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Even while President Obama, the wife, kids, mother-in-law, and niece are on a $100 million de facto vacation masquerading as a trip to Africa to promote “investment, development and democracy,” back in America, children still cannot tour the White House during summer vacation thanks to the sequester.

On his trip to Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania, Obama has three generations of family in tow.  The objective of the trip, besides sightseeing and squeezing in another summer excursion, is to see if a man mistakenly identified as a son of Kenya can get back in Africa’s good graces after China has replaced the U.S. as the trading partner of world’s second-largest continent.

G. W. Bush will be in Africa at the same time as President Obama.  After addressing the HIV/AIDS issue in Africa and, as acknowledged by Bono, helping to save nine million lives, G.W. is forging ahead with a new philanthropic mission: a global initiative to refurbish a cervical cancer and screening treatment center.

Laura Bush is with her husband in Africa and plans to attend, as is Michelle Obama, the African First Ladies’ Summit in Tanzania hosted by the G.W. Bush Institute next week. However, unlike Michelle Obama, Mrs. Bush will not be found sampling fried fat cakes, nor will her new granddaughter Mila Hager be accompanying grandma and grandpa on the trip. The primary purpose of the Bush’s trip is to extend charity to others, not sneak in a freebie vacation.

Due to return home on July 3rd, regrettably, Barack Obama may be in South Africa at just the right time to insert himself into Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nelson Mandela’s funeral.  Mandela is still alive, but currently the 94-year-old former South African President is in a hospital in Pretoria in grave condition with a recurring lung infection.

And Mandela passing away while the Obama family grifters are pretending to be on official business would be sad.  But wait! Actually, it would come just in the nick of time to justify spending $100 million during the sequester.

If Nelson complies and expires by July 3rd, the president could write off his extended family’s African adventure expenses as a necessary result of their burning desire to pay homage to a great leader by attending a state funeral.

After all, Mr. Mandela is the “patriarch of racial equality” in South Africa, and much like Mr. Obama was South Africa’s first black president. Moreover, a sure-to-be grief-stricken Michelle, Sasha and Malia, Grandma Marion and Mrs. Obama’s niece, as well as a nephew, met with Mandela on Mrs. Obama’s last African trip in 2011.

So while closing down the White House tours to save money during the sequester is justifiable, apparently so is spending $100 million to take in a cultural performance of the Baba wa Watoto troupe (which translates to ‘father of children’ in Swahili) – if the Obama ladies can pull it off by pretending to be mourners at Mandela’s funeral.


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • jeanbean14

    I am SO sick of these trips the Obamas keep taking. This President has yet to make a good decision on any part of his job, and lives like a shallow celebrity. Is anyone paying attention? He is destroying this country on purpose, and living a lavish lifestyle on the taxes we work hard for. I am SO sick of it!

    • Maya

      Ummm First of all..
      take into consideration the reality of a president’s ability. If congress is
      impossible to work with, then the president obviously does not have that much power. Instead he is doing what he is able to do (finding loopholes through polling) and that demonstrates a strong leader.

      What did everyone expect??? For him to get into office and change the extremely damaged economy in ONE term with a bunch of bitter Republicans!? Come on now, lets be a bit more realistic. He has made a lot of progress in recovering the jobs in our economy and if you take the time to notice, the amount of jobs in the economy is not the issue at hand. Its the people who do not seek them anymore. The poor are comfortable with not working now and rely heavily on Medicare and medicaid, which I agree needs some new provisions. But to say the president is destroying this country is beyond an overstatement. Take the time to actually research what he has done before making critical statements about the President of the United States based on the biased crap you hear on FOX News and other biased news stations who sell to the highest bidder. Instead READ about it, factual information, NOT a bunch of staggering opinions that mean nothing, because they are just that, OPINIONS! Educate yourself and stop falling for political distractions and form your OWN opinion!

      • jeanbean14

        So….you are ok with the President canceling White House tours as a result of budget cuts, and at the same time spending $60-$100 million on a trip where he brings his family and relatives? That really doesn’t bother you?

        • Jeannieology

          Jeanbean don’t waste your precious time…Maya is a drone. She blames people not looking for jobs for unemployment? That’s rich!

          Clearly, Maya wants a country where the government is in control, takes her money and gives it to things like Planned Parenthood to pay for abortions and contraceptives.

          If she took the time to actually research she’d find out that her opinion is the one that’s skewed and biased.

          Our economy is weaker, our military is weaker, our border is open wider, people are struggling financially, our healthcare system is being destroyed, the world and it’s leaders are laughing at us (see China and Russia), millions aren’t working, billions of dollars of in stimulus was wasted, welfare and food stamp rolls have ballooned and that’s without mentioning the moral decline that has taken place.

          Meanwhile, Obama, along with an entourage is on a $100 million quasi vacation.

          • sk4

            This sham in office is an absolute evil, whose Muslim agenda we have yet to fully understand. Perhaps Maya should join him and Moochelle in Africa and stay there where they can continue their “dreams” and leave us alone.

          • jeanbean14

            Thank you, and you are right. Well said!

      • Jeannieology


      • Steve

        What a frickin’ dumbass you are Maya… you and the rest of the “deep thinkers” (ha!) are traitors to this country… just like the tyrant whom you support… what is most sickening of all is the fact that you KNOW damn good and well what he is trying to do to this country, and you are a willing accomplice! …I repeat: YOU ARE A FRICKIN’ DUMBASS AND A TRAITOR TO AMERICA… is that clear enough for you dipshit?


        Your a nitwit

        • Poodleguy

          More than likely black, as well.

      • Poodleguy

        Maya, you have a lot of nerve to ask anyone to be realistic whilst spewing a bunch of bovine excrement. You are a liar & the truth is not in you!!!!!! Btw, I used to have a dog named Maya.

      • mac12sam12

        The Bush’s fault BS doesn’t work anymore. Bush had democrats in both houses and it was democrat policies that brought the banks down. In 2008 obammy said he could fix the economy, blew 1 trillion in payoffs and made things worse. The only president in US history with a net jobs loss every month of his presidency. It’s obama’s economy and his failure and God bless President George W. Bush, a real president.

  • PatrickJT

    Obama lives the lifestyle of a drug kingpin.

  • Zion93561

     Want to see prophecy Fulfilled? Read the rest of 11and 12 too to see whawhat’s going to happen. 11:28  And he shall return to his land with great riches. And his heart [shall be] against [the] holy covenant. And he will act, and he shall return to his land.

  • Zion93561

     Want to see prophecy Fulfilled? Read the rest of 11and 12 too to see what’s going to happen. 11:28  And he shall return to his land with great riches. And his heart [shall be] against [the] holy covenant. And he will act, and he shall return to his land.

  • WilliamSpires

    It’s too bad that Obama doesn’t spread some of that investment, development and democracy in America !! He doesn’t like drilling for our oil, getting the oil from a pipeline from Canada, destroys the economy by punishing business with regulations. He apparently wants everyone except America to succeed.

    • jeanbean14

      Exactly. I believe he has hated this country and everything it stands for for years. He was raised by socialists, mentored by socialists, friends with home-grown terrorists, and his father’s dreams were to right the “wrongs” of “colonials.”

  • Poodleguy

    The only thing that would justify the sheik obama’s “vacation?” would be if the Hutu’s or the Tutu’s or whatever overrun their camp & they never come back to our once great nation!!!!!!!!!!

  • mac12sam12

    A racist president and his racist first lady (and disbarred lawyers) visiting another black racist at the cost of 100 million dollars of taxpayer borrowed money, priceless.

  • dondonkay

    The whitehouse was not closed because of the sequester, the palace was closed because the King/Queen did not want the lowly public admitted to their castle. And if the hypocrite want to pay homage to a great man, fine, but where was he during the funeral of Marg. Thatcher and the 8 hrs during the Benghazi attack?

  • dondonkay

    Oh Maya, u must repent, haven’t u learned yet? Garbage in, Garbage out.


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