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DCMARCH---300x250-WhiteThe Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA) is planning a protest march in DC on July 15th.

Recognizing the effect amnesty of 12 million illegal aliens has on jobs in the black community, BALA has scheduled a protest march to the Capitol in DC on July 15th. BALA hopes to bring attention to the sky-high unemployment rate in the black community and the disastrous effect the proposed immigration legislation would have on the jobs market.

A letter from the BALA to Congress reads:

We write to express our serious concerns with Senate Bill 744. Given the fact that more than 13% of all blacks are unemployed – nearly double that of the national average, it is our position that each Member of Congress must consider the disastrous effects that Senate Bill 744 would have on low skill workers of all races, while paying particular attention to the potential harm to African Americans.

Credible research indicates that black workers will suffer the greatest harm if this legislation were to be passed. We are asking that you oppose Senate Bill S.744 because of the dramatic effect it will have on the availability of employment for African American workers.

Many studies have shown that black Americans are disproportionately harmed by mass immigration and amnesty. Most policy makers who favor the legalization of nearly 11 million aliens fail to acknowledge that decades of high immigration levels has caused unemployment to rise significantly, most particularly among black Americans.

They further fail to consider how current plans to add 33 million more legal workers within ten years will have an enormously disastrous effect on our nation’s jobs outlook. With respect to African Americans, well respected researchers from some of America’s most venerable universities have found undeniable links tying large-scale immigration in the U.S. to declining rates of employment for America’s black citizens.

The letter continues:

Consider the fact that nearly 51% of African Americans do not have a higher education. In 2011, 24.6% of blacks without a high school diploma were unemployed. Even blacks with a high school diploma were unemployed at a rate of 15.5% that same year. Passing legislation to add additional workers to an already swamped labor market will only exacerbate these statistics.

And closes with a powerful call to action:

The Black American Leadership Alliance is calling upon the Senate Gang of Eight and those Members from states having the highest rates of black unemployment to recognize the devastating effects amnesty and mass immigration has on low skilled workers, particularly those in the black community.

Secondly, we implore each Member to fulfill his or her duty to the millions of Americans struggling to find work by opposing amnesty and supporting policies to reduce overall levels of legal and illegal immigration.

The Black American Leadership Alliance letter is signed by:

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson
President and Founder of BOND (The
Brotherhood Organization of a New

Bishop Felton Smith
Prelate, Tennessee Eastern First Jurisdiction

Frank Morris, Ph. D.
Former Executive Director, Congressional
Black Caucus Foundation and Board
Member, Progressives for Immigration

Assistant Bishop Curtis A. Rodgers
Northern, IL, Church of God in Christ

Charles Butler
Veteran Host of the Take with Charles

Leah V. Durant
Former US DOJ Immigration Attorney and
Executive Director of Progressives for
Immigration Reform

T. Willard Fair
President and CEO, Urban League of
Greater Miami

Vernon Robinson
Former Council Member, Winston-Salem,
NC and former candidate for US
Congressional Office

Kevin Jackson
Radio Host and Executive Director, The
Black Sphere

Leo Alexander
Broadcaster, Writer and Political
Commentator, Washington, DC

Kevin Martin
Author, Writer and Political Commentator

Tom Broadwater
National Chair, Americans for Work

Here’s hoping BALA’s July 15th protest march are supported by conservatives across the nation: this is a positive event which could yield great benefits for black communities. The Black American Leadership Alliance, unlike the President, does not promise free gas, healthcare or cell phones.

BALA strives to create an environment where black Americans can find employment and hopefully something infinitely more precious than a cell phone: self-respect and pride in self-reliance.

To participate in the July 15th protest march or for additional information click ProtestInDC.

To read the proposed immigration legislation click Amnesty.




Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"The money in diversity is enormous, even bigger than former sportscaster turned political pundit turned sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s ego. Wouldn’t you like to be a “reverend” and father children out of wedlock without repercussions? If you study hard, this book will teach you how to have your non-profit organization pay your mistress and your child support – all at the same time. You must be so black that if you eat sushi, watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek and Friends, or enjoy the ballet, you will hang yourself."

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  • Tradecraft46

    I am very very glad. Growing up in Colorado, I know how much Hispanics hate Blacks. Remember that Mexicans have run the last Blacks out of Compton?
    I am a WASP, a Ur-WASP in fact, and I believe our loyalty should be with Blacks. We share a history, we share a country, and we share the same values. To betray their interests for some political power grab is odious to me.
    What do we need with all those Mexicans when Black unemployment is so high and social services overextended? We must know where our true loyalties lie.

    • Katherine gates

      Well I think loyalty should be with does who work their asses off which are the Hispanic community, if they take jobs from blacks it only cause blacks don’t worry about anything they rely on foodstamps all they are is free loaders and everyone knows it all u see in the welfare office is blacks. Legalization will prosper America more by having people actually work and not just sit on their asses waiting food stamps to come around…

      • Mindy Robinson

        Katherine, there is no doubt in my mind you believe what you stated. What you believe is not true. It is obvious you are short of life exp.

        • nw berry

          read – jewish-latino caucus on internet set-up in u.s. congress in 2011 with secret meetings for mass immigration from latin America with jewish supprt

          • MargaretJacobson

            Why would he Jews want Latinos here in the USA ?? They seem much more concerned about Israel ??

      • MargaretJacobson

        Illegal were told how to get all the welfare benefits before they arrived to our shores !! They were invited here by our federal government …..the Democratic Party !! I admit they do menial jobs….they also work under the table , get benefits …send money back to their native countries too !!

        • DeDre Simms

          Millions upon millions have been sent back to Mexico, and other SA countries.

      • nashusa

        There are problems in the black community, but whenever they seem to have a golden opportunity for jobs and higher wages, here comes mass immigration. The great wave after emmancipation and the 1965 immigration act after the civil rirghts movement. The first pushed by employers in the north, the second pushed by a Democrat and a Kennedy at that. Interesting.

  • bayman61

    Why is it that the blacks have no problem marching on DC, and us whites just sit on our azzes and complain?

    • groscoe

      Go join them

    • Mindy Robinson

      I can’t afford to go , I just don’t have the money. I want very much to stand with them, to present ourselves as united Americans.

    • nashusa

      All in all white people have little passion for anything other than money or entertainment such as sports, shopping, T.V., vacations. Great sacrifice and hard work will go for the material things in life but very little to what is noble.If you doubt it see how many show up for sales or football vs pro life rally or volunteer church work. We are for the most part, self centered children, not Men and Women.This includes conservatives, though they do more than liberals in charity work, still they do very little.

    • zzcat

      The ones who want to go but have been displaced by policies to lower wages and raise unemployment can’t afford to go. Those who have good jobs (for now) feel secure and superior so they don’t want to go. Wait until they find out the H1B visas will kick them out of their jobs, too.

  • Terry Adams

    This is not about color. I am glad to see the black leaders doing something productive. The amnesty hurts all Americans not just one section. Its time for Americans to come together and deal with this as a group of concerned citizens. Wake up America the beast is upon you.

  • CapNCraigAgain

    This isn’t a White or Black thing. Its about the United States of America and the Republic for which we should stand.

    • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

      Most definitely

  • Jefferson Tester

    I might not be able to afford coming down there, but I’ll be standing with you in heart.

  • Melissa Katsmom Votano

    I have to say that my concern is not with those from south of the border. Yes they are a problem but let us not forget that there are a lot of other “illegals” here from countries which are intent on destroying the American way of life. I believe, based on Obama’s constant berating of Americans and the American Way, that his intent in all of this is to give free passage to Islamic Extremists in a very insidious and underhanded way. How many reports have we heard recently about one Jihadist or another that “slipped in under the radar”.

    • nashusa

      The drugs coming from south of the border has done far more damage than terrorists so far

      • Melissa Katsmom Votano

        Drugs come from everywhere not just from south of the border. As a matter of fact more prescription and OTC drugs are abused daily then the stuff that comes across the border. A person can say no to drugs but it is a bit difficult to say no to shrapnel, bullets or a group of people who have control over your plane and they are about to fly it into a building so they can kill more people. Check out Dearborn, MI or Dearbornabul, Michiganistan as I like to call it.

        • nashusa

          A child growing up with drug addicted parents cannot simply so no to neglect and abuse

        • nashusa

          Ultimately, I do not want the drugs or the terrorists.

          • Melissa Katsmom Votano

            Me either.

  • William Mdcannold Jr.

    Undoubtedly this group of black “leaders” is uniformly democrat. How long has it taken them to recognize reality? This should have been ongoing for years! Perhaps, just perhaps, they will raise enough hell for the rest of that community to recognize their peril at the hands of the “anointed” one? And, with a bit of luck, our “representatives” will seriously consider the real possibility they will lose a ton of votes if they vote for “amnesty”.

  • Robert K

    This SHOULD be a black and white thing. Mark my words. Blacks and whites will have to come TOGETHER eventually to save this nation. Its about wanting OUR (black and white) country back.

    • Mindy Robinson

      Americans will have to come together and we are a people of many colors. What makes us American are our values and our determination to remain a free people.

  • TREP


    • MargaretJacobson

      They are trading for a bigger voting block !! Illegals , they are multiplying faster than rabbits !! More and more voters for decades !!

  • rofomoreno

    Rev Jesse Lee, Kevin Jackson, Tami Jackson, the rest of the signors and those souls able to attend this event: From the Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) in Phoenix & Tucson, Arizona. Though we would not be able to join you on your journey, we wish you God speed in His safe embrace on this destination with message to Washington D.C.

    We are an organization of Conservative Latinos opposed to “Illegal” immigration, supportive of “Legal” immigration and are sympathetic to the content of your letter and in support of your willingness to deliver it’s truth and relevance to the appropriate eyes.

    As with your own concerns with the Gof8 bill, S-744, we also are determined to bring a light to the practice of deceptive political actions that sustains Liberalism.

    God Bless you all,
    Rudolph Moreno Peña
    Board Member
    Arizona Latino Republic Association (ALRA)

    • Mindy Robinson

      rofo many legal immigrants, real Americans, are opposed to this , this will destroy the American dream. All I can say is God help us and have mercy on us. I pray that all Americans who believe in freedom will unite and put an end to the oppression this gov practices on the people of this nation. God bless you rofo.

  • BRwoman

    I’m a Southern WASP, but if there is any way I could make it to D.C., I would join them in their march. We should not be allowing any immigration with the unemployment numbers we have in this country right now! And we need to stand UNITED against these dumbos in Congress!!!!! Get busy calling your representatives, emailing them, going to townhalls, ….. just get in touch with them!

    • Mindy Robinson

      My thought exactly.

    • nashusa

      At this point in our nations history, most immigration hurts large numbers of Americans while benefiting only the wealthy.

  • jkdriss

    Now maybe if these people who seem to be waking slowly would realize the senate bill they speak of is part of Obamas radical left agenda.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      This march will be a waste of time. The blacks will still vote democratic in huge majorities. Until they truly realize what the democratic party has done and continues to do to them things will not change. The democrats know that they have blacks “in their back pocket”.

      • Mindy Robinson

        Many Americans who are black did not vote obama, many Americans who are white did vote for him.

      • rofomoreno

        Perhaps few in numbers, nonetheless, these are noble American men and women of color who have either recognized early on in life, or have come lately to the realization that the Dem Party, as now occupied by the entity called Liberalism, is an ideology of control and manipulation of carefully measured and minimally dispensed rights. Mark my words. A change of understanding is coming about in significant numbers in both American citizen communities of Blacks and Latinos/Hispanics, respectively. The numbers of Conservatives of Color are growing and it is this factor that will be the greatest threat to Liberalism. It is a beautiful irony taking place before our eyes.

        • MargaretJacobson

          Maybe ?? Depends on the education level of the voter ?? A free phone, food stamps etc is a great thing to an uneducated fool !!

  • Anthony Mendolia

    I totally agree with this. What I find interesting is that they are asking the conservatives in congress to help after voting against them at the polls. I’m glad to see, or at least I think they’re beginning to see that Obama is no friend to the Black Community. And it’s only going to get worse if the rumors of 55 million muslims from the middle east are allowed to come here over the next 5 yrs. This is what I’ve read and heard about. I pray that it’s not true but I’m afraid that it is. I am white and I stand with my Black American neighbors against this bill. The same goes for obamacare. It’s a bad deal for all Americans. We need to take care of our own first and would easily be able to do it if we’d stop letting the president support the entire world. Thank you for this opportunity to ring in. I speak for the majority of white American conservatives. The white liberals are the biggest problem we have in this country.

    • MargaretJacobson

      Think : third world America !!

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Amen gentlemen and God Bless this will affect all races in America and yes cut the quotas back like they were in the 70s

  • DeDre Simms

    My husband worked as a ‘job placement counselor’ in a ”temp” labor
    office for eleven years with both black and Hispanics men for the
    skilled and unskilled division. The AA men workers definitely had their
    share of problems, many were ex-addicts, ex ‘gang bangers’; who often
    respond with a visceral reaction to being ”talked down to” –
    especially from the immigrants. But the difference is that the AA men
    ”held-down” those unskilled labor jobs of $6.50 -$8.50 per hour,
    accepted the set pay rate; and waited for the incremental pay increases.
    Many of them had ‘court-ordered’ child support payments, and were
    trying to get back into society anyway they could. Most being ex-felons,
    it was hard for them to get other work

    What White Americans. are
    soon going to experience first hand, with millions of immigrants from
    the South receiving legal status and ”fast-tracked citizenship”, is
    going to be an UNPARALLELED SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT from these immigrants.
    It will be in your face, ”demands” that will make the legacy of all
    ”blacks grumbling’ look like the ‘good ole’ days’. This evidence FIRST
    reared its head in the ‘Day Labor pools’ when these same illegal
    immigrants decided they soon collectively REFUSE to work for the wages
    established; as well as demanding that a Spanish speaking ‘supervisor’
    be at the head of every work crew. And the coup de grace of hutzpah
    from our visitors to the South,..”what time do you provide
    lunch?” These mindsets will soon be turned loose to run roughshod
    everywhere in this nation once this Bill is signed, and this ‘arrogance’
    will spread like gangrene across every facet of our society. America,
    MARK THESE.WORDS, and remember.

    • Mindy Robinson

      Libs are racist and they do all in their power to keep Americans who are black under their power and living in poverty.

      • DeDre Simms

        Yes, they are and its beginning to show. I pray my people will start standing up and looking out for their own behalf/interest as voting Americans, instead of continuing to believe they give a hoot about us being anything more than a ‘tool’. Many in our church are hard-core democrats who are now realizing something is going ‘south’ for us thru them. And that the divide between dems’ secular/anti-God push and mentality vs. our religious beliefs is not ”sitting well’ at all with a lot of them, . .and I mean AT ALL.

        • nashusa

          Occassionaly there may be a decent person from one of the parties but both parties are interested in their own benefit. Still the Democrats get credit for being for the poor and have gone out of their way to crush them.

      • Jane Smith

        Well…we keep turning the other cheek,just so they smack us in it!

    • MargaretJacobson

      I see the same mindset in the city of baltimore!! They call the police to their homes , demanding only Spanish speaking police!! Ambulance attendants only !! Spanish newspapers!! Spanish charities !! These people are so ignorant , rude etc !!

      • DeDre Simms

        SMH. Why am I not surprised?

      • zzcat

        It’s a way to make sure that only Hispanics get and keep the jobs. If they demand Spanish everywhere, then people can only hire Spanish speaking people which are mainly Hispanics.

  • IndyRon

    It will be extremely interesting to see what kind of a turnout they have for this march.

  • DM

    On June 6th at 1 pm, the group We the People California’s Crusader will hold a rally in front of Sen. Barbara Boxer’s Riverside office just prior to a scheduled meeting with her staff.
    The organizers encourage participants to bring American Flags and simple signs for the rally, plus letters, etc. for Sen. Boxer calling for the defeat of the Gang of 8 Senate amnesty bill. The materials you bring will be included in the packet of material for the Senator.
    What: Anti-Amnesty Rally/Meeting
    When: Thursday, June 6 at 1:00pm
    Where: Senator Boxer’s Riverside District Office, 3403 10th Street, Riverside, CA 92501
    (Corner of Lime Street and 10th Street)
    Free parking is limited. Bring coins or dollar bills for Riverside parking meters.

    • blair152

      It’s not amnesty. If the court orders you to pay a fine, it’s not amnesty―it’s a punishment.

      • DM

        If some one who is here illegally is given a “path” to citizenship it is amnesty. No other way to describ it. Paying a fine is small potatoes as compared to what they have already taken in Welfare and Food Stamps and MediCade for the children they have had that are born here and are Citizens because they were born here. They are being forgiven for felonys committed if they used someone elses Soc Sec # and a multitude of other crimes associated with being here illegally in the first place. If that is not amnesty what is.

        • blair152

          If they’re required to pay a fine, it isn’t amnesty. The court doesn’t give you amnesty if it requires you to pay a fine.

          • nashusa

            If you even for a moment believe they will pay a fine after this bill passes, you are a complete moron

        • MargaretJacobson

          Deport all of them !! Dreamers, anchor babies too !!

      • Jane Smith

        What? It’s amnesty!

    • 4USA2

      Good LUCK with that! Boxer is an UN-ASSET to this country! Plant a flag in her front door because I don’t think she remembers what the USA FLAG stands for. Without it being said, we all know where she really needs a flag planted!

  • Mindy Robinson

    We must stop this. America will suffer greatly, we do not have the money to support these people, we do not have the jobs. This is being done not to mprove lives, it is being done to degrade American lives.

    • DeDre Simms

      ” . . .we do not have the jobs.” No we don’t, and any responsible citizen can see that.

      That won’t present a problem for certain ones who might be ‘eying the public teat’.

      • MargaretJacobson

        I wonder why the mexicans are coming to the USA ?? General Motors has plants there, Chrysler, McCormick spice , several Japanese built plants there! We buy tons of their agriculture goods !! If the jobs are there, why are they coming here to the USA ?? Very few jobs here??

  • TERRYtas51

    If this amnesty bill passes in any form, It well be the worst day in Americas history, By allowing 10’s of millions of people in this country , Who future belief is to destroy The American way of live for ever. In not way do we need to live the life ,The way it is in the middle -east , or other countries . We must keep freedom alive for all people, Not to let others destroy it. We have a Constitution in this country , That many are trying to destroy < because of their beliefs . We can never allow this to happen ever. We must keep the America way of life to continue. Never let other peoples beliefs change Americas way of life.

  • smash44

    Tough, you black racist idiots. You voted for IT. Twice. Now live with IT. You couldn’t wait to re-elect your God obama. In fact many of you voted multiple times for your Messiah. He used you retards for your votes. And you were to stupid to recognize that fact. As usual, the black race is its own worst enemy.

    • nashusa

      Even so, this bill will crush our entire nation as we struggle to support 40 or 50 million uneducated people in the next decade or so.

      • MargaretJacobson

        Might be more than 40 to 50 million illegals ?? I think there are around 30 million now !! We are being told that it would cost 6 trillion dollars ?? I think somewhere around 20 trillion dollars !! Feds lie a lot !!

    • Melanite Zaryus

      There were just as many whites who blindly voted for Obama. Plus if you guys actually gave logical reasons for us NOT to vote for Obama instead of racists one u would of had more black support.

  • 4USA2

    How funny is it that ALMOST ALL of the amnesty talk, TV commercials, etc. is centered on Mexicans who are already here and want to stay in this country. Granted, there are a lot of them, but wouldn’t it be a huge “wake-up” call if the television ads had Middle Easterners in veils and turbans all saying “we want free healthcare and our rights so give us amnesty”. And I’m not implying any foreigners from anywhere, are bad people. It’s just that If USA tax payers saw just how many other “undocumented workers” there are in this country, besides, young Mexican students, who will also be getting AMENESTY if such a bill passes, people would demand no passage! And doesn’t the word “undocumented” want to make you just shout and yell that WE HAVE BRAINS and it doesn’t fool us into somehow thinking all these people aren’t here ILLEGALLY! Undocumented means people have NO USA birth certificate and NO citizenship papers issued by the USA. They are here illegally and have broken our laws. If you go to Mexico with no papers, you are thrown into jail and you might not see the light of day for a long time.. And look what happened to three USA students who crossed into Iran (or whatever country it was not long ago) without papers… they went to prison and might still be there today if negotiations hadn’t finally freed them. Right now today NOBODY can enter North Korea without permission. Right now today, NOBODY can go to Cuba without special permission. There are many other countries where you cannot go without documents! Illegal is Illegal and there is no reason our country should be the exception. The dollar cost of amnesty to our entitlement programs and jobs, is going to be horrific, not to mention how many really dangerous people might we be giving amnesty to, like Al Qaida terrorists? The pilots who took down our World Trade Centers, were “undocumented” once their Visa’s expired and nobody followed up on tracking their where-abouts down. There is a right way to become a US citizen and that right way is there for a reason.

    • Sam

      Try Dearborn, Michigan where the Muslims are in complete control of the city.

      • MargaretJacobson

        Soon they will be demanding shariah law (they have done so in England ) !!

        • Sam

          Already have try Dearborn, Michigan.

  • TERRYtas51

    the amnesty bill is for far more then just the people from mexico. There are 10;s of millions ,who want to take over America

  • Sam

    The real number of illegals is closer to 40 million. They have been claiming 10 to 12 for the last 10 years.

    • MargaretJacobson

      Close to 40 million is a number that is probably a lot closer to the truth !! I also was told that 6 trillion dollars would be the price tag for the 11 million illegals !! I think that the price would probably be closer to 50 trillion dollars !! Think about all the chain migration, more illegals coming here from all over the earth ?? Think bankrupt, has been nation !! Not even third world !! Even lower!!

  • SalMoanella

    It’s about time blacks had someone advocate on their behalf. After all they were sold out on amnesty by the NAACP much like the gop sold out conservatives. This despite a history of being aware of the ill affects that amnesty has on the black community. Note these words from Coretta Scott King in a 1991 letter to Orin Hatch concerning Hatch’s push to liberalize work place enforcement…

    We are concerned, Senator Hatch, that your proposed remedy to the
    employer sanctions-based discrimination, namely, the elimination of
    employer sanctions, will cause another problem–the revival of
    the pre 1986 discrimination against black and brown U.S. and documented
    workers, in favor of cheap labor–the undocumented workers
    This would undoubtedly exacerbate an already severe economic crisis in
    communities where there are large numbers of new immigrants.

    BTW, I’d be proud to march with them…

    • nashusa

      Not just blacks, but every day American citizens.

  • Jane Smith

    We need to march down to voter registration offices and start dropping the democrats. If we start to register as independents,I bet they listen to us then.

    • MargaretJacobson

      We need to start a new party??

      • Jane Smith

        In a big,bad way!

    • zzcat

      That’s a good idea! I’m already registered as decline to state, tried registering as an independent before, but that is a party and i didn’t want party affiliation.

  • AwakenNow

    There is a BIG problem with this part of the Senate Immigration Bill:

    “[I]n the first year, the bill (S.744) would admit nearly 1.6 million more temporary workers than currently allowed. After that initial spike, the bill would increase annual temporary worker admissions by more than 600,000 each year over the current level – an increase four times larger than the one called for in the 2007 Bush-Kennedy proposal (about 125,000).”

    Then add to the 11 million already here “Chain Migration” = 30 to 50 million more immigrant family members = Kiss America, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights Good Bye.

    Where are the gang of 8’s priorities and concerns for American workers getting jobs??? Close the border and enforce immigration laws PRIOR to ANY legalization.

    • MargaretJacobson

      Close the border by the military !! Have immigration & naturalization pick up and deport all illegals …..until they are all gone !! Even the so called dreamers……anchor babies too !! Grab OBAMA too !!

  • jim2

    This bill will impact our economy and offer benefits to the illegals, that I don’t have.
    The devil is in the details once again in the 800 page bill. When will this government stop assaulting us?

  • Ledeen

    Go to NUMBERS USA.

    Stop this travesty! Let your voices be heard. Even if you dont contribute, they allow you to fax and email Congress….

    This bill is another sham and they also are only publisizing the CBO findings that are positive for the bill, but look at Numbers USA, they have published the other portions that show the CBO has reported this bill will only lower future illegals by 25%…. and the ones granted amnesty will cost the taxpayers 6.3 Trillion!!!!

    GO TO:

    Let your voice be heard!

    • nashusa

      Thank you for your call to action. If America falls it will not be because of the progressives but the apathy of people who agree with us. So if it does fall, we would be getiing what we deserve.

  • Ledeen

    This administration will do everything it can NOT to enforce our current immigration laws. We need a new President. We need someone who truely is interested in our own citizens NOT just assuring themselves more power.

    This immigration bill is a sham, it is only there to assure Democrat control for decades to come.

    Look at our future in California. They passed amnesty and since have had complete Democrat control with no alternative ever since.

    Go to Numbers USA to see the true CBO reported costs on this bill.


  • nashusa
    After the War between the States.This article quotes black publications of the time on the negative affect of immigration on black economic status. As well as Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey, Frederick DOuglas etc. This is not economic theory , but the reality of experience.Also note the quotes on the end of the great wave . Such as allowing negros to ” exact a higher wage.” Again this is not economic theory but actual observation of economic reality.

  • gofer1

    The left is doing their usual smear job of your group:

  • zzcat

    It’s about time you stand up to this. Wish I could join you in the march.

  • Jane Smith

    Did anyone see the news article where illegal immigrants were be give tax id number? They were then claiming children ,nieces and nephews living in other countries .They were getting child tax credits for these kids.They were getting thousands! One guy was getting all kinds of checks sent to the same address.I saw this once on one of my local news station and I never saw it again.This was a few days ago ,close to the time when the senate was signing this disaster.Somebody had that story killed!

    • Jane Smith

      Sorry.I meant news story.

  • DJLugoff

    I hope to see BALA stands strong with us to fight amnesty. We have to get our own American Citizens back to work and on their feet. Our country is the real loser here. We cannot afford to see our Jobs lost any longer. Now with the ACA so many people will be reduced to working part time. We have to stand up and keep the jobs for our youth and our citizens. We are all hurting and cannot afford to allow this law to pass.


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