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Don’t expect any outrage over the racist treatment of Justice Clarence Thomas in the recent decision regarding the voting rights act.

Forget that four white Justices voted in lockstep with Thomas, Liberals took their “playbook” opportunity to remind America just how tolerant they are, referring to Justice Thomas as an “Uncle Tom.”

Know your place, Uncle Toms, aka black Conservatives.

That is the Liberal message, as Minnesota State Rep. Ryan Walker ( Democrat) was quick to point out.
There has been little outcry by the Republicans to POINT OUT this obvious hypocrisy by the Left. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Republican Party to “market” this lunacy of the Left AGAINST THEM, or to remind people that the legislation that is no longer was Republican-sponsored legislation in the first place.

They won’t drive home that it was racist Democrats who were mistreating blacks, NOT Republicans. And ironically, Walker is doing it all over again.

If Conservatives won’t explain how white Liberals expect an accomplished, distinguished black man of achievement like Justice Clarence Thomas to “Step ‘n Fetch,” then we deserve what we get: More Democrat “leaders.”


Even in Walker’s “retraction” of his racist statement, he didn’t dare kowtow to a black Conservative.

For Walker, it was Uncle Thomas’ fault that black people would now by, as Biden so eloquently said, “put y’all back in chains.” It was not the fault of any of the WHITE Justices who voted in lockstep with Thomas.

Is anybody going to ask Walker why he singled out the BLACK JUSTICE?

Walker added, “But if such a suggestion is offensive…” as if he doesn’t KNOW that calling a black man an Uncle Tom is offensive.

Here’s a litmus test for Walker: If you won’t say it to a man’s face, then it’s likely offensive.

Will the NAACP issue a stern warning to racist Democrat Walker, or will he be ignored like all the other Democrat racists in history?

What really happened in the SCOTUS decision is monumental for America, as much as the election of the first recognizable black president.

Justice Thomas was part of a decision that declared America officially NOT RACIST!

America has a black president, a black man running DOJ (both crooks by the way), and a black man on the Supreme Court–a trifecta. America for the most part has been cleansed.

Why America–particularly Liberal black America–isn’t CELEBRATING this ruling is beyond me. A ruling that essentially says that black people have risen from the depths of depravity and inhumanity to become among the best, at least in case of Justice Thomas, that America has to offer is a badge of HONOR.

For black Liberals to allow white Liberals to cajole them into denigrating a black man who has risen to the highest level his career path has to offer is the definition of stupid. To say such things about Justice Thomas should be like using the N-word…unacceptable by ANY standards.

Yet, white Liberals use black conservatives as their “whipping boys,” with immunity.

Liberal black America should be ashamed of itself. Thomas was one of five votes. Nothing has changed in Democrats’ treatment of blacks. They just pick their targets in order to practice their deceptive racism.

And what Liberals are really angry about is they may have lost their license to steal…elections, that is.


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"The money in diversity is enormous, even bigger than former sportscaster turned political pundit turned sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s ego. Wouldn’t you like to be a “reverend” and father children out of wedlock without repercussions? If you study hard, this book will teach you how to have your non-profit organization pay your mistress and your child support – all at the same time. You must be so black that if you eat sushi, watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek and Friends, or enjoy the ballet, you will hang yourself."

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  • Steve Fair

    Justice Uncle Thomas has handed the racists the keys to lock people of color out of the voting booth. I hope he burns in hell.

    • Captking

      Yeap, this is what I expect from people. Racism is alive and well even if you are the same race. Nice to know people like you still live in American. Nice to know you can think and say what ever you want. I guess needing an ID to you know Buy a pack of SMOKES but you don’t need one to VOTE is OK in your book. Need an ID to cash a Check, but still not to VOTE. I guess that would mean you cannot go and vote for your favorite African American President with your family and friends votes as well.

      • jerryomega

        Excellent, Captking. How many people fought and died for the right to buy a pack of cigarettes or a can of beer? Thanks for saying it.

    • MindyLuStarnes

      Seriously? What is wrong with needing to present an ID to vote? This has become absolutely ridiculous.

      • Steve Fair

        That’s not what yesterdays ruling was about. Section 4 mandated that any changes in local voting laws must be cleared by the Federal Government. The SCOTUS shot that down so now the solidly red and conservative South can erect barriers to blacks and latinos voting without any federal repercussions.

        • Deuce

          Where is you’re proof that that will happen? Where does it say that WILL happen? Ignorance is bliss I guess. Maybe Philly should be added to this since that is where The black Panthers sat outside polling booths to prevent and scare people from Voting huh? Maybe you should move out of the 50’s and in 2013. The only thing racist now is the Liberals and people like yourself. If you can provide evidence that you’re baseless accusation from MSNBC and CNN are actually happening then we can talk about it using CURRENT data. You point our Justice Thomas, Why? Because he’s black? He doesn’t follow what the masters of the Liberals tell him and thinks for himself, is that why? What about the 4 White justices that voted the same as he did? All he did was say, we have grown (or at least most of the country, you’re not included) past color and it’s time for equality for ALL, not just those who aren’t white. The only people concerned this will happen is the racists like you who are still stuck in the 50’s. There is a Black man in the Presidency, and in many seat in Congress, When are you going to see we are not in the 50’s anymore?

          • Steve Fair

            The Panthers were providing security at a polling place in the heart of the black North Philadelphia ghetto. Who were they trying to prevent from voting? The rightwingers are scared shitless that this will soon be a majority minority nation and most of those people of color will be voting Democratic. So this is their last volley in the white supremacy game. But it won’t last. Scalia and Uncle Thomas won’t be around much longer.

          • Deuce

            Security from who moron if it’s the heart of Black North philadelphia ghetto? Would you be OK if it were Mexican’s or Asians there? Or how about some KKK members since they are a Democratic organization? Wise up.

            “Right Wingers” aren’t scared of any of that, just baffled at how ignorant you have to be to believe that the Big Government will solve you’re problems. Try getting Facts instead of the mantra from MSNBC and CNN. Do you’re own work to dig up the facts. Stop being such a bigoted racist.

          • Steve Fair

            The polling place was a Senior Assisted living building. The Panthers were looking out for the old folks while they voted. They certainly weren’t suppressing white votes because white folks don’t vote in North Philly. Is any of this penetrating your racist skull?

          • Deuce

            Then what was the NEED for them to be there? Who were they protecting them from? O, did you not see the videos where white people did in fact try to go in? 100% of the votes in Phily went for Obama, you’re really trying to say there was not intimidation?

            I’m racist how? because I educate myself? because I don’t fall in line and can think for myself? If I have to be an in ignorant drone in order to not be considered racist, then well I guess I’m racist because I think for myself. Happy life of Government handouts and being close minded and uneducated.

          • Steve Fair

            No you’re making things up. No white people were prevented from entering that is a LIE. Another LIE is that 100% of the Philly vote went for Obama. You repeat everything those racist liars on Fox and Frontpage mag feed you. You’re a racist because you insist that black Americans exist on government handouts. And you’re educated? LMAO!!!!! You are the typical Sarah Palin dunderhead. All attitude and no brain.

          • Deuce

            Interesting.. Did you even watch the videos? I’m sorry did I say white people were prevented? Nope, learn to read, I said People, no race was attached to that.

            As for the 100%, Fox News huh?


            Yup that looks like Fox alright, I mean ABC they are close to FOX right? … So tell me when I insisted that black Americans exist on Government handouts? Wait you can’t. cause I don’t and know that there are just as many white as black on the dole as of 2011 according to ..but nice try.. Sarah Palin huh.. need I say more.. So now as i asked earlier that you have neglected to answer because you are too busy calling me racist with no basis only your misbegotten ASSumptions, where are you’re facts that PROVES that this is going to bar Black and Minorities from the Polls? Make sure you read the constitution as well to find out who actually is allowed to vote.

          • MindyLuStarnes

            I’m soo sick of this crap! I hate that if you disagree with someone that makes you a racist! How is disagreeing with someone racist? Oh wait it’s not. But you can’t tell the liberals and the democrats that! That’s what is wrong with our country instead of facing the real problems we have we decide to divide our country. I have no problem with anyone who treats me with respect and is nice. If they are nice and respect me I will do the same to them no matter their skin color. Because I was raised that you treat others how you wish to be treated no matter the color of their skin. Also the statement made by a wonderful man that everyone should follow:

            “I dream of a world where one day my little children will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”

            How about you learn something from Dr. King and learn not to judge others by the color of their skin. I’m sorry not every white person that walks this earth are members of the KKK. I am from the South and you want to know the truth…I despise anyone who would associate themselves with people like that. They, to me, are the scum of the universe. Their hatred and bigotry is vile and it makes me sick. But I hate to break it to you The Black Panthers are racist. Their hatred and bigotry are just as bad.

            I am not stupid I know their are racist people out their but it just isn’t whites who can be racists…blacks, latinos, Asians. Racism is not just a one way street although Democrats and liberals want you to think that.

            But then again that’s how Democrats want you…so filled with hate and anger that you are too blind to see what they doing to this country.

          • Steve Fair

            Calm down Mindy. It’s only a messageboard. Let me go slow for you. It is racist to suggest that black Americans do not work or produce and only exist on government handouts. I got news for you. The majority of African-Americans are hard working tax paying citizens. And the majority of people on welfare are white. It’s also racist to suggest that Democrats somehow control my thinking and that I am unable to intuit my own realities. And what are the Democrats doing to this country besides cleaning up the mess the GOP made?

          • MindyLuStarnes

            Did I ever make a statement that said black Americans do not work and only exist on government handouts? Uh no please go back and read what I wrote and you will see I never said that. The democrats don’t fill people’s heads up with this stuff? Then why do they constantly feel the need to bring up race every time someone disagrees with President Obama? Could it be that I don’t agree with his policies? I mean that couldn’t possibly be it could it? No you’re right the only answer is that I’m racist…well I guess I’m only racist to his black half and love his white half…but how does that work when both sides make up who he is and what he thinks. Also, please name one thing this administration has done to help this country? Still have high unemployment rate, job market is crap, more people are on food stamps, and not to mention our view in the world economy is awful. Listen I would be the first person to give President Obama his props if he turned this country around. He had four years to try and start us on the road to recovery and all he did was add massive amounts to our national debt (he added more in his four years than all other presidents combined). If we were looking at a brighter future I would give him the slap on the back he deserves and shake his hand but he has yet to prove that to me and a lot of the country.

          • Steve Fair

            I disagree with you on almost all counts. Democrats do NOT attribute opposition to Obama solely to race. That is rightwing hyperbole. Obama’s accomplishments? That’s easy. Passed Healthcare reform. Passed the stimulus package. The economy is recovering. More jobs are being added each month. Unemployment is steadily declining. Ended the war in Iraq. Drawn down troops in Afghanistan. Killed Bin Laden. Obama’s administration has been a sea change of success from Bush’s. The fact is that people like you will never accept because you will never accept a black man as your President. Obama could walk on water and you’d whine that he could swim. Now surprise me with another wild eyed self serving rant about how you’re not a racist.

          • MindyLuStarnes

            The only thing I will leave you with is a link to the video of Dr. Benjamin Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.


            Please watch it! But then again you will just call him an Uncle Tom too so continue to live in your hatred and anger.

          • Steve Fair

            I already saw Carson’s media tapdance. It’s interesting that he waited until the election of the first black President to whine about “moral decadence” in America. That is why black conservatives are so despised in the black community. They are bottom dwelling opportunists who climb over the backs of their own people in order to get noticed.

          • PhilJourdan

            He did not “wait”. And there you have a perfect example of what you just denied. He must be racist (or a tool) because he did it with Obama. Yet the situation had not deteriorated to what it is today until now. It was not a wait. it was a situation getting to the point of speaking out.

            Did you look at that? no, you immediately jumped to ‘the first black president”. You interjected race where there was none. You are so use to yelling racism, that you have forgotten how to discuss the MAN Obama, only the BLACK man Obama.

          • Steve Fair

            How come Uncle Ben never dissed George Bush who lied to lead us into war?

          • PhilJourdan

            Why do you want me to speak for him? he actually answers his email. perhaps you can ask him?

            And Bush did not lie. What we know (the facts) are that Saddam HAD WMDs (he used them on the Kurds and Iranis). What we do not know is when he got rid of them.

            So Bush acted on the intelligence he had at the time. It was wrong, Saddam had gotten rid of them. But that is not a lie. That is bad intel. period.

          • Steve Fair

            We know Saddam had chemical weapons. Bush 41 has the bill of sale to Iraq. However Dubya claimed that Saddam had nukes and that there was an imminent threat. Both blatant lies. No outcry from Uncle Ben Carson or any other black conservative. Their jobs are to attack and vilify the preponderance of the black community for the pleasure of white bigots.

          • PhilJourdan

            You might want to source your claim of Bush claiming he had nukes. I do not recall that. indeed, all I do recall is the controversy about his attempts to get Yellow cake (basic ingredients for nukes). So if you can prove Bush did claim that, we have a debating point. If not, then perhaps the lie is yours.

            As for Ben Carson, again, if you are afraid to communicate with him, I suggest you seek help for your fears. I do not speak for him. And never claimed otherwise.

            As far as your racism, I doubt there is any help for that. But I would suggest you try to keep it in check. it is very ugly. Try treating all of them as PEOPLE first, and color a distant second.

          • Steve Fair

            LMAO. I don’t know what planet you normally reside upon but it is common knowledge that Bush claimed the Iraqis had nukes. Remember the “smoking gun becoming a mushroom cloud” nonsense? As far as Uncle Ben Carson is concerned, it’s not that I’m afraid to confront him. I would love to be able to question him, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell and other black conservatives to explain what motivates them to kiss the asses of people who hate their community. But the average black conservatives doesn’t have the guts to state their case in front of black people. They are only good for grinning and performing for white racists. Like you.

          • PhilJourdan

            If it is common knowledge, you will have no problems sourcing it. So do so. Your opinion is not an authoritative source. Nor, based upon your racist statements, reliable.

            And I suggest you check where the lips are on the blacks that slavishly kow tow to democrats, even to their own detriment. As far as Thomas Sowell, and the rest, they kiss no butt. They merely are making up their own minds.

            Your problem is that is an anathema to you. That a black would have their own priorities and ideas. You are still in a slave mentality. You think people should think one way because of the color of their skins. And that is racism.

            I have spoken with both Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter E. Williams. I have found both to be 2 of the smartest men I have ever had the privilege of talking to. I do not agree blindly with them, but I agree mostly with them.

            Try looking at the man first, and the skin color a distant second. You might be surprised at what you see when you stop looking at things through racist eyes.

          • Steve Fair

   Don’t worry Phil, I don’t expect an apology. You righties have as much character as cockroaches.

          • PhilJourdan

            Why should I apologize? Your own (very biased) source proves me correct. Read it again. Bush never claimed Iraq had nuclear weapons. He claimed they had ABC weapons, and that they were trying to build nuclear ones – which is what I STATED.

            It seems you are only describing yourself. But I will borrow a phrase from you. I do not expect an apology from you.

          • PhilJourdan

            Sorry, you are wrong once again. it is not hyperbole. It is a fact. Just look at the media or the message boards. Criticize Obama? you are racist. Problem is, you can only cry wolf for so long before no one believes you any more.

            And that is why the racism of liberals is getting more scrutiny now. The “average” voter wants to know what all the fuss is about, and finding the racism coming from the left.

          • Steve Fair

            Horsecrap. You have the rightwing media openly saying they want Obama to fail, portraying the first family as a group of apes, questioning the President’s citiizenship and his academic credential. And getting away with it scot free. No President in US history was subject to that kind of disrespect. More people are becoming outraged with the racist machinations of the right and that’s why you will continue to lose national elections for at least the next generation.

          • PhilJourdan

            I challenge you to show me any “right wing” media portraying them as a bunch of apes. The truth is you can find some sites doing just that, but they are not part of the “right wing media”. They are racist sites. And for the most part are more left than right (as this article proves).

            Indeed, I said I hoped he failed. HE – the MAN – I did not look at his color. I looked at what he was trying to do. Just as I hoped Clinton failed. Just as I would have if Gore or Kerry had won. And just as Pelosi and Reid said of Bush. I doubt all of us are racist against whites (especially since so many ARE white). You are interjecting racism where there is only politics. And not even the politics of hate. I do not hate Obama. Very few people do – not many know him well enough. But I do abhor both his policies and tactics. That does not make me a racist (that would be funny but I guess if Clarence Thomas can be one, so can I – in the warped minds of some).

            And no, most people are not becoming outraged. That worked for the first few years – finding a racist behind every tree. But the cry of wolf has been sounded too often. Most do not pay attention to it any longer. The MSM does – when they are not being racist themselves. But the average person has become desensitized to the lies and cries of racism. Because it just aint so.

            BTW: Hillary brought up his citizenship. Not the right. SHe was not smart enough to read Title 8, Section 1401 of the US code.

          • Steve Fair

            Why would you hope the President of the United States failed? Are you a subversive? I want every President of any party to succeed. Could it be that you cannot accept a black man as your President? And what is it about Obama’s “tactics” that offend you so?

          • PhilJourdan

            Because his polices are detrimental to the health of the country. Same reason everyone else hoped they failed. That is not being subversive. That is being patriotic –

            I would also point you to the many democrats who hoped Bush would fail – even when he was doing their bidding (Kennedy did write NCLB). Did you see me call them subversive? LOL Nope.

            As far as the president, like I told you before, he is the president. As such, his decisions affect all of us. I think he is totally incompetent in his job (just recently with his flat earthers statement). I do not care if he is white, black, red, purple or green. He can stand on a street corner and espouse his views, and no one would care a whit. When he starts damaging our country, then we care.

            It is called disagreement. And for non racists, it is very typical. Just because I did not agree with Clinton did not make me racist against whites (or bigoted against Arkansans).

            You need to dump your racism. It clouds your judgement and causes you to jump to very stupid conclusions. But then that is the nature of racism.

          • Steve Fair

            The majority of the American electorate disagrees with you Phil. You see we think ending the war in Iraq and rebuiliding the economy are good things. You’re only concerned about getting a white conservative back in the White House. Stop projecting your racism. It’s cheap and obvious.

          • PhilJourdan

            Again, and that affects the points made in this discussion how? Have I claimed I spoke for the American electorate?

            Obama did not end the war in Iraq. Bush did. And he has not rebuilt the economy. He may (if he changes his policies), but at this time, it is as bad off as it was when he took office. Worse when you consider there are 10m more Americans now, and only a handful of more jobs.

            I would suggest you stop projecting your own racism. You are the one that is using racist terms to describe blacks that do not agree with you. You are the one that thinks people should think based upon their skin color. You are the racist. I have yet to make a single racist statement or even an innuendo.

            No projection on my part. Just vile statements on your part.

          • Steve Fair

            Goodbye Phil. I don’t waste my time debating with delusional nutcases. Claim victory if you like.

          • PhilJourdan

            I see no reason for you to become insulting, unless you realize you have no argument. Not a good reason, but a crutch often made to try to salvage some dignity I guess.

            But that is what has happened.

            I do not care to claim victory. Victory is education, and your rejection of it is a loss.

          • Steve Fair

            Obama was reelected, decisively. Looks like the average American is becoming desensitized to the machinations of the rightwing.

          • PhilJourdan

            And that is pertinent how? Again, I have not stated a thing about his election. I have talked about his policies. Nor have I claimed I spoke for everyone.

            You seem to like to float non sequiturs. It changes nothing.

          • PhilJourdan

            Cleaning up? Well, I guess to some, destroying is cleaning up.

            But the mess was made by the democrats. Try researching CRA (Passed by carter, enhanced by Clinton and enforced by Dodd/Frank)

          • Steve Fair

            But blew up under Bush. LMAO!!!!! You righties avoid reality more than most 3 year olds. That’s why you will be losing national elections for the next generation.

          • PhilJourdan

            All bubbles burst eventually. Ever heard of a ponzi scheme? When the income cannot satisfy the outgo, it collapses.

            I do not create the facts, I just report them. But nice to see you are limited in your capacity to carry on an intelligent conversation without resorting to childish ad hominems.

          • Steve Fair

            Clinton left office with unprecedented prosperity and a budget surplus. Bush left office with an economy in recession and a protracted war. Obama presides over a recovering economy, renewed job creation and ends the war in Iraq. Yet they tell US we’re dumb for voting Democratic. The fact is that you clowns are clinically insane.

          • PhilJourdan

            Now that is either ignorance or a lie. I direct you to treasury dot gov which shows no surpluses in the last 40 years. So Clinton had none.

            Nor do I think it is Bush’s fault that the dot com bust happened just before he took office (where the magical surplus of Clinton was created out of paper – taxing people on stock options that were worthless, effectively taxing them at over 100% of their income).

            The fact that all you have done is demonstrate your ignorance and racism means your pathetic ad hominems concern me not at all.

            The recession of 08/09 was not the worst since WWII, but the recovery has been. I do not blame Obama for the recession, just the worst recovery in modern times.

          • Jackson_Howard

            you are correct Steve. These people make me think of someone who was taught the alphabet from A through M, and never knew that there was any letters after M, but they think they know the whole alphabet.

            So according to them, they are educated, in letters A through M, but they don’t know that there’s more letters.

            You know, the people that think Sarah Palin is smart. She can see Russia from her house. You know, that kind of smart.

            They only listen to people that agree with them. They never want to know a liberal, they never want to talk to a liberal, but they know how liberals think because Rush told them, or Glenn Beck told them, or Sean Hannity told them. They know very little outside their little dome of ignorance.

          • Steve Fair

            Thank you Howard. Complete morons. They blatantly accuse black people of being dependent, gullible, lazy, violence prone cretins and then scream to the heavens if you call them racist. It defies belief.

          • Jackson_Howard

            now the latest term they have for us is “low information voter”. Chris Matthews, several years ago, referred to the people on this site and others like them as, “low information voters”.

            He coined that phrase first. Then Rush Limbaugh started using it talking about us. Six years ago most of these people here couldn’t even tell you who the vice president was. Because everyone was white. Then when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton started running for president everybody’s ears perked up. So for them, history started at that point.

            They never heard of a filibuster before, now they’re experts. They had never read the Constitution before, now they’re experts.

            They don’t realize that our Constitution was written as a result of compromise. That’s the way our country functions. Compromise. Now to them it’s a dirty word. It’s a slap on your honor. These are the people that should not be in government. Now they’re experts.

            I grew up with many black friends. They all had jobs. I worked in a factory for more than 30 years. The laziest people I saw were white people.

            Of course that doesn’t count because I’m a liberal.

          • PhilJourdan

            I am sure Chris Matthews did that while the tingle was running up his leg. however, what he was talking about is not what the term means (if a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it?). Since no one pays attention to the idiot in any event.

            Low Information was coined based upon polls from the last election. The majority of people deciding to vote for Obama were totally ignorant of the issues. And admitted it. The left likes to think the term is synonymous with stupid. it is not.

            Low information means they do not CARE to be informed. It says nothing about their intelligence.

            Now the reason I know that is because I am not a low information voter. But I can understand others who do not care to be informed. however, most do not pontificate on their ignorance.

          • jerryomega

            Well said Deuce. When people process everything and I mean everything through the prism of race you get stupidity and that can’t be fixed

        • jerryomega

          What type of barriers are we talking about? Picture Id? Proof of citizenship? What?

          • Steve Fair

            • Mandating a government-issued photo ID to cast a ballot:
            Arkansas, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland,
            Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,
            North Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia,
            Washington, Wyoming

            • Restricting voter registration drives: Illinois, Indiana, Montana, New Mexico, Virginia

            • Banning election-day voter registration: California, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska

            • Requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote: Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia

            • Purging the voter rolls: Colorado, Indiana, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia

            • Reducing early voting: Arizona, Indiana, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin

            • Disenfranchising ex-felons: Virginia.

            Read more: New Voter Suppression Efforts Prove the Voting Rights Act Is Still Needed | The Nation

          • jerryomega

            How is it that you associated demanding a Id in order to vote with voter suppression?
            How else would you protect the integrity of that process? Doesn’t the Constitution mandate that one has to be a citizen of the US in order to vote? How do you become an ex-felon? It’s called states rights. States have the right to set the criteria for their elections. CA is the most liberal state in the union. Why would they ban election day registration. It’s run by all democrats. Just from the issues you’ve listed, the USA sound like a very bad place.

          • jeanbean14

            None of those qualify as suppressing voting rights. All of that is directed at preventing some of the cheating. Why would you have a problem with any of that??? The only possible reason is that you want Democrats to win, by any means necessary, and you are afraid of eliminating the cheaters because it’s the only way your party can win.

          • jeanbean14

            Your posts expose your racism. Unfortunately, racists are blind to reality. It seems that everything you hear or see is filtered through your racist ideology. It’s sad. It’s as if your whole identity is based on hatred of white people. And you cling to your racism so tenaciously. I wish you placed more value on honesty, integrity, and truth than you do on justifying your racism. And the other sad part is that people like you teach their children to see the world in terms of race, and you foster hatred in them as well, unless they are able to see the ridiculousness of it and reject that part of you. I’m so sick of racism!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Johnnygard

            Everything that you dislike above, also makes voter fraud easier. Is that just a coincidence?
            I’ll bet you also believe it hurts Democrats more than Republicans. Why is that? Because there are more poor Democrats? Are there more poor Dems because by keeping them poor, the party is assured of more votes?
            If a person can make it to the polls, why can’t they make it somewhere to get a FREE photo ID? If they can’t make it to the polls, they can vote absentee without an ID.
            If a person doesn’t care enough to get registered in advance of an election, they probably aren’t informed enough to make a good decision registering and voting the same day.
            The country was in pretty good shape back in the days before early voting, so I doubt the country would suffer a fatal blow without it.
            What is wrong with purging voter rolls to get rid of the dead, the murderers, and the people that left the state?

            I will agree that the IRS shouldn’t have restricted conservative voter registration drives by denying 501 status, but hopefully that will still be illegal.
            Do you work for the DNC, or did you just buy the liberal line, hook, line, and sinker?

      • carolrhill814

        In Florida you have to have an ID (drivers licence or photo ID) to vote be you black white of green and that is a fact.

        • coniljw

          or to buy beer/alcohol if you look younger than 21. OR to board an airplane, or to get care at emergency rooms…..

      • coniljw

        Libs/dems don’t want photo ID to vote because all those latinos/illegal criminal border crossers don’t have one; they vote democrat to keep the freebies coming. Democrat policy is taking $$$ from a person working & paying taxes & giving it to those who will vote for them.

    • Johnnygard

      As a liberal, do you even believe in hell, or heaven? You aren’t Christian, that’s for sure. See Conservatives dislike Obama and libs, but we want you to see the light and realize that conservative ideas will help EVERYONE, and we want you all to go to heaven. We want EVERYONE to prosper, if for no other reason than they become Republicans when they become successful.

      This guy is from Minnesota? Are you aware that in the 2008 election, Herb Coleman was ahead the day after the election? Ann Coulter wrote an article, before the final result was announced. She told how the Dems would keep finding ballots and keep doing recounts until Al Franken was ahead. It happened exactly as she predicted, because they employed the same jerk that stole the Washington State gov race.
      I have friends that voted for BHO in Minn that year, but said they couldn’t/wouldn’t vote for Franken. Somehow, Al got more votes than Obama got. Two possible ways that could happen: 1. Fraud 2. Racist democrats

      • coniljw

        The dems/libs in Minnesota found ballots in the backseat/trunk of some poll workers car which just happened to all be for Franken which helped him win the senate seat. Libs/dems are LIARS and will face almighty GOD for their power-hungry tactics, covet-encouraing, race-bating, dependency-filled policies & hate-filled speech. As a Christian I will continue to pray for them but I know Michael Savage is correct in his book: “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”.

  • niko

    Mr. Fair you are the dictionaries defenition of an imbecile. You are nothing more than a slave to filthy white liberal socialist dirtbags.

    • Steve Fair

      Yo mama.

  • fliteking

    We should be way past this type of behavior in America today.

    First we have a DEMOCRATIC State Rep calling one of our greatest SCJ’s an “Uncle Tom” . . . . and then we have the revelation that Trayvon Martin referred to Zimmerman as a “White Cracker” . . . .no outrage or even mention from the mainstream media including Fox News.

    Race remains an issue ONLY BECAUSE people find value in and therefore will never give up playing the race card.

  • carolrhill814

    The color of his skin should have nothing to do with his decision and to think people out there think it should are way far off base.

  • jeanbean14

    Well said!!!

  • MCzwz

    Their virulent and disgusting reaction to this decision — and their targeting of a conservative who happens to be black does nothing more than provide more proof the innate racist and deceptive beliefs of liberals.

    There are thousands of examples of democrats’ racist and hypocritical beliefs around us every single day, if one chooses to see.

    The most obvious are the ones that put the lie to their claims of wanting to “help” blacks. When are they most virulent and destructive if not when tearing down a black person who does not follow *their* rules? When are they not most supportive and ecstatic than when a black person “fails” in their eyes? (Remember Cory Booker being reprimanded, scolded, and threatened when he dared to tell the truth and ultimately rewarded for recanting the truth?)

    The black liberal intent and goal has *always* been to set up their own controlling hierarchy: “leaders” such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and their ilk (at the top) perpetually using the race baiting tactics of dictators while at the same time tightening their own vice-like grip on the black population.

    Is it any wonder, then, that their first target is always successful blacks and those who support them? They cannot permit the success of any black person who has not kowtowed to their controls.

    God Bless Justice Thomas and his family and all those blacks who have worked their way through the morass of lies that is the democratic party.

  • Barbara Anne Hess

    Liberal message, as Minnesota State Rep. Ryan Walker ( Democrat), you are a disgusting human being.

  • coniljw

    Blacks who aren’t dependent upon democrats/liberals for their daily bread are traitors in their view. When will racism by democrats/liberals be held accountable for the hate, rage & disrespect they spew? Rules/Laws are only for “others”. The media covers this up. The media will also be held accountable one day of which I look forward to.
    Blacks only invoke MLK when it serves blacks/while democrats/liberals.

  • PhilJourdan

    And the Lamestream media remains silent. They never called out Robert “Grand Kleagle” Byrd for his public use of the N word. They protect their own. Racists are like that.

  • REDRUM777

    KEVIN >> It’s Winkler not Walker (like Twinkler)! Also, from what I learned in the Zimmie trial yesterday (from the State’s Star Witness) that it’s okay to use “non-racial remarks”. So I’ll refer to Winkler/Twinkler as a Creepy-Ass Cracker!!!


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