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Obama Gives Major Speech On Climate Change And Pollution

Obama Gives Major Speech On Climate Change And PollutionBy Jeannie DeAngelis

Gearing up to further damage the U.S. economy, the president presented his energy policy speech from Georgetown University, home of famous alumnus Sandra “Free Contraceptives” Fluke and Barack’s infamous crucifix-covering event.

Sporting his usual smug, sarcastic attitude, foolish flathead Barack Obama chose to mock climate change skeptics by calling them the “flat-Earth society.”

Emotionally overheated and sounding like he huffed jet fuel fumes on his trip back from Ireland and Germany, the President vilified climate-change skeptics and admitted that he lacks “patience for anyone who denies that this problem is real.”

Although he would never admit it, impatient is pretty much how Obama behaves towards anyone who disagrees with him or with any progressive policy initiative he seeks to impose on America.

During his speech the president, who dragged his feet when responding to Benghazi, costing four Americans their lives, implied that the Earth was warming at such a rapid rate that “We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-Earth society.”

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  • Last Bastion

    Once again, 0b☭ma’s narcissistic personality disorder is SHINING through!!!

    He is reacting with contempt towards people who do not see things his way and he is belittling the naysayers to make himself appear better. He is whining about imaginary victims, raging against imaginary villains and is seeking, above all else, to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives. His neurosis is painfully obvious.

  • interestedobserver2

    Just another example of his fine leadership skills. He’d be given a very bad Officer Fitness Report in the military, along with a ton of remedial training if I were his supervisor.

  • itsmesteph11

    “Lets do some more to trash the economy” says the President with the Country with a GDP of 1.8 and unemployment still near 8%.

  • quarkie009

    When was the last time that humans were found guilty of causing the earth to heat up or cool down in the x number of years that the earth has been existence???? Not a single time has that happened. We humans don’t have and will not be given the power to control the temperature on this planet on a global scale at all. We are here for the ride and are to be stewards for what has been given to us. If we fail to use what has been given to us for the benefit of mankind then we will judged accordingly.
    We use the tools for farming, fishing, drilling for oil, gas etc. to use to make life easier for all of us. When we squander these resources and keep them away from the people to use to enrich their lives and tax them out the wazoo, then we will be ruled by dictators and the people will suffer.

  • Daniel Boone

    Even if global warming was man made unless you get third world nations and China ,India and Mexico on board with global warming regulations two or three nations trying to control the climate by legislation is a fruitless effort

  • Joe Ruyle

    From what I can tell what Obama lacks time for is catching a clue! Obama seems to be proof positive that America is in serious need of some sort of poll-test prior to being able to cast a vote for President. Of course if liberals get control of that process then people would have to know important things like “Who won the third season of American Idol?” or “Pit Bull usually sings with what female artist?”

    I think we’re totally screwed…………


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