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A Portland, Oregon, woman arrived home on Saturday, April 6th, to find an intruder in the shower!

What happens next has Portland PD laughing, as the intruder had the gun scare. 

Whatever the plan was, at least the intruder had good hygiene. However, the showers in jail likely won’t be as nice.

As ABC reported,

Timothy James Chapek, 24, had allegedly broken into a home in Portland, Ore., and was taking a shower in the house when the woman who lived there returned about 7 p.m. Monday, according to police.

Chapek leaped into the bathroom, locked the door and called 911. “I just broke into a house and the owners came home…I think they have guns,” he told the operator according to the 911 audio tapes.

He goes on to tell the operator that he has no idea where he is.

“I’m up in the hills,” he says.

What the heck was the guy doing “up in the hills?”

The Portland homeowner called out,

“Why are you in my house taking a shower?”

The uninvited shower guest replied,

“I’m sorry…my name’s Timothy James Chapek.”


Here’s lies Timothy Chapek. He died of a gun scare!

In a society with no weapons, this guy might have dried off, put on the man of the house’s robe, then kicked back with a brewski. Thankfully we don’t live in this world. Instead we live in a world where people are potentially armed.

Consider the nerve it took for this man to simply break into a stranger’s home. However he didn’t stop there. Personally I hope the family had enough soap to wash the “set” it took to take a shower.

Unless he was casing the home, he likely didn’t know the family’s schedule. This guy was begging to the be the “Millennial killed at the lake by Jason, while taking a shower!”

All is well in the naked city, as the man was eventually arrested for trespassing. Let’s face it; things could have been worse for him or the homeowners.


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