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Hoodie-Gangs-007There is a real race war in America: a race war between Mexicans and blacks.

What’s not being reported is the amount of gang violence between blacks and Mexicans, and the carnage being suffered by ordinary citizens…right under Maxine Waters’ nose.

According to the Examiner:

On Friday, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Compton Varrio 155 gang members Jeffrey Aguilar, 19, and Efren Marquez, 21, as well as a juvenile. All three have reportedly been engaged in a campaign of violence and intimidation against a black family who moved into Compton last month.All three are facing hate crimes charges.

Marquez allegedly held the victim at gunpoint while Aguilar beat the man with a metal pipe, according to detectives.

The suspects, along with dozens of others returned on a daily basis to intimidate the family.

And this is not new. As the LA Times reported a while back…

Federal authorities have alleged in several indictments in the last decade that the Mexican Mafia prison gang has ordered street gangs under its control to attack African Americans. Leaders of the Azusa 13 gang were sentenced to lengthy prison terms earlier this month for leading a policy of attacking African American residents and expelling them from the town.

Similar attacks have taken place in Harbor Gateway, Highland Park, Pacoima, San Bernardino, Canoga Park and Wilmington, among other places. In the Compton case, sheriff’s officials say the gang appears to have been acting on its own initiative.”

Makes you wonder why the Congressional Black Caucus is not fighting harder against trespassing, i.e. illegal aliens being allowed to swarm the country.


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  • Keith Villalobos

    And it will only get worse in California ,the worst has yet to come.

  • Conservative Blk Chick

    Wow. Such a sad day for things like this to happen on American soil. smh. We wouldn’t have these problems if this country had a proper handle on immigration.

  • jerryomega

    Most Black don’t seem to get the fact that Mexicans hate them. Here in NC you don’t see Black men with Mexican women. They don’t want nothing to do with Blacks. The idiotic thing about Blacks is they don’t realize that they belong to the same party and nationally vote and support the same people. How stupid is that?

    With those open borders, at some point Hispanic will have the potential to dominate the political system. You think they will vote for or look out for Blacks? That something neither Blacks nor liberal Whites seem to realize.

    • Steve Fair

      Maybe the brothers don’t want the Mexican women. You ever think about that you pathetic racist? By the way, you ever vote for a black?

      • jerryomega

        “Maybe the brothers don’t want the Mexican women” You said that for a joke right. Maybe they don’t. That’s suppose to make me wrong?

        Have I ever voted for a Black…..Yes. I also belong to a unique ethnic group and it not White.

        • Steve Fair

          Will a white conservative vote for a black at gunpoint?

          • jerryomega

            Whose got the gun?

          • Steve Fair

            Jerry, we black folks know who our enemies are and it isn’t the Mexicans. It’s foamy mouthed nigga hatin rednecks like YOU.

          • jerryomega

            All the young Black men that are dying on the streets of Chicago, Detroit, DC …..where not killed by nigga hating rednecks. The 40% of Blacks that make of the prison system where not put there by naggia hating rednecks. The 2-3 thousand Black babies that are flushed down the toilets at the abortion clinics have nothing to do with nigga hating rednecks.
            Now I guess you’re going to tell me that it’s all George Washington or Bush”s fault.Maybe Lincoln’s. Ok fine. But those young Black people are still dead. Are they not?
            I’m not White and I’m not trying to berate Black people. I’m pointing out that stupid people like you would rather see your people live in poverty and die in the streets than put that damn race card down and do what it takes to give your children a better life. From now on you can call me a niggia hating redneck. That fine. You think I expect people like you to pat me on the back because I’m tired of seeing Black men and women living in poverty and dying in the streets for nothing? Call me what you want; but you can’t call me wrong.
            BTW. I know you didn’t know this: but pre 1965 those Black neighborhoods were not like that. You tell me what happened.

          • Steve Fair

            Hey nigga hatin redneck, most murder is intra racial whether its white on white, black on black etc… The majority of black Americans are working to middle class. Prior to 1964 almost 60% of black America was in poverty. You’re not only a racist but a pretty stupid and clumsy one at that.

          • jerryomega

            From 1900 to 1954, blacks were more active than whites in the labor market. Until about 1960, black male labor force participation in every age group was equal to or greater than that of whites. During that period, black teen unemployment was roughly equal to or less than white teen unemployment. As early as 1900, the duration of black unemployment was 15 percent shorter than that of whites; today it’s about 30 percent longer. To do something about today’s employment picture requires abandonment of sacred cows and honesty.


            That sound like poverty to you? His name is Dr. Walter Williams one of the for most respected Black economist in the country. You are welcome to read the hole article. It’s from a book called Blacks and Economic.

            I guess by now you have figured out that you are not dealing with your average niggia hating red neck. You still think I’m sloppy?
            BTW. I’m not White and my neck is not red. You might want to stick to name calling. That’s all most Black Democrats have.

          • Steve Fair

            1959, 55% of Blacks in poverty.

            2013 25%.

            From 85 to about 2005, Blacks earning Bachelor’s degrees, more than doubled.

            Black education

            High school +: 80%
            Some college +: 44.7%
            Bachelors +: 17.3

            High school graduate: 28.5%
            4 years college: 2.3%
            5 years+ college: 1.3%

          • jerryomega


            I know you didn’t know this: but pre 1965 those Black neighborhoods were not like that. You tell me what happened.

            That was my statement and I stand by every word. You tell me most Blacks were poor. Irrelevant. I’m telling you that pre 1965 %78-80 of Black children were not born out of wedlock. I’m telling you that from post slavery Blacks did not lead the country in abortion. I’m telling you that during that time span young Black men were not murdering each other in mass. I’m telling you that most Black families were in tack. I’m telling you that the prison rate among Blacks was not 40%. So what if they were poor? They had coherent communities and a moral foundation.

            They may have been poor..but they sure knew God a lot better they do today. During the mid sixties they traded the big G -God for the little g -government-Democrat party and that liberal victimhood mindset gave rise to social and moral deviation.
            Frankly I don’t blame for trying to take the narrative in another direction. Perhaps politics may be in your future?

          • Steve Fair

            There were ghettoes before 1965. There were major riots in American inner cities during the mid sixties so you are full of dung. Currently homicide rates in urban America are at 30 year lows. There are 20 million black men in this country you idiot. Last year there were maybe 4000 black on black homicides and they primarily were intramural carnage between gangsters and drug dealers. We black Americans don’t need clowns like you telling us our realities. We know what’s best for us and it damn sure isn’t turning back the clock to pre 1965 which is exactly what racists like you want.

          • jerryomega

            You keep trying to change the narrative and setting up straw men. Show me where I even inferred that there were no ghettoes before 65. Show me where I said there were no riots. Are you saying that just because people are poor and live in ghettoes they cant have uplifting moral values? That work for you?
            Intramural carnage?
            What are talking about here? A basketball game? So that makes the carnage acceptable? How is it that other ethnic groups don’t have carnage on that level including Black immigrants from Africa.

            I guess the next thing you going to tell me is that those people are not really dead and those aborted babies aren’t really viable.

            We black Americans don’t need clowns like you telling us our realities.

            What gives you the right to tell me what I can and can not speak too? Obama teach you that?
            I’m as much of a minority as you are. I just refuse to carry a race/victim /affirmative card.

          • Steve Fair

            You really are a racist moron. When white ethnics were at the bottom of the social ladder in urban America, they were the preponderance of the street criminals and murderers. Black Africans are screened heavily during the immigration process and only the highly educated get to come to this country. Same with Asians. YOU claimed that “black neighborhoods were not like THAT before 1965.” As if there are no safe, productive black middle class neighborhoods today. I live in one fool. You are a hateful, bitter clown who cannot accept that black people are your equal and you don’t get to lecture us. And if you can find one word from suggesting “victimhood” I’ll leave this board forever. You clowns can’t go to the bathroom without your stock cliches.

          • jerryomega

            If Blacks are will to other ethnic groups then why is affirmative action and the race/victim card necessary? You throw word racist around a awful lot. Why? Because for you everything and I mean everything is viewed through the prism of race even if it is to the detriment of your welfare. The good part is now no one gives a flip.
            BTW. I’m born and raise right here in the deep south. I know about those neighborhoods because I grew up in them.

          • Steve Fair

            Blacks are not the only group to receive affirmative action. In fact in the last 40 years white women have been the biggest beneficiaries. AA is only an antidote against the still endemic racial and sexual discrimination in America. I call you a racist because you are one. You hate and fear black people. It’s obvious. I understand though. The days where your white skin was an government stamped badge of superiority are coming to an end and you’re frightened to death.

          • jerryomega

            “You hate and fear black people.”
            Only a real racist thinks like that.
            I hate and fear ignorance. And you scare the hell out of me.

          • Steve Fair

            “only a real racist thinks like that”. Yeah. I know. Racist.

          • Steve Fair

            Those figures are from the Census Bureau not that bootlickin Uncle Tom Walter Williams. Today there are more black homeowners, businessowners, college graduates and professionals than at anytime in history and those numbers are growing. However it is essential for inbred racists like yourself to depict the entire black community as violent ghetto dwellers in order to rationalize your own pathetic existence.

          • jerryomega

            bootlickin Uncle Tom Walter Williams
            Now you’ve let me know who and what you are. You have to think the same thing about Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Ben Carson. The fact that MLK was a Republican probably burns you up also.
            Do the country a favor and make sure you stay on the Democrat plantation. They’d probably cut your foot off if you tried to leave anyway.
            Shalom and goodbye.

          • Steve Fair

            King was NOT a Republican. King voted for Kennedy in 1960 and LBJ in 1964. And yes, Sowell and Carson are two more headscratchin Toms doing the bidding of the racist right. Tell me something, how am I on the Democratic plantation and you’re not on a Republican plantation? Think real hard before you answer Jethro and keep in mind one thing. The only government check I’ve ever received was military pay and tax returns.

          • jerryomega

            Meet Rev. Alveda King.
            Listen. You have been just has successful in proving to me how ignorant you are as Obama has proven that he means the country no good.
            Now you ask a dumb question like how is that you’re are on the Democrat plantation and I not be on the Republican plantation?
            It’s simple: I can leave. You can’t.

            FREEDOM’S SONG
            The year was 1865; the Civil War had just ended. Old Abe Lincoln sent soldiers around to the plantation. A Captain and a Sargent gathered us around and read off a paper. We didn’t know what is was. It had a bunch of fancy words in it; but we did hear the word ‘free‘ more then once. So when he finished, we asked him straight out what it meant. He said it meant that we were free. “You mean we can leave here if we want?” Someone asked. “Yes, you can go where you want” the captain answered. “You mean Massa don’t own us no more?” Came another question. “Yes, you are free to go and no one can stop you.” the Sargent declared.
            On the way back to the projects it was finally sinking in. There was no celebration; no jumping and shouting, no singing and dancing. Any sense of jubilation had been replaced with a heavy aura of fear and uncertainty. No one spoke. We all knew that we would be going out into a world where we would not be welcomed. When we got back to the projects the first thing we did was pray.
            We began to pack our bags. Wagons were packed. Horses were hitched. Still, no one had much to say. The silence was finally broken by the opening of a door. It was Massa. “Ms Esta, John, how y’all doing?” Still, no one spoke. “Where y’all think y’all going?” He began. “Is this the gratitude you gonna show me?” “Haven’t I been good to all of you?” “Don’t you know that that world out there don’t want you?” Don’t I put a roof over your heads?” “Didn’t I build you these nice projects?” “Don’t I provide you with section eight housing for almost nothing?” “Don’t I give you food stamps, free healthcare and free schools?” “Don’t I give you tax return money each year on taxes you didn’t even pay?” “Why I have even provided each one of you with a free cell phone and free minutes, and this is how you gonna repay me?” Everybody looked down at the floor but he looked at me out of the corner of his eye. You see, Ol Massa didn’t like me no way. He say I’m one of them smart ass niggers. He suspected that I had somehow learned how to read. He didn’t know it but early Sunday mornings I would sneak down in the woods. These men would be there. One was named Mr.Fred Douglas the other we just called Rev. King. Mr. Douglas would take a newspaper and teach us how to read. Rev.King would tell us stories from the Bible and tell us that our rights came from God and not Ol Massa and the Democrats.. On top of that, Massa done had to beat me two times. Once for running away and once when I told some of the other slaves I wanted to be a Republican like Mr.Douglas and Rev.King. He threatened to kill me then.
            Well, them soldiers done told me he didn’t own me no mo so I felt sorta bold and decided to speak up. “Massa, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me such as it is. These projects and those section eight houses belong to you. You lets us live in them but you can take them back whenever you want to. The food stamps you give us are yours too. The same goes for the schools, the healthcare, the cell phones and everything else. Since you control every aspect of our lives that means you own us. That means we will always be slaves and we will always be poor. How will we find out what Gods has planned for us if we remain your slaves”. Thank God you don’t own our prayers.
            We know that most of the White people we meet out there will hate us. Some will even feel the freedom to kill us; but at lest we will have the freedom to fight back. God willing, maybe we will find a kind heart that will give us a chance. Not affirmative action, just a chance.Thats all we would ask. As for me and my house, I would rather die fighting their hatred than to remain in your rat infested, drug infested, crime infested poverty.
            I’m leaving;but what you need to understand is that whether I fail or succeed it does not matter as long as I have the freedom to try. If I die, thats fine too. At lest I will die growing my own garden and not a slave on food stamps waiting for Obama money.
            When I looked around I saw that most (90%) of the slaves were unpacking. The horses went back to the barnes.They wanted their Obama money, I wanted my freedom.I left. I went to find Rev. King.
            You need to take you ignorance some where else.

          • Steve Fair

            Poor Jerry. To him blacks are mainly drug and poverty addled dupes collecting welfare and waiting for their Democratic massas to save them. But he’s not a racist though. The moron thinks he’s just telling the truth. Well just like Dr. Freud said, “when conversing with a deluded person rational discourse is impossible.” Keep on with your white supremacist dreams Jerry. We’ll just keep advancing past you while you pump up the tires on your house.

          • jerryomega

            Why do you keep assuming i’m White? Advance past me? Big deal. How do you advance or even maintain a par with that stampede of illegal immigrants that have surpassed you within the Democrat party? Obama and the Democrats have thrown you under the bus and you are happy to be there. I bet you stuck cotton in your ears when you heard:
            “If this were a White man in the White House we would be marching”…….Maxine Waters.
            How about
            :”I’ll have those niggars voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” — Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One Ronald Kessler’s “Inside The White House”
            Now go away.

          • Steve Fair

            Well God help you if your black because if you are you are the biggest self-hating bootlickin minstrel this side of Larry Elder. “We’ll have those rednecks and goobers voting Republican for the next century even though we only care about the rich.” Ronald Reagan cabinet meeting.

          • Steve Fair

   m BTW Jerry, here is the truth about Alveda King. A fraud who has been disowned by the King Family.

          • jerryomega

            …..And that is supposed to change the fact that King, his father and his brother were republicans. Every Black person that leaves the plantation is disowned. So what else is knew? Bad things are said about Black students that make A’s or speak correct English. Would like to read the letter that King wrote to Nixon?

          • Steve Fair

            Still drooling and ranting Jerry? So MLK Jr. and Sr DID NOT vote for Kennedy in 1960 and LBJ in 1964? Yes or No?

          • jerryomega

            What if they did. They were still Republicans.
            I personally remember Daddy King being a staunch supported of Eisenhower. I live born and raised in the deep south. It went like this. All three Kings were Republicans. When MLK conceived his ” Non violent” movement. He pushed politics to the back burner because he want the movement to be about civil rights not politics. He had a very close relationship with both Eisenhower and Nixon. As it were , when he found himself in jail and his life in danger, Robert Kennedy seized the opportunity as Attorney Gen. gain Black support.
            How is it that you shoot your racist mouth off and not know that those White people on the streets of Selma, Birmingham, and all across the south were Democrats? Look up George Wallace, Storm Thurman, Robert Byrd the man who was high in the KKK and filibustered the Civil Rights ACT in 1964. Try Al Gore Sr. or J William Fulbright, Bill Clinton’s mentor. Even Joe Kennedy, and the fact that JFK and LBJ all voted against the civil rights bill of 1959. LBJ’s welfare strategy worked like a charm. Did it not? Who was it that sent the 101 Air Borne into Arkansas to escort those Black kids to school and guard their lives? I don’t have a lot of time for ignorant brown people who put race over freedom and the welfare of their community. My people where sprinkled among the Freedom Fighters. Why do you think I have made it my lives work to fight against those people that were murdering and raping Blacks before my very eyes only to see Black say ” Ok, give us the welfare checks and all is forgiven.” Look up Sen. Everette Dirksen and tell me how that civil right act of 1964 got passed.
            Listen, I told you you need to stay on the Democrat plantation and quit wasting my time. We’re talking about a time that I witnessed myself. What have the Democrats ever done for Black people except give them a welfare check and an inferiority complex. Now with those millions of “new Negroes” flooding across the border you have a real problem. You need to go get lost and forget I exist.

          • Steve Fair

            Getting upset Jerry? LMAO!!!! That’s usually what happens when you inbred racist get your silly canards rebuffed. Get this through your stupid skull. MLK Jr was never a Republican. LBJ got the Civil Rights and Votings Rights Acts passes and conservatives have been trying to repeal those laws for 45 years. The majority of welfare recipients have always been white. Since 1965 the black middle class has tripled. I don’t worry about illegal immigrants because they have little to do with my success or existence. Take your silly racist paranois and stick it. FOOL.

          • Steve Fair

            Does that include the million black kids in college or the millions of black college graduates? You are a racist clown. I feel sorry for you.

          • jerryomega

            Who do you think paid the price for those Blacks to be graduates? You think they are graduates because some wonderful government program came along or because Clinton got a BJ in the Oval Office? How do you think Blacks got their education before government give aways came along? How do you explain the voucher programs that Obama closed down in DC? Did you see the pain and disappointment on the faces of those parents when they learned that their children had to go back to those crime and drug infested schools? Stay on the plantation man, Massa takes care of the little guy.

          • Steve Fair

            Who paid the price for blacks to go to college??? It certainly wasn’t inbred racists like you. YOU’RE the one who keeps mentioning government programs for black. Idiot, it was government programs like the GI Bill that allowed millions of working class whites to go to college. Another point you pathetic LIAR, Obama didn’t shut down the DC Voucher program. He actually expanded it from 1615 students to 1700. But there are over 60,000 kids in the DCPS system so how effective is a voucher program? It’s just another rightwing scheme to privatize a public function. I’ve worked since I was 15. Went to college parttime for 7 years while I served in the military. Been a corporate salesman for 20 years. Nobody ever gave me anything. You are just a pathetic racist buffoon who can’t accept that blacks are your betters.

          • Shane77ss

            another racist comment here, people might actually have a great convo with you but you most certainly hate whitey, so why bother here steve? GO Spread your liberal racist agenda to your party.

          • scott Mac Millan

            Hey Steve maybe you should go explain that to the inner cities of Chicago,Detroit,Gary, Atlanta………..etc you lying sack of dung.

          • Shane77ss

            everyword out of your mouth says hypocritical racist

          • Shane77ss

            and your comment isnt racist? we all know you hate whitey and anyone that dont follow your welfare liberal agenda

          • The Penitent Man

            Wow. Your statement might be a year old but it’s the most racist and ignorant thing I’ve read in quite a while. Funny thing is you have no idea who your true enemy is (take a look in the mirror). It’s only black against white if we make it so. The race baiters love people like you. Divide and conquer.

          • James duke

            LMAO you wish wait until daddy obama lets all the mexicans in the states LMAO …it will be a hoot to watch LMAO

          • Dayton Waters

            I’m a white conservative. Voted for Alan Keyes in the primary. I support Alan West. I liked Herman Cain. I’m a big fan of JC Watts. Thomas Sewell is one of the most inspiring writers I have ever read. And last, but certainly not least, Dr. King would be ashamed at how his dream has been hijacked by today’s liberalism. If you read his words and compare them to political leaders and parties of today, he was as Republican as you can get. Even Malcolm X himself derided blacks for being slave to the Democrat party who does nothing but pander while maintaining control. In the world of perpetual victimhood and aggreivement, black youth are taught not only that they cannot succeed without government intervention, but that they SHOULD not succeed without it because it is OWED to them. The entitlement mentality has crippled the black race just as it has the American Indian and those who peddle that garbage are today’s slavers – the Democratic Party. I think BHO is the single worst President in American history and the fact that he’s half black is merely coincidence. If he were all white I’d hate him because he hates America. It may be about race for you — it’s about leadership, policy, and character for me. Don’t project your racism on me, a white conservative. Just because you cannot see yourself voting across racial lines doesn’t mean that I’m like you.

      • scott Mac Millan

        Blacks take what ever crawl in their path, maybe be different if they are athletes or have money, most blacks I see that have non – black woman, are with woman the size of barns and butt ugly who non -black men wouldn’t touch with a 10 ft pole,and I’d vote for any color that could bring this country back to where it once was!

        • Steve Fair

          LMAO!!!! Is that why you’re screwing your 300 lb first cousin?

  • rick0857

    All that and it’s still somehow the white mans fault!

  • gatorbait51

    The same problem is bubbling merrily along in Northern Virginia, Maryland up into NJ and NY. It’s sad and disgusting to see these stories ignored or spun that these crimes are committed by rednecks driving up from Mississippi.

    All damned sad,really

  • Robert12Disqus

    remember the plan all along is to destabilize the u.s. so they’re just following what is rational for destabilizing the greatest country in the current world. when you know the plan stuff makes sense – when you don’t know the plan, things seem whack and out of sorts. as bush senior said, they will be successful bringing in the new world order ( so can’t do that unless you take the big dog down. what they’re most scared of is the tea party because the citizens coming together will totally thwart their plans and could get a fair number of them tried and executed for their crimes so you’ll see a lot of demonization of the tea party and any organization that is not going along with their mess, hence the conservatives, christians, jews, et al. basically the best way to figure something out if you don’t want to go biblical is to go contrarian, which you’ll also see is hated by the mainstream media, elites, and what not. basically anything that reveals what they’re doing is marginalized. (

  • Steve Fair

    Yeah right goobers. That’s why Obama won over 75% of the latino vote. The real stupidity is black conservatives who believe the white racists who run the GOP LIKE THEM????? Keep on dreaming minstrels and rednecks. Your party is about to become a relic.

    • scott Mac Millan

      Reality stings like a whip,be nice if the Mexicans snuff the Hag waters to boot1

      • Steve Fair

        Waters’ district has majority hispanic for a while. The latinos vote for her. These are just gangsters banging in the street. Sometimes gangs of the same race bang each other. Other times they bang with gangs of other races. You racist goobers want so bad for blacks and latinos to be at each others throats because you hate us both. Divide and conquer will not work.

        • Rhonda Clark

          Democrats want race war SAD

        • Rhonda Clark

          Where I live blacks kill every race your a lier mostly other blacks and Mexican Latino they voted for Obama , for FREE WELFARE AND THAT”S IT YOU JUST HATE THEM WHITE PEOPLE LIKE MOST BLACKS DO .

  • Mark N Starla Traina



    NAAWP has been WARNING AMERICANS of an IMPENDING RACE WAR for the past 4-years!









    mark a. traina/certified school psychologist/economist/civil rights activist/504-231-3056

  • Mark N Starla Traina

    MLK’s DREAM for AMERICA, which has turned out


    “In 2014, WHITE PEOPLE don’t want to send their
    CHILDREN to SCHOOL with BLACK STUDENTS, nor do they even want to LIVE in the

    “In HINDSIGHT over the past 60-years, its turns out
    about the LONG-TERM EFFECTS that FORCED-INTERGRATION would have on the STATE of
    ALABAMA, as well as, every other STATE in AMERICA! AMERICA is more divided
    along RACIAL LINES in 2014, than at any other time in our NATION’s past”



  • Mark N Starla Traina

    SELMA is all about making WHITE PEOPLE suffer from “WHITE GUILT”!

  • Mark N Starla Traina

    The PROGRESSIVE MEDIA uses FLICKS like “SELMA”, “THE BUTLER” and “12-YEARS A SLAVE” to convince our CHILDREN that only BLACK PEOPLE have CIVIL RIGHTS! NAAWP – 2014