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Jeri Wright (right) joins Rev. Al Sharpton at the Regal Thea

Jeremiah Wright, the infamous liberation theology, America-bashing friend and former pastor of President Obama is once again in the news.

This time his daughter, Jeri Wright, is grabbing the spotlight for money-laundering and fraud charges, using monies donated for charitable entities for personal use.


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Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • AuntieMadder

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Or, in this case, the turd doesn’t fall far from the azz.

  • Karen Shores Kernes

    Obviously, they do not practice what they preach. Sad to see that this family can ‘lead’ a Christian organization in such a ungodly way. They are deeply troubled people who do not know the meaning of Christianity.

    • Sharon Wilkerson Turner

      We know from reading the Bible that in those days there will be a form of false Christianity and that many will be led astray by them. They also give the rest of us true church members a bad name to those looking for any reason to be against Christians. Many people want to be relieved of their guilt for their sinful ways and will use these things so that they can freely sin. I wonder how many will see this post and ridicule me because I use Christian terms. Plain facts are whether you are Christian or not these are the end of days. Time grows shorter, the NWO is inevitable, RFDI chips are in place and with increasing identity theft you will not be able to buy nor sell without one. Christ will return.

  • Barry Watson

    obammie’s best friends!

  • Brandon Lewis

    Reverend Jeremiah Wright!

  • Wayne Johnson

    the turd doesn’t fall far from the azz.


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