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Mustard Politics

One of my favorite skits of all times is the “Mustard Skit” by Abbot and Costello.

It takes about 7 minutes to watch all the way through, but well worth it if you would like to understand today’s world.

It boils down to the same principle of “if you don’t like it, then nobody should.” Costello doesn’t like mustard on his hotdog and Abbot translates that into meaning that Costello is against the manufacturing companies that make the mustard and all the people who benefit from the production of mustard. Down it trickles until we are talking about the poor children of the poor mustard worker who should no longer be in business since Costello doesn’t like mustard.

One man doesn’t like mustard and all mustard making should be banned.


no mustard


Sound familiar?

I feel this is exactly where America is being led: into the ruins of the mustard factories. Rather than acknowledge that one man doesn’t like mustard, and therefore has a choice between the tangy condiment or a tomato condiment, we are moving into the world of if it offends one person than it should be removed from our delicate sensibilities.

In a world of common sense, we would simply shrug our shoulders at the person and hand them a bottle of ketchup. After all, this is a free country and we are allowed to like different things without causing a warehouse to shut down. Right?

Mustard Politics is exactly what we are being forced to choke down on our hot dogs today.

Let a Christian company that creates the most addictive chicken sandwich have their owner voice his personal values and business model…Let’s shut them down by banning them because we don’t want the mustard on our chicken sandwich. What happens when a large corporation refuses to force their employees to comply with a medical mandate…Let’s fine them so heavily that they can’t help but comply.

In fact let’s not allow anyone the choice between mustard and ketchup, but penalize the non-mustard eaters so much that they can’t help but eat the mustard so it’s best for everyone. Never mind that the ones who like mustard are just exercising their personal tastes. Forget that their personal tastes provide diversity.

No let’s blame it all on the one guy who doesn’t want to conform to what is streamlined and in the graces of a government that was made for the people, but is no longer for the people.

That’s just not going to cut the mustard.




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