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What do you get when the cries for tolerance crescendo into screams for accommodation? Just ask the parents of Massachusetts public schools students.

The Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester has issued orders to the state’s K-12 public schools requiring them to permit “transgender” boys and girls to use the opposite sex’s locker rooms, bathrooms, and changing facilities as long as they claim to identify with that gender.

Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester

Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester

Described as “the most thorough, invasive, and radical transgender initiative ever seen on a statewide level,” the eleven page document was crafted by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) with the assistance of homosexual and transgender advocacy groups, while leaving many parents and pro-family groups out in the cold.

This policy places an even greater burden on less-equipped elementary schools in Massachusetts small towns where it may be possible for boys as old as 14 to share toilet facilities with girls as young as five.

Astonishingly, neither a doctor’s note nor parental permission is required for a student to use the facilities of the opposite sex. Only the student’s word is needed:

If a boy says he’s a girl, as far as the schools are concerned, he’s a girl.

“A school should accept a student’s assertion of his or her gender identity when there is … ‘evidence that the gender-related identity is sincerely held as part of a person’s core identity,” said a spokesperson for the Massachusetts DESE.

Perhaps the most alarming piece of the policy is the lack of protection given to straight students. Those students who object to sharing bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms with the opposite sex may be subject to punishment under the state’s new “anti-bullying” law, which, like the new school policy, was written with the help of homosexual and transgender activist groups.

So, for the 12 year old girl who might be a bit uncomfortable with sharing her locker room with a 14 year old boy, there is no line of recourse. The message from the DESE is clear and unyielding – accept the new policy or face the consequences of punishment and the shame of being labeled a bully.

As a mom of both boys and girls, I can tell you that for the sake of my children and for the protection of their innocence, my children would immediately be pulled from public school until this radical policy was pulled from the books.

While a great deal of empathy is shown to the sexually confused student, virtually no protection or advocacy is given to the young girl whose dignity is shattered when she must relieve herself or worse yet shower with a teenage boy who with anyone’s guess has just decided that day to explore feminine thought. The DESE goes out of its way to accommodate transgendered students while threatening to slap a bullying charge on any student expressing discomfort with the new open-locker room policy. Who’s the bully now?

Having opened a can of worms with this radical policy, it’s just a matter of time before the stench of Massachusetts’ political correctness filters into outlying policies. The deviance that is perpetrated under this guise of so-called “tolerance” knows no bounds. What of the male teacher who identifies with the other sex? Will he be given a free pass to enter the girls’ restroom? What of the boy who just for kicks wants to associate with girls in the privacy of their shower room and so claims to identify with a girl?

Like the frog in the boiling water, this slow unraveling of societal norms will eventually lead to even more intrusive laws which harshly punish those who may disagree. Parents must speak out now before the room for protest and dissension is constricted by the PC police. If they fail to stop this infringement of our children’s privacy, we can expect to see this policy adopted on a broader scale state-wide and then, nationwide.

Allow the words of President Lincoln to serve as a rallying cry to protect our kids, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”


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  • Melissa Katsmom Votano


  • Connie Daniels

    What the HELL is right……


    Seriously! Do you know how 12-14 boys think? I do. I can see them one day figuring out they can get in the girls locker room by stating that they think they are a girl. And the next day? Never mind, not a girl.

  • Nelson Garcia

    It is scandalous that the people of Mass. should be so demagogic and corrupted as to accept this travesty as just another way in which they are willing to sacrifice their children to outdo other “progressive” states in the race towards liberal hedonism.

  • JarednHannah Eison

    I would pull my kids out the same day! sick and crazy schools! what on earth are they teaching our children?!?! makes me sick to think of the crazy cross gender bullying that will happen now behind bathroom, shower room, and locker room doors…………..God help the victims (straight kids)

    • Teresa Ward

      The answer is indoctrination at it’s best. Little Hitler at work.

    • becky

      I hope parents are getting their girls trained in hand-to-hand battle – and they USE it when these boys think they can abuse the females. I’d move or remove my kids from these filthy, corrupt schools.

  • Christine Pirrocco Frazzini

    These parents need to get the hell out of Mass!

    • Cindy Allison

      Easier said then done. We had our house on the market right before the housing market crashed, intending to move south. We got locked into this hell hole now that our house has lost it’s value and we owe more then it is worth!

      • becky

        Do what a lot of people are doing and walk out and away. If you have kids they are worth more than your house.

  • the little brother

    H O M E S C H O O L .

    • Teresa Ward

      Yeah, and Oblamer’s crew is trying to make home schooling illegal. DOJ says no one’s rights are being denied.

    • Dan Bahan

      Because everyone has the time, money, and proper education to homeschool. This may work for you and I applaud you for having the resources, but for those living below the poverty line home schooling is not an option, they rely on public schools so they can go out and work to feed their children. Please be considerate and remember that not everyone has the same opportunities you have.

      • Joel Molinari

        this kind of ideology is what has grown the state to the monster it has become. “it’s more important to have stuff than to sacrifice everything for my kids.” raise your own children, parents. it is NOT the responsibility of the state via your neighbors tax dollars, to educate your children. the results of state education without parents being the first and last ones involved in their own spawn’s development to critically think and act responsibly is what d.c. is made of today. no character or virtue, yet full of great ideas for how everyone else should live their lives.

        • Devin Gelasius Jones

          Just wanted to say that not every family contains the dynamics of homeschooling, it’s not for everyone. My parents were married as a child, and they became divorced, forcing my mother to work at times three jobs to support the family, how and when would she have homeschooled. There are an increasing number of families who are headed by a single parent, yes we know the causes of this, but it makes it that much more difficult for a mother or father working one, two, or three jobs to homeschool. So let’s be considerate of others before we make blanket statments and judge people. Not everyone who works and cannot homeschool is enamoured by “stuff,” some people really and legitimatly cannot logistically do it. We need to work to eliminate this crap legislation from our schools and improve Catholic schools so that those who cannot homeschool have alternatives to this culture of death! God bless, oh also we need to start teaching morals to parents somehow as well!

      • Jeanalynn Nichole Horkman

        Everyone can home school. It can be done practically for free and at any time during before or after your work schedule in single or double parent families, educated parents, or not, with much more success than the public school can ensure. Funny to think the public school system that did not provide the parent with proper education will somehow work for the children. Where there is a will, there is a way.

        • Catherine


        • Meredith Heffernan

          I was home-schooled and it worked wonders for me (even in my social life) but unfortunately it is not good for everyone. I met a college-aged girl last year who couldn’t do first grade math because she was “home-schooled” by parents who both worked full time and never did much of anything with her. She should have gone to public or private school. Part of that might be her fault, but it was pretty difficult for her to catch up when my husband and I were trying to teach her.

          Don’t get me wrong though. I wholly support real homeschooling and I plan to home-school my own children when I have them!

      • Catherine

        This might be true but I would not whant my children in that shcool or any other like it

    • Judy Massey Notchick

      That is absurd. Fix the system, don’t leave it? How will your child be a witness instead of preaching to the choir? I trust God. This mess needs to be dealt with head on…not retreat like cowards.

  • Midlandr

    Ah, the “rights” of the one outweigh the rights of the many. These folks (Massachusetts DESE) are absolutely insane. I’d have to leave the PDR of M or at least withdraw my child from “pubic” school.

    • Carmen Membrino Moss

      and move to Oklahoma or Texas where real wisdom is.

      • Midlandr

        Only those who believe! We really don’t need anyone bringing their failed ideas with them. A new beginning yes, especially in Christ. I used to live in Commerce!

  • CallMeAnn

    Assuming there are genuinely transgendered children, I do not believe that a boy who believes he is a girl is traumatized by watching the physical functions of anatomical equipment he has himself been using for his whole life. Yes, protect them from bullies but that doesn’t mean a girl should have to share facilities with physical boys.

    • Teresa Ward

      Hey, you must be intolerant. My goodness to deprive these youngsters of their right to their rightful bathroom. This is what you liberals have created. Now live with it. I’m glad I live in the south. Hasn’t hit here………..Yet.

      • LouiseCA

        I don’t think it’s fair for you to label her a liberal just because she sad that if there are indeed such a thing as transgendered children, then they shouldn’t be bullied. You jumped to conclusions.

        • becky

          I believe she was being facetious.

  • Brian Campbell

    Oh for f**k’s sake.. people get your heads outta your ass.. well maybe the teachers and principle should get rid of the gender specific bathrooms for teachers and all adults.. they can use any bathroom they want.. wonder how long that would be allowed..

    • LouiseCA

      Ah…trust a liberal to come along with filthy words and stupid’re all so predictable.

      • Spikeygrrl

        You clearly don’t recognize humor when you see it.

  • James Martin

    Shouldn’t be hard to tell if a boy really thinks he is a girl. It’s caused arousal…

    • Joy

      Unless he also claims he is a transgendered lesbian…

  • standsomemore

    All children announce themselves adults and avail themselves to the faculty bathroom. Too easy, drill sergeant.

  • Jim Coggins

    the policy makers’ kids go to private schools… I doubt that crap will EVER make it here to TEXAS …

    • Carmen Membrino Moss

      No way would that happen here in Texas

    • Catherine

      God bless TX.

  • lisalake

    Really! This is so sick…but ALL of these school issues are ALL the fault of parents. ALL of this crap could be stopped immediately if only some of you would get active; organize; demand; BOYCOTT. DO SOMETHING!

    • spaultpaul

      Technically, you’re correct about it being the fault of the parents…but those who send their children to public school cannot read every text book, ensure every teacher does a good job, etc. They have given too much trust to the SYSTEM, not just this current generation of parents but the many that have preceded them as well.
      This is a result of about 100 years of the socialist agenda being slowly fed into and through the public school system, look up Dewey and his socialist manifesto for public schools, trickled down through generations and expanded upon, generation upon generation. Teach them while they are young, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, it’s indoctrination. This is then what comes out in our laws and governing policies. It has been in the works for years. Parents have very little time each day to counter this brainwashing.
      People need to pull their kids out of the public indoctrination system and fight with tooth and nail to keep their children out of their clutches!

      • lisalake

        Yes, I get all that. But this is really simple. TALK to your kids- monitor more closely whats going on in these so-called “schools”- show up a few times a month and WATCH/LISTEN to what the hell is going on in the classroom. There is no excuse any longer. Get a collation of parents together and DO IT. WE’VE KNOWN for some time now whats going on… STOP IT. These are your babies for God sake!! No time?? You’d better MAKE time. Your kids– your taxes– YOU PAY FOR THESE SCHOOLS!!! Stop allowing the “board” to tell YOU what your child is going to learn. In any event, THIS issue is really SIMPLE. DEMAND an end to this immediately! Keep your kids home– protest outside the school—Demand media attention–SUE THEM!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE???!!

  • edgineer

    Keep voting Democrat and they will take the Republican Party over too. Thanks a lot you cretins who vote Democrat.

  • becky

    This is totally insane. But, it’s the culmination of the pandering to gays that has been going on for a long time now. This is what they want. Total control of the population so you can’t object to any indecency or perverted filth their sick minds can come up with. Massachusetts you’d better stop this BS before ALL your NORMAL children are damaged beyond repair.

  • Sarah Elizabeth Vogel

    I guess the girl that feels like a boy will have to use the stall in the boy’s bathroom… cause Lord knows, the girl won’t be able to pee in a urinal without straddling it or sitting on it (ewwww). I’m just thinking logically here.

  • SbSneetch

    Force the homeowner/taxpayers to approve the installation of “?” bathrooms and locker rooms in every school. This would really highlight who gets the shaft when public schools become social experiments rather than learning centers. But then, taxpayers have been financing “educational” insanity for far too long; perhaps none of them would complain.

  • Clista Hancock

    More liberal madness. What a bunch of crap; parents should rise up and demand that these rules be discarded. Who in the devil thought of such idiocy?

  • Jane Smith

    What on earth are these parents doing???? Sex changes for KIDS???? Oh my gosh!!!! Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket? I think I’m gonna hurl. Mangling your child because they say they wanna be something they are not is YOUR sin. Do they really want that on their conscience?

  • suthrncrna

    I think that I am a teacher….I’m really not, but I want to be. I feel like I am to my core being! If you won’t allow me to come into your child’s school, I will call you a bully and I will then SUE the school system.

  • Doc Kimble

    So, now that anything goes as far as student’s self-identification, we can expect all this nonsense about not wearing pro life or Christian-themed t-shirts will be acceptable attire, no longer punishable by the school authorities. Right?

  • Jacob moore

    I bet they have some good softball teams up there when the team
    Is filled with boy who say they are girls

  • disqus_a0lR55nhVc

    This is absolutely ridiculous!! Are you kidding me? Why does the confusion of a child have to effect an entire school population? What are the percentages on these kids? Compared to those who know they are male or female? Geez!

  • Joel Molinari

    for the ‘not everyone can afford to home or private school their kids’ crowd–the straw argument that work comes before your children is ridiculous. you already have the benefit of free schooling. it is the parents’ job to parent, which includes seeing that they are educated, not just sent to an indoctrination camp and fed government porridge. very few can truly NOT afford to educate their children in the home, but many prefer to disengage and let the “professionals” do it. d.c. is full of ‘professionally educated’ people. digest that. i’ve never lived in a cardboard box, but we weren’t far from it throughout our first 15 years of raising our kids. every 29 cent burger, “rot” dog and box of store brand mac n cheese was worth what we invested in our children. they contribute to society today, not bleed it like the “well educated” folks in liberal failures of democracy around this nation.

  • Mama McCoy

    What on EARTH is this country coming to?!?!? Have things really gotten this out of control? When the hell did “sexual and gender identity” even become something kids KNEW about, let alone had to decide while in elementary school?!?!? Why do these hell-forsaken liberals keep insisting on forcing this down everyone’s throat? Can’t people just be who they are without insisting that everyone accept and agree with their beliefs and lifestyle? Why must it be SOCIETY that makes the adjustments because you choose to live outside of the box? Shouldn’t YOU be the one inconvenienced by your decisions, rather than everyone around you being forced to accept them under threat of penalty for not doing so??? I’ll tell you one thing, my kids would be out of that school faster than a boy pretending to be a girl could pull his skirt up. My son is currently only three, but this has 100% solidified my decision to homeschool my children. I’ll be damned if I’m letting them be a part of this mess. The government will NOT have a say in the history and values that my children learn.

    People….we’ve got to do something about this. Isn’t it about time for another American Revolution? This liberal fast track that our country is on is destroying the very roots of family values. If we keep on this track and keep allowing this to happen, we’re going to find ourselves living with Big Brother breathing down our necks every second of the day and be forced to accept and participate in behavior that we find deplorable. We have to stand up and let it be known that this is NOT acceptable, and this is NOT what the EDUCATED majority wants. It might be what the flock of dependent sheep think they want, but this is NOT what America was built for. Our founding fathers are turning in their graves right now.

  • Austin Scholl

    Letting children make decisions for themselves. That’s scary?

  • Fred Smith

    Since gender is clearly a social construct, at least according to the so-called intelligentsia, I would claim that age is a social construct as well. As a 51 year old man I have decided I am both 16 and a woman. So can I now go back and sign up for high school and use the girls locker room? Talk about ignoring the obvious and and arguing the ridiculous–that is is the PC left.

  • prbrown60

    This is the worst form of forced perversion by any means. This comes under child abuse and child endangerment. Here, again, the offender, a boy using a girls facility, is protected, while the victim of this abuse, will be punished, if she speaks out. This is child sexual abuse. and the offender, the school board, should spend the rest of their natural lives in prison. As a parent, I definitely withdraw my child from that school and never ever allow him or her back until this form of child sexual abuse was stopped. Just goes to show the types of degenerate perverts we have running our schools these days.

  • rascallyrabbit

    You know, the communists in the 50’s said that in order to destroy America from within, gay social agendas, promiscuity, undermining of family values would have to take place. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined they would be so successful and that we would be so incredibly stupid. If there is no uprising (not talking violence, for the peepers checking and reporting everyone for anti government seditious thoughts), then we have no chance of turning it around. These “educators” are the saddest excuse for human beings ever, and what they are doing to our children in the name of politically correct Progressive/communism is tragic and unforgivable. Not much above child molesters in my book. Oh wait, an awful lot of them are that too these days.

  • Gladys Crump

    This will be ok until a bunch of parents find out their daughters asses are being sent and shared on cell phones and computers… is going to be taken to a whole new level, look for more suicides in these schools once the photos start circulating, and it will happen.

  • Susan Crowley

    I am a Mass. resident with 2 boys and a daughter in Public schools. I think this-as written- is crazy, but so do most of the school administrators and faculty in our town. Even most of the liberal ones. Let’s just wait and see. If there is trouble anywhere in the state due to this, we will speak out and public schools will have even more competition for students, which they don’t want. But, that would be good. This action is exposing the state government for who they are and may improve chances of change in the next election.

  • Scott Tibbs

    This is literally insane.

  • jtrollla

    I can no longer give the people foisting this insanity on us any kind of pass as far as their motivations go. What they are doing is evil, they know it is evil: they cannot be contained: they have to be defeated and they must then know they have been defeated.


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