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Separated at Birth - Obama and Satan

Separated at Birth - Obama and Satan

There exists an uncanny resemblance between the Father of Lies and Obama. Hmmm…perhaps makes more sense after further analysis.

One is the Father of Lies, the other the King of Whoppers. One was the ultimate usurper who declared “I shall be like the Most High,” the other seems to believe he IS the Most High Ruler!

And I’m thinkin’ if that’s how Obama is gonna age, he best be lining up a series of appointments at San Fran Nan’s botox doc!

Just sayin’.

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  • mzungu

    I saw that on the Bible series! I couldn’t believe someone would cast an actor like that accidentally. It must have been on purpose. Oh well if the shoe fits make sure its on Clearance.

  • Randall Dean Mundy

    It is uncanny. Do you suppose that Obama is trying to look like his hero?