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MO doing stage dance

MO doing stage dance

Look world: America’s First Lady can out-pole-dance YOUR First Lady! In what has to be the most mind-blowing picture of what NOT to do as First Lady, we have Michelle Obama entertaining the audience. You expect some ghetto chick to do something so crass, but not the First Lady.

I know the naysayers will say, “Kevin, she is only being herself … she should be allowed to have fun!”

I pay no attention to these America-hating communists, but many people do, particularly young girls. If Michelle Obama can be so crass, well don’t wonder why you see young girls “shaking their money makers!”


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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    Lady Gaga,Lady Gettho No difference

    • val

      No lady. Ghetto trash.

    • Rebecca Gonzalez-Cook

      Actually, there is a big difference. Lady Gaga doesn’t pretend to be something she isn’t and her behavior/manner of dress doesn’t effect our entire nation and the view of the entire world of our nation.

      • ShamanBlair

        True, but she IS still a trashy slut.

    • Linda Evans

      For the first time in my adult life, I can say that I am truly embarrassed by my country (for voting in a useless tit of a “president”)

    • marcia

      Look, I don’t like this guy as a president..nor do I trust him. But this goes too far for me…this stoops lower than even the Obamas would go!

  • MaddMedic


  • Leatha Goldsmith

    Lawd Lawd!

  • FreedomCzar

    Bertha Broadbeam needs to go into hiding.

  • Brian Skinner

    she is trying to hold her wig on.

    • David

      Oh, so that’s why she’s wearing tight jeans and squatting down and showing her butt to everybody, so she can hold her wig on?

  • wildwood15

    Seriously. Look carefully at the thunder thighs. That is a SPANX alert.

  • Edwin Donald Anderson

    No class whatsoever. Jackie, Mamie, Barbara had more class in their broken fingernail than this clown has in her whole body. An embarrassment to America!

    • Sonya Knox

      Another easily influenced person who hasn’t investigated anything and probably never cares about the truth jyst lu es to suit you

      • Vicki Joyner

        Dance, exercise…it doesn’t matter. Her actions are crass and vulgar for a woman her age and in her position.

        • Brian Huffman

          You’re against her trying to encourage this country to exercise and be active? You know how horrible of an EPIDEMIC obesity has become here, right?

          • David

            I agree obesity is a problem, but that doesn’t mean she has to DO THE EXERCISE in front of people. There are other ways to promote exercise.

          • Charles

            Come on David — yes dancing can be good exercise. But she wasn’t displaying exercise moves. She was doing dancing moves — dirty dancing at that.

          • Charles

            Brian, use your brain. She’s dancing for show. This was not exercising.

          • Robert Allocca

            Check Brian’s other posts. He does not possess a brain.

          • Wild Thing

            brian, what she is doing is not execising.

          • Charlie

            Alright, I’ve had enough of you liberal/progressives moralizing. We have a child obesity problem because you took away recess and sports activities in public school. After all, little whoever might get a boo-boo, so no more kickball, dodge ball, running, climbing, no monley bars. Just park the little numbskulls in front of a tube with a video game or a movie, and instant babysitter. You liberal/progressives excel at creating a problem, and then designing a response that creates another problem. You are like self-eating water melons!

          • Grant Halverson

            Charlie, I had Never thought of the schools taking out all of the sports and gym classes and games (some because someone might ‘feel bad’ because they aren’t as good as somebody else). Besides the fact that the kids don’t play outside as much, the lack of regular gym classes is a good point for causing obesity, too! KarenWI

          • ShamanBlair

            CHEEEEEERS!!!!!! Great poiunt!!!

          • marcia

            Was SHE leading this “GROUP EXERCISE”? Looks like the 1st LADY is “exercising” her thighs and “teaching” what seems to be a twenty-something audience! She could have been showing the females how to use a public toilet….that would be encouraging to our youth of today!!!

          • Katie Shanks

            This is not exercise, sorry. What she is doing is nothing more then a crass, vulgar display of her inner sleazy self. Exercise is what I do when I spend 2 hours at the gym every morning, not shaking my ass in the faces of a bunch of men.

          • riosam

            You do not have to make an embarrassing spectacle of yourself to achieve encouraging exercise to room full of teenagers.

          • ShamanBlair

            Low-info voters such as you are a FAR worse epidemic.

      • E Elaine Connelly

        Sonya: You must have voted for the fraud in the white house. Moosie is beyond trashy. We should have a first lady that is a fitting example to people and Moosie ISN’T IT. Stop drinking the kool-aid.

      • Charles

        Dear Sonya — NO investigation is necessary to see the woman acting this way is without class or decorum. No matter who she is. Unfortunately, this one lives in the White House

      • Wild Thing

        The picture is worth a thousand words, Sonya.

        Obviously, you have a comprehension problem.

    • Brian Huffman

      She is a fashion ICON, considered to be the classiest-dressed FLOTUS in 60 years. You also know she has a higher approval rating than any other politician in the United States? America and the world LOVE her. You are the trash, buddy.

      • Kristin Thomas

        A fashion icon?? Compared to WHOM precisely? Lady Gaga?!!? If her clothing choices are supposed to be fashion examples for us today, Heaven help this country!

        • Nancy Luckhurst

          She is a fashion icon for the Walmart people. She would fit right in.

      • Rebecca Gonzalez-Cook

        If my girls walked attempted to walk out of the house with the majority of the crap this woman wears they would be grounded indefinitely. Icon, where? In countries with no clothing? Her stylist needs to be shot, she is tacky and classless and for someone so worries about obesity she certainly isn’t a dainty thing herself. All in all, I hope this is just a bad dream and we will wake up and find someone tainted the water supply because this woman (regardless of her husband’s political idiocy) is doing a fine job of making our country a complete laughing stock. Disgusting and trashy is the best description.

      • Rebecca Gonzalez-Cook

        If my girls walked attempted to walk out of the house with the majority of the crap this woman wears they would be grounded indefinitely. Icon, where? In countries with no clothing? Her stylist needs to be shot, she is tacky and classless and for someone so worries about obesity she certainly isn’t a dainty thing herself. All in all, I hope this is just a bad dream and we will wake up and find someone tainted the water supply because this woman (regardless of her husband’s political idiocy) is doing a fine job of making our country a complete laughing stock. Disgusting and trashy is the best description.

        • David

          Imagine if the queen or Angela Merkel did something like this. The Obamas have set such a low standard for dignity, that very few people care when Michelle does something like this.

          • IMSweetOlBob

            David: I say old boy, you are right about the queen. And Angela, it is rumored, blogged the other day that she was thankful the tramp kept her trousers on.

      • Rebecca Gonzalez-Cook

        If my girls walked attempted to walk out of the house with the majority of the crap this woman wears they would be grounded indefinitely. Icon, where? In countries with no clothing? Her stylist needs to be shot, she is tacky and classless and for someone so worries about obesity she certainly isn’t a dainty thing herself. All in all, I hope this is just a bad dream and we will wake up and find someone tainted the water supply because this woman (regardless of her husband’s political idiocy) is doing a fine job of making our country a complete laughing stock. Disgusting and trashy is the best description.

      • don m.

        And your brain is pickled mush lib slime

      • Charles

        Brian, I can hear your automatic liberal brain track kicking in. It’s too bad you are under some irresistible urge to always protect Obama, no matter how dishonest and illegal his policies, and to protect Mrs. Obama, no matter how classless her behavior.

      • Becky Kuehn

        Fashion Icon for what? The Ghetto? America does not love her. America is sick of her, For the person who hated America and is now for the first time proud of America shows she’s taking what she can, as much as she can, while she can, and to hell with the rest of us!

      • Wild Thing

        Only by Liberals. The rest of the country considers her to be trash. Still, Brian I guess you are proud to be associated with trash.

      • riosam

        Higher approval rating? Says who? All of the people just like her? I have never given her an approval rating in ANY poll…like most all the people…those poll numbers are hyped in the affirmative to make her look good…get a clue!

      • Steph
      • Cynthia Williams

        HA HA HA – fashion ICON ???? – jeez… And just for the record – America does NOT love her – that’s only what the lame media want you to think. Brian – think for yourself!

    • IMSweetOlBob

      Edwin, baby. Whachoo mean embarrassmu – uh -whacoo said. I aint seen no other forst ladies nowhere else git it on like dat. Maybe dat hot mama from France but she aint got no nattchell rhythm.

    • Jeff

      It reminds me of the movie Back To The Future II, when they go into the future, a scewed future, which is 2015 (i hear a bell going off in my head), and on the TV is some crazy Black Rap Star, wearing some moronic outfit, yelling & screaming and he’s the President! Sound similiar!

    • michigan1209

      Puleeeze ! On behalf of professional clowns all over the WORLD, I must protest your use of the word clown in a sentence with such Honorable and Patriotic women. !

  • Laura Chamberlain

    My Momma always told me that a lady knows when to let loose and when to show a little respect and decorum.

    Keep that for your private family time Michelle,

    • val

      It is glued on with a hot glue gun by her 27 personal assistants

      • IMSweetOlBob

        Aint no way that be put on wif no hot glue,baby. Why that mama be sooooo hot she melt it off faster that you can be sayin jive, you heah me?
        Mmmmm-Mmmm ! Dat be one smokin lady dat Mee Shell girl. I heare de nex thing, she gonna get da Marine Band to back up a couple of hot rockers while she puts it on the audience. Whoooo Eeeeee!

        • val

          Den how dah wig stayon dah hair? Staple GU ?

          • Jeff

            Your tax money!

          • michigan1209

            Did she buy that wig from Wigs for jigs ?

        • Jeff

          man, you must be and sound soooooo stupid!

          • A6768NAMVET

            But it was funny!!! LMAO All dem black girlz want dere hair straight like de white woman!!!! Truth hurts? Too bad

          • Sindee

            More like the Asian women…just saying!

        • ShamanBlair

          Bob, obviously you need to give a SA (sarcasm alert) to your posts. SOME here think you’re serious and/or stupid, & it’s because they’re sarcasm-challenged! LOL!

        • lessthantolerant

          Moves by the Head Breeder, no wonder the Simian is like by Ghetto Trash!

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      She is above any MORALS-REMEMBER ! She is QUEEN -JUST ask her !!

    • Wild Thing

      laura, barrack would not be interested. she is the wrong sex.

      • Barry MaCaukiner

        Indeed! Barry Hussein Soetorobama has no desire to watch or partake of his hoochie mama “wife” shake her money maker. He’s accustomed to getting bl*wj*bs from fat white crackheads in the back of limos while cruising around southside Chicago.

        • riosam

          OR in the White House from Reggie ‘his’ Love!

          • michigan1209

            Reggie comes in (so to speak ) through the ‘secret’ tunnel and leaves the same way. No need to ‘sign in’ that way !

        • RLM357

          She couldn’t get any Tats because they couldn’t find enough White Ink!

    • riosam

      Exactly….it’s a family affair thing…..certainly NOT for the public display!

      • IMSweetOlBob

        riosam: How de people suppos to know she be so hot if she dont show it off, Clyde ? All de ladies say “if you gots it, FLAUNT IT ! I know that be right.

        • Jeff

          Again with the stupidity!

        • riosam


          • MAC49

            Without a doubt!

          • ShamanBlair

            It was sarcasm.

        • Jayne Nielsen

          What is so hot about a First Lady who acts like a street walkin’, pole dancin’ ho?! Look at past First Ladies (e.g. Jackie Kennedy) and First Ladies from other countries and you tell me how many of those classy women would ever behave like Michelle Obama does?! She “flaunts it” alright. She flaunts her trash and her crass. She is everything BUT a Lady.

          • Catherine Lu

            Wonder what her mama says when she see’s her act like this. I’m waiting for the daughter to end up pregnant if the mother acts like this . Glad granny is there to keep the girls straight .

  • John Barone

    What a Big Fat Pig she is

  • W Randall

    How old are the boys getting a facefull? Didn’t some Mom recently get arrested for hiring a stripper for her sons 16th Birthday Party?

  • Anna Rawson

    well guess that’s why they are married 2 shoes for the same foot…. How embarrassing …used to be a time our First lady had class *sighs* those days are gone too.

    • marcia

      Maybe she needs to be “doing” THE POLE, ’cause maybe the hubbie is doing his butt buddy Eric?

  • Jonah E.

    Beyond disturbing

    • Pat Pettie

      It made me puke. I am not surprised at all, why obama gave $1.5 millions to do research why lesbians tend to be obese, yuck. We can see here is The Vain Jackdaw from Aesop Fable. I always wondered that “is this a transvesite” ? because we all knew that obama is gay – so this woman/man or transgender must be, ugh!

  • sunflowerseed73

    It’s an embarrassment to our country. The Obama’s seem more suited to Hollywood than Washington D.C. I was never for them, but once they won in 2008 I was so hoping they would show us doubters we were wrong, but they showed us alright, they showed us they don’t give a big fat rat’s behind what we think/want/need, it’s all about them. We would be hard pressed to find worse first lady for our nation.

    • Brian Huffman

      What you need is a serious dose of diet and exercise. And that’s what Michelle is trying to teach you.

      • Linda Evans


      • Wild Thing

        Moochee loves french fries, and admits to eating them every day.

        Brian, I don’t think that is very healthy. Obviously, you have some strange ideas.

    • disqus_6pK0NkjKjx

      ..not even Hollywood; I’m thinking the south side of Chicago!

    • Wild Thing

      or perhaps a nudie bar.

    • ShamanBlair

      Since, as a responsible voter, I’d made sure to vet him before the elections, I didn’t vote for him. If only everyone knew how important that is!

  • harvell52

    Where was this at ?

  • harvell52

    It would be cool to see that wig go flying and her real frizz pop out.

    • val

      Hot glue gun

      • Jeff

        Or velcro

    • Guest

      This is what we call very aggressive racism.

      • harvell52

        About her hair ? Not at all . If I was Nancy Reagan I would say her very gray thin hair would pop out under that wig .

      • ggrdr05

        maybe if she ever acted like a lady remarks like this wouldn’t be made?????

        • Jayne Nielsen

          Your observation and comment, ggrdr05, is 100% correct.

      • riosam

        Just tellin like it is!!

      • RLM357


        • ShamanBlair

          Why? Because he’s another PC tool, Kool-ade drinking, low income voting Obamanation supporter. What else?

      • Jeff

        Its called Freedom Of Speech and the truth! that’s what happens when woman act like sluts!

  • Kurt Anderson

    Where is the dignity I was embarrassed by billy clinton banging an intern, but this is horrible!

    • Barbara Hedges

      and in the oval office which made it more sickening. When Bush went in the White House he had it cleaned and sterilized. If these ghetto people ever get out we will have to do the same to the whole white house and air force one.

      • Wild Thing

        The entire white house will have to spend at least a week under one of those very large canvas tents being fumigated.

        • ShamanBlair

          You talk about Big Tent politics–LOL!

      • ShamanBlair

        The first =decent= President elected should do all of that, AND have it exorcised. Assuming we can still elect =anyone,= I mean. The NWO marches apace….

    • Wild Thing

      at least billy did it in private, but no not this skank.

  • Shelah Wik

    Nasty! last time I checked, it was considered trashy to shake your privates in a man’s face…Didn’t someone explain to her how a first Lady is supposed to behave ?

    • beelp

      No, I think not. The two of them just cannot get enough attention. Barack was, from what history tells us, very neglected as a child. Then the attention he got was from radical leftists.

      • Jeff

        Its called being a Narcisist!

    • val

      Her a slow learner. Ghetto hoochie trash.

      • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

        The First HO is being used again as a brainwashing tool against all decencies of American’s by her islamic and communist handlers especially for the stupid black morons to follow sex and then violence leads. The black murdering morons are the first being sent to murder Christians and American Whites and then everyone else. Then they want to send in THEIR PERSONAL TERRORIST ARMY to murder all whether they have any guns or not.

        • michigan1209

          What is next ? A Kardashian type ‘sex tape’?

          But who would be the other immoral participant? Reggie ? Larry? or Hilary ?

          • ShamanBlair

            All three, likely.

        • ShamanBlair

          Morons come in ALL colors. Think of the Clintoons…. /^>

    • RLM357

      Yes I think it was Farakan or Wright.

    • riosam

      Obviously, NOT!

  • Brian Worthing

    Just like how drug use went up when Bill Clinton had a toke and didn’t hold his smoke. World leaders need to set a GOOD example!!!

    • ShamanBlair

      YES!!!!! You’re absolutely correct! This is why even if she WERE “exercising” this should never have happened!

  • Nancy Kocot Valenti

    I honestly believe this is a sincere attempt to be seen as a “fun loving” woman who is “Down with it”. Unfortunately, this behavior degrades the position of “First Lady”.-But..this Office has been moraly on a “downward spiral”..from Nixon’s Watergate to Clinton’s sexual escapades and infidelity and lies. The photo makes me recall how the “Left” unfairly made remarks about Sarah Palin. (“Ya can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.”) Well, it is my opinion that a “First Lady” should be more dignified..but I also believe the Obama admin. wants to continue to “court” the people (who dance and behave like this at clubs etc.)so they will continue to be supported.

    • ShamanBlair

      Correct on all points!

  • Dora Marie

    Okay, okay, I admit defeat here. I have spent the last four years defending this woman and saying nice things, hoping that she would make me proud. I don’t agree with her husband’s policies but I was giving her the benefit of doubt and that “hope” they talked about that she would be our consolation. Well, all hope is gone now : (

    • Daniel Diggle Gossett

      She is doing an exercise. Not pole-daning…..facepalm

      • Holli Phillips

        Thank you for having half a brain.

        • Sonya Knox

          Thank u for being one of the few people on here with a brain!

      • Charlotte Sodd Evans

        Daniel et al, even if she is exercising, a lady does not strike such a pose in public . . . especially the First Lady of America!!! Call it what you will, this is crude and lacks any class or decorum whatsoever.

        • jlbs

          The key word is “class”, and neither one of the husseins has any.

      • Robert Anderson Sr

        What-how she does Obama ? OR anyone ? He likes the POLE also !!

      • Nancy Law

        LOL! She is just doing what comes naturally – her ROOTS are showing.

        • A6768NAMVET

          Her WIG is showing……the nappie roots are underneath it!!

      • Nancy Law

        Daniel DIggle Gossett – did you see how wide she could spread those HUGE THIGHS?


      • Carole Mitchell Lewis

        Her crotch is practically in the man’s face. It is a lewd excercise move. Calling it an excercise move is pushing it.

        • val

          She pushin it

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      once a sleaze always a sleaze !!! It’s ALL about OUR MONEY and seeing yourself on TV EVERYDAY !!

      • Nancy Law

        Michele is FAT. Did you see those THIGHS? When is she going to stop looking OBESE?

        • LizandLarry Fairchild

          well…she was on tv saying we all want more…guess her’s went to her thighs

          • RLM357

            BO’s an A$$ man and it doesn’t matter whose or what gender!

          • A6768NAMVET

            If he’s an azzman…..he must love himself!!!

        • LEL

          She ain’t fat, that’s muscle and she’s one powerful woman.

          • michigan1209

            Are you convinced that personage is a woman?

          • lessthantolerant

            Shaq in drag!

      • Carole Mitchell Lewis

        You know the saying, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear!!! It certainly applies to Michelle Obama.

        • michigan1209

          And it is impossible to make a woman out of a beard !

      • Sindee

        Even the Ivy League education couldn’t turn a ho into a lady.

    • Wild Thing

      dora, she is a gang banger from the ghetto, and it took you long enough to catch on.

      • Nancy Law

        Who’d want to bang her? Bet ya even her husband doesn’t want her.

        • ShamanBlair

          You talking about Barry “Downlow” Obummer? No. His “taste” lies elsewhere….

        • lessthantolerant

          She is a beard for Obama, he does his secret service detail and they do Mooshelle!

      • michigan1209

        Her ‘corner’ at Fillmore and I 80 is being ‘covered’ for her by an Aunt and a nephew. so it was rumored.

    • beelp

      Dora, how’s the exploring going, LOL?

    • dolly

      I saw the ‘look’ in her eyes 5 years ago – the ‘longing’ for material things, the desire to grab women’s hearts – the day she walked out of Air Force One at the Grand Canyon? (maybe it wasn’t the AF1) – at any rate when I saw her come down the steps of the plane in blue jean shorts and frumpy, my husband and I were checking out of a hotel room and as I expressed my disgust, hubby strongly defended her and said: ‘well, she should be able to wear whatever she wants’ – this may be true but NOT while being First Lady. And 4 years later we are still arguing about the obama’s.

  • Arthur Ross

    Who in hell said that she is a lady ??

  • redc1c4

    look at those thunder thighs…

    and she has the nerve to tell other people how to eat?

    • Wild Thing

      I have always said moochee would make a goo linebacker for the N.Y. Giants. Nanny Bloomberg could go watch her every week.

  • IKnowBob

    Are those ones in that kid’s hand?

    • Cynthia Williams

      What ARE you two talking about?

    • ShamanBlair

      Not yet, but he might be practicing….

  • Max Morris

    Is she lifting off her little fake hair hat?

  • Bo Sickels

    Class can be faked, but street trash goes all the way to the bone.

    • Ashira Rhodes

      This woman is a disgrace to all first ladies preceding her.

  • George Lance Waring

    “You expect some ghetto chick to do something so crass, but not the First Lady”
    The “first lady” is a ghetto chick. Now all the pieces fall into place.

  • Rumbling Mike

    The FLOTUS is a SKANK! For the first time in my adult life, I can say that I am truly embarrassed by my country (for voting in a useless tit of a “president”)

    • Sonya Knox


      • Wild Thing

        sonya, only those of you who admire this skank.

        have you done your harlem shake today?

  • Stacey Newport

    And this is precisely why I will never, ever respect her or her husband. You can’t make me.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    First class, my butt

    • ShamanBlair

      Well, =her= “but” surely isn’t! LOL!

  • Clarece Minter

    V P L ALERT! Shilliary would die before she had that! We had to pay to have her unders sown into her clothes so she wouldn’t have V P L!

    • ShamanBlair

      Eeeeuuuwww…thanks sooo much for =that= image…Hitlary squatting HER megabut on stage. As the stomach CHURNS…LOL!

      I’m almost afraid to ask…”VPL?”

  • redwolf6911

    Laura and George Bush conducted themselves with dignity and were a class act. The Obamas, well not hardly. This was disgusting for a first lady.

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      Laura was a class act, neo-con Georgie not very.

    • Roswell Evans

      Her position should dictate her behavior. But obviously it doesn’t.

  • Diann Gardner


  • mr bill

    Primate Mating Dance, Yep, “Nuff Said”

  • mr bill

    Shameful disgrace for our “Leaders” family, to add embarrassment to the other “Idiots” we have in the white house and it’s administration. No wonder the rest of the world hates America, it’s people, and have no respect for it. Sad times for the USA…..

  • Thea Patriot

    So how did she pay her way through college?

  • timmysfriend

    I’m not taking up for her but are you sure she’s not just exercising?

    • mom2marine

      There is no excuse for a lady to ever be in that pose in public….and on a stage no less.

    • ShamanBlair

      Even so, it’s not a photo a true LADY would allow out–even if she made a good role model of a person teaching others to lose weight.

  • thatsitivehadenough

    How much more depressed can they make us? We are now the laughing stock of all decent people worldwide.

    • Wild Thing

      just wait until the two daughters get started.

      • ShamanBlair

        I do feel sorry for their kids.

  • Rita gillianno

    Freaking disgrace…has anyone versed her on protocol of being in public eye let alone beeing the first lady…a lady she is not!

  • njlibertarian

    Where was this taken?

  • BoogieMan

    Too bad the American people do not seem to care at all about this embarrassment .. about the money spent by these people, by the insult to the USA, just plain low life garbage. History will judge it all … it’ll take years.

  • Sherri Schwartz

    It is passed time to put dignity back into the White House. How can you expect someone to respect you when you act like this in public? This is not the reason we are in the shape we are in, but it definitely does not help the United States when the perception of the 1st lady looks like she has been dancing on some pole somewhere and has plenty of experience doing it.

  • Lemrob

    She sure makes that pole look good

  • me

    stupid people taking pictures out of context!

    • Wild Thing

      delusional much?

  • hookemowls


  • Finley Wheatback


  • Finley Wheatback

    Where’s the video link? I see a still picture. Where’s the video?

  • Daniel Diggle Gossett

    I’m sure all you other sheeple never noticed that the picture used isn’t cited as to where it was taken at. And, I’m also sure you didn’t make the connection that the pole is a hand rail for the stairs that lead to the stage. I’m also sure you didn’t notice that she’s doing leg squats in exercise close. Kevin Jackson is a lying douche bag and trying to make someone out to be a stripper when all she is doing is showing kids how to exercise is deplorable.

  • Bruce Jacobs

    Well, when she leaves the WH, if she ever does, she now has potentials for a job?? But, then, she already had them. I’ve seen down-trodden hookers look better!!!!!

  • Holli Phillips

    You all are absolutely rude for the comments you’re making about a photo based solely on the word of someone on the Internet.

    Look it up, please. The photo was taken at an event where she was dancing and exercising with children at a school to promote children’s health. It was in Chicago.

    • Vicki Joyner

      So what? She is too old, too fat, and should be too dignified to EVER do those moves in public. But as we all know, she has no boundaries.

    • Wild Thing

      well, of course it was in shitago. they have more than their share of skanks and gang bangers.

    • Cynthia Williams

      Figures – chicago.

  • K_B

    Pole dancing? Seriously? She’s EXERCISING!!

  • American

    Kevin Jackson you’re an absolute joke. Is this what journalism has come to? What happened to reporting on facts? You should be ashamed of yourself. She is obviously at an event promoting activity and showing kids and families how to exercise. She’s doing leg squats in work out clothes. The pole is a handrail – and its completely obvious. This article and the comments are absolute asinine. Whether this was posted out of ignorance or complete manipulation, it is a reflection of your worth as a true reporter/blogger/author/journalist. It’s truly disappointing.

    • Vicki Joyner

      Pole dancing MOVES…..reading comprehension is a good thing.

    • Wild Thing

      Why don’t you ask why the media has never reported the truth about benghazi? They are still trying to blame it on some cheap badly done movie just like hillary and obama did

  • Terri Storer

    As much as I hate the Obamas, she’s wearing workout clothes and there is no “stripper pole” seen anywhere in that picture. IMO she’s working out, looks like squats.

    • Wild Thing

      terri, she has the squats? man, am i glad i was no where close. The picture is very undignified for even a first lady skank.

  • Bonnie Miller Barber

    I’ve seen a few First Ladies in my time, this one is no lady! Since her and her husband are screwing the entire country, this may be the most appropriate picture, after all…

  • Sonya Knox

    Kevin Jackson you are an idiot. Why don’t you post what she is really doing instead of making up vicious lies.

    • Vicki Joyner

      Does it matter? Why don’t you explain your support for this crew of grifters? What exactly was it that made you vote for Obama? His high unemployment numbers, high gas prices, failing foreign policies, dead embassy workers, Muslim ass kissing? Oh wait…I already know why….

      • Michael Edwards

        We are always blaming others, but the facts remains that the people have allowed the RAPE of our country for years and we continue to sit on our hands and do nothing but place blame while the “Rape” continues. So don’t talk trash on just one! They all are no good!! All of them. Buffet said it better than anyone, ” I’ll pay off half the national depth if all of congress resigns”. So the first lady is not the issue here. It seems this Mr. Jackson knows how to raise the hatred out of some.

        • outofsteam

          I can’t believe you are defending the current residents of the WH. They have more than all the other previous administrations and congress. Buffet? He’s a joke! Why doesn’t he just pony up all the money he owes instead of proclaiming he doesn’t owe it? He has dragged it on for years. I don’t who you’re referring to when you say this Mr. Jackson but personally you are an idiot for defending her and her husband.
          She looks ridiculous. She’s holding onto her youthful (she hopes) wig and looks like she’s about to take a crap!

        • ShamanBlair

          Stop swinging that “WE” crud around! At least nearly HALF didn’t vote for him, & given the growth of voter FRAUD, it’s a possibility a good bit MORE than half didn’t!

          Remember, in many places, the pro-BO vote OUTNUMBERED the area’s =population.= DEAD people rose from their graves to vote! SOME were brazen enough to BRAG–ON CAMERA!–that they’d voted for BO! Voting machines were hacked!

          So KNOCK IT OFF already with this blaming “WE” THE PEOPLE!

      • Wild Thing

        maybe sonya is black. that would explain everything.

        • ShamanBlair

          No it wouldn’t. A LOT of black people are not happy with the Obummers! Finally, more & more these days, one sees people such as Mr. Jackson (who WROTE this article, after all) speaking out!

          You should take note of this & SUPPORT it, because to do otherwise would be RACIST.

    • Cynthia Williams

      Sonya, Sonya, Sonya – recognize losers, please!

  • Dan Nugent

    wouldn’t want to sit behind and see all that cottage cheese shakin

  • Wanda

    Looks like she is afraid her wig will fall off. This not the way a lady should act much less
    The FLOTUS disgusting.

  • dthur1003

    Ape Shake !!!

  • Michael Edwards

    Just because she is the first “First Lady” that is young and fit enough to be able to dance is no reason to hate on her. When you hate on others, it says even more about you.

    • Roswell Evans

      This isn’t hate. Although some things shouldn’t have been said however the position she holds should dictate her behavior. She should be held to a higher standard.

    • Wild Thing

      Why would a real first lady allow herself to be photographed like this, michael?

    • ShamanBlair

      FIRST: The expression is not “to hate on.” It’s “to hate.” Period.

      SECOND: “Hate” doesn’t equate with “DISGUST.”

      This stipulation applies equally to “disillusionment,” “horror,” “being made sick,” “tired of,” ” appalled by,” or any number of other reactions. I see only a tiny amount of truly “hateful” posts here. Address them individually. Put away your broad brush; most of us are not deserving of such shallow judgement!

  • Tommy Tobin

    If I saw her pole dancing in a real strip club,I would NOT tip her.

    • Wild Thing

      tip her? i wouldn’t watch.

    • Colleen

      That’s good. I’ve always thought cow tipping was cruel.

      • ShamanBlair

        ROTFLOL! And I’m =certain= I speak for the overwhelming majority, here. /^)

  • Rebecca Coomes

    We don’t have a First Lady. We have a First Skank. :-(

    • Wild Thing

      first skank, no caps please for these people.

      Caps are reserved for those we respect.

  • Amused.

    Same event. Different angle. Less “amusing”. Apparently Mr. Jackson can’t tell the difference between a bannister and a pole.

    • ShamanBlair

      That does NOT show her =squatting= as she does in the picture above, nor is she dressed in such gut-strangling pants. There IS a time & place for exercise, but she’s using the MOVES of a pole dancer–which some teachers actually use, because it attracts those who find slutty behavior attention getting.==

      If she were circumspect, as a real first LADY =should= be, she’d at least allow another person to do this, or at the =very= least she’d NOT let that photo be printed!

      Anyway, she’s got a history of doing & saying unseemly things, things unworthy of her position.

      • Amused.

        Hard to tell if the pants are the same. I can’t tell from a still photo what the moves were.The still photo could just as easily represent this:

        Re-read the article. The whole story is about a photo which was captioned and then the headline written to make her look bad.

        As far as “not letting a photo be printed”, that’s a fairly tall order. It’s the First Amendment. And as far as a history of doing and saying unseemly things, or things unworthy of her position, I’m hard pressed for an example. Please provide one, with a link, that you think shows her as anything other than a young First Lady.
        The closest I could find to the exact moment when the still above was taken was at 0:26 in this: Doesn’t seem overly provocative to me….

  • Coltanaconda

    she has some wide birthing hips for damn sure…..

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      Stop the negative comments about her womanly hips and rear. That is her physique and is better than the boyish figured clothes models. There is certainly PLENTY to comment about in her Queen Antoinette attitude and disregard for the constitution along with her Marxist husband. Her physical appearance other than her atrocious taste in clothing should be off limits. Her politics are fair game for Constitutionalists.

      • Wild Thing

        you have got to be joking, joe.

      • Cynthia Williams

        Joe – I have to agree with you. Physical attributes should be off-limits. There are so many other things M/M Marx have done to shame us.
        We are so in for it. (=things are going to get worse) Liberalism=mental illness.

        • ShamanBlair

          You are correct. “Physical attributes SHOULD be off limits.”
          Now why don’t you go tell HER that, so she’ll get her nose out of our business, re what we eat & how we live, or at LEAST tell her to practice what she preaches!

          Re liberals being mentally ill, though, you are SPOT ON.

      • ShamanBlair

        In her case, it IS “fair game” & proper because SHE made being “in shape” a big deal, yet she’s NOT in shape herself!

        I will say that’s less problematical than her Queen Antoinette attitude (GOOD one! ^5!), or other things, but when she actually, =literally- sticks it in people’s FACES, then, EXPECT folks to act as we do!

  • Charlotta Jones

    what a slut. Totally inappropriate. Thats what you get when trailer trash inhabits the White House

  • harvell52

    It’s great that she tries to encourage exercise in kids . But this photo isn’t very tasteful . I don’t care for her as a first person because her actions and words sometimes do not fit her position . Just my opinion . Everyone has one

  • stevor

    Compare this #&#(@ to previous first ladies. Disgusting, isn’t it? I guess she’s come “out of the closet” as wanting to be a STAR or thinking she already is one.

  • i2luvmyusa

    You can take the animal out of the Ghetto, but you will never take the GHETTO out of the animal!

  • Military Wife and Mother

    Poor Michelle, everyone is picking on her. Don’t you folks know you can take the lady out if the slum, but you can’t take the slum out of the woman. (Or don’t you remember they owned tenements in Chicago?) Moochie is what she is, unfortunately her appearance, actions, and mouth prove her to be anythingthing but a First Lady. (More class and style than Jackie, Barbara or Laura! Please! l

    Between Moochie and her husband, the Great Odumbo, We the People are disgraced and embarrassed on a regular basis. The Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, and al-Quida no longer think we have any power to stop them. Until we get the Odumbos out of Washington, be prepared for anything….remember, all our enemies are not outside our borders. Our greatest danger is domestic, and lives in the White House.

  • Robert Allocca

    First things first. She’s NO LADY.

  • Steph

    Zero class. An embarrassment on so many levels.

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    Real classy…she loves all that attention…doing pushups with Degeneres….acting like a doginheat….then belly dancing….now pole dancing…getting on all those dirt bags shows showing how guttertrash she really is….and…the world is laughing…..

    • ShamanBlair

      They laughed at us when the ClintonS (plural intended!) were “the President,” too.

      Did you see the photo of some parade in Europe which showed a float depicting the Statue of Liberty standing, Mr, Clinton right behind her with his hands cupping her breasts?

      He as grinning like the loon he is, & crowds were LITERALLY laughing!

  • ThePlateau

    What really strikes me is those huges ass thighs and coffee table butt, and she is telling us that she knows nutrition better then the parents of this nation.

  • WesTexan

    No class whatsoever. That’s just disgusting! She may have the title, First Lady, but that’s where it stops.

    • Wild Thing

      No, No that is first lady, little letters. Never dignify her or president obama by using captial letters.

      • WesTexan

        My bad. Of course. What was I thinking? Neither deserve dignity if they will not choose it for themselves by their actions and words.

      • ShamanBlair

        I prefer First Cow.

  • Erin Jenkinson

    If she wants to combat obesity why doesn’t she shank that fathead she’s married to?

  • onerightstand

    Vile, disgusting and ugly! She really has NO shame!

  • Beatpestytext

    Thunder thighs who constantly complains about obesity. That huge rear end proves she never looks at herself in a mirror. No class at all. He doesn’t either. Did anyone notice him chewing gum at his Inauguration?

    • ShamanBlair

      Take pity on her–there ARE no mirrors allowed in the WH. If there were, eventually someone would notice BO leaves no REFLECTION….

      You =have= checked your bank account recently…right? ;->

  • Thomas McIntyre

    and once again the obastards true colors show through – they are loser ghetto socialists that should be in a 3rd world country, not here!!!… what a damn disgrace and embarrassment….

  • SuzieQue

    More fruits and veggies, Mama!!!

  • Patriot_765

    I am just so proud I don’t even have the words…

    • ShamanBlair

      Snnniiiifffff! Smell the irony! LOL!

  • Wild Thing

    only one word comes to mind, same word for sandra fluke, “slut.”

  • Kurt Grossman

    Michelle Obama, the 1st Lady, is a sinner just like ME & YOU! We believed a group of immoral media and lobbyists and elected her husband without ANY EXPERIENCE DESERVING THE PRESIDENCY. Now you want to insult and complain? America does not honor God. The USA does not obey Jesus Christ. The United States are not united and our country is not filled with the Holy Spirit. This is nothing! If Americans do not pray for revival and we don’t get down on our knees and ask God for forgiveness we will experience HELL on earth in our country.

    • Wild Thing

      first lady, in moochee’s case small letters are acceptable. I don’t think she is just a sinner. She is one of the devil’s compatriots.

    • Wild Thing

      We are experencing hell on earth in this country, and thanks to obama it is only going to get worse.

    • Cynthia Williams

      You are right Kurt. America was founded on the principles of God. How far we have fallen. We are in for it.

    • ShamanBlair

      “We believed a group of immoral media and lobbyists and elected her husband without ANY EXPERIENCE DESERVING THE PRESIDENCY.”

      “We?” “WE?” Nuh-UNH. Speak for =yourself.= _I_ am NOT a low-information voter!

  • Gouchybear

    Let’s just call a spade a spade, she’s a Ghetto Ho pure and simple!

  • johnkohlenberg

    Have you ever seen a pearl in a pigs snout, or a dog that returns to his vomit. Well you are seeing it first hand. here.

    • Wild Thing

      i have seen a handbag made out of pig. it smelled like hamhocks.

  • Robbie Puckett

    Would someone please take the TRASH out…of the White House?

  • mom2marine

    Shameful. Just when you think that they couldn’t go any lower….

  • Thomas Stevens

    You have to admit,she does have lots and lots of booty to shake there

  • Thomas Creamer

    Looks like a Crack HO !

  • outofsteam

    Can you imagine any previous first ladies doing this? She looks like an idiot! If they were Republicans the press would crucify them.

  • Gary L Perry

    When and where was this photo taken?

    If this was taken in the past 12 years this woman is a classless cow and an embarrassment to our nation.

  • Michelle Sirmans Emanuel

    I agree with Kevin…exercising or dancing…some things are not appropriate in mixed company much less for the whole world to see…we have reached the level in this society that everything is okay and accepted…it’s okay to have fun…don’t matter if you are supposed to be setting a good example for young ladies…she don’t look any different from those girls on Toby Keith’s video “Honky Tonk Bodonka Donk”!!!!!

  • Zoe2010

    the mind of that wh occupier is completely gone…

  • Elizabeth Moore

    God she is such trash.

  • lokiswife

    “Po’ white trash comes in all colors”. Old Southern saying. Didn’t she know that First Ladies are held to a higher standard of decorum than Chicago girls? Didn’t any of her many assistants tell her?

    • ShamanBlair

      Yeah! Assistants WE PAY FOR, by the way!

  • used2bslim

    I am no fan, repeat NO FAN of our current White House
    squatters but be real, this is nothing more than an awkward picture tasteless for
    sure but there is no indication of poll dancing. Stop giving the liberals ammunition
    by your little thought out responses. If you go to a left side website they do
    the same thing to the right. Pretty immature in my opinion but that is what
    gets people riled up on both sides.

    • marcia

      If it were u “exercising” at ur gym and someone grabbed this unflattering pic, would u give them permission to use it in an advertisement? Well, Mrs. O does not get that option, she is in the public’s eye and always “ON STAGE” LITERALLY! As a mother, a daughter, a teacher, an American, it makes me cringe.

      • ShamanBlair

        BRAVA! 100% agreement!

  • Richard Holmes

    worthless pile of hog shat

  • Becky McClure

    She needs to follow our other first ladies around and see what class really is. I wonder where Mr. Wright found her. He picked her for Obama to use to cover up his Gay life style.

  • Matt

    you can take the ni66er out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the ni66er

    • Cynthia Williams

      guys, stop – this is getting overdone. trash talking is no better than what she is doing.

  • RsGoat

    She is allowed a moment of Freedom. The Press plays all of us ignoring news to support causes they believe in or hyping the fashionable lucrative. Obesity is over blown for profit.

  • Matt

    Our Lady of the Ghetto

  • Tony

    This article might be a bit extreme without seeing the video. She is the spokeswoman for get moving or something like that. If she is exercising, cool…and she looks like she is enjoying herself which is cool. If there is a pole involved, then shame on her for being a bad role model. Looks like there are kids there and there is a growing obesity epedemic with our kids so I see no problem with this picture if she is exercising. Let’s not jump to conclusions and become like the left.

  • Lew Richards


  • Lew Richards

    impeach obama,NOW!!! SAVE AMERICA!!

  • Nancy Law

    Did you see those THIGHS on her? They are HUGE!!

    She looks like an upset GORILLA!

  • RsGoat

    More clearly I see our countries issue is not so much with the politicians but with the reporters, news papers and media outlets who leave us ignorant of events they are afraid to ask questions. Would Mexico have gotten as bad if reporters asked “why is a bad program moving guns across the boarder” instead of ignoring the DOJ’s Fast and Furious program under Erick Holder? I’m not sure any were reported captured; whistle blowers stopped the botched operation. Let’s Foucus on Reporting

    • ShamanBlair

      Um…this column IS reporting, or am I missing something?

      • RsGoat

        I am sorry for the incomplete thought but we are allowing ourselves to be yanked around by the media on unimportant events when our country is indebt and our personal freedoms are in question. Those who protect our country first and foremost are playing games. The reports don’t report on significant events in this transparent government (3House budget bills ignored in Senate)and the events leading to passage of Health Care, Benghazi, or Fast and Furious? You needed 3 news agencies and some foreign ones to get a little clue what is happening in our country. I am not mad at any politician for taking advantage of that, it’s ripe for the taking. Unfortunately this did not help Obama or his Administration grow into the historical administration it should have been. Not covering his mistakes allowed weakness to prevail and weaken those below him. The American people had no chance to speak on his actions because they did not know what was happening which may play badly when we look back on this. I disagree with his policy but his staff screwed up because they assumed no one would pay any attention to them either. Now dose it make more sense? Why have an insulting story about Mrs. Obama she dose not deserve but ignore important events? How old is that picture anyway? She is still a Lady.

        • ShamanBlair

          Okay, I think I understand, but we have a different idea of news. There =are= more or less important issues, but I have time for both…plus they’re intertwined & affect the world, each in its own way, if not in degree.

          Since I don’t rely on only one or two single sources, I don’t limit myself to major issues, Both, on varying levels, are important to me, for different reasons.

          I find the usurpation of the news by “We, the People,” a Good Thing, & =because= the NON “main-stream” media aren’t vetted by anyone–especially the government–I’m forced to hone my mind, & think for myself.

          Are there errors, even agendas, which might trip us up? Of course. That’s why I DON’T stick to only a handful of sources, but use =many.= Having worked in the news medium of radio for a while (um…ages ago…/^), I learned first hand how the news is twisted & outright censored to push an agenda. That’s why I left. From that time onward, I’ve =never= trusted the media, unless I personally knew the one who was delivering the news–& even THEN, I ask them to recheck their sources!

          I have a template I use up to evaluate ALL media (& all news) to hold them accountable. After weighing what they say against one another, & against my template, =then= I decide, facts firmly in hand, what & whom to believe.

          The “template” has several facets within which =any= news item must fit, & it includes such things as statistics, morality, probability or possibility quotient, accuracy, the news-giver’s background & reliability, any political bent, historical patterns, & other things.

          I’m anything BUT “yanked around by the media” therefore. You say they don’t report–& you’re correct re the “MSM;” =they= DON’T, yet consider this: YOU found out. You KNOW. And that proves my point; we don’t =need= those who are mouthpieces for the Left. Thank God for the internet! Today, we’re each our own Thomas Paine!

          As for Michelle, you say she is still a “lady.” Not in my book. Even apart from this article, which, whether she’s “dancing” OR “exercising,” just lacks dignity at the very least. Some here have said she must hold higher standards, as she’s a role model. I agree, because people DO look at leaders & their families, & follow them.

          After the Clinton’s reign, kids got the impression that oral sex “wasn’t really sex,” for example, & it became popular for them to copulate in school halls, with only lockers to block most of the view.. And let’s not forget Bush’s puerile use of the word “doo-doo.” There are lots of other examples of this type of influence.

          Mostly it might not matter, but Michelle has a history of arrogance & greed, & worst, she backs up her anti-American spouse, who is wrecking this country. When someone in her position does =anything= questionable, she or he is far more likely to draw scorn from loyal Americans. That’s simply human nature. Rest assured, NO-ONE here has forgotten the big stuff.

          Thank you for taking my former, brief post seriously. I appreciate that. Tod bless you!

  • Grant Halverson

    With all due respect (she is supposed to be the ‘first lady’), #1 She looks like she’s a tub a lard and could go on the diet she’s put public school children on with her rolls of fat on her legs. #2 This is the most UNclassy and UNdignified I’ve ever seen a first lady (and I remember back to the 1950’s). She kinds looks like a slut there. Wish she would be a better role model. KarenWI

  • DM-PenDragon@MSN.COM

    She may be proud to be an American because her “husband” was elected, but seeing this I am embarrassed to tears that the first “lady” of my country has been photographed making obscene/lascivious gestures in public. DMH

  • thestormy

    You can’t defend,”NO CLASS” no matter how hard you try. Those 2 have no class,that’s why I call 1600 PA. Av. our nations largest Out House.All it needs is a 1/2 moon on the front door.Disgraceful,despicable scum occupying our nations once most respected building. They are an embarrassment to our nation.

  • LouiseCA

    Tacky, Michelle, tacky.

    • ShamanBlair

      Tacky & Michelle is a REDUNDANCY.

  • Marilynn Crittenden

    absolutely disgusting display and this is the lady in position of First Lady: GOD help America!

  • Carole Mitchell Lewis

    Can you even imagine Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Barbara or Laura Bush doing something like this? Not in a million years. They were classy, well mannered ladies. They would have never done the things Michelle Obama has done. She is as much of an embarrassment to this country as her husband. It makes me really sad to see the first black president and first lady turn out the way they have. Instead of blacks supporting them, they should be turning against them because they make the black race look bad. No, I am not a racist. I would have supported Colon Powell if he had run for president years ago. I was hoping that Hermain Cain would be the Rep.candidate because I wanted to vote for him. I still think Obama’s people intentially set out to destroy his chance of winning the nomination. I was and still am a big fan of Allen West. I think Obama’s people tampered with the votes to make sure he lost. There are a lot of blacks in politics that are very intelligent true patriots that I would support. Obama is not one of them. I refuse to let one rotten apple turn me against all the others. Michelle Obama is the poorest example of a first lady that this country or any other has ever seen. She is definitely not a lady.

    • ShamanBlair

      There ARE some who’ve begun to decry what the pair of them do. It’s spreading, AS WITNESS this very page! We need to help it grow.

  • Elsie M. Paroz

    Oh, what a great photo to show the world!!! This is supposed to be The First Lady, above reproach!! Well, you could sure fool me. I wish they both would go to Hollywood and live with the rest of the idiots out there, they should fit right in.

  • determented

    Trashy pure trash just as she and her husband have brought low class culture and thieving, lieing, euthanisa plans for all seniors, deceitfulness, lieing about who he is, fraudulent IDs and if she thinks her behind looks good i would refer her butt to one that you could serve beer off of standing up and walking and never spilling a drop. look what a good example she sets for the children. Way to go obama lovers we are the laughingstock of the world and this proves it.

  • Gabrielle Brothers

    She is not interested in representing the Good Old USA folks, she’s in for what she can get with our hard earned tax money. She never has had any respect for this Country and never will. The sad part is they are raising their children to be just like them. I will always have respect for the Office of the President but sorry folks I cannot stand the occupants of the WH right now.

  • SandyLester

    OMG Just when I thought she could not be more trashy, she is.

  • John Holliday

    Even the libtard’s favorite most beautiful first lady, Jackie Kennedy, wouldn’t have done something so demeaning to this country. But since Mooshell is not proud of her country, did we really expect anything else?

  • StarDust Dolittle

    This is really not a good thing for a first lady to do, so now l am fully believing the people in the WH do have a drinking and drug problem. The muslims must really want to be off with her head, and if they could, they would.

  • pinksugar

    poor kids front and center that have full view of her crotch…

  • sovereigntyofone

    Well, I guess what they say is true. In Obama’s 2nd term anything goes with the Obama’s including his wife acting like a ” tramp ” in public. Of course this isn’t anything we didn’t suspect about the Obama’s in the first place.

    • ShamanBlair

      Well, if by “we” you mean the HIGH information voters…./^>

  • agbjr

    Disgusting and revolting beyond description! In less than half-a-century the White House has gone from the graceful elegance and class of a REAL First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, to the Obamas’ debauchery, degradation and immorality. These Chicago guttersnipes have no shame.

  • Peter Furman

    Who cares? Doesn’t surprise me at all! After all,this is the same woman who said”I am ashamed of America”,wore a reported $7,500 jacket to the Olympics while 50 million need food stamps to survive and we are “bankrupt”,more than $6 trillion of $16,trillion+ in four years! Twenty three million+ are unemployed not counting the millions who have quit looking,dropped out,disenfranchised,underemployed and Not counted as if they ceased to exist!

    The latest is that the Obama’s have an absurd “allowance”,taxpayer dollars to spend any way they please on whatever they choose! No,this is not the Obama’s money,the multi-million dollar vacations,the $3000 an hour golf lessons,the trips to Hawaii,Maratha’s Vineyard,campaigning constantly NOT on the people’s business but on shopping sprees,trips to Aspen,the Academy Awards,to see Broadway shows,to “Party” in the people’s house at the people’s expense,to eviscerate the Constitution,The Bill Of Rights while redistributing the working people’s money!

    So,does Michelle pole dancing is the “con” that America bought “hook,Line and sinker”. Class is something one has Michelle,you can’t buy it,steal it,dictate it as you demonstrate so well!

    • 1American1st

      Wonder if this picture will be in the History books………

      • ShamanBlair

        Depends. Scholars will tell you, “It’s the winners of wars who write the history books,” & we ARE at war….

        Shrug. Just SAYIN’….

  • khuntom42

    Typical Chicago booty….whoopee….

  • AnonSevenOne

    Ugh. I give up.

  • Dead Boy in Drudges Closet

    Guys Michelle Obama has killed: 0

    Guys Laura Bush killed: 1

    • marcia

      Wait…she hasn’t caught him with Holder yet…

      • 1American1st

        Holder needs to be in an orange jumpsuit for Fast & Furious.

    • Fred

      I know the story and it was an automobile accident. BTW, what about all of BHO’s former acquaintances who are now dead?

    • 1American1st

      How about her husband going to bed early so he could fly to Vegas in the morning to campaign while Americans were dying REAL TIME in Benghazi. That’s not over yet! I say Impeachment Time.

    • ShamanBlair

      Put…the bong…dowwwnnn….. Now…sloooowwwlyyy baaack awaaaayyyy….

      Whew! Quickly, somebody, get the cuffs & get him someplace where he’s not a danger to himself, or others!!! Man, that was a =close= one!

  • RLM357

    You can take the Beyatch out of the Ghetto but you can’t take the Ghetto out of the Beyatch. How is the Watermelon P{atch at the WH doing? I am surprised they aren’t raising Pigs. Oh wait,… they already have one.

  • Katie Shanks

    To anyone with any lingering desire to defend this utter piece of trash we now have to call the first lady…..Michelle Obama is the definition of uncultivated, uncultured, ghetto trash. Absolutely disgusting…..

  • KenandShirley Locke

    Give me a barf bag!!!!

  • Warren Anthony

    You can take the ho out of the ghetto….

  • sarcoq

    Where on earth was this picture taken?

  • Robert E. Guthrie

    Hope all that voted for this pair are proud! (I’m Not!)

  • catnip24

    you can take a black out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of some blacks.

    • Cynthia Williams

      whoa –

      • 1American1st

        He said “some”…..

  • ECDucy

    That is conduct unbecoming a FLOTUS! What a Slut! She is nothing more than a South Chicago Crack Whore! Could you imaging any of the other FLOTUS ever lowering themselves to that level of behavior?

  • OleDad48

    Are you kidding me? What’s next, a strip tease?

  • Chuck Fowler

    “You expect some ghetto chick to do something so crass, but not the First Lady.”

    That’s the point — our current “First Lady” IS a ghetto chick. They say you can take the girl out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the girl.

  • beverlyjo

    Hey, when you surrender your law license, pole dancing is the next step down.

  • pianojan

    Are you sure this isn’t photo-shopped? I know her thighs are big like that, and I know she is lewd and repulsive, but I’m a little stumped by the white hands.

    • Tony Konte


  • freedomringsforall

    The devil ain’t in Georgia no mo sista
    He be in DeeeeeeeeeeeeCeeeeeee

  • AZWarrior

    I’m looking for the organ grinder.

    Very UN-First Ladylike. Ghetto trash.

  • Kini

    Crass not Class

  • phunyfarm

    Perhaps she should buy jeans that fit also. These are about to go on her or cut off her circulation. What a sad excuse for our country’s representative, think Jackie O would be horrified.

  • Jane Maguire

    Where’s the pole? Looks like she’s doing squats, a component of a good exercise class.

  • jespasinthru

    Why is this woman, who is at least fifty years old, trying so hard to look and act like a teenager? It’s embarrassing. And that fugly hairdo looks like the kind of cheap, synthetic, made-in-China wig that a streetwalker would wear.

  • looneytoonsindville

    Reminds me of Bill Clinton “blowing his horn” on stage in Germany. That was embarrassing – this is worse; it’s demeaning!

  • Angela Segura

    First of all I see NO lady!

  • KittyKittyKit

    I recognize that dance!!!……………’s the “jigaboo”
    Obviously answers the question,……
    Kenya take the woman out of Africa?…………yes!!…………., but you can’t take Africa out of the woman, now…….kenya?

  • gordon

    she is trying to get barrack from reggie love when she shakes that butt it feels like an earthquake

  • a_redrunner

    She is the quality and and example of society today. No decorum, no respect for her place as the wife of the POTUS. Getto chick is right.

  • American By Choice

    FLOTUS just trying to shake off a ‘hanger-on’ after forgetting to wipe!

    • ShamanBlair

      MUST you stoop to such a gross level? That kind of remark will put you in the Obummer’s same level!

  • Paul Christensen

    One thing is for sure these two are a real class act. This is a first and hopefully a last. Trash is as trash does.

  • CO

    How does believing people should be allowed to “have fun” make one a communist, or an “America-hater”. Those are just ignorant target phrases of having other people get incensed over something completely irrelevant to the point. Have you ever even picked up a history book?

    • 1American1st

      Just living proof that no matter what the Obamas do, there will people defending them. Ughhhhhhhhhhh

      Bet you’re from Chicago….in the Bath House district.

      • CO

        Nope, never even been to Chicago. Also, I didn’t mention or defend anyone in post, In which sentence did I mention the Obamas? I was merely criticizing the word usage of the post because It had nothing to do with the image shown. But I suppose being literate makes me an “America-hating communist.”

        • ShamanBlair

          No…but it DOES make you a =tool= of the Communists.

    • ShamanBlair

      MANY. Have YOU ever picked up a Bible?

  • ElizabethMC

    Moochie hoochie coochie!!! Next stop – The Jerry Springer show!!

  • Pegon Zellschmidt

    I like the two young boys in front staring at her crotch and the two girls in the background aghast at the Ob-scenity.

  • abby1532

    What a disgraceful pose for a first lady! Mooch, none of us want to see your crotch.

    • ShamanBlair

      _I_ didn’t even want to see her FACE! LOL!

  • btamargo

    Living proof you can take the monkey out of the jungle but ……its still a monkey dancing for the organ grinder.

    • L Blake Brown


  • wizzid0

    Looks like we must change the title to “First Broad”.

    • Barry MaCaukiner

      “First Wookie N*gger B*tch”

  • Bruce A Silver

    These two bafoons have made a low class spectical of the White House and I am getting sick of it.

    • 1American1st

      I’ve been sick of it since January 2009.

  • Mark Thompson

    SHe is appealing……to her base, her base voters, her base instincts. It’s a diversion from what matters, so it serves multiple purposes. gag I wonder if Bill C has had a turn … yet.

  • CheeseNrice

    Was there anyone who didn’t really know mooshelle is nothing but a low-life ghetto nig-nog?

    • ShamanBlair

      Only those who voted in her equally worthless husband.

  • harleydavidson

    Thank you Mr. Kevin Johnson for covering this. Indeed, I agree. Michelle can do anything she wants in her bedroom. But when in public, as FLOTUS, she should behave as one and give respect to the title she holds. This is really tasteless and no class.

    • Barry MaCaukiner

      Wookie n*gger b*tches be doin’ what Wookie n*gger b*tches be doin’!

  • Squidbilly Bama

    For the first time…I’m ashamed of my country. The first black president and first lady have turned out to be a disgrace to our race. This is just unbelievably embarrassing. Michelle, please STOP. You are making all black women look bad with these silly, class-less exhibitions. If you think you’re the face of health and fitness, you are sadly mistaken. You don’t inspire. You embarrass.

    • ShamanBlair

      Your race, as such, needn’t be ashamed, nor should you =for= your ethnicity. Who =DESERVES= to be ashamed (& to =BE= SHAMED) iare the =individuals= who behave this way.

      NO single race is free of people who deserve shame. No one race is better than another. That’s what =racism= is all about, blaming an entire race for the actions of a few, & I KNOW that’s not YOUR intent, dear.

      No, YOU didn’t act like that, SHE did. Michelle only makes =herself= look bad, Shame on HER!

  • 1American1st

    Just can’t picture Jackie Kennedy “pole dancing”. Now that was a FIRST LADY! Now we have the WORST LADY.

  • ravenhair49

    No class at all.

  • Rhonda Reichel

    what pole dancing…..she’s just crouched down. I’d have to see a video before I’d believe it.

  • Catherine Lu

    She needs to take the wig off and get on the tread mill.

    • Alondra

      How do you think what she is covering under her bangs?

      Answer – “666”

      Enough said.

  • ShamanBlair

    I never EVER want to hear another word about how “wonderful” this hoggish woman is.

  • 1American1st

    Great, just great. You know this is is going to be on the front page of all the European, make that world-wide, newpapers and rag mags. Hanging my head in embarrassment.

    Tell me, just tell me we haven’t become the laughing stock of the world.

  • frawgeyz

    Oh YUCK!!!!!

  • Phillip Gray

    Eww, yuck!

  • MoodyRed

    What a wonderful example of dignity and grace… NOT!!!

  • Sterling Wulff

    Couldn’t you see someone like Jacquilyn Kennedy doing the same thing ??? Trash is trash, and we as a country need to take out the trash piling up in OUR White House !

    • Barry MaCaukiner

      Lady Bird Johnson, Roslyn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush… now this Wookie n*gger b*tch!

  • Death2Unions

    Are my eyes deceiving me or is the Marxist in Chief’s taking a dump?


    This is beyond discusting. I’m ashamed of our first “lady.”

    • Alondra

      Where do you see the “lady”?

      It’s revolting witch with the chimp manners.

  • Oldchopper

    There’s no words to describe their actions or belief system of these people. They flaunt ghetto mindedness all to see. An “in your face” behavior that descent people (of any color) find disgusting and repulsive. And they get away with it! Where do we go from here?

  • brandie robertson

    Well since she is wearing work out clothes, as is the woman behind her, I believe this is a health/exercise thing and it’s being blown out of proportion because a photo got taken at the wrong angle. Grow up. It is really stupid and quite pointless to bash this. However I know that it won’t stop because people LOVE drama and gossip and bashing other people.

  • Frederikahere


  • Sandy Whitlow

    I JUST bought his book, Sexy Brillance and so far, it’s really good. Gotta buy it!

  • Sandy Whitlow

    Mr. Jackson is correct! The young girls that try to model themselves after her; however, Michelle has our money to “up-grade” her status at will. That can’t be said about a lot of our young girls today.
    What in the world was she thinking???!!! I wonder what her daughters and Mother think?

  • Sandy Whitlow

    And, another thing that HONKS me. White libs, especially the clowns like pee-you-louse, approve of all of this behavior especially the abortion, for Black women, only to be laughing the phony butts off in private! How many birth-control abortions did Nan-San-Fran have? None, she gave birth to all five! See, hers are special and important, as she!! Nor, do any of these Do-Gooders White libs allow their kids to b educated in public schools!! But, Maxi-pad Waters will fight to death to keep low-income children in these trash public schools while hers are speeding by in their limos to private schools.

  • Katielee4211

    And her followers rave how beautiful and inspirational she is in pics like these.

  • Marlin208

    First she dresses like a hooker and now she acts like a hooker. Man , she could crack nuts with those thighs.

  • Harpers Bat

    Mooch giving lap dances for her punk pimp kenyan.

    • Barry MaCaukiner

      Hussein wouldn’t go for that.
      The Wookie is the wrong gender for Hussein’s tastes.

  • lessthantolerant

    Chimp moves!

  • Barbara Swann

    No class, Never had any, never will have any. Disgrace to our country. What is so pathetic is that she thinks she is so cool. Puck!!

    • L Blake Brown

      And who are you??? What amount of class and dignity do you have??? Oh what a blessing it would be to be in your classy presence!!!

  • L Blake Brown

    Am I the only one who don’t see a pole, don’t see any dancing, don’t see her dressed like a pole dancer… BUT DO SEE THAT SHE’S ACTUALLY DEMONSTRATING AN EXERCISE?!?!? I guess all he people who replied with ignorant ass comments are obese americans to lazy to look just a little harder at the picture. I wonder if a video exist to show what she’s actually doing…. OHH WAIT IT DOESN’T EXISTS!!!! YOU PEOPLE SO HELL BENT ON DESTROYING A WELL ACCOMPLISHED PERSON!!! WOW JUST DISTURBING, DISGUSTING AND DAMAGING TO THE WRITER’S REPUTATION…..

    • mudpuppysc

      Spoken like a true ignorant leftie, right down to the incorrect grammar.

    • timbo44

      You must have missed the photo of her de-planing from Air Force One, she looks like worse than ghetto. Or you must have missed the 3 close-up photos of her taken during a sporting event where: 1) She’s smiling and has her hands raised 2) She notices herself on the big screen and is sleeveless as usual 3) She looks up on the big screen and sees her unshaven armpits. Then a look of horror creeps over her face and Obama has a look that says, “I’m not really married to her, it’s phony like everything else”.

  • artistsh

    And the ignorance and racism is rampant here. Crude, disgusting, disrespectful, incredibly stupid and miserable little people posting comments that only demonstrate how much better people the Obamas are than you will ever be.

    • Barry MaCaukiner

      Wookie n*gger b*tch!
      That better??

      • ObozoMustGo

        Barry, while I share your disgust of the mooching Obozo family, you may want to tone down some of the rhetoric rather than be completely like the trash mouths from the left… just a friendly suggestion

  • Caty Collins Atkinson

    Well I don’t know exactly what she is doing , but the expression on the face of the young lady behind her , doesn’t look like that of an exercise …GET OBAMMY OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE >>>BEGINNING OF MARK OF THE BEAST

  • Barry MaCaukiner

    Look at that Wookie go!!

  • Tara Scallani

    Go Michelle!

  • ObozoMustGo

    And here’s the classy couple just being themselves…

  • war_blur

    I believe this isn’t a picture of the FLOTUS. It’s only found on racist, right-wing hate sites. Please provide verification, or shove this picture up your ass, after temporarily pulling your head out, to make room.

  • Isaiah Bbk Golden

    ATTENTION READ THIS COMMENT. Kevin is lying she was not being should I know?? Because I was there look it up all those people you see are children from schools it was let’s move in chicago at the McLaren place if you don’t believe me look it up!!

  • liveforChristnow

    BOTH ARE GHETTO SCUM AND THEY ARE IN OUR WHITE HOUSE!!! A man and his wife put in the White House because the color of their skin, and not because of their abilities and moral compass. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!!!!


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