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Gun-free zone means sexual assualt zone

Leave it to some Leftist wackademic to know MORE about women, than WOMEN! And he has the solution for women to protect themselves from sexual assualt. Pro-choice in doing whatever you want with your bodies, Ladies, that is unless a sexual predator wants to FORCE you to do what HE wants. Then you can just use the call box! CO-EDS, CO-EDS…GET YOU CO-EDS!

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  • Mark Christopher

    Notice how this fool just assumes that a “scared little co-ed” is just going to shoot someone because she is scared. What a damn fool.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joanne.decarolis Joanne DeCarolis

    Ha. Maybe he’s afraid he’ll be shot.

  • Libzilla

    It’s a Proven Fact that liberals
    are smarter than conservatives.

    So if you are confronted with
    danger, just evacuate your bowels
    and all will be well… DUH!