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Friday was a day of contrasts.

Earlier that day, I streamed the live broadcast of President Obama addressing Planned Parenthood’s annual gathering in Washington D.C. This smaller, low-profile event in front of a modest gathering of 1000 Planned Parenthood volunteers and supporters, was Obama’s proxy speech given in lieu of the gala’s keynote speech he stepped down from just two days earlier.

While not as prominent, Obama’s early morning remarks were full of the tired euphemisms we’ve come to expect from this, “the most pro-abortion president ever to hold the office.” There was the president’s faux amazement at the crowd’s enthusiastic reception… the promise of continued unwavering support from the White House… the predictable aspersions cast on the prolife community.

What was conspicuously missing from this speech however, was one simple, yet notable word: Abortion.

Despite the fact that last year Planned Parenthood performed a record number 333,964 abortions, generating more than $150 million to this “non-profit” government-subsidized organization, Obama never once mentions it.

Instead he skirts around the weighty issue with gentler nomenclatures like “women’s healthcare” and “reproductive rights.” Obama even throws around the term “pro-choice,” clearly not having received the Planned Parenthood memo from February which announced this word was no longer a part of their lexicon. But hey, for a president who has steadily increased Planned Parenthood’s government funding to record levels of $542 million in 2012, I think America’s largest abortion provider will let his gaffe slide.

It’s hard to imagine a more defiant, arrogant, in-your-face speech than the one Obama gave on Friday morning.

That’s why, when I attended a crisis pregnancy center’s fundraising gala in Dallas that same evening, I was abruptly taken aback by the stark contrast to the earlier day’s event.

Tim Tebow, the celebrated pro-life NFL player, was the featured keynote speaker. Unlike the president, who seemed most comfortable when focusing on the opposition and the embroiled battle for women’s rights, Tebow spoke of ideas like passion, sacrifice and love, life as a gift from God and children as a blessing from His hand.

He challenged the crowd of nearly 1,000 (ironically the same number of attendees that were at Obama’s speech), to give of themselves sacrificially to rescue children from abortion – yes, the same abortion that Obama celebrated just 12 hours earlier at the Planned Parenthood breakfast.

As Tebow shared the familiar story of how his mother refused to abort him, even when the physicians warned her that giving birth would most likely kill her, I was further struck by this irony: Obama was born to an unwed mother, during a time when single motherhood was a scarlet letter. His mother had neither the means nor the family support to ease the burden of raising a baby.

But she defied the cultural sway and chose life. And fifty years later, that same son, President of the United States, rails against Americans who work to rescue babies in the womb, babies facing grim circumstances…just like he once did.

Tim Tebow understands the gift of life he’s been given; he knows that his life could have been terminated. And he uses his platform to draw attention to the plight of the unborn…those just like he once was.

Obama comes from a position of entitlement, where life and success are reserved for the select few, within the boundaries of convenience. He doesn’t speak of passion, or love, or sacrifice. Because in his worldview, these ideas hold no individual power.

Instead he gives credence to rights, choices and battles. These are the weapons in an ideologue’s arsenal.

Yes, last Friday was a day in contrasts. On one side was the unwavering commitment to a future full of more death, more exploited women and more defiance all neatly wrapped in a women’s healthcare package.

On the other side, resides almost a sublime wonderment for life, the intrinsic power of love, and the clarion call to sacrificially help broken women, rescue unborn children, and support scared moms-to-be.

The side America chooses will reveal the heart of our nation.




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  • ShilohKB

    Very nice! You might want to edit however , while Obama does refer to his mother as a single mother, a paper marriage to Obama Sr. of Kenya was arranged before she gave birth . Definitely worthy of note that an abortion was not provided though!

    • Vin

      Unfortunately, as much as it pains me to say it.

    • ChelieinTX

      That, and his mother was not from a struggling family. Her parents lived in Hawaii; her mom was a bank president.

  • Mark Maness

    As much against abortion as I am, I curiously find myself wishing Obama’s Mother had exercised her right to choose, and aborted him.

    • Veronica Corridan Gemma

      Regardless of how you may feel about someone and their policies or belief system, this does not give us the right to judge or wish death on them. We must love all all humans are a gift from God. His creation! He makes no mistakes. God always uses what was meant for evil for His good and perfect will, purpose and glory. Abortion is never ok.

      • Edwin Thomas

        Veronica, Veronica. You misunderstand the scriptures about judgment. We are NOT to judge some ones soul, that is God’s job. Be we are called to judge between good and evil and no matter what you might think Obama is pure evil. On judgment day, Obama will want to look into a teleprompter and argue why God should change his mind and let Obama into heaven. I am grateful that God “changeth not”, and I’m sure the Big O will hear, “Depart from me, I never new you!”.

        • Lynn

          You are so right. We are to love all of God’s creation, but we are not to love the sin. In fact, we are to walk away and separate ourselves from people who are evil. 2 Corinthians 6:17-18 “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.”

      • rosech

        Yes, you can love, but you can also know right from wrong and make a judgment. That is critical thinking at its best. His mother brought evil into the world and we must now eradicate the evil and that, too, is critical thinking.

      • Brian Willis

        jesus said of judas “it would have been better if he had not been born” god doesnt make evil people.

    • Mary M.

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Josh Read

    Great article, Amy!

  • Terry Burton

    The vast majority of America is against abortion. That is a fact! However, not so many have contacted their local, state, and federal representatives to exercise their freedom of speech! Why is that ? fear. Don’t fear them, they work for us, The People. United we stand. GOD Almighty will give you the strength. Pray about it, and do the RIGHT thing. Together we can abolish abortion and save the unborn children. Thursday, May 2, 2013 is National Prayer Day. Please spread the word. Seek His guidance in prayer! . . . IN GOD WE TRUST.

  • Matt Wells[Herd]

    Great article, abortion is murder and should be illegal throughout the world. I’ve heard of so many young girls who get pregnant yet have the child. A teenager can’t possible have the money to raise a child yet they still have the births. The child is the good that comes out of rape or unwanted pregnancies. Taking your child’s life makes matters worse. We need to keep fighting for life..

    • Jean Larson

      And the people who work (and get paid for it!) to convince a woman or girl in a crisis that they can solve her problem if she will just hire them to kill her baby, and do so by using clever phrases like “remove the pregnancy,” and leave her to live with the knowledge that she killed her own child, are working for the devil, whether they know it or not. They convince themselves, which is ludicrous, but then they convince desperate women, which is evil, that nobody dies in an abortion “procedure.” They are murderers-for-hire. Despicable.

  • Idaho Bob

    “For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well (Psalm 139:13-14).”

  • Idaho Bob

    “Thus says the LORD: “For three transgressions of the people of Ammon, and for four, I will not turn away its punishment, Because they ripped open the women with child in Gilead, That they might enlarge their territory (Amos 1:13)”.

  • BriarwoodGroup

    Our life is a series of choices… that is why we need to ask for wisdom because the effects and affects go way beyond the moment.
    “The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.”
    ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  • M Mann

    I once went to a church in Sacramento, CA, where the preacher (who is black) stated that he was the product of his mother’s rape by a white man. She raised him and he went on to become a preacher of a church that started out small and is now very large with a huge congregation. So you see, it was VERY much worth it for the mother to keep the child and appreciate God’s gift.

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    had conversation w friend on abortion, both of us have the same thoughts. It is NOT about free choice. Women had choices, Abstinence, Birth Control of many kinds.They made their choice to have sex not using anything. The Baby gets NO choice, none.

    • delahaya

      If it was about choice they wouldn’t try to control everything else – from our gun ownership, to what we can do with our own land, to who we can hire and fire, to what light bulbs we can buy, to how much water our toilets can flush, to how big our drinks can be (in NYC), and on and on… They are for one, and only one, choice – meaning they are not pro-choice at all – they are pro-abortion. But then, deceit is their tool.

  • Bimbam

    No wonder Barry saetoro is for abortion. Had he been aborted he would not be the traitorous president today and America need not suffer on his inept leadership.

    Got it!

  • Bimbam

    Let’s cut to the chase. It is not about “reproductive rights” or “women’s healthcare” because they don’t want to share it with another human being i.e., the baby being born.

    It smacks of hypocrisy rampant in liberal thinking and beliefs. Just like their religion of evolution, monkey see, monkey do.

    • Marlin208

      When all the children were murdered at Sandy Hook he was real quick to try and take the guns away that did this awful deed, according to him. But when these clinics murder millions of children he says, God Bless you Planned Parenthood.
      Seems a little odd.

  • M43

    I would be proud to stand besides Tim Tebow on Judgment Day. I don’t know Obama’s heart, but I don’t think I want near him on Judgment Day.

  • Brian Willis

    the liberals denied god 3 times at a major convention. youtube it. absolutely disgusting

    • Dora Hermann

      Brian, I guess that’s why we’re on this same page commenting because you are absolutely right! I just commented on when or how God got lost from those liberal minds! I pity the people that do not believe in God nor have faith to pick us up when we have fallen. A loving & forgiving God, for sure! I believe in God’s Miracles & believe that that is why we are still able to fight this fight! As exhausting as it may be!

  • Junkki

    I would listen to Tim Tebow before I would listen to Obama speak any day.

    • Wayne

      I would rather listen to a room full of dogs farting a melody than listen to Obama speak. It would be more meaningful too.

  • Mex Seiko

    Abortion and gay rights is about opposing God and denying He’s the Creator. This goes in line with the Atheism of dictatorship and Communist regimes. So, somebody is just being consistent.

  • Marlin208

    Too bad his mother didn’t feel the same way he does. Would have saved this country from so much harm.

    • Sheila Caldwell Rushing

      I understand your comment and while I agree that Obama has done harm to this country, even if his mother had aborted him, we could have someone in our office that could be so much worse. evil is celebrated these days. I believe it’s just a sign of the times, people are sleeping and letting evil seep into our daily lives, just look at the garbage Hollywood is putting out, even Disney movies for kids are getting preverted.

  • Bouncerquinn

    Not only that difference between the two, but even though he has little public and no policy experience, Tim Tebow would make a much better President than Obama!!

  • Sharon Brown

    Of approx $692 million dollars spent on abortions or derived from the clinic’s earnings for the quoted 333,964 abortions — What if that money was spent on saving babies (via pre-natal care and delivery) instead? i.e. Based on these numbers – each abortion equated to $2072.08 per abortion. That could pay for a lot of deliveries under monitored circumstances (being the most each delivery could cost); –Why can’t this amount also be used on pro-life platforms (as money seems to be a major issue for all adversaries involved)? Platform might be: “HOW MUCH WILL IT COST US TO SAVE LIVES INSTEAD of ABORTING THEM? Christians would probably be willing to share in the monies needed to save lives – once bottom-line financial numbers and considerations are determined. Christian doctors might even step-up-to-the-plate and perform greatly reduced or free care and delivery.

  • Sharon Brown

    Convert ABORTION CLINICS to PRE-NATAL & DELIVERY CLINICS! (Subsidized by churches and voluntary doctors, and/or if allowed use doctor/medical interns).

  • Dora Hermann

    How about we start to re-train our childrens thinking first & foremost! Families & Society get God back into the picture!! Teach them the beauty & respect of abstinence! Do you see the age inwhich these children are becoming sexaully involved, it’s become a FAD! NO respect for their bodies! To not teach this first would give us an alarming rate of unwanted children. One would only hope that if that child is not wanted there would be enough families that would want to adopt & than again….Once that child is born……well such as myself, never wanted children but than I had a son! He is my world! God did that! I kept my gift & wouldn’t change it for the world! When did the families & society start to lose God? Is it due to single parent & the fact of money issues where they can’t be a family anymore therefore the kids are pretty much on their own? It is a wicked world! I so admire Mr Tebow!!

  • Pam

    Maybe we should just require every woman who has an abortion to get a tubal ligation and the man who impregnated her to get a vasectomy. That would make them think about preventing instead of murdering. Also, I have been hearing about this “after birth abortion”; if it is legal to kill innocent babies; then why can’t people legally choose to be career assassins and kill people for a living? Isn’t it the same thing? I am sorry, but I have never been able to understand the difference. Maybe someone who is pro-abortion could enlighten me. I doubt it though, I am in my fifties and no one has managed to yet. The power to conceive and give birth is a Godly power and should never be treated lightly; also the worth of a soul is great in the eyes of God; respect of life has not been taught as it should be. The government is no substitute for the greatest institute in our society; the family. The family unit is under attack by society and the government and has been for many years – turning back to God and family and the teaching of morals and integrity is the only thing that will save our nation.

  • Jean Larson

    “Women’s healthcare” is one of the most offensive lies abortionists and their supporters use. Planned Parenthood, and the rest of the abortion industry, care nothing about women’s health. Abortion is NOT healthy for a woman. It is physically unhealthy, and psychologically damaging. What a woman with an unwanted pregnancy needs is love, guidance, someone to come alongside her and help her make wise decisions, provide for her health, the baby’s health, and both of their futures. Any decent doctor would care for both mother and baby. To offer to kill someone’s child as a solution to the inconvenience of the child’s existence is heinous and should be treated as a heinous crime. It takes a certain kind of low-life to kill an innocent, helpless child, and an even lower one to pass it off as “nothing.” Disgusting!!!!

  • former contestant

    A well-written article. The contrasts between the two men are blatantly obvious and religious comments by the President in the past smack of hypocrisy at the highest level. James 1:8 says “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” One cannot be for abortion, which is clearly murder, and call himself a follower of Christ. Perhaps he is mixing his two “faiths” together and creating his own “faith” but it doesn’t wash. You can’t stand on both sides of the road without your character coming into question.


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