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By Cheryl K. Chumley

The Washington Times (h/t

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the White House doesn’t necessarily have to confess to killing American citizens by unarmed drones.

It all depends on the situation, she said in reply to a Huffington Post reporter who asked if President Obama’s administration should acknowledge when it targets a U.S. citizen in a drone strike, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Maybe, it just depends,” she reportedly said. “People just want to be protected.” She also said that such disclosure “depends on the timing, because that’s right — it’s all about the timing.”

At least one Republican House colleague is outraged.

“Anytime the government willfully executes a citizen, regardless of the circumstances, it is a very serious issue,” said Rep. Mike Lee, from Utah, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee who spoke with the Examiner. “As the body that oversees executive branch actions, at the very least, Congress should have a full accounting — even if it must sometimes be in a classified setting — of the specific considerations that went into the decision.”

Mrs. Pelosi said her views would be the same even if a Republican held the White House, according to the Examiner.

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  • FybrOptx

    You might want to edit the article to read “armed” instead of “unarmed”…or explain how an “unarmed” drone can kill anything short of crashing into it. Just saying.

    • lakeside227

      Probably meant to be ‘unmanned’ drone?

      • FybrOptx

        Probably…though coming from her even that is suspect… B)

  • Michael Scally

    So what? If an American citizen goes to another country to take up arms against America, then he is a combatant and may eventually die in the fight he has chosen to engage in. C’est la Guerre!

    • lakeside227

      I see. Do you feel the same way about the enemy combatant’s 16 yr old son? A US citizen who hadn’t seen his father in two years and had no known terrorist associations? “I would suggest that you should have a far more responsible father if
      they are truly concerned about the well being of their children. I don’t
      think becoming an al Qaeda jihadist terrorist is the best way to go
      about doing your business,” Gibbs, the former White House press
      secretary, told the interviewer from We Are Change, when asked to
      justify “an American citizen that is being targeted without due process,
      without trial — and, he’s underage, he’s a minor. Gibbs nevertheless defends the strike, not by arguing that the kid was a
      threat, or that killing him was an accident, but by saying that his
      late father irresponsibly joined al Qaeda terrorists.”

  • James Lonon

    But how can we speak of our government without using foul words when speaking of a fully foul entity? It’s like discussing the color black without mentionining the word black!
    ……this is in response to the Posting Policy of this site…

  • David Edward Smith

    And Pelosi has credibility from WHO? Last I heard she had no power anymore. Perhaps someone should remind her MOUTH. Or perhaps we should PASS the bill and THEN find out what the hell they have DONE TO US!!!


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