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By Emily Miller

The Washington Times

Gun-control laws don’t reduce crime, but they do reduce employment.

Some governors don’t care and are pushing for more pointless statutes that put their citizens’ jobs on the line. Smarter governors sense the opportunity to poach a few manufacturers from their colleagues.

Connecticut Gov. Daniel P. Malloy, a Democrat, is not one of the brighter chief executives. He’s upset that his own “Sandy Hook Advisory Commission” and the General Assembly’s bipartisan gun control task force aren’t moving fast enough to ram through gun-control measures before the memory of the Newtown tragedy fades.

Accompanied by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. at an event in Hartford on Thursday, Mr. Malloy emphasized the need for haste. “We run a risk of letting this critical moment in history pass us by,” he said. The governor is following the White House lead by demanding background checks on private sales, bans on firearms with scary-looking cosmetic features and a prohibition on magazines that hold over 10 rounds.

That’s bad news for the Nutmeg State, home to several manufacturers of soon-to-be-forbidden items, including Colt Arms, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Stag Arms and others. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, firearms and ammunition manufacturers in the state employ more than 8,000 people and generate $1.8 billion in annual revenue.

Since its founding in 1919, Mossberg has been based in Connecticut. The firm recently invested $4 million for new equipment and hired 100 new people to meet increased demand. Now the firm is seriously considering shifting its expansion plans to its Texas facility.

Stag Arms, which makes AR-15 style rifles, is being wooed by gun-friendly states like Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas with offers of tax incentives and favorable gun legislation if the company decides to move to friendlier territory. The New Britain-based firm directly employs 200 and spent $13 million last year buying supplies and services from local vendors.

“What the governor is proposing is a law that will prevent us from producing our product, cost thousands of jobs, the loss of millions in revenue and not make the state any safer,” Stag’s president, Mark Malkowski, told The Washington Times.

In Maryland, Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley’s singular obsession with passing extreme gun-control laws has Beretta USA, maker of the standard-issue U.S. military pistol, considering a move. That would leave its 400 employees looking for work and deliver a massive blow to local suppliers. Likewise, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has Remington Arms Co. and its 1,300 employees looking at moving out.

Last week, the Colorado House passed several radical gun control laws, including a measure that would impose an arbitrary limit on ammunition magazines. That’s bad news for the Erie-based manufacturer of standard-capacity AR-15 magazines and other accessories for modern sporting rifles. Magpul was one of two dozen companies Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, has personally reached out to, urging the firm to “consider relocating your manufacturing operations to a state that is more business-friendly.”

The firearms industry is one of the few that has enjoyed growth during the Obama administration. In just the last two years, gunmakers have created more than 37,000 new jobs. It makes no sense to smother opportunity with gun-control ideas that, when tried in the past, failed to deliver any benefit to public safety. While the national unemployment rate stands at a lofty 7.9 percent, gun control makes even less sense.

Emily Miller is a senior editor for the Opinion pages at The Washington Times. 



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  • arealpatriot

    Utah welcomes firearms companies! We are a very gun friendly state and very Conservative and also have one of the best economies in the country!

    • Richard Maxwell

      Have you heard about the Democrat’s plan to try to turn Utah and Texas to blue states?

  • Kelvin Jones

    Wyoming welcomes any and all manufacturers of firearms and accessories. We have no state income tax among other benefits and a low cost of living here. Very cheap to set up shop here in this state.

    • Richard Maxwell

      They are all welcome to Texas as well. No state income tax here and we are gun friendly, not idiots.

  • David Wilson

    when the northern states ban guns and they gun makers all come south we here will have all the guns and the yankee liberals will have none. Remember the south is gonna rise again so do it you way you stupid liberals and see who gets the last laugh

  • Garry

    If these people concintrated on the actual problem instead of attacking gun made manufactures mabie they would be better off? Stricter gun control starts with registration, not banning wrapons, especially seeings how they were not used in the shooting as you claim! some of us know the truth! remember that! Thanks!! a legal gun ower.

    • HammerNH

      And registration ALWAYS leads to confiscation. California already has a law proposed to take the 166,000 registered military-looking rifles they required to be registered.

  • cb2000a

    This is proof…Demoncrats kill business. It happens all the time. Good for the southern states…too bad for Conn. If you have a demoncrat governor you might want to consider voting for someone else come the next election.

  • John Patrick Mickanis


  • Randy Prockish

    Come on down to Arizona gun and ammo manufacturers! The weenie puke liberal californians haven’t invaded us yet. We are very pro-gun most of us. We already have Sturm, Ruger amongst a few others.

    • Richard Maxwell

      Ruger makes some good guns. Also when the big earthquake hits, California will be an island and Arizonans will have beach front property on the Pacific.

  • Tim Doubrava

    If gun control and govt. stimulus is good for the people and the economy than explain why Detroit is circling the bowl…………..

  • William Svoboda

    The liberals in these states don’t care about the jobs that will be lost directly or the jobs that will be lost in addition. Wages circle a community around four times, the more jobs the greater the amount of money circling that community, thus the greater the prosperity. When a community loses employment and the wages that come with it, there is less money buying goods and services in that community. Lose 1500 jobs and it effects 6,000 other people and business’s. Now many northern cities are on the verge of collapse, many northern states are in deep financial trouble. The Left thinks it can sprinkle fairy dust and everything will change, but the reality is that these states and communities cannot afford the loss of these jobs. What came into New York to replace the loss of the high paying jobs when IBM left?, nothing. As a matter of fact many upscale stores closed as well, unemployed people don’t shop at Lord and Taylor. Lose Remington in Ilion New York and what will Mr Cuomo bring in to replace it, maybe a couple of strip malls, a Burger King? This is Liberalism.

  • Glen Vanluven

    Move the hell out of those leftist states and be happier for it.

  • Intel Addin

    I sure wouldn’t spend another dime, or ‘collect taxes’ for his sorry A$$ state! I’d get my business out NOW, lock, stock, and barrel! It’s a ‘no brainer’. Pun intended, guv’nor! Since any THINKING man knows NONE of these gun control measures would do a damn thing to stop anything, the THINKING man thereby knows and can surely declare; this is all about power and control over the God fearing, law abiding citizens. America, wake up and stop liberals from ruling US!

  • Kathy Burnett

    Bring those jobs here to Texas Gov. Perry will help you! awesome news, we would love the revenue!

  • Wade Meyer

    The Free Market is still in power. I did find it ironic that so many arms manufacturers were located in the Liberal northeastern states. So its time to use the Chinese stratagem of “Looting a burning house.” Free States help the arms industry move their businesses to a warmer climate and reward us with your decent product and skilled labor demand. Let the Northeast keep their Gay bars and strip joints.

  • soldtonorm

    In Texas we do have our own freedom cancer in the form of the Austin
    City Council. Over the years, thousands of children attended the
    University of Texas, were indoctrinated, and stayed in Austin where they
    never had to grow up. Now, the council is spending millions of dollars
    to eliminate plastic grocery bags, provide “loaner” bicycles, and run a
    commuter rail service that costs more than providing a limo for each
    rider. It is good that real world businessmen(read adults) are moving
    to Texas. The Fort Hood area is ripe with returning, motivated,
    disciplined servicemen needing jobs. And leave the Unions at the

  • vonveezil

    The gun-grabbers are doing one thing that is good. They’re motivating the gun owners. The revolution is at hand folks. Make no mistake, the gun grabbers want us all disarmed so they run rough shot over us. The 2nd Amendment is non negotiable.

  • Daniel Williams

    May all the gun companies find new homes, suggestion move SOUTH

  • Carol

    Malloy’s an idiot. I listened to a radio interview where the president of Stag Arms said he’s received offers from other states to move there and he’s seriously considering it. Remember, it’s not just the 200 people he employs; it’s the entire supply chain he depends on. He is adamant about using local resources to manufacture his product. If he moves out of CT, THOUSANDS will be impacted, not just the 200. CT will lose millions in taxes. The city of New Britain (my home town) will suffer. Malloy is so bent on being on the anti-gun band wagon, he doesn’t even know he’s killing his own state. Dumb @$$.

  • stjohn

    Check with Wisconsin , they may cut the gun companies a deal ?


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