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A Few of Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Tahitian Pearls’ of Wisdom

2013-03-01T140751Z_4_CBRE91R1LZG00_RTROPTP_3_USA-FISCALCould it be that Nancy Pelosi’s $20,000 Tahitian pearls were too tight? Either that, or the House Minority Leader had her oxygen cut off by the ponytail of surgeon-stretched skin that she hides under her coif constricting the blood flow to her brain.

Clearly, since being demoted the San Francisco Grandma must miss swinging around her huge gavel. Therefore, every time she opens her yapper she exploits the opportunity and proceeds to smack America over the head with a sledgehammer of stupidity.

Still, whenever the former Speaker bares her dentures, one does learn a lot.  This time while pitching bills that would keep a bankrupt government in the job of subsidizing student loans and federal support for jobs, what Nancy had to say certainly proved that when it comes to intellect, Mrs. Pelosi is what’s in need of a subsidy.

On her latest foray into farcicality, Ms. Nancy said this:  “To some of us the role of government is about doing things for the American people to help them reach fulfillment.”  Reach fulfillment?

Nancy saying stupid stuff is not news to anyone who’s ever heard her speak. Remember when Nancy spoke at the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Summit on Capitol Hill in 2010?  That was when the former Speaker informed the ethnically Asian group that she viewed Obamacare as an “entrepreneurial bill.”

Pelosi said the ‘Unaffordable We Don’t Care Act’ was:

…a bill that says to someone, if you want to be creative and be a musician or whatever, you can leave your work, focus on your talent, your skill, your passion, your aspirations because you will have health care.

In other words, go strum your guitar, join a dance troupe, and spend a couple of years learning to juggle, because the government will cover your sorry ass.

And Ms. Pelosi didn’t stop with her “fulfillment” comments either. She also complained that while Democrats push for more spending to create jobs, Republicans are seeking restrict abortions beyond 20 weeks.

Restricting late-term abortion must really bother Nancy, because mentioning it in the same breath as job creation reveals that in her quest for “fulfillment’ she’s really just making sure fiends like Leroy Carhart and James Scott Prendergraft have plenty of work.

Devout Catholic mantilla-wearing, Holy Communion-receiving abortion advocate Nancy Pelosi also pointed out that asking questions about late-term abortion indicated that the reporter doing the asking had an “agenda” and was “savoring” asking a question about a subject Mrs. Pelosi considers “sacred ground.”

Nancy explained it this way: “For [the Republicans] to decide to disrespect a judgment a woman makes about her reproductive health is reprehensible.”

In other words, in Grandma Nancy’s world, slaughtering unborn babies right up until they’re actually exiting the womb is what she defines as “judgment…about reproductive health.”  But then again, this is the same woman who defined Obamacare as “entrepreneurial” and bankrupting the American economy as “fulfillment.”

So there you have it. Democrats let Nancy Pelosi out of her pen to promote government spending and what Americans got was a double dose of geriatric dementia.

To sum up, Nancy Pelosi advocated for government taking and spending taxpayers’ hard-earned money on frivolities she defines as “fulfillment” and defined late-term abortion as “sacred ground.”


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  • blackyb

    Just wondering here if Nanci Pelosi is kin to Danny Pelosi of the NY prison system for killing his girlfriend’s husband a some while back. They do resemble somewhat. Anyway this happened in the Hamptons, a ‘rahtha’ ritzy place. (Just had to ask a gossipy question.) Sort of like to put things in perspective.

    • violater1

      Nancy Pelosi is reportedly of mafia family background in the Delaware area not so far away from where you speak HUH?

      • blackyb

        Thanks for the information. I didn’t realize that. Look up the name Danny Pelosi and see how much they put you in mind of each other. Another coincidence? She acts so overbearing and such a know-it-all and comes up with the stupidest stuff I ever heard. She lies as well as Obama. She just thinks she is so hot.

        • blackyb

          Then again just another coincidence?

  • Steven Butterbaugh

    I agree with Pelosi on this one. If a woman gets pregnant, she doesn’t become a slave to the state to bring forth a baby. If the baby is born alive, it is then an independent human being with the rights of one. Until then, it isn’t. It simply isn’t feasible to have a fetus hold a mother in bondage when she has to provide all food and oxygen for that fetus to exist. If this is feasible, then the principle of slavery is alive and well. Abortion should not be political and is a matter to be settled by the woman and her conscious. She can have any advisors she wants.

    Although I can understand the argument for independent viability of the fetus in the last trimester, I question that too. I could think of several powerful reasons why a mother would not want a fetus to be born – including that she would be forced to bring forth a being sired by a monster. A woman is not a farm animal and don’t ever forget it. She has a mind and soul of her own to maintain which is primary in the matter of bearing (and rearing) a child.

    • Meredith Heffernan

      I am not trying to be patronizing, but what if you looked at that from a different perspective? I am a woman, and I am against abortion for a different reason than I think you believe.

      Most arguments that are for abortion insist that the baby is not an individual until a certain point between the third trimester and the time it is taken home (depending on who you ask). I hear my opposition claiming that the child is not developed, and so it is not human. I hear that it cannot feel pain. I hear that it is not a human until it is accepted into its family’s home, or loved. Your argument is that it holds the woman hostage until it is born.

      From my perspective, I read that human brains are not developed until they reach their early to mid twenties. Some people are born early, and are therefore less developed than they should have been. I know there are people who cannot feel pain. Many people are not accepted or loved. A newborn baby requires just as much attention as one in the womb. There is too much gray area about when nature is “complete”, if you can even argue that it ever is before it dies. The argument that a baby holds its mother hostage is equivalent to a sick person holding their family hostage. Is it right to kill the sick person, especially without their consent and when they are eventually going to get better? Of course it isn’t. It isn’t right to kill a baby because it is helpless.

      This isn’t an argument against women, but an argument for children. I am a woman, but I was also once a child. I had the right to life, not because I was fully developed or loved, but because I belong to God and to myself instead of my mother. I agree it is awful that women sometimes get pregnant from rape, but that doesn’t mean the child should die. I am not trying to throw things in your face, but that is how we see things.

      • Jeannieology

        Beautiful Meredith. There is also the argument that when one of our lives are devalued…all of our lives are devalued.

        • Meredith Heffernan

          Yes exactly! That is a good way to put it.

          • Sooner_Born

            Y’all want a solution to this? Here it is: If the AMA or the medical profession in general would step up and make a conclusive statement as to when a fetus becomes viable, the Supreme Court would have to recognize their professional authority and base an opinion on it. For example, let’s say that the medical profession comes forth with a peer approved decision that a fetus is viable at 24 weeks. Having made that determination, according to this classification, the fetus now changes from a non-protected entity to a human being. This would make it a fully acknowledged citizen of this country, eligible for all the rights afforded thereof. Case closed. Any abortions performed after that time period would be considered murder. Will the AMA and the Supreme Court ever do this? Not in my lifetime.

          • Nasty

            Ask NASA. They are looking for anything that can show signs of “life”. A few cells would qualify.

      • violater1

        Nice Very Nice Meredith! I thank our God that you are alive to have written these words of wisdom and I am sure we most likely worship the true living God and Creator and the Father of our King and savior Jesus Christ! May he bless you with wisdom on this subject for ever more!

      • tamij

        Great response Meredith! As a woman who has no children (on earth), and as a woman who went through 3 horrible 2nd trimester miscarriages, I know without a doubt those were babies! Those were NOT “tissue”! Biologists have long said “life” begins at conception. It’s only those who would choose convenience who ignore that.

        Why is it a double homicide to murder a pregnant woman?

        Further, if smaller denotes a person less worthy of life, does that mean my brothers who are over a foot taller than I am, are more worthy to live?

        None of us are able to live on our own for years after birth–does that make us fair game for killing?

        Life is a miracle and should be treated as such at every point in the spectrum. Our lives are always enriched and blessed as we choose life.

        Every woman I know who has chosen abortion feels the painful weight of that decision. And every woman I know, even those who were teens at the time, who chose life have NEVER regretted that decision–whether they kept the child or allowed adoption.

        Individually and corporately as a nation, as we hold life sacred we improve and enrich our character.

        • Sunnie Cravens

          Meredith, unfortunately it is only a baby if it’s wanted as far as they’re concerned. I also have no children. If a woman doesn’t want to have a baby, why is she taking action that can get her pregnant? (not talking about rape, not gonna get into that one here). If she is making the choice to have unprotected sex, then she ought to be prepared for the consequences.

      • blackyb

        These same people protect fish eggs, turtle eggs, tree saplins, etc. They are kind of stupid, arent’t they?
        They hug trees and kill the unborn. They will jail you if you interefere with their stock dividends they cannot see nor feel, but they say a baby is not a baby? They must think WE are stupid. One thing about it. God has got it covered. They are going to hell. They are fornicators, sinning and killing babies to control the births resulting from their sins. I say they should shut their legs and zip their zippers and the baby issue would not have to even come up.

    • Nasty

      I see. You favor murder of an unborn human. Because until it is born, it isn’t really a person.
      That is interesting. So that baby isn’t really a baby until it is born.
      So a woman gives birth to a “thing”, but when it is outside, the magic happens and it is a person.
      Got it!

  • Peter W. Casey

    Nancy is simply saying that you don’t have to be a coal miner and die from black lung (example)..she is saying that if we ALL had socialist healthcare , just like congress does FOR LIFE, working or not, a human being can try to be successful in the arts or something that is more fulfilling than being a slave to a company that treats them like garbage. It would make for a better, healthier, happier country. Other industrialized countries take care of their citizens. So can we. Pretty ARROGANT to say your a deadbeat and don’t deserve healthecare unless you tow a certain line manufactured by the elite. You really want to be a slave? Just think about it.

    • Nasty

      Socialized healthcare SOUNDS nice. But in practice, it isn’t. I had it when I was in the military. It didn’t cost a dime. Sadly it pretty much sucked. Doctors saw the sick and lame on a production line. Which means that the time for each person was limited, as was the care. Now I’m sure it sounds great to you that you wouldn’t have to WORK. You could be an “artist”. Well you actually can do both. After all, Socialized healthcare isn’t “free”. The government pays for it. The only money the government has is the money taken in taxes from those who WORK. Now suppose everyone wants to be an “artist” like you. No one works and no taxes are collected and then there is no Socialized healthcare.

  • violater1

    Blood flow to what brain! She is a species that exist without one dontchaknow!

  • violater1

    let us examine your statement Nancy You think it (abortion) and I agree it is reprehensible but politically you as a Quote practicing Catholic politically have and do support abortion! Therefore should we presume from this that you are either a bad Catholic or just a reprehensible Catholic! If the later then you need to address this issue that you and your political party supports! And lets not forget your lover boy obama may have to disown you if you turn the corner against abortion!

  • DustyFae

    Pelosi is never making any sense. She is not a good person

  • john lillpop

    Only in San Francisco could Pelosi be elected

  • jany38

    First of all, there is no reason why any woman should have an abortion after 20 weeks. A woman knows within 6-8 weeks if she is pregnant. If she doesn’t want the baby and decides to have an abortion, that’s one thing, but waiting 20 weeks or more is reprehensible. If she can’t make a decision early on, then she should be forced to deliver the baby and put it up for adoption. There are plenty of people who want to adopt a baby who are prepared to nurture and love them, unlike their biological mother. A woman who has an abortion after 20 weeks is a murderer and should be charged as such. JMHO

  • jany38

    In addition to my previous post….. I believe even if a woman feels she has the right to make a decision regarding her reproductive health, she also has an obligation to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

    Responsible women engage their brain before spreading their legs.


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