• Christine Mayfield

    Very well put! I have never agreed with AA and felt it is the liberals way of saying “hey you Black girl you are not smart enough to get ahead in life on your own so here let me give you a pass and make sure you vote for me because I got you here”. My SIL defriended me on FB because she said I was putting down my race too much ;). I guess the truth was hurting her and her hubby’s feelings too much ;). We don’t believe in all this race crap. My hubby and I say we are Christian Americans not African American or Black, just followers of Jesus =).

    • Harvey Melton

      amen ty

  • http://twitter.com/Tenna0 Tina Boyd Newman

    I have always said, If you put One Race above All others All you ever get is Trouble! Well said KJ! I just wish that more American Blacks , America’s First Peoples and All Minority’s would realize this sad but true story.

  • http://twitter.com/Seola1 Mary

    Black pride is labeled heroic while white pride is labeled terrorism. How about American pride? Pride in working together for the sake of the country, not the sake of the race – even if that means a black man loses a job to a white man who is more qualified or a white woman loses to a black woman who is more qualified. By continuing to force quotas for tax breaks for both employment and college education, we assured minorities they never have to work as hard (note: this does NOT mean that some don’t) and we said “It’s okay you are not as good as us, we’ll make you the towel boy for the team”. Quality over quantity. No more races questioned on applications, no more tax breaks. Companies care about green and why work for a company who wouldn’t want you (of any race) if you felt that way? That never made sense to me. “X company won’t hire me without AA” – well, WHY would you want to work there? Find companies who care about you and care about profit. We can’t have “HWC” while having HBCs who can deny whites education. If you want it, fine – but it’s not fair to do that and demand that HWC’s cannot exist. Equality means EQUAL – not special consideration because libs didn’t think you could do it on your own!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.worthing.92 Brian Worthing

    You hit the nail on the head. I always thought AA was not only dicriminating against a white man looking for a job, but also the black man who knows the job was not gotten on personal merit, but by a flawed policy. It takes away ones sense of pride and accomplishment at earning a good job, and also breeds resentment from the one who didn’t get the job because he was white. I live in a moslty white community that used to have a Chevy plant, and I saw so much racism stirred up on account of AA. I dont think race should even be allowed as a question on any application.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.bullard Shelley Bullard

    No, it’s not, because we’re not idiots. We know it’s just fairness for the way we were so discriminated against in the past, and we’re not stupid enough to believe the hype that people who want the old days back are trying to put over. Nice try though.

    • pappadave

      You really MUST get a grip, Shelley. Nobody “wants the old days back”…at least not in the sense that YOU mean it. What we want is the country designed by Lincoln and his Republican cohorts after him…everyone equal in opportunity. Try to remember that it was DEMOCRATS who were the majority of slave-owners, Democrats who segregated the military services, Democrats who formed and populated the KKK, Democrats who opposed the Brown v. Board of Education decision, Democrats who SUPPORTED Plessy v. Fergusson, Democrats who filibustered BOTH the ’64 Civil Rights Act and the ’65 Voting Rights Act and tried to stop their passage, Democrats who turned the dogs and fire hoses on the Selma marchers, precursers of today’s Democrats who insisted that slaves be counted as “3/5ths of a person” when the Constitution was being fashioned, Democrats who passed the pernicious “War on Poverty” that virtually enslaved black families to government hand-outs so they’d always vote for Democrats and it was a Republican (Eisenhower) who finally, fully-re-integrated the military services (though Truman–a CONSERVATIVE Democrat who was HATED by the Democrat establishment– started the process.) You, as an American citizen, should be guaranteed equality of opportunity…not “equality of outcome.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lucy-Mauterer/513162719 Lucy Mauterer

      Shelly, I do not think you are stupid at all. I do, however, believe you may not be up on your African American history, as pappadave points out in his rather detailed post. Look at my pic. I look white and that’s the race I put on any forms I fill out. The truth is, I don’t know who my father was. My birth mother took his identity to the grave with her.He was apparently someone who the family felt would be a disgrace if he were known to be the father. Fortunately I was raised by another family who really wanted me. I want to be hired based on my ability to bring value to the company, if I apply for a job, not on my race or gender. I wish I knew what old days you are referring to. When I grew up, segregation was the norm. There were white and colored water fountains, people of color rode in the back of the bus, there were many eating establishments that would not serve coloreds at all. Nobody wants those days back. Another thing I wish you understood; the world is not fair. Just because your great grandfather was treated badly does not mean that everyone should treat you special today. Not that you aren’t special; you are, but then so is everyone else.

      • Harvey Melton

        so you are as you want to be, true enough? but you see I have many different mixed blood nieces and nephews that I love and I am very proud of all them, due to their raising they are all doing very well in life. I tell them all the time how much I love them and I do support them with whatever help I can give. What matters here is character, not a one of them has blamed anyone for the rough times in their life, they work through it and are stronger for it.not a one has turned to crime or drugs and then turned around and blamed society for their screwed up lives, cycles can be broken lives can be changed for the better, but it all starts within a three foot circle around each one of us, our circle of responsibility. And maturity and right expectations from the rest of us and from your families. Until that happens then don’t expect anything good to happen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/trudy.miranda.7 Trudy Miranda

    So insightful! I Sooo wish ppl would wake up like you have!!!
    Through all the ignorant oppression blacks have proven they are stronger by doing the same, often better BUT with hurdles in the way!
    Its harder to prove ppl wrong than right!

  • http://www.facebook.com/doug.miller.1460693 Doug Miller

    “I often ask myself, what happened to black pride?” I remember in the
    60’s ~ 70’s that there were Black man, Black woman, Black pride, Black
    power. I joined the Navy in 1980 and spent the next 10 years overseas.
    When I got back, the left had decided that it was “African – American” ,
    NOT American. It seemed that none of the other races got hyphenated,
    just black people. From my point of view (white guy) by their actions,
    the left was telling black Americans that they couldn’t do it on their
    own. They couldn’t make it with the left ~helping~. I had I heard (or
    read) about a theory that said: ” If I control the money, I don’t care
    what religion, political party etc people belong to, I control them.
    First, whites (democrats) controlled by force ie: slavery. When they
    couldn’t do that anymore, they controlled by laws ie: Jim Crow laws,
    Then when the civil rights movement took that away, all of a sudden, the
    left started saying that they were on the side of the black people. Or
    were they? I think that the left pulled off the biggest coup ever
    against a people. They control the money. Of course my theory could be
    out in left field.

  • dustyvet

    I agree with Mr Jackson he hits the nail on the head,and I almost agree with him on celebrating our first black president only Obama seems to follow in line as far as keeping the black citizens on the democratic plantation along with all other citizens.I truly feel bad because he had the opportunity to become one of Americas great Presidents instead of dividing us and destroying the economy

  • Reggie Bruce

    After reading this article and a lot of these post, you uncle Toms are a bunch of idiots! As the fool who wrote the article.

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