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Watch this cop get OWNED by this law student. This is the type of information that common citizens should know. This is a MUST SEE video. You KNOW the person who called the cops on this guy was a gun-hating Liberal.


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  • Jamie Garton

    Some place else, these cops would have bullied and possibly assaulted this guy. Glad this encounter went well.

  • GracieW

    That is why we must know our rights and stop this harassment by law enforcement. Every time I see a video like this I think either the cop is a complete idiot who doesn’t know the law or he knows the law but chooses to violate the rights of law-abiding citizens anyhow. Either way a cop like that has no business carrying a badge and a gun.

  • Jean Larson

    Wow! Way to hold his ground! Why are the police so freaked out by law-abiding citizens who are minding their own business, and why do they cater to weirdos who call the police because they saw someone carrying a gun? When these people called the police on this law student, they should have been politely admonished that it is legal to carry a gun and they should not be calling the police unless an actual crime is being committed.

  • Bev Wafford Morris

    I think it was the fact that the cop knew he was being recorded was what kept him from arresting this student on bogus charges, just to persecute him for legally carrying his gun. Way to know your rights!

  • Jeannette Ellis

    The screen says, “Open Carry Law student own … ” this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Norman Hamann.

    • Henry Buerkley

      Do you believe that????

  • Steve McIntosh

    they took the video down :(

  • Melinda M Pace


  • disqus_QWE2h45yl7

    Oops Big Daddy had video taken down! !

  • Debra Bruner-Wippert

    The video is no longer available. I wish I could have seen it.

    • Ryan

      Look at the other comments, others have posted working links to the YouTube video.

  • Robert White-Shadow
  • Richard Pipkin

    Video above was taken down. here’s another link…

  • Robert Bolender

    Apparently they haven’t heard of fair use.

  • Jim Raue

    “Obama Has DHS Take Down Video of Law Student Owning Cop!”
    “Seems that Obama and his complicit DOJ have struck again by taking down a “must-see” video of a law student putting a police officer in his place, knowing the law better than the law enforcement officer with regard to open-carry laws!” (JK)

    This would be funny IF I wasn’t a retired spec ops state police officer that was assigned to work with the federal joint task force on terrorism!!! I BLED several times for my oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States!! I have risked my life many more times to save the lives of innocent civilians! I am an Oath Keeper, and will take this oath to my very death bed. And I HATE the fact that Obama and Holder continue to use the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as TOILET PAPER!!! I will NOT stand for this and as one of his employers, I DEMAND that they uphold THEIR oaths!!! If called upon to do so I would NEVER disarm legally-armed citizens!!! The Constitution tells government what they can NOT do, NOT us what WE can or can’t do!! God bless America, now when we NEED those blessings the MOST!!!

    • Kaysa Alexander

      AMEN Jim! Well said!

    • Carole Naro

      I’m getting “this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Norman Hamann”:. SO MUCH FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    • Suzanne Ennis

      Thank you for your continuing service to our beloved country! :)

  • Connie Mueller Novak

    Link to your video is gone. Here’s one that works: And WOW – good for him for knowing his case law!!!! Love the look on the supervisor’s face – it’s only a glimpse, but it’s pretty funny!

  • Gunter
  • Eva Redd

    Well they took this video down in a hurry! lol

  • Rebecca Paris Forest
  • Tom Stewart

    Look, ins’t censorship the first step in controlling the masses? I am just asking, as I am not QUITE old enough to remember Germany and Europe in the late ’30’s.

  • Todd Wolfley
  • Gina Linenberger

    put the video back up…….its called freedom of speech!

  • squint9

    Lucky we live in a country where the police _usually_ ask first before shooting. In many countries, the police would have had their machine guns out first. And yes, I’ve been there in Europe. Those boys in uniform don’t screw around. They see a gun, they don’t ask questions first.

  • bapdco
  • Anne

    The government is so afraid of anything that shows the citizen their rights that they are compromising the right to free speech unless it fits their particular guideline. We can allow children to access pornography, and pornographers to show their filth, we can show anything against the followers of Jesus and the Jews, but can show murders of the innocent on UTube as long as it is showing the murders in the light of their ideology, but heaven forbid that anything positive, or informative be shown if it does not.


    There was no harrassment. The cops were called on this guy. ID yourself as asked and get over it. Cops probably wanted to avoid a malicious complaint or lawsuit by some wanna-be attorney, thinks he knows-it-all law student. (the worst kind)

    • Ashley

      We should all know our rights, law student or not. So, he gives his name and it is placed in the daily log and now becomes public property. Years from now, when he is trying to get a job, the employer runs a search and found an entry stating he was stopped for possible illegal use of a sidearm… the employer doesn’t want to deal with any possible issues so he doesn’t get considered for the job. Cops must have a reason to detain someone. He didn’t have a reason to detain him in that conversation.


        There was a reason to stop him. Someone called. Unfortunately (or fortunately) police HAVE to investigate all calls. We don’t have a choice. No matter what. Also, your name does NOT go into a ‘log’ to show you had contact with the police.

        • rsqme1

          You are right the police have to respond to the call, they do not have the right to disarm a man without probable cause. I am a Police officer and any name given on a call will absolutely be written into a log or report, the penalty for an infraction of this public code is a disciplinary action!

          • MIKE HAMILTON

            I am to. 30+ years with more experience than most. I am also a recognized expert re: firearms laws on the state and federal levels. I/we can disarm anyone at any time, legally. We may have to return the gun after our ‘contact’ is over. Our dept. does NOT keep logs of everyone we contact. That would be hundreds of names a day. But then again each dept. has it’s own policies. Interesting that it’s a violation of the law (public code) not to formally document (log/report) all names of contacted persons. In my neck of the woods we (our dept.) would raked over the coals for that.

          • rsqme1

            Mike, It is a Federal law that prohibits a mandatory release on documentation. This is why the Government has brought it to the Supreme Court to protect Immigrants illegally in our country from what the left calls Gestapo procedures. otherwise you can stop anyone at any time and demand ID for NOT breaking the law. Targeting individuals that are not in violation of any law is not legal, and not a good idea. I suggest you check your local code and ethics books to make sure you are within the law. As a Police Officer I have worked for departments who required us to do things that are not substantiated by law. I have refused to do what is not legal, it did cause me problems with superiors, but I am here to abide by laws, not create them. A civil suit can be obtained by those who seek to sue.

          • MIKE HAMILTON

            You have no clue what you are talking about. Just to be on the safe side, for your sake, I showed this to a federal prosecuter. ( i worked with them for 13 years while on-loan to another agency) He laughed. A local attorney I know said: “get a life”.

          • rsqme1

            Your state may have a “stop and identify” law, but most do not. Federal Law always trumps state law, though we both know that it is overlooked every day in almost every state. If your state does not identify itself as a “stop and identify” state you are leaving yourself open for a civil case. As a Federal Police Officer I can tell you our orders are very clear. Maybe your lawyer friend can represent you, and the Federal Prosecutor will speak for you. Bring the statute that states you can demand ID from a law abiding citizen!

          • MIKE HAMILTON

            again wrong. fed. law does not ‘always’ trump state law. again you completely missed the point and law. then again ‘federal police officer’ speaks volumes. if you were a fed. agent who actually arrested people and were involved with the prosecution you would know, and understand, without a doubt what is being referred to. you have limited knowledge. I don’t.

          • rsqme1

            No not a “Federal Agent”! Never mind Mike, you did not even read what I wrote. Federal law does supersede though not enforced. You are , as most I work with “all knowing” and inflexible. God help those you deal with! Check before you bark son! You are where you are because you would not qualify!
            Here is our most recent job placement advertisement:

            Federal Law Enforcement Jobs

            If you’re looking for a satisfying, rewarding job that allows you to really help people, consider the many available careers in federal law enforcement. You could become a Border Patrol agent, a
            member of the Customs service or even wear the badge of the United States Capitol Police.

            As in many other fields, advanced education is helpful
            in finding a good job. Candidates with master’s degrees in criminal justice can expect many more opportunities compared to those with lesser or no advanced training. A degree from an accredited school means you’re committed and dedicated to becoming the best you can be, with up to date training in all aspects of law enforcement, crime investigation, surveillance and much more.
            Going past the basic level to the master’s degree is a wise move for anyone who wishes to make the law and the protection of our citizens their life’s work.

            Federal police jobs are available throughout the country, and the range of potential employment is wide. You could become a Deputy U.S. Marshal and work in a courthouse, or join the Internal Revenue Service and participate in financial crime investigations. Graduates of criminal justice programs are Special Agents for the Secret Service, investigators for the Naval Criminal
            Investigative Service and Air Marshals for the Transportation Safety
            Administration. Your training, skills and experience can help you rise to the highest levels.

          • MIKE HAMILTON

            Whatever. keep clicking your heels Dorothy and repeating, There’s no place like home. Worked with an untold number of fed agency’s at one level or another when working with us attorneys office. I guess the dozens of fed. prosecutors I worked with, hundreds of fed. prosecutions with dozens of fed. trials, evidentiary hearings and motions to suppress with a 99% conviction rate over 13 years, with the very issue you describe being part of most of my cases on some level was wrong. nothing overturned. only a couple of appeals that did not address what you do and I/we won them all. Learn something new all the time. thank you.

          • rsqme1

            What is an us attorney? In the Capitol we call them Federal US Attorneys. Your attitude is clearly defined by your lack of respect for others and your disrespect demonstrated by the laziness shown in your writing. I am sure my 40 years protecting and defending Washington DC are so far below your vast experience. I wish I could be as great and all knowing as you. Maybe we should make room for the Memorial that will obviously be made in your honor Mike. And you are right, we should learn something new every day. Like grammar. I will not respond further as you are obviously far more intelligent, wise, and educated than I could ever be. What could somebody who has spent his life and career in DC possible know about the law? I bow to your superiority, and am in awe of you. I am honored just to be able to converse with you so. My epitaph will read “He defended his country, served it’s laws, honored his God, and conversed with Mike, so he is fulfilled.” I am blessed!

          • MIKE HAMILTON

            ‘US Attorney’ is how, when speaking of or to them, they asked to be addressed. Or AUSA. That’s what I was told by the the AUSA’s’ themselves. I assume you are ‘Capitol Police’? If that is the case you no doubt stand around looking very sharp and serious. That’s as far as it goes. Probably wear uniform to bed and as we say out here….has police underwear. 40 years? God bless you. I have about 15 working days left. Turned down request’s to be a “consultant”/”expert witness” (as I have been doing for the past dozen years) re: the very topics discussed when retired. Tired of going to court.

          • MIKE HAMILTON

            All kidding aside. Nothing personal. Here on the West Coat (left coast) ‘insults’ are our (cops) way of saying, if they can take ’em, “he’s a good guy”. Thin skin = no joking/insults. I am serious about the ‘legalities’ being discussed. My experience and knowledge comes from a dozen plus years working the fed. prosecutors and 25 of my 31yrs with state/local attorneys on a daily basis. My comments relate to specific circumstances, such as this one, and are not to be taken as ‘general’. Most of what was stated can be supported by case law, what the judges have ruled/decided in my cases and what I was taught by prosecutors. State law can supercede fed. law if it is more ‘resrictive’, not less. That’s how we were able to prosecute (in some cases) local cases in fed. court. Example: assault weapons no violation/legal under fed. law but not in some states. And yes my grammer is not the best. I attribute that to catholic school education. 40 years, good for you. I’m done w/PD work. To much BS here.

          • MIKE HAMILTON

            By the way, I am VERY pro-gun. Also, where I’m from, the ‘contact’ was/is absolutely perfectly legal. Although open carry is legal he would have been arrested for refusing to ID himself. Again, different states, different laws.

        • Michael Ellis

          Have you dealt with the police? Your name absolutely gets associated with the call “Once” your name is put into the system dumbass. why do you think they “RUN” your name. You sound like a sheep go back to sleep the government is perfect in your eyes.

  • LarrySingleton

    You can look at this two ways; one is the smug, smart ass response from this “law student”. Or the other where the cop is just showing some common sense and talking to someone who was reported walking down the street WITH A F-ING GUN! I’m a drivers rights advocate as well as somebody who is intimately familiar with cops in the role of Goons from the many city and county meetings I’ve been to.

    Let’s see; I’m a parent and a citizen who maybe frequents that downtown area on occasion. Yes I’d like a cop who was on the ball and check out some guy to see whether he’s A F-ING LOON OR NOT!!!

    If it was me and there was some law that said I had a right to carry in town and I was stopped and questioned by some cop it would be all about “My I.D.? Here you go officer” You want to hold on to my gun while you figure out I’m not somebody who’s going to go on a killing spree? Or rob the local Deli? Okay with me.”

    There are enough reasons to question the ungodly pay and benifits of those who are bankrupting their communities and the “Us vs. Them” mentality; This ain’t one of them.

    And this is where maybe I should decide to draw the line in blindly supporting the NRA to the point where they are actually facilitating the sale of guns to our criminal neighbors across the border. To be honest I’m not an expert when it comes to that issue but I’ve read things regarding this that gives me pause… …as I would hope and expect from someone exhibiting a little common sense and caution when it comes to THE F-ING ISSUES! And truth be told most people in this country are dangerously uninformed when it comes to the issues like radical Islam and fathers rights. Prisons becoming a “growth industry”, allowing those Audio Terrorists in their Boomer Cars to destroy our quality of life and peace and quiet, (Didja know Darell Issa is the Osama bin Ladin of these Audio Terrorists?) and on and on and on.

    I guess the next time the cop can just ignore the call and with some luck someones child won’t be shot in the head by some criminal or wacko.

    • Richard Kory

      YOU IDIOT A__HOLE! As “Jean Larson” stated above, the IGNORANT cop who WE pay to serve us by UPHOLDING the Constitution and Laws of our land should have done just that, and informed the other IGNORANT moron “citizen” who called what the law IS! Unless this American Patriot was drunk or disorderly and waving and threatening with his gun, the RIGHT thing to do was to just TEACH the citizen what the Law is, and if he felt he needed to do ANYthing further, he could have told the caller, “That is a right of American citizens, but I will go by and check him out for you if that will ease your concern.” Then he could drive by, watch him a while, or drive up and just say “Hi” and, “How are you doin’?” A good police officer could tell if the guy had any bad intentions by how he responded. This is STILL America, you ignoramus, and if you don’t like our Constitution and Laws, YOU go somewhere else. What ever happened to Reason and Rational thinking? It’s just like these EVILutionist loons – they just believe these wild theories with NO Science to back it up at all. Think about it: “You see, about 4 billion years ago, nothing, in the size of a period on this page, exploded, and that’s how everything in the entire universe came to be…” Wow! Talk about a fairytale for grownups! As a double-degreed scientist myself, what the real scientific evidence tells us is that about 6,000 years ago, “In the beginning, God said ‘Let there be…’, and IT WAS!”

      • Donna Brown

        I agree with you both, but we have made our people afraid with the actions of a few “crazy” people. I know the law, but what would the police be saying if they had ignored the student and he was one of the “crazy” and killed a few people as he quietly walked down street. ??

        • rsqme1

          What if because a man was minding his own obeying the law was shot by someone who over reacted?

    • rsqme1

      You then think that laws are not to be respected if you personally do not believe them or find them valid? Ask for a FOID or Carry Card, and move on! If an ID other than a FOID card is offered it must be in a log or report to cover the ass of the Officer, I am one, I know.

  • Troy

    I applaud this attorney for knowing his rights and I believe the meeting was fairly amicable by both parties. In my opinion the police officer was being completely respectful toward this attorney despite his refusal to cooperate with the officers requests. Im not a liberal looking for stricter gun laws and i don’t believe it is going to make our streets any safer, But to echo a few comments about this… What the hell would it hurt to show the officer your ID and demonstrate to the public that you ARE a sane and law abiding citizen and alleviate any fears by the public who are no doubt concerned after the various events of gun violence around the country that keep happening more and more? I don’t feel this would be giving up your rights as a gun owner but rather demonstrates you ARE a responsible gun owner and you care about the peace and security of the public.

  • Brandon

    I dont agree with the student. I agree that he was protected by the law but there is something called respect for others. I am a law student, and i understand legal rights to carry guns. The cop was only trying to respond to concerns of the locals, the student was (what appears) trying to start a conflict with the cops about gun carrying laws. There were much more polite and respectful ways of telling the officer of his legal rights.

    • rsqme1

      You are right up to a point. While I don’t like the attitude presented by the student, as a Police Officer the law was misused in this case. In a state with open carry the fact he was carrying a gun is not a reason to disarm. It is legal to drive here on one plate, that does not mean I can stop those without two because I want to. The officer could have asked for the persons FOID card, or right to carry card and moved on.

  • Mike Richter

    A full transcript would be nice so that we can take note of each bit of case law mentioned in his defense. 😀

  • Henry O

    I’m all for the 2nd amendment, and I believe everyone is entitled to own and carry a fun, whether it be a handgun it an assault rifle. But I disagree with the law students actions. Yea he knows his rights and knows how to talk it up to the cop, but all he asked for was an ID, what is so hard about that? Like someone said, there’s plenty if crazies out there, and this was just a small attempt to make sure everything was legit. The student didn’t need to have an attitude, the cop just wanted to see a damn ID. People don’t need to be smartasses about it, he wasn’t yelling or saying he was a criminal or anything. Police have a job to and honestly you can expect them to just ignore the fact someone had a gun, who people made calls about. Get real people, the kid sounded like a tool, completely uneccessary.

    • rsqme1

      The student was right, a report would be available as a gun complaint and open to employers, schools etc. Show a FOID card, demand that his name not be used and move on.

  • Treasure

    I was faced with a similar situation and need to find the origin of this video and he person because this can greatly help my case. Please feel free to contact me via email at Thank you in advance.

  • zeroturnzed

    Cops do not know the law. They make it up as they go along and they will cite police law which is “tell the public anything and insist that it is the law” and ignore requests to cite the exact ordinance that covers the situation. The prosecutor will sort it out later and find some law that they can use to make the charges stick. The police are briefed on how they will handle certain situations and they rehearse till they can do it with the necessary force and attitude to convince the public that they are right and the public has to comply.

  • Richard Pipkin
  • 19Superman38

    Everyone is saying that the student should have submitted his I.D. but why? What would that prove? The cop said people complained of someone carrying a gun (which is legal there). After the cop has his I.D. And checks to see if he’s not a felon what good would it do if he walks another block and someone calls again? The cop wanted something he didn’t need to have. If the cop knew the LAW he would have never needed to ask for the I.D. In the first place. So everyone who is saying the student should have given it to him clearly missed the Brown v Texas law.


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