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Obama, Holder and ICE attempting to give German homeschoolers das boot!

The Romeikes, an evangelical Christian homeschool family, fled their native Germany in 2008 after uniformed police officers came to their house and forcibly dragged their children to government-run schools.

Soon afterward, the Romeikes sought asylum in the United States where they could follow their religious convictions and educate their children at home. They were granted refugee status in the U.S. by immigration judge, Lawrence O. Burman.

In his decision, Burman took the German government to task for their oppressive policy of persecuting homeschoolers by stating that the German policy “is repellent to everything we believe in as Americans.” Judge Burman observed that the rights being denied the Romeikes were “basic human rights that no country has a right to violate.

Unfortunately, after just two months, the Justice Department’s Board of Immigration Appeals overturned Judge Burman’s decision, contending that Germany’s ban on homeschooling doesn’t violate the Romeikes’ human rights.

In essence the Obama administration is persecuting this family for following the same track that millions of our forefathers did: seeking freedom in America where they can pursue religious freedom and educate their children without government interference.

As this story has gained traction in the mainstream media, many average Americans are asking themselves why they should care about one obscure, German, Christian homeschooling family. Perhaps the bigger question Americans should ask is “why the Obama administration, via the Justice Department and Attorney General, which is funded by our tax dollars, is investing excessive effort to export a harmless family that came into the country legally as refugees?”

The Obama Administration has stonewalled the deportation of the president’s own uncle, even after he was brought up under drunk driving charges. The administration also welcomes illegal immigrants (sorry AP, for not jumping on the PC bandwagon) who circumvent the court system and rewards them with nearly all the benefits of full citizenship –a driver’s license, public education, healthcare and a voter’s registration card.

Meanwhile the Romeike family gets pushed to the front of the ICE deportation line for seeking the fundamental freedom to raise and educate their children according to their faith.

In his oral statement, Judge Burman argued, “Homeschoolers are a particular social group that the German government is trying to suppress. This family has a well-founded fear of persecution…therefore they are eligible for asylum.”

Yet the Obama Administration, while disregarding millions of illegal immigrants and Mexican drug lords sneaking over the Southern borders, dismissed the judge’s argument and immediately set their sights on an innocuous homeschooling family from Germany.

In its appeal, the ICE argued that the United States government does in fact have the authority to prohibit homeschooling. While this assertion alone should send chills up the back of every homeschool family, it shouldn’t necessarily surprise us. For years, statists have been trying to loosen the parental grip on children and herd them into the “collective” (channeling MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry).

In a nutshell, in their argument to deport the Romeikes back to Germany where they face fines, possible jail time, and even removal of their children, the Obama Administration is saying something very profound about parents’ rights to homeschool their own children, and parents’ rights in general.

According to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and his case against the Romeike family, a law that bans homeschooling does not violate parents’ fundamental right to educate their children as they see fit.

So for American parents who do not believe that a deportation case against a religious homeschooling family directly impacts you…think again. The Obama Administration’s effort to undermine parental rights to educate our children is just one degree of separation from dismantling every other parental right. Parental control extends beyond academic choices. It includes the right to choose what we feed our children and the right to refuse medical procedures such as vaccines.

This case should be on the radar screen of every parent who values the freedom to raise and educate our children without government interference.

This case goes before the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on April 23rd. In the meantime, a petition has been put up on the White House and has already amassed more than 100,000 signatures. Please visit HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) to sign the petition.


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  • David Samuel Ozuna

    It seems this administration has continuously sought out the advice of Satan himself to make policy decisions. Where we once stood for what was good and righteous, we now allow that which is depravity and promote it as good. Where we once stood as a free people, we are now slaves to the state though taxes and welfare. We once valued our freedom of religion, now we can’t even mention the name of Jesus in schools for fear of dismissal. WE ARE NO LONGER FREE, BUT SLAVES!!

    • Discussion

      Asylum is for people who are being persecuted. These people don’t fit the description. It has nothing to do with Obama. Read up on it. This is a DOJ issue, and it’s been going since long before Obama was even born.

  • Jeannie Vargo Veegh

    Thank you for posting this important article. Here we have an ideal family – intact, law abiding, hard working, non-dependant – who simply want nothing from a government but a free land to well educate their own children sans the far left liberal indoctrination. And Obama & Holder’s mission is to deport them. It says everything.

    • Cranios

      Everything you described them as makes them as far from an ideal family as they could possibly be, in the eyes of the Leftists.

      • Nancy Law

        The LEFT HATES these kinds of people.

  • AmyB

    I can think of a huge reason the Obama camp wants to deport them. Unlike illegal immigrants who are dependent on the government dime and will undoubtedly vote liberal in every election; the family in question is a conservative Christian family and won’t further the liberal agenda.

  • Claudia Henneberry

    Of course Barack and his thug attorney gen. are going to try to get rid of these people but not the criminal elements who slither here over the southern border. These people from Germany are Christians and probably won’t vote demoncrat marxist.

  • Stalin

    If they claimed to have been moslems none of this would have happened. Sick world if we permit this to continue.

    • Nancy Law

      As a matter of FACT, Obama has REDEFINED “refugee status”. Muslim Africans are given RELIGIOUS ASYLUM here because of PERSECUTION by the Christians. chide you not. Obama HATES Christians and Jews.

      • Ted Crawford

        And Americans!

        • cozmofox

          And heterosexuals. Guess he wants to keep up his membership in the gay bar, Man’s Country, in Chicago.

  • Nancy Law

    Oh the answer is obvious…. Obama is desperately trying to collapse our economy. destroy out culture with MORE immorality and our JUDEO CHRISTIAN principles upon which OUR country was built on REPULSE Obama. Obama would like to have Sharia law be the law of our land, ignore our Constitution and become an dictator.

  • Dan

    The family sought religious asylum and was granted it. Their religion was not being persecuted. Asylum was overturned – rightfully so. They should be sent home.

  • William Elliott

    Hello Germany does not allow homeschooling, that is a fact. If these people wanted to homeschool they could have moved to several nations in Europe, including the United Kingdom legally without any problem. Was this merely a spurious clain by the family to come to the U.S. by a means to circumvent the immigration policy of the U.S. Also uunder tConstittution eeducation is under the jurisdiction of the individual states and not a nswerable to the Federal Government, if the claims made in this post are accurate, the federal government would need to seek new powers under the Constitution or at least a Supreme Court judicial review in favor of changes to Federal powers.

  • GeorgiaPeachie

    This is no surprise in light of how obama has been already found to be using every other arm of government to attack Christians, Conservatives, and anyone else that doesn’t want socialism.

  • Rose Donaldson

    These people are doing everything right, now I really don’t care why they are here , we are allowing how many million people illegally come across the borders, why can’t we let them stay? This is BS. I have a suggestion for ICE, Holder, and Obama. Go chase down the criminal illegal devils that you allowed to come here, under your deceiving ,sneaky deals.


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