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civil wrongs klanThe Left may try and try to claim ownership of civil rights, but history shows those claims to be lies.

Study the roots of the Ku Klux Klan, birthed as a Democrat idea and fueled by the horrible movie, Birth of a Nation.

Founded in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and black Republican leaders.

It was people of faith, abolitionists and others, who championed the plight of blacks in America. And it was the Republican party that pushed for civil rights. Several Republican presidents, including Abraham Lincoln and Cal Coolidge, are noted for their quiet, but steady leadership in moving the nation toward a truly color-blind nation.

And of course the Dems would like to forget that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican!

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  • https://twitter.com/Webnetcity webnetcity

    I think people would be surprised at the number of blacks who have no idea
    the KKK was created by Democrats…

    When I discovered this truth for myself in 2007, I was shocked…
    Everything I had been lead to believe about Republicans was a lie

  • Andy McWilliams

    I grew up in Mississippi in the 1960s, and Democrats were the conservatives back then. Governors like Wallace, Ross Barnett (Mississippi ) and Orval Faubus (Arkansas) ruled the segregated South with an iron hand. They were all conservative Democrats.

    • HorseTeethSam

      Democrats have NEVER been conservative. Just another lie from another communist troll.

      • SK Turner

        I grew up in the south in the 1960s and what Andy says is true. The Democrats were considered to be the conservatives. George Wallace was not considered a racist but a Southern conservative Democrat trying to preserve a way of life. You have to remember this was during Jim Crow. The Republicans were radical in their desire and fight for Civil Rights. Vietnam anti-war protests and ERA, Equal Rights for Women, were the other causes. I never knew there was such a thing as a homosexual until I was almost 25 and abortion was not a word, AIDS was a diet candy. Everyone knew that those horrible KKK people voted Democrat because they were both against Civil Rights. It would never cross our minds that a communist Muslim would ever be in the White House support terrorists, or we would have a president that would intentionally destroy our country to institute Islamic Sharia Law or a one world government. That was stuff that was in the book of Revelations and we only whispered about that out of curiosity, never really thinking we would actually take part in the end times. When it came my turn to register to vote, I picked Democrat because that was what a Southerner did. I was young and naive for certain. I grew up.

      • Andy McWilliams

        They were called ” Dixie crats, “you loser!

    • mac12sam12

      Conservative democrats? LOL! That’s a new twist! BS alert! BS alert! Are there any liberal republicans? LOL!!!!!!!

  • Dr Moon

    I wouldn’t be so boastful about helping Blacks with Civil Rights after what they are doing to this Nation now. If not for full support from Blacks Obama wouldn’t be able to destroy America like he is doing. Frankly I think he should be removed from office regardless of how angry Blacks get, they aren’t ever going to be happy anyway. The small percentage of Blacks who do support America and who have done the right things to be successful are shunned by the other 98%. So I say fire Obama and deal with the rest. There is nothing they can do that will hurt this Country anymore that Obama has.

  • Arnoldr

    Now how did those lies get prime time support? How did the nation accept the lies as the truth of segregation? Was it because the populace was ignorant or dumb or really did not care as long as they got what they wanted, a peaceful life without confrontation. Where was the Church? Our silent majority is guilty for sitting by watching the lies become the norm.

  • Breezeyguy

    The KKK was league with Planned Parenthood foundress Margaret Sanger. Planned Parenthood needs to be criminalized.

  • SK Turner

    Ann Coulter: In an April 2012 opinion column, conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter said that when civil rights leader Robert F. Williams returned home to Monroe, N.C., after serving in World War II, the Ku Klux Klan was “beating, lynching and murdering blacks at will.”

    In 1957, Williams got a charter from the NRA, founded the Black Armed Guard and repeatedly thwarted KKK attacks, Coulter wrote. She didn’t say whether the NRA played a role in the guard’s fighting the Klan.

  • Andy McWilliams

    I also remember when conservative Democrat , Ross Barnett, sent in Mississippi National Guardsmen, in 1961, to prevent James Meredith from registering at the Univ. of Mississippi. He was a conservative Democrat, a Dixie crat. Look him up. Do a little research before calling me names. You’re lucky you even have any teeth. Moron.

  • davienne

    Alfonzo Rachel sums it up , and explains why blacks are loyal to commicrats


  • AL

    We know all know that but the demoKKKrats have alot of blacks joining the klan. Today and they do not have to wear a hood just a hoodie. Yes they are enslaved again to the slave masters passing the welfare food stamps cards

  • Andy McWilliams

    Liberal Republicans are called RINOs now.

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