Cynthia Farahat: A Young Egyptian Speaks Out
  • raccman

    INDEED ! Let us hear more from Ms. Farahat and much MUCH less from a Barack Hussein Obama who fraudulently resides in the U.S. White House
    and tries to perform as a “president”, quite unsuccessfully and at times,

    comedically !

    • Alfred Ferguson

      agreed. b o is a clown. but he’s like the clown in a horror show the title of which i cannot recall.

      I call him Barack, “The Monster Clown”

      • jlaurie

        My name for him is Odumbo the Racist al Qaeda Clown…he is a lying fraud, he is a terrorist…he hates whitey, hates Christians, hates the USA!

        • Alfred Ferguson

          Yeah, all true. But he loves himself. “No accounting for taste.”

    • jlaurie

      I hear that White House smells like a Zoo now!

  • afanaglenn

    And is there any American who doesn’t know how repressive a muslim government is, including Barak Obama? Obama is selling out America as fast as he can, and like the bait car, we are watching him do it.

  • DustyFae

    Even Children knows what a dictator is, it depresses them, they feel unsafe.

  • Betty4440

    time for obama to step down and take his goons with him.

    • Paul Smith

      NO!. . .Time for Obama to be arrested, perp walked out of the White House, tried, convicted and, hopefully, executed as the slimy, ineligible traitor he is.

      • Betty4440

        couldn’t have said it any better my self.

  • jack clark

    She’s not only very, very intelligent and brave but also very beautiful!

  • jeanbean14

    God bless her!!!!

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