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The New York Times “inadvertently” posted an “article on the women involved in Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal — and then deleted it.” 

In other words, the New York Times pulled Weiner’s … never mind.

In June of 2011, Lil’ Anthony Weiner claimed he had been hacked and was subsequently forced to resign from Congress when it was revealed that for three years he had been tweeting pictures of his underwear-clad crotch and other more sexually explicit photos in online exchanges with a bevy of women.

With Weiner in a quest for mayoral-ship, gassing up his Weiner mobile and venturing forth on the streets of the Big Apple, Michael Barbaro of the New York Times  must have thought it might be in the public’s best interest to find out that “For Women in Weiner Scandal, Indignity Lingers.”

Lisa Weiss is a Las Vegas blackjack dealer, one of six women over three years (that we know of) involved in Weiner’s 2011 weiner-tweeting scandal.  Lisa claims she’s still taunted by customers who say things to her like “Talk dirty to me…We know you like it.”

In September 2012, Ms. Weiss posted an apology on Weiner’s Facebook page that said “Please let me apologize again for any pain I caused your [sic] or the beautiful Huma. It was unintentional … I still think you are our liberal hero and we need you back in politics!!”

Apparently, although he’s not sending pictures of his erection to Lisa anymore, Mr. Weiner did respect Ms. Weiss enough to take her political advice.

As a result, Mr. Barbaro wanted to alert the voting public in New York that although Lil’ Weiner considers his lewd behavior a thing of the past, there are women whose lives are still being impacted by his tasteless behavior.

In the meantime, while Huma dreams of life in Gracie Mansion, Barbaro wrote: “For those on the other end of Anthony D. Weiner’s sexually explicit conversations, the episode damaged careers, disrupted educations.”

Barbaro’s story was posted on the web and then suddenly the article was scrubbed from the Times website.  New York Times director of communications Danielle Rhoades Ha explained the article’s sudden disappearance this way: “This story was published inadvertently, before it was ready. As a general rule, we do not discuss stories in advance.”  Ahem, yeah right.

Margaret Sullivan, Times public editor, who called a New York Times Magazine story entitled “Huma and Anthony: The Private Life of a Former Power Couple” a “sweet stop on Mr. Weiner’s redemption tour,” wrote that “from what I’ve been able to piece together, there was a miscommunication among Times editors.”

Yeah, sort of like Weiner’s miscommunication when he tweeted the following message over the Internet to a willing female participant:  “ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. wanna see?” – to which the woman responded, “Yea! can u send a pic?”  Weiner shot back: “jeez, im rushing. let me take a quick pic.”

Now, two years later and despite his photographic improprieties, Weiner has left his pussy cat and Weinergate humiliation behind him to compete in a multi-candidate Democratic mayoral candidate field in which, in liberal New York City, he is in second place.

In their ongoing effort to prop up the Weiner, the New York Times has once again proved their affection for the aspiring mayor by pulling it off for Weiner.



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  • LaReinaDeTexas

    Uh, his Huma is not beautiful…..

    • blackyb

      What is a huma?

      • mac12sam12

        Was asking the same question. What’s a Huma?

        • blackyb

          Beats my three pair. Must be a fer’n’ word.

          • blackyb

            Recon it is some kind of camel toes or somethin’?

          • ILipshitz

            “Huma” is his muslim brotherhood connected wife, formerly the personal aide of “Hillary the Assassin” at State Dept.

            RIP Ambassador Stevens, Ty Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith.

  • bull57

    Weiner is the epitome of a typical democrat politician. The real sad thing is that he has a chance to win in NY city. What a constituency to model after. City Rats have no shame!

    • blackyb

      They will cheat him in. That is the new “in” it seems like; vote cheating.

  • blackyb

    These psychopaths forget shame rather quickly. The weiner man thinks everyone else does as well. Had most people been shamed like that they would keep a very low profile for years to come. Not this bird. He wants to be out there some more. He deserves no job in our government as he does not fit the profile of decent leadership. These indecent people should not be in leadership places for our children to have to “look up?” too.

  • fcsuszka

    HEY! This isn’t fair! LOL I put out a joke that Weiner was out of a job and Oscar Mayer was looking for someone to drive the “Weiner Mobile.” Now they paste his face on it. Dang, people… What’s up with that? HA!

  • mac12sam12

    The name Weiner fits him. He’s a Whinny little twerp.


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