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New York City Council Dons Hoodies In Honor Of Trayvon Martin

New York City Council Dons Hoodies In Honor Of Trayvon MartinYou want to see how the narrative gets set by the lamestream media, just look at the Trayvon Martin case.

Martin was presented as an innocent choir boy, who was surreptitiously murdered by a racist white bigot. The facts could not be more different on both sides of the narrative.

As Pat Dollard reports, Trayvon Martin was a young thug-in-training. He was likely a gang member who sold a little dope on the side. But leave it to Left to seize the opportunity to make this situation something it certainly was not, and of course “racialize” it.

Were you aware that Trayvon Martin had been suspended from school for 10 days, the day he was confronted by George Zimmerman?

Were you aware that Trayvon Martin had punched a bus driver? Don’t feel bad, as most people were not.

Because telling the truth about a young black thug doesn’t sell the racism meme of America.


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • sherri james

    it seems there should be more to this story than a short paragraph so maybe i am missing a link to click on? But I am a huge supporter of Zimmerman. I followed this case like the OJ one and its a crock of crap what there doing to this man. Not only was Trayvon under suspension but he sat in the morgue all night long before his folks ever wondered or even looked for him that night, what parent who is concerned with there troubled child allows there child to be out all night while suspended from school and not be crazy mad looking for him? The edited 911 calls where they make it sound like Zimmerman continued to follow him FALSE when Zimmerman was attacked he was on his way back to his car and trayvon whale laid him. It was raining and this kid is walking in between condos that had been having break ins? If Zimmerman was on the attack mode why didnt he have his firearm out right from the start? He didn’t! He was getting the crap beat out of him begging for help, while his head was being bounced off the concrete with a broken nose! All while he was packing a gun that could of prevented an assault if he was so gun happy! Why cant anyone see that point? Cause people dont want too, they dont care what this kid did, they want to fit there lying narrative. Trayvon could of easily pulled out a knife or even a gun? ANy prior suspicion that Zimmerman had was confirmed when the kid attacked him how did he know how far this kid was gonna go? Its ludicrous how they have made traycon out to be the victim HE WAS NOT THE VICTIM! Zimmerman was the victim and continues to be the victim, Trayvon gambled his own life and now there making zimmerman pay for it!

    • sjc0116

      It’s sad that the race card had to be used. If this was the exact same scenario and both were the same color, the responses would have been far different. People aren’t interested in truth and justice. Don’t forget how this family then went overseas to ‘tell the world their story’. They didn’t tell the parts about their sons background, suspension, and attack on Zimmerman as evidenced by the full unedited call

    • Lizard

      There IS more… see the link, in “As Pat Dollard reports,…”.

    • Linda Rucker

      Following the story and actually being there when it all happened are two vastly different things and offer two vastly different views. If Martin had pulled any weapon, don’t you thiNk it likely that Zimmerman would have said so? Zimmerman never made ANY claims that amaretti was armed in any way. If that grown, rather heavy set man couldn’t best a gangly, skinny kid in a scuffle, then he has no business being out at night alone. Zimmerman is guilty of killing that boy, and there is no way he shot him in self defense. Bottom line is Martin was unarmed. He might well have been a thug in training, but he was still just an unarmed kid and that is all there is to it.
      I dare say if Trayvon had been a white boy, folks would be screaming for Zimmermans head.

      • Lauren Keffer

        Linda…you need to get your facts straights. Trayvon WAS a skinny, gangly kid when that picture was taken and was shown as a representation of him. However that picture was old and in fact he had grown considerably into quite a strong, young man’s body. Also, one can be justified in shooting an unarmed person if it can be shown that this was what was needed to save oneself from harm. Was this a mutual combat situation, or was Zimmerman jumped from behind as he was walking back to the truck. We will have to wait for the trial because the media has been very dishonest in its reporting. You do not know if Trayvon had been white if this had played out differently. Zimmerman is not all white himself…..many of us are tired of racisim used to excuse every kind of thuggery.

        • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

          Correct. He was athletic, a football player even. Most likely worked out regularly.

          Z did not. He was chubby and shorter.

          • vernabc

            I agree that all the facts are not out yet, but I don’t remember reading anything about Zimmerman reporting to 911 that he was in pursuit of an “athletic football player that worked out regularly”…
            What I do think Zimmerman reported is that he spotted a black man in a hoodie…

      • Richard Tennyson

        Then please explain how GZ got a broken nose and all the lacerations on the back of his head. You are one of those ready to hang a man without a trial.

      • mac12sam12

        I guess you must have heard the edited sound bites and the doctored photos from NBC. The real photos show a man with a broken nose, bruises and blood on Zimmerman’s face. The back of his head showed large bloody gashes from the thug pounding Zimmermans head into the concrete. Zimmerman was losing consciousness and feared for his life. Trayvon got what he deserved.

  • David Wertheimer

    this is a short story though tragic in it’s own sense you could not be more true

  • ShilohKB

    The deceptive reporting has made this case so confusing. Until recently I always heard that Zimmerman had followed Martin almost to his own back door. In which case I think my own son might take a swing at a stalker in the night clearly following for awhile then coming up close behind him. Did Zimmerman threaten him/ inform him he had a gun…we don’t know…that would justify a more severe physical attack. If Zimmerman just watched from a distance him going into his house… end of story. Whatever T. Martin’s history it seems Zimmerman’s actions and motives will never really be known….and the media is so biased they foul the waters.

    • mharper42

      The facts have been available all along. If you were or are confused, you should take some initiative to find where the facts are being reported.

  • Martha Benton

    Yes, I was aware of all those facts, but apparently they were kept a secret from the MSM. This trial is a total waste of time and money. There will be no justice served as is apparent from Zimmerman even being arrested! The judge is doing her dead level best to keep as much evidence about the teen thug away from the jurors. And with the majority of the jury going to be black, just how could ANYONE think justice will be served?

  • Shay Riley

    What do ANY of those claims (most of which are dubious anyway) have to do with what George Zimmerman did, in killing an unarmed teen because he was black? It is ZIMMERMAN who is on trial for murder. We black conservatives must be consistent when discussing the role of personal responsibility. This doesn’t help the cause.

    • Steve Fair

      LMAO!!!!!! What you black conservatives are is either consistently stupid or consistently delusional. In your case I think it’s a combination of both with big dose of narcissism.

  • dashandra monika

    he did it. jesse jackson, al sharpton will see to justice.

  • Conservative Blk Chick

    Are you kidding me?! I can’t be the only one who heard the recordings on THE
    NEWS, in which the operator instructed Zimmerman to stop following

    WTH is wrong with you, TheBlackSphere?!?

    • Lauren Keffer

      Again….an operator can tell a caller what they want them to do….however there is no LAW that a person can be charged with if those instructions are not followed. Also, I have read that Zimmerman was actually walking back to his truck when he was attacked. We will find out all of this when the trial is over.

      • Conservative Blk Chick

        Yes, but there ARE are laws against murder, as well as assault. The facts are already out. That’s why Zimmerman’s dad is crying reverse racism. He’s a former judge, so who better to twist the system?

        Anybody can concoct whatever story they want. Zimmerman was way bigger than Trayvon Martin in physique. Zimmerman cannot take back the comment about “blacks getting away with everything,” no more than he can with the phonecall between Trayvon & his female friend stating Zimmerman was following HIM.

        The facts are already out & prayerfully justice will indeed be served.

        • sherri james

          the edited 911 calls cut off after the dispatcher tells zimmerman to stand down, zimmerman did go back but trayzon attacked him, ran after him. Trayvon had him down beating the crap out of him, zimmerman could of pulled his gun out a long time before getting the back of his head pounded on the concrete and nose broke? If it helps pretend that zimmerman was the black guy and trayvon the hispanic.

          • Conservative Blk Chick

            If it helps, keep chanting that until you believe it. I’m too outdone.

          • sherri james

            truth doesnt have to be “believed” or not. Truth “just is” whether it’s popular or not. Truth is Zimmerman could of pulled the gun out way before he was down, if your narrative is right, zimmerman would of been so gun happy he would of been chasing and shooting trayvon without ever being assaulted. it doesnt make any sense! Dont get me wrong it is a tragedy but a tragedy that trayzon caused himself and he paid the ultimate price for!

        • rabidfox1

          SOME facts are out, but unfortunately because of the MSM and sheeple
          like you who parrot the MSM’s so-called “facts”, there is a lot of BS
          out as well. MSNBC got busted editing the 911 calls that make it seem
          like Zimmerman said what you are claiming. Perhaps if they apologized
          after being busted for it, you would know about that.

          liberals are all shady jerks, you don’t care about truth or justice, you
          only care about your narrative that keeps racism alive so you can dole
          out the race-card at times of difficult discussion and debate. There was
          a liberal who lied to a judge to get on the jury, claiming he had not
          made a judgment about the case yet, then it was shown on his own
          facebook page all the trash he talked about Zimmerman while parroting
          the liberal MSM tripe. Talk about one messed up move. No better way to
          say “I don’t care about the truth, I don’t care about justice, I need my
          mob satisfaction -we need TWO families lives torn apart, and this guy
          to go to jail with a stigma of hating black people whether it is true or
          not”. You guys are horrible!

          • Conservative Blk Chick

            Decaf, dude. Decaf. Secondly, bigots like you & this pathetic site which is nothing more than a front for bigoted hysterics with a black guy slapped on the front page are what’s pathetic.

            I’m a conservative. But just because I’m conservative, I’m also for what’s RIGHT.

            And you have the unmitigated gall & audacity to speak of mobs? What else could you call this thread? Talk your crap to someone else, because I’m done.

            Now, carry on with your hysterics. As you were….

          • rabidfox1

            you just need to get your facts straight all over the board. That’s why I assumed you are a liberal. And while you may have a few conservative stances, you act just like a liberal, and people like yo are bad for this country. You parrot the stupid points the liberal MSM makes, you don;t care that they edited the calls to incite a racist theme to this, and you see bigotry where it is not. You are a fool. Plain and simple.

            The black man “slapped on the front” of this site happens to be the man who own this website, and a very popular conservative figure. Get your facts straight. Until you do, you are no better than a liberal moonbat.

          • Steve Fair

            I’m glad somebody has some sense around this looney bin.

          • Michael Lorenz

            If you don’t like this site, Why are you still commenting? The word TROLL comes to mind, go to a site that shares your views and be happy.

          • Steve Fair

            You rightwingers hate to be challenged, don’t you? That’s why talk radio is so popular with you dunderheads. You only want a one way conversation and propaganda.

        • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

          “The facts are already out …”

          Sadly. you are ignorant of them.

        • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

          there is no “reverse racism”… it is racism or not.

          You are a tool.

          • vernabc

            And you are a bigot.

  • Linda Rucker

    The bottom line is Zimmerman was told by law enforce entry to STAND DOWN and he chose to ignore that order and pursued an unarmed teenager with a gun. Regardless of what Trayvon a martins character was or what kind of parental guidance he did or did not have, on this particular night, he was an unarmed kid who was shot dead by an over zealous,essentially a rent a cop, with a gun, who had no business or lawful right to pursue the kid.
    Should Zimmerman be charged with 1 st degree murder? Maybe not, but now it’s up to a jury to decide, but to shoot an unarmed kid, he most certainly should be punished.

    • Ellessay

      He was not “ordered by law enforcement” to stand down. He was talking to a police dispatcher, who had no authority to order him to do anything. Zimmerman said he was trying to see where Trayvon was going since he wasn’t staying on the sidewalk. His story is that he was attacked on his way back to his truck. We’ll see what the evidence says. If he was stalking Trayvon to murder him, why call law enforcement at all? Why admit to watching where he was going unless it was so he could direct the responding officers? There’s more to the story than what is being reported in the media.

    • Lauren Keffer

      Linda, I have been a 911 operator and officer in AZ. Florida cannot be much different – meaning that a 911 operator has ZERO AUTHORITY in telling the caller what they can and cannot do. The do have some basic training…and depending on their experience, might actually be able to assist the caller with facts and laws…but they are TRAINED not to give advice or tell people what they must do because 1) liability and 2) they are not lawyer/officer, etc. The 911 operator can ask the caller not to go outside or to return to their vehicle, etc. but since they are not there, even a good 911 operator will tell you privately that they may not have enough info to assist the caller. Their primary duty is to collect as much info as they can so that the responding officers are prepared upon arriving. This entire case has been tried in the media and none of us have all the information needed to serve justice. I would like to say that if Trayvon had continued bashing in Zimmerman’s head and he had died and/or suffered life altering injuries, many of you would not have given it one more thought after reading the blurb in the newspaper. I personally am glad I carry a gun at all times because I know the only one I can truly count on is myself and I will take my chance in dealing with the consequences if some thug decides to harm me or one of my own!

      • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

        ” I have been a 911 operator and officer in AZ. Florida cannot be much different – meaning that a 911 operator has ZERO AUTHORITY in telling the caller what they can and cannot do”

        YES. Thank you!

        I’ve been arguing that in every post I see where people want to say “the police told him not to follow”…

        A 911 op is NOT the police!

        • vernabc

          “A 911 op is NOT the police!”
          And what does that matter? Is that your only argument (seeing that you have posted it half a dozen times). The bottom line is that Zimmerman is NOT the police. The point of the argument is, Zimmerman was told to not pursue, and he had no authority to pursue. In fact, as a Neighborhood Watch person, he was not suppose to be carrying a gun (not that that matters in this case because Zimmerman was not on duty that night). It is also note worthy to report that the Martin Family has already sued the Neighborhood Watch Program, and they settle out of court for an undisclosed amount of money, which an educated person my conclude that this case did not take long, and a settlement was easy to reach.

      • vernabc

        “…meaning that a 911 operator has ZERO AUTHORITY..”

        It does not matter what authority the 911 operator had. The issue is Zimmerman had “ZERO AUTHORITY” to pursue.

        “I would like to say that if Trayvon had continued bashing in Zimmerman’s head and he had died and/or suffered life altering injuries”

        And had this happened, would you have been ok with the police letting Martin go after he told them he killed Zimmerman because he feared for his life?

        What many are forgetting is that the reason this case received national attention, was because the police, initially, did not arrest Zimmerman. Had they initially arrested him, you would never have heard about this case. These kinds of killings go on every day. It was the Martin family that refused to let this case go away. The police, rightfully or wrongfully, did not press charges because Zimmerman involved the “stand your ground” law (and interesting, now that after Zimmerman was finally charged, the defense is now not using that law as part of their defense, which certainly calls into question the decision of the police to initially not press charges).

        “I will take my chance in dealing with the consequences if some thug decides to harm me or one of my own!”
        And that is the reason the Martin family would not give on this case. There were no “consequences” for his actions… But I would further state, that because you own a gun and think that will keep you and your family safe, I can only say, good for you. But what does that have to do with this case? Even if you were to encounter a “thug” while out driving one night, and you stopped your car to “pursue” or investigate”, who would be at fault for putting yourself in harm’s way? Just because you have a gun, does not give you the legal right to pursue anyone, and in fact, I have maintained that if Zimmerman not had a gun that night, he never would have gotten out of his car.

    • Richard Tennyson

      Based on your thinking, you would have been satisfied if Trayvon was able to continue beating the crap out of Zimmerman and eventually killing him. He did not pursue him, nor was his firearm drawn at the time of their fateful meeting face to face. Martin, unfortunately, made the wrong decision to go out and cruise the neighborhood, instead of staying home and watching the game.

      • Steve Fair

        Are you out of your freaking mind???? Now it’s against the law for black teenagers to go to the store because some racist rent a cop idiot may ASSUME he’s a criminal and shoot him to death??????

        • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

          Not what he said Steve…

          It IS against the law for black teenagers to willfully attack out of the darkness and beat on people.

          It has been happening all around us. “Knockout game”? Ring a bell?

          Find me 1 story of the knockout game being played where whites are the attackers… go on.

          • vernabc

            You racist tool… “Knockout game”??? Are you kidding me?
            So let’s see how this works… I am a racist tool, and at the clan meeting last night we talked about how we can use the term “knockout game” to further or racist agenda. And what a better opportunity to use this term than an article about a back kid in a hoodie (i.e., “Thug”) who was getting “uppity” and was shot because he wanted to live the “thug life-style”…
            And talk about “Ring a bell”… Black kid gets shot, and that is a pavalovian bell for all the racists to come out of the woodwork and start drooling.

        • Daniel Beck

          okay so Treyvon was staying there for a short while, Zimmerman hadnt seen him before. when zimmerman had approached him and he had talked rationally about who he was and what he was doing it would not have happened, Zimmerman was a wanna be cop wacko, but treyvon was a punk and probably attacked him. leading to this tragic conclusion.

    • Chris Kaczmarek

      Linda Rucker your crazy! didn’t you see the cuts on the back of Zimmerman’s head? Unarmed teen? More like disrespectful young punk who got what he deserved. One less to worry about walking through my yard at night.

    • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

      Zimmerman was suggested by a 911 operator that “you didn’t need to do that” when he said he was going to follow Martin.

      911 ops are not “the law” nor do they have policing power. Try again please.

      • vernabc

        So when you say “Try again please”, you mean cut and paste your same reply?
        Zimmerman is also “not the law”, thus Zimmerman had no legal right to pursue, nor did Martin have an obligation to do anything Zimmerman demanded. Had Zimmerman done what he was told, Martin would have been questioned by the police, who that the authority to do so, and he would be alive today.

  • david miekle

    Man of Jewish/South American heritage kills black teen and blond people are to blame?

  • sherri james

    If it at all helps pretend that ZImmerman was the black man and trayvon the hispanic, then tell me Zimmerman should of submitted to a @$$ beating and then some, while armed.

  • John W. Kerr

    I just try to remember that only innocent black or white boys turn and assualt (injuries supported by police video) an older larger lone person they believe is following them in a neighborhood they do not live in? No, it is a shame they may die for being stupid in the “pride” of youth. What bothers me most is that the national media altered the events to portray the crime as “racist”, and cut taped conversations to purvey the deception even stating the shooter was “white” though clearly hispanic appearing! On top of the racebaiting was unrelenting charactorizations of the shooter and victim (including photo usage of a years younger Trayvon). As usual all desire this “tried” in the court of public opinion and sensationalism??? As an antecedent, did you hear Cato Kalin now admits O.J. did kill his exwife and her boyfriend, but he gets no coverage or credibility! I wonder why our media and citizenry is never really intrested in any truth that does not support political agendas?

    • sherri james

      very well said.

    • jerryomega

      You answered your own question. The truth does not support their political agendas.

  • jerryomega

    The media and the Black community will always go with the racism narrative no matter what. Networks like MSNBC taught racism to the point that they barely report the news anymore. How can you represent yourself as a victim if you don’t. All around the county 99% of the Black murders are committed by other Blacks. Recent research has shone that because of their marriage to the government and the Democrat party thus marring themselves in poverty, they commit the majority of the crimes. The rest of society should hold them responsible because you do them no favor not to. As for the racism charge, society should ignore it for the most part. It like the little boy who cried wolf.

  • jerryomega

    The real question now is how this trial turns out. Are we going to have riots in the street and innocent people harmed.

    What really irks me is all the Black people that got on buses and road to Florida screaming racism because they thought Zimmerman was White. Yet, with all the Black on Black murders that take place in places like Detroit, East St Louis,…etc, I just read that Chicago had another record number of Black on Black shooting and murders. Where were the buses?
    You would think that at some point Blacks would take a sept back and consider all the young people dying and all the Black babies being flushed down the toilets at the abortion clinics, mothers who don’t know who the father of their children are, and know that it is time to go in another direction.
    The only reason I see Blacks being tied to the Democrat party is the victim card and the welfare checks. What else have they done for them? What else could it be. Those of us who know history know it wasn’t civil rights.


    • CoachKaterina

      and Zimmerman is not white

      • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

        Oh but our media wanted to say he was. A matter of fact, they did say he was.

        “White hispanic”…. remember that in articles? I do. Right next to a purposely lightened picture of the brown Zimmerman.

        • vernabc

          Because EVERYTHING is a media conspiracy… Must be a slow news day for all you conspiracy nuts. I’m just curious, has a single one of your lunatic conspiracies ever panned out? Or do you also blame that on “our media”..?

  • DustyFae

    The WH is the largest racists and Obama being the head of racist.

  • Steve Fair

    Zimmerman was told to stand down, stay in his truck and go home by law enforcement authorities. He continued to stalk an unarmed black teenager who was COMMITTING NO CRIME, got out of his truck, confronted him and then killed him. This is a no brainer. God help the state of Florida if they acquit this racist piece of garbage.

    • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

      Wrong, Zimmerman was told “you don’t need to do that” when he said he was going to follow to see where Martin went, by the 911 operator.

      911 ops are not the “law”… they can suggest whatever, but they are not out there nor do they have any policing authority.

      • vernabc

        “…nor do they have any policing authority.”
        Neither did Zimmerman. There is a reason they call themselves the Neighborhood “Watch” Program.

      • bobfrommosinee

        “911 ops are not the “law”… they can suggest whatever, but they are not out there nor do they have any policing authority.”

        Neither did Zimmerman, He was not a police officer, and had no right to stop or arrest Martin lacking a felony in progress, or danger to life and limb.

        • scott Mac Millan

          He was On community watch and had every right to take interest to what Martin was doing especially being an unfamilar person in a gated community.

          • bobfrommosinee

            First off, You are arguing facts not in evidence.
            Second, Even if Zimmerman was a Watch Member, He had no legal authority to detain anyone. That is a cardinal rule of Community Watch, Absent a felony that endangers life and safety, The Community Watch is a observe and report organization, Now exactly what Felony was Martin Committing that Night? Being Black, Out after dark, Armed with Skittles and a Ice Tea? (The only armed individual that night was Zimmerman)
            Third, Gated Community, The gate were open, allowing access to all.
            How did He know that Martin was a person not from the community, Martin had his hood up because it was raining?
            Remember Zimmerman made a statement that He couldn’t see Marin’s face, and didn’t know if He was black of White.
            So explain how Zimmerman could identify Him as a stranger?

    • Gage

      Its funny how the incident is always racist when it comes to a black person getting killed by another race. Theirs not enough proof for both sides of the story, but you still assume hes racist…you’r racist.

      • Steve Fair

        Use your head. Would Zimmerman been stalking a white teenager through the development?

        • Daniel Beck

          i was a white teenager before, i have had cops scope me out as a possible no good kid. Im not saying Zimmerman was a saint probably far from it. but he was not a racist.

    • Daniel Beck

      It wasn’t done because of race.

    • scott Mac Millan

      A dispatcher is not law enforcement, nice try……….and you think that the older fatter Zimmerman ran and caught up to Trayvon to confront him? Put the pipe down, Trayvon got what was coming to him and if not last year maybe in another two years, he chose his life style and paid the price for it, Zimmerman is only guilty of having concern for his community and defending himself, Trayvon had respect for NADA !

  • Chris Kaczmarek

    Obama is the biggest racist in this situation when he compared Treyvon as looking like one of his sons. Obama tried to slant the Zimmerman case from day one to look like this was a racist act. When the facts prove quite differently. Zimmerman has marks on the back of his head from where his head was striking the ground from being punched by Treyvon. We have an eyewitness who seen Treyvon on top of Zimmerman. Flordia is a stand your ground state. Zimmerman was standing his ground. The police have no say in where Zimmerman can and cannot go. He was neighborhood patrol and therefore had the right to be anywhere in the neighborhood he wanted to be. If Treyvon had stopped and done what he was told, he would be alive today. Better yet, if Treyvon had not attacked Zimmerman, he would be alive today.

  • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

    Looks like “No_Limit_Nigga” had some limits…

    • vernabc

      Did you get that sound bite at your clan meeting last night?

  • guest

    If Martin and GZ were both the same ethnicity there would be no story here. The left stream media has played the race card for ratings once again. GZ was defending his life and Martin was an arrogant little thug who brought his fists to a gunfight and LOST. Good riddance. Good shooting, Zim.

  • Mark N Starla Traina

    FACT: There have been a number of incident all across AMERICA of BLACK YOUTHS ASSAULTING TOTALLY INNOCENT WHITE and HISPANIC MEN with a single PUNCH. It’s actually called the “KNOCK OUT WHITEY GAME”! The “KOWG” is a DANGEROUS GAME, as a matter of fact, some of the Victims of this Violent Game had Suffered Permanently Debilitating Injuries and others have even Perished. Punching an unsuspecting Person in the Face is the Highest Form of Disrespect. No one should ever be subjected to this unnecessary form of ABUSE.
    FACT: Angela Corey new full-well that GEORGE ZIMMERMAN had fallen VICTIM to the “KNOCK OUT WHITEY GAME”, she also knew that TRAYVON MARTIN had actually walked up to GEORGE ZIMMMERMAN and Broke his Nose with a single unprovoked Punch to the Face. A Punch that actually sent Zimmerman down on the sidewalk where TRAYVON jumped on top of him and began to profusely Bang his Head on the Ground while telling him “YOU ARE GONNA DIE TONIGHT”! At that point ZIMMERMAN drew his Gun from his Jacket Pocket and ended TRAYVON’S VIOLENT LIFE.
    FACTS: TRAYVON MARTIN was a very Troubled Youth, he was involved with Drugs, Thugs and Gang Bangers. His personal Goal was to become a UFC Fighter. TRAYVON was also a Troubled Student and was actually out of school on a Suspension for Simple Possession of Marijuana Residue at the time of his Death. School Officials have Reported Numerous Incidences of Fighting, Disrespect for Authority, Noncompliance and Willful Disobedience.
    FACT: TRAYVON MARTIN was not the Innocent little 10-year old the LILY WHITE LYING LIBERAL MEDIA made him out to be, but rather a BIG BLACK 17-year old THUG well on his way to becoming a UFC FIGHTER!
    Our Condolences go out to both Families who have Suffered Greatly over this very sad Incident! An incident that certainly could have easily been avoided if early on TRAYVON had been taught to keep his Hands to Himself! A lesson that the NAAWP Hopes other YOUNG BLACK YOUTHS” will Learn from this Terrible Altercation between two People who didn’t even know one another!

  • Mark N Starla Traina



    Oh thank you LORD for SAVING this BRAVE WOMAN and giving U.S. all HOPE in 2013!



    FACT: TRAYVON MARTIN may have been the 1st KNOCK OUT WHITEYER to GEAUX DOWN, but he certainly won’t be the LAST!


  • Mark N Starla Traina


    THUG LIFE 101:



    As the kidnappers pulled
    into a quiet, upscale golf course community, they thought they were about to
    abduct an assistant district attorney who sent a high-ranking gang member to
    prison for life, authorities said.

    But they had the wrong address and when the prosecutor’s father answered the
    door, they took him instead.

    For five days, authorities said the kidnappers held 63-year-old Frank Janssen
    captive in an Atlanta apartment, tormenting his family by sending text messages
    threatening to cut him into pieces if police were called or their demands
    weren’t met. They even sent a photo of him tied up in a chair.

    On Tuesday, an indictment charged nine people in Janssen’s abduction, including
    49-year-old Bloods member Kelvin Melton, who authorities said was calling the
    shots by cellphone from his North Carolina prison cell. Janssen’s daughter,
    Wake Forest assistant district attorney Colleen Janssen, prosecuted Melton in
    2012 for his role in the shooting of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

    Court records show Melton has a long record of felony convictions in New York,
    the first being a 1979 robbery committed when he was 14. He pleaded guilty to
    manslaughter and robbery in 1998 and served more than 13 years in New York
    prisons before being released in August 2011.

    His conviction in North Carolina sent him to prison for life. Authorities said
    he wanted revenge.

    At first, Melton wanted the kidnappers to travel to Louisiana to abduct a
    family member of his court-appointed attorney from his 2012 trial. He arranged
    in March for each member of that kidnapping team to receive about $10,000,
    according to the indictment, but at some point, for reasons not explained in
    court documents, they called it off.

    Back to the JUNGLE or PLANET of the APES! This is DEFINITELY some NEW 3rd


    in U.S. HISTORY!

    … if you think for one second that PROGRESSIVE POLITICS works then I suggest
    that you visit one of the following PREDOMINATELY BLACK, BLIGHTED CRACK
    INFESTED $HYTHOLE U.S. CITIES or TOWNS – but don’t geaux ALONE and don’t geaux

    1) DETROIT

    2) DENVER


    4) ATLANTA

    5) ST. LOUIS


    7) NEWARK

    8) MEMPHIS




    12) MONROE

    13) HOUSTON

    14) DALLAS

    15) PHILLY



    18) OAKLAND

    19) WATTS



    22) Charleston




    26) JACKSON

    27) MIAMI



    30) FLINT

    FACT: “To be FORWARNED is to be FOREARMED!”


    The NAAWP is not in any way associated with the INFAMOUS KLU KLUX KLAN and we
    don’t believe in RANDON ACTS of VIOLENCE, nor do we PROMOTE RACIAL HATRED!

    FACT: Our MEMBERS came from all WALKS of LIFE and but we converge in our LOVE



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