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Clare Daly, TD for the Dublin North, did not mince words as she spoke before the Irish Parliament Wednesday, following the G8 Summit.

“I think it’s important to take this opportunity to bring a bit of balance into the discussion surrounding the visit of the US President and his wife given the almost unprecedented slobbering over them that the nation has been exposed to over the last number of days.”

“And it’s really hard to know which is worse–whether it’s the outpourings of  the Obamas themselves, or the sycophantic fawning over them by sections of the media and the political establishment.”

“Now I ask you, is this person going for the hypocrite of the century award? Because we have to call things by their right names, and by any serious examination, this man is a war criminal.”


As Huff Po’s Sabrina Siddiqui writes:

The comments were reflective of how global opinion of Obama has shifted on account of his drone policy. European countries have mostly remained favorable toward the president, but opinion in the United Kingdom has been somewhat divided.

Daly was especially incensed by Obama’s speech on the Northern Ireland peace process, which she found to be in contrast with his own record on establishing peace in other parts of the world.

There isn’t much peace in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan, and “there certainly isn’t much peace” in Syria, she said. Daly was also critical of the Obama administration’s decision to supply arms to the Syrian opposition, which she said included “jihadists fueling destabilization of that region.”

Though Clare Daly is far from conservative politically, or perhaps even better that she is not, how refreshing to hear someone with the spine to critique Obama for what he really is: a petulant, spoiled, C-I-C who uses the taxpayer money to lecture foreign leaders and citizens in matters where he himself is devoid of knowledge or success.

Obama is no great president; no great man. And with his G8 performance, he’s demonstrated he’s a failed diplomat and statesman. Now the only question is…must he really come home?


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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  • Joanne Scribner

    Hear the man? He’s deluded. The lady, Ms. Daly, is quite right and oh so brave, and I say “HEAR HEAR!!!! She has it right!!!!

    • We4thepeople

      I love her to death!
      I’m just so touched she spoke the truth!
      And now us Americans, you see how we are now known and thought of by this president!
      He has and is tarnishing our country awfully!
      Impeach this liar, and as Ms Daly said, war criminal and hyprocrite !

      • keepyourpower

        Obama has no right to start or help in Syria. The Congress has not said it is OK to do so. Why doesn’t anyone stand up and say this? Only one saying this is Ron Paul. And no one listens to him.

  • answer1776

    Some politicians speak for the people, most follow the money & power.

  • Joanne Scribner

    I know, but we sensible ones know that it is not about money and power, It is about truth, and morality, as shown in the Bible, God’s Word. B-Basic, I -Instructions, B -Before, L -Leaving, E – Earth. BIBLE.

  • Joanne Scribner

    It is time Way beyond overdue, that the politicians of the world realize that we the people are not going to put up with lies anymore. Speak the truth, or get out of office.

    • Diane

      Then you bettervote out the Republican/TPers whose only utterances are lies, falsehoods and pure trash.

      • azrt1

        again dear, seek therapy. stop spewing the stupidity and the hate. I feel you are reacting to the fact that you didn’t receive any education. You can still learn. Get a book, learn how to read, figure it out. You can do it. (once you get your meds worked out, cuz, seriously you are nuts)

  • Adam Hancock

    Man she hit the nail on the head. I hated that guys rebuttal. He was using the typical liberal, “You should be ashamed for thinking” argument. Obama says one thing and does the other. The only people he’s brokering peace with are the muslim brotherhood and supplying arms to the Jihadist groups that have basically overthrown the Syrian rebels who wanted a decent and just system in place, now with Obama’s help they’ll get a Taliban like rule…..with a bunch of US weapons we GAVE them. When will we learn? Who supported Castro, the Taliban, the Contras and the countless other rebel(or terrorist) groups that ALWAYS turn on us once they succeed? Even in the tainted history they teach in the US of A you can see this pattern clearly. I’m sick of this regime. I’m sick of Republicans and Democrates both. They have held this country back for tooooo long. It’s time to kick both of their butts out of power and give it back to parties that don’t use wide spread terror to take away our freedoms that made America great. Like maybe removing the supposed war time only income tax. That’d be a good start for a chocking country. But no, lets institute a healthcare system that will cost us all more. Greeeeaaaaaat.

  • 1hetruthprojec1

    Clare Dale was awesome.
    She is much more aware, and realistic than her opponent. She asked clearly: what did the western policy do to help in the Iraqi war and Lybia etc….nothing! People are still slaughtering each other. Period

  • old_crank

    She mentions the Irish people liking the Americans, cites some sympathy points…on the mark, I think. And I’ll bet it’s true worldwide that people mis-guided by their own leaders have similar sympathies with the similarly mis-led iin other countries. We should all be so lucky as the Irish, who have Clare Dale.

  • Mary Larrimore

    She was right on the money… the guy that talked just after her lacks balls.

    • arrowsmithwoman

      He “turned me off” right away, shaking his finger at her as he lectured her!

      • We4thepeople

        He made me mad as hell!
        Another liar!
        Kennedy is trash!
        Reminded me of OFAILURE without his TelePrompTer just taking up gods free air!
        Now I’d vote for MS DALY to become our USA president!
        Now that’s a lady with class and more balls than any man I’ve seen in our government in a long time!

    • We4thepeople

      A OFAILURE student!
      Fire him Ireland!
      Go Ms Daly!
      Thank GOD someone who says he truth!

  • gvette

    Does anyone have her e-mail address? I’d like to send a thank you note!!
    She was great!

    • Denise Paine

      Gvette, found her email, as I want to thank her as well. Hopefully our emails will get to her, knowing Obama he will have them stopped!

      • gvette

        Thank you Denise! I will now write her. LOL…would Obama really stop us?

        • Denise Paine

          NSA, of course he would if he wanted to!

          • Denise Paine

            I have also sent email to some mainstream media asking why this has not been reported to the American people, gave them this website, which I’m sure they have already seen, but I have sent to everyone I know. We all know why the media won’t report on it!

      • We4thepeople

        Yeah, or we go missing, or a drone shoot us?
        We are in deep deep do do, we Americans have let this go to far with this administration, and I frankly am scared to death. This is NOT my fathers, nor my grandfathers dream.
        I am a father with 2 young daughters, and parents in their 80’s.
        I fear I will not see my grandchildren, nor my parents see thier great grand children with these crooked politicians, and this man ruining our country!
        All I can say, is we were raised Christian Protestant and along with everything else, Glenn Beck summed it up.
        This is a spiritual war between GOD and Satan. We know by the bible GOD will win

        • Denise Paine

          You are correct and God Bless you and your family. We can never give up our rights as American people with Mr. Obama. He and his crazy administration will never intimidate me or my family. We will keep our guns, we will have freedom of speech. He does not stand for United States of America.

          • rosie46

            No, he is standing on the throat of our country and we will collapse if he succeeds. If you saw the video with him and Putin, you can see what a weak president he is and how inept and fumbling. Putin ate him alive.

          • Mary Larrimore

            Putin is a bad ass!

          • azrt1

            Who would have thunk it? We have reached such a low point that the Russian leader looks good. At least he admits what he is , what his political beliefs are. Whatever else you can say, the man is a patriot. He is proud of his Country.

      • keepyourpower

        You need to get for your email. They will not give out anything to the government. There are also search engines you can use and a beta email you can use from the Netherlands. They refuse to give any info to the NSA or anyone. Look on Kim Kommando’s site for the info.

        • azrt1

          Love me my email. there are a couple great search engines out there that I use. Still sure hackers can get through. obo, is quite thorough in his attack on the American People. Nice to know our tax dollars are at work , slowly destroying us. Thanks for the info about other secure sites. Unfortunately, I believe that all of us are down on the “potential drone strike” list, just for posting on these sites. I hear people say, you “shouldn’t post anything negative about obo, because they are watching you”. Now tell me, that type of statement didn’t get bandied about continually in the early Hitler, Stalin, and etc. years. But hey, the obo supporters are going to go down as hard as the “patriots”. They are just right now his “useful idiots”. Seems like an inevitable occurrence. Personally I would rather be zoomed quickly out of existence, than live under what this Country is heading for. Although I would like to stick around long enough, to see the entire left suddenly “wake up”. Wait, we didn’t know what was happening.

      • Lori Denver

        Thanks Denise, All need to e-mail her. A big Thank You

  • Donna Booth Harrison

    How refreshing that someone, the likes of Ms Daley, to call it the way she sees it. She is SPOT ON when she says that Obama is “the hypocrite of the century”!

  • GridRider

    This was bound to happen. Apparently Mr. Obama doesn’t know the Republic of Ireland is a CATHOLIC country!! Geez.

    • Diane

      Catholic in name only in Ireland. They do not practice their faith faithfully. Just the priests who like to molest the altar boys.

      • azrt1

        Diane- get back on your meds sweetie. Call a psych hotline and seek help.

  • We4thepeople

    To bad they have Edna Kennedy!
    He needs FIRED!
    God Bless you MsDaly!
    Finally someone sees what we as Americans have!
    A lyin stinking Hyprocrite as a …….?
    I will no call OFAILURE a president or a leader!
    He is a damned embarassment to the USA!
    Again, THANK YOU Ms Daly!

  • axe handlebill

    I don’t know this lady nor the jerk that shamed her for the truth..

  • axe handlebill

    Go Girl..

  • axe handlebill

    Just to let them know, we are being crushed here in America..Thanks to no thanks to the Obama’s

  • Robert12Disqus

    that’s about right – tried for war crimes along with the bush dynasty and clinton; remember when clinton bombed that factory to deflect growing concern over his cigar woman? never mind that clinton should’ve been tried for treason for receiving aid from the enemy of this nation (china); him and gore – whateverrr. this stuff has been going on for too long… obama has so much stuff to be impeached over that congress has to be colluding by not doing their job and impeaching him.

    • William Burke

      Aye! One small point – though I loved your comment – Clinton is a charter member of the Bush Dynasty. A “son”, as George H.W. Bush remarked.

      • keepyourpower

        That is because they all want One World Order, where they will get rich, and we will be poor. George H W Bush is the one who came right out and talked about ONE WORLD ORDER! They all belong to the same club. The right and the left are both 2 sides of the same coin. Very few of those politicians in DC are truly representing their constituents! Very few! George HW Bush’s father gave money to Hitler…supported him.

  • joefromlovespark

    I like her style and vision!

  • PatCindyCunningham

    It is good to know you don’t have to be in America to know Obama is an idiot. It is well reported on.

    • azrt1

      according to the poll, a disturbing amount of Americans are too stupid to realize that obama is an idiot. Actually he is right on course with what he set out to do. Destroy America.

      • PatCindyCunningham

        Over three million registered Republicans sat out the 2012 Presidential election, there by giving the vote to Barack Obama. What the Hell were they thinking? Conservatives do not have votes to waste. To many Americans are to stupid to know what is going on in there own Country. If Conservatives ever do get America back, it should be required in school they learn American History. Right now I would say 50% would flunk a simple History test, or even an IQ test for that matter.

        • azrt1

          I agree- look at Diane’s post to me above. She thinks I am a muslim so therefore I am? Interesting as when I read her post, I was munching on a ham sandwich which I was really enjoying. Suddenly I was conflicted, if I am suddenly a muslim, should I stop eating the sandwich? What would I do with the pork roast in the slow cooker. LOL. Yes, the “dumbing down” of America has happened over several generations. That and a general apathy. I have degrees in History, and I have always hated politics. I still do. I always researched issues, candidates and voted, I am a registered Independent, but I was pretty apathetic about the whole process. Me, who should have known better, reading history down through the ages, it happens over and over again. From Rome down through to the Countries that went under in this Century. Every single time, We are reminded to learn from history, to know history, the real history, or we are doomed to repeat the mistakes. Day one I saw Obama during the primaries, ( I wasn’t familiar with him at all until then), I thought, right, this man has no past, except completely destroying Chicago in a manner that Godzilla would be envious of, he had written and spoken of his hatred of America, His desire to destroy it. His Muslim beliefs, and I thought. Americans aren’t stupid enough to let him through the primaries, and yet there he squats in our WH 2 elections later. Voter fraud, illegal aliens, dead people voting. people voting 20 times, obo gets 120% of the vote in some regions. It was briefly mentioned, but no one seemed to care. I don’t understand it, he was illegally vetted, no one seemed to care. Every record of his past seems to be false, no one seems to care. I think they had the elections rigged so had every thinking American voted for Romney, there still wouldn’t have been a chance. The liberals seem to be proud of their stupidity. They can’t seem to wrap their minds around the concept that obo is evil, that his entire cabinet is criminals of the worst kind. They claim to be the “educated” people, yet these policies that are so ridiculous that a 10 year old could see they won’t work, that they are slowly destroying us? They think they’re great . I am attacked daily on yahoo boards by liberals. With their battle cry of racist to every fact and truth you give them. I don’t know what the answer is. I frankly have lost hope.

          • PatCindyCunningham

            Weird person that Diane. I hope She isn’t a Wizard. I guess it could have been worse. She could have turned you into a Toad.

          • azrt1

            that’s better than a Muslim I guess. Especially since I am a woman, that would just really suck.

          • PatCindyCunningham

            Yes it would Mam. Yes it would!

  • Poppy Haynes

    Good for Daly! If we only had someone in America that had as much guts to tell it how it is right out there in front of the world.

    • GeMom

      The only one heard from on a daily basis is Rand Paul. We need to convince the other do-nothings but fawn on obama that we want our country back & obama is a traitor – what’s keeping him in the White House? And get rid of the democrat Casey – a total brainless creep.

      • keepyourpower

        Rand Paul is a traitor too. He was one of the 31 Republicans who voted to bring the Immigration bill to the floor for debate. They could have stopped this horrible bill! They don’t even speak of the horrific things in this bill that would make your hair stand on end!

      • Barbara Anne Hess

        Amen to that, Casey has got to go ASAP

  • azrt1

    yeah Irish dude, you hit the nail on the head, and hypocrite is the tip of the iceberg on this evil creature. And that’s just barry. Tap in to the rest of his cabinet o crims’ and conniving liars, all seeing to want to see America destroyed. Sickening. Please could one of our lesser foul politicians step up and see if if a few others may follow? Do any have the brains or guts, those few I thought showed potential, have all either caved, or support heinous bills, they should fight fight fight against. Can a few more Americans wake up from whatever spell of stupidity they are under? I can not conceive that so many Americans are so incredibly, moronically stupid as to fall for these people and their lies. They just don’t seem to care. Their lack of knowledge of any current events is tragic.

    • keepyourpower

      Jeff Duncan of SC stood up and said Obama should be investigated for not being eligible to be President…and he is catching…well…to say it nicely…a lot of negativity?

      • azrt1

        that is because America has been dumbed down to the point I am surprised many are able to remember to keep breathing. Obvious truth- millions spent covering the faux one’s past. Every “official” document, has been proven a failure. Everything points to him being Muslim, everything he has done has been a failure. He destroyed Chicago. He is destroying America. And the drooling minions keep following. Barry loves his useful idiots. They will eventually get their wake up call, will be pretty horrible for them. But too late to save the rest of us.

        • Diane

          OK azrt1 you really are incredibly stupid. I think you are a muslim so therefore that is what you are. The Republicans and Bush/Cheney destroyed America and the TPers are continuing the destruction.

          • azrt1

            What a great comment to show YOUR stupidity Diane, “I think you are a muslim so therefore that is what you are” what the? Are you on drugs? The Republicans did not destroy America. barry the lying POS is working on it, obamanationcare should about finish it. And NO I am not a Muslim, I am anti-Muslim,I am a Christian. I am not a Republican, nor Right wing. I AM an American, so I have one over on barry , the MUSLIM. so your “I am unable to think, therefore I am: theory doesn’t quite hold water. Oh my gracious though, I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. Hard to keep humor when your Country is being destroyed, and there are stupid obo trolls like you in the World. But thanks for sharing your stupidity, you just concentrate on breathing, I doubt you are capable of doing much else, functioning on just a brain stem and all. HA HA HA

          • Jeanene Phillips

            She is brainwashed and cant wake up, dont even waste your energy,she is beating her head against a wall and cant make a dent. So you cant make them understand, they are incapable of finding out facts and be free thinkers, they want to believe what they are told and programmed………sad really when you see it……..i will pray the scales fall from her eyes so she can see one fine day.

          • azrt1

            Yes, these people represent the “dumbing down of America”. Truly as Joseph Farah says, “they are lost”, beyond saving. The Country will go down in flames and they will never see the reality of the cause of it. It is a disease process. So much delusion and hate. And yet the left claims to be “caring and loving and fuzzy”. They have truly been led to believe that anyone who cares about the Country, who is terrified of the insanity is literally a terrorist. Against obo, you don’t deserve to live in their eyes. I have literally had death threats for just posting facts, from some of these people. Yes, truly evil O’s useful idiots, for some would kill for him. I tell them I will pray for them, and that just confirms their theory that I need to be taken out, how dare I. ask God for their forgiveness. I told one, if you truly don’t believe, why does that make you so upset. Just put me down as delusional, post your vitriol about me and my “tin foil hat”, and move on with your sick, sad unblessed life.

      • PatCindyCunningham

        Yes in deed. Patriots are scarce these days. We definitely need a Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale, or a Thomas Paine. Trouble is ratings. If you don’t have ratings you loose your Audience and if you don’t have an Audience you are just like the rest of us, SAD!

  • dangerouspatriot

    Good for you lady, keep up the great work and speeches against the most coppurtable, lying, fraud. [ps that has ever infested our White House since it was built so long ago. We can’t get him out there soon enough before he destroys everything America stands for and for FREEDOM!!! What will it take to oust him out of our White House on his hypocritical ass along with that clown VP biden before they single-handedly destroy America. God please help us in our struggle to regain our freedoms and have you back at the head of our Government and our Country. L&L

    • Joe F.

      Amen, Patriot. When God was at the front, no others could stand against us.

    • Jeanene Phillips

      I agree, but people have become lazy sheep, they are complacent watching like an existance is owed to them for free and never earn with a work ethic or self pride. It was always best when God was with us but afraid the Devils pawn has sold us to the highest bidder. I will just be glad when he gets here to set the account straight and balance things.

  • pateboo

    It’s amazing any countries still do business with the US. Ireland got stuck with a bill for about 5 million because of the Obama’s, I’m sure THAT didn’t go over too well with them. Now he’s not only ticking off American’s with his extravagances and arrogance, but now he’s ticking off other countries citizens as well. The Irish went out of their way to indulge the Obama’s and the girls couldn’t even ACT remotely interested. I guess if it isn’t Beyonce it’s just not that big of a deal.

    • keepyourpower

      and I would NEVER let my daughters look at a woman like Beyonce, who gyrates on the stage, like stripper..or worse. She makes me ill!

    • Jeanene Phillips

      yes he is creeping out our closest allies, what next…………ummmmmm………….start your organized coup…….We should have slammed down re-entry and told him to go yuk it up with Africa and be big shot ,,,,,,,,,,,,,we are done with the likes of him.

  • keepyourpower

    I watched the long video with Putin and Obama. Putin looked quite sick of the man sitting next to him. He would not even look at him! I don’t blame him. I cannot look at him either…nor listen to his voice. I feel like I have entered Hell, when I hear him or see him.

    • Jeanene Phillips

      I am right there with ya pal.

  • Jeff Noncent

    I am not shock what else is new

  • poppygene

    Obama is a war criminal !. Since the very day he took office, he has done little else, than promote Arab/Muslim causes, and send Billions to our enemies. Benghazi** Not an Embassey, or consulate. Strictly an operation set up to funnel weapons, cash, medical supplies to Al-Queda in Libya, and Syria ! Four dead Americans, that without two Seals dis-obeying orders to stand down, WOULD HAVE BEEN 34 DEAD AMERICANS. Hillary Clinton, is just as complicit as Obama. Where is the American people’s outrage??? Daly, was exactly right, Our Senators, and representatives, are negligent, even after repeated written requests to them to stand up, and grow some guts, to arrest this fraud. He would not make pimple, on a real Presidents butt; even George W Bush.

  • KalevEfrayim

    How about hypocrite of the millenium?
    Goes to show how ignorant we Americans have become.
    He is America’s mahdi, and will team with Islam to finish off our nation unless we rise, and fight this evil man and his god – satan.
    Time to refresh the tree of liberty…!

  • venturamickey

    Wow thank you God that his crimes and incompetance are being discovered

  • LI

    Deputy Daly, YOU ROCK! TRUTH BE TOLD……..but here, with Barry, you get spied on, persecuted, hushed, and droned. YES, Michelle Obama is only where she is by fraud and corruption to spend Americans money on herself by the millions and millions while putting the citizens down with her comments and actions. Disgraceful!

  • Bouncerquinn

    Excellent article. I doubt we will ever see this in the US media!!

  • Wayne

    So it takes an Irish woman with some real fight in her to tell the world what the rest of these sleazy politicians are afraid to say. Clare Daly, you have my admiration and respect. I hope your voice is heard to the ends of the earth. O is nothing more than a fraud, and hates freedom loving countries as much as his muzzie brothers.

  • robarsan

    Clare Daly is an Irish Sarah Palin…she is magnificent and tells it like it is. I just heard a broadcast tonight from a caller on the Levin show…an Irish man near tears who was so upset about Irish legal immigrants employed in substantial jobs in the USA, who are being denied the three year extension on the visas, for no apparent reason. These persons are degreed individuals who have been discriminated against. The reason they were given for the denial of their visa extension…they are not skilled workers? What does that mean…they don’t mow lawns, wash dishes in restaurants, or wait on street corners or outside Seven Eleven stores for work? Talk about an Obamanation! Daly should know these facts. She is right on with her description of our president and his regime. How dare he talk about a peace process in Ireland, when his divisiveness as spurred so much killing, unrest, disgust, and sheer imperialism for his kingship. And she, his first lady, what great deeds has she accomplished to lessen the burdens of tyrannical leaders and oppressed women…nothing! She is a taker and has never been proud of our country, yet can accompany her husband to other lands in the most ingenuous manner. It is shameful!

  • tightloops

    Wooohhhhhhhhhoooooooooo! Clare, please come to the US and set straight the hypocritical American Progressives WE NEED YOUR VOICE HERE AS WELL AS IRELAND. This is a global community……right? You go girl!!!!!!!

  • Memphis Viking

    Soooo, you’re saying you don’t want to keep him?

  • Lori Denver

    Clare Daly, Needs to come to the United States and work for the people of America, the Obama’s haven’t done any thing good for us. Michelle Obama is a disgrace. Going to other counties and spending our tax dollars on tours for her and friends and family, we need the taxes to pay the debit of the Untied States, to feed families of those who are with out jobs. Obama needs to get out of office and stop taking care of other counties. We need our taxes for Americans. We all need to e-mail Clare and thank her.

    • jeffryj4

      Absolutely Lori, you nailed it!!

  • Ozzy Snozzlethorp

    Wow. And coming from a far-Left rabid moonbat. Stunning.

  • Jeanene Phillips


  • Cheri

    God we were disliked by so many countries years ago but now we are hated by almost all countries, good going Obozo. But not to worry the muslim brotherhood loves us!

  • kevin aye

    Lord Jesus Christ carry us swiftly to the end of this TREASONOUS moment in our history simply known as: The obama Administration. AMEN


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