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It’s official! Paula Deen fits snugly into the stupid liberal category, but not for the usual reasons. 

Allegedly, the 66-year-old Food Network chef uttered racially provocative words and supposedly made sexual and racial innuendos.

After all these years of being careful when her mouth was full of her famous hoecakes not to say the words jigger, figure, vigor, chigger or digger in mixed company so as not to be falsely accused, she blows it and says the N-word right in front of an employee.

Some are saying that Paula’s unprofessional recklessness went far beyond the boundaries of impropriety.

Paula ‘Y’all’ Deen is accused of pretending to perform sex acts on chocolate éclairs, watching pornography while making fried macaroni and cheese, and on more than one occasion using the career-destroying N-word in front of employees working at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House in Savannah, Georgia.

Uncle Bubba’s manager Lisa Jackson, who was apparently taking extensive notes while monitoring Paula’s every utterance, said that on at least one occasion, the Queen of Butter used the N-word in reference to Barack Obama.  Jackpot!  That was the “gotcha” Lisa was patiently waiting for!

According to Ms. Jackson, who is suing the cooking icon for $1.2 million, Deen allegedly suggested hiring African-Americans to dress in costumes and work at her brother Earl “Bubba” Hiers’ wedding.

According to Lisa, Deen said “What I would really like is a bunch of little [N-word]s to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties. Now that would be a true Southern wedding, wouldn’t it?”

Whoa!  Isn’t Paula Deen Oprah’s inspiration?  Would Oprah consider Paula’s creative idea for a Southern-style wedding an example of Paula’s “life and vivaciousness” or, after Paula’s inevitable fall from politically correct grace, will Ms. Winfrey write her off too?

Regardless of what Oprah thinks, Paula Deen was “Chopped” by a network she helped make successful.  In the aftermath of the controversy, Deen has profusely begged for forgiveness and done all but publicly tar and feather herself to express her sorrow to y’all for saying the N-word.

But all of Paula’s mea culpas have fallen on deaf ears.

Yet, who can forget when Paula, back when she was still making glazed-donut Lady’s Brunch Burgers, chowed down with healthy-eating nag Michelle Obama on her cooking show?  Stupidly, Paula fell all over herself and even compared “Mrs. Pimski” to Jackie Kennedy.

Now, in an interesting twist, we find out that Ms. Deen actually campaigned and voted for none other than the man she allegedly described with the N-word, Barack Obama!

For her unforgivable mistake, Paula the leper has been exiled beyond the Food Network city gates.  But come on people, don’t y’all think a little compassion is in order here?

Since those shameful incidents, Paula has been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Out-of-wack glucose levels make people do and say wacky things. That’s why, medically speaking, if high blood sugar could have made Paula stupid enough to support Barack Obama, it may have also caused Ms. Deen to use the N-word, and even get outrageously lewd with a chocolate éclair.

But there is hope! Ms. Deen is a hopelessly smitten Barack supporter, and that should count for something when considering her fate.  After all, the magnanimous man in the White House has set the example by extending forgiveness to all manner of illegal aliens, Taliban sympathizers, and even distraught foreign debtors.

And since Obama tends to reward loyalty by promoting screw-ups and idiots, maybe he could make Paula the face of diabetes by crowning her the new Blood Sugar Czar.


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • Sally Inman

    OMG !!! The liberals are so quick to judge & get vicious & are so unforgiving when it comes to conservatives & christians. Even though it appears that Paula is a liberal…hmmm…really?
    Everyones makes mistakes but we forgive & go on.

  • Big_Jake

    This is a re-post from my Facebook page. It says EXACTLY what I think. There were no teleprompters nor plagiaristic PC speechwriters used. For better or worse, it’s all me. LOL!
    CONCERNING MISS PAULA DEEN. It’s enlightening just how many disingenuous people there are out there. We ALL have thought, said or done something at LEAST once in our lives, that we are not at all proud of. We as human beings are fallible. ALL OF US! I am more fearful of someone who touts their absolute god-like perfection than someone who admits to wrongdoing, and upon realizing and ADMITTING their mistake(s) sincerely ask for forgiveness. That’s honest accountability. For ANYONE to unashamedly point their crooked little plastic finger as if they themselves are innocent of EVER doing the same (or worse) is intellectually dishonest. Doing so takes away ALL DOUBT (from those of us who accept being flawed, seek personal change and CHOOSE to think for themselves) that they are LIARS. For ANYONE to endorse this hypocrisy is delusional. Turning a blind eye to one’s own inherent human shortcomings is either ignorance or insanity, but as in this case, certainly manipulative. For the public to buy into this hypocritical portrayal of “politically correct perfection” is the height of stupidity. Only the Food Channel hierarchy, fueled by their self imagined deity status, in conjunction with their over inflated egos and hypocritical sense of self importance, is more intellectually bloated than the politically correct and “intellectually dishonest waistlines” of the media driven zombies who support their demonization of Miss Paula Deen. To the hypocritical “suits” @ The Food Network…Y’all DON’T come back now, ya hear.

  • DisqusIsTerrible

    I think this is another case of a deceptively edited transcript. As reported at Radar Online and Huff Po: “I mean, it was really impressive. That restaurant represented a certain era in America…after the Civil War, during the Civil War, before the Civil War…It was not only black men, it was black women…I would say they were slaves.”

    Now the full quote from the transcript: Lawyer: Right. Back in an era where there were middle-aged black men waiting on white people.
    Deen: Well, it was not only black men, it was black women.
    Lawyer: Sure. And before the Civil War –- before the Civil War, those black men and women who were waiting on white people were slaves, right?
    Deen: Yes, I would say that they were slaves.

    • jeanbean14


  • Kathy W

    Paula had a great story of overcoming hardship but her personality was always obnoxious, with the fake-sounding “y’alls.” The sweetness came off overdone and fake. I guess my first impression of her was correct. Martha Stewart might be even more fake and she’s made a come back.

    • Big_Jake

      Where were you born? I now live outside Atlanta but was raised in FL. My paternal side of the family is from Central FL and AL. Miss Paula’s personality may appear to an “outsider” as obnoxious. (and New Yorkers don’t?) “The sweetness came off overdone and fake” It may come off that way to you, but that’s merely your opinion. But with my family background, lifelong exposure to Southern culture/personal experience, I can honestly say she is just a “bigger than life” Southern woman. I know, I come from a family FULL of them. Next time, why not climb down from the heavenly realm from which you undoubtedly come from and open your OWN dirty little book of secrets BEFORE you “cast the first stone”.

      • McCartney Green

        Right on, Big Jake! Paula’s southern y’alls are completely real and there are thousands of southern women who speak and sound exactly like her. But people are always ready to jump on the bandwagon once someone has fallen from grace. That being said… Kevin covered the subject perfectly.

      • Kathy W

        Big Jake, you are right. I’m a northerner but I don’t have a book of dirty little secrets, just an outsider’s interpretation of the bigger than life southern woman, whom I applauded in my first statement. I think loud women and men everywhere can either come across as obnoxious or charismatic, depending on the person listening. Most southerners come across as warm and so polite that the impression they leave me with is that they are nicer than anybody else in the country. I think a simple apology to the people who heard her at the time should be sufficient to appease the network. I hope she stops encouraging porn for the sake of the people around her. Aren’t they her children?

        • Big_Jake

          Since my initial comment centered on the lack of intellectual honesty of those who wish (without sincere introspection) to pounce of Miss Deen’s flaws, I have to congratulate you on being the only person I have ever met who is (having no dirty little secrets) qualified to cast the first stone. Maybe man REALLY has developmentally evolved since the time of Christ. I know I am fallible. I was taught that all of us human beings were. I wish you only the best.

          • Kathy W

            Thank you. To put her into perspective, she is no Martha Stewart when it comes to criminality of any kind, yet Martha has been accepted back unconditionally. Let’s hope it’s the same for Paula, and especially for her children who wanted to follow her in the business. You are very perceptive. I was sorely disappointed in her but also too quick to judge her on superficial differences.

  • koala

    Paula Deen should become a rap artist. Then she can say anything she wants.

  • ralphwylie

    Paula Deen forgot the golden rule: Only ‘N-words’ can say the ‘N-word’ and then only if it is to make people laugh with ‘N-word’ comedy or amuse them with ‘N-word’ Rap music. Any ‘N-word’ worth his (or her) bling knows that!

  • jeanbean14


  • REDRUM777

    Maybe Paula can get on an Adult Channel then she could roll around in the flour all she wants. She can even do a two fisted chocolate eclair act! You go, girl!

  • Lee Saffold

    Be careful, folks! When we punish
    others for their choice of words we are thereby eroding our freedom of speech
    rights. Yes she has the right to say any word she wants to say and she
    must be willing to bear the shame for saying any word that causes others to
    disrespect her for it and she must be willing to hear the negative opinions of
    others who have similar rights to free speech. But it should stop
    there so that everyone feels free to say whatever they want instead of cowering
    in fear and towing the “politically correct line” in order to avoid being fired
    from their jobs.

    To have to endure a barrage of insults in
    return for saying something stupid is fair and just enough but to encourage
    that those guilty of “offensive speech” be financially punished for the mere expression
    of objectionable words is not the way to ensure freedom of speech for yourself. Once you make mere speech a just reason for
    punishment you may one day become the object of your own policy and suffer
    punishment for speaking words that others do not like.

    It is just my suggestion that we do not
    have to like offensive speech and we can counter with our own freedom to
    express our condemnation of that which we perceive to be offensive but going
    out to harm in any way, financially or otherwise, any person whose opinions and
    speech we do not like is nothing short of denying the freedom of speech rights
    of every person including ourselves. We
    have no constitutional rights to protection from offense but we all have the
    perfect constitutional right to speak even if our words offend others. I say this not because I believe that there
    is any merit in offending anyone but because I believe we should all feel free
    to express ourselves even if we may at times offend someone whether or not the
    offense is intentional. And we should
    accept responsibility for our offensive words by listening intently to the
    raging objections to our words even when those objections offend us.

    When we must face the added fear of
    losing our jobs or suffering some other kind of harm then we cannot long feel
    free to speak. Is that what we all
    want? Do we want to live in fear of
    someday saying something that causes others to feel completely justified in
    ruining our lives and depriving us of our livelihoods because men have come to
    respond against offensive speech with punishment instead of replies in kind? If we ever reach this state then we will no
    longer enjoy freedom of speech in this country even though the constitution guarantees
    it. What is the difference between losing
    free speech by default through the action of denying it to others until it is effectively
    denied to everyone and having an enemy come in an abolish the constitution and
    deny us our rights to speak freely? I
    submit that there is, in all practicality, little or no real difference. The best way to ensure free speech so that it
    endures is by enshrining it in excellent examples resulting from the free
    exercise of it rather than through the denial of it resulting from the
    persistent punishment of any speech that is “deemed offensive” by the majority.

    • Big_Jake

      You’re making the assumption that Miss Deen said what she said in the way it was misleadingly reported in the Huffington Post and elsewhere. Try reading the actual court transcripts. IMO, The Food Network had to have been out to oust Paula. We’ll probably never know exactly why, but I would expect ageism and the associated intolerance that accompanies it. They went after her and played the stereotypical “racist Southerner” angle knowing that nearly 50% of Americans are uninformed, intolerant and proud of it. Read the transcripts for yourself.… Others may find your take on them interesting.

      • Lee Saffold

        Big Jake:

        You are right about my “assumptions”. It is very likely that her comments were taken very much out of context, as may well have been the intention of the Food Network if they were in fact motivated by some hidden agenda to oust her as you have suggested. I did try to follow your link so that I could be better informed concerning these assumptions but it seemed that your link does not actually take me to the transcripts. For now I am still assuming that her speech, especially if it was taken out of a context that would mitigate her use of words that in any other context might be deemed “offensive”, did in fact, offend some people. And on that basis my remarks are to the point
        that her constitutional rights protect her from those who would harm her because of said offense whether it was genuine or merely perceived as to be so. It is speech that is protected and the constitution does not require that the speech actually be offensive but only that every American possess the right to speak freely without fear of retribution from anyone, especially those in power, who might take offense to it. She has the right to speak any words that she so chooses to speak and those who want free speech to prevail in this country should learn to tolerate all speech especially that which they may well perceive to be offensive to them.

        If anyone’s speech offends others they should only be expected
        to equally tolerate a response to that speech which may also be offensive in return. But they should never, in a free
        country, fear retribution in the form of the loss of their livelihood or their business or their job. And this offense,
        committed by The Food Network, is that which I condemn regardless of whether she used these words as they were perhaps misleadingly reported in the Huffington Post or not. Such responses are not the actions of those who actually believe in freedom of speech.

        I appreciate very much your pointing out my assumptions
        because it is not my intent to agree with any unjust attempts to mislead others concerning her choice of words. I only
        contend that she has the perfect constitutional right to choose them as she sees fit and if we want to enjoy the same freedom we must learn to tolerate words we find offensive so that we shall always be able to use words we honestly believe to be fitting without any fear of severe retribution in the form of the loss of the source of our livelihood. This kind of thing is becoming, in my
        opinion, alarmingly trendy these days. It is my opinion that such a trend threatens our basic constitutional right to free speech. If freedom of speech is not granted by a willing tolerance of all speech even offensive speech then we shall never know the joy of true freedom of expression again in this country. And that would be a far greater damage to all of us than any offensive words could ever be when directed to any of us.

        I hope that my point is clear despite my unintentional assumptions that were, as you have so wisely pointed out, indeed apt to unjustly mislead others into believing an unfair depiction of her as a “racist southerner” which many at the “Huffington Post” have never actually personally encountered! And, being a Southerner myself, I hasten to point out that southern women like “Miss Deen” are without a doubt among the most cherished of our many blessings from God himself! Their contributions to our culture are not
        bound up in a few words that may have been uttered which could have offended someone if they had been present when they were spoken but rather in a lifetime of good deeds done in the balmy heat of the unadorned and often unnoticed kitchens that
        feed us all scrumptiously delicious food day in and day out without so much as a simple “thank you mom for a great meal” ever being spoken to them except on those special occasions when the glorious results of their hard labor compels us to praise these women that will never accept anything else as payment for their
        endeavors! How can we do anything less than to, at the very least, let them have their say, even if it offends us!

        Thanks again Jake for the much needed and useful correction.

  • Alfred Ferguson

    Nah. White House Chef. Of course. Close to her inamorata. Then, someone’s in the kitchen with Paula. Snacking on each others’ . . . eclairs. Yummy.


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