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Last night Laura Ingraham, guest hosting The O’Reilly Factor, interviewed Alexis McGill Johnson of Planned Parenthood concerning the battle to stop late term abortions in Texas.

2 women, both wearing crosses; 2 polar world views.



Laura and Alexis discussed the filibuster of Texas Democratic Senator Wendy Davis*, who claimed to be standing on behalf of the rights of thousands of women.

Ms. Johnson echoed the Planned Parenthood meme:

“…what we’re talking about is protecting the legal right to…for a women to make a decision, a very personal and complex decision, in consultation with her family, with her doctor, with her spiritual providers, and it’s a decision that a woman needs to be making…not politicians.”

Why is this such a complex decision I wonder? If it is not a child, endowed by its Creator with the right to life, why the complexity? Why the need to consult with family, doctors and “spiritual providers” if it’s only tissue without feelings or a soul and it’s not a life-threatening procedure? (at least not usually life-threatening to the woman, unless it’s the woman in the womb)

McGill Johnson continues the propaganda:

“It wasn’t just Planned Parenthood who had a victory last night…it was thousands of women, millions of women who stood with Wendy Davis because they understand that no one makes these decisions lightly, and that as long as abortion is safe and legal and under our Constitution, then we have the right to continue.”

So, according to Planned Parenthood, abortion is a constitutionally guaranteed right.

But the question still remains: WHY does no woman make the decision to have an abortion “lightly” if it isn’t something far more than Planned Parenthood asserts? Why does Planned Parenthood offer plenty of sex ed and condoms, but no ultrasounds that might very well inform women of a human life in the womb?

The truth is, all women have the right to choose–but that choice comes when faced with the option of having sex outside of a relationship, such as marriage. The choice is a decision for moral and disciplined behavior, a decision which will ultimately display self-respect and self-worth.

Alexis McGill Johnson may say “no one is pro-abortion”, but she and Planned Parenthood fight for abortion rights day-in and day-out. Sure sounds pro-abortion: no one fights for years and years for a “right” that they are not “pro.”

All of the Planned Parenthood rhetoric advocates to keep abortion legal at any and all stages of pregnancy. Planned Parenthood claims concern for women, and yet promotes sexual activity, distributes contraceptives, then destroys the babies that may result from the natural consequence of unrestrained sexual activity.

That is a formula for sowing reckless and character destroying habits, not an agenda of concern for women.

And still the niggling question: if it’s not a baby, why does abortion require a complex, not “lightly made” decision?


*Read about the Texas legislature session and Ms. Davis’ filibuster in Amy Gerwing’s article The Lone Star State Disappoints


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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  • talkradio200

    Alexis McGill Johnson is pro-abortion and anti-humanity, there’s no two-ways about it. She is fighting for the “constitutional right” to kill children, throw their bodies in the trash, and then parade herself around as being morally superior. These people have to be stopped, lest we lost our society to this barbarity.

    • PMM

      Imagine what kind of mother she would make given how sick and vile she is. Anyone who thinks murder is alright is not well!! And I might add murder of your own flesh and blood child.

    • xve298

      Pro abortion mean pro humanity the anti-abortion forces are not interested in anything but money & control. They look to keep a population that has to purchase. Abortions are good to keep unwanted,unfunded births down. Society would have in time, more employed with better pay. The more that are employed at wages that allow for disposable income the better the economy.

  • Joe Orsak

    They don’t provide ultrasounds because when women see the baby they chances of abortion go way down.

    • HorseTeethSam

      Agreed – abortion is a BUSINESS. It’s about MONEY. It’s about a business doing VOLUME. In business VOLUME = MONEY. Nobody wants to think about killing babies, so sterilize it – say it’s about “women’s rights” – it’s her choice. It is no different than the German gas chambers killing Jews. The people doing it became emotionally immune to it after a while. Of course, any good card-carrying progressive will deny the existence of the Holocaust, won’t they? Leftists are all about killing and death, aren’t they?

      • Joe

        but but but… PP provides valuable healthcare like mammograms. That’s what Obama said. He couldn’t have lied to us again could he?

  • Ozzy Snozzlethorp

    Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russian, Mao’s China, Pot’s Cambodia, North Korea….Leftists love killing.

  • Barrustio

    Hitler would be proud of Johnson

  • Barrustio

    With all the decisions being made at the state and national level I can only foresee a dim and well justified future ala Sodom and Gemorah

  • bdcorvette

    Senator Davis and Ms. Johnson support women who make bad decisions and do not wish to be held accountable for them, much as other criminals commit acts for which they desire NOT to pay. There is little difference between killing another person using a pistol and killing a 6-month-old baby by removing him/her from the womb and snipping the spinal cord. The difference is that the cowardly mother allows someone else to do the dirty work, but she is nonetheless an accomplice to murder. NOW and (un)Planned Parenthood are the voice of people who wish to live life without consequences. They fit right in with the rest of liberal society. We are fiddling while the house (America) burns down.

  • Mr Keith Charles Johnson

    Let’s turn back the hands of time, and abort every single one of the people who are defending abortion today. I would think that black people especially would be incensed over these decisions; considering it’s government sponsored genocide. How many black people are there in management positions at Planned Parenthood?

    • ObozoMustGo

      If only, Keith…. If only….

      • Mr Keith Charles Johnson

        I guess we’ll have to continue to pray to Our Heavenly Father to help straighten out this mess.

        2 Chronicles 7:13-15

        New King James Version (NKJV)

        13 When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, 14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 15 Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place.

        Psalm 9:15-17

        New King James Version (NKJV)

        15 The nations have sunk down in the pit which they made;
        In the net which they hid, their own foot is caught.
        16 The Lord is known by the judgment He executes;
        The wicked is snared in the work of his own hands.
        17 The wicked shall be turned into hell,
        And all the nations that forget God.

  • Ballistic45

    Women Don’t have the RIGHT to Kill anyone… Less then 10% of Abortions are for incest, rape or do to danger to mother to continue pregnancy.. Participation in Sex is well known to CAUSE pregnancy, a women is smart enough to know that she does not want a child.. If she then participates in an act that Could bring about her having a child.. She does not have the right to KILL the baby because of her poor decision… We all know Birth Control sometimes fail, but that is NOT an excuse for killing a baby if it does, women are smart enough to know birth control can fail, if she doesn’t want a baby so bad she would kill it then she should keep her legs closed… On the flip side, a man who has sex knows the possible results, if he doesn’t want a kid then he should keep his pants zipped or face the possibility of supporting a child for at least 18 years.. HE can’t kill the kid to get out of his responsibilities, if women can why not him? Oh, I know, it’s her body, well his body is going to have to work for 18 years to support the kid, doesn’t he have a choice about that? You know the LAW will hold him responsible for 18 years of support.. 90 plus percent of women when asked why they are getting an Abortion responded ‘Inconvenience’ (financial, don’t want to raise it, wrong time in their life, don’t want to settle down) !!! This is NOT GOLF PEOPLE, you don’t get a “mulligan” ( do over ) that is paid for by killing a baby who had no choice in the matter….

  • Tradecraft46

    It is on their heads, not mine. They can do as they please, but everything has its own cost: let them pay it.

    • Silverthreads

      Would you say that, if you saw someone murdering a small child? Here are some excuses they might have: “I’ve realized we cannot afford a (or another) child at this time.”, “I am too young to take care of this child.”, “This child is too expensive for me.”, “This child is causing too much change in my life style.” Do those excuses justify murder? Would you not become involved and walk away saying, “It’s on their head. They will pay for it in the end.” ? I certainly hope you wouldn’t allow that to happen without trying to stop the murder of that child. Abortion is NO different, only the child is younger, smaller. Ask a woman, who wants a baby, who has just skipped her 1st period and see if she thinks she is not pregnant with a baby. So….. if it is wanted, it is a baby and if it isn’t wanted, it is not a baby? As a civilized society we must stand against murder (in all forms), rape and all serious crimes. Abortion is one of the worst crimes – the victim is totally innocent, feels horrific pain and is completely unable to defend itself – the same as a small child….. which, in fact….it is.

  • George Washington

    “I’m rising on the floor today to humbly give a voice to thousands of Texans who have been ignored” ~ Wendy Davis

    Hell when I first heard that I thought she was talking on behalf of all the thousands of aborted babies.

  • orrsra

    She & PP are in the murder business

  • Deuce

    Abortion isn’t about the right to chose, it’s about the right to murder, the right to chose came from the act preformed that resulted in the pregnancy. Women have every right to chose, however, after 20 weeks it should be the right to murder (with extreme exceptions) and if that right is chosen then they should be no different then the mother who drowns here 2 year old, or are pro-abortionists saying thats ok and part of a womans right to CHOOSE because I don’t see the difference. Pro-abortion aka pro-choice is nothing more then pro murder. Maybe the women should have chosen to swallow then she wouldn’t be a murder. just saying.

    • Memphis Viking

      Why after 20 weeks? A baby is no more alive at 21 weeks than at 19.

      • gonecrazytoo

        There is a heartbeat at 18 DAYS! Tell me again why anything past the first month is somehow acceptable!!!!

        • CricketBug

          Nothing after conception is acceptable.

      • Deuce

        How about 24 weeks then? Medical Science say 50% viability at that week.. Is that more acceptable? When do you view a fetus as a human/baby?

        • Memphis Viking

          It’s a human life from conception.

          • Deuce

            Then there is no argument, we are in agreement. I said 20 weeks for those who are ‘Pro-choice’ not humans. God bless

    • Deuce

      For legal purposes it needs to be defined. I said 20 weeks not saying that I’m pro-choice til then and pro-life after then. Not sure where most of you are reading that. I am pro-life and believe abortion is murder. I said 20 or 24 weeks based on Medical science saying the baby could survive outside the womb, and abortion after that point should be under the legal system as murder, because ‘Pro-choice’ individuals do not recognize the Bible as the word of God because they don’t believe in God. So you can’t argue based on something they don’t believe in. If you argue on the Constitution and science to them, then you will have more success.

      Again ‘Pro-choice’ is Pro-murder of babies.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Planned Parenthood was created specifically for the purpose of eliminating blacks, jews, hispanics, and other undesirables. Margaret Sanger was noted and self-proclaimed racist and eugenicist. It shocking to see how many blacks, including the scumbag Obozo, that support PP. That organization and everyone associated with it should be tried and jailed/hanged for mass murder and genocide.

    Proof, in her own words, that Margaret Sanger was a racist and eugenicist:

    Bookmark that link and pass it on. Look at the picture below of Sanger with the KKK.

    More and more people must wake up. This is no different than Hitler marching 6 million Jews to the ovens while Germans stood silently by. We, and they, now look back on that atrocity and ask “how could they let that happen right in front of their eyes.” There shall come a time in our future when people will look back on the now 56 Million unborn Americans that have been slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs and ask the same question: How can we stand by and allow this to happen?

    Have a nice day!

    “Society is endangered not by the great profligacy of a few, but by the laxity of morals amongst all.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

    “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

    “It is not the young people that degenerate; they are not spoiled till those of mature age are already sunk into corruption.” – Charles de Montesquieu

  • Melissa Katsmom Votano

    I saw that. One of the things about the filibuster that torqued me was that they are saying close to 40 clinics across Texas would have to close because there is no hospital within 30 miles as one of the parts of the bill states there must be to operate said abortion clinic. Um….I believe that to be either really sad that there are that many abortion clinics in Texas in the boonies or that someone lied to all of us about all of those triage units that were built around Texas using the surcharges that came from DUI convictions. It is my understanding that over 100 of them have been built in the boonies of Texas. So someone is lying… guess is that it is Planned UnParenthood and this dimwitted Democrat Wendy (Windy) Davis.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    54,000,000 abortions and now we know out right infanticides since Roe V Wade. Read “The Harbinger” that truly exposes the “judgement by God on this Country. See the DVD Isaiah 9:10.

  • PatCindyCunningham

    Funny, I call raving cheers from a bunch of lunatics blocking the State House cheers not taken lightly. In fact it was tantamount to hysteria. I pity the Babies if any, these Women will have or have already had. They shouldn’t be aloud to have the most precious gift there is.

  • Theresa

    Abortion up to 20 weeks. Hell, I’m not even satisfied with that! I want Roe vs Wade overturned, period!

  • twinelm

    If it is a woman’s Constitutional right to party hearty and then pay (handsomely–or in many cases, the taxpayers do) to have a very rich practitioner slice and dice up a human being still in her womb, where is there guaranteed a baby’s right to draw a breath? Nowhere? In a supposedly civilized society? What about our American Declaration of Independence… “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property)”? Is a human baby, still in the womb and capable of life either immediately or within 4 or 5 months to be deprived of opportunity to see a sunset, hear a sonata, love and laugh and play on a freshly mown lawn in the name of the mother’s right to murder it? That our nation guarantees a Constitutional right for a profligate and irresponsible woman to take the life of innocence itself?

    And all for the Almighty Dollar (because Planned Parenthood is actually ROLLING in government, ie, taxpayer cash to pay for this slaughter). There is something so seriously wrong with our nation when its President cackles to the world that he thinks this is “special” to slaughter these innocent lives is mind numbing to consider. If a baby does not deserve to live inside the womb, how can it be guaranteed life outside the womb? It is just as dependent for many more months on the same mother. Our society is teetering on the edge of collapse. This is a symptom, the cascading slide into the abyss has begun. I can pray, “God help us,” while knowing instinctively that He will turn a deaf ear because we, as Americans, are so depraved and evil that we justify this bloodshed as a woman’s “reproductive right”. Horrid, horrid. To me, our civilization does not deserve to continue.

    • David

      With each day O’bumer Remains Illegitimately in the White House Our Freedoms and Rights Will Vanish !!! IF his Fraudulent Election continues We will All Pay…Many With Our Blood !!! He is a Fraud and Should be thrown in Jail and a REAL American put in Office !!! Allen West ?
      One Nation Under God !!!

  • Lidia Smith

    Alexis McGill Johnson should be ashamed to wear a cross around her neck. She is blaspheming God. They hide under “woman’s right”…what about the right of the unborn. These people will pay for it in the long run. Alexis says this was a win for the women…yes, those without a soul, those without morals and those that do not respect their own bodies.

    • Dan

      The message her cross carries is not so much the love and sacrifice of Christ, but that children should be nailed to the cross along with Christ so that adults can be free from responsibility. Where the cross honors the ultimate courage and love of Christ worn by one who loves Christ, it carries a horrible message on the neck of someone who lives to destroy the heart of Christ by tearing to shreds His beloved children.

    • rosech

      And remember in an accident, the fetus is considered a human being and you can get court judgments for it. Now if the court recognizes a fetus, then why the discussion? For those who make big bucks off stupid women. As a woman, they are insulting my intelligence and demeaning their own or its lack.

  • Jeff Noncent

    To me abortion is murder killing a baby is murder point and simple

  • svs

    Very black and white issue.
    Good vs Evil.
    God Satan
    Love Hate
    Light Darkness
    Truth Lies
    Life Death
    Conception=Life Abortion=Death

    There really isn’t any grey area in this debate. Who’s side are you on?

  • Conservativesniper

    I think the woman makes her decision when she agrees to intercourse.

  • dangerouspatriot

    Planned Parenthood is nothing but a mafia of murderers of innocent unborn children and should all be prosecuted for murder.

  • Ryan Stone
  • websmith

    this is like the government destroying the country. Why is it happening and why is it being debated? You don’t even have to believe in God to know that it is unnatural and wrong.

  • Guest

    What the pro-abortion people seem to NEVER acknowledge or admit is how rarely abortion is truly performed for health reasons. I have read statistics that say as low as 1% to 2%.

    I am married and have daughters, I am Pro-Life and want nothing but the best possible health care for my family and others. So that disputes the claims that you cant be both, Pro-Life and Pro-Woman.

    So if Pro-Life wants access to safe affordable health care and Pro-“Choice” wants access to safe affordable health care then the only debate is the abortion aspect.

    If 2% percent or less of abortions are heath care related then why is killing the other 98% for convenience so critical to the Pro-Abortion side. Why would, what appear to be intelligent educated women, fall victim to this farce?

    Is it strictly the physiology of fighting for something, merely because you fear you may lose it, despite weather you really need or needed it to start with?

    The sad part as I watch is how many of the younger Generation have been brainwashed into believing that if you provided safe affordable healthcare to all women, but take out the abortion aspect, they somehow are being short changed.

    It’s truly sad.

  • W Randall

    What the pro-abortion people seem
    to NEVER acknowledge or admit is how rarely abortion is truly performed
    for health reasons. I have read statistics that say as low as 1% to 2%.

    I am married and have daughters, I am Pro-Life and want nothing but
    the best possible health care for my family and others. So that disputes
    the claims that you can’t be both, Pro-Life and Pro-Woman.

    So if Pro-Life wants access to safe affordable health care and
    Pro-“Choice” wants access to safe affordable health care then the only
    debate is the abortion aspect.

    If 2% percent or less of abortions are heath care related then why is
    killing the other 98% for convenience so critical to the Pro-Abortion
    side. Why would, what appear to be intelligent educated women, fall
    victim to this farce?

    Is it strictly the psychology of fighting for something, merely
    because you fear you may lose it, despite weather you really need or
    needed it to start with?

    The sad part as I watch is how many of the younger Generation have
    been brainwashed into believing that if you provided safe affordable
    healthcare to all women, but take out the abortion aspect, they somehow
    are being short changed.

    It’s truly sad.

  • Dave Suchy

    so as a man if I impregnate my wife and dont want a child, but their logic I should be able to kick her in the gut a few times and be done with it.

    • Dan

      Violence against women, or men, or children, is wrong, but it does seem pretty unreasonable to say that a baby is human if he or she is killed by an abuser, but non-human if he or she is killed by an abortionist. Doesn’t it?

      If an abuser strikes a pregnant woman and kills the baby, is he or she innocent of all forms of homocide since the baby is not a human being yet? Or is the baby a human being and therefore both the abuser and the abortionist are murderers?

      Or does the baby become human because the woman want’s it? Is the crime that a person has been murdered or that a woman’s wishes have been denied?

      • Dan

        Here’s another slant. Two unmarried couples get pregnant. In both cases, the woman wants the baby, and the man doesn’t, and neither man wants to pay child support until the child is 18.

        Man 1 accepts the situation and pays the child support.
        Man 2 hits the woman and the baby dies.

        The first man pays $20k in child support every year.
        The second does a little jail time, gets out, and keeps what he earns. After all, the baby is not a human being yet, supposedly.

        Or is he/she? If so, then isn’t every abortionist a mass murderer and every supporter of abortion an accessory to the crime?

  • Breck Nichols

    I find the points here to be clear and concise. Not to mention obvious.

    Contrast this with the euphemisms and verbal misdirection used by the other side.
    “A woman’s choice”…”healthcare”… “every child a wanted child….” ad nauseam.

    Had dinner with a friend last night, who posed this question to me,
    “If the end of life is deemed to be the cessation of the beating of a heart,
    then why is it that the beginning of life is not deemed to be the beginning of the beating of a heart?”

    My only answer was, “Willful blindness”. Just couldn’t come up with anything else.

    • Mindy Robinson

      Willful evil. Blood lust. That is all I can come up with.

  • markc

    I think they should save the baby and abort the mother.

    • rosech

      That would surely keep the mother from doing it time after time as many do. What a disgrace for our country and the fetus to have anything to do with a murdering female.

      • Mindy Robinson

        and male.

    • Mindy Robinson

      and the father.

      • Mike Black

        sometimes the father isnt aware of the process sometimes he is the cause i would be ferocious if i discovered my child was murdered

        • Mindy Robinson

          You are right. Many times they are thou , most men , especially the young no longer posses nor understand what being a man means. Every child deserves a father who will protect them, a father who cares. You are an exception in today’s world.

        • Mindy Robinson

          As we discuss this it leads me to contemplate other issues associated with the murder of our most vulnerable. As I traverse thru the different levels of this one issue I realized that while we cannot just let this continue on the underlying causes must be addressed to heal this nation.

  • blair152

    Someone once told me that “if life doesn’t begin at conception, when does it begin?”

    • rosech

      And it has been proven that it does. Egg meets sperm and life begins and it doesn’t form anything but a human being. Ignore science and you really show your ignorance, and yet people keep electing the brain dead. Amazing!

      • blair152

        True. It only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg. If there are two, you have Down Syndrome. That’s an extra chromosome. See? I remembered a lot from my high school biology class! :)

  • Sandy Hawthorne

    It is amazing that a large part of this Bill is actually about the safety of a women making a decision for abortion to have a clean, safe, inspected place to have a medical procedure. Who would WANT to have an “operation” in a seedy, filthy environment? I thought that was the whole point to passing the abortion amendment to begin with, to take abortion out of the “alleys and backrooms.” Evidently, Planned Parenthood’s goal is not for the safety of the woman but all about the elimination of what THEY term “unwanted babies.” Very interesting.

    • rosech

      The same old song of alleys and backrooms is a myth in today’s world and has been long gone. Abortions have always been easy to get, especially if you afford to pay for one. However, much cheaper, more moral, etc. to get tubes tied, uterus removed, or buy condoms and contraceptives which are cheap! This phony attention to women downgrades them and the male to mere animals. Wait, animals are in general kinder to their offspring.

    • Mindy Robinson

      It is horrifying that this bill has to exist at all, it is horrifying that there are creatures in America who under the guise of being American fight to insure that an infant can be murdered at any time during pregnancy, that they have no qualms about torturing these vulnerable souls, in and out of the womb. The right to torture and murder infants should not even be being discussed, there should not be creatures in this country who allowed to roam free and fight to retain the right to torture and murder infants. This is all so twisted and disgusting , it simply should never have been allowed, never have been considered to be acceptable.

  • Mike Black

    I don’t understand everyone’s concern here the real reason to have abortions legal is to diminish the black population and prevent them from realizing their potential . I love the phrase ” the most dangerous place for a black child is in the womb”
    If the parents of these children and cultures the mothers are from don’t care about their offspring why should I ? I challenge you all to care for each other and mourn the loss but save your resources to nurture your own offspring .

    • Mindy Robinson

      You have no right to refuse to protect infants from torture and murder. None! We are not talking about welfare here, we are talking about the torture and murder of infants. This should not even be happening in this nation! Don’t you dare walk away and leave our most vulnerable to be slaughtered!

      • Mike Black

        i am claiming no right, nor will i support such behavior, but i refuse to be held responsible for another’s actions . i will do all i can to insure my offspring’s survival . I have to protect my own i will not abandon them for a group that cares not for their own !!!

        • Mindy Robinson

          I as well Mike and that I do understand, but, I will do all in my power to protect those vulnerable lives that at some time some evil being found itself in a position to allow , via mans laws, that torturing and murdering infants is good. In my mind the group is American and it our duty to protect the infants of America. They are our own, all of them, all those helpless babes who are being tortured and murdered by black and white Americans. You are right , this is an attack on black Americans and unfortunately there is a large number of black Americans who are so pathetic they are happy to allow and participate in the greatest atrocity that man can commit so that they can cry “po little me”. Working together, black and white Americans, are fighting this atrocity and additionally we are making it clear to the pathetic black American who so enjoys crying “po little me” that we find them , lol, pathetic. This battle is two fold, end the torture and murder of infants in this country, force the pathetic black Americans who have willingly allowed themselves to be enslaved to rid themselves of their own self induced slavery. Those babies need you, they need me, they need all of us and they are our own. I make an assumption you have fought wars that were far more dangerous than this one and did so without “defeat” ever being in your vocab. Now, infants , need you to protect them, please, don’t turn your back on them.

          • Mike Black

            the fight is too great for me i will try to lead by example and open a discussion every chance i get.
            i have yet to find one person that will look me in the eye and tell me they approve of terminating a pregnancy as an acceptable means of birth control .

            i think we as Christians need to more vocal in our social environment as to our viewpoint. i am so tired of the same old rape story excuse when pregnancies due to rape and incest are such a low number as to be statistically insignificant .
            we as a society should turn our backs on people that practice this or we are approving the behavior.

          • Mindy Robinson

            Mike that will make a difference, a huge difference! Yes, we need to be more vocal, it is not easy as we are not tuned that way but it is part of the reason we are where we are today. Past time for us to stand strong and unwavering for God. I think treating them the same way we treat one another when we sin may be the route to take (I am talking about those who are ignorant not those who support it). If I do something wrong my friends tell me, we are honest about an action that is conducted and is wrong.

    • DougAMartin

      Funny (almost), didn’t we just see an article with statistics supporting “the most dangerous place for a Hispanic is in the womb.”? There are a million abortions every year. When was the last time we saw that many losses in a war, or other disaster? Safe to say, the most dangerous place for any human on earth, is in it’s mother’s womb. Where is the mother’s instinctual love for her child that we used to hear about? Was it ever there? As death and taxes are considered necessary and immutable evils, so motherhood and apple pie were once considered immutable virtues. Since Roe v Wade, we’ve been left with pie.

  • interestedobserver2

    Logic has never actually been at the forefront of liberal “thought.” It’s far easier to condone the multiple millions of baby murders that have occurred in this country than it is to actually teach people to think, and behave in an ethical way. Besides, if they ever admitted there was anything wrong about abortion, they’d have to live with the fact that they are the greatest mass murderers in world history.

  • rosech

    In today’s world they can use contraceptives which are easy to get and cheap, or have their uterus removed, or have their tubes tied. Any one of these options is better than murdering a human being they helped to create. I agree that both sexes need to take responsibility for their actions and morals and stop looking to others to approve what they doing or want to do. Only in the cases of rape, incest or the mother’s life in danger is this horrible procedure necessary; otherwise, you are a murderer plain and simple. Or as Abby used to say, won’t have a problem if you keep your legs crossed. Or, in science, any action has a reaction, even stupidity!

  • sfcpete

    Why in many states, if a person kills a pregnant woman and the baby dies they are charged with two murders?

    • Higherstandard13

      You got it, equal protection under the law…. if it is not murder when the mother has it done, then it is not when a stranger, husband or boyfriend does it on purpose or accident without the consent of the woman. It appears that they want to have their cake and eat it too.

      • SirWilhelm

        That is it, in a nutshell, they want to have their cake, and eat it too. They want to have unrestrained sex, without the consequences, and the consequences include unwanted pregnancies. I’ve been there. I was once pro-choice, for those very reasons. It took far too long for me to see the light, but, better late than never, I say. Abortion is murder, pure and simple.

  • Jane Schumann

    I fail to see where an abortion is a constitutional right. Our Constitution guarantees all the right to LIFE, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. An abortion ends a life.

  • Transpower

    20 weeks in the time at which human brain waves being. Therefore I’m pro-choice up to 20 weeks, and pro-life after that.

  • boxerdoglover

    Wow, how disturbing, pro-choice up to 20 weeks, pro-life after. It’s still a baby, no matter what stage. It’s not a dog, it’s not a cat, it’s a human being at conception, Imago Deo. And you think there won’t be a judgement.

  • darkcyder

    The irony here is that this group has no problem killing an innocent child- one that has never been convicted of ANY crime. And yet, when another human takes the life of one or many, and is convicted to death row- they will stand in the rain to protest and fight for his /her continuation of life. All at our expense. One might argue that in the case of those who commit violent crimes the world would have been better off had they been aborted. However, these same people (again ironically) have put in place the very mechanisms that make these people capable of committing such crimes. Do we live in an upside down world or what?

    • agrneydgrl


  • Breezeyguy

    I hope Texas is able to pass the law. It’s after 20 weeks for Pete’s sake!

    Why does the woman’s “right” to a whim have to come at the cost of a child’s painful death?

  • GirlIQ

    Some one has to be responsible and if a woman can have sex (in most cases a choice) and wait until they are 5 months pregnant to decide to destroy their unborn, at some point, the babies life matters! The woman chose to cause themselves to become pregnant and chose to wait for weeks and months all the while leading to a more painful procedure for the baby.

  • Lucy Mauterer

    Oh yes, a deeply spiritual decision…to murder your child. Have these self-centered women no idea what a baby goes through in a late term abortion? Or any abortion for that matter? It all comes down to total refusal to accept responsibility. These are tiny human beings, precious beyond all imagining, helpless to defend themselves, without a voice. And there are so many couples who would die for the opportunity to raise one of these little ones.


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