are our version of the National Socialists Party, i.e. Nazis. By creating a revisionist history that drives a wedge between all the people of the country, you can keep groups of people feeling like victims and worrying about their own status as a victim rather than seeing that the country as a whole is in trouble. Divide and conquer.

      Race, race, race. It is the cry of the Democrat. I got in to a “discussion” with a Democrat on Twitter just the other day. When I explained why I see the Democratic party as pure racists, she started calling me names. (Typical). Then she asserted that the Democratic party wasn’t racist and to prove it she began quoting to me the percentages of Barack Obama’s racial makeup. When I pointed out that in doing so she had just proven my point about the racism of liberals and the race obsession of the Democrats, she got real nasty and the whole thing had to be ended.

      Black people are starting to figure out how we’ve been lied to. We’re a conservative lot we black folks, we’ve just been hoodwinked into fearing the wrong things. It’s going to change.

  • Mary Larrimore

    Guess they forgot that white men bought a lot of the slaves from other (black) tribes…

    • ILPatriot

      Didn’t you watch the cartoon, Mary? They didn’t buy them – they KIDNAPPED them! 😉 Buying them wouldn’t fit the narrative, because then we would know they were bought from OTHER blacks.

  • Cobi Seeman Helms

    EXCUSE ME,kidnapped black people?how about the correct version of history.Black tribal leaders enslaved other black tribes and sold them to slavers.This cartoon is a picture of the democratic party today,the liberal mind set.

  • Danny Lees

    The NRA was the organization that fought for the right for Blacks to own firearms.

  • mmlmtlca

    This is taken from Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine

  • Reed Barnett

    So if this is true how are Black people killing Black people? Oh yea they call them names. Sure not shooting them they don’t have guns! HA HA HA Lib/Prog the new village idiot!

  • Nelson Garcia

    what a bunch of sh*t!

  • R.G. Yoho

    Liberals routinely seek to pervert history to satisfy their own purposes.

  • Koissi Riley Yotcho Adjorlolo

    This was from bowling for columbine, a movie made about ten years ago. Why it’s coming up now makes absolutely no sense to me.

  • ChristianPatriot146

    It kind of makes you wonder if Manson was right, just the wrong time period.

  • Donna Stover

    this is BS

  • mom2marine

    Truly sad.
    So many who have been indoctrinated in the public school systems these past 40 years, and/or are dependent on the government will be the FIRST to perish, and there is no way to get the masses that are unwittingly aiding this communist/marxist takeover to understand this.
    Stalin referred to them as “useful idiots”.

  • James Birdsell

    That looks like a cartoon made by the guys that do South Park.

  • TLaMana

    NRA= Republican while KKK=Democrat


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