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Our friends at Doug Giles’ Clash Daily report Liberal Chick is back and completely off her rocker.

This time the zany Leftist wants pressure cookers banned in light of the Boston Terrorist Attack



Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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  • T.j. Snyder

    Hmm, it amazes me that the stupidest people in America are in our colleges..

    • Patriot

      T.j. and many at our expense. It all started in the LIBERAL public school system run by the government thanks to Jimmy Carter and NO one was paying attention. We need to really “THINK” and decide if we really want the government in OUR school system. If NOT – VOTE out anyone both parties that support them controlling what your child does and does not do. Now they have remedial college classes. Yea! that’s right. Did not learn in school so they moved it to college’s. Thank you current administration and Joe Biden”s wife.

  • T.j. Snyder

    We love Michelle Malkin!!

  • flintlock1949

    This is our future – Totally brainless, and with the sure conviction that THEY know what is good for all of us! Liberalism MUST be driven out of our Educational system or all our He** raising today will be meaningless: What we succeed in winning back today will be gone forever if THEIR kind are our future!!!

  • Really!

    I vote to send her back to remedial! I am cooking with my pressure cooker right now and can’t wait to tast the goodness that come from within;-)

  • Jayne Naylon

    the “pressure cookers’ caused the boston bombings??? lol Are you SURE it wasn’t the TERROISTS that did it, liberal chick, moron????????????? Please go away, biotch!!!!!!

  • andycapp

    This girl is a total air head. Just goes to show you can’t fix stupid.

  • Jeffrey Loos

    This girl isn’t a liberal. She did this to show how ignorant most of these indoctrinated college kids are. I’ve seen her in another video singing a song mocking liberals.

  • Evie Ryan

    You can’t mandate this much stupidity! Just one more idiot seeking 15 minutes of fame. If she was my kid and put her face on camera, I’d write her out of my will after giving her a smack on the face. I am so fed up with how my (our) tax dollars are wasted.

  • RMc

    It’s satire, folks. 😉 The girl was doing this to make a point.

  • Jason Cunningham

    Rather this girl is really a liberal or not. The scary thing is, she actually got people to sighn that petition of hers! We all ask ourselves what kind of tards would vote for Obama! Well,,we seen a few here in this video sighning that petition! LMAO
    I exspecial like the part where she said Daddy will be proud of her, while showing us here Obamatard t-shirt.. LOL

  • Idaho Bob

    This is so funny, it’s sad. I don’t know how Liberal Chick could keep a straight face. The good thing is that at least two people told her no, the rest were pretty sad and obvious results of no child left behind.

  • Dick Currey

    History of the Beatles? How things have changed since I received my degree in history.

  • Guy Olsen

    Liberal chick is a satirical genius. I love her pieces… and she performs a VERY good (sadly) depiction of the sort of brain-death that prevails on American campuses. Keep it up!

  • Jim Miller

    We also need to ban cell phones, they can be used to trigger a bomb. What about cars, they kill a large number of people every year. Do people realize that just about every item of everyday use can kill in the wrong hands?

  • LouAnnWatson

    hands off my pressure cooker!

  • Patriot

    This girl probably does not and has never cooked in her life first and foremost. Common Sense please. Get rid of the words “Politically Correct” from your vocabulary and we have a start.. When people realize they HATE Americans and this way of life and stop saying “Not all of them” are that way. Then they need to SPEAK UP and defend the country that made them “FREE”. Not an idiot “Liberal” pushing her feelings on America. The LIBERALS in America have absolutely NO COMMON SENSE. They are part of the dumbing down of America.

  • OldmanRick

    I’m going to tread dangerously and claim that she is more than likely a registered dim, gimmedat voter.


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